Nov 2, 2008


Oh dear , Oh Dear, Oh Dear!!

One day with the blog open and already I find myself in a dilema. Do I really want to go through all this again? To be honest at this point I am not sure! So, may I say when someone writes 'censorship is not of Light and Love' ... clearly you hadn't read some of the comments I had to delete before I re-opened. If people think I am going to accept on my chosen space the kind of stuff that was once written they are mistaken. So therefore, censorship is HIGHLY necessary. As for the 'anonymous' who is already giving me jip for not publishing his/her comments ... please go elsewhere to discuss your views. I know there are many sites where that kind of thing can be discussed. Someone has also commented that I am only accepting comments that feed my ego. The comments that are up come from Light and Love and I have stated quite clearly that this is what this blog is about. So if you wish to offer messages for one another from this source , please feel free to do so.

I think it is important for us all to learn that is is impossible to 'assume' you know where another soul is placed in their thoughts and their hearts. This learning would benifit our human race so much would it not?

I wish everyone the absolute pleasure of basking in their own Truth. And in that Truth I wish for everyone to find exactly the right place in which to express it.

Many Thanks

Golden Rays ! Golden Rays ! Golden Rays!


Pam said...

My dear Blossom :)))

I have an idea ... why don't you make everybody sign in and have an account in order to post.. therefore it would be easier to control the saboteurs... I know what you mean and I remember how frustrating it was when I was watching all those people write and spam so terrible comments all over the blog and not being able to do a thing.

I just wished I had the capability to ban them and delete their comments but none of us could.

I am really sorry you had to see all those, for you did not deserve any of that hate and garbage :(

but in any case you have us all that love you no matter what and support you till the end because we know you are a wonderfoul soul that enlighten us with love and light :))

Anonymous said...

Hello - could you ask the federation if they have had any contact with the Vatican?

ladiflash said...

Dearest Blossom,
I found your site months ago through links for the FOL and discovered how much I enjoyed other things about your site.
I was deeply pained when I read all of the horrendously hateful and vicious things folks were writing, it hurt so bad I cried.
You are a very strong and courageous woman.
I'm happy to know you are back to blogging again as I know many others are as well. There is so much to understand and learn and you are the one to enlighten us.
Love, light, happiness and joy to you.

Patrish said...

Hi Blossom,

So glad to hear from you again.
Regarding your last channeling, it seems a hard task to send love and light to those who would destroy us to keep us in fear, But it makes sense, what a shock to their souls to feel the love that they have denied for god knows how long. I will try to do this, but will keeps some back for you and the federation,

humungous golden rays in your general direction

much love

Patrish xxxxxxxx

SteveDel0 said...

Hi Blossom, I was wondering if you could ask the FoL a couple of questions on my behalf.

1. Do disagreements between different alien groups occur as often as often as disagreements between different countries on earth.

2. How far does the FoL's influence extend? Galaxy? Universe? Something bigger?

Peace out,


Anonymous said...

In your last posted (channeled) message you wrote: "do not allow those who are unaware of their True potential to confuse and batter you". I couldn't agree more and I am THRILLED that you did not give up, stop "talkng" with the FOL or turn away after the no show. I was one (of many, I hope) that got your E-Book after the no show, and it made perfect (even "logical") sense to me. Every night (OK, morning) before I go to sleep, I try to send as much love and lifting energy as I can channel (I found out years ago that it's not good for me to send MY energy alone) to everything and everyone around me (my house) and those I know or even know of. Especially you after the 14th. Everyone needs to understand that hating anyone or anything only hurts the hater and converting those emotions to honest caring and love helps all involved. The only proper curse to send anyone is "May you see the light and know for a fact all that is true".
Love and light my dear lady!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Blossom ;-) Thank you for standing in your own light. Much love from Jeannette Mariae, Denmark

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom:

Wow! For days we were thinking that we lose you, but no you are here again, Tk! God, I know that your task in hand is so hard that some time you feel like you are inside of a hole but you are not alone you have a lot of people that love you and care about you even if they don’t have a pleasure to meet you yet, rejoice because you are especial for us and for them you are the link, keep the channeling up for us is or galactic news is the only way to have the information that we need and the way you ask the question is the way that so many people if they have the pleasure to meet one of or friends will ask, THANK YOU Blossom for what your doing! And like me I know that so many have the same thinking in their minds and know that went you speak with them you speak for us and you represent us, Never be discourage and if I was them I will give you a ride in the space ship, We all know that you have win that ride and if you have the pleasure Don’t forget your camera….

Love and pace,

Torz Baron-Copley said...

Dearest Blossom, I'm so glad that time has been able to heal your pains a bit... I too, like thousands of others literally "FELT" your utter pain, anguish and confusion at the no-show and I spent many hours in tears, and not all because of their absence but because I was feeling a minuscule amount of what you, surely were going through. It never occurred to me that the FOL were fake, just that something serious must have happened in order for them NOT to show.... I have just read your latest channelling and it confirms what i had suspected...

Those of us who just "know" and trust our hearts will realise that what is another few months after eon's of waiting....
My partner has a great saying that applies here.....

Slowly, Slowly, catchy monkey!!!

Their time is numbered and they know it, we must be patient and catch them as they fall with the brightest LIGHT the universe had ever seen!!!!!!

Life IS a roller coaster and we're all here for the ride, just make sure we are strapped in tight and everything will be fine as we arrive at the finish line...

Sending you all my love and warmth to carry on in strength for all of our sakes.

Love you Blossom
Torz xxxxxxxxxxxx

Prof Paulo Maximo said...

