Jun 12, 2012

Another month ... Another post .... Nothing new.

I know I sound like a broken record going over and over the same thing … yet from the letters I am receiving … it seems that we still need to … go over and over the same thing.

I caught myself only the other day saying … yet again … to a friend … ‘Who knows? All we can do is wait and see’ … because I had fallen … yet again … into the same old trap of listening to too much stuff that I had been sent. Too many interviews to listen to … Too many channellings to read … too many you tubes to watch … and most of them all with very different views of what is about to happen.

And … to make matters worse … I highly respect some of these people and feel they are coming from their Truth in the same way that I am … Yet … we can’t all be right … or wrong!

I have heard it said that there could be many different scenarios and we are getting to hear all possibilities … yet … I mean … come on chaps … all this coming from Truth Sayers is turning out to be nothing but highly confusing!!

So many souls now have decided to sit on the fence … Perched and ready to drop off … for they have lost all interest due to the massive amount of differentiating information coming through … OR … they are plain fed up of waiting around for one … just one … of these promises to be fulfilled .

Yes … we know … or so we are told … it is all going on behind the scenes. All well and good if you work back stage … however for those of us on stage or indeed those sitting in the auditorium …. One’s faith about that can easily wane after waiting so long … so very long ... for the show to begin. No wonder some have walked out and are demanding their money back.

Now … all this may appear to be very negative … not so …. Well … not really!

Because so much IS happening on a positive note. It’s just not how we assumed it to be … yet!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … and again probably … and then again …

What is it YOU want to happen?

What are YOU focusing on?

How do YOU see YOUR future?

How are YOU preparing today for YOUR tomorrow?

From what I have gathered and pondered upon and decided feels right for me … surely it is a matter of … Being in LOVE … with EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IN EVERY MOMENT.

Not easy … indeed not at all easy. Yet is this not what we should be working toward?

When we hear yet another scenario that is to come about … when yet another crop circle drops into the equation prophesying dates and shifts and such like … what have we learned to do?

YES … we take note … and then let go. We come from a place of understanding that right now in our world … upon our little planet … there is a bucket load of stuff being handed out by the shovelful and it is up to us to ‘sift/shift’ through it …. gloves or no gloves … and sort out the wheat from the chaff.

Yeah Right! All very well in theory! Yet there are so many diagnosis’s (?) of what Ascension and 2012 holds in store … that even by knocking on the head the very obvious … such as the end of the world … which for me is certainly not on the cards … that still leaves us with about 90,000 other prognosis’s (?) none of which any of us REALLY know for sure is THE ONE!

Will we remain on planet Earth and simply be in another dimension? Will Scottie be on over time that week and beam us all up? Will we go underground whilst Earthly renovations get underway?

… Oh how bored I am of repeating my repeats! And Oh how bored you must be of reading them.

The fact is … the same fact as last time I talked about this fact … until it happens we simply do not know what is going to happen and when it happens …we will!! Because whatever it is … it will be happening … at some point … or not!

What if you heard/read all the different proposals and yet had no way of listening to another’s point of view about them? You would have to rely on yourself to be the judge … or … throw the whole lot up in the air … watch a funny movie … followed by a visit to an elderly relative , before remembering that being a Happy Human certainly FEELS wonderful and to feel Love in your heart because you are coming from it … is surely the best thing in the world!!!

I have just decided to declare a HAPPY HUMAN DAY!! There seems to be every other kind of day ... I think a HAPPY HUMAN DAY would be a great idea. I shall think on it and propose a date in my next newsletter!!!

Throughout ALL of this … we are being asked to BE LOVE. Over and over again … Surely that must stand for something … if not EVERYTHING.

And … we know that by doing so we are raising the vibration. We do not help matters by falling back into the quagmire of despair wondering what or who is going to give out the next gloom and doom bulletin.


What more could anyone want? … Other than of course … a massive great Light ship to show up in our skies for days on end … that just so happens to have extremely large Pillars of Light popping out of its windows at regular intervals !!

And in my heart … deep down within it … I know that is a highly likely possibility … one day … and whilst I am patiently … so very patiently awaiting for that day to arrive … I shall remain as joyous as humanly possible … because it’s so much more pleasurable than allowing oneself to get sucked into the vacuum of despair or indeed indifference … thinking that nothing is ever going to happen and this is all just a silly ruse.

