Feb 6, 2012

Sir Steve Beckow !

Ok , my twopence worth … One small step for man … One Giant leap for mankind!

MAN-KIND … and this is what we are … Loving, Kind souls of Light and that is what we shall continue to be … no matter what we are confronted with. We will not succumb to the naysayers and those who wish us ill … We WILL however shine our Light stronger and brighter than ever in the knowledge that there are souls on Earth such as Sir Steve Beckow … who are prepared to take their honour and integrity to the very edge of the cliff and indeed then TRUST and jump off … in the name of Love and Truth!

Did he fly? Yes, in the eyes of those who understand. For it is not in the ‘happening’ or the ‘non happening’ it is in the ‘doing of’ and recognising the energy that the event caused. Look around you folks … did we Lighten up the planet with excitement once again? YES WE DID. Because of the KNOWING in our very hearts that IT WAS POSSIBLE!

Oct 14th did the same. So many consider it to be a failure ... a no show ... not me ... Knowing what I know ... it changed the vibration of the planet and woke many ... as indeed news of this trip did ... so should it be anyone's Truth that this was all 'the darks 'doing ... whoo hoo , THE LIGHT won again!!

How many of us had bags packed and waiting … I did! PROUD TO ADMIT IT! I had such fun as I ‘lightly packed’ … yet oh! … How would I survive ten days without my hairdryer, especially with that press call at the end of it!


I was ready … I had so much excitement in my inbox from those who I was going to meet, after only being in contact with them via email … oh my oh my , it was fabulous!!

Did I have doubts?? Der!!! OF COURSE … I AM HUMAN … yet as much as HUMANLY POSSIBLE I chose to remain in the Highest Vibration about the trip … I had NO DOUBTS it COULD happen … yet ,there were times I had doubts that it WOULD … and when I did ... I changed my vibe … simple as that!

Memories of FEELINGS of Oct 14th 2008 presented themselves … more so in empathy for Steve ... in fact he did write to me saying ‘now he knew how I felt on Oct 13th!'... And even THEN for me … members of family and close friends had NO doubts … it was me looking up at the stars at night saying ‘ You’d better ****** show up!’

Truth is …would I turn back time if I could and NOT have sent the message out? NOPE SIREE BOB! I did what I came here to do, simple as that … and Steve has done the same. The depths to which this ‘fearless’ act shall reach as time continues will become apparent … and IT’S ALL GOOD!

That’s the marvellous thing … we who KNOW … KNOW that this really doesn’t matter on another level. It’s just part of the elevation plan! WE KNOW THAT deep inside.

For those who struggle with that … think about it … If you are down and confused and angry about it … what is it that you need to look at? Certainly not Steve and his position in all of this … and indeed not Linda. To me without question … both these souls’ intentions are for the good of all. They have bravely laid themselves open to all this … with nothing other than the intent of serving humanity ... so to those who choose to slag them off, I suggest you do some serious soul searching as to why you are FEELING the way you do.

I am so happy that Steve is FEELING so detached from it. Yet more proof of his enlightened Being.

OUR JOB HERE IS TO BE LOVE AND LIGHT!That’s it … how hard do you want to make it?

From what I gather there is so much that we are ‘not in a position‘ to understand … when we are in a different position … we will .

So until then … Let’s get a grip … CONTINUE DOING WHAT WE ARE HERE TO DO.

What YOU CHOOSE to consider to be TRUTH on the ‘TRIP TO THE STARS’ is your Divine right … Don’t be influenced by ANYONE’S thoughts on the matter OTHER THAN YOUR OWN. And when YOU KNOW YOUR TRUTH about it, or indeed ANYTHING … then be happy … whatever ‘your take’ on it maybe.

Do not judge others for their TRUTH on it , be it negative or positive … just KNOW YOUR TRUTH and continue forth in the Highest Vibration you can reach … in THIS moment ... and in EVERY moment … keep your LOVING vibe high, so High it LIGHTS UP the skies!

There can be no plight nor fight for the Light. You are of it … you are in it … it really comes down to how high or low you choose to have your dimmer switch.

I simply cannot leave without saying:
MR STEVE BECKOW … THANK YOU … for all you have done, are doing and shall continue to do. You are one of the finest examples of how a human BEing should BE.

I cannot keep up with all that is being said and written about this topic but please let us not forget Linda Dillon. Her Being could certainly use some Golden Rays at this time too.


