Mar 20, 2011

From me to you ... in LOVE.

Dear Fellow Travellers.

I feel the urge-(ncy) to address a few matters and I ask for grace to lend a hand as I do so. I ask too that you understand that I know no more than the next person. I am just the messenger and yet I find myself in a position where upon many choose to read that which I have to say. I do not in any way underestimate the power and knowledge that each individual has gained and yet I feel it necessary, considering the mass of emails I have received since the March 16th channelling to clarify some things. So if I may …

In my opinion , for what it is worth , no matter what or who is the cause of any disaster, no matter what conflicting messages you read , no matter how much some of you are feeling afraid , I ask that you recognise ABOVE ALL the importance of remaining in YOUR LIGHT. ‘Yes yes yes’, I hear you say, ‘heard it all before’ … but clearly from some of the email received, many haven’t quite grasped this necessity. To do so has so many implications on so many levels, and I believe there are many we do not know about. Yet we must put our TRUST in the knowledge within our souls that the ONLY reason we are here at this time is to MAKE SURE that this LIGHT is magnified by us throughout ALL that is taking place.

I have been made aware of so many things over the last few years, some seem positively unreal , yet I KNOW they are not. The fear that is spreading around our planet at this time is to increase. There will be more for each if us to contend with on an even bigger scale. Am I saying this to scare you? NO! I am saying this, because my instinct tells me that this is so … and we need to prepare for it.

I urge you to reread the messages that The Federation of Light have brought to us. Read them over and over until you ‘GET IT’.

LOVE CONQUERS ALL. There is not one thing that cannot be overcome through LOVE.

BY FEELING LOVE within you … on the deepest most profound level you can … and then sending it out to the world and the people residing upon it … we can change everything .

Not so long ago The Federation sent this message to us and I FEEL it is worth a revisit.

"...Move from FEELING sorry for yourself and your world. If you continue in these last days of the old world to have your heart broken by all that you see around you, then you will continue to have your heart broken by all that you see around you. When your BEing is seized by sadness from a particular 'disaster' then BECOME aware that feeding that sadness out to those involved does not assist. Find in that moment of recognition your strength. Take a few deep breaths and change your thoughts to sunshine and laughter and imagining these souls affected by any particular disaster, laughing and Loving once again. Bring about the change through thought. This is so important. We desire that you see through that which is going on....that which is taking place. BE all those around you....everywhere. BRING IN THE LOVING THOUGHTS in times when you would find it much easier to break down and shed tears for all those who are suffering in many ways. BRING IN THE LIGHT to that circumstance or situation. Shower YOUR LIGHT upon the places and the people that are suffering. DO YOU SEE...DO YOU SEE...DO YOU SEE? It is your Light that will make the difference to them. If you cry along with them, you are 'giving in' to that which is not of use. That which does not serve. We are not asking you to lose all sense of compassion. The very opposite. It is by being of strength and giving of Light that you are BEing compassionate."

You may FEEL that everything is out of our control. Change that FEELING to the exact opposite! EVERYTHING IS WITHIN OUR CONTROL. Because of LOVE. LOVE is the ultimate force. There is nothing that can overshadow LOVE. Certainly not fear!

Do you see? This is why The Federation repeatedly talk about the importance of becoming it. When we move into that place of BEING ONLY LOVE there can be no fear.

Many are afraid that death is to come to them also … through a planetary disaster … yet if this is to be so for some of us … what is there to fear? Seriously … what? Have we not ' Been there, done that' many times before? I understand that these souls that move on to other realms … are part of the greater plan. All those who have given up their lives through these different stages have done so because they KNOW it is all part of the plan. I KNOW in my heart they are now elsewhere and assisting from their new home.


Through all thoughts that may be running around in your heads in these times, thoughts of ill health due to worldly situations, thoughts of any negative nature … recognise them instantly and transform them into thoughts of LOVE.

