Nov 29, 2011

Nothing to say ...

But I expect many have.
Please feel free to leave your thoughts about the last channelling.
In Love and thanks to you all for your Love and support.
Bloss xxxxxx


Anonymous said...

my deepest love and heartfelt thanks to you blossom, i feel the same as you do. i also understand how hard it is for you to do this. I am heartbroken here, tears streaming down my eyes after reading it. but its as should be. love and light my dearest friend.
corrina x

fucsiaman said...

From the wall of Galctic Channelings on FB:

Great Blossom! At last you took your own decision far from beings whose help is absolutely insignificant. We are "divine" as well as them. So, if they want to help us (I really doubt this, about all of them) they must assume our rules and our time. This is another dimension. Beings and High Beings, welcome in 3D. If you want to play, buy a ticket.

Anonymous said...


I have predicted this would happen in my previous blogs on this sight. These beings are parasitic in nature as they consume the emotional energy of humans on this planet. They come to us under the guise of "Love And Light" making statements such as "Pillers Of Light" and so forth. I dont believe they are doing this on purpose, I just think this is how they operate naturally. The same goes for all the other channelers as well. Remember "The truth shall set you free".....T

Anonymous said...

screw them Blossom.
I have had this feeling, that wouldn't leave, that for some reason these beings are misrepresenting them self's. Like they are not who they say they are. You know a "fishy" feeling. I'm proud of you for doing what you did.

Laura said...

With tears in my eyes, I commend you for standing in your truth Blossom. You must follow your heart, and for whatever reason it all came down to this...I do believe that all is as it should be. Sending you so much love and thanks from my heart to yours Blossom. Peace be with you my friend.

Coach Enrique said...

Only when you cling to nothing, not even to your dreams and hopes, can you find True Freedom. Forget all about us, your blogspot and the FOL for a while Blossom, I truly believe there is a time in the Freedom Path that you have to walk alone... release yourself from all duties, take a deep breath and enjoy Freedom.

Lyn said...

Blossom you remain an inspiration to all brave lady every decision you make is correct, thank you x

Rob said...

Argh, lost my long text... :(

Go reproduce again...

I have read your channeling and I do understand why you've reacted the way you did, but in my truth I think it was unnecessary. I know some of your history in regard of the channelings and I can imagine there to be quite some doubters, but nevertheless, I would like to express my point of view. I am reading all channelings of light I can get my hands on. And I have grown a custom to interpreting these channelings more abstract than literally. As the pillars are concerned I did have thought from the start that these were not physical/visual pillars of light. The way I see it there are cracks(e.g. financial world imploding) in the dark shell covering the earth and through those cracks light can be seen. It just isn't strong enough to be called a pillar. Sparks of light may be more appropriate atm. I do believe that tha cracks will become bigger and at a certain moment the pillars will be shown. Light will be shown. Love will be shown. We just need to give it time and keep positive and loving ourselves aswell.

Also I would like to give you my perspective on the channelings. I find them to be very positive, healing, constructive and hopeful. I have changed so much as a person by just reading the channelings and following what the bring forth. I have experienced the difference since. And I do believe I have gotten a broader view on the things that happen on earth as well as on a spiritual level. Reading the channelings has helped me greatly. I find it hard to believe that it hasn't have for a lot of people also. If the channelings bring positivity, so will the people bring to their surroundings. And even for that only, putting everything else aside, I would keep on continuïng to channel the messages like you have been. It would be totally unfair to hold you personally responsible for the words you bring forth. I believe that everyone should be aware by know that you have a clear conscience and try to do your best to bring the messages across. Everyone who reads these messages is personally responsible for the way they process the messages. I process the messages in a positive manner, because through the hundreds of messages I've read I haven't been able to find a trace of negativity. And even if the messages would come out to be false, I will at least have benefitted greatly of the lessons that have been brought.

I believe that you truly need to reconsider your action, knowing that people with their heart in the right place, will understand and feel that you are a medium and not the one that creates these messages from thin air. Especially in these difficult times we live in it would be of great support to have the messages around for everyone to read. If people don't want to read them because they suspect them to be untruthful, then that is their right/decission. But I know there are many that will keep on appreciating the messages. Like me. :)

Hope you can find the balance in your spirit/heart/mind and do what is best for everyone.

Warm regards,

looking4answers said...

Thank you for the latest channeling, and for standing up and once again expressing what so many of us are feeling. My heart tells me this is not actually the last you will hear from these beings, but that making this stand indeed, has a purpose. They must be made aware of our disappointment and desperation. The messages have been so cryptic, with "it is not appropriate to discuss at this time" type of phrases. Do they think we are children, that can not handle information? I do feel a difference in my life, and see a difference in others. It is not however, the dramatic difference they've been promising. I hope for all our sakes that things will indeed, speed up, as has been promised. In the meantime, thank you for your service. Love and light to you. I will continue to read your blog, even without the channelings. I wonder if White Cloud would be willing to give you a message as to what is going on with our world, and if our timeline or future has somehow changed?

Dave said...

Blossom, first let me say blessings to you. From the U.S. I send my love and light to you during this difficult time.

For years now, I've followed your blog and your channelings with the FOL. Yes, I'm one of those who was hurt by the October 2008 incident, but I was most impressed by how you handled it and bounced back. My disappointment has NEVER been with you, Blossom. You are, as you often say, just the messenger, and I never blame the messenger!

So it was with mixed emotions -- excitement and trepidation -- when the FOL first mentioned those pillars of light. But I didn't want another false promise. I didn't want another failed date.

After your recent channeling in which the FOL revealed that, no, they would not appear, I felt they changed the rules of the game. I went back and read those original channelings and felt deceived. For the first time, I began to *really* question the FOL. Why would they not do something to not only prove, unequivocably, that they are out there, but that it could go so far in raising our own light, both personally and on a worldwide scale? How wonderful that would be!

