Apr 24, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

Hello! It has been such a long time since I last did a post ... and what better than Easter Sunday to rectify that situation!

What is there new to say? To discuss? To share with you?

We are all whizzing through these days and becoming more and more aware of who we are, even though we may not be aware of that!!

For me, without a doubt ... I can FEEL these Higher energies coming through ... physically and emotionally. I KNOW of a deeper Love that I am experiencing for myself and my fellow man/woman.

Lately I have been exposed to energies from souls who perhaps have not ... how shall I say ? ... been so conscious of their expression of language and the resonance that words may contain toward another. How grateful I was to myself to KNOW that I have moved so much further down the track from that place. It felt like a cheese grater scratching away at my aura! Yet, how grateful too, to be able to 'plant seeds' in a humorous fashion to explain damage done by such 'tones' and leave the said 'sleeper' using the term 'Golden Rays' as part of their new vocabulary!!!

I became aware too, of how many still judge on a very base level of others who are simply enjoying their day! Sometimes I need to correct myself for making instant judgement of another ... haven't quite sussed that yet ... but at least I am able to recognise that I do so, and try and turn it into an 'observation'!! Yet, I have seen lately how others simply have been brought up to expect certain things from another when it is really none of their business! How easily one assumes the daily existence of another when they have not ... and probably never will ... walk one step in their shoes. I have to say it shocked my system a little. Some choose to keep their eyes so firmly closed in their deep sleep, let alone consider actually waking up and getting out of bed!

To find how so many are still in the ''but what if ' doubting fearful frame of mind ... instead of the 'I KNOW ' mind set. The unnecessary worry one conjours up about a particular issue instead of allowing the mind to create the best possible outcome.

Do take a look ... take a good look at yourself and FEEL how much you have changed. How all the work you have done on 'self' has allowed not only a vast improvement to YOUR OWN make up , but to that of the whole.

It is by being this example of Light that will see us through to the other side.Yes, 'WE' KNOW THAT ... but there are so many that need to be shown this example. Simple things ... just a new way ... a different way ... a more Loving way ... to behave in a fashion that gives joy and laughter and thoughtfulness and kindness to ourselves and one another.

Someone said to me recently while I was away ... in a Light hearted fashion ... yet it took me by surprise ... 'Blossom , could you just stop channelling 'nice' for a while'. We laughed ... for I was only expressing my thoughts on a matter that was in discussion. When I thought about it afterwards , it made me smile. All it meant was that I have found a new way of living ... a different way of expressing the 'me' that I am. AND I LOVE ME!

I LOVE making people laugh ... I am blessed with a sense of humour ... some say they haven't got a real sense of humour ... I say 'What? You mean you can't laugh?' You don't have to be cracking jokes every five minutes in order to have a laugh. Yet you do need to LIGHTEN UP in order to see and FEEL the funny side of things. Some people have a titter about a certain incident ... I have an uncontrollable belly laugh ... I LOVE LAUGHING! It does 'me the world of good!!' Lets look at that ... it does 'me' 'the world of good'. By laughing , we are uplifting the planet, we lift the vibration of ourselves and those around us. We do the world good!

My heart is full of Love in these times ... AND I LOVE IT! We are so full of fortune to be here on this planet. WE got picked ... me, you ... WE got chosen because those in the KNOW, KNEW we were the right people for the job!! WE were the ones that could make this transformation happen because:

WE KNOW how to LIVE ... to LAUGH ...and to LOVE.
That's all we DO need to KNOW. That's all we DO need to DO!

Yes, it is fantastic that the human mind can learn and understand of a million different things. Some folk are really smart in the brain department ... others not so ... yet their feet may create a dance that stirs the soul of an audience of thousands. Some may have the gift of caring for those who are unable to look after themselves, whilst others may have the grace to empty waste from a bin ...it matters not one jot what attributes we have been blessed with ... what matters is how we LIVE LAUGH and LOVE as we go about expressing these attributes. What matters is not the value of our skills as to how much we are paid ... but the value of our smile and the depth of Truth it brings to anothers soul. THAT'S what matters. For Truly ... there is nothing more treasured than the soul that is overflowing with Love. The Truest Purest form of Love that seeks no gain ... but gives only of itself because that is what it was designed to do. To give and receive more of itself.

I KNOW this is the way forward for us all. I don't know an awful lot about times and dates and science and astronomy and such things that many mentors teach ... but I DO KNOW that it is LOVE, only LOVE that matters as we create our New World ... because I can FEEL it. The rest will follow . What we need to do is pave the way ... and as each stepping stone is placed infront of us ... by us ... we walk one step closer to HOME!

So, let us lay down this Golden pathway, for others to see and walk upon. WE, who KNOW the way to BE ... let us BE IT ... NOW!

This is the prophesy we came to fulfill.

We are living it ...

we are BEING it ...


