Oct 6, 2013

Regarding Oct 6th 2013 channelling.

OK … Hello! Herewith the very long overdue blog chat.
I FEEL the need to express regarding the channel I did today and its contents therein.

It seems once again that something is in the air ... and expectancy coming from all around. To be perfectly honest I do not read many channellings at all these days so I cannot comment on what others are bringing through … although I do get snippets here and there.

These days … as you can tell through the channelling, I FEEL a little awkward to keep on questioning ‘them’ about what they are saying … yet when they get everyone ‘amped’  … I immediately think ‘here we go again’ … with all respect.

The thing is … I do not enter into any given channelling with an agenda. I tune in, ask for a blessing and that what comes though is for the Highest good of all … and off we go.
However … I am well aware that I am not infallible and that my thoughts could be influencing … and yet I really ‘put it out there’ for this not to be so. I mean … what would be the point of that?

So basically … what I am trying to say is … THIS IS WHAT CAME THROUGH. (http://www.blossomgoodchild.com/index.html?page=BG191oct6.html)
I am just the messenger and when ‘they’ draw close in order to communicate I FEEL their Love so deeply.

Am I trying to cover my proverbial behind? Probably!

Yet if I did not send out that which I receive and something did take place … I would FEEL pretty rotten for not seeing my role through as I have obviously agreed to do.
Don’t get me wrong … I am all for it. All for THE EVENT taking place. Yet such a HUGE part of my humanity has got so used to ‘nothing happening' that I cannot quite comprehend the fact that something actually will.

Maybe we all FEEL this way after so long and that’s the very reason it hasn’t happened yet!
SO … They speak of THE EVENT being imminent … We shall just have to wait and see.

If it is not … then what?  Again … We shall just have to wait and see.
Will I continue if nothing happens? … We shall just have to wait and see.

I KNOW due to emails received how everyone is FEELING as we remain on the roller coaster. I FEEL the same! Yet we can’t stop the world. We can’t get off … and if I had that choice would I really want to? A question I often ask myself. And although sometimes I think I would … when push came to shove … NO I wouldn’t.
Why? For many reasons …  A big one being that in my heart something drives me on … and on … and on … that wanting to hang around for when that EVENT takes place .So many of us FEEL it!

THE FEELING OF KNOWING THAT’S WHY WE CAME. Yet … do we know for sure? NO!
What if it’s all a load of crock! What if I get to 95 and I am lying on my death bed thinking ‘Darn! Never did happen!’

 Well the fact is … It doesn’t really matter in the long run. What does matter is that I FEEL in this moment of NOW that I have a purpose … as do many … WE KNOW WE ARE HERE FOR A REASON.
We all have this dream about THE EVENT taking place (whatever it maybe) and feeling A UNITY AROUND THIS PRECIOUS EARTH OF OURS. 

That Oneness that is spoken of … WE WILL FEEL IT … and KNOW it and UNDERSTAND IT … because we GET IT.

All that we have soldiered on for will make sense and the waiting shall end and The Beginning shall begin.
The ‘orders’ within us that have lain dormant will set us into action. I have had this KNOWING for so long. Leader upon Leader upon Leader shall recognise their position … be it for small or large regiments!

KNOWINGNESS shall speak out in abundance as NEW PLANS get underway to benefit the whole.
All selfish need put aside for we work as One … for One.

All hearts smiling in silence as the PEACE that has slept is now awake.
If we close our eyes and dream … and then FEEL the dream into reality … we KNOW it as TRUTH.

For where else can that dream arise from? It is within us? It is THE PLAN that we created for this New World. It remains within for now … for that is its home … Yet …

This plan therefore is reaching its peak.

WE KNOW IT HAS TO ONE DAY ... That is why WE KEEP ON KEEPING ON … because inside of us WE FEEL IT. This is what drives us … because we KNOW deep down that this is why we are here.

As The Federation asked of us today … KEEP ON LIVING THE VIBRATION NEEDED.

Ps. Just a thought … Oct 14th is just around the corner … and it IS just a thought!


Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

I just want to say that even if I haven't sent a message before I have been following you since august of 2008. So I know where you're coming from.

I understand all the tactics and questioning you have because I know what happened back then, and everything that happened since right down to the pillars of light so yes, I understand where you're coming from.

All this aside, I completely feel this feeling of expectancy, I've been going through it for then past month and a half or so. just this feeling of the calm before the storm kind of feeling. and stabilizing energy of change if that makes sense. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

I just want to say that even if I haven't sent a message before I have been following you since august of 2008. So I know where you're coming from.

I understand all the tactics and questioning you have because I know what happened back then, and everything that happened since right down to the pillars of light so yes, I understand where you're coming from.

All this aside, I completely feel this feeling of expectancy, I've been going through it for then past month and a half or so. just this feeling of the calm before the storm kind of feeling. and stabilizing energy of change if that makes sense. :)


MICAS said...

Dearest Blossom,

At last it came the channelling I am longing for during so much time.

With so very much Love and Gratitude to all of you and to the Heavens for this deep Joy I am feeling.

This is my Everest, it worths having had the pain of the climbing to see the birth of a so magnificient Golden Age.


Kelli said...

Hi Blossom, thank you for the channeled message & your comments. I just want you to know how grateful I am that you continue with your soul agreement. I know things are happening too but the messages you bring thru give me a much needed boost. You are so very brave & courageous to keep, keepin on and so loved :)

Ron said...

wow, this is the first time that I havebeen here at this blog spot. I just read what you channeled and wrote and I feel that it doesn't matter when the big event happens, it matters how prepaired each soul learns how to love themselves and others. They will not save us from our situation, WE will do that. They will only help. I am talking about LOVE OF ALL SOULS. Learn to love the good and the bad in your life, and you will achieve a level of spirituality that will move the world to a very high level of spirituality. GO WITHIN YOURSELF.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much, Blossom, for your full-on honesty regarding your "feelings". It is so much on point with mine. Every time I think of saying "oh well, whatever, whenever" because I am so tired of waiting, anticipating, I reread your channelings and you give me new purpose. Thank you!!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Blossom, for your full-on honesty regarding your feelings. I remain amazed at how they echo my own. Every time I get tired of waiting, anticipating SOMETHING to happen and retire to a "whatever, whenever, oh well, guess not in my lifetime" attitude, I reread your channelings and feeling renewed with purpose - though I'm never sure what! :) Thanks for being.

danilo verticelli said...

Blossom, let me be honest: do you really think that the "event" (OMG, it seems like the name of a sci-fi movie) is depending on how many of "us" are really convinced of its reliability?
Let's make numbers, together. How many followers do you have, Worldwide I mean.
100.000? More? 1 Mln? How many people do you think are following TFoL? And such an event could depend on 1 Mln of followers (attended they all together didn't believe in it) whereas almopst 7 Bln of people don't know anything about it?
It is a "loop". Never, even the 10% of the wrold people won't know anything about the event and its reliability and, if these are the conditions, never it will manifest.

This is the mechanism that is pusshing people far from these messages: exactly the lack of serious clues for these messages could be thought as reliable.

I am not talking about you. You are honest. But if they state that The Event is slowing due to the lack of confidence of some thousand of Readers, trust me, there will be millions of years without any event, if they expect the most of human people would be agree on it.
Many thanks, anyway

Anonymous said...

Thank You Blossom...Im with you..lol..we can do it, hang in I mean. What choice do we have :)

Thanks for your wonder work...

Bless Your Heart



Ami said...

Lovely Blossom:

Beautiful Blog. When I read your last channeling I felt so much happiness; my heart was pounding; my thoughts were filled with golden light, only with golden light whitout any specific form.

This planet is so loved. This planet and the life upon it need to be in peace and harmony.

The FOL are our family, as you are, as everyone is. I LOVE YOU.

Thank you. We are so ready!

Anonymous said...

Thank you blossom, always reading your channellings. They inspire me to be love in this mad existence. This particular reading is beautiful and I can feel the energy pulsating from their words.....

Hahnemaniac said...

