Mar 8, 2012

Here we are then !

Well, the sun is setting here in Noosa and another day ends as the evening begins … A silvery full moon tonight and I have plans to do a meditation by the Light of it! How blessed can one be?

More and more I delight in the knowingness that my soul is happy. So much of my youth was spent not understanding how ‘it all worked’ and blaming my misfortunes on anything other than my state of mind. If I’d only known then what I know now … how different things would have been … but I didn’t … so they weren’t!

No point in regret … just grateful that I know what I know now!

The days ahead are indeed uncertain … but they have always been. Yet no matter what comes my way … I have found a place to stay in my heart and I ’ain’t movin!! It’s cosy there. It’s safe. It allows me to expect and accept the most delightful scenarios that I have attracted to myself …

I LOVE BEING … Happy … Joyous … Upbeat … Funny …

I LOVE KNOWING … Peace … Serenity … Stillness … Grace

I LOVE FEELING … Gratitude … Love … Alive … Awake!!


We didn’t come here to indulge in morbid disillusion … We didn’t come here to give up or give in. Nor did we arrive on this planet to be grateful for ‘our lot’, when ‘our lot’ is nowhere near that which we deserve … that which is our right. We didn’t come here to moan and groan about things that do not serve us. We did not come here to watch TV and fall for all the lies we are fed. We did not come here to be scared of stepping outside the square. We did not come here to be beaten and down trodden … did we!!!!!

I know I certainly didn’t, but I didn’t know that for a very long time.

We have broken out of the mould. We are recognising the power that lies deep within us. We are emerging from the cacoon. We are standing strong. We are uniting. We are listening to Truth. We are holding onto our hats (whatever that will eventually mean) and we are KNOWING that we are DOING WHAT WE CAME HERE TO DO!

At last we can FEEL the difference within ourselves. We can speak out to those who think we are raving lunatics and not care what they think about us … because WE KNOW we ARE raving lunatics!!! Just kidding … because we KNOW that in the days ahead those very same people who mock us will come seeking us out asking for assistance and oh so very happily shall it be offered.

All this that we KNOW … All this that we FEEL in our hearts … it cannot … it simply cannot be a vast en masse joke …a hoax … a fraud!

There are too many of us now, from all walks of Life … all over the world ... all KNOWING the same thing. We are on the brink of something BIG. On the very edge of change. All of us waiting to experience that which our hearts longing speaks of …

So very soon now … soon WILL BE now! … because there will be/can be no more waiting. We have been prepared. We have been waiting in position. We are ready to take flight when our hearts hear the call.

The Lights that we are shall shine brightly up and out toward those not of Earth and those of it. And they will be anchors in the darkness for those lost to find their way.

It is NOW that we must shine out those Golden Rays more brightly than ever before … ALL THE TIME! So many are seeking understanding and we in the KNOW are here to give it to them. We are gentlemen and woman and gentleness is our True nature. Let us not bombard and overload the seekers, but let us offer discernment in how much is too much at any given time.

Remember that we have learned and embraced much over many years. The newly awakened need time to digest … time to absorb. New concepts that are now ‘old hat’ to us … need to be pondered and considered. One’s new Truth needs time to adjust … to FEEL comfortable ... to FEEL at home!

We are so very close now to being shown THE TRUTH. THE TRUTH that we already KNOW yet at this time are unaware of.

We are the Way Showers … the Light Workers … the Peace Bringers.

We are the ones chosen to make this work … to see this through. Even though right now we may not KNOW what ‘this’ is …


SURELY SHIRLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Love and Thanks …
Bloss xxxx


yk248 said...

Beautiful, thanks!! :)

Anonymous said...

Blossom you have a true gift for inspired motivational expression! I'm all jazzed up now, after reading your latest blog post! Beautiful you. (((Thank you!)))


Anonymous said...

Love it! thanks Blossom, as you say too many are now joining in the party, we are coming together at last,this has been my dream,I can not begin to tell you of the magic that has been happening due to this unity,the light is growing so fast and those that are say this is ’the great disception’ have no idea what is happening among us,those of us that have faith in something bigger then us,something that picks us up and puts us up there where we belong,something that our hearts recognise as home,yet we are all playing our part as White Cloud says all is as it should be xxx

14th May 2010 ~The Federation of Light~

Then know that there are many in place just like you. Unafraid and in position. Ready to disperse fear. Ready to teach Light. Ready … simply ready. You are aware Blossom, for it has been spoken of many times … of the armies of Light that are in position for when these great changes take place on your planet. At this time many wonder why they are here. They KNOW they are here to be part of something profound … yet they cannot find their way. We tell you … in your future days … when we visit in LOVE … each soul shall have their duties awakened from within. A vast awakening will take place on a scale as yet unimaginable … KNOWLEDGE shall be redeemed for some instantaneously … and it is for those warriors to take their command and lead those who are afraid and lost BOLDLY into THE NEW WORLD … and dearest souls of earth, we shall proudly be by your side.