Our planet without doubt is beautiful … yet there are plenty of humans that clearly need some working on! How can we do that? ...

GOLDEN RAYS people … send out those GOLDEN RAYS ...
with lashings and lashings of
Love light and Laughter to accompany it.
Blossom xxx


Anonymous said...


How beautiful is that?! Bless you, Blossom! And Steve, and Linda, and... etc.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

30TH May 2009 ~The Federation of Light
Now that one is ready, and has prepared the self for the next phase, it is also profitable for one to realise that there is a ‘leap of faith ‘ to be taken. As if in a sense one should leap of a cliff and TRUST that they shall fly.

Bless you Blossom,bless you Steve all is well:)

here is part of my email to someone who asked me what I thought about the ‘joy flight’

I support it 100% dear xxxx ,this is what The Federation have taught me,they have continued to focus on manifesting our desires ( first contact and pillars of light) despite everything that we do to block it,we must focus on what we want and not allow doubt to enter into the manifestation process...
In love,light and acceptance Kerrie

Anonymous said...

Excuse me Blossom, but telling others "not to be influenced by anyone's else thoughts on the matter" is trying to influence others to follow YOUR thoughts on this matter. No need for that, those who believe will keep believing no matter how solid the evidence is against them and those who don't believe will keep not believing no matter how solid the evidence is against them. Excitement can rise high and then go down as always, but the time for true change is past due now.
Peace to all, Enrique

        AMERICAN KABUKI said...

What a breath of fresh air you are Blossom!

Maybe we'll catch the next bus? :)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Blossom,

At this moment I feel like I'm being
sold a bill of goods and I ain't
buying. Sorry friend, you can't
have it both ways. IMO your covering
all your bases and it just doesn't
feel legit!!

I need a break from you guys.
Peace Out,

Anonymous said...

Ive sat in great silence watching all this unfold. Waiting, Watching, Hoping, Praying. And all I see and hear is chatter chatter chatter.
Spirit has told me to just sit and observe and send LOVE to ALL involved. And thus, I have and will continue to do so, for it is my job in this lifetime. I choose LOVE over all and I KNOW that EVERYTHING will occur when WE are ready. So all I can do, is BE ready and send LOVE and sit, wait, watch, hope, pray, and observe. Which is something I feel we ALL need to do instead of poo-pooing and doubting. Isnt there enough of that in this world.
So to YOU Blossom, I say BRAVO! for saying what is in my heart and that finally someone is saying it that will be heard.
Thank You!
Continuing to always send and choose LOVE,

Anonymous said...

I thank you for this tribute to Steve and Linda as there are some who are being very public about their opinions about this subject at other websites...saying that they were friends of Steves....
backstabbers is what I call them.

I will be on one of those future flights and hope to meet some of you in the flesh instead of just on websites...there are only a few authors of websites that I trust and this is one and Steve's is another...{resonate with}....a big THANKS for this tribute

Anonymous said...

OMG they are beautiful! thank you Blossom for that last channel.bless you xxx

Marion said...

I'm a new reader, Blossom...and I want to thank you so much for this post. I support what Steve and company tried so hard to manifest and find it very difficult, now, to find that some of the first names on the list are some of the biggest nay-sayers now. Hypocrisy is alive and well.

But it will always be thus, I think. People lash out when they are disappointed and frustrated...feelings which, of course, disperse the light so quickly it might never have been there in the first place.

This post has gone a long way, IMHO, in bringing it back. Thank you!

yk248 said...

Nice channeling Blossom :)

Love and Light :)


Anonymous said...

Howdy Blossom!

You are spot on about Steve and the effect (t)his "incident" has caused. I'm in Europe and also on the list of the 300 and expected to be picked up after you Australians (easy to guess who "bloss g" was!).

I'm pretty sure this saga is not yet over and we might still meet "up there"!

I'm glad you got back in touch with The Federation of Light, have always greatly enjoyed your dialogues with them. Good stuff!

Blessings and "No Worries"!

[I've spent several months in Australia and did learn some of the local lingo ;o)].

Anonymous said...

My dearest Blossom,

I have been following your chanellings for some time now, and often get a huge surprise to read almost word-for-word the very realisations I have had myself in the same time-frame. The dreams of flight are only getting better and better... not long ago I was able to reach above and beyond our upper atmosphere, and experience the burning sensation of rushing back at controlled speed into this plane... so much fun I got to do it again.

