May 11, 2011

I AM ... ME.

It is interesting these days that many souls are reading particular blogs or channellings and simply bursting into tears on the spot. What better sign is there to let the self KNOW that what they have just read is a TRUTH for THEM? It may not resonate with another so deeply or in fact in any way shape or form, but the fact that it has 'hit home' for somebody is all that really matters. As White Cloud says … and I shall continue to quote … ‘If you can turn but one soul around into the Light, then you have done well’.

For each one of us has a way about us ... a way of shining the presence of the I AM that I AM ... and giving off an energy that allows another to FEEL good about themselves. The more one gives thanks for the 'I AM' that 'I AM ' ... the more alive one is going to FEEL.

I didn't really get that I AM that I AM thing for quite a while. But I have sussed it now. For me, anyway. In simple terms ... it is recognising the Divine presence within the self. I tried to say it in many ways, accentuating the 'that' ... and so forth … instead of just saying ... I give thanks for the I AM that I AM ... the penny dropped! (The part of me that is Divine. ALL OF ME!)

My! How times have changed. Back in my convent school days, if I would have mentioned to those nuns that I AM GOD ... I would have been expelled for blasphemy and been labelled delusional. Yet now ... to FEEL the TRUTH in my soul when I say that … fills me with such Gratitude. To understand that I AM a part of this creation ... that I AM here NOW to add my ideas and thoughts and dreams to what is to come about next on this planet ... and it FEELS such a privilege. Yet it is what we came here for ... to each create a piece of a jigsaw ... and as the pieces ... bit by bit ... fit together ... we will ALL BE A PART OF IT. THE GOLDEN AGE.

Each piece created by our own individual ascending and raising of our vibration through LOVE ... yet as the pieces join together we can see ... as it grows and forms into itself … that we indeed are ONE.

Any given day may not always present to you that which you find to be of ease and grace ... yet it is NOW that we have become so strong in our LIGHT that we can accomplish all that is placed before us with an air of Light heartedness. When we CHOOSE to bring our BEING into alignment with the purest energy and thought of LOVE, then there is an instantaneous transformation that takes place. It cannot be seen, yet it can be felt. In any circumstance at any given time ... think LOVE. Just say it over and over to yourself and FEEL it in your heart place ... emanating from within to without.

I have to admit to being in the past ... one ... who found it easier to give in to the negative thoughts. Let’s just shove everything into the too hard basket. Let’s just wallow in self indulgence , climb back into bed, pull the blankets over our head, roll up into the foetal position and stay there until … well just … until . My heart found it so difficult sometimes to get a grip! A landlady I had once,(a nurse by trade) told me I was a manic depressive. I mean ... how depressing is that??? I went into a depression for days about being a manic depressive!!! I had my up days, my down days, my average days, and a few boozy days here and there I might add!! I had all kinds of days … hoping to bump into 'ME' somewhere along the way. I was always searching for ME ... and the more I searched the more I seemed to get lost!

I have found ME now. Took quite a while. Many years in fact. Turns out I was hiding under a bushel of ego driven fears. Would I change anything ? Yes ... here and there I'd make a few alterations if I could. Yet what's done is done and because of it:

I AM who I AM.

I can honestly say that through the teachings of White Cloud and so too The Federation of Light ... not only have I found ME ...I have found MY GOD. A GOD THAT IS LOVE. It took me so long to release the indoctrination of religious upbringing and to find for myself in my own way what my TRUTH is … what MY GOD is … and the best thing about that … is that what another soul’s GOD is , is simply none of my business. For we each walk our own path to get home. When we get there we will see that OUR GOD is the same for us all … yet we needed to experience different ‘acceptances’ to bring us fully into who we are when we eventually do arrive on the door step.

To KNOW that we are LOVE … indeed to KNOW what LOVE is … is a journey we are all walking. Yet as we discover with each moment of LIFE another aspect of LOVE in whatever way it chooses to present itself,from ourself ... to ourself ... we become aware that LOVE is what it is ALL about.


