Dec 18, 2011


So here we are again then … touching on that same ‘lil - ol thung’!... Truth! … and more to the point remaining in it!

Over these last years, my boat of Truth has been tossed and blown upon stormy sea after stormy sea … eventually coming to rest in calm seas and bobbing along nicely thank you very much … until that breeze begins to blow once more and the clouds sweep over , filled with ‘others Truth’ which they choose to rain down … clearly not understanding that it is just THEIR TRUTH and is not necessarily that of another’s . Yet they feel the need to tell you that THEIR TRUTH is the ONLY TRUTH and it’s about time … and praise the Lord … hallelujah …. that you have finally woken up to it!

My My ! How far we still have to sail down this river upon which we flow. I find it fascinating that others NEED THEIR point of KNOWING also to be YOUR point of KNOWING.

How different we all are. How we think so separately. How we conform to certain KNOWINGS that others may not KNOW, yet one NEEDS them to … when in TRUTH … they can’t … because they are not floating YOUR boat . They are floating aboard THEIR boat of understanding and if that suits them … then is it not their right to do so?

My eyes have been opened to many TRUTH’s … shared by many people from all walks of life. Something’s I have been told, have never been told to anyone else for fear of being ‘locked up’! Some roles that some play are far more advanced in awareness than I can even imagine understanding in this aspect of ME that functions NOW.

Some souls ‘appear’ to be still very much asleep from chosen words they offer me … Yet … who am I? Who is anyone to ‘assume’ that another should be where you are residing within your soul?

So many words of advice coming from ‘where they are at’. Yet should one assume they KNOW where the receiver is within their journey of the soul? For even as I write these words … they will surely be received and interpreted in so many different ways and emotions , because the receiver can only absorb them from the place THEY ARE within themselves.

So many times when I have been in touch with THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT … I have communicated with them … naturally … from the place I AM … within MY emotional BEING at the time. Yet … I have received letters from others saying they sensed my anger , or frustration or … or… or … IN MY TRUTH … THEY perhaps were feeling anger, frustration etc and therefore chose to read the words in that vibration … all the while believing that particular emotion was MINE … NOPE!


There are so many confusions at this time regarding what will or will not take place … so many not KNOWING what the whole darn thing is all about , even though they are trying so hard to understand … and because they are trying so hard … they feel unworthy if they ‘don’t get it’ .

Well, here’s the thing ……….. I DON’T GET IT EITHER!! You have to laugh!! Here I am … the one that channels The Federation of Light …. The one whose channellings go out all over the world and ….. HELLO? NO IDEA AT ALL !

Through ALL that has been ‘sent’ through me …. Am I any the wiser as to what is going to actually happen next year? Do I KNOW HOW Ascension will take place? Will Light - vessels land? Will the Light Beings communicate with us? Will we have a cuppa with them? Perhaps a Tupperware party? Will we travel into inner earth and go back to the future? Will we teleport because the world will have collapsed financially and therefore all large co-operations no longer function? Will disclosure be disclosed? Will the illuminate ‘Light up’?

With ALL respect ... from ALL we have ALL read and shall continue to read …. WHO REALLY KNOWS??

Can you honestly say from all this ‘study’ … you KNOW NOW because of it ... what is to take place?


I KNOW … however much I may miss my connection with The Federation of Light … for this time … that I AM to do what they suggested and turn ‘inward’. Let go of all outward appearances and try and find the answers I seek from within ME.

I KNOW … no matter how others try to tell me otherwise that in MY TRUTH … THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT are BEINGS OF MUCH LOVE & LIGHT. Does this mean I should resume channelling again? Not at this juncture. Things need to be straightened out on matters that are curved! I do not know how this unravelling will come about … yet I KNOW it will.
Did I jump ship when the going got too tough? I don’t think so. I didn’t jump ship … I changed course and for me it was necessary to do so … steering us out of rough seas and following my hearts call downstream.

Stand strong within what YOU KNOW as YOUR TRUTH. No matter what life rafts are thrown to you.

I am trusting that this year … this grand finale … this 2012 that has been so very much in the lime light will TRULY BE ALL WE KNOW ( somewhere inside of us) … IT TO BE .


For me … I intend to see it through in LOVE … I shall watch it unfold with my eyes and FEEL it unfold in my heart. Recognising as it does so, that which I already KNOW … yet just can’t yet grasp!


