Feb 17, 2012

Is it W'EARTH it?

Hello peoples.
Over the time I have been in the ’public eye’ I have received many emails telling me to be very careful about ‘who’ I am channelling.(quite a bit lately ... hence why I bring it up) All over this web that we weave there is much speculation as to what is and what is not of the Light.

Well, first of all EVERYTHING is of DIVINE LIGHT ENERGY.

Now then , before I prattle on … of course what I have to say are MY thoughts on the matter and certainly not set in stone. Others … for sure … FEEL differently to the way I do … but I would just like to clear a few things up … regarding my status if I may.

When in school I did not chat to the careers officer about becoming a messenger for the Star People. I knew that all I desired to do was go on the stage. I had no interest in all this ‘stuff’ what so ever. Fast forwarding … here I find myself at 54 years old delivering messages to many thousands of people from an energy that is ‘beyond me!’

This however, as I am sure you appreciate does not turn me into something I am not … and what I am not … is a rocket scientist, or indeed a high intellectual. I am not slagging myself off, just pointing out a fact. Many topics in this universe are ‘out of bounds’ for my brain it seems. I appear to have a button that shuts down when it comes to maths, politics and anything that is just PLAIN COMPLICATED!

Therefore, let us acknowledge the fact that many that chose to get in touch with me, have completely different minds/brains/thoughts/opinions. This indeed is what makes the world go round.

I AM ME. How I chose to conduct my life is because it FEELS right for ME. I know that many who offer their opinion are very well educated on certain things and hold fast their way of considering subjects such as duality/polarity/ lightness/ darkness and many other subjects of the universe that I don’t even know what the title means let alone have studied it in great detail.

Yet I have MY KNOWING. Of course … I am eager to learn … I KNOW what I KNOW and I don’t KNOW what I don’t KNOW … and so it is. It seems at times that people ‘out there’ assume they know me well, due to my ‘openness’ perhaps , and yet with all respect they know not of the life I have led and the experience there in it.

So, back to my point … Let me make it known to all that I am aware of the darkness. I experienced very nasty stuff in my early 20’s when Miss Ego ruled and I was lured into spiritual energies that were up to no good. Did they invite me into their den by being spooky and evil and such like? Of course not.They were very experienced con artists. They lured me in by pretending they were something they were not. I.e. …nice!

That was way back when … and I learned a great deal from that experience and it took me many years before I TRUSTED my ‘destiny’(?) And let’s just throw in for good measure the entire Oct 14th 2008’s little experience shall we! Energies of dark that were thrown my way from all corners of the globe attacked my soul. Am I coming through ‘clearly and distinctly’ that I KNOW what darkness is … and quite frankly do not enjoy its company at all. Again, may i say ( I'm going to anyway ... you know that) ... I dont know what I dont know about darkness ... and not really that keen to find out.

2012 is upon us. Do I consider The Federation of Light to be conning me and by doing so misleading many thousands into the fires of hell? NO … I do not. For surely I would stop if that was the case. How do I KNOW for sure they are of Light and who they say they are … I DON’T!

I do know however, the way their wisdom makes me FEEL. The way their wisdom when put into practise has made such a difference in MY life and those around me. I do KNOW that what they offer us is a way to look at things that I have not come across in other ‘religious’ offerings etc etc.

It is an individual’s choice as to what they desire to think/read/ dwell upon. As I have said many times … IF the words of The Federation do not resonate with you … find elsewhere , words that do.

And … IF IT SHOULD BE … that The Federation Of Light turn out to be nothing but nasty beasties that want to eat me up for tea ... Then ‘OOOPS a bloody daisy!’ As I lie there on their plate with their long tongues licking their snouts, dribbling over the gorgeousness of me … I will offer them the HP source and say … ENJOY ME !

At the end of the day … I am here having a wonderful life because of their wisdom. What you focus on ... you receive ... FACT! In MY heart I KNOW LOVE to the degree that I KNOW it NOW … because I don’t know what I don’t know … and with each passing day I feel more LOVE because of WHO I AM discovering myself to be … and I AM finding that out through the words of wisdom, put into practise that is offered through those that are KNOWN to us as THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT.

People speak also to me … of not recognising the dark ... only ever focusing on the Light and that this is indeed a world of duality … of opposites … and there has to be the balance … For who?

