Aug 29, 2013

Blossom Goodchild; THE VIDEO - Sydney, Australia. NOW ONLINE!

Now Available Online. Over 2-and-a-half hours HD quality for just $20AUD
Featuring the very latest Direct Voice Channelled messages from White Cloud and - for only the second time ever - The Federation of Light who, in a WORLD FIRST, take audience questions.
If you missed seeing Blossom Goodchild in her only Sydney, Australia appearance for 2013 this month - and still want to hear and see her in action as she brings you the latest direct voice channelled messages from both White Cloud and the Federation of Light - this is your chance.
Blossom Goodchild: THE VIDEO - A Soul Inspiring Sunday Afternoon with White Cloud and the Federation of Light is the complete 2 hours and 40 minutes-long recording of Blossom’s enthusiastically-received presentation before a live audience at the Co-Creation Centre in Sydney Australia on Sunday August 18.

“I thoroughly enjoyed your event on Sunday. I thought both messages from White Cloud and The Federation of Light were beautiful. The energies were so gentle and the amount of light in the room was extraordinary. I was also aware of the downloads that we were receiving.

“Thank you Blossom, for such an entertaining and informative afternoon last Sunday. You are such an inspiration.
“I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet you in person. It felt as if I was meeting a long lost friend. ‘Funny about that’.”
“I feel I have expanded further still and awakened just a little more than before with a renewed commitment to try to live in love and light more consciously than I have been.”
The video, shot in HD wide-screen format, allows viewers around the world to get to know Blossom and hear how her native American spirit guide White Cloud came into her life 14 years ago.
In the first half, you’ll hear, first-hand, how their relationship has evolved over time and see, hear and feel White Cloud as he can only be seen and felt in a live direct voice channelling.
In the second half of the video, viewers learn how the Federation of Light made themselves known to Blossom seven years ago; how she felt about it at the time and how they began communicating with her via automatic writing - something she has now done almost weekly, for the past seven years.
Blossom also candidly reveals how she coped with death threats and more after she posted 'that' famous October 14, 2008 message from the Federation – when they told her their ships would appears in our skies that day - and talks about the effect it had on her for a very long time afterwards. She also explains what it was that made her keep going after such public notoriety.
A highlight of the video is that you’ll get to see Blossom direct voice channel the Federation of Light for only the second time ever – the first being at the 2012 Scenario Conference in Sedona almost a year ago.
It’s an experience those who gathered in Sydney will never forget and, in a WORLD FIRST, the Federation actually takes questions from the audience members.
And, as you’d expect from Blossom – whose catch cry is Love, Light, Laughter and Golden Rays – you’ll also have fun watching as the channeller and author interacts with those who came to see her live!
The full video of Blossom Goodchild: A Soul-Inspiring Sunday Afternoon with White Cloud and the Federation of Light, recorded live at the Co-Creation Centre in Crows Nest, Sydney, Australia on Sunday August 18, is now available for online viewing via the links below.
Watch at a time that’s convenient to you - wherever you live.
Payment $20AUD accepted via PayPal and Credit/Debit Cards only.

Presenter:  Blossom Goodchild –

Channelled Sources:  White Cloud and The Federation of Light

MC:  Stephen Cook

Event Management, Marketing and Production: Stephen Cook, GoodWords
Graphics and Venue Artwork: Anthony Morrison, GoodWords
IT Consultant: Casey Plummer
Venue: The Co-Creation Centre, Crows Nest Sydney, Australia. Thanks to Theresa, Nicole and Mark.
Cameraman and Editor - Lachlan Judd

Produced by Stephen Cook and Blossom Goodchild



Anonymous said...

Blossom are you having a cup of Tea with friends yet ?

With long awaited company.....

Anonymous said...

Blossom - have you stopped channeling ? Did you switch to live shows only ? Many positive changes are on the way we all know. Just remember "GLOBAL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE WAS ALWAYS THE KEY TO OUR FUTURE".

This may be my final post online - I am physically under attack by the dark side as they attempt one LAST stand against the LIGHT and LOVE of GOD who will usher in the Golden Age for all beings on the Planet. Have a great career as a spokesperson for the FOL.

Many Thanks

yk248 said...

Dear Blossom,

I am very glad that you are back to channeling the FOL :)

Regarding the last channeling, I am glad that you stuck with it even though there were hardships (oct. 14).

Thank you so much for keeping at it and shining your light!

Blessings :)


Anonymous said...

Anonymous,re your ‘attack' by the ‘dark',remember what The Federation of Light said “ The Light can not be blocked out by the darkness unless you think it can”
~June 15th 2013 ~

Anonymous said...

O dear Bloss, if i may use this way to address you,

It's such a delight to experience you being you, with the (British?) humor that runs through your veins. I am glad that you are well and that it reflects in your encounters with those of 'us' that are fully aware and awakened, in union with Source. Thanks a lot, carry on, love,

Anonymous said...

Bring it on!!!!!!!!

I can't wait

....let's Blossom ; )

<3 Joke

Ami said...

Dear Blossom:
Thank you and the FOL so much! Every day I send the brighter rays I can create for you.

We are so hoping the Event, the happening, the glorious moment: when this planet will be free and LOVE embrace us all, in harmony.
Love, love and more love to all.

Anonymous said...

"Yet we whisper in your ear … IT IS DONE. IT IS FINISHED. IT IS OVER.

- And with all respect … I would whisper back ... ‘It doesn’t FEEL like it’."

Oh dear Blossom, IT FEELS LIKE IT... to me and many others ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom..
just read the latest channelling and oh I am soo excited ..I know we will soon "be there".
I just wanted to say to you how I appreciate your part in our progress..the humour, the relating to what we "wonder" and feel about things, asking questions we would like to ask.. being the messenger for the FOL.. You make me smile often and that is a gift you give..thanks
Blossom ..sending you much love always from Wendy XO

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard this interesting clip on utube..a message sent via U.K television transmission interuption years ago, from a Galactic commander , trying to "warn us" to follow the right way etc. Worth a look.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom, just wondered if you could maybe ask the FOL..whether it is a possibility that,( as said in a recent channelling from another source), that we could be without power etc. and have some mayhem for a time, as we pass into the " new era".Would like to know if we should be stocking up on candles and food etc. It would be good to be forwarned if this is going to maybe happen, especially as most of us have been reading the messages for some time now. would feel a little left out if we weren't prewarned. Thanks Blossom very much.

Blossom Goodchild said...

Not sure about the interrupted tv message ... each to decide for themselves ... so thank you ...RE getting food and candles together etc in case of emergency ... many have suggested doing this quite a while back (before Dec 21.2012) I have done so ... I really don't think it can do any harm ... lets hope we never need it ... but handy to have should power be lost at any time. Many thanks . I KNOW I am way over due to do another post ... what can I say?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,
I ordered your video about a month ago. I downloaded it and haven't had a chance to watch it until today. It says it needs a password. ?? I don't have one that I can remember. Can you help me out? Thanks, Pat Busch

Blossom Goodchild said...

hi Pat . Please email and Stephen Cook will be able to find your password for you and send it on. Many thanks and enjoy. xx