KNOW you are protected by LOVE. NOTHING … NOTHING can harm you when you REALLY TRULY 100% KNOW in your heart the reality of what LOVE IS … What it is capable of …When you REALLY TRULY 100% KNOW this inside of your BEING then you realise also that this LOVE of yours … this LOVE that YOU are … is the very same LOVE that is in everyone else. Can you IMAGINE … will you please IMAGINE with me … a world where in EVERYONE understands this LOVE that they are. To IMAGINE that … to FEEL that as a reality … will bring about such change.

Are we all doing our bit? Are we? It is about FEELING. Isn’t that what we have been asked to do? FEEL what we want our world to be. Imagining is not enough. We have to FEEL our desire in order for it to manifest.

ALL WE NEED TO DO … ALL THE TIME …. IS TO FEEL LOVE. The benefits are enormous , not just for the self , but it is the ANSWER TO OUR PRAYERS. Get it??

I wonder if you can FEEL right now as you read this … how my heart is FEELING? Words seem so inadequate to express. I understand now more than ever … our mission. We all have different roles to play … different avenues to follow in our hearts … yet each one of us are here ultimately to anchor this LOVE. Everything that is fighting against this will melt away. The power of LOVE surpasses all things. All that is happening around us CAN melt away if we put our FEELINGS of LOVE above all else.

There is an urgency now … it is of great importance that we move into position and play our part. Rise above all that you are fed to lower the frequency within you. Rise above all that no longer serves.


This is what we came here to do … so with all respect to all … let’s stop pussy footing around … let’s stop pretending that we are pawns being thrashed about by those in control. Rubbish!








Thank you for hearing me out.

In Love … through Love … as Love

Blossom Goodchild.


Anonymous said...

Top words beloved xxx

Penguin UK

Sahari said...

yes.... Yes.... YES!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Coach Enrique said...

Powerful -and beautiful- post. Thanks!!

jp said...

Blossom, at first I could not distinguish the difference between where the quote ended, and your own words began.

It seems that through all this time you've had as the intermediary of these messages, that it has fully integrated in you.

I sense that you yourself have turned a corner. You have spoken from your own self, words that uplift. Words that remind. Words that connect us to that Truth we all connect with when we read the words presented by the Federation.

Interestingly, I stopped by your site a bit earlier looking to see if you posted anything, and a while later I got your email message with that beautifully uplifiting reminder.

Thank You, Blossom.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Blossom, for that reminder:)
It is hard not to feel very sad when you see all those awful videos of the Japan disaster.
I have often thought that if I didn't read any news or watch tv and hadn't read any of the books I have devoured over the past few years I would be so blissfully unaware of what is going on.....2012, ascension stuff etc.
I am very lucky to be living in a place where life goes on as normal, and most of the time I am wrapped up in normaly family life, with no real worries or cares. In my area you would never think that there was anything different going on with the world. Even the weather isn't so far different from what it has always been in the UK.
Then I come on the internet and tune into certain websites because I want to keep up with what's happening in the world, and it's so easy to get depressed by it all. I really feel I should switch it all off, and what you don't know, you can't worry about!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL pillars of LOVE and LIGHT..let it shine : )


avatar102641 said...

Thank you Blossom. We live in an illusionary world and your message is a wake up call to all of us to remember that WE are the masters that can FEEL and KNOW the truth of who we are and not fall into the trap of believing we are victims in any way!

Ami said...

Thank you, dear Blossom.
Beautiful thoughts and feelings through words.
Love, Love, Love...

Anonymous said...

I urge everyone to read a comment from Kalliope. Open Letter To The Galactic Federation Of Light. Yes this includes you-- Kerrie and Sahari. People are getting fed up with all the channelings that all talk and no action!...T

Anonymous said...

Thank you Blossom--your sense of timing is excellent. With the last channeling I threw my hands up in despair. Your posting brought me back around. Beautiful and so heartfelt--no one can deny the deep truth of your words.