Dear Blossom:

No matter about dates, right?
I´m still convinced that the 10/14 episode has changed our beliefs and made a difference in the way we look - and think - about the world.
I can guess how many disgusting messages you may read (or heard), but you´re BIGGER than these kind of people!
After reading your last channelings, there´s no more doubt about the FoL´s good intentions on Earth.
But some people wants to see a Hollywood-like craft appearing in the sky. Maybe a 2,000 mi side-to-side spaceship, to believe in their deepest desires...
I must confess that this kind of sight would be VERY, VERY cool, but the FoL isn´t coming to the Earth to "be cool", right?
Neither to "save the planet", as some anonymous has posted.
Our beliefs about extraterrestrial intelligence has foundations!
Not in 'green-creatures-from-Mars' movies, but in a very poor - and limited - vision about the universe, guessing that we are ALONE in this 'sea' if trillion of billion of stars and planets...
Count me in to help on this matter.
As I always say,

Peace, wisdom and patience (tons of)

Christian V. said...

Dear Blossom,

I think a couple of questions that might be interesting would be:

1)What do they look like? This might help people in fear of expecting a certain type of being. Maybe they are humanoid. Not that it's important.

2)Where do they come from? I doubt they may answer that in full, but it is worth a shot.

Your courage is appreciated by many.

Anonymous said...


Light & Love eternal.

The energies are picking up and I feel your good name will be cleared in the coming weeks.

Take care.


Claudia said...

Dear Blossom,

Welcome back, brave woman. I admire you for your courage wherever this path takes you (and the rest of us LOL..). To be honest to you I dont know where I stand at this point, so all my "channels" (in lack of a better word..LOL) are OPEN. I decided to create a blog (no ads) and expose everything I have been researching since the "big day". Pretty impressive stuff,lemme tell ya, I wish I had seen all that before. I don't know why I did the blog....I just had that "thing" whithin me that said "do it". So there it is. It does not reflect my opinions. It just shows facts. Maybe I am helping people see it with a more open mind. Or maybe not - but everyone controls their OWN "mouse", so there ya go. Pretend its a TV remote and go on to the next "channel" (there's the word again...LOL)Oh, oh, yea, NO im not a psychic, I dont sell books, CDs, DVDS or anything. I am a mom, I have a family , a the rest of us. Simple life.

Now if anyone wants to know what I think about what happened on 10-14(do u?), I think Blossom is a heck of a brave woman. No matter what she did. The fact is that SHE DID IT. And I admire her for that, plain and simple, period. Gotta have a ton of courage to do that my friends, to put her reputation, even her life, on the line like that. And life goes on, people. So I am going ahead with what I think is my path, my "mission", and everyone else should do the same, whatever the avenue you decide to take. Just make sure you dont run over other people on your way to "wherever you deserve to be".

Some words of optimism for ya'll:

Promise yourself...
To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet.
To make all your friends feel there is something in them.
To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true.
To think only of the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only the best.
To be just as enthousiastic about success of others as you are about your own.
To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievement of the future.
To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile.
To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others. (now, THATS A GOOD ONE!)
To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

(Written by Christian D. Larson in 1912)

PEACE TO ALL, be good.

Liumingke said...

I admire your courage and honesty. I was one of those who was disappointed in you and those that gave you the message. My anger or fustration was in the amount of time you took to finally say something. All is forgiven. I've said repeatly that it is not the messenger's fault but the one giving the message. Those that said hateful things would have done it regards because they are hateful to begin with and just needed an excuse to express that. I'm glad that you reopen this blog again, especially for those that have shown you nothing but understanding and love. I wish you good health and hope that the message next time will be accurate and forthcoming with no excuses.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,

Thanks you for your work. I am sure it's not easy for you to do what you do after what happen. But I am sure that the Federation needs your help to accomplish their future plans. And I am sure that you are doing that already by spreading their words after October 14th, and by offering your Love to everyone in this planet, regardless what happened.

So, thank you very much for everything you are doing for us. And always know that you will always have the Federation's support and the support of people like me who also wants to see a change in this world.

Keep up the good work :)

Vegas Barbee said...


I've read both of your ebooks concerning FOL. Excellent stuff along with all of the extended channelings. Thank you for your courage to open everything again and to start speaking with them again! I'm very happy in my being that they are still coming and feel it won't be too long we have to wait, maybe we'll get a showing for Christmastime...Who knows.
I also use automatic writing, although I have been channeling Bigfoot entities for a couple of years now. I look back on everthing that was channelled and found that is was also very repeptitive and about opening your heart with love and light and WAKING UP as they say, plus much more. Finding you through the ULT Messages of Love newsletter was a Godsend and meant to be! When I went back to read my own channellings I realized it had been a year and a half since my last communication, bad on me. So, thanks to you, the nudge within was there to start again and voila, I just finished what they had meant to start. It all coincides with the FOL messages. Now they also say there is much more. Anyway, just glad you are back on track along with the FOL! Interesting stuff happened here in Las Vegas, NV around Oct 15th...the air force base here had many jets in the air that day. I've lived here 31 years and have never heard so many, one after another after lasted over an hour and half. Now, people are saying its just their exercises, I beg to differ because it's still happening off and on at weird hours of the day more than I've ever heard and they seem to fly in different directions. Just thought you would like to know that tidbit. Again, Blossom thanks for your courage and I've sent and am always sending my love and light to you and doing my part.
Peace,Love, & Light,
Las Vegas, NV

Anonymous said...

My friend, you are a godsend to all!
I Know of others who do what you do and they explained it in the very same way. Mike Quinsey in the UK and Suzy Ward in the USA have the same oppinion they are here. Just last Week Texas had a lot of sightings by a lot of people. It hit the news big time.
I know the illuiminatti knows they are loosing power and want to keep us ignorant for as long as possible but it is coming to a close. We Pray our new president will change a lot of the secrets that have been kept for so long.
911 and the world bank are some of the them.

Keep up the good work dear because you are human & you are just doing what you can do.
I love all channelers messages. I am so glad you are back.

Love and Peace sweet spirit.

Anonymous said...

Hello Blossom,

I have just read your latest blog entry. What i find dis-heartening about the feds is, they speak in riddles, it reminds me so much of the bible. As happened in the 14th October scenario, riddles can be interpreted any which way you can. It's like those computer glitches on Google Earth, they admitted to you in your channeling, that that was them. However many people who have used Google Earth for many years, know this was a computer glitch. So why did the feds say it was them, when it was obvious to most, this could not (definitely) be the case.

