Apr 10, 2012

FEELING the Sound of Silence.

Ok , definitely time for a new post … yet what’s new? How is your life progressing? Anything new to report? Do you FEEL change? In You? Around you? I can’t say anything outwardly appears different. Weather may make it seem so, other than that … life goes on living .

Yet what about inwardly … what changes there? Do you feel a change there? Can you say you have grown? We all have to have done … but how does it feel?

I feel more content … amongst all the uprising ... I feel with inside of me a deeper understanding of ‘what is‘ and yet I know not 'what is' and 'what is not'. It’s not about the knowing 'what' , its 'what' the feeling 'is'.

In my position, and I maybe repeating myself here , people assume that I know a lot more about a lot of things than I actually do. They expect to have deep and meaningful conversations with me … some take quite a journey , or are holidaying from a far off land and take time out to meet me . I laugh quietly as I see them surprised at my lack of this, that and indeed the other !

Never had a brain that retained things … it only hangs onto what it finds important … and clearly that’s not a lot ! Yet … come the time to say goodbye … our souls meet as we hug … on a different level from all the chit chat. We feel a depth of connection that was not there during the words conversed about what ‘I’ think about such and such and if it will or will not happen.

In the silence of the embrace we say a ‘hello’ that makes the heart much more noticeable . A ‘hello again’ and ‘a goodbye for now’ clutches into the heart strings and plays a sweet melody of an understanding between souls. A bond shared with so called strangers … because we have a deep appreciation of each other as we bravely walk the same road. It is within that moment that we recognise each other and why it is we met this time around.

Not to compare notes … not to dispute prophesies … for none of this matters one jot. We met to connect on a heart level that strengthens the soul’s purpose and in that one encounter … this life time around … we KNOW .

To touch hearts is what we are here to do. As a mother strokes her babe to slowly bring her out of sleep , she caresses that face not with her hand , but from the love of her heart . Before the eyes open ... the child FEELS the LOVE. She smells it … she senses it’s safety … which in turn allows it to open her eyes and ‘see’!

Love needs no words. There are too many superfluous wastings of such precious time. Yet in the silence of a breath … as Love sends out its warm energy flow … an entire chapter is spoken.

Be of LOVE. KNOW of the LOVE that weaves its gentle web across our planet and out into the universe. Let us with words unspoken build upon this web, strengthening our cause to be here.

Enough of ‘I know this ,I know that’ … it matters not what we know at this time … for in time … we will know it all. Yet It matters greatly that you FEEL .

FEEL this LOVE …. EXPRESS this LOVE … KNOW this LOVE. BE this LOVE. For the more you FEEL it speaking to you … the more you allow it to speak for itself.

Let it speak through your eyes. Let your heart speak unheard …yet graciously received.

Less now of ‘what if’ and ‘I wonder what?’. Simply allow. Merely walk your days in the wondrous expression of BEING YOURSELF … LOVE . That is all that needs to be done …

Are you doing it?

In Silence came the reply.

yet so deeply felt.

Love light Laughter and Golden Rays
Blossom, xxx


Anonymous said...

Well you don’t have to know,White Cloud does! all you have to do is be the love that you are and serve.... should you choose,for that many of us are grateful:)

I just came across this Blossom,this is why White Cloud uses metaphors:

metaphors create thoughts, emotions and mental images that allow you to understand Light Language.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sharing, Blossom. Thank you so much for this! ((((Hugs!))))

The ease, the peace, the quiet joy and wonder evoked... would that the entire world meet in the space you created with this post!

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom, just a question. Did you ever get a chance to ask the Federation about the riddles they gave us before Oct. the 14th? The diamond, table, snowcone, etc.? It would be fantastic to find out the meaning of these :)

P.S. The state of Alabama and Kerrie's house both lie on the 33rd parallel. So that might be what the clue Alabama was all about.

Laura said...

Thank-you for your post Blossom. I'm feeling very at peace within the silence these days as well. My life at home is peaceful, quiet and filled with much joy and love. However, I welcome any advice from those who read your blog on how to relate to family who continue to live in the old world. I find that in the presence of certain family members outside of my home, I have great trouble sustaining that peaceful, loving state. It's easy to distance yourself from a stranger with whom you don't resonate, but not so much with family. I'm really struggling with one person in particular, and any advice any of you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you!!

P.S. Unfortunately I'm unable to make this trip, but thought that the people here would resonate with it. It's a 6-day healing journey/workshop for a group of 12, in the Canadian Rockies facilitated by Loesje Jacob, and my dear friend Kerry of Atlantic Ground Control.


Blessings to you all,

Blossom Goodchild said...

@Laura. What I do in that situation is keep remembering to put that person in a bubble of Light ... with me! ... It's the only thing I know to do .. and when with them , just send those Golden Rays no matter what!!!
Blossom xxx

Anonymous said...