Anonymous said...

First let me say that I believe you all have good intentions. And once upon a time you really had me going with all the "channeling" that was going on.

My question is when the year 2013 comes rolling around and nothing "spectacular" has happened, will you finally admit this has been a ridiculous game of shenanigans? Or will we somehow "channel" more excuses why it didn't.

Thanks for your time,

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, it's useless to question or to challenge the beliefs that every person has decided to keep these final days. Let's wish everyone the best for the upcoming event, for most probably there won't be "winners" or "losers" or people who were "right" or "wrong", just people harvesting exactly what they sowed, not what they believed they were sowing. Not a punishment, not a reward, just an incredibly fair payback for each and everyone of us.
Peace to all,

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,
I have been following your blogs and messages from the FOL for a very long time now, a great many years. I love the messages and they have improved my life vastly.
However, I came across this message yesterday
and I have to say I am rather upset about it, gutted even. How can we know who to trust? My heart is shining brighter than ever as a result of the FOL messages, but how are we supposed to know who to believe? they both say listen to your heart.. well i dont mind telling you ... I cant hear my heart. Im as confused as ever.. and why would 1 message from Archangel Raguel have such an impact on me after so many beautiful messages from the FOL? ..
I do hope you can see where im coming from..! lol..
all my love and light

Anonymous said...

I was reading in The Expected one last night the comments from a Jesuit Priest about what Faith is,he said many in the church are intelligent and are aware of what happened with politics and the bible,but faith can not be written down in words that can be understood,Faith is undescribable and this is what the people hang onto, their faith! it guides them on their path I feel,it guides them perfectly to where their souls want them to go, to find their own soul truth,to heal their own story,there is so much happening now it is mind blowing, yet always I can find rest in the wisdom of The Federation of Light and White Cloud teachings,rest from this mind of mine that is doing a very good job with all that it is creating with it’s focus on my site,but in the end I find peace in my faith,in my not knowing but KNOWING!

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ Corrina. I looked into this and read it . I also went to her site ... she seems a really nice lady and full of TRUTH. So where does that leave us? ... Exactly where we were before ... living in our own Truth. I felt really uncomfortable reading this ... and for a while afterwards ... it quite upset my equilibrium for a bit ... I considered as was suggested if it was my pride that was feeling out of sorts ... and then I thought ... 'when I look up to the skies and feel such Love ... when so many of us do that ... how can that feeling be wrong?'. That settled me . Alice channells White Eagle .. I channell White Cloud ... I KNOW White Cloud would not let it be to give out disinformation ... and believe me as you know , I've checked and double checked this . I then was able to find time to watch this Project Camelot interview with Bob Dean having the feeling this would help with your reply . At first i thought 'oh oh .. this isnt good ...' then Bob Dean at 33min mark began speaking and I burst into tears ... because it is what my heart knows.The rest of the interview speaks for itself. Here is the link
It is an hour and a half long but I really feel Corrina it will put your heart at rest. He says the same as The Federation ,we must remember who we are. Just done a channeling as it felt so right to after listening to the interview ... (so many had sent it into me) ... Hopefully I will get it up by tomorrow as it is late now and it takes a while to spell check etc due to fast typing and do newsletter blah blah blah.
Golden Rays upon everything and everyone!! Bloss xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Blossom, thank you for that, it really helped. I dont know why i was so shook after reading the other channelling. It kind of ripped wholes in all my beliefs for a moment. I do know one thing, we must be love, and love attracts love.. so im just going to put that out there and hopefully it will see me right. I love the Fol with all my heart and dont want to believe anything else of them but the highest good. I have no doubts that they are here, very close watching over us.
I wish those pillars of light would appear over the worst affected places on this planet, warzones, disaster areas or painzones as i like to call them highlighting where the pain is.. for the world to see. Like giant highlights on our worst attrocities, so we could all focus on them and help heal those areas. Even the people who are totally unaware would have to sit up and take notice.. it would be a great way of starting off this whole process.. that probably sounds mad! lol.. anyway, onwards and upwards.. swords to the sky. thank you Blossom for replying to my comment, you really have helped tremendously
all my love an light

