May 15, 2012

A mini channelling it seems!

I don’t write so many posts anymore , because I really don’t know what new to write about! Over the years I have been inspired here and there ... and I bet if I had a look back through I would think 'Seriously ... did I write that?'

How our perception of so much has transformed into the New Us. We think ...  behave ... react ... impart ... receive  ... so differently from our former selves and I have a FEELING that ALL that is to come upon us in the very near future will quadruple in 'transformation ability' in just a few days/months compared to the years we can reminisce over at this moment in time.
Who will we BE? Who are we about to become? Will we KNOW what to do when we receive our calling? Will we hear the call? What if we don't? Will we miss the boat? Will there even be a boat ?

All these questions it seems ... are unnerving some souls. They are in fear of 'Letting the side down'.


In these very precious times one has to discipline the self to focus ONLY on the strength and the Light . To 'give in' to fear and what may occur zaps the energy field of the self and all around.





Do not consider the fact of crumbling . For what you think you create. Concentrate only on BEING EMPOWERED by drawing into yourself the Light from your HIGHER SELF ....


It will assist in bringing others through .

Do we KNOW what lies ahead ?  ... Of Course not!

That's the surprise!

Whatever it is ... WE WILL BE READY!

Our schooling is over ... whether you FEEL you have revised enough or not  ...  HERE COMES THE BIGGY!

I just KNOW that we will surprise ourselves. Yet then ... we will 'GET IT". We will be able to recognise ourselves ... once again .

 Suddenly we will be saying to ourselves 'Hello .... about time !! Welcome back!'.

We will FEEL the excitement as we remember who we Truly are and we will be filled with an understanding of 'what this is all about'.

'Ah yes ... I remember ' we shall say ... and we shall let go off any 'What ifs' or 'But how can I's'

We will take up our rightful positions and stand firm. We will shine our Light from our chosen groundings and watch as it draws those who are afraid and in the dark ... out of their 'blind panic' and offer them a place where they can see! A Light so bright that no one can be lost .... Yet let it be said ... each has a choice.

As you shine ... KNOW that is what you came here to do and allow this to guide you each step of the way.

Listen not to the harbinger's of  'The Worst'... for they are planted to deceive.

Listen only to that still voice within that whispers your next move. Adhere to that voice ... for it will be the beacon for yourself  ... as you are the beacon for so many others,

Never question your Trust in yourself. These times ahead are New and Different times. There shall be a New quality to the KNOWING ... So , yes it may FEEL different for a time as one adjusts . Yet as with ALL CHANGE ... the dust shall settle and  the undeniable TRUTH shall lead you home .

Brave souls .... Walking into this 'plan' with absolute heartfelt KNOWING that 'Thy will be done'.

And it shall be.

FEEL the union as brothers and sisters recognise each other as the ONE Family of Light .

This 'Coming together' shall be a time of GREAT CELEBRATION . Never let that KNOWING leave your thought. You have been guided to this time ... and NOW YOU ARE HERE.

Therefore ... be not afraid of what is to come . Embrace it . Indeed there shall be turmoil ... expect it ... yet do not let it 'take over;'

Your responsibility is to stay in joy . Expand openly the Light/Love that you are and teach teach teach all that you have learned. You do not need qualifications . You do not need to be a scholar ...


Why would you be afraid of that? How could you be afraid of that?

Charge your batteries when ever you 'think' too. For this will be most necessary if you are to remain in your strength .

Prepare your energy NOW ... for the coming days .

Prepare all that you KNOW to prepare ... Let there not be regrets of 'If only I had 's'.



Like you ... we seek only to serve.

Mmm .! Well that seemed to turn into a bit of a channelling! Suits me! Thank you .
Love Light laughter and Golden Rays
Blossom . xxx


Zoolithe (Kerrie) said...