The more this makes sense to us ... the more we understand it … the more we BECOME IT … the more we ARE IT … in its finest form.

Words once again do not provide adequate explanation … for this that we are understanding of ourselves NOW … in these times … cannot be expressed well by formulation of words, even by the most adept scholar … yet ask anyone who is ‘getting it’ … getting this new way of BEING … ask them to FEEL it and a smile will express all there is to KNOW. No words required . The Light through the silence of the smile says it all.

We desire so much to serve. We ask to be of service in the most fitting way ... to compliment who we are as this human aspect of ourself at this time. We are open to receive the opportunities to give and be of service. And we ask to remain in humility and grace as we joyfully go about our daily lives. We give thanks to the Divine oneness for allowing this to take place. SO BE IT.

Golden Rays my friends .
Love Light and Laughter


Alagon and Sahari said...

When White Cloud thanks The Divine Ones, to whom does he refer?

It seems that on whole, the 'New Age' did find a way out of religion's dogma, but is perilously close to throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

As long as I can say anything about God, think of God anyway that I choose and my reality will reflect that, how can I ever truly know God?
And if God is the One who holds the full idea of me, then I will never truly BE myself until I take steps to know God AS IT IS.

This is what free choice means.
This is the difference between Illusion and Godhead.
This is the difference between The True Path and All Paths.
Though All Paths are potential True Paths, it is our intention that makes the difference.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully put, what you have written describes exactly how I feel. The truth of it is so obvious you can feel it in every cell of your body.

Thank you Blossom, White Cloud and the Federation of light for the help and understanding that you give and for the light that you shine.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@Alagon & Sahari.
White Cloud does not say THE DIVINE ONES .. he says THE DIVINE ONENESS.
With all respect , and you know I mean that sincerely ... the rest of what you have written is a bit over my head! So I can't comment, yet I am sure others will. Sorry about that ... I can only be truthful.
Many thanks ... Bloss xxx

kerrie said...

Well Mothers day has come and gone and I was reminded of a quote that a Mother is only as happy as her saddest child and I do not care if this is an illusion I will not be happy until this illusion ends and a new world emerges,I can not be happy with such suffering,so I will continue to pray for the strength to get out of the mud I am stuck in, so I can do my bit to shift us up a few octaves, I unfortunately seem to be up and down, still unable to keep my vibes up there with so much going on,I have been talking this week about this illusion we are living and even though this planet is an illusion we love our illusion and we want it healed, isn't this what 11:11 is about and isn't this why we are attending Keisha's workshop?I am reminded of a course in miracles and how I couldn't do it because I couldn't bring myself to say this means nothing to me as I gazed at a tree or into the eyes of a small child,so many want to rid themselves of the ego yet isn't it the ego's desires that are going to create this next illusion.What are your desires? we know what we don't want,we have been taught not to focus on what we don't want,yet I struggle with that at times,so what do we want?expanded conscious I guess,the ability to use the tools we have been gifted with,and what of compassion we won't require that in this new world, what would be in need of compassion if there was no suffering,no lack,would we look back at these times and say I miss feeling compassion?I wonder what it is going to be like.Thank you Blossom more food for thought...or not!!!! LOL xxx

PenguinUK said...

Would just like to add my support for the inadequacy of words comments in this blog. The veracity of any kind of spritual knowledge can only be determined by feeling right from wrong, rather than being told.

It is not such a difficult concept to explain : how many misunderstandings now occur as a result of emails, instant messaging, mobile texts, because words alone cannot convey the emotional context that a real voice, facial exressions, body language adds.

Can I just add that the latest FoL re: Illusions totally blew me away, as this is the exact metaphor I've used the last couple of months for myself and loved ones. I even had a "hey, I thought of that first" moment for a split-second!!! What a comforting reassurance your channelling was for me, that I might not be going off on a tangent in my interpretation of the "now".

As always, love to you and all.x

Telos de Aries said...