It is more than obvious to many that I simply chose not to ‘go there’ when it comes to negativity and uncomfortable stuff etc etc. It is NOT through ignorance or ego. It is through my own choice to keep everything within me and around me in as much Light as I am physically, and emotionally able … in order to assist this transition into the Golden Age , because in my eyes … I KNOW that is what we are here to do .

Of course … I respect others thoughts and they are not all so fortunate to have a platform to express them as I do. Yet I ask those who do not understand , to spare a thought for me … and put yourself in my situation … finding oneself in a very different ‘spotlight’ from the one that the little girl Blossom had dreamed to be in … And simply doing the very best I can under the circumstances!

Thank you for hearing (reading) me out. The TRUTH is that those of us who KNOW what we KNOW …. KNOW what we KNOW!! And as long as WE KNOW what we KNOW … then we shall continue forth as we have done … because our hearts tell us … that … it won’t be long now!
Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays
Blossom. xx


Anonymous said...

The TRUTH is that those of us who KNOW what we KNOW …. KNOW what we KNOW!!

I love that Blossom:)

.....you had me laughing my head off as I visualised you on that dinner plate!

Do you know why they choose you Blossom? because you are so much more then you ’think’ you are,yet you choose to ’think’ you are this individual so as to assist so many others.

Extract from The Message

For those of you that KNOW we are here with you, allow us to enter your hearts.
For those of you who are unsure as to whether we are here with you … allow us to enter your hearts. For those of you who choose to deny we are here with you … let yourself and the LOVE that you are enter your heart. You certainly are not in need of ‘us’ to figure out that! ~The Federation of Light~

Wolfke74 said...

Hi Blossom,

I always enjoy your posts, they always make me smile.After reading I feel good. The same is for me to, I only read, take things that are positive. As soon as it doesn't resonate with me , I stop reading or I don't read it at all because I can feel the neg. coming from it. Since lately together with a group we are creating our own Light Ships , we are mutual dreaming and it is a success so far.

Light,love and joy

patricia said...

Non dear Lady Blossom, it does not worth it. I have been reading you for many years. I know that you are honest and a kind person.

But this time i don't agree with you. this FOL are not the light. They can reflect the light, that is why you think they are light.

They lye to you twice. They said something that will happen and it didn't happened. OK ...they are not god, they can make mistakes like us.

But, but, but, please think a little bit without your feeling for them. They lied to you, and you forgiven them. That is too easy for them.

I told you once that I can read in spanish, english and french. I can tell you that out there, there are many many FOL making fool of people. In Argentina, in France, in Nicaragua, in USA, etc. etc. There are fols liying to people, making expect things that never happens. WHY???? WHY??? You are not the only one.

If this fols are honest with you, they would not contact you anymore, like was your wish after the pilars of light. But they did, and we begin again with messages of nice words. But they are empty. How come you don't see this???

I have my explanation. You are addicted to this messages, like many people around the world. Alcool or drugs are not worst. it is the same. you can't not be without them. When you said that you did not wanted to speak with them,,,, I thought that you were in the beginning of your cure, of your liberation. Why you began again to talk to them??? Because you can't live without them. Because your are addicted to them. And this is not good. Once you are dependant of something, you are addict, and you have to fight against this addiction. Addiction of any kind are not good for our spirits.

Please, think about this. I do not want to put darkness in your site, but the contrary, LIGHT, LIGHT AND LIGHT. lucidity comes from light.

Think about it dear Lady Blossom. Be free. This fol had said nice things, now they can stop to send more messages. We got it. OK?

Sorry if you take my message like darkness, it is not, I want light in our lives, and all this fol around the world are not giving us light, always messages of light, but not the light....even if you feel good vibrations. I don't know in english but in spanish we say: "no todo lo que brilla es oro"....what means, not everything that bright, is gold.

Think about it. Be free, truly free.


Anonymous said...

Shine your shoes.
Put them on.
Walk the path.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear!

Beautifully said, Blossom!

Many thanks and much love to you!

Dorothy said...

Hugs Blossom. I am glad to see you standing in your KNOWING. Standing in your power. You know what you know. You have no sense of dis-ease while doing so. You know what you know.