Tables, diamonds etc now it's all over and the 'plan' has fallen through, why don't you ask them what it was all about. I mean it would do no harm now it's over, what were the riddles all about?

I will never say your mad Blossom, i understand there is far more to know. I feel like this reality is not so dis similar to a computer generated virtual reality. Everything in our universe follows a precise pattern made up of numbers. I have often questioned, if our technology was allowed to grow, would we one day be in the position to create a virtual reality world ourselves, that felt so real. Is this the truth of reality, that we exists within a computer generated reality vortex. My question then would be who created it, could it be men? Could the bibles description of man being created in the image of God be closer to the truth than we God (Gods) are scientists outside this matrix (maybe one of many) who created this virtual world/universe and thus it would make sense that we are created in the image of our creator(creators-men outside of this matrix, scientists in another computer generated world maybe, themselves caught in the ultimate matrix)and on and on.

We live in a world we say is so beautiful. Yes it is when you are at the top of the food chain looking at the horizon. But lets look closer shall we. The world is FULL of fear, esoecially in the animal/mammal/insect kingdoms. This world has been created as a vicious cycle of fear. Everything feeding of something else,and that something else needing to suffer, to feed another species. Watch some of the wild life programs, watch baby gazelles get tracked and mauled to death by lions, or some other predator. Watch and see the fear in the eyes of the gazelle, just one example. Look at birds, with tiers of predators, all feasting on flesh for survival. Spiders with their webs open wide to catch it's pray. If the fly didn't fear it would not stuggle to frantically to escape, more fear. Yes from our perspective the world looks beautiful, but upon closer inspection that world of beauty, is based on a survivalist battle ground of fear, suffering and pain, and since animals/insects/mammals share the same world as us, their fear will effect the vibration too. But no one ever seems to want to broach these deeper significant factors in this matrix virtual reality. Who ever created the worlds/ universes to be like this, within the ultimate matrix, controlling all the other internal matrix es, created it all as a place of fear(fear the gate keeper of our souls). The world is a tiny part of this fear marix, and to be quite blunt about it all, the matrix is a PRISON. The matrix has it's soldiers running the different worlds within worlds, making sure that fear in the human sense (for us), is maintained. These soldiers of the matrix, don't feel empathy like we do, that is why they find humour in war, pain and suffering. To them these things are enjoyment , they live for pain and power over others, but they do not feel compassion and empathy like we do.

Why don't the feds explain these things to you, they seem so very shallow in their understanding of things, almost infantile.

I believe there are other loving being outside of our world, but why would loving beings need to be invited into our world. If we are of love, and they are of love, then no invitation is needed, love is one. I question these beings you talk to simply because they seem vague, desperate and something just feels like they are wrong, they patronise people who dare question their validity, without realising that we have given our faith away to others before and our faith was used to chain us in a prison of the mind, with further suffering. These things i do question and continue to question.

Be safe Blossom.

Best wishes.


*§*Stars*§* said...

Blossom, you have helped me awaken in many levels and I just love you for that ^^
Thank you veeeery much!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Blossom Goodchild,

I would just like to say a few more things that maybe of interest to you, but also would validate a response from the feds, in some way, shape or form.

About 9 years ago, i started seeing a number sequence everywhere i went, on buses, on computers and on clocks and radios. For a whole week i woke up at exactly the same time, 11:11am and having one of those clocks that are not displaying military 24hr dislay, i would be pulled to walk into my bedroom at 11:11pm. For a whole week and then it spread outside my home, to buses and computers and on and on. It took me 6 months to type in to a computer 11:11 spiritual meaning. I was shocked to discover this was a world wide event, thousands of people were experiencing the same thing. Now, my question to this day is this, are they a good omen or bad. Why do i ask, because since i started seeing them 9 years ago, instantly my life started to fall apart. My partner left me, taking my child. My house then seeped with damp, i lost my house, i had to drastically drop the price when selling to get rid of it, i didn't have the funds for repair. Then i had a breakdown and subsequently have lost my, all after seeing these numbers. Many in the new age will have me believe they are good, check it out

that is just one page of many many many hundreds if not thousands on the internet. Many others find their lives breakdown after seeing this number sequence.

One woman solara gives me wonky vibes,but here is her website

Take nothing for granted, many spiritual phenomenon are hyjacked by the illuminati and their new world order buddies. Especially the NEW AGE. So i would ask you this. My intuition tells me these number sequences are important, even the religions are jumping on board, hense

So, i would kindly ask you, to ask the feds the significants of these numbers. Their answers will give me some insight into their intent. The answer, if not vague and in riddle form, will either resonate with me, or it won't.

This is important and can not be overlooked / ignored. So i ask you to ask them what is the significant s of these numbers.

Blossom, sometimes reading your channeling, i get the impression the feds try to make you feel guilty for asking questions, don't let them do that to you. Alot of people are desperate for peace and love and will believe anything, because their world is in disarray and fear runs wild. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Here is another question. They said nothing will stop them coming, and no weapons would penetrate their force field of some sorts. Then they back track and indicate that they could have been destroyed?
One minute they are saying nothing can destroy them, well nothing that we have in our technology, the next thing they say, they can be destroyed, but then adding it was for our protection , it was us who would have been destroyed? It's like they don't know what the heck to say, bouncing here and there. If they are so advanced, they would have the technolgy to stop nuclear bombs going off, they could easily take over our computers, those hidden, those not..even the internet. It just does not make sense what they are saying. They are forever making excuses that contradict other things they have said. Something ain't right lady Blossom.

Take care and please ask about the 11:11 phenomenon and other relevant questions.

May the truth guide you, may love be your protection.

Best wishes.


Awakenow said...