SEE YOU IN 2012!!!!!!!

For those of you who do not receive my newsletter … I felt the ‘urge’ do record a meditation to assist us in bringing forth THE PILLARS OF LIGHT.

Here it is … with Love .xxx


Anonymous said...

Magnificent lady of brilliant light,
Simply PERFECT, Simply PERFECT words from your heart to the world.

Merry Christmas,

One Light, One Love,


Shanti said...

Blossom, I love love love you!! Never stop being true to your heart. I will always be here to read :)

Anonymous said...

Many blessings of love and light to you Blossom for this Christmas and coming fantastic new year.
This is a time we must all stand strong in our light and fully focused on our direction in life.
Light beings show us the way and that's all they can do until such time when we will be able to interact with them on a one on one basis.That time is not too far off now of this I feel sure.
Love and light to one and all and a very Merry Christmas.
Chris UK

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Blossom, thank you for your courage and your many gifts you share with us...Sending you much love from my heart filled with love and golden light. Have a magical Christmas and looking forward to being in your presence in the New Year. The workshop in Sydney was an absolute delight and I am in awe of your talents, courage and love. Looking forward to many more...

In love and light and sending you many golden rays!!!


Anonymous said...


greetings d.s.

Junebug said...

Dearest Blossom: I feel such tenderness for your situation as I, too have been promised things by my guides that did not occur due to timing issues. It caused major upheaval in my life as I planned accordingly. I am now aware of why timelines are skewed much more than I was 10 years. 2001 was the year so much freedom was to be ushered in on behalf of humanity. Stay strong, beautiful, true to yourself and passionate about integrity. I have loved reading your words...EVERY ONE. Sending love from Oregon, USA

Anonymous said...

Its all gooood..not good with words so ill keep it simple..i keep it true..all the Love i have i give to you :-)

Enjoy ^_~

Karen said...

Thank you for continuing to share with us Blossom. Go with that feeling and knowing inside and you will not be steered wrong...
You have always been encouraging for the majority of us that have found you! Please follow that love and light that is still guiding you and us! You touch many that you probably don't even realize... Stay strong! I look forward to more "Blossom messages" soon!!!
Merry Christmas! Enjoy this holiday season and the many blessings coming your way...
Love / Namaste from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year Blossom, and thank you for your words and for staying in your TRUTH. You have helped so many of us, and I send Love, Light and Golden rays to everyone. May there be Peace and Love on Earth.

Anonymous said...

Do you feel understood? lol

One Real truth Nov 22nd 2008

We smile dear Lady … for someone who is not that keen on asking questions you are excelling yourself this day.

★Merry★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★Christmas ★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門| ˚And a Happy New Year ! :') ♥
...~With Lots of Sparkles, Love and Blessings!~

.˛★˛˚˛*˛°.˛*.˛°˛.*★* Merry *★* 。*˛.
˛°_██_*.。*./ ♥ \ .˛* .˛。.˛.*.★* Christmas *★ 。*
˛. (´• ̮•)*.。*/♫.♫\*˛.* ˛_Π_____.♥*.。˛* ˛. *♥ ˛* ˛*
.°( . • . ) ˛°./• '♫ ' •\.˛*./______/~\*. ˛*.。˛* ˛. *。
......*(...'•'.. ) *˛╬╬╬╬╬˛°.|田田 |門|╬╬╬╬╬*˚ .˛ *.*

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you Blossom Goodchild and to everyone. Christmas is a nice story about Jes......i mean our Sun.

PenguinUK said...

The fact that the "knowledge" resides within each of us, and it's tailor-made to suit each soul wherever they are on their journey sits beautifully with my knowing.

Thank you again for everything you have and will do dearest Blossom.

For all who celebrate things at this time of year, an ancient tradition anyway, all my love and encouragement to find the best way.


Lyn said...

You are such an inspiring lady, merry christmas to you. Blessings for the coming year. Love Lyn

Dorothy said...

Bravo Blossom. Wonderfully expressed. Stand in your truth, dear friend. As shall I, despite what others may try to tell me is the "truth". Their truth is not mine and vice versa.
No one knows what is to happen because we are writing the script as we walk it so the idea is walk it in Love.
Many blessings to you.
Love you.

yk248 said...