Yet there was a huge message in that dream about how entering through our physical atmosphere is very much akin to entering a plane we have long referred to as the burning pits of hell. Reading through your message suddenly set alarm bells ringing to me. I am not an alarmist, and I take everything in its stride. I know nothing of the people you have mentioned here, by the way, but I must admit, that I did not get the 'sudden rush of enlightenment' that I was expecting from the mention of one particular name, and I cannot explain that.

This is when things became quite clear... I was once warned that virtually all people who claim to be 'light-workers' are inadvertently working on the side of Satan. I know, strong words, seriously deluded religious connotations... but that is how it became so clear... the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away, and all that.

We KNOW that light is the source of life, the power of the universe, the harbinger of truth. Yet we also KNOW that if we play with fire, we will get burnt. We know that Lucifer is the one often thought to be the real Lord of certain religious sects, the light-bringer... and we know that there is nothing which is not in existence which came not from the One, the Original Source... though we are aware that we let our emotional bodies judge certain aspects of reality as we find them harmonious or otherwise.

So when I hear your constant talk about 'golden rays', it is obvious that we associate them with sunlight, with love, with warmth... yet at the same time, a massive solar flare is capable of destroying in a flash everything we know and love about our planet... the water will evaporate into steam... and I believe it is this balance which so much of your messages are refusing to acknowledge.

Remember WATER, blue-rays, the balance of the golden rays you talk so highly of. The feminine balance, the soothing voice, the quencher of fires that will destroy if out of control. Is this the message our world is showing us right now with so much rain and floods? The Essene Gospels of Peace give us a timely reminder of the ROCKS of the Earth, Her bones are our bones... her blood is our blood... YES! His Fire is our Fire too, the pyre-amid our hearts, our hearths, our earth... but it is balance... and I miss seeing a balance in your messages of golden rays... though I do not wish to make you feel blue... just keep you grounded.

Much love, light, laughter, and merriment... and some soothing ointment to remind us of the Goddess we are so blessed to be living upon.


Anonymous said...

hi there iv'e just been reading this article and it made me think back to the "pillars of light" have a read and see what you make of it

Anonymous said...

I love you all. It has been so much fun reading all your posts and watching as things unfold and the comments flow. I see so much growth. Clearly our vibrations are rising since I began following almost three years now. Bravo! But apparently not high enough to manifest a huge showing or pillars of light or a joy ride. So. I guess we'll just work a little harder. I know I will. It's not feeling like work now though. I actually enjoy it. Can you feel it?

Love light and joy to all.

Anonymous said...

Love and LIFE.

Anonymous said...

So the GFL and other competing off world entities build up hopes and dash them for our own good ...seriously? Lying to us for our own sake? These are not the actions of the higher spiritual realms, more like higher technological ones.

People try and spin these things because the truth is too painful to bear. We were deceived, and we fell for it, but it doesn't mean we have to keep falling for it.

This is what ails mankind, never learning from history or our mistakes. Always seeking the ego's explanation: we are so spiritual and full of love and light that we couldn't possible be deceived. We are all children still trying to run before we can walk. Regardless of who and what we were in a previous life.

Have you ever asked yourselves why there are so many different "higher spiritual" groups competing for our attention that don't agree with each other or even acknowledge each other. Wouldn't all these groups that espouse love and light, if they were truly highly evolved spiritual beings, be one group with one message.

So above is as it is below, duality. The macrocosm mirroring the microcosm in an eternal fractal.

Something is very wrong with this whole scenario of higher beings fighting over the spoils of a cold spiritual war. Almost like when the early Europeans first chanced upon indigenous tribes living in harmony with nature, now look at the tribes that are left, mostly disconnected and bereft of those pleasures...for coin. Sure this is all a game, but we chose to play it.

When the veil is drawn back it won't be just the religious folk that are going to be in for a shock.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous The Fedearation of Light are a large group,they are source energy,they are all things,they are God same as us,there is only one of us! within that group are the GFL,this is my understanding,the GFL are 5th dimentional and they themselves have said they experience frustration and some of those lower emotions,The Federation of Light do not,source energy provides whatever creative energy desires,this is our game we have put all this in place for the experience eons ago,yes we all will be shocked when the veil is lifted,we are baby’s practicing flying and they are the wind beneath our wings, the love that we are will assist us as we face our demons,for I have had moments of being the love that I am and although not very many of those moments, I never forget that feeling of home,we came here at this time to assist,we had to lower our vibration to do so,is this not compassion at its best? it is no wonder those in higher realms honour us ever though we do not,we do not see the good in us never mind them.