Spirit cannot lie to us if we ask them directly. Anyone who is uncomfortable with who or what they are channeling or talking with can ask, Are you of the Light? three times. And, even more wonderful is that if we are uncomfortable with the spirit we are in contact with or don't like their answers, we can dismiss them, tell them to leave or to go to the Light. We are in charge, not them.

And you are correct, each of us has our own path to follow and if any find that reading your material is distressing, they need to find another source to read. Find their own path and stop following someone else's then telling them what to do or how to live or feel. It's your life and your choice not theirs as to what you do or post or believe. Respectully allow you yours and they are allowed theirs. Free will is intact here!

Blessings Blossom. I
admire your courage for standing in your truth.

For me, FOL is love. And so are you.

Anonymous said...

Suggestion: Anyone identifying with being a Medium or Channeler read 'The Book on Mediums' by Allan Kardec.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

Unlike other channelled messages, when I read your messages and comments, I KNOW that you come from the heart. This is why, YOU are one of the great thruth tellers of our time. Thanks for being here for us.:)


Sharon VK said...

I love the way you explain things! I'm like you Blossom...I can't (& don't want to) understand all the intellectual mumbo jumbo...I like it simple & easy to understand. Anything too complicated (politics, computers, etc) & I switch off. Being a fellow Aussie, I love your laid-back style, your simplicity & your sense of humour. Keep it up!
Sharon VK

Anonymous said...

"As I lie there on their plate with their long tongues licking their snouts, dribbling over the gorgeousness of me … I will offer them the HP source and say … ENJOY ME !"

ooooooohhhh Blossom! Is that offer also available to us earth guys? If so, let us know how we may apply! Tee Hee!

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ Patricia ... in that case ... ♫ ♫ Might as well face it ♫ ♫ I'm addicted to Love ♫ ♫. xxx

Ami said...

Dear Blossom,
Freedom of choice is for everyone reading those messages through you, but respecting the path of others.
I'm very glad you try to keep the 'pillars of light' in this site where, somehow, the stone was thrown into the lake and the waves reach the shore. This is how wonderful is love...
Love & Light to all you!

Anonymous said...

So over trying to prove I am right and they are wrong,so over ’the duality game’ at last!!!!

I love this!


“Do not try to give your pearls to those who do not want them. This is very important, for all have free will choice as to when and how they wish to evolve. There are many who still require third dimensional experiences before they are ready to move higher. All have choice and all are being guided. It is the human ego that tries to “save” everyone, believing that there is only one way and it is their way. Do not fall into this trap as many already have. That freedom you wish for yourself, must be extended to all others, regardless of how plainly you can see where they stumble. Your job is simply to “be there” when and if they indicate a desire for more. You can offer suggestions, but do not get into their energy and let it go if they choose to stay where they are. This is the practice of compassion versus sympathy.”

Anonymous said...

Asking for permission Blossom, to publish this add: For those of you who wish to explore beyond FOL, Love and Light, contact me whenever you feel like doing it:
Peace to all,

Faith said...

I really enjoyed this latest channeling, thanks Blossom! xoxoxo Faith

Marianne said...

Blossom I KNOW you are following your Heart and I KNOW that the FOL are of the LIGHT! :)
Keep on keeping on - we are many who appreciate it!
Lots of Love & Kindness,

Kate said...

Bless You Blossom, your channellings validate my soul, I knew there would have to be likemindedness when you live every day in JOY! So excited & filled with so much energy, what a journey & so unique for each & every one of us! All is as is, & mote it be!
With Much Love, Kate

Crystal said...

Thank you Blossom, for the inspiration of following our inner guidance. The more so in the circumstances we have witnessed. Wherever following our inner guidance may lead us, from the moment on we are centred in our hearts, centred in love, it can only attract similar frequencies and lead us to ever more lovelight. And wherever it may lead us, this is our own way and experience, and no one outside could know better than we do. We are entitled to our point of view, we may express it, but we do no favour by giving advices. There is too much we do not know of our own life already, of the sense of our experiences, so how could we know of someone else's ...

As I am experiencing it, the present quality of frequency asks us to fully surrender to our heart and its guidance and let go of reasoning/reasonable.

Thank you for who you are Blossom, thank you for everything - I am experiencing you as a shining star :o)


Jim said...