Love it!!!!!!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you Blos great beams of luv and light to YOU and our wonderful guiding 'team' and thank You Higher Self for leading me here today. The words here and in the last channeling of May 9 filled me with a rush of light tinging sensation of this is truth. What is being said of going within listening to our soul promptings and 'holding' the LIGHT,so important. much love and peace be with all~ x0x0 light swords UP ~ oh and if possible everyone please join in as many group light grounding meditations as possible. if you wish to know of some pls write to me
we are just beginning a beautifu 40 day kriya with Gurmukh and Snatum Kaur that strengthens our tolerance, enriches the children, releases past welcomes new. It is so very enriching and will raise your innerGees up just like that. Spirit

Gaea Redwood - hanging on in Alabama USA
I get thrown out if i sign in so i go with anon identity ;)

Anonymous said...

me again.. a question:
do we have somewhere in this site a place to find others nearby, so that we can find peace within each others kindridship / here in AL the bible belt that will be hit very hard by the truths surging forward, truth of our origins, and the lies to hide this, we need a strong support system for each other. Any takers in mid to north AL? can we create this meeting space here? I am willing to travel and meet up with others in S/E USA and most especially join together to create a community ~ thanks

Christine Hoeflich said...

Absolutely wonderful! Time to bring it on! (Even though it will be difficult and chaotic at first, the Divine Plan will bring a new world that works for everyone.)

Anonymous said...

?was this said by them or was it your story...don't understand that100%.Anyway nice to read again.

greatings from Europe

Anonymous said...

Gosh! This post truly led me into tears!! Beautiful words. Touch my heart. Always. Love! Thanks!

Sibeles from Brazil

Zoolithe (Kerrie) said...

Gaea Redwood The Federation of Light have mentioned Alabama,also it is on the sacred 33 parallel as mentioned in ancient Aliens,I was guided to a place here in Australia that turned out to also be on that parallel,Blossom’s guide White Cloud contacted a Reiki Master in Texas who also lives on the 33 parallel, we are connecting through this grid,I can see it in the night sky,I feel it is to do with the Christ Light crystalline grid,Sonja from The Netherlands of specialises in it,Sonja is my guide in all of this,I am winging it to tell you the truth,I just follow my guidance and find out later what it is I am doing,I feel this assists me to not get overwhelmed,The FOL are of such grace,for this I am grateful, there are a few of us working the grids on my site and we are very supportive, not only of each other but of those that are starting to have experiences and want answers,there are many other members also from all around the world from all walks of life,preparing and starting up groups like England Olympic games activation,L & L from Mexico who posts here has taken amazing photos of UFOs he spends a lot of time in the field doing so,we have a new channeller who started in 2011 channeling the GFO also an Australian,so I am sure you will find support from like minded souls,this is what is needed now,we need to come together,I love the idea of grounding meditations, a lot of us are feeling the need to ground after the last triple download,a member of my sites little 4 yr old crystal child dug a hole, filled it up with rose petals and stood in it,calling out to her very ungrounded dad of late ‘look at me’ blessings Kerrie (Zoolithe)

Anonymous said...

HEY Zoolithe, is this name partly to do with Litha ? that's my longtime fav day of whole year. Luv the 4 yr old filling hole with rose petals~
i watch the sky, on oct 14 i saw a wedge shape above me most all the time on a hill, a fav meditation spot. I have been looking for seems so long to connect physically in community. For sure spirit brought me here to this place, leaving the rat race and moving to a place to experience more fully the greatest teacher, mama earth, its been a challenge sometimes, tho i can see just how much higher self has become this body, i beg for that every day and for world teacher(s) to return.. i'm not big on channelers, rather spend the InnerGee listening, there are a few tho and Blos is one that really seems to charge my batteries, yeah ! and its funny that just yesterday was motivated to recheck to see where the exact 33 parallel line crosses, parts of AL are on it, i am SO close, it must be something to do with what FoL were talking about. thank you for writing.. btw, have you been addressing me via yahoo messages? someone just began and is best to know before accepting. Peace B ~


7kimba8 said...

So Blossom, is this explaining in a slightly more expanded way, about the pillars of light or the jars of Love? :) Every time I read something from you now, I get a "reminder" of those two messages. As far as Purpose goes, I see the Love Creating the Pillars. Just me likely.

Blossom Goodchild said...

Far out ... I'd forgotten all about the jars of Love . thanks for the reminder ... Got loads of it at the mo ... so I'll get pouring! thanks Bloss.