I know which way I choose to go about it.

Something IS going to happen. It’s 2012 and something HUGE is going to look us in the face and say … ‘Told you so’!

And we’ll say … ‘Yes you did … ‘ and NOW LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!

This is just a waffle on really … on and on and on … for now! I do not look back into other posts , yet much of this ‘rings a bell’ … Apologies … I am almost on a par with repeats of ‘The Simpsons’ or ‘Friends’ (ain’t nothin’ wrong with Friends!)
Thanks for reading this far .
Golden Rays in abundance.
 Blossom G!


Anonymous said...

Great Rant Bloss - lets all go back to the late 50's and early 60's when we were kids and turn off this nasty brainwashing internet and subliminal messaging TV's and trashon the Radio's. Then relearn to relax play and Love one another as GOD intended in the first place.


Will I am said...

It seems like you live a life of expectation. When does life ever meet it's expectation? I would feel that Ascension is always a happening in the moment, expectation and our
impatience for the arrival of the expected robs us of the experience of the expectation. The past was in the moment,the present is in the moment and the future will be in the moment when it arrives, but when we create the future from the present that future will always be a past creation, creating more disappointment of an expectation unrealized.
In Light, Will I am

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ Will I am . point taken , yet I try to live in the NOW of today and each moment ... and in general Love my life and I am a very happy bunny . I have let go of expectations truly ... just a bit 'over' all the different scenarios . Yes I dont have to read /hear them , yet in my position I feel I should keep up with whats going on ... to a certain degree. I do not read all I get sent by any means ! thanks. have a great day I know i will.

Anonymous said...

We are getting there slowly,but even that is a perception Blossom for in truth so much is happening so very fast these days and I am actually working on slowing it all down by getting rid of stuff,I have been having dreams of almost missing my train over the last couple of years, I do end up catching it, but I don’t have time to pick up all my baggage even though each time I dream this dream I have created different ways to achieve this task,I am very creative how I do this in my dreams,once I even rode a horse there so I couldn’t take much baggage but then I almost missed my train as I was busy organising someone to pick up the horse! lol.
I do all sorts of things to challenge myself rather then just letting go and getting on that train, when I catch that train with ease and grace free of the baggage, I will know I ‘got it’ for in the dreams I never get to my destination and I still don’t know what the destination is,in one of the dreams I was wearing a school uniform so that was very appropriate:)

I was reading this yesterday from Master Hilarion it helped me,I hope it helps others to feel less confused about what is going on.

Keep a steady course on the Path that you have chosen and trust that all is well. Everything that comes up for review is just passing through your consciousness – bless it all and gives thanks that it is leaving. As this process continues, it is refining your thought patterns and ways of expressing to a higher, more loving and all encompassing level. Be aware that those around you who have awakened might begin to express that which needs to be cleared from them and since you have already gone through this process, you can be understanding and patient with the ways in which these manifest through them.

Here is the link to the full channel that was posted


Top Model Life said...

The notion that we create our realities as we go along, satisfies my quest for a "unifying theory". I hope that makes sense to someone else.

I once read in a little (lol some 900 pages) book called Science of Mind, something along the lines that "Source"/God, has NO preference for HOW it is you CHOOSE to USE IT, but use IT you will and Do, ALL THE TIME. Mold it TO anything that you desire.

The Universe does Not Stop what is called here, "evil", from happening. The dark ones have understood this. But Dark is Easily vanquished, by the mere EXISTENCE of light and it is done. Carry the light with you always, If it is YOU, then you are ALL WAYS, in the Light. It is, DESIRE that brings the thought to form. It IS the jet fuel, if you Will, giggle. Just keep DOing you Blossom and Hold the Celebration.

Anonymous said...

Aloha Blossom,
I too am wondering (not struggling) with what isn't happening. I recall that some lightworkers (Inelia Benz...) say that ascension is a process that will take three generations and will not occur in a flash this year. Many lightworkers say it will. Well, the good thing about this is that we'll know in just a few months. All we know right now is that the major events we expected have yet to materialize.