What Kerrie said:
"The TRUTH is that those of us who KNOW what we KNOW …. KNOW what we KNOW!! "

I've never doubted a word you said Blossom and I'm not starting now. ♥♥♥

Unknown said...

Thanks Blossom,
So refreshing to read your posts,
love it, beautiful blessings
Rainbow Sabi

Sheila USA said...

Dearest Blossom,
Allow me to start off by saying that I FEEL you and the FOL are of the Highest Light. I have followed you and FOL faithfully since 2008. The Messages and your responses Resonate With Me! The Love I feel is overwhelming at times... :))
As I read FOL my response is often the same as your written response, however you took me by surprise on this one:

I loved your response to FOL's seemingly vague answers:

FOL: "Therefore, we would suggest that our suggestion has cleared up this matter. In that … It is not for those in service to offer to you KNOWING of that which is to occur in future days because this would cause you to act in a certain way which would not be beneficial towards that which we KNOW to have promised you, will take place."
BLOSSOM: "Yep , I get it … I wonder if they do courses at night school on how to speak ‘Federation’ … it would keep things simple."

I laughed so hard, it was a much-needed release for me!
I do so love your humor!

Let me finish by saying that I FEEL that You and FOL are of the Highest Light ! Tally Ho!

Anonymous said...

Well said Blossom. Follow your own intuition as nobody else can stand in your shoes and tell you what to do. Easy for them to try and do that, but not if they don't speak from the heart - and some of the comments don't imply that. You can only stand in your own truth - and so can everyone else!

Anonymous said...

Bloss - are you sure you dialed the same channel from your brain on that last blog from the 17th ? The seemed so different, so formal, so serious.

patricia said...

In spite that I think this fol are not what they say they are....I love you Blossom Lady. Your are unique. And if you are happy, that OK with me. Much love to you.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Dear Blossom!

Your Blog is "right on the money" as far as I'm concerned. As Abraham Hicks says, "if it FEELS" good (to your soul), it IS good! Keep up your wonderful work in the world (and beyond, when the time comes). In PEACE, HARMONY, LOVE, LAUGHTER & LIGHT, Nancie (Partners In Peace Unlimited)

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom
I don’t believe for a moment that these words will be any more than water off a ducks back to you but others might find them useful. Your return to the FOL is reminiscent of an abused woman returning to her abusive husband yet again. You’ve been duped big time on a global stage and not just once either. You are returning for more. Oh you feel GREAT and everything is DIVINE because it FEELS right. Despite the CAPITALIZATION I’m not convinced. The whole FOL phenomenon is the Shadow of your own psyche talking. They’re only “alien” because you don’t recognise your own projections.

You say:
“People speak also to me … of not recognising the dark ... only ever focusing on the Light and that this is indeed a world of duality … of opposites … and there has to be the balance … For who?

It is more than obvious to many that I simply chose not to ‘go there’ when it comes to negativity and uncomfortable stuff etc etc. It is NOT through ignorance or ego. It is through my own choice to keep everything within me and around me in as much Light as I am physically, and emotionally able … in order to assist this transition into the Golden Age , because in my eyes … I KNOW that is what we are here to do .”

Have you ever read anything from Carl Jung and/or his popularisers? Give it a go and you might balance out this deliberate attitude of focusing exclusively on the light. A great place to start is with Debbie Ford’s book “Dark Side of the Light Chasers”. To ignore negativity and “not go there” just because it is “uncomfortable” is to invite disaster. What you overemphasize in your conscious attitude comes back to bite you from the unconscious. There’s a natural balancing mechanism in the psyche that ensures this is so. That whole new age attitude of “you get what you focus on” is shallow and simplistic.

You also get what you ignore but in surprising and sometimes shocking ways! What you try to ignore projects onto the world around you in a parody of your repression. What you ignore thrives in the darkness, the darkness just being the absence of your conscious awareness. What you end up with is an autonomous Shadow running things from your places of darkness and ignorance. It’s quite arrogant of you to think you can Pollyanna your darkness away by blocking your ears and humming your CAPITALIZED wishful thinking.

