Jul 12, 2013


I am SO excited I could humanly combust!! I'm coming to SYDNEY!

I'm going to be doing a very special Sunday afternoon event that my friend Stephen Cook and I have been trying to get together all year. You might know Stephen from his shows on InLight Radio, his posts on the Golden Age of Gaia blog or the 2012 Scenario Conference last year, where we had an absolute hoot! Anyway... finally, we have got it together!

And so Blossom Goodchild: A Soul-Inspiring Sunday Afternoon with White Cloud and the Federation Light - oooh, that's a mouthful - is coming to Sydney town. And with all things in alignment at last, on Sunday August 18, I'm going to be doing my 'thing' at the Co-Creation Centre in Crows Nest.

Yippee! I KNOW the energy created by everyone there will soar through the Rafters ... and we shall indeed leave so very much Lighter than when we arrived!

I can feel White Cloud and The Federation of Light's excitement, too, as I've been given the nod from above to bring The Federation Of Light through and speak directly to everyone there.

What's thrilling is this will be only the second time I've done so as a live channelling in front of an audience -  the first time being in Sedona last year, when it amazed ME! - let alone everybody else! Their energy, along with White Cloud's, left us all humbled and empowered!

So you can see why I'm jumping for joy! I've got so much to share with you! And Sydney is so accessible to many of you ... including those in NZ ...and elsewhere...

So ... Let's raise the roof!!! To book your seat just click on the banner above or below. Meanwhile here's the official 'blurb" with all the info... I KNOW I'll see you there!

Blossom Goodchild, the internationally-respected direct voice channeller and author known for her catchcry “Love, Light and Laughter” will make her only live Sydney appearance for 2013 on Sunday, 18 August at the Co-Creation Centre in Crows Nest, Sydney, Australia.

Tickets are now on sale via Blossom’s website and blog.
One of the most popular presenters at the hugely successful 2012 Scenario Conference – Preparing for Ascension held in Sedona, Arizona in the United States last year, Blossom has built a large local and international fan base through both her regular and profound channelled messages from the cosmic/galactic-based Federation of Light and her books featuring messages from her 14-year-long ‘friendship’ with her Native American spirit guide, White Cloud.  
Today, Blossom’s regular ‘updates’ from the Federation - about what’s going on in our world, both above and beyond - are translated into over 30 languages and re-posted across spiritual, alternative news and popular lightworker web and blog sites around the globe. Meanwhile, her books and eBooks, including A New Dawn, The Bridge and The Spirit of White Cloud continue to sell to local and overseas audiences.

As the title of her Sydney presentation suggests, Blossom Goodchild: A Soul-Inspiring Sunday Afternoon with White Cloud and the Federation of Light will see the captivating and entertaining UK-born Blossom providing much soul inspiration for all who attend.
“People thought I was crazy when I first started saying I was receiving messages from an old American-Indian bloke called White Cloud, so imagine what it was like when, around seven years ago, I started receiving messages from some space beings calling themselves the Federation of Light!” she laughs.

‘So as well as talking about the latest updates on the global energy shift - or ‘awakening’ as some like to call it - from both their perspectives,  I’m also going to share my personal story as to how I ‘met’ both White Cloud and the Federation of Light,” Blossom reveals.
The afternoon will be split into two, uplifting segments – and Blossom is planning some surprises.

“The first half will be all about White Cloud – how we met, what he’s been telling us over the past 14 years, and how, when we put his words into action, we find ourselves viewing our lives from an inspirational perspective. I mean, we all have challenges to face but White Cloud helps us to notice the change in ourselves and how we face them,” she explains.
This segment will evolve into a live channeling, as Blossom will receive White Cloud’s energies into her being and he’ll speak through her to the audience.

The second half of the afternoon will focus on Blossom’s equally divine journey with the Federation of Light and the insights they bring us.
It will culminate in a very rare and special process. For only the second time ever – the first being at the 2012 Scenario  Conference in the US – Blossom will also ‘do’ a live, direct voice channeling of the Federation of Light for those gathered at the Sydney event.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I attempted to bring them through for the very first time in public during the 2012 Scenario conference, I just got this feeling they wanted to come and speak. And, it really was a revelation to me and all the conference attendees,” says Blossom.
“People told me afterwards that they could see this golden being actually enter my body. Which was odd because I’ve always said that the Federation was a collective energy, but many at the conference felt it was a feminine ‘being’ who came through. So who knows what will happen this time around. Or what they’ll tell us.”

Blossom Goodchild : A Soul-Inspiring Sunday Afternoon with White Cloud and the Federation of Light
1.00pm - Sunday, August 18 2013
(until around 4.00pm approx.)

The Co-Creation Centre
Level 1
(up one flight of stairs)

59 Hume Street
Crows Nest (Sydney)
Tickets: $70 each person (sorry, non-refundable)

How to Get to The Co-Creation Centre, Crows Nest:
The centre is located in the heart of Crows Nest, a 2-minute drive from the North Sydney CBD. It is easily accessible via public transport (bus or train - including from Sydney airport). The nearest train station to the centre, St Leonards, is just a 7-minute walk away. For those travelling by car, Free Parking is available both in the Hume Street Car Park (entry off Albany Street) and on-street, in the immediate area.