First and foremost.. Thank you .. thank you for opening up your blog again. I'm glad you have started to censor this, as I feel, it is absolutely important and necessary to do so. Since there are soo many people out there that don't have anything else to do, but be cruel and close minded. These people look for things to do, so they choose to hurt others with their words and with their actions. One last comment for you to consider in regards to those negative messages your getting and unfortunately will continue to get. Consider the source. You are dealing with a subject matter that is outside the norm. Your communication with entities outside our planet is not a common thing, and most people on this planet, simply cannot understand it. So, not only are the sources of these negative messages coming from ignorance, but also from those that 'do' understand your connections and this threatens their control. Do not underestimate those in control. The will do whatever it takes to not lose this control. This is what, I feel, FOL is saying to you in their last message. (I think you got this as well)

Disclosure is huge. Ramifications of this, is huge. A lot of people, I'm afraid, are not truly aware of how huge this is. A lot of people think that, we will just deal and adapt. It's not that simple. You see, there are people that already 'know' they exist. There are those people that have kept this secret for many, many decades if not centuries... These people, unfortunately, are the ones that are in power over this world. Geeze, I'm sounding like a conspiracy theorist, and a New world order type of guy. But I cannot see it any other way. FOL obviously know this, and it's a tough position to be in. Here we are, the majority of the populous of this planet that is 'ready' for disclosure, and yet the minority is keeping us down. This minority has tremendous destructive power over the populous and I believe, will do whatever it takes to not lose this power.

I know my message is not an uplifting one, and If blossom, you feel that you should not allow it to appear in the blog, that is alright with me and I understand. But I feel that I should, pretty much, state the obvious. And It is obvious to me, that, the one's in power on our planet stopped this from happening and they will continue to do so, for as long as they can. Will they destroy themselves, and in turn, destroy us in the process, to try to keep this knowledge away from the us?.... Unfortunately, I think so. This knowledge is what the planet's population needs for true awakening. It is absolutely the very first step we all need to take in becoming part of the 'big picture'......

From a skeptic's point of view. If the FOL are currently hovering over our planet, and they are looking for ways to reveal themselves, and all this is happening 'right now'... Then they need to figure out a way to eliminate the mass destruction devices that would be in place, incase, they do show themselves. I'm not a scientist, but the mass blackouts I've been reading about, make sense. Worldwide EMP blast, to knock out anything electrical might do the trick. This would probably been seen as an aggressive move by many, but It would be necessary on their part. This just makes sense to me. Perhaps there are other ways to do this in a non-aggressive approach, but regardless, something along those lines would have to be done, if the FOL chooses to do a mass, predicted sighting. To be honest, on Oct. 14th, not only was I hoping that they would appear, but I was also very, very concerned with reaction. Not only the reaction from the non believers (which I’m afraid it would be shocking!!), but from those in power. How far would those in power actually go to make this look like an attack or a ‘not’ good thing that is happening to us. Obviously, the general shock factor was not the reason they did not show, but from the message, the ones in power made it known to them that they would do ‘whatever it takes’ and put the FOL in a really bad spot. Unfortunately this is the same excuse that has been given in the past, with predicted visitations. Have you ever heard this statement, it has been going around in my head lately a lot. “It is really that simple”.. Don’t know why, but that has been circulating in my brain a lot these days. It’s that simple. Those in power do not want this to happen. It’s that simple. They will do whatever it takes to not allow this to happen. It’s that simple. The reason they did not show themselves now and probably in the past, is because of those in power not willing to give up their control. It’s that simple.

Geeze, I was hoping my message would not end up being something like a military operation. But I feel bad, and I feel sorry for us. We are in such a state of confusion on this planet with what we are all seeing in the air, and what we are being told these things are. Chemtrails, Secret Air crafts, UFO's, USO's, biological warfare, Viruses, overpopulation, global warming, 9/11, I mean the list can go on, and on. We are all processed by fear. It's almost like a big play book using the 'create a diversion tactic'; This year we are going to scare everyone with oil prices and have their focus be on that, while we accomplish something else type of thing. This tactic has been in use for centuries if not millennia and it works! If you think about it for a sec. Disclosure would bring us all into a single mind set. It would unite us as a human race, and it would allow us to move forward as a combined, group effort. Currently, everyone on this planet is going in a different direction. I was just going to say, that the reason that we are all going in different directions has nothing to do with ET's.. but I had to erase that, because, I am not the one to say, that region’s across the globe are not due to some sort of ET influence which, obviously, has not gone according to plan (if there was a plan in place)... We worship that which we do not fully understand and we are satisfied with that. We say, god works in mysterious ways.. Well we can say the exact same thing about the FOL.. This is why I feel that disclosure must be made and we all need to be 'told' the truth in ways we can understand it..using our (5) senses. Because currently communication with them is on a 6+ sense, and that won't be enough. That will not get us to the next level... and we will either be stuck here in this plane of existence or we will be 'helped' to move onto the next. Let's hope they help us... sounds like they want to... maybe they need some input from us on 'how' to help us. I know there are a lot of people out there with ideas, start putting them out there.... If they are currently here, and will stay until their task is accomplished, then, let's help them.... I'm willing to help in anyway I can. I hope that by my writings, it's helping. We all need to understand the complexity of this and their arrival. For 'them', disclosure, is probably a daily issue. For us, it's not. It should be, it should be our focus and our goal to assist them to make this possible. Ideas need to be shared.