You’re not assisting anyone to a “Golden Age” by being a one-sided “goody”. It’s much better to become whole through a process of individuation, which means alchemically bringing your darkness into the light. You need to retrieve those elements of your soul that have been lost in the darkness and bring them into love. You need to retrieve the gold from the Shadow. It means getting the courage to be uncomfortable sometimes and facing some ugly truths within ourselves. It’s even harder for some people to face the gifts that have become locked up in the Shadow. What tremendous skill it takes to face the Shadow and love ourselves totally.

I fully expect that you will career along with your abusive FOL. But that’s okay, Blossom. Whatever you do, you’ll be an example for others to learn from. I wonder how long it will take before your Shadow (i.e. the projection you most ironically call the Federation of Light) trips you up again on a global stage?

I wish all the best to you on your journey.

Anonymous said...

Just popping in to say wow things are indeed full on,I have noticed people are starting to climatise to the light now, being in harmony with it,not fighting it as if it is a virus they do not recognise,I had a man join up that anchors the light on the ley lines, he has the ability to communicate with the crystals,he was guided to come to Australia in 2005 and go to The Three sisters in the blue mountains (the exact same place I was guided to) I have been going there now for 2 years the first time I went there was the day Blossom received the activation channel,I have been taking a special crystal there every month now,it would seems us lightworkers are balancing out energies, bless us all, keep up the good work ground crew we are doing well,it looks like we are indeed needed,so speak up and let other lightworkers know what you are doing, this I have found has been very important,I have been a bit of a PR getting lightworkers and starseeds together,this has built up a momentum,united we stand and all that,so as The Federation of Light say meditate on the light that you are!

MAY 17TH 2009 ~The Federation of Light~

By Being your Light. By shining every Truth within your soulself out into this world of yours and staying firm within that Light. More and more of you are learning to do this. Not to ‘waver’. And the more this takes place, the brighter your earth is becoming.

P.S. I will put Peter’s Pic up on my blog holding the crystal in view of the three sisters,it was given to him at Mt.Shasta,it looks like the three sisters almost exactly,I will also put a link to his beautiful experience with a 50 million year old crystal the tibet monks dug up. (Mt Sashta of course is home of Telos) that is another story! 2012 is here people,we just need to allow it,trust it! it is up to us! the Christ Light is now! it is you. ok I will stop now...editing lol www.thefederationoflight.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone.

Such wonderful opportunities for everyone to grow in their choices nowadays, aren't there? It is inevitable that splintering is happening all around us, on all levels. What will be noticed at the so-called End of the Day, is that it doesn't matter who or what anyone is following as much as whether or not they can let go of what they think they know, to turn on a dime, toward God or away from God when He presents Himself. For that shall be the criteria at the final ascension doorway. What that will look like, for each person, is the Mystery. What each person's response will be, is but the continuation of their own story within the BIG STORY of ever-present opportunities to acknowlege the presence of God's Love, even in the blackest corners of the Dark.


Anonymous said...


Our young gifted ones

lets allow our children to show us the way,lets stop all this judgement,judgement of Blossom,judgement of belief systems,judgement of The Federation of light’s belief system’s,I am over it, if people are in ‘victim mode’ let them be,it is their soul contract,if being love and light is not ‘right’ then 'let it be’ Esther Hicks teaches us to focus on the positive,I wanted to know more as it wasn’t where I was at 6 yrs ago,I felt there was more to it, so I researched and found out who Esther Hicks first was mentored by and came across www.asktheo.com and they are 12 AAngels through Sheila Gillett who when asked about the difference in their teachings and law of attraction they said that they just take it the next step, which is healing those aspects of you that are less then light from many past lifetimes,they call it soul integration,but the basics is the same, do not dwell on those aspects, parent them as a mother to a child, then bring yourself back to love and light,we have the energies now at this time to support this, we do not have to believe in old paradigms,The patriarchal way of protecting and thus disempowering is finding more balance and the divine feminine is empowered.
As White Cloud says all is as it should be.I have backed of a lot now, I have learn’t I do not have to ’save the world’ yet I am allowing my ego this little bit of creativity today,out of respect for someone who has put herself ‘out there’ again due to her respect for her soul truth. Bless you Blossom.