WE ... are who we have been waiting for ... and as we realise this and LOVE OURSELVES in that KNOWING ... then shall we meet up with our brothers and sisters from elsewhere ... who have been waiting for us to meet 'ourselves' before we can meet each other.

Keep strong ... keep in the Light of yourself. Be yourself ... show yourself in your rainbowed colours ... the time is TRULY NOW ... and HERE WE ARE.

Golden Rays from my heart to yours.

Bloss xxxx


yk248 said...

Awesome Blossom :D

Cool :)

Check out this: Pretty cool


Vegas Barbee said...

Well put Blossom, well put! I'm clapping right now!(Clap if you believe in Fairies) LOL What is it with the Fairy realm my goodness...they are pushing me to acknowledge them already lol...must be this new move to the oceanfront house... Anyway, Blossom Right on, you go girl, that was verbage that needs to be heard...and oh how I have been in the same circumstances with people lately, how coincidental (lol or not). I love you Blossom, you are a fabulous being and I look forward to our meeting one day in the future...Keep on keeping on lol...your words certainly make me laugh and smile...Happy Easter...make some rainbows with those Easter Eggs everybody...lol

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Blossom and fellow lovers.xxx

Eric Holland said...

I am doing my best to be of as much light as posible to. Just wondering what about people who have a mentel desease and are unable to get this information and work on themselves to get there light up. While maybe they would be succesfull in it and now miss the boat.

Anonymous said...

Eric no one is going to miss the boat,this is the Divine plan God dosen't make mistakes,this is why we are working so hard,to get our light up there to assist the others,even those not awake can feel and be love,those of us awake can consciously assist others that is all,the more light the easier the transition,I know people with mental disorders who have hearts of gold,we apparently want everyone to move up with these energies,many souls are taking themselves off the planet like the 10,000 in Japan they will be assisting from that dimension along with many other light beings,we need to get our head around the no death thing,there is no death.

Catherine said...

Thank you as always Blossom. You always know what to write when I need upliftment. :D Lately it's been hard to not compare my life with how it is with other people. I have this huge fear of doing what other people expect me to do and follow the norms of society. And all I want is to just paint and be happy.
But you are right. I shouldn't compare myself with others. I should just live and BE happy. :D

Sahari said...

Eric, your comment touched my heart deeply. And Kerrie, your reply to Eric is beautiful.

Thank you to all who keep choosing love; my heart sings with it.

Anonymous said...

Thank You, Blossom. I don't know what got into me this past week. I was on a high, and came crashing down a few days ago. Have been there since.

Your post has helped to remind me of so much I've managed to BE, and came for me at the right time.

Thanks too for your uplifting closing message.

heartlightdg said...

I love you Blossom, your own writings as well as your channelled messages. I look forward to and enjoy each and every one! Your lighthearted and irreverent approach to life is wonderful. I love it! Why should we take it all so seriously! Those who take life so humorouslessly sure miss a lot. You rock, girl! And keep on laughing!

I too have changed incredibly over the last few years and wish the same for others but it seems as though they are not interested. Not up to me though so I have to let it go over me and send out the love and laughter with a little bit of wisdom and if it helps, great!

Actually I have been putting my focus on the young ones who are less resistant to changes.

Blessings Blossom. And much love to you! You enrich my days.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Blossom for another great channeling! Also thank you for not letting them forget about the pillars of light. I have done the "Activation" as asked in the past, and watched out for "sprinkles" and those send out light days. Other people say they feel stuff on those days but i guess i'm just not very sensitive! the year is almost a 1/3 over but thank you for bring up the Pillars in almost every reading.

love and light
live long and prosper


Sahari said...

@ Carl.

I have to tell you how much I admire your spirit! That you support and participate in the Ascension WITHOUT the benefit of 'sensitivity' -- that you do not begrudge others for what they do experience -- THIS is what it's all about. THIS is love and faith and they are the 'abilities' that surpass all abilities.

What a shining example you are!


yk248 said...

Wow, Blossom, great channeling. :)

Love to you and the GFL :)


Anonymous said...

Funny how it's never today, or NOW, always tomorrow or very soon that they want to show up. As for the love...we're all being poisened to death, soon there will be no one left to witness their alleged ,..so yeah, thanks a lot for nothing, I guess.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous.
And so you have chosen not to believe. And so you shall have that. But if you ever change your mind, the door is always open.

Anonymous said...

I saw a pillar of blue light flash lasted for less than a second on saturday. (from a member of my site)

Anonymous said...

Faith sent this in just now on Coast to Coast George Noory


Eerie Rays of Light
These strange rays of light were seen in the skies of Cross Plains, WI on April 10, 2011 at 7:38pm.

Anonymous said...

Dear StarChild Blossom,

Please remember, and never forget that, "actions speak louder than words".

If someone is beating you all the while "saying" the words "I love you", is it truly LOVE they are expressing towards you ?

And although the "words" used in the many rituals practiced today are benign, is the TRUE meaning of the ritual expressed ?

Understanding of the TRUTH in all rituals practiced today is essential for critical discernment at this time.