On a related note, I know many of your readers are aware of Clif High's web bot reports/predictions, often accurate (as with the Japan quake & nuke disaster). While they are negative and alarming, Clif admits they "err on the side of negativity". Indeed, often events (though very bad) aren't as "world-ending" as predicted. I think one reason may be the many who read and send out uplifting thoughts to mitigate the negativity. Also, the reports predict, very soon, disclosure and undeniable mass sightings of our off-planet friends (and of course, mass confusion).

Let's keep this posting (your words and the FOL's) in mind from now on, and know we can change the world.

Paul said...

I am with you, Blossom!
Your words give wings!

Anonymous said...

I love you Blossom! <3

Anonymous said...

Wow, Blossom !!!!! I am sitting her with my mouth hanging open at your all - empowering words ! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ! for bringing us the wisdom and truth of the Ages. You get it Girl, and that is for sure ! I am with you 110%, and am envisioning every day the Light and Love healing Japan, and any and all other areas in need of Love and Light. As you said so well, that which we focus on is that which we Create. The thought always comes before any action, and that is a certainty. So, if we make our thoughts of purity and Love, and simply dismiss the negative, lower thoughts into the nothingness from which they came, we together will transform this world very quickly. Any souls reading this blog, please join me daily in envisioning and Bringing Heaven to Earth Now ! Our time is Now, not tomorrow, not the next day, but Now ! I wish to thank not only our Dearest Blossom, but ALL of the Lightworkers for their outstanding Service to all of Humanity ! We are doing it through our very thoughts and intentions to Create Heaven on Earth. I feel so grateful to be a part of this great Shift into the New Golden Age Of Enlightenment, and as Blossom said " NO FEAR " ! For there is nothing to Fear, as everything happens EXACTLY as it will, and is in perfect Divine Order, as decreed by the Creator of ALL THAT IS ! Thank you Dear Lord, for the wisdom, knowledge, and most of all the Love that you gift us with every single day ! I say these words and ask that they be enveloped in the Light of the Christed Ones, the Light of the World !

Love and Light Always, my dear friends


Nettybird said...

Spot on!
It's time!


Vegas Barbee said...

Well, I think I have been doing my share of spreading my light and being activated and moving to the geographical position I've been appointed to! Where do I start...Since July 2010 I have traveled back and forth and all around, Idaho, Nevada, California, Oregon, and Washington state looking for a place to live and staying with family. November 2010 we put all of our belongings in storage in Las
Vegas and left to travel and be with family for the Holidays and just float till we figured out where we are supposed to live! Ugh! I've looked at least 300-400 homes on craiglist and and finally found one to rent with no credit check, is large enough to accomodate our belongings, is ocean front, built in 2004, beautiful kitchen and the view is mesmerizing. Tonight I sit in Lincoln City, Oregon motel to rest from my last venture of traveling and spreading my light to finally go to my new home right off the Highway 101 coast of Northern California, exactly 19 miles north of Crescent City, CA. The Tsunami hit the weekend we were packing our Uhaul. My light is obviously needed for not only the people but Mother Earth mostly. I was activated in some way as I woke up the morning after packing the Uhaul in Fresno, CA (motherinlaws home at our first stop). I awoke with a buzzing vibration going through my body from legs out through the top of my head. I immediately was feeling like a computer and was being downloaded with information so quickly I couldn't keep up. From God, Archangel Michael, Mutubuli (Bigfoot Entity I channel), and Mother Earth...they were jumping from one to the other and were excited that I am more open now as a channel. I had to ask them to wait till I get completely done with all of this driving and moving and let me just get back to the new house and they all agreed. Mother Earth is my newest message to everyone.... Mother Earth wants you all to sit on her ground, flatten your hands with thumbs together and put them flat on the ground and send her your Loving energy no matter who you are or what healing modality you may know...everyone needs to do it to help her heal. This is more important than the people/tragedy in Japan Mother Earth says. Not that they aren't important but Mother Earth is more fragile right now and needs everyones help! Think of her with every imaginable disease...that's how unfortnately sick she is....Help her now with this simple technique as much as you can! Imagine her anew and healed with clean energy running through her veins...FEEL your Love to her and I mean really FEEL the love in your being as you send the love, send your light to her...
Okay, I'm exhausted and have one more 6 1/2 hr drive tomorrow morning to get home...then the healing shall begin ; ) Nancy, Northern California

Sahari said...