~The Federation of Light~ ebook snapshot
It is through perseverance that all things come to pass.
If one were to ‘throw in the towel’ before the full
opportunities of ‘time’ had been allowed, then it is
that so much can be lost. The trick is to KNOW what
it is you are striving to achieve and hold that in your
focus without confusion. Clarity is a significant key in
the door. It allows the unlocking of padlocks to occur.
It is difficult for assistance in many forms to
contribute as it would like when there is fogginess and
doubt. Learn to be in control of yourselves. This is to
include: thoughts, behaviours and attitudes. With
respect many of you still have many miles in which to
travel regarding this. You allow your minds to spin
out of control. This leads you down the path of self
destruction. For when the power of the mind is
allowed to run free it has no idea in which way to
‘think’ for itself. Therefore it travels hither and
thither, twisting and turning down avenues that lead to
a place that does not serve. If one takes control then
the mind can be guided to travel on the pathway that
enhances its journey.


yk248 said...

Thanks for latest channeling Blossom :)

Love and Light!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

An interesting new channeling - uplifting and heartening as ever. But just a quick point if I may...

You are not alone in wondering 'how do we do it' [uplift ourselves/raise our vibration a notch]? When the FOL asked you to close your eyes and you saw an image of yourself as they insist that you truly are, you were truly blessed to see that which you are - for you now KNOW. But what about those of us who close our eyes and see... nothing. Just the blank screen behind our eyelids. We continue in our NOT KNOWING. We remain in a state of wondering, or, at best, in a state of hopefulness or faith. But never KNOWING. What then? How do people who don't have such clear inner vision get to that state of knowing? Perhaps you could ask the FOL for a how-to that would benefit those of us who believe in the theory but have little experience of (or perhaps even doubt) the presence of an inner shiny, glowy being. That would truly be a useful how-to for the masses! For if everyone on Earth could catch a glimpse, even for a second, of that-which-they-truly-are things would start to change pretty quick!

In Lak'ech,

Anonymous said...

Our planet nurtures us and loves us.
Be wise with the choices you make.

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful channeling Blossom.

Thank you <3

Blossom Goodchild said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blossom Goodchild said...

@Wren. When I am channelling I am in a heightened state ... and therfore what I saw when I closed my eyes was an example of what they wanted me to see , what they were projecting to me. I really think it is about visualising this Light beaming from us . You can see it in movies , in you tubes ... its just allowing oursleves to imagine and take that imagination into the KNOWING ... (what you think you create). really , I am no different ... it is just visualisng it ... that is what I have been doing since the channelling ... and then from that visualising ... move through to the FEELING of that Light .... Practice makes perfect . Hope this helps . Love Bloss xxx

Anonymous said...

Wren I just came across this again from www.asktheo.com and it always helps me to ‘be the light that I am’ so passing it on as The Federation also have spoken about this individually in Blossom’s ebook snapshot. blessings

As one comes into the wholeness and recognition of the divinity that you are, then the ego is like a beacon in the life. There is a radiance about you that is emitted. Without the ego you would not have the drive or force in your life to accomplish. You would sit in samadhi at all times and be in other dimensions at all times. So you bring that awareness of the full soul and divinity that you are into your daily life activity. All the masters have had ego, know this to be true. And they walked amongst the humans as the light that they are. Be that light that you are. Not to judge the ego as good or bad, that is what is occurring here. When you process and come into the wholeness of self, the divinity and recognition of that being, you live an authenticity. The authorship of your life, if you would, in a direct, compassionate, loving way.

Stungy said...

This blog should have been called "i don't know what i don't know", it was clearly the theme ;)

I was glad that you brought up the dark forces in this blog because I worried about that for you a bit. I guess I would agree that they are promoting spiritual wellness, meditation (although they haven't brought that up laaaately). It's all good stuff. I just wondered from time to time "what if they just want to eat us" lol so yeah.. glad you thought of it too.

Be well Blossom. I'm a fan.

Ami said...

Thank you, dear Blossom and FOL for the beautiful message. Now, every time, I try to imagine and feel like a radiant and glowing sphere...

To all who are interested in good stuff about the experiences and increasing sightings, I recommend watching Jaime Maussan YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/tercermilenio
Much of the material is subtitled in English.
There are incredible cases that occur every day.
I love you all,

yk248 said...

Thank you Blossom for your last channeling. Really Nice!!! :)


Ami said...

Thank you again and again Blossom and FOL for March 1st. 2012 channeling. Right to the heart! So exciting! How I love you!
If this continues this way, my heart will come out of my chest!! :D
Love to all you.