Zoolithe (Kerrie) said...

hi G
Zoolithe was given to me in my head at 3am a couple of years ago and when I asked who it was I was told thyself,Zilantrah from suggested I start to use it,he felt it may be an aspect of me that is connected to Mother Earth,he said it sounds like an elemental and that it may assist me with that connection and I need all the grounding I can get!
No I haven’t been emailing you through Yahoo G,yes something happened around the 14th Oct,I was in meditation that day doing a White Cloud visualisation when suddenly the vision changed and I do not get too many visuals,I saw a young man dressed in WW1 uniform aiming a bow and arrow at the sky,he was trembling with fear, I touched his shoulder and he feel to his knees and cried,I sat there stroking his head,I felt so sad for him,on the 24th Oct (which would be the 14th Oct on the other older calendar) an energy was in the sky that felt heavy and dark,I went out side and there were dark clouds,I remember feeling uneasy and I thought well thats definitely not The Federation,I went inside and I said to my staff who were very quiet,can you feel what I am feeling? and they said yes what is that? then one of them had a nose bleed,so I am putting two and two together with what I saw in meditation and what The Federation said about those who do not want this to happen! ....send them love,bless their little controlling hearts,we have heaps of it now:)

PenguinUK said...

Thanks for your uplifting and wise words dearest soul.

Anonymous said...

Hello :)
Thought I would drop by and send you some love.
The Creator loves us all.
Peace and love.

Anonymous said...

Bloss I am sure you are aware of this - just a reminder for your blog readers. Have a wonderful weekend !

Reboot of the Grid Sunday - Update

The critical mass for this visualization to have desired effect is about 118,000 people worldwide actually doing it with focus. If we consider that human concentration and meditation skills are not perfect, we need 144,000 people as the critical mass.

But to read about it is one thing and actually do the visualization on 5-20-2012 completely another. I would encourage as many people as possible to actually participate, although it may be in the early morning hours in your part of the world.

We can do it! It still needs to go viral! We need to reach millions of people, so that the critical mass of people actually doing it is attained. Please post it on your websites and blogs. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people dong this in your part of the world. You can create a video about this and post it on YouTube. If you have contact within Occupy movement or Anonymous, they might be interested in spreading this also.

Anonymous said...

Hey Blossom,
I was wondering if a solar eclipse has any significance? because there is supposed to be one tomorrow in the region where I live. I feel like I need to do something!
Thanks if I get a response!

-Wes Parker

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ Wes. Someone sent me an article about it . Too long to out here .
I am sure you can get info on the net . here is a clip form the article.

This is an important date that some Mayan scholars claim is the 'real' date for Mayan predictions in 2012, not December 21; for the beginning of the return of Quetzalcoatl or The Christ. Eclipses are always powerful events as they tend to imprint potently the prevailing planetary and ray energies - deep into the etheric body of the Earth.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@wes .... a meditation link for the eclipse.

thetawave said...

Bravo! On the May 20 channel.

Vegas Barbee said...

Loved your last channeling and post! As I was reading I was being shown that I am one of the ones chosen to stand up in the middle of chaos and commotion (whenever FOL arrives) and share what I know to keep everyone calm and at peace. I live in Las Vegas, and now work inside the ARIA Resort (an MGM Property) which is part of the new City Center (a City in a City). Its interesting that there is a huge Buddha statue right near where I work. I am shown to go to the statue and stand at his edge and calm the people when its time to do so. Its a very large entry near this spot. And I meet guests from all over the world where I work and must smile at every person who walks through our doors and it is a very rewarding gesture to do all day long! Little do the people know they are receiving my Light and Love to warm their soul and to remind each person in subtle ways to be JOY!
I have tried many times to move out of Las Vegas and I have just recently returned back here in February and got settled in and immediately was hired there. Strange that I am at one of the "hubs" here and in place where I am needed. I had moved from LV to the Northern California Coast/Southern Oregon Coast to and oceanfront home (right at that tsunami time... go figure) and had a year of healing and meditation and art going on and was alone for most of it. It was an amazing adventure and was sad to leave but it was a blessing, and was needed to prepare me for the up and coming adventures here in my ole faithful Las Vegas. I must be needed back here or something because i keep getting brought back here every time I try to move away. Hmm a mermaid in the desert, I guess it will makes sense down the road. My bottles are very full and my bottles leak a little when I feel the need if the right people come in my path. My art is expanding and getting better as time goes on! I am spot on ready with my Swords high in the air ready for all to unfold! Bring it on!!! Wahoooo!
Nancy a MysticMerAngel
Las Vegas, NV

Zoolithe (Kerrie) said...