Ciao for now.

Anonymous said...


Me again Blossom and friends (without my beautiful cat crystal) I am playing with my new photo booth on my computer:) sooo fun! the above youtube has put a smile on my face,once again Diana Copper's Angels have spoken about Australia's role with Extraterrestrials.

Sahari said...

To Kerrie -- if I may highlight some thoughts that you already hold, in honor of your beloved Crystal:

Letting go of a loved one is asking your mind:

to allow their return to The One,
to see the sacredness of Change,
to have faith in Divine Purpose,
to know yourself as Participant in the Dance, and that any pain is the mind insisting on itself.

All gifts of opportunity for the beautiful soul that you Are.


Anonymous said...

Whoops sorry Sahri, Crystal is still with me! just not on my picture xxx

P.S. A member just put this up I love it!

"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." --Martin Luther King, Jr.
Some beautiful words for the moment

Love and Light James

P.P.S. Thank you Blossom for that channel,the time is now! has been the theme of many postings on my site of late. xxx

Anonymous said...

Dearest Blossom -

As the moons continue to pass over head, and the winds warm my cold skin, there has been a new message in the energies of enlightenment. The Federation has shown me great events on the 21st of May. Have you received such messages as well?

Hope all is well
-Odakoda Wolf

terri said...

i just want to express my appreciation to all of you. coming to this site always is so warm and wonderful. thanks kerrie for the mlk quote, i have been seeking a way to post something about the travesty and barbarity of the celebration by so many people of bin ladens supposed assasination. these people have forgotten what america stands for, who she is.
so many are truly lost today.

i rejoice that i am love, and had an experience the other day to remind me that there is no need to filter this love. some ranchers near where we live had stopped in front of our house with some cattle they had loaded up. i decided to say prayers and blessings for the cattle. then i had a thought, why wouldnt i include the ranchers, who are rough, and not very nice people, in these prayers of love as well. for if i am love and light, then like the sun, i shine this on everyone, without judgement or exception. for in limiting my expression of love, i am limiting who i am, and its time to stop that!so my level of commitment, ultimately to myself,has expanded. blessings and love to all of you!happy mothers day!

Sahari said...

Kerrie -- Oops is right!

Nothin' for it except to laugh! And to take inventory on where that came from...


PenguinUK said...

There is too much light and love to still be repressed by all the negative falshods thrown in our faces every day. Dearest Blossom MAY be only a conduit, but the message is clear. You can use your brain/logic to determine what is true or false; but in MY sense of "Isness" it is what you FEEL is right, truth. We still have to pay our bills etc, but just the "knowing" makes all the diff. x@all

yk248 said...

Thank you Blossom for the latest channeling :)

Namaste, and keep on going, thank you.....


Blossom Goodchild said...

@odakoda wolf. I can't say I have received that message myself ... yet who is to say what may happen when in these very exciting days!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Terri,I will think of you when I need to send light and love to those disrespecting animals it is a hard one for me,bless you xxx

@ Sahari ((Hugs))

I feel like honouring White Cloud's thoughts also in these times hey Blossom:)

Words of wisdom from White Cloud

In your world there are many lost souls. Automatically, when you are watching
your electrical box, you see a picture of a particular violent incident and you
condemn. If you learn to give Love to these souls who have created the violence,
then that is the way to rid your world of the terrors that lie within it. When you see
a murderer, or a very darkened soul that has abused children perhaps, ones
automatic thought is to say ‘I’d kill him if I found him, lock him up’…. Do you
not see that all negative thoughts are being sent to him on mass? As some of you
may be aware, a thought when it is concentrated upon, is an energy, which
becomes a reality. If you want your world to be one that is a paradise in your head
and your dreams, do not think of ridding your environment of these souls. Can you
imagine what the effect would be if all on mass, that were watching in their homes,
sent that darkened soul Love? Surely that would be the better option of the two.



Ami said...

Thank you, dear Blossom. I could feel the love and emotion that was in this channeling.
A big hug to you all!

PenguinUK said...

As a kid I remember someone explaining to me that when you tell a lie, you have to continue lying more and more to cover the original lie, to the extent you forget what was true and totally become subsumed in your lie. Eventually you stumble because of the intricacies of lies you have weaved, and you get found out.

Is this not what we see before us now? The gradual un-ravelling of the fabric of repressive, bullying negative energies that "keep us in our place", yet so many are waking up and "seeing the light" (side-note interesting how THAT phrase lives on in the English language!!)

The lower-dimensional negative energies are picking up their game now as they know the "end-battle" has begun. They will continue to attempt to brainwash us with their fear agenda (look at the media!). The most brilliant and magical thing is it's too late. The Genie has been let out of the bottle.. and it's not going back. "They" can only slow the change, but it can't be stopped. There are enough awakened souls now.. OK, it's only my own truth, but I doubt there is any force comparable to the collective will of so many souls determined to bring in a new era based on love. x@all