Hi Bloss.

So good to hear you again.

Love Light and Blessings :)


Will love to hear the feds again when you feel the urge to again begin the communication from the clear vantage point that you desire.


I believe in you Blossom!

Dave said...

Beautifully said, Blossom. I think we all need to stop from time to time and remember that no one knows for sure what's going to happen, and everyone can't be right. It's best to just keep our hearts light and full of love. What will be, will be.

Merry Christmas and much love and peace to you, Blossom.

Ami said...

We love you, dear Blossom!
Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! For all you!
In Love and Light,

Coach Enrique said...

Beware of this "my Truth" and "your Truth" dialogues. I feel we are just trying to protect our belief system by calling it "my Truth", an expression that we are using as a diplomatic way of telling others: "I'm not open to change my system and I don't care what you say, specially if it goes against what I think". We should go back and use the expression "my beliefs" or "my way of thinking".
The words "Love" and "Truth" have been abused and worn out by using them for the most petty feelings or matters, let's not use them casually. These are words that are synonym of GOD and should be equally respected.
Anyway, that's what I think and feel about it, it's not "my truth" (as if one could "own" Truth).

Anonymous said...

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

‘Walk like a soul inspired till the battle of the day is done,you may be sick and tired but you’ll be a man my son,so pick your self up dust yourself off and start all over again”


This just now popped in my head so passing it on:)♥

Coach Enrique said...

Offering a different perspective on Christmas: the birth of the Christ displays a map for Ascension. It tells us how Divine Grace (Peace and Joy) cannot manifest in noisy and crowded places (hostals and Inns representing our state of mind, inner dialogue and concerns of comfort, self importance and material safety), it tells us that we need to empty our soul of all noise and weight (ego), to have a humble heart (Stable) to recieve True Enlightment. It also shows how to get there: the obedience, surrender and deep Trust to Divine Source, coming from the knowing that they were carrying the Son of God with them, led Joseph and Mary to that place, and that is what it will take US there, the knowing that we carry the Essence of God in our Heart, will lead us to the Stable, our True Essence... where Golden Light fills everything with warmth and exquisiteness, where Peace and Joy resides, away and inaccesible to the craziness of this world (society) installed in our minds. Peace and Joy to everyone...

Anonymous said...

I have been following Blossom's journey since mid 2009. She is a great lady and absolutely spot on about "Her Truth" or for Enrique "Her Belief". Although the people that suggest Blossom turn towards religion, or Jesus, have seemingly good and loving intentions, they are clearly off base in doing this. Please stop the preaching.. We are all searching for our own truth and just trying to make sense of all this. 2012 is here now and each of us must decide what that means to each of us..Please accept an individuals right to believe in what they choose. even if it does not fit into conventional dogma. Happy Year to you all!

Anonymous said...

The wonder of Free Choice is only eclipsed by the terror of Free Choice. Free choice is not a gift and certainly not a burden, to me it's more like a Creation process, and while it is true that every soul has the right to create what they choose to (or to stand in their own truth, as many like to say lately), it's also true that most people are being directed to create life scenarios that benefit others, not themselves. Should we allow -in the name of Free Will- a criminal to stand in his "truth" that other people's lives are worthless? I am using an extreme example here, but my point is that -IF WE ARE ALL SHARING THE SAME COMMON GOAL OF ASCENSION OR ENTERING A NEW WORLD OF GLORY AND PEACE- we should not strive for our "own truths" and stand there, no matter what... that's nothing new, that's precisely what it always has been practiced and it hasn't resolved any of Humanity problems. My belief is that today we should strive and seek ONLY the "Higher Truths", the ones that can end our divisions and finally get us together as true Brothers and Sisters. There is a way to recognize the Higher Truths, these can only be understood by the Heart and not by the mind and they raise our vibration by their own Power. We should be encouring others to post here what they believe as Higher Truths, whether we think of them as wackos or nuts, if only one word out of a thousand is High Truth, then it was worth reading them all....

Anonymous said...


To a new year and new beginnings!



Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas NYC and to all here,we heard bells just before Midnight on Christmas eve and a man in a santa outfit was running around the neighbourhood jiggling them:) it was a lovely ending to a beautiful day at my son and his partner’s new home,magic had been in the air as we observed the two intellectually disabled ladies that have been living with me these past couple of years show us child like joy of Christmas,they had it naturally in their hearts, as they came from a family who had no such thing in their hearts,it has taken 2 years though to introduce them to love as apposed to fear,so I know how difficult it is for us humans to recognise love,fear has been such a part of our life and we respond to even love with suspicion, I have had to learn this though these girls, how funny that I had to learn that at home as well as on the net!when love energy went through me when I first heard White Cloud’s voice I paced around in tears saying how am I going to digest this love? but we do and we are slowly...very slowly I feel at times:)
Thank you Blossom for the pillars of light meditation I am doing that and White Cloud’s and the one someone else did in 2007,we’ll 'get it’ one day:) all is as it should be as it has been said,sooo many truths out there,off to my daughter’s now and to see my grandchildren:)

Anonymous said...

..let's give our dreams the wings to fly..

~~and fly away home~~


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Blossom and all your readers. Thank you for all of your work too Blossom. I will keep dropping in to keep track of your news and updates. I love to watch your readers links and keep informed of whats going on. I love this Blog!! love emanates from everyones posts. Even the least flexible of opinions are treated with great respect and love! My love and light to you all on this wonderful Christmas Day!!

Anonymous said...

This amazing. Ball of light that exploded into a light mist and well... skip to 2:00 and watch what happens.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, when the TRUTH is CAPITALISED endlessly it still doesn't get any truer. At least we can all agree in TRUTH that the FEDERATION OF LIGHT failed to show up. No amount of strained sophistry and capitalised TRUTH will make them worthy of our TRUST whatsoever. By all means scatter your pearls before swine, Blossom, but many of us can see right through their scam.
All the best to you, Blossom.

Anonymous said...

Well magic is happening I just love it! a couple of years ago I saw an image of a lady wearing a yellow rose in her hair and I heard in my head the song the yellow rose of Texas, a few days later I received an email from A Reiki Lady from Texas! White Cloud had contacted her and she found me through Blossom’s blog,on Christmas day I received an email from another lady from England (a few of us have been working together on who had a message for me and she said she kept hearing the song the yellow rose of Texas,she said I do not know why but my family and I were filled with joy as I played the song,she had no idea about my receiving that song 2 years ago as we have only recently connected,My beautiful Christmas present! I send you all the joy I am feeling at the moment:) we will get through this I know and be stronger for it,it is hard to surrender personal will to the divine, but we must trust the process I feel,God knows I have had to learn to put my beloved ego in the back seat these past 3 years as the divine within me guides me through this rocky path of releasing.
Put your crystals out on New Years eve guys put your prayers, wishes and dreams in them,every year at this time we get divine dispensation, if we did not we’d be in a much worse state,ask and it is given.blessings Kerrie xxx

Anonymous said...

One can only receive so many broken promises before the part inside that believes is so broken and betrayed that belief is no longer possible. That's how it is down here in the 3D. If we are supposed to try to see it from the 4D perspective, maybe they should start seeing it from ours - since it's generally more possible to go down than up. If what they want is our faith and belief, they need to start delivering on these promises. Every broken promise, every passed deadline with nothing occurring, chips away at us. It damages us. This is harm. If 4D and 5D peeps can't understand that, maybe it's time for them to incarnate again and live in hell like the rest of us until they remember what it's like to be in a world of uncertainty.

I'd like to see all these promises come true, but I personally doubt any ever will. "Something great is just around the corner" has been told to us for thousands of years and it's no more real now than it was to our ancestors' ancestors. Someone up there gets a sick pleasure out of screwing with our heads, building up our hopes and then dashing us down. How can these beings be of light or love at all, when they are incapable of doing anything other than setting useless dates and deadlines for things that never happen? Blossom, you are well within your rights to demand proof. Proof that can't be rationalized or explained away easily as coincidence. We all deserve this proof.

Anonymous said...