Don't worry Blossom! I feel the energy of your folks so strongly in the channelings, and I just know that they speak truth. If it's not soon, it'll be SOME day. I for one won't blame you if Nov comes without an event. I'll just thank your for your service and hope you'll keep on letting us "hear" their love, no matter what. But, that said, I do read a lot of channelings and alt sites and it does sound like something major is stirring. A few days ago I was listening to the Gates of Kiev from Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" and "saw" a solemn/joyous procession/celebration of humans and galactics,eand had such a surge of joy I could hardly drive for tears in my eyes... The feeling that "We did it! We made it!!" was just so strong... and that is the first time EVER that anything like that has come up while hearing music... So, I trust your "guys", and I'll stock up and shine my shoes!! love you, Bloss... Lois

Anonymous said...

Hi Bloss,

I don't read around the net too much as to the current channellings and such, similar to you. However, one I do read, there is some similarity of content recently from Cosmic Awareness via Rainbow-Phoenix. It talks of an 'event' where things will change pretty quick, where we won't have the 'usual' networks of the current 3D world available due to such changes. Nothing was suggested as to the content of the 'event', and I feel it must be rather a unique and large one, to knockout trade and commerce and such things and for us to require such stuff as 'survival' ratpacks :-) I could speculate until the cows come home of course, it won't do me any good though, and won't provide any reassurance or reality of the event in my current time, nor how 'far' until it happens. So, I guess life as usual for me. It was also eluded to being quite soon, but as you, I take that statement with a grain of salt. Like you say, it is a play the game, do as we can, and see IF anything indeed does come about. If so, then we can know we weren't duped and lied to, or plans that have been made, altered yet again. Interesting times and I am not sure I am impressed with my 'short straw', but, who knows, maybe one day that short straw will lead to the world I wish to live in. Cheers, E

Anonymous said...

Two words caught my attention INDEED (used in the last channel also) and ORDAINED ( I had received that in a communication I got a few weeks ago,I questioned the meaning of that word) thank you Blossom as usual more feed back for me:)
I have noticed the ‘quickening is quickening as I allow it and so it will be with others also,each in our own unique time.
Here is what I wrote in a members gratitude group just now it explains how I have been feeling of late,that indeed we are ‘getting there!
Blessings Kerrie
I am so very thankful for nature, this morning I awoke and the wind was blowing the leaves in the trees making them shine in the morning sun, the sun was shinning over the lake making it sparkle,I notice the quickening is making my experiences happen closer together,I have recently been through 'downloads' causing bliss, then integrating them into this body causing tiredness,then releasing causing the emotions, then using my light causing feelings of empowerment,now I just feel like being and just connecting,I give thanks for the healing Mother nature gifts us with constantly as we journey on this challenging but magical and beautiful journey,I give thanks to our family from the stars as they assist us go through this journey,I give thanks to the spiritual Higherachy as they guide the Galactics to assist us!

We are all in this together as one as we come together and share our light expands and Mother Earth smiles:)

Thank you Blossom for this one too:
June the 13th 2009 for it is the journey as they say and what a journey it has been!

If for instance … we were to take you to a place of extreme beauty and leave you with yourself for just one of your weeks … you would return to your planet with thoughts of this beautiful place that you have visited. Within those ‘new’ thoughts you would be rebuilding your planet.

Jennada said...

Hello my darling Blossom, and greetings from way down under...you know the one that moved a bit closer to Antartica. This last message had me in tears...of joy might I add. Has absolutely hit the nail on the button and you must know that everything else is also in sync on a global scale regarding other channelled information. UFO activity down here has increased...as of last Friday, after a glorious vision of a magestic ship casually flying past me as if to say HELLO Bright spark remember us...all lines of communication just opened up like Rose petals, and off we went. Your last post was so very very important to the eyes of those enlightened ones who are struggling with just about everything going on, around and in them this moment, be it impatience, frustration and the lack lustre feeling of emptiness and confusion as our days of adjustment go on. I have experienced many upsets and set backs since moving away from you, although where I am now is definetly where I should be in regard to the work I am about to enter into. I have anchored myself south west of the state on 7 acres of fertile soil previously untouched by human hands until I came along. This land is rich and abundant in LOVE, this LOVE will spread throughout the region, it already has started as I am seeing and feeling the result in the 7 months I have lived here...the exchange of love and kindness is very much visible to the naked eye from where I am sitting right now...something tells me the Sister and Brotherhood have been an established entity far longer here than what I ever expected...after all it's land mass does have the shape of a heart <3 much love to you Blossom...Jen xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hello from Sweden,

Your friends are uplifting!