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom
I've also clicked Corrina's link and read the message from Archangel Raguel. While I would agree that it doesn't tally one bit with how listening to the FOL's channelings makes me feel, my first thought was to recall a video that I recently watched of Esther Hicks channeling Abraham in response to a question regarding the existence of the (Galactic) FOL. I have followed the teachings of Abraham for many years and nothing has ever resonated greater with my Truth (I often use their teachings to gain clarity when the FOL's words seem a little hard to understand. For me they are definitely singing from the same hymn sheet so to speak, although their use of language differs slightly). If you have a spare few minutes Blossom, please check it out. It certainly brought about a knowing smile and a nod from me.

Abraham on the existence of the(G)FOL:

Thanks for another wonderful channeling,

K.K.Padmanabhan said...
See about Pillar of Light at 3.40min in the video.
See also about Pillars of Light in this link.

Anonymous said...

You have expressed a very true statement, Kerrie: "there is so much happening it is mind blowing.." and that is exactly why we shouldn't use our installed minds anymore, particulary on creating or following exciting fantasies one after the other. Millions of minds are trapped in different sides of illusion, nothing new on this, but the news are that these minds won't be able to be functional soon due to Divine Energies, and then only Heart will be able to lead us out. If we don't shutt off our installed mind right now (I know, I have repeated this too much), we'll never be able to really listen to our Heart and complete our Task. The Heart cannot be heard by a soul that is disturbed by fear, excitement or hope. The mind CANNOT talk to the Heart either because they exist in different frequencies and speak different "lenguages", so one cannot possibly understand the other. The lenguage of the Heart is Peace -deep, true, powerful and glorious Peace-, which leads us to Freedom, our True Destiny. It will never set traps like mind does.
Choose now....from the Heart, and whatever you choose, it's OK.

yk248 said...

Thanks for your latest channeling Bloss :)


Anonymous said...

I agree Wren I couldn’t get past the first few lines,Corrina check with your feelings on a channel,there are only 2 emotions fear or love.
Wren I agree with the vibrational energy of The Federation of Light and Theo, I am a member of forum,they have been my mentors for 6 years,I followed them before I came across The Federation of Light in 2008, I bought 4 of Theo’s soul truth books and I have most of their programs uploaded on my iphone,they are the only ones I follow apart from The Federation of Light.I also have a group for them on my site,These 12 AAngels have been channeling through Sheila Gillett for 40 yrs and they were the mentors for Esther Hicks 20 yrs ago,they have said in their radio show of Feb 15th 2011 that the extraterrestrials,are of a high vibration and it is up to us to raise ours if we want to connect.
The Divine feminine is bringing in balance,The Christ light is being anchored in now by so many, and many of us are working on these pillars of lights and some have been for years, but as we come together magic is happening and I will leave that there,as Theo says trust the process! xxx

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ Corrina ... Hi again ... someone sent this in for you to say it may help with your confusion.

Bloss xx

Anonymous said...

Hello Blossom.I was the one who left the comment on your previous post, it said 'Our planet loves us and nurtured us, be wise with the choices you make'. I just want to say I kinda regret writing that right now, because we are all different souls, and what might work for some might not work for another. Everyone is on their own spiritual path. I thought my choice would be the best for everyone, and it might not be that way. It is a personal choice.

I left this comment on your blog just to wish you all much love much peace in the grace of the Creator, and good luck in your journey.

Anonymous said...

Blossom is there any way to request a chat with SaLuSa or Archangel Michael or Jesus himself ? They group you normally contact always say the same thing over and over "BE LOVE". We all get that but it's not all that easy in our 3d state of mind. They will never tell you anything useful concerning our future trial here on the old earth.

Anonymous said...

The entire universe of which we are an integral part (our light and out love)is within each of our hearts. Truly knowing that, will help us find the 'key' to who we are and what is our purpose.
Love and light to all,
Cath Clift.
(Hi Bloss and Kerry, I have been off the radar for a while, but I have still been reading and 'knowing', regulary. I'm now residing in Las Vegas...long story...a far cry from the rainforest in Victoria, Aust. Talk about pillars of light, I see one (albeit man made) shines out of the Luxor Casino, apparently it's light can be seen from the moon.)

Anonymous said...

Blossom you must see this short video that reinforces all you do.

Anonymous said...