Anonymous said...

Much has been learned whilst undergoing such a bizarre state of affairs. Give Light to the souls who are now afraid of their own darkness. For indeed it is a miserable place to reside. Show compassion for all that is. Rise above those who have wronged you and offer peace from your hearts. This is the quickest way to bring them home .~The Federation of Light~

Thank you Blossom this is why I love them so! there is a part of me that knows who I am and who everyone is and that part of me is where I desire to reside, it is home and I am homesick,I so want to assist others to remember,I will wait patiently, the downloads they speak of I am familiar with, my soul has allowed me to become aware of them at times, and some others on my site have started to put up drawings of what they see,it is no wonder White Cloud has been close lately after that channel,he has a big smile on his face,I always go back to his books when members of my site who are so advanced in their knowledge blow my mind,but in a nice way as their hearts are open also, that is the difference between what I feel with some others that have so much knowledge yet they have allowed their minds to run faster then their awareness of their hearts,this is how we must feel our way forward,this is how we will navigate the dust storm by allowing our light to be the beacon.bless your heart xxx

Anonymous said...

So it looks like the Federation has set another date. So what exactly does it mean this time? What is going to happen in 2012? What have we sown and what will our harvest be like? I'm interested in everyone's opinions.

Love Stimpey

"These last years have been your training ground. You have learned so much about yourselves and this to us is most pleasing. You have opened up doors that you were once afraid to even knock upon ... and now … in this year of 2012 … you shall reap all that you have sown and we say to you that the harvest this year shall be a very good year!!"

Anonymous said...

It is very hard to listen to the same and nothing happens. But I can't help getting back here to see what is going on...
I imagine you, Blossom, fell kind of the same way.
We all have our meditation sessions, we all fell the light and KNOW it. But our minds are very clever, and that tiny doubt still resides there (and I am afraid it won't change until we have our prove, anything fits the need).
So I guess is: keep with our prays, keep treating us all with respect and compassion, keep being humble because we are no better than those who don't study this things (we are just curious ;-), keep hoping our best, to the depts of our heart, that this WILL HAPPEN.
Thanks Blossom, your position is not easy and I can't imagine another person doing that.

Anonymous said...

Kerrie it's interesting to me that you're feeling so 'homesick'. I can't tell you how much my husband and I and some of our dear friends are feeling the exact same way these past couple of weeks....soooo homesick! We're all so aware of the illusion and we just want out. It reminds me of a past channeling or two from the FOL, when they said that when we are feeling this way it is because they are so close and we can feel them. So maybe these strong feelings of being homesick are a very good sign!!

Ann said...

Dear most beautiful Blossom,

You are a truly beautiful & courageous soul... not to mention your wonderful gift of humor which you use so very well.

You have expressed my sentiments exactly....we must Trust always in our heart's wisdom even when wandering a section of the path with no clear markers and "boogey men" leaping out at each turn.

In these confusing times it is difficult for us here in 3D to sort the "magicians" from those of highest light. It seems we are all players in a virtual reality game (perhaps not as impossible as some may think).

Agreed, ALL are ultimately of the light as All is One, no matter what "actor role" we may be playing here.

In any case finding the "heart-key" can and will lead the way home. Pretty cool game, actually :)

So carry on ever bravely with your bright lantern dearest Blossom.
You have much love, support and protection around you.

As always, highest love & respect to you,

Luvon said...

Why are comments moderated?

Blossom, my question to you is what can you say to skeptics like me that have a hard time believing your claims because you have no evidence? I've done research on you and it's been proven that you have been wrong 2 times with predictions, and I have yet to find one thing you have been proven correct on.

I think I've asked a fair question, in a polite way. What say you?

Blossom Goodchild said...

thanks Luvon. The reason I moderate comments is becasue sadly there are some folk out there who write in saying it would be better if I died and using four letter words and saying I am a devil worshipper and I dont want that energy on my blog! As for your question ... what would youlike me to say? One thing for sure is ... they haven't been wrong about LOVE and that has changed MY WORLD. In my heart Luvon I have to carry on ... because it FEELS right FOR ME . If it's not for you thats ok too of course, We must follow our own Truth ... Thats another thing they are right about !! Sending Golden Rays to you .Many thanks . Blossom