Oh T. If that's what you want to believe, then that is there for you. I wish more for you, but I stand by your right to choose.

Love Sahari

Anonymous said...

BOOM! Straight from the heart Blossom! Beautiful words!

You warm our hearts and help us to keep right on track :)

Thank you for your powerful words.

Lots of love,


terri said...

thanks blossom, well said (again!)
i would just like to say to T, the fol and the other beings anywhere do not need to intervene, because we are powerful master beings, and we can do it ourselves. this is why they choose to encourage us and hold us in their love and light. this is the most powerful thing anyone can do or be.

everything is energy, and when we understand this, it becomes much more simple. there is no more drama, duality or ego, its just choices. by using our voices and our inner knowing, and our creativity we shall see heaven is already here. by tuning our RAS (reticular activiating system) to what we want and allowing ourselves to see it and experience it is all that is necessary to shift. by taking inspired action we make it clear that the old world is over, and we are choosing something new.

by waiting and demanding intervention we give our power away.
its like the story of the wizard of oz... they all went to see the wizard, and found out he was just like them! they actually didnt need him afterall, for they discovered they already had everything they were asking for, they just needed the journey and the experience to understand this.
i was talking about the fuel rods the other day. i came up with an idea. these nuclear isotopes are not all from this world. there is a parallel world in which there are beings that live comfortably among the radiation. so we can just focus on sending these isotopes and fuel rods back. teleportatation is real. our focus and intention make what we choose so. so we can see this happening, and no one is harmed, and then there can be no more nuclear poisoning. then those who wish to continue their all or nothing plot will have nothing to work with.
in practicing using the new energy in this way, its a win win for us. the new energy is already here, we just have to use it.
love and happiness to all

yk248 said...

I feel, that things are definitely changing, and at least how I see the world, it is beginning to fill with more "aliveness", and inner freedom.

It seems for me that the vibes are getting higher :)

Love and Light to all, blessings


Coach Enrique said...

In my personal opinion, to believe that we are healing or saving Mother Earth is a bit pretentious, is thinking too high of ourselves or too low about Mother Earth. She is powerful beyond measure, She has survived cataclisms, floods, ice ages, meteroite impacts, hundreds -if not thousands- of nuclear tests, oil spills and more we don't know about it. I think we have behaved like bedbugs to Her, and yes, we definitely should change that before she expels us off her skin, acknowledging that we are just visitors exploring this Wondrous and Magnificent Being. Yes, we should sit on the ground and allow HER to heal US, to help us get rid of all our gray or dark areas in our Soul, and to fill ourselves with the exquisite Light and Love that She Is... I am in deep Love with Her and I feel Her responding to me, what a Joy! what a lucky guy I am!..

Telos de Aries said...

Hello from Uruguay, it's the first time I saw your blog in english, but I'm always following the spanish blog that have the translations.

Lot time ago I wanted to sent you an e-mail, but I couldn't finish it, now that I find this place, I think it could be better. The other day, when I read about "how makes that things?", I remember something I read, from the ones I admire most of all our brothers that are helping us, from the lemurians, the people that are living in Telos, I think that they "makes me see the light", last year, in september, when I felt something that you post in your blog in november, that surprise me a lot...but what I'm going to say, is thas I read something from the master Adama, he says that the earth is preparing for some changes, and makes this kind of things because if she makes the changes fast, more people would die, than the ones that we listen in the news. I understand something like that, knowing this, I'm calm. I know that lot of people would like, but in their souls they choose die, someones to born in the new earth, and not live the transition, others to pay sings of Karma. Sorry if I couldn't explain me better.