Hello Blossom.I was the one who left the comment on your previous post, it said 'Our planet loves us and nurtured us, be wise with the choices you make'. Everyone is on their own spiritual path. There are choices to be made so, I'm just leaving this comment on your blog just to wish you all much love much peace in the grace of the Creator.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Blossom.
I really respect you for what you did. You stopped contact. You show everybody feelings about their lies.
You came back again and It is your decision, I respect that.
They don't clarify the 2012 and are still deceiving.
I hope we all move on when next year nothing happen and you can tell them farewell finally.
Take care,


Anonymous said...

Jackie Evancho - To Believe said...

Dearest Blossom, per your recent FOL channeling, I believe they are really hitting home that WE must ALL find time to silence our minds and go inside ourselves by way of daily meditations. This is where we will begin to serve our souls and connect up to the creator-source. I have done some meditation with wonderful results but I also get laxidasical and cannot even keep a regular scedule. I now have the nagging thought that I NEED to do the meditaions daily, PERIOD. I am looking forward to the next channeling and have not lost Hope that our world can be A Heaven on Earth someday. Hope as well that I can be here for that day to happen. Love To You and to our Galactic Federation of LIGHT ! !
+Greg+ in Petaluma, CA

Anonymous said...

Indeed you are correct Gregg,we are coming together connecting twice a day in meditation world wide and magic is happening,in Sydney Australia at 10am and 9pm, hearts are opening,many many are uniting and as they do the energy is raising,I dreamt last night of many lights in the sky and clouds making beautiful crystalline patterns like in a snow flake, I was calling out to them in joy sending them my love and one of the lights turned a cloud into a heart! I know I must be patient we want ALL to awaken, Blossom so many beautiful souls know The Federation of Light are of Light,these souls are awake and aware of who they are,they do not bother as I do to come here and convince others,they know they have no need to do that and it is not their job to do that,so why do I do it? maybe because I do not know better yet! but I am learning...slowly!!!???


Yet do you not desire to help a friend when they are low? You are now being shown an image of many of us gathering together with the intention of lifting the awareness of those on your planet. Like you on earth are learning to do. You have recognised that the gathering of energies that can be focused on a particular issue all together can have great effect. Why therefore, would we not do the same? We are in this together you know. All of us, working towards the same goal … Freedom.

Anonymous said...

It's my opinion that it's not correct to reply to posts when directed specifically to Blossom, like the one Greg sent. When the post is general, to share, it's OK, but it's just not right to reply to someone that was not intending to contact you, it's like getting in a middle of a conversation where you weren't invited. You could have shared your thoughts without directing them to Greg, it automatically turns the post annoying before reading the rest of the content. Or maybe I'm being too picky and nobody, not even Greg, cares about this.

Anonymous said...

Allright ill try again, maybe my previous comment was not fluffy happy golden rays enough or i made a mistake placing it, but Blossom can you aske about the pyramids? surely alot of people would like to hear the GFOL wisdom on that?. And why do they persist on not showing any form of display even in a small form, maybe close to your home, you have been putting years of effort taking the time to give these words from them, even they are for our benefit and we accept it in grace. Im a sceptic person but who am i to say your channelings are bogus or such, but the "Be love" and "soon" just dont cut it anymore. They are overseers and such with significant wisdom, but delivering a message thru you reaches what ..a million people?.. there's 7 billion of us here, what about them?.
Turn on the TV, theres blood and misery every day so people CAN handle it..what possible "disaster" can come from a mass sighting of any kind of grand show in the sky.
At least they can make effort to say to you "Blossom go outside..we have a gift for you" ..look up and poof! .. a beautiful lightship or flying donut whatever..peace be with you, thanks.

Blossom Goodchild said...

To address the above anon comments x 2. Indeed this is just your opinion . We are all entitled to our opinion . I do not always find the time to reply or even comment and sometimes it is good to know that others here will share their thoughts on the matter. It seems to be a lovely community that way , for which I am grateful.
@ other anon ... there is no need for comments to be 'fluffy amd Golden raysish' if that is not your way ... In answer to your question ... I have come to a place where I completely accept that what will be in all of this .... will be. I do not need proof ... I just feel that this year will bring us more than we , am securing some elastic on my hat! I may ask about tha pyramids if it is appropriate . I wonder if you can imagine the list of questions that people would like me to ask? As most now know ... in general I leave it to them to say what they feel is most benificial . This may not seem the case in everyones eyes , but I am trusting that one day ... all will be understood by all . I am aware that many people think' If I were in her position I would ask this and this and this and this' ... but they are not ... and I respect the position I have been given and have to go with what I feel is how they want these communications conducted.
Hoping this clears these matters up . have a lovely day . Blossom.