Just feeling good by the words that you send through is enough.

I think its key to just let the "event" play itself out by being in a positive state all the time, knowing that "it will happen now". Even though nothing happens, just keep that vibration until it happens. Thats what I do :)

An angel by your side

OMG Nithyananda Transformed Me said...

Hi Blossom,
I love reading your channelings because I know you are an awesome conduit for divine energy. I believe everything you write and know the event is very soon. In the Hindu tradition, the next 9 days are Navaratri. On the last day of Navaratri, the divine feminine wins! I believe all the lightworkers have won and we all have a big mission in front of us...to help everybody recognize their inner power to create any dream they want. I look forward to meeting everyone in physical form and astral travel through the dimensions. This is so exciting and I know everything you say is 100% real. In fact, I have known this fact for over a year.

Love and blessings to all my soul sisters and brothers. I am ready to join my solar family. How about you?

Vanaja Ananda

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

I noticed that in the Oct. 6, 2013, message, near the end the Galactic Federation says, “It is up to you Dearest Souls … our friends … our companions … US.”

If I'm interpreting what they said here correctly, it sounds like they are telling us that "WE" are the Galactic Federation.

If this is true, then maybe we need to start asking ourselves, "When are "WE" going to bring about "The Event"".

I love your messages.

John :)

Anonymous said...


When we, the natural-born, of-age in the US, UK, Canada and Australia get our precious-metals-backed "rainbow" $, we'll encounter disruptions to the supply chain till we can get the new economy sorted.

Unknown said...

Dear Blossom, I Think you should adress the question about the "stocking up" they told us. I think something huge is about to happen, but I never imagined that would be like some apocalyptic movie. Do we need to prepare ourselves like that? Very feel of us in the world can...

Anonymous said...

Blessings and thanks to you Blossom. I'm very excited for our future and will always be grateful to Wayshowers like yourself.

Teasy Love said...

Complimentary information (with links), for those who are looking for or are interested in seeing corroboration (like me):

* Pre-Event Developments (Portal 2012)
- http://2012portal.blogspot.nl/2013/10/pre-event-developments.html
( more: in-depth information )
THE EVENT (movie)
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=OwNn8-mubYk
Prepare for Change introduction (movie)
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ix-dvPLZngo

* Cosmic Awareness (September 25, 2013)
- http://www.galacticchannelings.com/english/cosmic_awareness25-09-13.html

* SaLuSa (4.10.2013)
- http://salusathroughfaithandhope.blogspot.pt/2013/10/english-salusa-4102013.html

* Sheldan Nidle (October 1, 2013)
- http://www.galacticchannelings.com/english/sheldan01-10-13.html

'Stocking up' has most recently been described as a '2 week buffer', which i seem to have been doing for a while out of mere convenience :)
Community gatherings are also (said to be) very helpful - i'm still working on that through my own issues ^^
Even though (i believe that) a miraculous shift can happen in every new moment, I believe ample time is given for all those who choose to 'get ready'.
I notice that getting ready is more of an 'inner work' than an 'outer work', relating to one's ability to be unwavering in one's grounding of the heart.

And Blossom, to me personally, the messages you receive are always spot on, even if you notice some doubts.
I also remember you from some 'goofy times' we had in a Mayan age long ago, but that's another story.

Anonymous said...

By the way, check this out:
Corrado Malanga

He describes everything about ETs and the origin of human beings.

Could this be the end of the Earth humans because of the comet ISON? Will we return to our creator that, according to Mr. Malanga,wants his souls back and that will be the end of our own identity?