I very much respect you for being honest with your doubts. Thank you so much. Please keep your integrity as the year continues to unfold.

Kauai Joe

Anonymous said...

I have a good feeling about today's channeling, Blossom. Excellent work keeping them on their toes. (Do they have any?)


Anonymous said...


Love your sense of humour, love your channelings and most of all LOVE YOU!!!


Hafrun said...

You are so refreshing Blossom you make me
laugh. Thank you.
Here is something if you have time.


With love and thanks

Dave said...

Thank you for the latest channeling, Blossom. It sounds like the common denominator will be this "event", and where we go from there is up in the air. I would like to kindly ask that you ask more of this "event" in your next channeling. I completely understand your hesitation at asking about timing, but...may I ask if you could get at least some sort of a timeframe? A certain quarter? A month? Also, I'd like to know more about the "event" itself if possible and how our friends will be involved.

Thanks so much, Blossom. Love and light to you always.


Anonymous said...

Hafrun I listen to 1 min. of the video and saw that it is about arrests again,why is it so many seemingly intelligent people are still in duality ? (us against them) is there oneness or not? what are these people going to do when their many lives are shown to them when the veil drops and they realise that they too have ‘sinned', will they forgive themselves as The Federation have taught us to do or will they judge themselves as they have judged others? I pray they love themselves unconditionally,talking about praying that is what I am going to do more of praying and meditating (speaking and listening) time hop off this merry go round,as it goes through it’s releasing and just focus on letting go of my baggage so I can catch that train.

Anonymous said...

Hey just thought I'd post this because I thought it was interesting.
I'm kind of tired of corruption in this world and wish the truth would come out and help us.
Paul Hellyer is a cool guy.



Anonymous said...

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Vi pozitivno znati naučili kako dostaviti problem do Light i da je važno.
Extra pojedinci moraju read i to razumjeti ovu bočni
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svidio zato što definitivno ima dar.
vrlo nice staviti gore i sigurno vole ovu web stranicu, keep on
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Blossom Goodchild said...

a google translation of above

Can I just simply tell someone what to search for help
really knows is aware of what they are talking to on the internet.
You know the positive learned how to submit a problem to light and that is important.
Extra individuals must read and understand this side
in the story. I can not imagine that you believe there is no good
liked it because it definitely has a gift.
very nice and certainly put up a website like this, keep on..

Anonymous said...

I am receiving guidance to repost the Federation of Light’s activation channel on my site, so I will post it here too I guess if anyone is interested, this is why I shouldn’t say I won’t do anything, because my ego doesn’t always know yet what my soul desires!
Blossom received this channel on the 21st June 2010 (winter solstice here in Australia) the day I was guided to where I now go regularly on the sacred 33 parallel in The Blue Mountains,I will be going there on the 21st June Winter solstice here in Australia and connecting at 8am Sydney time,I am meeting someone there that has been contacted,he received beautiful communication and was gifted with a sighting at that spot.

~The Federation of Light~ 21st June 2010~

Blossom:When we have asked … what are we to expect?

FOL : Initiation. A welcoming home. A change in your vibration that shall be noticeable by you and those with whom you come into contact. You shall slowly as each day passes recognise your inner power. You shall exceed all your expectations of who you are in all that you are.
We would ask you now to stop reading any further and to close your eyes and take in three very deep breathes. We do not just mean for you Blossom to do this at this moment … but for all who read these words to stop and do this now in this moment. As you do so imagine the whitest brightest Light entering through your crown chakra and expanding within and without. Allow it to surround from ‘within you’ ... reaching out ‘through you’ into your aura and sit with it for another two deep breathes. We ask you to do this now … whilst repeating the words ‘ACTIVATE ACTIVATE ACTIVATE’. You will know when it is done and when you are ready to open your eyes and continue to read. You will simply know when you have ‘activated your system. ~The Federation of Light~ 21st June 2010

P.S. Below is a youtube of what what Mother Earth is going through,this is why we need to awaken,not stay stuck in duality,in revenge and judgement,we are all one... ALL OF US ! no more mind miscreations love is all there is.


~The Federation of Light ~ 12th Oct 2010
Love life itself for you and ALL creation are of it. Love everything equally dear ones. Do not reserve your greatest Love for those you feel deserve it. GIVE of LOVE to ALL. BE of LOVE to ALL. And when ALL understand of this … you have Ascended into your new world.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ Kerrie ... keep up the splendid work ... we all need these reminders ... so I thank you for your reknowned diligence. Much Love Blossom .

Anonymous said...


Andrew said...

Thank you for your channeling. Very exciting. I have been feeling an acceleration in the last week or so. I agree with your decision to avoid asking for a time; because time only creates an expectation - which we know can be destructive... at times :D. All is as should be. <3

Anonymous said...

A call for HELP from Dr Carol Rosin ( former assistant to Dr Wernher Von Braun) to fund transportation and lodging to get a PEACE Treaty to ban Space Based Weapons Signed by World Leaders.


Wernher Magnus Maximilian, Freiherr[1] von Braun (March 23, 1912 – June 16, 1977) was a German-born rocket scientist, aerospace engineer, space architect, and one of the leading figures in the development of rocket technology in Nazi Germany during World War II and, subsequently, the United States.

Anonymous said...


I have not posted to your blog since the disappointment last year when the GFL cancelled the "for sure" light pillars. We are 6 months in now and nothing exciting yet. Sure things are happening in the world but there is always something happening somewhere! This Event they have promised us just doesn't raise my hopes. They have told us so many times to hold onto our hats that it no longer has an emotional impact in me apart from sarcasm.

I guess I still have some hope, a pilot light of hope. A small flickering light. I love your questions to the GFL. You ask all the right questions that I would ask as a skeptic. So thank you for that at least. Is the GFL messages just for the choir? They must know that for some of us we need evidence. I would love to be able to have faith only. But that would be a lie. Are we to be left out?

Our cat we love very much has disappeared for over a week. We are scared that someone has taken him. I don't know if there is anything to this stuff but if people could picture the concept  of our grey cat being returned it can't hurt.

Thank you, 

Anonymous said...

Blossom - please ask them about the arrest of the Cabal which some believe are due to begin today 6/21/12. They supposedly will be given the chance to surrender and be rehabilitated or erased and removed from Earth's history ?

Hope you did not have any quake damage.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling the FOL will have something important to say in your next channel Blossom. Let's see if I'm right.

Andrew said...

Your 24th channeling was beautiful blossom. Thank you for delivering there message to us. I resonated so well with what was said.

I know I can feel it. I know that 'inside' I am growing in my light and I am so excited for whatever is coming, because I know that I have already agreed to be a part of it in some other time as well as now! :D

Love and light. <3

Anonymous said...

Just read the 24th Channeling and its so beautiful!!! Resonates so much with me!
Thanks again, Blossom, for being here with us to provide the inspiration to keep on keepin' on...
Many thanks to the FOL!

gregorious said...

To the Federation of Light: We will be celebrating our INDEPENDENCE DAY on July 4th here in the United States of America. What a wonderful idea it would be to suggest to you's that YOU join US in celebrating this day. It would leave some to figure out why you came and showed up to deliver a wonderfully spectacular Light show that evening. Do IT all over our world. I will see IT as a sign of Great Indepence for our Human kind. Give IT a serious thought !!
I also want to send Love to ALL, and Love to Blossom especially, for sticking your neck out there where others would never think of going. THANK YOU ! ! ! !

Ami said...

Thank you dear Blossom and FOL!!!
You are an inspiration to our hearts!
Love to all you!

Ulpu said...

Ah, this is what we came here for....bugger sometimes we forget, I do anyhow. But in the end it will all work out am certain and we can sit around a campfire and remember our tour of duty with pride and fondness. Am certain others in future will sit and talk about the amazing race of Light Workers whom if they could not get over it, under it or go around it they simply went through it. Stubborn, never say die even when the knees are shaking from the effort of standing up and keep on going yet amazingly love filled for all the World Warriors of Heavens lot. Legends are born that way. :-)

Bless your cotton socks you lot, keep on keeping on and stand proud of whom you really are. :-)

Anonymous said...

:) ..... I kept looking at this old post expecting another comment here for some reason and I guess you are the one I was expecting Ulpu xxx