Anonymous said...

Firstly I want to say hello to Cath and wow Las Vegus you go girl!

Anonymous I thought about what you said,I walked in the bush and thought all this over,I know I can be annoying at times,I am busy and I don’t have time to follow others ideas of blogging protocol, I do this not for my ego,it wants me to stop! not even so much for Blossom as Blossom is obviously more then capable to stand up for herself,I do this for them, my family from the stars,they asked and I have responded, as much as I at times as I said want to just stop,I want to give all those that are wondering if it is time to shine the answer to that question as a big YES!!! do it! do not be afraid that others will be blinded by your light it is time! as The Federation said ‘Do you want us to wait a few more of your years? NOOOO!!!! after that night I had that dream of the ships and the cloud heart,I received this email from a member of my site talking about her photos of cloud ships:
I never put so much thought into it until the sightings became so many and so frequent! But I have always, everytime I see them, I thank them for protecting us, guiding us and loving us . . and I always end with "We love you :)" I think it makes them happy to know
1) we are acknowledging them;
2) we appreciate all their efforts; &
3) we love them!
I believe this shows them that our world is changing for the better, and that we are ready!! I would like to share a true recent story with you:
Just the other day, I had been seeing several different cloudships on almost a daily basis for at least a week. I was sitting on my couch looking out the window at another cloudship, when I began to doubt myself. I was wondering if these are really cloudships that I am seeing, or are they just normal clouds and I'm just making stuff up in my own mind. As soon as that thought processed, a portion of clouds parted to form a perfect heart!! It lasted for just a few seconds before the clouds dispersed again . . but that was enough to give me the confidence that what I am seeing is in fact real!
Thank you for your Support!!
Love & Light
~ Jenna

Her photos

P.S. about that triangle anonymous in the sun,there has also been a planetary alignment forming a grand trine,a few of us have had some experiences as a result.

The below links are about the grand trine:

and this:

Faith said...

Hi Everyone,

great new channel Blossom! recent dreams-1)I was graduating, wearing a red cap and gown 2)I had just finished my first year of medical school also, today my friend and I saw 7 wild turkeys in a field by the road .....seems very auspicious and fits with Blossom's latest channel! love to all, Faith

yk248 said...

Namaste Blossom :)

Love and Light

Ami said...

Dear Blossom,
Thank you so much. Every time I read those beautiful messages, I reaffirm, once again, that feeling of deep familiarity with them. Your channelings resonate with me so much... They raise my vibration, silence my brain and activate my heart.

And as for what they have said: "Never again from the moment of absolute Truth shall your planet sink into such misery.", I respond "Amen! We will do whatever is in our hands to bring and keep the light among us all, always!". Thank you FOL for so much love. We can feel you. We love you, and I, personally, give you a big "THANK YOU for introducing us to Blossom, in this life time".

Love to all you, fellows!

Anonymous said...

I've read every channelling since 2008 but frankly i'm unable to ''feel'' what these dudes are talking about. All I see is more bs talk and no meat, as always, as requested by the script from pine gap.

Somebody will have to pay for all these lies, all these broken promises, be cleverer than this Blossom, don't let it be you. Sincerely agp

Anonymous said...

In the past, when I have had interactions with a few people debating a specific point on this blog, I used to send a note like "my final word/post on this is..." which did not mean I was leaving forever, it meant just that I wasn't going to stay forever on that discussion. Now I am saying goodbye to all of you, thanking specially you Blossom and all of you that never wasted time attacking others or defending yourselves, but rather proposed or shared a thought or belief that enriched my life. All answers have been given, don't spend time asking more questions, just change the way you listen.
Peace to all, Enrique

Blossom Goodchild said...

Dear Coach . I, for one have a sadness at your leaving , yet of course respect your action. You have been close since the 2008 and so many times sent just the right words at the right time.
Thank you for sharing your wisdom with all of us ... and I know that wherever you go ... you will continue to assist many. You will be missed by me thats for sure ... for I hold you in my heart , Golden Rays Enrique . Blossom .

Anonymous said...

I hear you Enrique! .....goodbye for now,we will all find ‘our truth’ The Federation of Light is mine, but it is up to me to not care if it is not another’s truth,I will endeavour to heal the emotional re action and turn it into cr eation, I thank you for being my mirror in that regard,may we all be the peace we want to see in this world,that is the only way they will be able come here,I do know I will have to hold onto my hat when they do bring in that higher frequency,but that is ok bring it on!