Anonymous I am thinking about what you said about Alabama being also on the sacred 33 parallel, my home is not on it, The Blue Mountains is,they are a couple of hours drive from me.
On the Winter Solstice of 2009 the day Blossom received the activation channel, I knew I had to go to the mountains, I drove at 3am not knowing where I was going and ended up at a waterfall near the mountains known as The Three Sisters, I have been taking a sacred crystal there regulary now, including on 11/11/11
About a year or so ago White Cloud put an image of a lady wearing a yellow rose in her hair and the song the yellow rose of Texas in my head, Jill a reiki master in Texas contacted me shortly after,she said White Cloud had been interrupting her classes for 3 weeks before she understood and was able to find me.
Soon after she told me she was watching ancient aliens and discovered that her home in Texas was on the sacred 33 parallel,she said she then looked up The Blue Mountains and yes it is also! Peter Melchizedek an ordained Melchizedek priest that communicates with crystals and goes around the world working on the grid joined my site and when I asked him if he knew about the 33 parallel, he said he certainly does and showed me a picture of himself at The Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains in 2005 holding a crystal shaped like The Three Sisters he was given at Mt.Shasta,Jill had also mentioned that Alabama is on the sacred 33 parallel,she said she saw light going from Texas to Australia.

Anonymous said...

Well, chalk it up to my bad memory then. Though a couple of hours really isn't all that far away. I always thought that was cool of White Cloud to communicate with you. Question, have you ever done any channeling? If not, then maybe you and Blossom could get together one day and do a channeling with White Cloud and the Federation of Light. Obviously they have you in their plans.

Laura said...

Thanks Blossom, I will try that. I hope you have a wonderful holiday! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you anonymous,they have indeed spoken to me,it’s been a while though, it was in 2009/10 that they spoke to me 5 times,then more recently I received 3 other contacts,1 angelic, 1 from Ashtar and 1 from Telos, inner earth from Claud Adama,I do not focus enough on my contact though,I seem to focus on my site and using The Federation and White Cloud’s teachings there, I feel this is my job,I am a communicator,I need to talk (4 planets in Gemini) so that is my part in this play I feel,but yes I do grow restless,I am feeling that I need to stop and just make my own soul connection, it is time for all of us to go within and prepare,especially after that last channel,thank you Blossom for that beautiful channel I could feel their love,I have always know it would not be them that we will be greeting,not in this density or even 5th, but they are in my heart..almost in tears again....back to planet earth and the job at hand which is anchoring in the light that they are....see anon I would be hopeless if I was talking to them, I would be an emotional wreck and probably unable to stay grounded, this is why I can not understand why people can’t feel who they are,it is beyond my comprehension.

Wendy said...

Dear Blossom,
thank you so much for being " the messenger" for the federation of light.It is knowing the joy to come, that helps me with my share of duality life. I know why the federation chose you.. you speak our words, and what our hearts often feel..you express with clarity and humour what many could not...
( even the rocket scientists ). You make me laugh and make me happier. I often say to myself as I read your words, or laugh at your humour and wit " I just love you Blossom" and I do..sending you that love and hugs. XOXOXO
Enjoy your holiday and time with your son :)

Anonymous said...

Well said Wendy:) That was my thoughts too.
Love to you Blossom


Anonymous said...

...and mine too (thank you Wendy).... b.t.w. nice holidaysuit Blossom ;)

much <3 Joke

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom, the next time you do a channeling I'd love it, if you could, Pleeeease ask if these mass arrests are actually going to happen. Thanks so much !!

Anonymous said...

Response from Mass Arrest Question: Quoting DAVID WILCOCK;


"Since my briefings on the plan for Mass Arrests, I have now gotten literally dozens of staggeringly intense dreams about it. The overall "data cluster" indicates this will indeed be of tremendous, unprecedented, positive benefit to humanity."

Anonymous said...

Miss Goodchild would you please ask the Federation to elaborate a little more on this chanelling.


Blossom Goodchild said...

@ anon. It isn't my policy to ask The FOL to comment on another's channell. You must take from it what feels right for you in your heart about it . I can't say the FOL that I channell have ever mentioned about such a thing taking place. My suggestion? Keep on allowing yourself to live only in Love and what ever we are faced with we will deal with 'in love' at the time. I ... for one know less and less what is actually going to take place!

Blossom Goodchild said...

@anon. you posted a comment about 'time I did another channell' and offering breathing techniques. I did publish it , yet it has disapeared .Just letting you know i wasnt ignoring you , Thank you . I am on holiday that's why no channelling .

Anonymous said...