Just listened to your interview Blossom

So good! both of you, Graham is a beautiful soul,I could feel his love and your joy,so you saw the grid in the sky, I didn’t know that,I can see the grid in the sky !
Is this the grid we anchored in on Good Friday?
I bet it is. xxx

Thanks also for that last channel too Blossom, no I am not yet ready, but I will be, SOON!!!!! with a little help, resting and grounding now!!!! lol
Nancy you are blessed xxx

Anonymous said...

Blossom I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your interview, you are utterly lovely through and through, and a joy to encounter energetically.

And thank you SO much Zoolithe (Kerrie) for posting the link to Blossom's interview. It was wonderful and I'm so glad I didn't miss it. (((Hugs)))

Much love and thanks,

Anonymous said...

hi and beautiful blessed day be to all.. you know i have maybe sort of a question of others here and FoL:

the point about remaining grounded when we feel like taking OFF:

it can be looked at in a number of ways. It can be that one may feel upset - blow a fuse etc about horrors that many on mama earth are enduring, and it may also mean,
when we are SO FULL of light, we are beaming out and surrounding the earth, filling (feeling) the grids which is what i took it as and i have to say wow that's difficult however, i am going to practice this, it might one of the most powerful meta tools yet offered.. feeling full to bursting of light and sitting down with it and taking
this source in, within opening up to higher self.
I started out to say that what to do when it makes us so happy we want to jump and shout rather than holding on, then this 'thought' came to me; where it is actually more beneficial to breathe deep, hold it a few moments let it sink it. Yeah lets practice ~ much light and peace be with us all ~ gaea

Top Model Life said...

" is actually more beneficial to breathe deep, hold it a few moments let it sink in."

Yes, as a method of "concentrating" the Emotions rather than dispensing them immediately. Do know, though, that even though the Feelings are dispensed, they Also remain in the Field around you, sometimes called a aura. It is in the shape of a Torus, which is a donut shaped energy pattern that is most closely fed by what one Holds in that field. By Hold I mean, those emotions that are most frequently accessed and fed into the field.

Zoolithe (Kerrie) said...

Dear Sowelu you are welcome,I am glad you got to listen to the interview:)

Ami said...

Thank you, dear Blossom.
When I travel by train, or wherever, I usually bless people around me, one by one (in my mind). I embrace them, surrounded by a ball of white light, and say/feel: "I love you". That helps me feel connected in Oneness.

I send my love to every one of you, and I echo these words: "The winds of change are whispering your name"... We must not forget to listen to those whispers...

Anonymous said...

I am so past the fear mode, I am just TIRED, so very TIRED. I feel I just can not tolerate The dark in this world anymore. Every day I feel this has gone on WAY TO LOOONG. Does anyone else feel that this dark government, money system etc has gone on and on and on and on. It is like Groundhog Day everyday i wake up.
How can we not be ready?
How can we be expected to prepare so more?
How can we be expected to bring in more light when the dark is beyond tolarable with the light we are now?

Does anyone else feel this way?

Zoolithe (Kerrie) said...

Dear anonymous when you no longer feel like that and I no longer wish to talk talk talk then we will be ready! lol...getting there is all there good and bad,no us verses more of minds miscreations...unity conscious,focus on all the beauty mother nature is trying to gift us with, there is sooo much beauty out there/in there, control your thoughts,do not try and stop them,observe them, heal them with love and release them gently by bringing your attention to the present moment,let those aspects of you know you are not going to abandon them,they are calling out to be heard to be healed from many many past lifetimes,let go of judgement.
Forgiveness and gratitude are healing intentions and if like me you have an active mind rest in The Federation of Lights channels,there is so much peace there,they take us to the void of infinite possibilities where we will create as one a balanced dream or try White Cloud’s meditations, I love them, we are being gifted all the time if only you would allow yourself to feel and listen to the whispers in the and LIGHT from my heart to yours...we are bringing heaven to earth,us! the great union, remember who you are,unconditional love,total peace and wisdom from Father sky and creative compassionate energy from Mother earth...freedom!!!!..Honer thy Mother Earth and thy Father sky

Anonymous said...

Blossom I agree with "Way Too Long" it seams as though SOON will never arrive as stated this morning by SaLuSa via Mike Quincey.

"The way matters are shaping up, it is likely that Disclosure will occur later than we would have liked. There could be a point reached when we will have to wait for the governmental changes to first take effect."