Anonymous said...

You say you don't care,then bombard Blossom's readers with link after link of channelings. Are you Zoolithe or Kerrie? Do you know who you are? You are sounding schizophrenic and rather mad. Get it together girl!! Please don't loose yourself in all these maybes that might come true. Blossom, I wish you all the best as always. I'm looking forward to more reading and less online browsing. I'll catch you guys on the flip side.

Anonymous said...

I am the person who left the above message to Blossom and Kerrie-Zoo. In my haste I didn't sign off, sorry.
Peace out,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for expressing your view anonymous seriously I appreciate it,love those mirrors! it is good to know that I can open my heart and still be safe as I heal, what I said is it is up to me not to care,I am healing as are many of us,I will not take your comment to heart as I do not desire to loose myself to my wounded ego,yes I have lost myself to my heart! I am prepared for the task ahead as I have had to cope with coming here and receive some comments such as yours,I will not stop coming here for as long as I am guided to,I go around doing this for as White Cloud said to me it is what my heart is asking me to do,what he also said was to not allow thoughts of others that put me in a place that I don’t belong,isn’t it funny that I had that going on in my head this morning as I awoke,if you look at my links at being bombarding then that is a shame,but I will not stop coming here as I do not believe everyone feels the same way,this I have reason to know,I will however take onboard what White Cloud also said about just putting twigs on my fire,have a nice day! I will! more link:) if you anyone is interested in joining with us to assist Japan,all you have to do is be in your hearts and I for one will make sure I get back to that space before I do it,I am getting good at that!

* Blossom I will understand if you don’t post this,I know you do not think like I do,funny isn’t it, us united in this but not,All is as it should be though
in love and respect Kerrie (Zoolithe)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Blossom for todays channel

It is in these times that you drink daily from the Golden Chalice. It is NOW that you remember to recharge your batteries not just now and then, but twice daily .

(The channel for the Golden Chalice is the 5th of May 2011)

Blessings xx

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you are actually still around spouting your bullshit. You give humanity nothing useful with your outrageous lies and deceit. If you truly had a heart and cared about all the souls you damage you would be ashamed of what you do and begin to make amends before it's too late. You won't though, because you are broken. Broken, warped, and dysfunctional psychos like you can't see how broke they are. Then again, I could be overanalyzing you. You may be nothing more than a crook. Either way, shame on you. May all the harm you cause revisit you one-thousandfold. I intend to jumpstart the karmic retribution by spreading the truth about you until you once again go into seclusion, never to return.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@anon above. Posting this comment as we are all entitled to our opinion , although such a shame to lower the tone!! Golden Rays to you . Thanks for sharing !!!!

Greg Hairrell said...

Dearest Blossom and ALL,
After reading a couple of Anonymous' comments, I am sending you ALL some Love. I really don't want to come here to read about someone badmouthing and expressing NEGATIVE comments. I have taken what Kerrie is stating and used it for my own Truth....
@ Anon. If others comments don't resonate with you, Please help yourself and don't take these statements to Heart. You (Anon) are seriously being a bummer. I don't want to think less about anyone here and I don't think this is the forum to express such Negative thoughts towards each other. We are all the same yet uniquely different. Let's just express Good, Positive, Healing, and Helping comments.
Love To You's
+Greg+ in Petaluma, CA

Ami said...

@Anonymous (March 28, 2012 5:30 PM): it is really not necessary treating another soul the way you did. Blossom is a brave messenger, sharing with everyone all what she receive.
She does not cause harm to anybody; every one of us have freewill to hear and accept, or to ignore and reject.
Love to you...

Thank you Blossom. Powerfull channelnigs!

Sharon VK said...

@Anonymous (March 28, 2012 5.30pm)...seems to me that YOU are the one with the problem! What nasty, bitter language...I hope you eventually find the light! If you don't like what Blossom writes, then DON'T READ IT! Keep up the good work Blossom...I know this is all 'water off a duck's back' to you anyway.
Sharon VK

Shrouded said...

Please Blossom, It has been 4 years that you have been talking to this 'galactic federation' and all they have ever done is disappoint you and everyone else. It is likely they will only ever continue to do so and create scenarios that will not happen.
You shold return to what you used to do as a priority, you used to help alot of people and you can do so again without speaking to this 'federation' There are aot of people who need help out there and this 'federation' and their repeated comments are no longer providing hope.
blessings to everyone

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ shrouded . That is how you FEEL about it/them. Certainly not how I feel. And to you also ... thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Blossom, this reminded me of you.