I do not understand why people want that ‘time line’ to happen,I am speaking about the arrests,why is this the one that people are focusing on? do we really feel in such a victim conscious still? are we so controlled by old beliefs of disempowerment that we are looking to be rescued? I don’t understand,The Federation of Light have never taught that, but I guess if thats the time line mass conscious wants then so be it,not me though,I want to know that we are all one and we are all forgiven and thus we forgive ourselves,even if there is nothing to forgive in truth,it is in the forgiveness that healing takes place,I can not judge those who channel on arrests as that is a time line that has been created, so it is a truth,but really do you want that? how many life times is it going to take for us to choose a time line in keeping with the Masters we are in our truth? we just keep creating from old belief systems over and over again,if it isn’t Devils, it’s cabal or dark entities,I have been taken in by those who have given me proof that dark entities exist for them, it is real they say, I have doubted my knowing and gone back and forward, well no more,in my truth they do not exist,never have for me and now I know why, because it is not my chosen experience,that is how powerful we are,how I have engaged people on my site in their dramas of ‘dark entities' attacking them,well I have also spoken to with those who are not choosing that experience like me,the only dark entities are the ones we create with our minds and yes if enough agree with that it will be fed.
As The Federation have said wake up to your part in this ‘PLAY’ what time line do you want to experience? live it be it! for 3 years now my ‘unworthy ego' has been speaking to me, well bless it, no more, I know my knowing I know my heart,I know we are better then who we ‘think’ we are.We haven’t been woken up for nothing, it is time!
I will not be caught up in a belief of the masses there are enough light beings shinning light to us now and I choose to focus there,this is how we will ‘get it’ by being it! love only love all else is an illusion...a bl...dy good one I know,that is how powerful we are!

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom




Anonymous said...

MAY 2 2012




Ami said...

Thank you, dear Blossom, for these last two messeges from the FOL. They are full of love, light and wisdom.
I'm sure they know that, every day, they are more and more in our hearts.
Love and light to all you,

Anonymous said...

I would like to respond to your e-mail Blossom about Obama. The most ugly things are said about him, but I can only say that I see sincerity and uprightness in his eyes.

Shoulders straight, deep breathing and .... off we go....

Thank you dear Blossom

x x x for all of you


Apple Goddess said...

Wow Blossom, just read your new channeling. THE TIME IS NOW.

thank you thank you. Big love to all here. Faith Ann Apple Goddess

Anonymous said...

The time has been now for several years now. Just more of the same.

Hafrun said...

Love you Blossom, thank you.
Let's dance :)


endless love to all

Anonymous said...

Ah dear anonymous, if what I have been already witnessing has to do with this, which I believe it does, and what I see is just a small introductory part of ALL that will come with it, all accompaniment and its repercussions, and if you do not believe nor feel that something HUUUGE is coming, the only thing you need to do is to make sure your undies are reeeeaaally tight. No kidding. Hold on to them with both hands. :))

Love and peace to you and

Love you Blossom


Anonymous said...

There was a time that I truely believed. The messages used to connect with me on a level that superseded any other belief I had. Time went on, the messages never changed much. Slowly it began to mean nothing to me.

Don't get me wrong I still have hope, otherwise why would I be on this website. I just now feel I'm at a point that I can't really get on board with too much of what is being said. I feel like a kid who has been promised to go to Disneyland and when the day comes my parents say "maybe next month."

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous I had a beautiful healing yesterday from Blossom,so my mind is just going to take a small vacation for a while, I am just going to send you love and LIGHT which your heart will recognise.
I was listening to a White Cloud meditation last night and in it White Cloud said...

‘love be in you,love be as you,

light be in you,light be as you

...breathe it in deeply beautiful soul

blessings Kerrie (Zoolithe) xxx

And this will probably be my last time of ‘bombarding you guys with quotes from The Federation:) but this is as simple and as powerful as it gets:

~The Federation of Light~

We would suggest also that you remember to breath! Throughout your day … take in three – five deep breathes … whenever you feel the need. This is a tool that can operate on many levels … some that you are not aware of.

Say to yourselves …






Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous, you feel disillusioned but you have to ask if that really comes from your feelings about the FOL or from what you are carrying that needs to be healed. Only you will know that. All of this is about healing the self FIRST to allow for transformation and the rest will come naturally. Love thyself. Heal thyself. Know thyself. The message of the FOL has FIRST always been LOVE, then they have added other details. They are being blamed for supposedly broken promises that did not go with many people's expectations. To people with pure 3d understanding, they were not here. To mine, they were here, right above Blossom's area (remember Blossom?), they did not fail. Their advice speaks a loving truth to me and that is what people are ignoring. I am only speaking about Blossom's FOL, nobody else. There is much more to be understood that comes from the level of the soul. You and many have to ask yourselves if you are doing all the soul work you need to do for your highest good FIRST and then check again the FOL messages and see if you feel a connection. You say the messages never changed much. Well, of course.. the teaching of LOVE needs to be repeated because it is being ignored. THEY ARE HERE! You have to ask yourself if your awareness is expanded enough to accept them in whichever way they show themselves.
Peace to you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,