Good reflections about what lot of people feels, I would like to say the same, but in the last two months, I know that I'm not evolving, I'm geting worst...I cannot feel it...but I would like...
I would like to find my light...I must try...but is difficult, I don't know what to do...

I went lot of years to catolic schools (school and high school), but I found that I'm not of that religion...for long time I have lived without religions, but knowing that is "somethin superior", god like lot of us call. But I can't find my god.
I have read that the earth is the only planet with religions...and that there's not one thet is "the true one"...the reason that in history or in our days the religions "fights" for show that they are the true ones.

Thanks for what you write, and for the messages of the light confederation. I could never read something of White cloud, but thanks because he gives you some lessons that you bring to us.

Saludos from Uruguay (Saludos means greetings in spanish)

terri said...

alagon and sahari, i would like to share my thoughts. you are perceiving "god" as seperate from yourselves, which is why you feel you cant know "god".
when you breathe you breathe in god. when you smile, god smiles, when you see a sunset, and remark on its beauty, you are being grateful for and witnessing the beauty of god. when you cry, god cries.when you pet your dog,or smell a flower, you are enjoying and loving god.
i prefer the term all that is, or as some native tribes say; great mystery. god is love. love is all there is, all else is illusion.

the main problem in this world is the idea of seperation and compartmentalization.
this is a product of the mind, the way the mind perceives in the dream.
as long as you are in the mind, you will not be able to understand or know that god is all. what you are saying is the mind seeking to put the infinite into finite terms.
there is no "true path",there is only experience and expansion.and its all good.

blossom, i had the realisation as well that i am me, i am free. david icke wrote a book years ago with that title. i cant express the elation and joy that comes with proclaiming this, and feeling it. to anyone who doesnt remember fully yet, practice allowing your heart to guide you. trust yourself and your feelings. get to know who you are. let go of judgement. focus on appreciation and love. its just a matter of letting go of old habits and patterns. we are already masters who were distracted, fell asleep in this dream and forgot. be patient with yourself,there is no time limit,just feel good about where you are and who you are. learn to love and appreciate the miracle that you are.
i found an interesting reference to the pillars of light..good news is everywhere.

great new channel. i have been thinking about the scene in the matrix lately when the child gives neo the spoon. she says do not try to bend the spoon. that is impossible. rather, remember there is no spoon. this world is just a dream. i love the song row your boat..
sorry to go on like this! its just so great to feel good, and to see all the hard work and sadness in the past are gone and to share these good feelings. thank you blossom!
love, happiness, peace to all!

Anonymous said...

Hello Blossom. This comment is regarding the last channeling, and I wanted to ask how can we hold the scene we want for us when there're so many distractions.

I can grasp the idea that we created this illusion of earth, or borrowing the word used in a tao blog I also read, we create all these holograms, all the time. But my problem is that I find so hard to focus (or probably to completely let go of some comfort zones of this illusion), I don't live in a tranquil predictive place and I know I put myself in here for a good reason that I can perfectly perceive. My "current" life was/is like an intensive training and now I feel that I already had enough of it.

But holding that particular scene, all the time while being bombarded at the same of energies I don't want anymore, it's a bit difficult.

This is like a spiritual fight of energies, and I'm not completely sure if what I'm doing right now is right or enough. (Or probably I'm the one who is subconsciously creating this spiritual fight)

In short, my question is how to strengthen that scene while dealing with the current energies?.

And perhaps... if I send love to those energies, they could change or dissolve?.

(So sorry if that was too much or off topic :S)

Red said...

God is in the sacredness of nature imo.
We are all individuals , but we are all part of the same.
If semantics is the issue, just be the feeling.

Ami said...

Thank you for posting this profound last message (May 12th), dear Blossom. I will read it again and again. I was deeply touched by it.
I send my love to all you, travel fellows of this illusion, as always.
Remember to "see yourself as that WARRIOR OF LIGHT WITH YOUR SWORD HELD HIGH TO THE SKIES! ...".
Thank you,

Red said...