Exodus 17:1 The whole Israelite community set out from the Desert of Sin, traveling from place to place as the LORD commanded. They camped at Rephidim, but there was no water for the people to drink. 2 So they quarreled with Moses and said, “Give us water to drink.”

Moses replied, “Why do you quarrel with me? Why do you put the LORD to the test?”

3 But the people were thirsty for water there, and they grumbled against Moses. They said, “Why did you bring us up out of Egypt to make us and our children and livestock die of thirst?”

4 Then Moses cried out to the LORD, “What am I to do with these people? They are almost ready to stone me.”

5 The LORD answered Moses, “Go out in front of the people. Take with you some of the elders of Israel and take in your hand the staff with which you struck the Nile, and go. 6 I will stand there before you by the rock at Horeb. Strike the rock, and water will come out of it for the people to drink.” So Moses did this in the sight of the elders of Israel. 7 And he called the place Massah and Meribah because the Israelites quarreled and because they tested the LORD saying, “Is the LORD among us or not?”

Anonymous said...

Shrouded this is a public forum so if I may address your comment to Blossom,it has been almost 7 years that Blossom has been speaking to them,had you read her/their book The Bridge you would have a better understanding and remember who you/they are,we are healing those of us that ’think’ we know what is going on,so that we can assist others release old paterns,old beliefs that separate us from each other, this is their gift to us,it is not only us assisting others ‘come to the light’ it is us wounded healers healing our multidimensional selves from many past lifetimes that we are NOW integrating,The Federation of Light are the teachers of the teaches,so feel blessed that your soul guided you to them.
And as I have free will, I will post another link to their
teachings for those who maybe grateful to me for giving my business away so I may study them and do what I do full time now on my site.blessings Kerrie (Zoolithe)

6th Dec 2008

BELOVED ONES …. There is a LOVE that is to enter into your Beings that is the TRUTH of your soul. It is the recognition of yourself as you are in your LIGHTNESS.
YOUR LIGHTBODY. THIS IS YOUR ASCENSION. Returning into your LIGHTBODY. As you radiate LOVE so shall you Ascend. This is so.

+Greg+ said...

Dearest ALL,
I have come back here to list the Seven Seeds of Hope. I carry these in daily thought and practise them in everyday situations. We as Humans tend to act without given thorough thought to our actions. If we were to thoughtfully think before reacting, we could avoid most repercussions towards our own actions. Please take these Seeds of Hope and practise them daily. They will help you become a better person and help others with setting examples. The 7 seeds are:


Practise these as best you can.
and Love to You's,

Anonymous said...

Greg, and nice list. I may incorporate it myself. I might add generosity on there. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Well bloss they did it again - ignored your questions as usual and said "BE LOVE" "TRUST ALL". There has always been ALIENS on this planet and inside the planet and under water bases. Maybe sitting next to you at a restaurant. The doom and gloom press is controlled by the gray alien illuminate and has been forever. We have groups of families (1% or less of the population) owning the entire wealth of our planet and making us sick or dead - and they wish to continue. Yet they say dont worry BE HAPPY. HOW DO WE ACCOMPLISH THIS TASK WE WE ARE ALL SCARED TO DEATH OF OR PENDING DEATH by what ever means? 1 out of 7 billion of us MAY see the new earth after the remodeling! We do not like the odds and only GOD can let us survive.

Anonymous said...

What we would desire is that which would be of most benefit to yourselves at this time. We understand that in these times there is much speculation as to what is or isn’t about to occur as your days roll into the coming of the Ascended world. You are becoming overwhelmed by the mass of information, not knowing that which to believe and that which to discard. It amazes /amuses us to FEEL the need upon your planet to study that which is obviously NOT of Light. We do not understand why your souls would undertake such study when it is clear from every angle that certain material does not resonate with the Highest good. And yet … some still choose to circulate these messages of doom. We cannot stop a soul from doing so , and yet we cannot help but be a bit bemused by such an action. Why? When all that is told of moving into a world of Light would one feel it necessary to spread fear?
Do you not see dearest souls that these messages of Love are here to assist as you integrate with Higher energies that are sprinkling into your world. The lower vibrational messages are being ‘setup’ to deter the Light from reaching you in its fullest capacity. Have you not grown enough within your Being to determine that which is of Truth and Light … that which makes your heart sing … compared to that which alarms your Being and allows moments of despair and fear to enter in? For we say to you … this discernment that we speak of, is as simple as that. What makes you feel good? What makes you want to uplift those around you and allow ones heart to giggle? If that which you read allows warmth to spread around your heart area then by all means carry on reading. We simply find it quite strange that when your alarm bells are ringing that there seems to be a morbid curiosity to continue forth. So that when the end of a particular message has arrived … ones mind and entire vibration is in turmoil.~The Federation of Light~

Anonymous said...