P.S. White Cloud was asked in Blossom’s book what dimension he is and he said 7th so ponder on that and what that means maybe.

From Blossom’s book The Bridge

December 8th 2005
The bridge to beyond.

I believe you know who I am. I am the
sunset and the sunrise. I am the sand and the sea. I am all
things. I AM.
Never before have these words been brought through in such
a way. I will prepare the days ahead for those who are preparing
themselves. Each one in turn shall rise to the fullness of
themselves. They shall understand the importance of their
Truth. They shall acknowledge the wisdom that is theirs.
Never again shall their hearts be downcast for I bring in these
following pages the WAY. Accept what is written, however
UNBELIEVABLE it may appear at times.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoo :)

The point I was making is that I can say I'm a 8th dimensional being, and you have no way of knowing that I am not. So what if a negative 4-D being says they are far more evolved than they actually are (i.e 5-D or higher), and say they are of love and light to serve their agenda. Could you really tell the difference? Why are their so many different "light" groups vying for our attention with competing philosophies. With each group's human messengers calling the other the groups "the dark ones".

The GFL may be a large galactic corporation for all anyone might know. People get showered with the love feeling and think any entity that does this must be the real deal. I think too many people in these circles try to oversimplify what is a very complex universe. Yes, negative entities can lie and say they are of the light; that works better than telling the truth when you are trying to deceive good people.

Also I suspect most people would not be able to tell the difference between a very technologically advanced 3D/4D beings with little spiritually and a highly evolved spiritual being. Why because most become spiritual through books and disembodied voices and not through nature.

Anonymous said...

To Fearful (FOL & GFL could be Evil) Anonymous:

Have you ever had an 'evil' energy person try to sell you on their way, their love? They can use the nicest words, the perfect phrasing, and it still won't feel 'right' because the energy isn't Truth, as in direct from God. It doesn't reverberate within. You seem to think that Love is made up of words, and that all words feel the same whether they come from dark or light energy.

Love is a participation sport. No one can fabricate showers of love because the bearing of our heart DETERMINES our experience. God can shower love on dark energy followers all day long and it will be missed by those who do not seek it. Dark energy can shower lies on us all day long and if our hearts' intention is for Truth, then the lies will not register, they will not reverberate.

Not to say that someone with attachments to various desires won't ever reverberate with the lies of darker energies, but that takes place because they WANT to hear certain things MORE than they want to hear the truth -- and that is not the same thing as 'knowing.'

As a fundamental Truth, I do hold that The Love Connection is sacred, and true, and up to each of use to recognize it, own it, and act accordingly. I believe THAT is our covenant with God.

The Truth is always there, waiting to be discovered bit by bit by Seekers of Truth. We don't need to worry about other people getting fooled. It's between each of us and God, and by God, it will OUT eventually for each one of us.

Anonymous said...

To Anonym above: To question is not to fear, and to doubt is most definitely an opportunity to discern.

Like most New Agers you oversimplify things to comfort yourself. You have made-up human rules that aren't applicable to the higher realms. Read/watch a few things that George Kavassilas has to say. He knows a thing or two. The fluffy bunny New-agers don't understand the true meaning of duality, nor balance. Most don't know what love is, so how can they express it.

Lots of so-called spiritual people out there are wrapped up in love and light, but don't show any compassion to their fellow human beings. To these people sweet words trickle into their ears like honey, regardless of the source, because they are addicted to their natural opiates.

You sound like you may fall into that category, as you didn't even try to answer the previous questions you supposedly tried to answer.

Think on this, there are very highly evolved dark ones out there. when you understand this, the true enormity and complexity of the situation will soon begin to dawn.

(: Good day :)

Anonymous said...

There is no power greater than the power of the Self. (There is only One Self, in myriad form)

When one stops focusing outward on the what if's of other's powers and chooses instead to focus inward on one's own ability to create, moment to moment... this nonsense will finally cease.

It matters not to me and my life experience who else plans what, unless I choose to invest something in their plan. It matters not what another intends, unless I give their intention power in my experience. This cannot be said enough, as it is rarely, rarely understood.

Every moment of your life begins with YOU. What do YOU intend? What do YOU want? What do YOU feel? What do YOU choose? Who ARE you? And what universe do you live in? (reference Einstein) These choices are yours to make.

