Jul 12, 2008


Sometimes we may feel a little disgruntled with our lot! Perhaps having thoughts of another’s life that ‘appears’ to be so much more organised/easier/ fun/exciting/abundant ... need I go on? Yet, another’s appearance of its life may not be anything like one’s imagination imagines it to be. For unless we have soul satisfaction there is little point in having anything at all. The soul would be eternally striving to find its inner peace. Find THAT ... and you can sail home on a breeze of whispering promises and fulfilments. (I must have a poet, or some such like, on my shoulder today!)

In these ever moving times, if my day is not running particularly smoothly, I find I am able to readily accept the ‘what is’. I accept it ... and then immediately let go of any attachment to it. Especially helpful I find, to let go off the mood that it brought upon me. Or, should I say, I allowed in!

The more my soul progresses, the easier it is to master such things. Making way for a splendid road ahead.

We are inundated with conceptions of living in the Now, which to be honest, I haven’t fully grasped, but I’m working on it! Yet I feel we should continue to reach for goals that lay in wait ahead. As long as we KNOW ... therefore ACCEPT ... that these goals ARE ahead, that we ARE going to achieve them, then I find it brings me a great sense of PEACE and HAPPINESS. It also allows me to let the flow of life wander down stream at an agreeable rate, KN
OWING that I shall arrive at the destiny/destination at exactly the right time, according to plan!

If you think about it ... ACCEPTANCE ... should be the same word as TRUST. For if we TRULY TRUST then we KNOW that everything IS AS SHOULD BE ... which gives us permission to ACCEPT the “what is’.

The further I move on within myself the easier everything is to understand and the easier everything becomes. Yet until we get there, we don’t know this! Look back on how your way of thinking was just a few months ago. Then look back a year, then two, then five, then ten!!
Who was that person ten years ago? It certainly wasn’t the me that I AM NOW! Well, it was, but in the form that was striving to be in the form as it appears now.
When you look back at pictures of when you were a child, do you remember who you were? What your thoughts were? You may have memories of occasions , but the ‘you’ is not even as clear as a vague memory. Because



So, if you look at how far you have already travelled, then imagine how much more there is to go and how much more of you there is to find and develop and indeed ... shine!



Let us do so in the TRUSTING and ACCEPTANCE that ALL that lies ahead for each and every one of us is a perfectly designed tailor made suit with red sparkly shoes to match. For indeed...

There’s no place like home! There’s no place like home! There’s no place like home!

Embrace yourself and others in
Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays


NightHawk said...

I have and always will trust in Jesus as he is the creater of the universe. We are not the only life in it. It is concieted and self-hearted to believe so. If a more advanced life-form can better our lives here then it has nothing to do with the occult or satan. I have asked the lord for clear signs to prove this and have recieved many. Ask yourself when this planet becomes a higher technology and we can travel the universe if we were to come across a planet in dire need of assistence and turned our heads the other way would that justify christs teachings? I cannot read minds or channel spirits but I would only hope when the time comes and our planet joins the universal church of jesus christ that others will not veiw us as bearers of satin. Continue your quest Blossom: The answer to the meaning of life lies not in the hands of who recieve this message but to those who give it and expect nothing in return, those who spend the grievless hours conjuring happiness in others while grasping tightly to the smile they own. When time has grown short and forsaken time becomes an enemy, do not forget your past. For past and future together are what forms the links in the chain of life. Love is what binds them together so tightly. Take a look at the stars, stop to smell a rose, see the laughter on a neighbors face, this is life, do not forsake it searching to deeply for more.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should re-read the 14 Oct 2008 Message! The Federation says "We give YOU the NAME: Alabama." I take that to mean they are designating us as "Alabama" in their communication. The Alabama Native People's name meant/means (roughly) "Those who Gather" or "the place to Gather."

When you read the message, it really doesn't say ANYTHING about the contact ship being near the US State of Alabama! Rather it seems to indicate we have been designated "Alabama" for their means.

Anonymous said...

Orthodox Christians want to quote "alien visitation" as being demonic and in the same breath will admit that the Bible speaks of such crafts in the Old Testaments. (ie: Elijah was taken up in a chariot (craft).)

This is a huge universe..... God (Prime Creator of all things up above, down below and in between can do anything, including create other beings if you are a true believer in ONE God.)

So.... why all the back lash?

Anonymous said...

I am sending hope out there to the universe that Blossom's work is Truth for all our peoples of planet Earth. Dear Blossom you are full of light and love is all I can say. There is a feeling of something to happen and I am not the only one I know who feels this. And I would also like to say that having just finished listening to Blossom's radio interview on Oliver Guttorm's program, at the commencement of the program I had this wonderful feeling emanate from my heart, I interpreted this as confirming Truth. This meant alot to me. You are courageous Blossom, regardless of what unfolds, I have learned alot from listening to your words.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,I live on the sunshine coast to and on the night of oct 14 I saw aleast 6 small golden craft in our skys,one was chased by 3 military aircraft which it easly evaded.In your latest channel the feds said they could be destroyed,could you ask next time please that surely they can neutralise any of our weapons and why didnt they.love and light Jason