Endless delays while hundred of thousands of humans loose their life daily to poverty, starvation, disease, and war etc.... all over the planet thanks in part to our unwanted DARK SIDE alien controllers. This Prison planet life is not exactly what we signed up for. Could the FOL have at least one POSITIVE global event to raise our vibrations thru the atmosphere and get this party rolling ?

Anonymous said...

Please Beam Up this Video

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon, sorry for that, hope you don't get me wrong by no mean, but I think that this is EXACTLY what we signed for. And we must try to fell some sort of proud of it.
Straight ahead! It will happen! That has to be enought for now...

PS. I fell the same way as you do, really do. But what is left from us if not our faith?

Blossom Goodchild said...

hi, just a warning that the below video is VERY graphic. yet it has a point ... thats why I am allowing it ... but felt I should prewarn .
many thanks . Blossom.

Zoolithe (Kerrie) said...

Couldn’t watch that video Blossom,nothing peaceful about that!

Zoolithe (Kerrie) said...

We have just had more confirmation on the 21st Dec 2012 in a crop circle

So below I created a post about what that Japanese Princess said about the 3 days of dark on that date,what that crystal child was told by Ashtar and what The Federation of Light said about it

Wow this month has been so busy already as they said it would be for us Geminis,yet I am trying to ‘go with in’.......practicing it! xxx

Anonymous said...

What's a "Favoutie Site"? On the right side of your blog pager it says "My Favoutie Sites".

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ anon .. In Truth they are links to sites that people have asked of me to put on my blog in exchange for them putting mine on theirs. networking really ... alhough I check everyone out first of course!! thanks . Blossom. xx

Blossom Goodchild said...

Nice one kerrie!!!Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Blossom, I was being facetious. I was simply pointing out the spelling error so you could fix it. Favoutie. :)

Blossom Goodchild said...

Fixed now .... thank you!

Anonymous said...

A magnificent evening to you Blossom,
Channeling 06-06-2012..

Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, was the feeling that erupted through me as awoke early this morning, and my whole day has been like this... Beaming from ear to ear was my smile and screaming at the top of my voice Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, as I drove to work (an hour's travel) in Melbourne's 5 degree temperature with the windows down and a short sleeve shirt.... an art of non judgment and no attachment... Simple but effective....

This experience for me has been happening more and more regularly over the past 6 to 8 weeks, it has and is teaching me so much about ME, my truth and my higher self.... As these three aspects of me merge and connect, is when all the real magic happens. I am not waiting for disclosure or any other event to occur, (if it does,what a bonus!!!), I am just going for it, I have nothing to loose and everything to gain. I am the one that I have been waiting for.... Look out earth here I COME!!!

May your every moment be filled with the most brilliant jewels of your soul!!!

Much Love and Light,

Daniel xx
(aka aussielightwarrior)

patricia said...

Dear Lady Blossom:

I have my idea why the fol announces things never happen. They say because we have to rise our vibrations, but you are right that what happens is the contrary. What is strange, is that there are channels all over the world, making announcements and events with dates, and nothing happens.

They are many many people dissapointed everywhere. In Latin america, in Europe, in USA, etc. I can read in spanish, english and french, that's why I can tell you that this is happening everywhere.

I don't think that our vibrations are higher when the things they promised don't happen. So, what I think is that all these beings that communicate with all those channels, want our vibrations go lower. They make us to be in expectation all the time, and this is not good for us. Why are they doing this? Because maybe they have other plans.

I don't expect anything anymore. But what make me feel mad is that they are using all these honest people (the channels), to transmit the same messages, no-events, the same excuses, over and over.

Is time to be free. We should not expect to be saved by anyone else but us.

Please excuse my english.

Love to you Lady Blossom

patricia said...

Dear Lady Blossom:

I have my idea why the fol announces things never happen. They say because we have to rise our vibrations, but you are right that what happens is the contrary. What is strange, is that there are channels all over the world, making announcements and events with dates, and nothing happens.

They are many many people dissapointed everywhere. In Latin america, in Europe, in USA, etc. I can read in spanish, english and french, that's why I can tell you that this is happening everywhere.

I don't think that our vibrations are higher when the things they promised don't happen. So, what I think is that all these beings that communicate with all those channels, want our vibrations go lower. They make us to be in expectation all the time, and this is not good for us. Why are they doing this? Because maybe they have other plans.

I don't expect anything anymore. But what make me feel mad is that they are using all these honest people (the channels), to transmit the same messages, no-events, the same excuses, over and over.