Something very interesting you may wanna take a look at, I wonder what it is??

Blossom Goodchild said...

Hello everyone. As many of you may be aware most BLoggers have been down for a few days and sadly any comments that have been posted during that time have been lost and I know there were quite a few that came through yet Blogger couldnt accept them and now it says they dont exsit. PLEASE send them again if you feel so inclined. All is well now it seems. THANK YOU. Can't be helped.

Ami said...

Thank you, dear Blossom, for posting this profound message (May 12th); I have been deeply touched by it. I have read several times.

And as they said in the previous one: "see yourself as that WARRIOR OF LIGHT WITH YOUR SWORD HELD HIGH TO THE SKIES! ... and to imagine many thousands of you doing the same. FEEL THE POWER THAT YOU ARE TOGETHER AS ONE. THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN GET IN YOUR PATHWAY. YOU ARE LOVE."

Thank you Blossom of Light, for allowing us to receive these important messages.

I send my love to all you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,

Our friends of light have blessed us with a gem with their last broadcast on your channel. Clearly our God is awesome.

Thank you ALL. I really enjoy this community.


Anonymous said...

Well I can't remember what I wrote Blossom:) but in short thank you for that last channell it was what I had been talking about only that week!

Red thank you for the link here is another link to what happened at Fortworth

Anonymous said...

What about today??? Will the World go down? ;)
Love and Light!

Anonymous said...

Is this a sign of peace?

3 rare white bison calves born in Ore.

Sacred White Animals - Native American.wmv

Coach Enrique said...

@ anon: I don't think we should mock at the belief that some people had about a specific date they were yearning about. They will have to face their failure and move on. They will probably find a reason for the no-happening and will stay faithful to their source of information (bible) but they will not set dates anymore due to the the fear of being ridiculized again. I wish they find what they are looking for.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't think anyone here has any credibility to mock someone's failed predicted date. In fact, you should be consoling Harold Camping.

yk248 said...

Great message Blossom (last channeling). Thank you :)


Anonymous said...

They are here it's time

Please watch this, it almost bought me to tears,only today I was thinking about our star family and how much I feel for them, why do I feel these feelings? what more can I do? and why isn't more being done? I know all about what is said about not being dependant on anything outside yourself and all that,that we are whole and don't need anything outside of ourselves to make us whole,I get that, I really do,I have said that all my life,I have enjoyed being single now for 27 years and free,but I soooo feel the need welcome them with open arms and heart.How can that be wrong? All my life I have longed to find someone to respect and believe in outside of myself and now I have and they are so close yet so far.Oh dear must be something in the air tonight thanks for reading Blossom and light friends.

P.S. As The Federation said it is dishonourable to call them Aliens and in the above youtube they say the same,they like Stelans,Star persons or Star visitors,(I call them Star family)

PenguinUK said...

My personal understanding of the recent FoL communications via Bloss are an instruction (probably too strong a word.. encouragement maybe) to dismiss the world around us a negative facade, and just keep listening to the real "me" and trust its truth and hence do something about it all.

I SO trust this advice.

But, and thanks Bloss, you do challenge them quite a bit, I can't totally detach from the material, the illusion we live in.

Most of us do have mortgages, food bills, jobs, just to maintain our presence in this "world". I would SO LOVE some advice on how to reoncile the two. I can't just up and leave to a commune.

Some comforting advice from wiser souls (here or elsewhere) would be appreciated, as I don't feel I can eschew every last trapping of this negative existence and end up on the streets begging. I'm being a bit extreme but I hope you follow my logic.

If we volunteered to be here and experience this time, I feel it was going to have to be a "fight from behind enemy lines" kind of deal. Yet to accomplish that contribution, I need to "go native" enough to exist in a functioning way - the money, bed to sleep in, food, etc.

Any other souls finding this aspect difficult?

My absolute and unconditional love to all. x

Slava said...