I know how disappointed you are in all of this,but that part of you that is still creating hell as your experience is what this releasing is all about and this is what is happening,I can not put it in words I get all misunderstood,I have adopted the name Zoolithe that spirit gave me a couple of years ago in the hope that whoever this aspect of me is it will assist this other me in communication,but it is best said by the masters:

9th May 2009 ~The Federation of Light~

We are very much aware of the feelings of many of you. We are here to disperse those doubts, yet we cannot actually remove them for you. This you must do by yourselves for yourselves. How can we take away your right to evolve for yourself? The degree and pace in which you choose to reside within yourself is a right that we would not dream of interfering with. For indeed this is not our right. We merely are overseers of the Divine plan. We offer our knowledge of Light to you for we are aware of the bravery involved for ‘descending’ on to your planet to assist the whole. It indeed is no menial task and yet as Light warriors ... there you are ... and we are so very much in honour of the Light that so many of you are projecting forth in order to allow this great change to take place.

Anonymous said...

@ Kerry,

Just a suggestion...perhaps you should try channeling the FOL yourself. You never know unless you try...T

Anonymous said...

They speak to me T,they speak to a lot of people in many ways,Blossom is the channel this I KNOW,this we all know,6 years Blossom has been channeling them, 6 years prior to that White Cloud has been preparing her, I do not have the balance required to do this,I am not detached enough as you can well see!Blossom speaks for many of us,this is why it is so hard for her I believe,The Federation have said this,that she is the voice of many,this is why she is of such a light,yet she doesn’t know it,Blossom try and remember who you are IT IS NOT EGO!!!!!!!

17th Jan 2010
No, I wasn’t brushing it aside …. But I feel I am here as an earthling with an earthly purpose. Whoever I am as a spiritual body is of an understanding that cannot be understood down here, so therefore … I feel … not necessarily appropriate to know.


Because … what difference would/should it make? It shouldn’t matter.

Exactly. It does not mean anything other than recognising the magnificence of yourselves!! For you simply do not! … and we would so desire that you begin to understand the importance of this recognition. For it will allow you to bring forth the wonders that lie within. You all sit about wondering when all this ‘’miraculous stuff’ will start happening … when you will really see the beginnings of the New World. Dear Ones, as we have said to you in days afore …


Jennifer said...

Dear Blossom, I want to share a dream I had right before Christmas...I was looking across a big lake and saw giant jets of water shooting up into the sky. as I watched in amazement they were joined by huge tubes of light, many, moving across the sky crisscrossing each other...It was beautiful and astonishing...Of course when I woke up I realised, PILLARS OF LIGHT!!! Love Linda.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think you ate all crazy.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom-

I first read your channelings earlier this year and immediately felt the love and joy and compassion in you.

I am very thankful that you are sharing this journey with me, even though we are "strangers"!!

Thank you for just being who you are and never feel the need to justify yourself to anyone; those who need to understand already do.

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,
I am reading the book "Message for the Tribe of Many Colors" from Little Grandmother (Kiesha Crowther). I assume that you know (of) her? I came upon a passage in this book that is about these pillars of light you have been talking about! Since this subject is so important to you, I thought I should share this passage with you, in case you have not read the book yourself. On page 92, she tells about leading an important day of ceremony, on friday, April 18, 2009. This was the first time she lead a ceremony like this, with the intention of healing Mother Earth. The day before the ceremony started, she had a vision of a sea of people, our ancestors, coming to witness the ceremony. Now here is part of the passage I'm referring to:
As we set the large, cylindrical quartz crystal upright, half-buried in the Earth in the center of the circle, and began sending all our loving, healing energies into it, something unusual started to happen. I began to see THEM again. Just as I had the day before, I sterted to see, all around us and stretching into the far hills, a sea of people. They were of all tribes and colors and nationalities. My joy was so full that it felt as though my heart would burst. I could not keep my tears from flowing as I told everyone what I was seeing. What was even more amazing to me was that I could see energy pouring down from the heavens to Earth in bands or pillars of light. I had begun seeing these tubelike pillars of energy coming down from the sky here and there. I had seen these pillars of light grow in size, but on this first day of ceremony, it seemed to me that the heavens opened and these streams of light grew wider and expanded, merging with each other until they became one large pillar cascading down from the sky to Earth. Many people in the circle felt something happening, and there was a collective intake of breath at the moment the pillars became one. The massive amount of energy flowing from the heavens to Earth that day was undeniable"

I hope this information is Useful to you, Blossom. You can buy Kiesha's book on her website!
Lots of love & a happy 2012! From Anne-Jiese

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable Night Vision Ufo Events!!!