Wait and see...

Blossom Goodchild said...

regarding 'stocking up' ... I personally have had a 'emergency box' in the cupboard for a good year. You just never know what may happen in this crazy world. 'Hoping' ... oops ... 'knowing' we will never need it ... but better safe than sorry . People ask 'stores for how long'? ... No idea ... yet I have some tins and candles and water etc. Should we need them ... I do not get the feeling it will be for a long time ... maybe a few weeks ... really who knows ... if at all! ' Much love Bloss xxx

Unknown said...

Well I'm off to buy some supplies. Always thought preppers were slightly crazy but who knows! Do you have any guesses as to what this 'Event' may entail, Blossom? I do have a feeling of expectancy, like something major is going to happen....no idea what though

Blossom Goodchild said...

I have no idea what The Event may involve . Once when White Cloud was speaking about it I got an image of the skies parting and the most beautiful golden Light coming through ... yet that was it ... In all honesty ... your guess is as good as mine. Don't forget the Lighters when you get the candle ... just in case we lose electricity for a while ... I mean really ... who knows. Many thanks to all for your comments . Love Bloss xxx

Unknown said...

Thank you Blossom. Have a few lighters still after successfully quitting smoking 6 months ago, plus I love candles so am always stocked up with those. I remember a previous channeling of yours mentioning that the Sun will play an important part in the 'Event'....intriguing!!! A massive Solar Flare? That would cause huge Aurora in the sky but also knock out our energy grids, like, for good. Maybe the ships would land after to help us out? Lol.....imagination in overdrive! Whatever happens or not, keep up the wonderful and inspiring work xxxxxxx

Michael said...

Yo Blossom...

Concerning Danilo's genuine concern over "how many of us are really convinced of its (the EVENT) reliability" and thus the small numbers are insuffient to make much difference to the world population of 7 billion.

Having large numbers of people subscribing to any belief in order to bring it to fruition is NOT necessary. The TM'ers have statistically significant studies that demonstrate that just the square root of 1% of the population practicing their TM/Sidhi program triggers the coherent functioning of many millions of people.

What I've discovered is that we truly underestimate our individual and collective power. If we are made in the image and likeness of God, then we share God's Divine Nature. It's our birthright, and it can be the source of tremendous creativity that manifests in our personal well being while simultaeously contributing to the service of others.

This is very difficult reality for many to accept. I believe it's our greatest challenge, the reason why we were born. Thus, regardless of what event or other manifestions may or may not occur, first and foremost it is crucial that we accept the importance of our role in creating our individual and collective reality.

Anonymous said...

Awesome new Blossom. Thank you so much for what you do for us - it gives us HOPE and helps us FEEL! Can you ask the FOL for more information around when the EVENT will happen? I am trying to plan my life around it (looking to take out a few loans) as i just know its going to happen this time!!!

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ anon. I really have pushed all I can as to 'when' ... I don't think we will get much more on that level ... yet I hope to ask a few more questions in the next channelling , which I hope to be this weekend. Have a good one . Bloss xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom..funny how my Q I asked here came up in this channelling.. and was answered ..(about whether we need to stock up ready for the changes)..so I'd better do some shopping :)
I too thought about the 14th Oct..just maybe..so better shop quick haha.
Love as always to you Blossom for the messages you bring from the FOL and for just being you.
We are so blessed being part of this exciting time..bring it on I say.."pretty please".
Love and blessing from Wendy xo

Unknown said...


patricia said...

I would like to be wrong, really do. Nothing will happen today and nothing will happen in the future. Not an worldwide "event".

Do you know the meaning of the word "imminent"? Something that coulda happen in any moment, today, tomorrow, aftertomorrow, next week, but next month is far from the word "imminent"

This is the last time I will beleive the channelings. There are some in France, in USA that are talking about this event. So, I still will be waiting, but not so long.