FOL, please understand that we are a controlled people, whether some of us want to admit it or not...we are controlled. There are those in power that will do whatever it takes to not lose this power, they will fight to the very end, even if this means the end of their and our existence. Please use whatever technologies you have on your end to discover this and to figure out the best ways to avoid any disastrous outcomes. A lot of us are lightworkers. We believe in the fact that we are not alone in this universe even though we cannot prove this, we truly believe it, and for some, it the only thing that makes sense. WE NEED YOUR HELP. Without it, we will be lost to those that control us. We have gotten to a point that we cannot do this on our own. The people in power on our world, have gotten to the point, where they can continue to be in power for many, many years ahead and possibly indefinitely. They have control of who comes after them. Time is on their side. THIS PLANET needs an INTERNVENTION. Those of us that 'know' we are not alone, cannot do it alone. Your undeniable presence is required as a first step into this reality. Choose wisely where and when this will happen, and we will have faith in knowing that this choice will be done in that manner. We will know that this has happened, once it is made apparent on our televisions and by our main stream media. This can be a first step. No need for actual communication, but by simply becoming visually appear able to us, would suffice as a first step. It will allow for this debate to start to take place and this followed up with several other visual appearances, possibly even some appearance predicted by those you are communicating with, will and can be a 2nd step to official first contact with those in power on this planet. This planet, unfortunately, is ruled by double agendas. Those out in the front lines and those behind the scenes. We need to make those on the front lines, the ones that the general population have put there, to lead us. Those behind the scenes, will not want this to happen, but with your intervention, the ones on the front lines will have the support to overcome those behind the scenes and start the process of forgiveness. For we will have to forgive those for what they have done. I know this is a touchy subject... but I believe in 'we must learn from our mistakes'. And as the truth becomes apparent to all, intentions were always good, but with the hiding of certain truths as part of one's intentions, there cannot be an all good result. Forgiveness will be the key word after disclosure, not punishment, but Forgiveness. This will allow us to move on and get on with the 'big picture'. Let us hope that these types of conflicts have already been resolved in your state of being and it will allow us to learn and adapt to new challenges. We have a lot to fix right here on this planet, and having the right leadership, we can overcome those challenges and solve our own problems. I believe you already know this, and know that in this current timeline, we won't achieve this goal without your intervention.

I am available to help you blossom and also help them if they choose this to be, as I’m sure there are a lot that feel the same way I do. And I, like so many others, put myself at your disposal. Anytime I can, I will make my comments on how I feel and what I feel needs to be said. I appreciate this outlet, and again than you Blossom for making it so.

Take care and thank you for reading.


Unknown said...

thanks for reopening your blog. your bravery and strength is admirable.

Anonymous said...

Blossom, it's great that you are back to your blog! Your last channellings were very positive. I love what you said about sending light to those who are attacking good people on the internet. There is a lot of pain being inflicted on the innocent, and of course it doesn't make any sense. That is because it comes from Lack of Light.

Someone on Brad's blog said lightworkers are warriors, and it has occurred to me that as Light Warriors waging peace, we must fix our gaze past the dark influences at the greatest goal. I suggest we set the date for the next event - one where people around the world will pray and send light and healing energy to all those engaged in attacks of any kind. We should also tell e.t./beings that we want them to join us in this. I once heard that some of the visitors have come here because we are able to connect with The Creator. If you think this is a good idea Blossom you can set it up so there is no extra work on your part, I feel your time is your own. You could just say something like on 'this date' at 'this time' we will pray etc. for 'sumpthin sumpthin' and we ask that FoL and all Benevolent Extrerrestrials join us.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back with Blessings Blossom. Yes, this is hard. I put it all out there in my community and it has been challenging these past 2 weeks. So many are saying the changes can only come from within and I tell you that I saw this ship and felt it's love during a meditation only 2 days prior to receiving your message. My dream contacts had indicated an increase in sightings and major news coverage. If that is not from inside, I don't know what is... Glad you are still hear and cautiously awaiting their arrivial. With Love from Oregon USA.

Anonymous said...

I was reading the federation of light forum and a few people there doesn't seem to like the censuring of these posts, but I agree you must because many post are sometimes outrageous and that does hurt our inner peace and disrupts our light for ascension.

There was however a comment from someone called vigusa that really dinged with me.

Vigusa seems to understand better the purpose of this website.

Honestly, I come here for your readings with white cloud.

I don't really care much about the federation thing. I already know that aliens exist and they are not here to solve our problems but to help us during the process of our ascension.

In any case, thank you for coming back Blossom, it is greaatly appreciated.


Corynder said...

People, please stop. She really was bombarded with a lot of hatred, threats of rape, murder, all kinds of really nasty stuff... so who can blame her for having an extremely bad reaction to something negetive now?

You guys can come to her forums to talk about it though. We don't mind... we do delete threats, naturally... but you're welcome to tell us EXACTLY what you think there.

daniel.emming said...

Blossom and bloggers:

I wanted you all to be aware that the major news media gives this subject more attention than you might at first think. Here's a piece from CNN with ex-U.S. president, and Nobel prize winner, Jimmy Carter:

[it's a 6-part series, this is the link to part 1, parts 2-6 are easy to find from there]

Also, on the subject of filtering out abusive posts here on Blossom's blog, I say it adds value. There are other blogs where it's barely more than a street brawl and anything goes. Filtering not only makes this blog unique, but allows Blossom to tune out noise so topics have a clearly recognizable focus.

Anonymous said...

Hello blossom, nice to see you have opened up your blog have put a lot of light-love + happiness in peoples hearts my dear blossom.ive been down these last two years,but of recent i've been full of love + happiness+ looking to the future i shall follow your blog with happiness-love+light.i also think something big will happen in are sky soon i can feel it.

Anonymous said...


Good evening from Oregon, in the United States!

I will, frankly, admit that I am a skeptic about many things until I witness them firsthand.

I do believe in the possibility of e.t. life, but how they wish to manifest, what their intentions are, etc is something I usually hold reservations on.

Out of curiosity, I've been following your story since early October, when my 22 year old son first told me about it.

Despite my skepticism, I had hope for things to unfold as you predicted because you seem to be very sincere in your convictions. Your follow up after your disappointment also felt very genuine to me. It must have been an exceptionally difficult thing to do. Your actions were admirable.

Hopefully, as some sort of consolation, I am including a link to some footage that was shot by my son and his best friend on the night of October 14th. It can be seen at My son and his best friend witnessed this event for a couple of nights prior to the recording. They were thrilled that they were able to actually capture it on this particular night.