Wishing everyone a magical 2012

may our dreams for our highest good manifest with ease and grace xxx

I give thanks to The Federation of Light for their infinite love,wisdom, knowledge and grace,I do not know if we will ever be in a space to receive them,what I do know is I need more healing before I am there and Coach to you especially I ask your forgiveness,Blossom may your path be filled with rose petals this year,2011 for me was both magical and very bumpy,I know 2012 is going to pick the pace for manifestation even more, so for me I am grateful a lot of releasing had occurred,I am going to focus on all that brings joy to my heart and what that is is my soul’s

May 10th 2009 ~The Federation of Light~

There will be a time for many … millions and millions of you … when all the questioning, when all the awaiting shall end. And in its place there shall be PEACE. For the knowing that is yearning inside each one to be realised … shall be. It cannot be otherwise. The plan has been in place too long and is too vast to be miscast. It is time dear people of earth to come forth in your strength. To shine your Light more brightly than ever. The darkness is ending and there is the moment upon you when you shall arise into the eternal dawn.

P.S. I gave up on God about 8 years ago and thanks to White Cloud my heart was reopened and I am never going to do that again,I have researched these past 3 years and I know what is going on to a degree,so I ask others that are newly awoken like me, to please go within and follow your guidance and discover for yourselves what is happening now at this unprecedented time of divine dispensation, your heart will lead you home.

Anonymous said...

In my eyes you've done no wrong, Kerrie, so there's nothing to forgive. And BTW, I am no longer Coach, I'm just Enrique. I am also feeling the urgency to get rid of my ego's last remains.
We're one and the same, and only ego separates us, but that is ending, finally...

Anonymous said...

Bless you Enrique,you have been my greatest teacher next to Blossom.Thank you.

Anne-Jiese thank you so much for that information,Blossom has connected with Keisha as have I when she visited Australia,I also met people there that I have since connected with in a Telos group here in Sydney,I have connected up too with some crystal grid workers on a site in Austria that have been teaching me more about the grid and what it is I have been doing up at the blue mountains,we have all been connecting up now for weeks and creating crystal grids,I have a huge crystal that has been to Keisha’s,Blossom’s,Telos group,11/11/11 in the blue mountains,Wesak ceremony and programmed by the Masters we are all linking up New Year at midnight all around the world,here is the link to the pillars of light visual,it was posted by a lady on my site that has full memory of her Angelic Arcturian heritage,I feel we are coming together it is full on,wow 2012 Hello, we are remembering xxx

Anonymous said...

Dearest Blossom,

Happy New Year to you and yours!!

Blessings to Kerrie and all your

Readers. Here's to more joy and more

love in all our lives.

Peace Out


Anonymous said...

Turning inward is a step that we all must take, sometimes this is at the beginning of awakening, others in the middle, and even for some of us starseeds we haven't spent much time inwards but now is the time for us to find our own Truths. In knowing our own Truths we can then live those and let them shine!
In love
Dragia Lunartis

Anonymous said...

Downloaded your meditation days ago, listened to a few mins ago. Can only speak for myself, but felt so "at peace", golden, tingly,

Thank you again dear Lady.


PS - to those who don't get it - the truth is in feelings not brain.

With Love said...

Happy New Year, Blossom!

My prediction for this year: you will be channeling again, sparks and sparkles of golden light. And perhaps some fairy dust too.

Hugs to you and yours! :)

Anonymous said...

Only a thought, from an individual soul. I think we can all accept we have the gift of self-will. Can we not harness our forgotten energies to WILL that which we desire into existence? It's worth a try. Happiest of New Years dearest friends. WE can make this happen!


Anonymous said...

Blessings to you too NYC and everyone a magical 2012

@ with love, I love your prediction, good too to hear from you again, I was only thinking of you yesterday:) love Kerrie

P.S. passing this forward:

_ ▄ ▀ ▀ █ ▀ ▀ ▄
▐ ▌ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ▐ █ ▄ ▄ █ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄ ▄
▐ █ ▄ ─ ─ ─ ▄ █ █ ▀ ▀ █ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ █ ▀ █ ▀ ▀
─ ▀ █ █ ▄ █ █ ▀ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ █ ▀ █ ▀ █
This is the key to happiness ♫ Do not keep it ♫Offer the Key to those you Love and Admire ♫ You grab the key to happiness and send it to everyone you know and enjoy ♥ ♥ Always be blessed!!!"