Why they want to put us in the "waiting" position all the time? Waiting for something never happens. Ask yourself this question WHY??? They want us to be in the mood of desillusion? dissapointment? For the FOL of this site, this will be third time, so the last for me. After this no event, I will stop reading channelings, and go on my way following my heart. Well, I will be curious to see what they will say this time when nothing happens.

I like you very much Lady, and I hope you will begin to ask yourself questions about them if nothiing happens.
Be blessed you and you all.

Anonymous said...

We are waiting on ourselves ! No one is going to come and save us, we have to save ourselves ! We will get assistance, as we have already been getting for years.

Faith said...

patricia- I am glad you would like to be wrong. Get ready!

Faith said...

AND, what if our believing in good is necessary for good to happen? let's be fools and believe in LOVE for a while. and not worry about our 'credibility' 'being fools' what others think of us etc etc BLESSINGS

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Patricia. We can only be duped for so long. How gullible are we, really? These same entities promised 'an event' five years ago, putting great harm to lovely Blossom when it didn't occur.

I don't believe these beings have our best interests at heart. Why do they show us such disrespect? I read this latest 'channeling' only because I was curious as to what it had to say, but I see it is just more of the same thing.

Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice shame on us. We've been shamed enough, thank you. Speaking for myself, I won't be fooled again.

Blossom Goodchild said...

Of course I question ... Of course I ponder ... yet here I am for some reason still in touch and here you are for some reason still reading ... For me it's something in my Being that KNOWS ONE DAY THIS WILL TAKE PLACE. With all respect I am almost 56 ... I've been around a bit and then some ... yet ...when channelling ... I KNOW this is what I am here to do. Many thanks . Love Blossom

Anonymous said...

Bless you, Blossom! (((Hugs)))

I have always known "the event" would come in my lifetime, and that indeed it is what I'm here for. However I have never consciously known the when or how of it. Just the fact of its eventuality, while I'm still here in form. I have expected it, however, since childhood. Talk about waiting!! I'm 51 yrs old. LOL!

And so my heart has been my anchor. My center and home, to rely on throughout all these years of needing to wait. I love Blossom's channelings because I can FEEL the same feel of home in them that I have turned inward to all my life for wisdom, comfort, unconditional love and the peaceful stillness required (for me) to have the patience and endurance for this unique lifetime.

This transition we're all undergoing is no small feat, and I think it's easy to lose sight of that while here. An entire paradigm with billions of lives experiencing it... is shifting into a new format. Creating as little disruptive impact as possible, for all those billions. The orchestration of detail in consciousness, from the human collective on through to the Divine Source is impossible for human minds to fathom.

Impatience, fear and all the rest of the reactions are perfectly understandable, considering how little we see from here and what life has been like here for eons! And yet remembering that we ARE love and to that loving essence we are returning... while still in form... can perhaps help.

It is a feat unprecedented in Creation and necessarily difficult to predict with precise accuracy, considering we all have free will and are still veiled.

Nothing is at risk (the feeling when perceiving through a lens of fear) in truth, it's more that everything is up for renewal and upliftment, for the benefit of all (felt knowing when perceiving through eyes of love).

The Path we're on is through the HEART, not the mind we've relied on until now. That, in fact, IS the shift. So when you fear and react with suspicion or feel too vulnerable to invest faith, it's understandable. We've all relied on our "reasoning mind" to get us through perilous circumstances throughout many human lives, in fact. But this shift is not one of those.

Trust... a heart trait... will serve you well where fear's protective illusion cannot tread. Yes, it's scary at first. THAT is the transition at the personal level. To move from that very fear... to the truth of the love of your very being.

~With much love and thanks to you Blossom, and to all

Anonymous said...



Event Udates .....

Unknown said...

Blossom, if you are a victim here, then you are not alone. Much like you I have been toyed with over and over again like cats on a ball of yarn. But I'm still hanging on to hope. I think it may be real this time. A lot is happening in my life and I see things turning. But if it turns out to be another disappointment, I want you to know I will probably stay here with you until I'm 80, if I can help it. I have a feeling there aren't many of us who are actually "real" in this world. For some reason, I believe you are real like me. I have said some bad things to you in the past with all the frustration that is going on. I'm sorry for all of it. We're in this together til' the end.