Is time to be free. We should not expect to be saved by anyone else but us.

Please excuse my english.

Love to you Lady Blossom

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ Patricia ... and as they have said many times ... they are not coming to save us ... they are coming to assist . each to ones own thoughts on the entire matter of channelling. Obviously i do not feel the same as you or I would not still be doing it. many thanks . Blossom . xx

Anonymous said...

you are a complete nutcase blossom get real

Anonymous said...

Dear Patricia, Blossom and all:

Many times I have said it but no one believes. They are here! I AM SEEING THEM. Ships of different kinds, from really small ones right above us like birds, literally BirdShips, AvesNaves, as I call them, to ENORMOUS ones that are coming closer. These are different from the usual inter-dimensional ones that are in the clouds always which are HUGE. The inter-dimensional ones are also above the active volcano in Mexico, Mt. Popocatepetl, HUGE.. no wonder the volcano has not had the dreaded major eruption that everyone has been expecting.I truly believe that they have been helping to keep it under control.

When they say soon, they are right and, dear Patricia, ellos nunca dijeron que vienen a salvar a nadie - they never said that they were coming to save anyone.

Please update your info and be at peace as soon as possible so you are able to help others and calm their fears. This is real. There is much to experience and nothing to fear.


Zoolithe (Kerrie) said...

Thank you Lightlover,I awoke this morning at 5am looked out my bedroom window at 2 stars high up in the sky as I focused on these two stars one started to move, I sat up in bed and followed it as it crossed the sky,I no longer seem to get excited it would seem,as I simply smiled and said hello:) Blossom as you can see we are still not ready,we are still stuck in fear.’thinking’ that we are powerless to attract light to us,we are light, why would we attract anything less? unless we are choosing to assist that soul that still ’thinks’ it is less then light, (send it love) simple! same as The Federation are assisting us by sending us love knowing that eventually we will remember,we are the so called fallen angels, yet we are so very loved,we are love! we have asked for assistance and they have responded,I do not protect myself as I desire to do what I came here to do and that is assist,I assist others in the physical,I assist others not physical,always have, now I have learned to ask for help and I am receiving it,I am tired as you know Blossom it is a challenge to stay in my centre,it is a challenge to be detached which is so necessary at times,especially when it is with loved ones,The Federation of Light never say no you are not ready,they know better then to put that thought in our subconscious,look at what they said Blossom it warmed my heart,we are blessed and for those that still ‘believe’ in 'dark forces’ I send you light,may you truly remember who you are,so that you can stop adding energy to that ‘belief’ and you can release those chains that no longer serve us or the planet.

The Federation of Light:
And for this we are Truly grateful. Would you say that we are underestimating your capabilities?

Zoolithe (Kerrie) said...

Another spiral this time in Israel !

Thanks to Faith for this emailing me this:

I know I said I wouldn’t post any more extracts,forgive me for not being able to contain my joy when these things happen,so many things happen and yet they seem to go unseen or explained away,I am working on a grid on the sacred 33 parallel in the blue mountains,I have connected with some others,one in Texas and I have just found out the other grid worker lives near Alabama, so if a spiral comes over Australia,Texas or Alabama you won’t be able to keep me quiet then so far it’s been China and Norway now Isreal,I am not listening to those that say it’s military, not in my world it’s not!

~The Federation of Light ~
9th June 2010

These spiral Lights shall begin to appear throughout your world … in places that may seem most unlikely. They are placed at certain points on the grid and within these energy points, are able to magnify that which they are .

Anonymous said...


You said they weren't going to save us, only assist us.

So why on October 20th 2008 did the Federation say:

"We shall reveal many many things when we fulfill the destiny of your planet."

So are they going to fulfill our destiny or are we? Or both?

Thanks. I hope this doesn't sound critical. I'm just trying to figure this all out.

Anonymous said...

While we wait for the end of this age, here's a fictional account of alien beings' affect on earth that you might enjoy:

Blossom Goodchild said...

I have not had the time obviously to read the '184days' link , but hopefully others will.Thank you.
Also ... regarding 'fulling the detiny of our planet ... to me ... I would say 'Both'! We are all in this together! Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

I like... :-) Ulpu

Anonymous said...

Blossom with all the comments you have been getting in this blog it's time to sit back and relax with a beautiful calming video in HD.

Heaven will educate us on our future when the time is right - not one moment sooner BE LOVE.......