I saw that 2012 will be a time of changes, but not the ones that we see in the movies. A change in the spirit.
Remember this phrase "fear breeds violence", is something that I read in something about the story of Lemuria and their people, and was very useful to me.


I'm confused for something that I see since september of the last year, and there are "golden light", the first time I saw something like what appears in the second 45 of this video:
Since Christmas to the first part of January, I saw this lights in the sky frequently. There were 3 occasions where I could find that they weren't fireflys or maybe something "natural"...the first time I saw what I put in the video, I was looking at the night sky, when that happens, this was something "magic", I remember that my father comes to see what I was doing, but in the instant when he arrives, the fast light in the sky disappeared!

The second thing happens the first part of January, I was in the backyard and one light of these came, was near me and fall in the ground. I was thinking that maybe this was a firefly, but...I didn't found nothing in the ground!

And the third one was in February, I was in the backyard, looking at the sky of the night, I can't remember if there was three o'clock or five, but from the darkest part of the backyard, a golden light came in my direction, I was not scare, I felt that that was so curious. When the light was one meter or two from me, it turn right and disappear in the night.

If you have seen something like that, or you know what it could be, I will be pleased to know, because is a question I'm making me from that first time I saw it.


Thanks blossom for the channellings, since september of the last year, I'm following the blog, and I'm always pleased when I see that is something new from you.

And I hope, we can see our brothers "face to face" some day.

I will finish because I think that I have write a lot.


Anonymous said...

@ Coach

Shelley Yates-Fire the Grid-Part 1

@ T

ET 101

All sent to you guys with love of course:)

Brenda said...

You are RIGHT ON Blossom, thank-you for your courage, love, determination, integrity and honesty to share your wonderful feelings, insites and channels with the rest of the world.

With much love and gratitude,

Telos de Aries said...

Sorry, it's me again, I was looking something to read, and I think in read it in english, in the last part, Mikos speak about what is happening, something.

Sorry for post two times in the same message

love and peace for all ;)


... said...

Word! Sister!

... said...

Word! Sister!

Klinton said...

thought id share this with you guys ... hope it helps

Ami said...

I feel the same as Coach Enrique. Is it a coincidence? We love the same Wondrous and Magnificent Being! ;)
I hope all fall in love with her.

I also send my love to all you, dear fellow travelers!

Anonymous said...

Anyone else feeling all fired up after the last full moon?
11:11 fire the grid bring it on:) I am ready!!!!

come on baby light my fire with powerful graphics love it!

The shift is happening:))

aussielightwarrior said...

beautiful lady of light,
how wonderful to hear your beautiful words of truth. Like all your brilliant messages, these resonate at the highest vibration. I am forever grateful that you are in my life for a specific reason.... Bring it on!!!

May your every moment be filled with the most brilliant jewels of your soul!!!

yk248 said...

Blossom, I really feel what the FOL said, at the beginning, like a huuuuge energy shift is completing the process, to go into the next phase.

Love and Light to you Blossom,


Anonymous said...

I have been looking for a channel from you for two days now and that was exactly what I wanted to hear, thank you so much, rainbows of love to you and to them from the bottom of my heart,what a lovely birthday present for my daughter:)

Anonymous said...

Zebedee’s name means “gift of the Lord” in Hebrew. He was a fisherman in the days that Jesus walked the earth. He is remembered in the Bible as the father of two famous young men. His two sons, James and John, became disciples of Jesus Christ and members of Jesus’ trusted inner circle – Peter, James and John.

or we could go with the one you referred to Blossom the mischievous wizard who made people look at the illusions they were creating:))

Slava said...

Just want to let you know, as a kind of positive feedback for your FOL channelings... As a result of series of strange events and deep inner transformations I managed to realise my deep personal connection with "love of the stars" - it's a short name i've given to very special feeling.