Unknown said...

Blossom, if you are a victim here, then you are not alone. Much like you I have been toyed with over and over again like cats ganging up on a ball of string for years. But I'm still hanging on to hope. I think it may be real this time. A lot is happening in my life and I see things happening. But if it turns out to be another disappointment, I want you to know I will probably stay here with you until I'm 80, if I can help it. Because we need each other. I have a feeling there aren't many of us who are actually "real" in this world. Even people posting on this very blog. But for some reason, I believe you are real like me. I have said some bad things to you in the past with all the frustration that has gone on in our lives. I'm sorry for all of it that wasn't positive and uplifting to you. But we're in this together now until the very end, and I have been here from the very start. Gordie is not my real name. Let me introduce myself to you. I am Ron. From this moment forward, we will go on holding hands into the great unknown.

Blossom Goodchild said...

awwww! gee ,,, shucks ... Fanks Ron!!

Unknown said...

Hi again, Blossom,

I never heard the term "Fanks" before, so I had to Google it and this webpage popped up:


Can you tell me which definition of the word you were implying when you stated it? I'm confuzzled!

Fanks Blossom! ;-)


Blossom Goodchild said...

@ Gordie ... so sorry to confuse.... if you 'heard' me say it ... it's like a kid that can't say her 'th's properly!!!That's all . I had no idea it would be in a dictionary ... !!Hope this clears this up. Love Bloss xx

Anonymous said...

Hello everybody. Nothing happening, eh?


Unknown said...

I know, Blossom. It's okay. :-) Stay strong.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous thanks you for this:


fantastic! .......will share

A few years back just after the 14th Oct scenario and just before Blossom got the moon channel (Nov.30th 2008) I saw a ring around the full moon,within that ring was a clear night sky,outside the ring a starry sky,I later saw a post from someone describing seeing the same thing,they called it a cloaked Mothership!

Are we your typical UFO followers? NO we are not,well at least myself and those that I am now mixing with are not,so why are we so focused on all this? ask that question,it is one I ask myself a lot,is it that we know something is going on that is beyond our imagination,beyond our minds knowing,something that our heart knows all to well!
The channels from The Federation of Light feel like post cards from home,how can you explain that feeling to another?

channel just after the 14th Oct 2008

Dear souls of earth … ask your hearts where we are. You will feel them beat faster and louder and this is us telling you we are so very near. We said we would not leave until we have accomplished our mission. It is not accomplished yet and that is why we are still here. Keep searching within yourselves for your TRUTH. Seek and thou shall find … is this not so? Adieu.

Anonymous said...

Andromeda Council confirms ships in back side of the moon


Anonymous said...

Back 5 yrs ago, I asked Bashar about the no show on the event then. He said that he thought that the beings could see the event happening since for them time is something very different than it is for us. He thought they were so excited that it was and is impossible for them to see the difference between "immanent" for them and "immanent" for us. However, at the beginning of 2013, he also said that it wasn't 2012 that was the "big year" -- it was 2013. We were supposed to have another big ship drive by like the Phoenix Lights in 2013, and Bashar warned of 911, so I believe him. That leaves us with 2 months to go. So I think at a minimum, we will have the big ship drive by before 2014 rings in.

Anonymous said...

to "Bashar" anon.... or maybe the FOL is not only seeing a different "time" but they are also seeing a different "dimension" and what they see is happening in another Earth, and we may be attending a phone call not intended for us.... OOOps, wrong number, sorry....

Unknown said...

Good channeling today, Blossom. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

FOL turned out to be a party-pooper, "before 2014 ends...." what a way to kill excitement!! That's what we get for asking, well deserved!!

Anonymous said...

Blossom: "are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet?
FOL: We are still one year away, shut up!!
We may not have love and light, but at least we have LAUGHTER.

Blossom Goodchild said...

I personally don't think we are a year away .... could just be waiting for the traffic Lights to turn green. Just doing what I came here to do , and will keep on doing more of the same . Bloss xxx