Overnight Accommodation:
If you’re staying overnight in Sydney, there are a number of hotels in the Crows Nest, St Leonards and nearby Greenwich areas. Put these suburbs into Google when you search. North Sydney and Chatswood are also on the same train line as St Leonards.

Blossom's popular books and CDs will be available on the day.
For further event-related information: Email: blossomsydney@outlook.com


Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,
Here's hoping you have a blast!
Enjoy and stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Would love, love, love to be in Australia and see this in person!! Haven't quite mastered teleportation yet. Is it possible to video it and share, just for those of us who are working on it and would love to fly there but aren't quite up to snuff yet?

Love your stuff :)

Love, Love, Love,

Ianda Hi Ho He

Anonymous said...

Be there with bells on!

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom & everyone,
this is a curiosity Q..has anyone heard of RNA drops?
( http://www.rnadrops.info ) I came across the website by accident..they are supposed to have been shown how to be made by an entity called ION ( have you heard of him? )and they are supposed to speed up your journey to ascension..and open up spiritual experiences..and also say it changes our DNA.
Blossom is it possible you could ask the FDL or White Cloud if it is the real deal or something "untowards"??. This charactor Bob Neverrit..says he's 90 but looks in 30's.. as he was given a D cell in the 60's. They say they RNA will be currency of the future.. and all should have them..but not really thinking of people's well being as they are way to expensive for most people.
Please let me know anything you find out..There's alot of testimonies in places telling of positive and unusual experiences.

Blossom Goodchild said...

I hadn't heard of them Wendy ... so I cannot really comment. I had a look at the site and if I were to ask upstairs about them ... I would be inundated with people asking if so many things like this are legit. My take??? We don't need it! And that's so much cheaper!!! Many thanks Blossom.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,
thanks for your reply about the RNA drops. Yes I sure can see your point..and I agree we all should and would have acess to "the way" equally..and not have to pay for it.
Thanks blossom.
I love and appreciate the time you spend bringing the channellings to us from FOL..

Anonymous said...

I was blessed with a flock of crows that were circling my home the other morning,the native Americans view the Crow as a blessing of soul truth,I had been thinking about all this and what The Federation said about it all being an illusion,I know this is an illusion yet my heart knows the truth of it all! My favourite channel through you Blossom is 'There are many truths alone the path to the one real truth love' (22nd Nov 2008) I have always felt this, after the crows visited me and I gave thanks for their message (which I had no idea what it was) I awoke the following morning seeing a vision of stone steps with the words 'Cosmic Truth' carved into them,this I feel is ’set in stone’ so this morning I awoke thinking of those words and googled them,this is what I found:) The Federation of Light have told us about the number 3:

“All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed; second, it is violently
opposed; and third, it is accepted as self-evident.”
—Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

What is the truth of the Cosmos? In its most basic sense, the Cosmos is an orderly or
harmonious system. It is divine order. I can certainly relate with the definition provided
by Webster’s Online Dictionary which says the Cosmos is the; “extraterrestrial vastness
or the Universe in contrast to the Earth alone where it is concerned with abstract
spiritual or metaphysical ideas.” However, the more accurate description is given by
philosopher Ken Wilber who defines it as “all of manifest existence, including various
realms of consciousness.” In looking at the vastness and the multidimensional aspects of
the Universe, it is almost mind boggling to fathom all of its complexities, possibilities
and unknown realities. One must truly have an open mind when dealing with the Cosmos
and its wondrous diversity. In my first book Ultimate Truth: Book 1 I write:
“If a library consisting of thousands upon thousands of volumes of books were the
Cosmos, our Milky Way galaxy (which is one of billions of galaxies in the
observable Universe), would comfortably fit within the size of a period mark in
one of the many books.”
Believe it or not, our Sun is presumably only one of a 100 billion stars in this galaxy
alone. In fact; notable Physicist and Nobel Prize winner Francis Crick believed there to
be roughly 100 billion galaxies in our Universe postulating there are at least one million
planets in our galaxy which could support life as we know it.

Anonymous said...

Dear StarChild Blossom,

Always Believe in Magic:


Ciao for now.

Anonymous said...

Great Channeling Blossom - I do not think we will ever get any off planet beings realize what we go through down here on the surface of this boiling pot of reptilian mess we call Earth. The question is how do we know the NEW land LORDS will be any better? We are in for a rough ride ahead and they are aware but fail to warn us to save the maximum number of LIVES on this orb. That does not sound like LOVE to me.

Truly Yours,

1/2 of a Peanut Butter Sandwich

Anonymous said...

Peanut sandwich with respect Mother Earth is abundant in her gifts to us,do you not see them?how can you see them? from that vantage point? sending you many golden rays may you take a step to the side,something is blocking your view, it may seem big but that is because you are too close to it,the view is magical,maybe take a step back? xxx

Anonymous said...

Great chat on An Hour With an Angel Mrs Goodchild. It was great to hear your wonderful voice again and your great attitude toward the future. Also enjoyed hearing White Cloud come through again and explain the coming shift.