This feeling going from some point above my head resonating with dense Love in my body, it feels as very strong and warm physical pressure on and under my skin, it aslo gives me feeling of a large yellow sphere of light above my head surrounded by circle of stars. The flow of love descending on me from above is tremendous and overwhelming. Also i feel how this Sphere and "stars" are resonating when i embrace them with my own love.

As far as i feel and understand it, this connection keept me from suicide a lot of time in my life, it gives me a strong purpose to live on. But now i feel i can embrace it with love and let it shine its love on me. and i feel how it continue some sort of transformation process becouse my feeling of myself shifting in some sort of direction every moment now.

I'm sure it is from the stars and some star beings and people whom i feel as my true ancient Family, and it have strong connection with you FOL group of Beings, perphaps even the same source. Your cahnnelings triggered some parts of this very complex feeling.

Just letting you know. Your work helps greatly and have wonderous results! Thank you.

ps: and it's completely impossible not to trust Them as they are of pure Love, humbly proposing their Love to us. :)

kerrie said...

Slava you are beautiful, thank you for sharing:)) xxx

Beth said...

Slava thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us! I have absolutely no doubt in the FOL either, it just isn't there, and it is just obvious that they are LOVE :-) There have been times when "inner happenings" have been triggered for me as well on reading the channelings.

Blossom you are very appreciated and loved xo I have watched you grow more and more into LOVE over time and it's absolutely delightful to see it coming out in your words, you are unstoppable! If some readers have doubts.. let them xoxo you and others do a great job giving so much, after that it's up to us to make our own choices xxx

Thank you and big LOVE to my beloved Federation of Light friends :-) wow if I could speak words to you, what would I say? I LOVE AND THANK YOU and you already know it because you are right there in my heart.

Ami said...

I share with you this link.
Remember: we are one.
With love, Ami

yk248 said...

Thank you Blossom, I just cried after reading the last paragraph in the last channeling. Yes we really do deserve a huge loving hug and a pat on the back.

In love and thanks.


Red said...

I hope you have some nice vacations. Well deserved.


Slava said...

Ami.. perphaps it would dissapoint you, but there is 95% chances that on the video you linked, those lights - are just planes going for landing. It's usual to see such thing in sky above airports when wheather goes bad (like on the video)

You know.. i witnessed real ufos (self aware star-vessel-like beings) doing completely unreal manuveres: changing speed from zero to few sound-speeds at few secs, changing directions on 90 degree angles while moving on high speed etc... And planes going for landing on no-fly weather conditions... and those are - just planes.

Ami said...

Dear Slava.

Thank you very much. I think the link was incorrect (from my suscriber lists on YouTube). The correct one is:

Its about the meditation:

Telos de Aries said...

Hello, a lot of post ago I wrote about something "golden rays" I see. And now I have something else about it...but yet I don't know what and why they appear.
Two days ago I wanted to take photographs of the night sky, when I was taking the photo of Canis mayors constellation something happened...the golden light appeared! and it is in the photograph...I crop the part where that light appears...
Please if you know what is it say me. I like a lot see them, but I'm curious about it.

love and peace of all!

Anonymous said...

One bottle and counting!
Thanks for the last channeling.

Anonymous said...

There shall indeed be many more of these occurring and in places that one would least expect. In situations where one would deem it impossible for such phenomena to occur and yet we say to you they shall. We would say also that they are ‘signposts’. ~The Federation of Light~

Their getting close Blossom:)

Crop Circle en Indonesia 2011 - Fernando Correa

P.S. Thanks for the heads up on Keisha's tour to Australia, I will definitely be attending and delivering leaflets:) she is coming to Gosford where I saw my first UFO and 3 days after my birthday! what a great birthday present for me:) xxx

Alagon and Sahari said...

"Something's Got to Change"

An important message we would like to share:

With love.

Anonymous said...

Dear StarChild Blossom,

We are very, VERY close indeed.