2012 Meditation - Manifesting 5D SOLARA AN-RA

9th June 2010 ~The Federation of Light~


Anonymous said...

As alway dear Blossom, ALL that you speak I feel the LOVE in them. I stand with you within your heart always. I will celebrate with you within my heart when the moment arrives. Merry LATE Xmas to you and yours. Always with Love and Light.....just me

Anonymous said...

Princess Kaoru Nakamaru in Japan talks of her third eye opening in 1976 and her communication with extraterrestrials and of inner earth beings and the three days of darkness on the 22 Dec 2012 as the earth goes through into the 5th dimension.

18th July 2011 ~The Federation of Light~

So ... there will be the three days of 'nothing' then?

Approximately in your timing ... we would encourage you to KNOW that this is to take place. It is a pivotal marking towards that which is to follow. For as the NEW DAWN arises after such 'nothingness' ... one will wake up to a much different world.

In what way ?

During the time of 'nothingness' ... there shall be an energy entering your planet that has been 'saved' ... shall we say ... for that very occasion.

* and here White Cloud talks about the 3 days of darkness

*If you recall I mentioned being contacted by Claud Adama from inner earth whilst I was doing White Cloud’s 11/11 meditation, here is White Cloud’s meditation.

Blessings Kerrie

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom

Are you channeling the FOL in private? I know how difficult it is to just "Turn Off" the transmissions. Just curious....T

Anonymous said...

The federation of light ??? Being asked to belive something purely by faith is hard if you have any doubt in your mind. I can't channel anyone I definitely can't meditate even though I have tried I am a sceptic by nature however I belive in them why is this when I have no "proof" I also don't have a regular internet connection so I'm not swept up in the forums, blogs and all else so by and large its just me so why do I belive? Not only in fol but in what I call the way of life they support. Yes they promised the sun, moon and stars and so far have not delivered. I promised my wife last weekend id fix a broken blind yesterday but I had to go out so i broke that promise. What I'm saying is faith is from within yes we all want to see them but if we need to see them we are not ready. I believe because I do, I no longer need proof. The last hurdle is the easiest one to fall at

Anonymous said...

Bloss - we miss you - are you still doing well ? We haven't heard a peep out of you ! Please keep up your good cheer and positive attitude. Golden Rays are FOREVER.... should you choose to channel FOL again hopefully you will be in contact with adult beings that keep promises. Global Love Generator was a great idea - too bad it flopped. The star kids, star seeds, and walk ins will find a way - I have no doubt. LOVE Ya

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ anon.... No I'm not ..... yet!!!!
Never have done before ... but thinking a few things over . of course I shall keep you informed. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom and friends, a grandmother of a 3 yr old crystal child has just posted a message for us from who she referred to as Ashtar about the days of dark and as she called it and the fireworks in the sky,she has said that they have told her not to be afraid,she said her angels have been talking to her also,she said the ships follow her and protect her, I forwarded the email to you Blossom, but my heart was smiling this morning, as a young man that has been supporting you and The Federation of Light for a long while now posted this from White Cloud:
White Cloud
But when a baby is born sometimes you can see the wisdom, his old face. All the wrinkles of the old from when he left before. New souls, young souls have not a wrinkle upon them. There are babies coming now that many of you know about. They have been doing so…I am saying to Blossom for the last, at least 50 years. And they are called The Indigo children. The star children. They are new souls and yet by their wisdom you would consider them to be very ancient. But then we could go into matters that we are all ancient if you see? But these souls are recognisable, not only by the light in their eyes but by the truth in their hearts. Their knowledge that they bring through, has you falling on the floor with your mouths wide open because of the wisdom. Because of their intelligence regarding truths. It does not matter whether they can put two and two together or whether they can spell ‘su’… Blossom is saying ‘do not even attempt that’ because I was going to say of a long word of a song that Mary Poppins sang …’supercala etc.’ Blossom said ‘ no we will trip over our tongue , or her tongue. And so these things are unimportant. But what these children bring through, the new children, they are your teachers. They, as the years go by, are and will still, become your teachers. And I say to you my friends, listen to them. Listen to them with your hearts. Because they know what they are talking about. Many thanks to you.

Anonymous said...!

`* ☆ A Spectacle of Light is coming to the Earth for 3 days `* ☆