@Kerrie: Awesome video! The best thing i've seen for 3 years or more... or evven best ufo video i ever seen... Thank you a lot!

Slava said...


I've similar situation. I know, it's like owerwelming burden...

For me, i think i found a solution, and now only need to test it enought. To be short - i need to love this life, its phisycal aspect. Need to love to build my life, to do thing, need to love to live it.

I see few usual obstacles to do this:
1) From time to time life seems like a battle, bloody dangerous battle. So... it seems martial arts experience (i mean.. some serious battle expereince), or extreme sport exp. might help - if you can love it's dangers you'll get "keys" to love to overcome uncomfortable moments of your life.

2) The second... is in knowing (actually - feeling) that you, as a bridge between earth and heaven, came here to be that bridge in first place - not to bury yourself in "earth" and not to fly out into clouds - both lead to death. For me this mean that i must live my normal life about 90% of daytime, and attend to inner feelings or spiritual practices no more than 10% of daytime - i already feel that my inner balance restoring to something more... comfortable.

hope this might help somehow...

Anonymous said...

Slava your welcome, it really had an effect on me too,I am still feeling all sort of floaty, yet there is a quiet kind of clarity, a feeling of letting go sort of thing and that all is well,that they are here, that they are close, we are not alone and although they are not in our face so to speak, gifts are all around us and the more we see them and give thanks the more they are presented.
I am reading Patricia Cota-Robles book Who am I? Why am I here? at the moment, Blossom I know what the pillars of light are, Patricia mentions them in her book...... they are us! she says the same as The Federation of Light say that they are going to meet us half way,we are becoming our Christed selves again,see The Federations channel 22nd Oct 2011
How is everyone doing with bringing in their light and bottling it? (31st March channel)
@ Penguin I hear you my friend, just trust the process,as long as you stay in integrity, it won't get too bumpy, but as The Feds say 'hold onto your hat' we will be so strong at the end of all this, it'll all unfold as more and more awaken,you'll find you will be guided in the now moment as to what to do.Focus on what brings joy to your heart,control the mind.ok I'll zip it to everyone xxx

Ami said...

Dear PenguinUK,

It's not easy to live in this world, not at all. I'm sure almost everyone shares this...

I wish I could give you a hug and invite you to share a Mate (a popular drink in Argentina). Know and feel my love to you... You are very important; we need you brother/sister. You are strong, a light warrior!

All feel the ups and downs... Meditation, hope, friends, family, acts of love and service to others, help.

Love and Light to you. sincerely,


Sorry for my english...

Coach Enrique said...

@Penguin: in my opinion, the problem is not the material circumnstances we are facing, the REAL problem is HOW WE PERCEIVE these circumnstances. This whole process of Ascension/Evolution is not about doing or thinking new stuff, it is totally about remembering and BEING who-we-really-are. Your belief is that bills and job distracts you from the "really-important/superior" stuff. Well, it's not like that, that is just an illusion of your trained mind, which is still in charge of your life. When you start shutting off that mind and you start living from the Heart, you see that what you DO is not important at all, what makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world is WHAT YOU ARE BEING while doing anything, because when you find your True Self and you feel its own Divine Power, everything you choose to do has a new meaning, even paying bills. Our Freedom of Choice may not be to stop paying bills right now, but we DO HAVE the choice -and Power- to enjoy it and use that Joy to complete our Ascension. Peace to you....

Alagon said...

To PenguinUK,
It is very refreshing to see someone reaching out for answers

The detachment from the material world that you speak of is not a physical attribute. In the understanding that every action and thought needs to be transcended to the service of God or Love allows yourself to be in both worlds at the same time without being attached. In that way whatever you do (mortgage, jobs, bills etc) automatically lifts you out of the fear, the illusion. From this place of absolute and unconditional love you can now listen to the real you and trust the truth in what you now know.

PenguinUK said...

thanks to all the kind souls who have offered wisdom in response to my comment. Much love.

Anonymous said...

Dear StarChild Blossom,

We are ALL one, and we are all love.

L. O. V. E.


Ciao for now

Slava said...

@ Kerrie:

"How is everyone doing with bringing in their light and bottling it? (31st March channel)"

I found that it works not like I expected. The way it worked for me is simply by staying out of being deeply involved into any emotional experience or feeling, something like turning sound volume a lot lower than usual or even shutting it down totally in some situations. It doesn't feels like i'm supressing anything within me, but exactly like lowering volume a lot and keeping it for myself.

And.. i got quite fantastic outcome - feels like i plugged myself to high-voltage line :D

Anonymous said...

Well another month is closing. I wonder sometimes if these messages are not meant for evidence based people? Is there some other path we are supposed to be following to ascension? Not just blossom but other chanellers have promises from their sources but they never seem to come to obvious fruition in a way I can recognize. I am not trying to troll, just expressing myself. I follow other blogs but I see outright fake videos that they say are true and I wonder how can I trust anything when no discrimination is being used? 

Love and light
Live long and prosper

Anonymous said...

Are you bringing in your light as The Federation have asked us to do Carl? (31st March) that is how you will know,control your mind,meditate,choose to focus on the beauty in the now moment,be of joy and Gratitude is a huge DNA activator, being grateful empowers you as the creator you are,love yourself, that one is easier said then done, we are so good at judging ourselves and forgive that is a biggy, basically get those vibes up there and send that out to Mother earth so this goes transition goes smoothly for her,the less earth quakes the better,here is a good youtube about these energies and Sedona and calling some UFO's and orbs in by activating your heart and sending love,remember we talked about Sedona Blossom this is a good one on,light and GRATITUDE Kerrie xxx

ALAJE from the Pleiades, Member of the Galactic Federation of Light
The meaning of Life is to have Love in your Heart****
Love is the solution for everything****
Love is the key****
Be prepaired for the coming Transformation Light Energy****
Now is the opportunity to evolve your consciousness****
Activate your Love in your Heart and send it daily to planet Earth.
Use my Meditation from part 4 of my Videos.

Anonymous said...

Dear StarChild Blossom,

There are ONLY two options in which to live in this 3rd dimensional plane of existence:

L.O.V.E. or

F.E.A.R. -


Natural Sciences/Hyper-dimensional Physics EXPLAINS magic and dispels fear.

Ciao for now

Coach Enrique said...

@Carl, if you are looking for something to trust and not be deceived, try your own Divine Essence. It has been well hidden behind your ego so the only task worth during our lifetime is to get to know ego by shutting off our minds. Once you see the true nature of ego, it breaks and dissolves slowly into the Light. But to face ego is not easy, that's why they call us "warriors" of Light, most people think it is because we are challenging the Dark Forces that controls the whole world and are in positions of power. Yes, we are facing the Dark Force, but it's the one that is controlling ourselves through ego, not because it has any power on its own, but because we GAVE AWAY Ours.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your responses Kerrie and Coach Enrique

I see myself crossing a river. On one bank was where I started. On the other bank is the promise of ascension. Between the two banks are lots of stepping stones. The first one I used was meditation. What a great stone that was. I experienced things that I could not explain easily. From there I used other stepping stones, "spiritualist church", "mediumship classes", "paranormal investigation group","reading nde stories","the secret","Abraham Hicks","a dream with a deceased relative with a prediction that came true"," Blossom's 2008 prediction", etc. Some of those stones were slippery and I jumped off quick and some had a solid foundation that I could rest on a long time ("Abraham Hicks"). Some simply lead to an area with lots of further stones, "Blossom's 2008 prediction"

But now I am stuck. I can see further stepping stones out there "Gaia", "Dark cabal defeat","alien contact","crystalline bodies", etc. But those are too far away for me. Can't reach them from here, too much of a leap. I am stuck looking for that next stone. I have been told that it will surface "Soon". Be that "sprinkles" or "pillars of light" or "official disclosure". It is just that I have been stuck on my current stone for a while. But I can not leap to those other stones without a step in between. I just hope it is this year because the river is rising quickly for Dec 21, 2012.

Love and Light
Live long and prosper

Slava said...

@ Carl:

"But I can not leap to those other stones without a step in between."

It seems to me that it would be really not easy if not impossible to move into state of consciousness that some would call "New Era" without "stepping on stone" wich is your Self, Divine Oneness, your Truth or your feeling of youself... whatever you name it.

Perphaps it would be worth try to search why you need evidences and evidence of what exactly do you seek? I mean not evidence of star people, ascension of any of those things, but... if you imagine for a moment that stellants made offical first contact, integrated into our society and even visited you in your home just.. as friends... what this would confirm to you? what it would be when you look deep inside you? what do you feel about this, about yourself, how do you feel at all? how it differ from how you feel usually?

and... next question.. if you feel different, and you like this feeling... is it possible to take this new feeling of yourself with you every moment? just as it is, without any evidence? How would you like this? :)

ps: ha ha! now i should try this for myself for sure! :D

Coach Enrique said...

@Carl, the river and the stones are just illusions from your controlled mind, I know you are talking figuratively, but I know you FEEL that way, and it's just an illusion... controlled mind LOVES to create drama. You don't need step stones and you are not in real danger, but you know what? Using your scenario, I would suggest STRONGLY that you close your eyes, fall on your back and let the river drag you wherever it wants.... that's surrender and that's defeating your controlled mind. This mind will ALWAYS be looking for something, without finding it, while your Heart simply KNOWS you already have everything you need, NOW....

Coach Enrique said...

Wonderful channeling, Blossom. Nothing really new, but Truth is always refreshing to the Soul, no matter how often you hear it...

Anonymous said...

Tears in my eyes.. Great channelling Blossom! Beautiful! Thank you.

It feels like a great burden is falling off my shoulders.

Thank you! I'm very excited :)

Love and light,


Ami said...

What a message, Dear Blossom!!!
It made my heart "cry" of joy!
Thank you!

yk248 said...

YES :)

Thank you Blossom.

Am feeling it for sure.

Today I saw in the sky for the first time something that could definitely be thought of as "not a plane" :)

I looked to the sky and saw an unmoving light like a star that became bigger and brighter for a few seconds and suddenly disappeared. And I am like, "finally" :)

Been looking to the sky for a year and a half hoping to see something like this (but anything I saw could be thought of as a plane).

Finally :)

Thank you....

PenguinUK said...

It's not often I read channellings or other words when I get an unexpected head-tingle, and an albeit momentary feeling of bliss. This was certainly one of those. Still feeling quite "glowing" as I type this. Super stuff.

Anonymous said...

I'm not holding my breath. We have been here before and know all too well what "soon" means in their language...

Slava said...

Few days ago I experienced quite intriquing state of consciousness... a one i would call collective consciosness. Very gentle feelings for humans, no judging, accaptance, understanding, equality, warmth... feeling myself as something enormous (while my individual self being somewhere in background), a distributed unity of miriads of intentions and dreams, like an ocean with different flaws, wirlpools and streams... united... but only to some degree.

If such states of consciosness become so easily accessible... just by will... then what would next day bring to us?

Anonymous said...

My energy is full on I have sooo much,I felt them close yesterday as I was clipping a dog and I stopped and said your here aren't you and I felt love energy go through me.My mind is feeling such clarity and synchronisities are full on,we are feeling the looove, here is an email I just now received from a member from New Zealand
Beautiful sister of mine , I feel excited I need to tell you , that JUST NOW 5 mins ago I was looking up at the stars [like that video of some guy saying I love u & light flashed back] Well I was in a loving mood from talking to my brother [on phone] in Perth & FLASH FLASH one bright & the other not so bright , yeeehaaaaaaaaaaaar its all unfolding , LOVE u xoxox