Keep up the Great Work......

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,
First off, thank you Anonymous for the heads up, Blossom's chat on An Hour With An Angel was super!!
Blossom, I appreciate you bringing White Cloud to us, his words were both lovely and reassuring.

Zolphina said...

Thankyou for these channelings

much love


Unknown said...

You are always inside my heart.
I am always inside yours.
We live in love.
We are irreplaceable.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,
seems to me that I probably think too much..but it seems alot of the time an answer is given..another question comes to mind regarding it..the whole we asked for our illnesses etc (Aug. 3rd channelling) before we came to live our physical lives..Well I understand that to a degree, with the whole learning from our experiences etc..but if everything is so set in stone about what happens to us..if nothing is caused by chance or mistake ..why do we bother with trying to get better by going to doctors..asking for healings etc..if whatever happens to us is for a reason and it's what we asked for..then really I guess there is no point trying to get out of it?? Also if our lives are already scripted to that degree..we could all just use it to our advantage when we do something that's "wrong" etc..although we are told there is no wrong (???)and that people who murder and hurt/upset others etc..are just helping (???)
We could turn around and say "it's not my fault it was totally pre ordained..i'm just helping someone else learn by it".
I think I'm going to need another lifetime at least .. cos (if I have forgiven someone).. to then have to not feel they have done the wrong thing, but to actually be grateful to them for it, cos it was planned already.. is not easy.
My goodness this life is a mystery.. even when you think your on mostly the right track of understanding it..so many " ok but what about ...."?
Just having a vent..I probably really know somewhere inside of me.
Any replies will be good.
Thanks Blossom for all you do XO

Anonymous said...

...maybe I'm very childish, but I'm feeling exitement again(long time ago) with the words "BE AWARE"
I simply cannot understand why LOVE-BEEINGS as they ARE would say this once again (they do understand now what that timething is here on earth)when there is nothing to come....

Anonymous said...

To anon "thinking too much". Here is my opinion: the most important events in life (including sometimes a disease) are part of a Master Plan that are put in motion IF, and only IF, necessary. In this sense they are not "set in stone" but they definitely have their purpose and reason to exist. Are they blessings or curses? Neither one or the other, it depends solely on how we react to them, to what we ARE before them, that is your FREE CHOICE. We alway receive what we ask for, the problem in our lives is that we are not even aware what we are asking for, because Society designed our beliefs to constantly ask for trouble in our lives and keep us controlled. If you think that "asking" is to have a thought about something or to express it loud and clear, you are wrong. The true "asking" comes from deep inside of us, where our core beliefs remain untouched until we became FREE again.

Anonymous said...

can you imagin going to school without any idea what it is you are going to study there? would you make any progress this way? no ofc not

incarnation is not real yes it's real being that you keep coming back "to learn" only problem is this is not of treu light these are constructs designed to get you back here so they can use your enery AGAIN, for their own purposes

people should be aware there are alot of clowns out there that like nothing better than pulling your strings and enjoy the enery it is generating for them

what ever happend with these colums of light? i never seen any or hearded about any and here we are the gfol is doing another soon on us again i gues they need some more enery

Anonymous said...

It is humans that drain my energy (if I allow it) certainly not The Federation of Light Anon! after being on this machine every day I connect and am recharged,even in the middle of the night I have had experiences where upon asking for help I am filled with pink light or even a sweet nectar or messages that assist me on my path,so many other experiences where their Grace has uplifted me,no I do not resonate at all to what you are saying,I can say so much more yet there is no point, we all believe what we want to believe,so why am I saying something now? to get it out of me I guess,to put it ‘out there’ to the universe this is me this is who I am,I hear you and I respond to you,tell me what it is I need to do next? How can I assist?How can I bring more light into my being and onto this planet? I know you don’t judge us,I know you offer the grace of forgiveness to us so we can use it to heal the judging of ourselves!

In love and gratitude for all the assistance we are receiving..... I remember home!!!!!!

Blessings Kerrie/Zoolithe

26th July 2009

Do you think dearest Blossom … that we would simply spend all this energy and time on a topic that was only a ‘fairy story?’

22nd Oct 2010

How is it that our communications with you and through you are able to reach so many? Is it that so many choose to cling on to a fairy story … through desperation because of the world they find themselves living within? Or is it perhaps more likely that their souls have found a way to our words, their hearts have literally led them to their Truth? All that we have spoken of is merely reminding you of what you already know. That is why so many feel AT ONE when they are connected up with us through the pages that you send out. That is all we are doing … sending you memos. Keeping you in touch with home.

Anonymous said...

Blossom - I trust your Sydney trip went well - please post us a blog on the trip when you have time.


Peace Portal Activation - August 25th, 2013

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened or what was channeled in Sydney? I'm confused about why we haven't heard anything yet, as I check all the big websites every day (goldenageofgaia.com, galacticfreepress.com, etc.), and they usually post about Blossom and her great messages. Dying to hear about it...........

Blossom Goodchild said...

I have been pretty sick with Bronchitis and unable to channell at the mo ... all news about it will be up any day now. Thanking you . Blossom.