I've watched it many times, went to the house that it was shot at to see if there were some outdoor electrical equipment that could have caused it - there was none. I still don't know what to make of it. Perhaps you, or others on this site, may have some insight?

While I will always be a skeptical person, I am glad to see your chin is back up. You seem to be a good woman with good intentions and I wish you the best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,

Many years ago, 13 infact, I had a series of visions. During one such vision, I saw the joining together of many from around the globe and beyond, within and without, in a simulataneous prayer that assists with the transistion.

I think that Linda (3rd Nov 5.06 am) is onto something.

During my wake up call, I was presented with the image of a Mandala. As synchronicity would have it, the underlying sacred geometry of the Mandala has since shown up in crop circles in England (1998) and most recently Germany (2008).

The Mandala is a follows:

At the centre is a six pointed star.
This six pointed star sits within a triangle (male - point up) which in itself is an aspect of a greater six pointed star (accomanying female triangle, point down is unseen/invisible).
The triangle sits within a circle,
The circle sits within a square or diamond - depending on how you prefer to see it.

I feel that the time is now right to pass on this information and Linda's posting was a signal for me to share it with you.

I send this information with eternal love and light and I am humble in its presence.

Blossom, thankyou so much for the wonderful work that you are doing.

We all love you so much.

In peace,
Sharyn, Victoria, Australia

myrkewan said...

Dearest Blossom... Thank you so much for opening up your blog and for the last few channelings. I totally understand why the FOL had to abort their appearance on Oct 14. Of course the fearful ones would want to make it seem as though we were being attacked by "spaceships", to justify whatever martial law or whatever they would like to impose. We already know from their current and past actions that human life means nothing to these elements. I do dearly hope though, that the FOL will find a way to carry out their plan in the not too distant future... PLEASE may it be so.
You are a very courageous woman. Thank you and bless you for what you are doing.

lotusessence said...

Dear Blossom,
I must say that I was thrilled to find that you were once again channelling the FOL. I was one of those disappointed people on Oct 14 but at the same time I felt in my heart that they were around, just not visible. I can see now from your recent channellings I was correct and now have some understanding as to why they did not show.
It is a shame there is such darkness in the world and that the FOL felt that it was in our best interest not to show. Love and light will win in the end and those in the darkness who think they have won by the FOL not showing are going to get one rude awakening.
Please continue your channelings Blossom and keep your spirits up as you have much support behind you.
I send you my light and love to you and to all those in this world and beyond.
Let the love and light flow x

Anonymous said...

Hello All, Dr. Hew Len uses an ancient Hawiian prayer called Ho opono opono and he has changed not only his reality but others as well. see the interview with Dr. Len at

The power of numbers is great. Example: If one tried to pull a heavy load it will not move. but if many pull it will move. the same thing can happen if we all pull together and do the prayer. we can have a major shift. So stop the hate and take 100% responsability of your reality.

Ho opono opono prayer:

My beloved divine creator of all that is, my beloved great god self and my beloved mighty I AM presence. “I am 100% responsible, for the problem is within me, and I would like You to convert this judgement, anger, fear, suffering, lack, and hatred into nothing.” “I am sorry for what ever is going on in me that I do not experience this world and people the way You created them, please forgive me”. “I am sorry, please forgive me for whatever is going on in me, that I experience the world in me this way”. Thank you, I love you, I'm sorry, forgive me. Thank you, I love you, I'm sorry, forgive me. Thank you, I love you, I'm sorry, forgive me. It is done AMEN

tonyd said...

Blossom - you are a total inspiration. Thank you for being strong, there are so many of us who admire and feel for you totally and it is so wonderful that you are carrying on the way you are.
I totally understood why they picked you as most people would not have been able to handle it as well you have done with such Love and Humility.
I have heard that various countries although they did not acknowledge the 14/10/2008 event did in fact have people on standby prepared for some form of action. With the financial crisis in full swing governments would likely be looking for a distraction at that time.

Bless you Blossom - so many of us Love and respect for just being you.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so pleased that you are 'up & running' again ..... I have been following your journey these past weeks and I 'feel' a deep empathic energy whenever I come to your site, it stirs my heart. After watching your video of Oct 16th, I felt so sad for your situation, my heart went out to you. I noticed that my 'energy' levels had not been affected by the 'no show' situation, and in fact quite the opposite - somehow I felt newly invigorated and enthusiastic, at a very deep level I really know that ALL IS WELL !

Welcome back Blossom, and welcome 'star beings' of love & light.

p.s. I just couldn't remove the crystal that I had placed in the garden .... it is still there beaming my personal invitation.

Torz Baron-Copley said...

In reply to the anon who asked what the significance of 11.11 is, I have an explanation please feel free to click on the link below and I hope this helps you and others who are feeling it and experiencing 11.11

Anonymous said...

What does 11:11 mean?

Anonymous said...

Dearest Blossom, so lovely to see your blog is up & running again.
I too have people saying I am being selective and not allowing freedom of speech. or trusting in human nature (one person called it Cherry picking LOL) but I feel the same as you. My channel on you tube is a safe zone of Light & Love and comments will be deleted if they are not of that vibration, I'm in complete agreement with you and I'm so glad to see you doing the same! It is a challenge to carry on after so much negativity yet I'm sure you feel as I do, as long as there are those of loving light who need our messages then we shall continue and we get so much strength from our higher density guides. Sending you LOADS of love and LOADS of Light my dear fellow channel of the higher source.
Magenta Pixie x x

Anonymous said...

Hiya Blossom,

HA,HA,HA...its doing it again!
:)) :)) :)) ....this woman has something about her soul, her light, whatever it is called....This woman is unique!

I dont know if its only me (i doubt it very much) but this woman has this unique ability. Every time i go to speek to her something takes over me......i start to glow, the hairs on my arms, neck and legs start eyes start to fill up, and the colour changes around the space im in!