Hang on to your hats everyone and enjoy the splendor.

Ciao for now.

Anonymous said...


10/14/2008 anyone?

Blossom Goodchild said...

re above comment ....... everyone is entitled to their opinion and ... they didn't swear! :).

Anonymous said...

Here you go anon take it or leave it your choice my friend.

11th Feb 2010

~The Federation of Light~

And we would reply … we are the Bringers of Peace. We are not of your world. We are not of form. We that are communicating with you in this present moment are only of Light. Therefore we can be on /off as we see fitting.
We have spoken to you before regarding overseers of the overseers.
We are an embodiment of Light that is most happy to be working with this great plan and making sure that all is in place. We are the ones who make decisions regarding any quick changes that may have to be put in place. And yes … we read your thoughts … we are the ones who made the most serious decision to abort the mission that was promised on the date of your Oct 14th. This as you are well aware was not something for those in ‘lesser ranks’ to decide. It came from the Highest council and we can say that we chose well to do what we did. The outcome … had we gone ahead as planned would have been a miserable one for a vast number of those residing on your planet. When the time is appropriate we shall offer more information on that matter for we feel it is important that it is understood what actually took place. And yet we would ask you to be patient. For come the time when we choose to open up the realities of what we were confronted with, it will seem in perfect *coergence and be more fully understood.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Blossom and all.

I wasnt expecting this, at least from FBI. They say New Mexico was true, with 3 UFOs and 9 human like bodies(the grays, maybe???) Come on, disclosure now!!

Check it out:

Go to page 34.


Anonymous said...

smile yes Vigusa post that one up today Eddie, so good!
here are 5 UFOs over Hawaii on the 11Th April my son was flying over Hawaii at that time! he and his friends saw 9 lights when they were camping a few weeks ago here in Australia,

Cutler Ferchaud said...

Blossom way to step out of your own way and let the information come! Wonderful channeling and I think anyone who read it, will feel it! Nameste

Anonymous said...

The last three days I felt very tired.. now I'm feeling some kind of comfort and I feel the love in my heart all day (today). I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the new energies?

Love and thanks,


Anonymous said...

Love to you dear Blossom, I felt every word and feeling and truth contained therein. I am very aware of the importance of positivity and pray to anchor the LIGHT. How honoured are we all to be LIGHTBEARERS in these exciting days.

Andrew said...

The world is beautiful and it is okay. It is only getting better.
This is a reminder of how beautiful our planet is:

Anonymous said...

FULL ALIEN DISCLOSURE Just DAYS Away! -Minister Farrakhan Interview/Jaime Maussan -April 13,


Do not reserve your greatest Love for those you feel deserve it. GIVE of LOVE to ALL. BE of LOVE to ALL. And when ALL understand of this … you have Ascended into your new world.~The Federation of Light~

Anonymous said...

Since posting this: FULL ALIEN DISCLOSURE Just DAYS Away! -Minister Farrakhan Interview/Jaime Maussan -April 13,

I was sent another youtube where this man is putting his religious agenda onto our star family,I awoke yesterday with the message in my head 'this year is going to be the year of the dragonfly' and I feel this is so correct, many illusions are going to be uncovered,the light is shinning in all the dark corners,so that it can be observed and sent off with love that which whilst it served us once no longer serves,this is why there is no right or wrong, a hard one to grasp,here is a link I was sent about dragonflys,I am obsessed with dragonflys but that is another story.Love always Kerrie xxx

Andrew said...

Owl City has done another amazing song which is inspirational and fun. I love his music. I think he knows exactly what he's talking about.


Some of you may also remember his VANILLA TWILIGHT which I posted a while ago:

Take these lyrics as just a taste of what he sings about:

"So harmonize with the singing satellites.
Remember to scream because you’re gonna be lost for words,
When the sparks erupt and they light you up.
Dip your toes in the galaxy ’cause it’s yours to explore tonight."

love love love