Wow. Great post Zoo... Thanks.

shrouded said...


Thank you blossom and Kerrie for your responses.

The GFOL had me believing, I would check this website everyday for a new channeling sometimes reading them 4 or 5 times, I now find it difficult to read through once. I now you will say its how 'I FEEL' and of course it is. Thats not just based on emotion.

ET's walk upon the earth, why cant they visit you Blossom. Why is it either the whole ceremony or nothing, despite them saying they have people on the ground doing all kinds of missions.

They lie to us Blossom, and they make false promises. They want blind faith with nothing to show for it. Beware false gods and false idols. I'm not religious so dont take that the wrong way.

Each channeling is the same, there is very little difference, love yourself and remember who you are. I love myself and I know all about who I am so now what? Do I sit on my hands and wait for them to finally do something?

I remember when you said if nothing happened at the end of 2011 you would stop this and i was so proud of you. Its like a pride thing now, you cant give up on them. Dont worship whatever this phenomenon is.


Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

There may be many that say "they [the FOL] just repeat themselves and say 'love yourself, trust and know who you are'" over and over again without delivering us anything more, but for me this is actually all I need to know. In fact, in some ways I find the FOL to be pretty superfluous (no disrespect intended), because if we all loved and trusted ourselves and knew who we really were, it wouldn't matter one jot who or what was out there or what their intentions were. It wouldn't matter what was going on down here on 'lil ol' Earth or how bad it may seem to have got. On trusting and remembering, we align with Source, with the power that creates worlds. Loving ourselves and remembering who and what we are is all that matters, and, for me, those who accuse the FOL of false promises haven't quite grasped the shear magnitude of what it is they are saying and what it really means. Knowing who we are and [re]aligning with Source (God) within is all that is required. The FOL are just here to remind us, not pull rabbits out of hats or sort our problems out for us - the Law of Free Will dictates that they can do no other (and the Law of Attraction states that the power is solely in our hands anyway). Their reminders are always welcomed by me, though. They put a smile on my face and spring in my step, and for this, Blossom, I thank you from the bottom of my heart <3. I'll be handing out the cake while you pour the tea :)


Anonymous said...

Shouded I am not going to convince you of anything,I am only posting to say I for one hear you and you are acknowledged, be at peace,what ever your beliefs are,I feel your heart and your concern,may I just say,it is not pride that is Blossom’s God from my experience of her,it is her desire to follow her heart despite her minds fears,many are in confusion at the moment due to us allowing our minds fears to surface to be healed,just be detached and be the observer and surrender to the divine within,allow vulnerability and gratitude for this process,trust the process,fear of the unknown must be released,we must end this illusion and stop creating Demons created by a vengeful God with human emotions,it is time to be free,we are love,God is love there is nothing else only minds mis creations.

Maureen O'Connell said...

Dear Blossom,

I know we have never met but I have been a long time reader of your newsletters and have written you previously, so I feel I know you as a friend.
I just completed 3 You Tube clips entitled "OUR EARTH IS BIRTHING HER NEW ASCENDED STATE" . My goal was to bring a message that connected the dots concerning the rash of earthquakes worldwide, the erratic winds, and the solar flares and CME's coming with regularity to our planet. Underneath the slides of nature which is calming and beautiful are very potent messages especially Clip 3 concerning Planetary Home-Make-over. The clips are not of doom or gloom but very educational and informative in a low key manner so many can absorb the information without going into fear. I hope you will pass this info in the form of the three You tube clips to your widespread worldwide audiences as the awakening ones are looking for understanding and wisdom at this juncture.
Thank You for opening your heart to my humble creation,
May Joy be your constant companion The Pendant Lady
Florida, USA

Our Earth is Birthing a New Ascended State 0001
-- Our Earth is birthing a New Ascended State 3c 0002

marla said...

Blossom, I had a dream last night (actually this morning) and you were in it. I was shocked when I logged on to 2012 scenario and saw your picture. I cannot remember what you were saying to me but my dream was like everything was flipped. My cat named Roxie was a dog named Roxie, wierd stuff.I could have seen your picture before, but I don't recall it and I was thrown for a loop this morning. WOW! That woman was in my dream! Funky times. Marla