Your a wonderful woman,

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to send you some love and Light AND STRENGTH!! I know that you might be uncertin but I know that everything will work out!!

Dispite the negitivity which would seem to speak louder than the positive ( as far as feedback and comments that are 'sensored' --WITH good reason i might add) You have a HUGE amount of people who LOVE YOU! Never to have met you in person but can honestly say there is love and that speaks for it's self.
So all the way from Calgary ALBERTA CANADA!! WE LOVE YOU!
-Chelsea Schuller.

rukbah said...

Be in Light ...

Namaste :)

Anonymous said...

Mike Boileau from Maple Ridge, BC Canada
Dear Blossom;
What a fantastic opportunity you have. Speaking to the FOL. There are but a million questions to ask them however time and space will not allow for that. If you can, ask them to tell you the time and date they will arrive and ask them where it will occur. I am disabled and if it is possible, I want them to take me away with them.
God bless Blossom.

Anonymous said...

You're doing a great job at keeping your chin up Blossom!

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom...
Couldnt help say ONYA, MATE!!!
Cheers, and G'Day from Brazil
remmenber??? We all with you!
Helio (the one about Adama and Telos...)

Anonymous said...

Hi blossom,
I am feeling that something huge will happen soon! I've never been interested in things like this, but i am just feeling it!!!!

-Steve from utah woot woot

christianne said...

hi blossom,

Obama won the US elections, do you feel like there is any connection between this and first contact? Because I have always felt it this way... let's just hope for the best.
You rule!!!

RafaelVR said...

First of all, you are brilant, i would never stop posting/channeling if i were you, you have a great abilitie.
there is a great shine star here where i live, after 7pm everyday. 2 days ago i was shocked looking at the sky when this star, which is about 2 fingers from the moon, is getting brigther... here they are saying is a satelite (china did launched one some time ago), but ive never seen it so bigger and brighter. search at google.
i live in brasil, south hemesp.
lets see whats going to happen...

Corynder said...

Have they gotten their captured friends yet? You were told that some of them had been captured and they'd be rescued when they came. Did they at least get them?

Unknown said...

Brightest Blessings to you Blossom. Thank you so much for your Light, Love, & strenght. I have never doubted for a moment! My question for the FOL is, I want to know how much Love & Light they could see shining last night & thoughout today with the celebration of our new President's election? I know thy whole world is shining!

Anonymous said...

good to see you back, blossom. i still feel this is real.

i'm glad you're moderating this now, and totally understand why, having read both this and brad's blog in the days before and after the 14th.

i echo what the FOL said, despite all the disappointment, that so many people granted it a good deal of reality has (bookies stopped taking bets on it in the UK, so many were betting!) woken more people up to this possibilty.

i dreamt some months ago about being on ship in orbit around Earth. the thing that surprised me in the dream (didn't feel like an evac) was how many other terran humans were there...lots! good to be among friends.

love to you and us :)

Anonymous said...

oh PS: nanu nanu!!

Unknown said...

Forgive me Blossom, but allow me to kinda respond to "Anonymous"'s last posting...
I've ALWAYS had the 'family reunion ' dreams of being out there looking at Earth ffom a ship. They show up randomly over the years, and it seems my daughter & her father..(my co-travelers) are always our current age, even though he lives 3000 miles away. Too strange.

Can they shed some light on this subject?

Thank you again for your courage and Light.


Anonymous said...

Great job Blossom, keep up the good work ! Love xxx

hydr0l1c5 said...

Mike From Maple Ridge, BC Canada
People ...PLEASE, use proper sentence structure. Capitol letters where appropriate and punctuation as required. We should not let the computer age dumb down our writing standards. It only does harm to the young people trying to learn proper writing form.
Love to all,
Mike Boileau

Jessence said...

Goddess Blossom~

I know that you said you do not "ask" the FOL questions; however, I think it would be good for all of us to know what we need to be focusing on in the physical and etheric bodies to raise our vibrations as much as possible. Nutrition, exersize, chakras, meditations, etc. Perhaps you could simply hold the intention to know about those important things, and they will address it without you having to ask.

Much LOVE to you, love.


Jessence said...

Also, when will NESARA be put into place??


Anonymous said...

i blossom
i am living this message because i don´t what you to lose our faiht. what you did was realy brave, note many people would expose themselves like you did. you realy brouth more love and hope to the word..
dont give up


Anonymous said...

million fax on washington is attempting to get 1 million americans to mail/fax/email obama about disclosure. the jury is out for me on obama, which is more than i can say of any US president in my lifetime. here's hoping he's not part of the secret government:

Anonymous said...

Hi, I hear a lot of people saying you lied to them. I think you said what you believe in your heart to be true. Please understand my comments are placed here not to offend. I had a friend who went through the same thing. He told everyone aliens were coming down in 2003, but they didn't. He swore this was true. It turns out he had Schizophrenia. He heard voices that he swore were true. When I saw the movie "A Beautiful Mind" he told me it was kind of like that. He told me years later when he was going through this he was 1000% positive he was talking to aliens called hoppers. I am not saying you are suffering from this, But if you are I would like for you to find peace. I do believe in UFOs but I don't believe they view us as any more than a strange curiosity. Like the way we look at dinosaurs.I wish you hope and love.


Anonymous said...

Beloved Blossom!

Thank you for your great courage, deep trust and wide open heart.
Thank you for your willingness and perseverence.

What we give energy to grows!
So what do we want to grow;
on this planet,
in our hearts,
between people and all living creatures, and for our mother earth - this beautiful planet...?
Soooooo looking forward to more communication with our friends, via your fun, straight, and a little crazy channell!
(Checking in every day to see if there are more news...)

Until next time,
Deep Love and Endless Laughter and Infinite Light!

Anonymous said...

Ya know, Blossom, you really should demand that they show themselves to you. I mean, they don't have to show themselves to the whole world, but just you. If all this happened to me I would want them to show themselves at least to me just so that I could make sure that I am not delusional - no disrespect.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Blossom,
Thank you for your courage and for returning to your site and blog.
much love light and peace.