If what you feel is fear, attend to it immediately, because it IS creating your moments, like it or not. So deal with it directly, where it lives: inside yourself.

Discover why you choose to give over your power - the power to create your own life - to potentials that would, could, should, might or will cause you harm or threaten your safety or intentions or life.

Why do you believe in this? What makes this more powerful to you than that which has always been there, supporting your LIFE, not your death (which is an illusion anyway), namely the love that gave birth to you? Get back to that love. Not the sentiment, the very essence and power of all existence.

Why do so many find it reasonable, sane and sensible to focus on what to fear? Think about it? Whose mind are you using when you consider life in this manner? Does it make any sense that this is what creates life? Then choose otherwise!

And remember that this world is a mirror. It is a teaching aide. You will see what you believe. You will see reflected back to you what lives within you... known or unknown. If you see monsters around every potential corner and in every dimension, consider that you're putting them there with the power you have, as creator of your life.

Clean up your power source inward, don't try to burn it off outside you. YOU are a never-ending source of power, so the world around you will continue to produce what you command. So clean up your fuel within. Then use it in ways more to your liking.

And if what you feel is love, then imagine, dream and intend... and fear nothing.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@anon above ... well said.
Thanks to all here for their thoughts and contributions.

Anonymous said...

At Anonym above (February 15, 2012 5:51 PM):

You do realize that you have just written a manifesto for service-to-self right? I'm sure the dark ones are proud of you.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ anon above ... getting close to energy we don't enjoy here ... just letting you know. By all means go elsewhere and discuss this ... there are plenty of sites that love it ... Its 'my' choice to keep it LIGHT aound here ... Thanks for your sharing up until now. Blossom.

Anonymous said...

Sure Blossom I respect your wishes :)

I will finish by saying how can you truly know the light until you have known the darkness. How would a light know how bright it was unless it could cast a shadow? Why would light beings, such as we, choose to depart such freedom for such bondage? Most definitely not to go back empty handed.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Blossom,
I'm so disappointed that when someone
doesn't agree with you or the majority
here they are asked to leave. What happened to standing in your truth? There are as many perspectives as there are people,why not just thank them and move on. I'm glad I had my say before
I too get kicked out.


Blossom Goodchild said...

okidokey . Regarding the last few comments ... Its not about not wanting people here that do not agree with me ... it's about the energy of Light I choose to keep here ... my site ... my right! :) As for needing to know darkness in order to know Light ... may I say ..with respect :) for me personally I have experienced darkness in great depth both physically and off world throughout different phases of my life ... and now at the ripe old age of 54 I choose not to feed that darkness in anyway shape or form! By all means leave a link here where you can continue the discussion ... just do not want it here. May well do my next blog about this ... and go into it a little more ... That being said .. have a great day one and all ... keep it light keep it bright ! many thanks for your respect.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

I wasn't encouraging people to explore the darkness, sorry if you saw it that way. But if they wanted to, then that is up to them. My point was it is silly to ignore polarity in a universe that explores and expresses itself through duality. I find too often that some modern spiritualists believe a different opinion to be negative, in reality a seasoned "light warrior/worker" should know the difference between the two. An imbalance of yin and yang can occur both ways. Not just one way.

You should ask your counselors to explain the reality of the universe to you. Ask them who the council of elders are and what the dark council is. Not knowing one or the other is analogous to only using either the left or the right hand of the brain, but not both.

I believe this is how we are most easily mislead. Certain entities work through light beings to mask their energy, who then coerce others, who wouldn't have been so trusting directly with that source. This can occur easily due to the lack of the above knowledge. This also mean that you have to be careful and responsible to those who hang on to your words.

Peace :)

Sheila said...

BLOSSOM: You ARE one awesome human BEing! Thank you thank you for you and others like you: Steve, Linda, Maureen Moss, etc etc. to help those of us who need encouragement to keep on keepin' on. I live in a very rural area and feel so alone at times. But when I read these words it uplifts me so much to continue working on myself AND with those around me to assist them in 'lighting their own spark'. I feel that's why I am here in this area... Thank you again for being so strong for us ..you REALLY ARE making a difference! Can't wait to meet you in person! :)
In One Love,
Sheila D. USA

Anonymous said...

A young guy's experience with the GLF. Unfortunately he said the last 8 mins of parts 1 and 2 disappeared.

However, he is a good soul and understood what the GFL are about. Take note:

Part 1:


Part 2: