Nov 1, 2008



At last. Phew! I had looked into starting a new blog, or deleting comments , which would take forever as you had to do them individually and I really couldn't put myself through going through the thousands of comments received, to see which were of Light and which were not. Then, yesterday I discovered that the easiest way would be to delete the posts ... which I have done. Now ... we can begin again. All comments will have to be approved before being posted , so this shall enable us to create a place full of Light and Love which was the whole point of it in the first place.

For those of you who have signed up to the newsletter... hang on in there. I am STILL trying to get updated to a busines account in order to accomodate the number on my mailing list. An ordinary account wont allow me to send out more that 50 at a time and now I have about 4,000 on my list, although some it seems have slipped through that I wouldnt say are exactly legit!!!. Clearly some souls have nothing better to do, so lets send them lots of Golden Rays!!I'm getting there ... bit by bit... and when it's done I will get back to sending my regualr fun loveing news letters out.

Well well well, what a massive journey ... For us all!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure we are all feeling the change within us and hopefully you are feeling it is for the betterment of yourself and mankind. You'd think wouldn't you that after what some would call the biggest faux pas in history that I would just try and fade into oblivion and leave it at that. Indeed that is what I thought I would HAVE to do on OCT 16th!! However ... obviously that is not meant to be. I have been inundated with letters of Love, warmth and extreme kindness and I simply could not go away and hide. So many wished me to carry on channelling and to continue doing what I do.

What LOVE... What TRUTH ... is revealed to us in our hearts? That is all we can follow is it not? OUR OWN TRUTH? And for so many to know that what I do is coming from MY TRUTH filled my batterred and bruised soul with so much encouragement and Light.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who sent me such upliftment. I am sorry that I can not answer every one personally. There are just too many. At this point I would like to thank Ric, my dear friend, who continues to assist me in all of this, working everyday to sort out all the letters he also receives for me etc and just generally being 'there' for the cause. Also too, while I'm at it... to thank my husband Goody , son Ritchie, sister Jill, friend Eileen and everyone else who has just kept me going and supported me beyond measure from the start of all this when I mentioned that 'THE FEDS' wanted me to tell the world something!!!!

So, really this is just the opener, to get the ball rolling again. I have no idea how often I shall be posting messages up. The days whizz by so quickly and very rarely do I accomplish all the things on my list for that day ... but I persevere!!

Enjoy this new space everyone. A place that we can share thoughts of the new world that we are walking in. I am so blessed to feel so appreciated. From my heart THANK YOU.


sallyh said...

Lovely to be back with you Blossom!
Am thrilled to hear your enthusiasm and energy once again and I'm looking forward to being part of the Light and the Love. Blessings, Sally

mike c said...

So glad that I can finally see your posts! I'm new to the site thanks to the October 14th prediction but I've been following your stuff and I'm so excited for everything that is happening! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

God, the Alpha & the Omega, the Creator, LOVES YOU. You cannot channel God, but you can pray to him, and if you are sincere and persevere he will reveal himself to you..... He is Love and He is Truth.

Unknown said...

Welcome back - although we knew you never really left :)

What a reminder you are as to what is important in this world of ours. Sharing and spreading light and love to everyone.

Blessings and much appreciation for your dedication.

Pam said...


I was missing you soooo much!

Your loving words are missed girlie :))))))

Ric replied to the email I sent you Blossom, so I know you got it for sure :))))

Lots of light, eace and LOVE to you my dear friend!!! :)))

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your happiness Blossom. I look forward to reading your blog, the comments and the FOL channels every day.

I was sorely disappointed when nothing happened on the 14th of October. But the entire thing opened new doors in my mind and heart that I wish to continue to journey with you and the FOL.

daniel.emming said...

Blossom, so glad to find this blog. I've been following your material (and related websites) for a couple of months. I thought 'Snapshot' was great, thanks for scrambling to get it distributed. I expect this will be an interesting blog

Daniel from Colorado

Love and light said...

I recognize the courage and commitment to your truth in your words. I thank you as we all need to access our own truth and be courageous and commit to our truth. This is a transition time. Thank you for providing an opening at this time.

Love and light,


Corynder said...

Just thought I'd remind you about yours and lissa's forum here;

So you can read the love there too! ^_^

AnonimaAnonima said...

Hello Blossom :)

I'm glad you're back and I'm happy you're going great.
Keep on shining your light :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,


I am sure that you can hear the salvos of approval from around the world. I myself am singing a happy tune and am full of cheer to see you are back to blogging.
May the sun always shine on you and your family Blossom.
With love,
Your Friend,

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the blog up again!.

Just wanted to comment that the night before Oct 14th I dreamed about the country going into Martial Law. Government was making it look like it was a threat. Things are pretty messed, but I think it just makes it more exciting lol!.

Shawn said...

we love u blossom keep up the good work. they will come!!

come chat with us guys

Drachenherz said...

Dear Blossom

You inspire me to find my own truth. Well, actually I allready HAVE found my own truth a long time ago.

But you inspire me to truly live out my own truth...

I want to thank you for this.

Love, Truth and Forbearance to you, each and every single human being, mother Earth, the Federation of Light and all sentient beings that exist in this Cosmos


Abi in London said...

Glad you got back on the horse Blossom!

It is sometimes the hardest events that we learn and grow the most from. Great that you are carrying on...good on ya!

Sending you love from the UK.....

Abi x

Anonymous said...

A question-
Are you willing to post comments that are not abusive, but may not agree with your...teachings? If so,
A comment-
You and your followers are being deceived, at best, to your own detriment, this is obvious. I hope you look for THE Truth in an opposite direction, for your own spiritual welfare. I know THE Truth and have watched this play out through certain believing family members. All I can say is that THE Truth has never let me down, I'm not saying that to be mean, just as a matter of fact. I'm sorry if you think I'm not "of Light" but I couldn't sit here, and say nothing. Choose not to approve this message if you will, but I think a person in an honest search of any truth would post this message.

Anonymous said...

Blossom, my heart has been with you the last couple of months as you answered your call in these precious times upon Earth. I have just read your channels since the October 14th and was struck by the seeds of doubt or concern in your words - not those of the federation. I just wanted to mention that over the past few years the personal guidance I have received from the heavens has tugged me thousands of miles around the Earth for a presumed reason, only to tell me once I get there that I must go somewhere else or the reason is not as I was previous told. Each time it has taken me to a deeper level within. As the words of the Federation have said...all we seek is within our hearts. There, and only there will the TRUTH be revealed to each of us and the all of us.
TRUST Dear One! Always KNOW in your heart that the Highest Good for All That Is, is always happening throughout creation. Free will, your and others, is always at play on Earth...where the view is so finite and the faith at times quivers. In the broader perspective, in the bigger picture, under higher law....ALL is well. Trust, hope and know!!!
Truth be told...we here on Earth know so little of who we really are.
Highest Gratitude for being alive and aware during these pivotal days! Thank you for you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,
Below is what I wrote to you on Oct. 21st. I tried to email it to you. I do not know if you received it as I was having trouble sending emails out that day. Pardon me if it is a duplicate. My Love is only meant to reach you.

So much has happened for the GOOD from your Light and your Loving messages! Please do not let the darkness take over because you are disappointed along with the million others who are. Yes young lady you have put your face and your heart out to all peoples. Yes there are those who will choose to use you as a punching bag.

But know this and remember it. YOU ARE LOVED by ALL of US who know what it took for you to open yourself to the world. Actually not all of us know the entire feelings that you feel, for we have not stepped out among the crowds as you have. We feel though and we see your LOVE and YOUR Deep caring for all mankind and our Star Families.

Please know that you are a Beautiful Loving Soul who has done NOTHING WRONG! YOU have shared your truths, which is something most would not do out of fear of discrimination and abuse. Well, Blossom you have taken your share of abuse and your share of discrimination. It is time to HEAL and time to realize that for EVERY NEGATIVE there most certainly is a POSITIVE! This is BALANCE! I am sorry there are those who are immature enough to believe that anything is one person's fault. HA! Wrong! Wake up World... WE ARE ALL ONE in ALL things! The Good, The Bad and The UGLY!

WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE! Not just one little being! You have a powerful Bright Light that draws both Dark and Light towards you, so please do not give in to this feeling of abandonment. Feel the LOVE that people like me are sending out to you and all of mankind. Feel the wisdom of your truth! Your truth is that you stated what you believed and knew from your heart! This was then, and it is NOW time to know that each and everyone of us have the POWER to change things in a blink of an eye as a collective.

I believe in my heart that things happened as they did because this was the total sum of the collective desired outcome. Even though there were those of us who so deeply wanted and so deeply desired the Ship to appear, there were so so many who where afraid and the FEAR took over like a wildfire and this may be the reason why the ship did not show. This was just the first buzzer on the alarm. We still have time to learn and to grow and to LOVE!

In my heart of hearts I do believe that All is in Divine Timing, and we must always stay with OUR Truths no matter what!

Please know this is the time for you to also awake to the fact that you are helping so very many people through your strengths and your weaknesses! I Thank YOU for being you and for being the Special Light that you are!

Divine Blessings and Much Love to YOU for Evermore and One Day!

Everyone should carefully observe which way their Heart draws them,and then choose that way with all their strength.

Reiki Energy worker / Designer said...

Hurray!!-THANK YOU BLOSSOM! Was sad when you closed your blog, thank you so much, Every post- a warm fuzzy hug to help me tackle the day! Lots of love! spiritual warriors unite!

Anonymous said...

glad to finally be able to respond blossom! I dont know why but my google doesnt log in for some reason...anyway, I got onto this whole visitation thing by typing in the 10-14-2008 into google after having had dreams for 3 nights on or around october 1-3
In my dreams everyone was looking up to thre sky and crying, i became concerned when i saw my loved ones crying but then realized they were tears of joy not pain! i looked up and saw a huge, I do mean huge! ship of lights, when I felt my face I found I was crying too...just thought i'd share this with you as i had no idea who you were and I didn't know what exactly would happen , and of course nothing appeared, but something happened. I believe I (and others like me) was awakened by the dream and it was confirmed by you just by your channellings alone.
yes my family are all looking at me funny but I feel in my heart something big will happen very soon! I have seen the lights in the sky (yes i know the difference between a plane, bird, bat, weather balloon, satellite. star... well you get the picture!)
they flicker and change but they are always there, then gone,
I also have a few words I need to say due to it being repeated thruout my dream, the words are
"listen to the song inside your heart"-sounds kinda silly when I type it out but those were the words nonetheless
anyway peace blossom
catcha on the flip side!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Blossom how are you!? :)

I am very happy you are back with us again!

I hope we can enjoy your words for a long long time hehe

Anonymous said...

I was happy to hear T.F.O.L use 'in our honour' we said to you we would show,I believe in their honour this was their truth as their soul had communicated to them.They are not Gods as they have stated,They have refered to 'The Devine Plan'and as such I am sure The Creator knows what move to make for the greater good, so anything that those lost in fear and control throw up can and will be sorted out in the most Devine way and although saddened at having to abort for now, in their closeness to the Creator I feel they know 'all is as it should be'.

Anonymous said...

glad to see your blog open again, I see that you have a great sense of humour to all that nonsense from others, be positive there is always a way forward!


Anonymous said...

I am sure the link up will be restored, maybe it was just a little ip conflict,

so maybe just try a router reset?

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom i read on you site that like the link "snapped"? and that it never happened before? Do you think it could happen again?

i was wondering...

kind greetings

Blossom Goodchild said...

to the Fons .... yes it could happen again .... it's happenned a few times with White Cloud , but i feel it is nothing to worry about. So much is involved in channelling that we are not able to understand. So I KNOW everything is ok. Thanks Golden Rays.

Anonymous said...

oo, i must agree blossom, these are truely the happy days and i think by the way the soap you gave was so refreshing i can finally think in proper fashion, its @_77 from me to you with some bubbles to keep up the partyspirit ;)

happy days.. they are one without time...;)