Anonymous said...

Don't let them get you down! If you search around the internet, you see that the way Oct. 14th unfolded made so many people aware of what is going on and gave them so much hope. Anyone who can help change the world in such an amazing way will be loved by many, but will probably also make a few enemies.Some will always resist enlightenment.

Unknown said...

Hi Blossom

You know I waited with anticipation all week to hear the latest words from our friends in the FOL. When I read the message in the wee hours of the morning in the US, I was so disappointed because the message wasn't what I had "expected" to hear. I went off to sleep feeling a bit down.

But you know what? I woke up energized like you wouldn't believe this morning. I re-read the message and it couldn't have been more perfect.

We knew all along the answers were within our hearts and souls. For me on a personal level, I so desperately wanted our interplanetary friends to show themselves in the huge manner promised because, frankly, I am so sick and tired of being called "crazy" because I believe our true brothers and sisters are from the great beyond. I felt this would have given me some validation. When the 14th didn't happen as promised and once I got over the initial shock, I began eagerly awaiting the next "message." I realize I don't need someone to validate me - I can validate myself!

It's not a "cop out" to say that we must look inside ourselves. It's a "cop" in - a "Caring of People."

I commend you for your diligence in spreading love and I will check your web site often (probably even daily) but I will no longer wait for the FOL's words to determine my direction and I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

I could not be happier and I am more focused than ever. My country is headed in the right direction with a new leader and my heart is filled with love, joy and abundance.

When this planet is ready to disclose our past and reveal it's secrets and when our space friends reveal themselves for this entire planet to see - I'll be in the most beautiful inner place I have ever been in my ENTIRE LIFE.

With Much Love
A Georgia Peach in the USA

Unknown said...

I liked the november 8th message. iv found out myself that even though i want to know how to do something or understand something that the only way i can truely understand is to do it myself. even though the event didnt happen ill still read the messages until i learn what i need from it. Also blossom have you ever read the book thiaoouba prophecy? Anyways if you want to talk more please email me at I dont currently have yours to chat or talk with you. Thanks And see ya later

Pam said...

OMG Blossom you got to hear what Kryon said about what happened on the 154.. it will blow your mind!!... and Blossom YOU and people like you were who opened up pur minds and our love to the whole planet! :)))

I love you Blossom!!! :))))))

May the creator Bless you and all people like you! :)))

this is the website:

myrkewan said...

Blossom.... Greetings!!

[It's "facetious".... :o)]

You know, of course, that Barack Obama was elected president in the US (president-elect until January). I have a feeling that if Oct 14 had transpired as originally planned, there might have been a decision by our current administration (gov't) to postpone the elections because of "national security" and then there is a possibility that it would have confused the issue of who the next president was going to be. I really think it was a very good thing that that didn't happen. Now, whatever happens, the election is over, the right man has been chosen, and perhaps there will be a less violent reaction to the appearance of our space neighbors... when they do show up.

I know the US isn't the whole world, or even the most important country to think about in terms of the whole world's interest, but I think the outcome of this election does hold the potential to be very beneficial for the whole world in a host of ways. I am quite sure the FOL must have realized the possibility of the election process being disrupted.

Much love coming your way, as always.

Anonymous said...


Before i start would just like to say I support you and all you are trying to do to bring the world together.
I honestly have no idea if you will read through all these messages and arrive upon mine, but in the hope that you do I have a few questions that i think would be very interesting getting information on:

1) How do the federation of light feel towards the appointment of Barack Obama president elect? (step in the right direction, bad move?)

2) Could the federation of light not send down a single 'entity'or even several to a select few (even just for 5 minutes!) to spread love and help fuel this campaign of love. (This would also help you with the trust issues that are still inevitable through your messages with them!)

3) Do these same 'beings of light' communicate with other mediums or is it purely through you and white cloud? Is there a way of receiving their energy/vibrations as a non-medium?

I know it is hard for you to ask them questions, and their answers are vague at best, however humans fear what they do not understand and that is a personality trait that has kept us alive for so many thousands of years (regrettably destroying many other things within that timeline :( ) For them to have been watching out planet for so long observing it is something they must certainly be aware of.

There are many many people who would go insane the moment a 'spacecraft' appeared over their house, that is unavoidable. Is there no way of confirming 'beyond doubt' only for those who truly (want to)believe that they come for hope and love, and seeing this vision would improve their lives dramatically. surely after the Oct 14th saga (I was glued to google earth! lol, what was the triangle thing about!? Was it them or just a glitch?)

Just the mere sight of or self interaction with this spacecraft, even just the once would be enough for many people with their toes in the water to dive right in. Would that not be a viable alternative to the FoL rather than planning once again to appear before humanity as a whole.

You will never change the world with current tactics, you need to be realistic. Start a movement and let that movement grow. Mass conversion is impossible. (jesus performed other worldy traits and we all know what happened to him for his troubles)

You could have hundreds of people within months and then thousands all giving energy and support. Such as many are now!

I will end it here i have typed literally for an age. Sorry! If you read this all then thankyou and I hope it has given you something if anything to think about and hopefully discuss when you next channel.

Bye for now!

Anonymous said...

"censorship is not lovwe and light"

Those who would say such a thing really should experience the prideful ignorance displayed by some so-called human beings who delight in pain, misery, and cruelty.

Sometimes it is necessary to censor in order to spare the majority the bother of having to deal with simple minded attackers.

Sir Fredrick

Anonymous said...

Blossom good to see you back.
You can set this so people have to create an account to post and then you approve the messages or not.

Best way to do this.

Anonymous said...

WOW, so... you really THINK so? Hm, knowing where someone is in thier thoughts... Make them think about you. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

' think it is important for us all to learn that is is impossible to 'assume' you know where another soul is placed in their thoughts and their hearts. This learning would benifit our human race so much would it not?'

I so agree with this Blossom, the key word being 'learn' :)