But most of all, I felt sadness for you, Blossom. I don't like to see you put in such a position nor do I enjoy hearing how upset you are.

I was so glad to see you put your foot down and take the FOL to task. I was thrilled to see you ask direct, honest questions. And in today's channeling, the FOL didn't step up to the plate. They didn't answer. We got the usual be of love, we can't go into details response.

How disappointing to hear that from those whose messages I've followed for so long! Again, I ask myself: How can such an advanced civilization fail to understand our humanity? How can they not give us a simple sign of proof? How? Yes, I walk with love and light in my heart, but these questions reside there as well.

Blossom, I'm so sorry for how you are feeling. My heart and prayers go out to you, and I send golden-white rays of light to you. I pray that you'll be uplifted by all the love that surely is being sent your way. Thank you, Blossom. Thank you for being honest and open and putting yourself out there for us. Know that most of us don't blame YOU at all. Please continue to blog and, if a message comes from FOL and you decide to channel, please stand firm -- for yourself and for all of us who understand and hold the same questions in our hearts.

Bless you, Blossom, with love and light from the U.S.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom, I understand your position. My first thought is that 'everything' seems to come to a head at present, all over the world. We are questioning our leaders, our financial system, the very fabric of our social system, etc. Like they advised, I also think that now is a good time to just calm down and go within, quietly meditating and listening to our own heart and intuition. That might help us all wake up. I don't think this is the 'end' of your/our relationship with them, but may actually be the beginning of something different/better? What do you think?
Love&Light, Doris

Anonymous said...

Love you Blossom!!!

sentient in saseenos said...

I offer my comfort & my support & my gratitude, Blossom. You've been part of my metaphysical family since ever. Lately, as I've traveled my path, I've been struck by some of the similarities between religion & my favourite metaphysics writers &/or channelers I've been following. As with my long-ago Catholicism, I am to trust, to enter into blind faith. To date, the wondrous disclosures and events described to us as our sovriegn birthrights have yet to materialize. I too am suffering from ascension fatigue & frustration. For you, sweet Blossom, I will hold my light that much higher, while you rest your tired soul. You are loved.

Anonymous said...

You are in my heart right now. I feel so moved by your courage, your honesty and your alignment with your Truth. For is that not what we have been told is so important-to align with our own truth? I am so very proud of you. You are a light for others, as you always have been, even as we share in your sadness and confusion. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I will still be walking with you!

Ami said...

Dear Blossom,
Your words, successful as ever, touch the heart. We are with you, unconditionally, supporting you through this heavy task you volunteered and accepted. Probably from another not-so-human reality, we also agreed to be here with you, accompanying you and wondering how, what and when.
I hope with all my heart, that the Federation of Light can understand that our vision, thru these bodies locked in 3D, is more limited, the same way as we understand that their vision is far outweighs from ours.
We are with you Blossom and, in turn, we hope that further communication with them, our Truth Givers, will help nourish the path to contact them openly and lovingly, because we love them so much...
I'll send to you light and love. I'm at your disposal, wonderful being of light. With love and gratitude,

Richard Sher said...

Screw them Blossom. I have had a feeling for some time that these "entities" are not who they say they are, I can't explain it.

thislittlelightofmine said...

I am new to Blossom.

I became aware of channeling in 1975 after reading Seth Speaks.

Much has happened since then.

What I want to say… is that I support your decision with all of my heart.

It is... or seems to me… to be a very painful one for you.

I feel that I understand why you need to make this choice.

I have challenged spirit in this same manner... and feel that it is not only appropriate... but often necessary.

Maintaining ones personal integrity… is of great importance.

When one is doubtful of the energies that one is expressing… a challenge should be made and that challenge be met.

When it is not met… how does one continue?

Somehow one does… eventually.

With a new understanding… new rules… and new insight.

Eric Holland said...

Dear Blossom

I think they had not calculeted this timeline. You would say that if they know so much about us by studying us for eons that this would never happen. For me these chanellings you bring are one of the best and important things in my life... to be honest. But i share your thoughts about it all and you have spoken for many cause we all have this need for a sign.But olso I really feel down by all this and I can almost feel how dificult it must all be specially for you. I also feel strongly that still the best is yet to come. This to will make us lighter in the end and if we look at it with our light energy you could see this as one of these chapters that makes a book so different from the others out there......

All respect and LOVE to you and the Gallactic Family.

Eric from Holland

Lisa said...

Blossom, I have had a difficult time with the ascension and Earth changes for many years. I learn something and then it changes, then I have to look at it from many different perspectives, and sometimes it is literally years before I grasp an understanding. I think that when we are communicating with energies which are not embodied, there is a HUGE perception difference. This I have learned. We here in 3D are wanting proof or evidence in our space-time that our faith has been well founded. And it has! But sometimes it comes in a very different form than we are expecting. Keep the faith All Is Well and you have done an awesome job at communicating your truth to others. As always this is to be continued . . . Much Love to you!

patricia said...

Dear Lady Blossom:

It’s time for me to say something. I have read the 100 comments of your last post. I have been reading channelings some years ago. I read in english, french and spanish. So, I can say that I have read a lot. In the beginning I beleived in some of them, not all. But now I have to say that I follow none of them.

Your last channeling didn’t surprised me. I was expecting the excuse of the FOL. You can’t imagine how many FOLs are there saying the same things. Predicting things that never happens, and giving the same excuses.....your time isn’t ours, etc., etc., etc.

So, I have become an observer, objectiv observer. And my conclusion is that something is going on with all this channelings worldwide. Why this supposed «high beings» are doing this to humanity??? Why they are sending messages of love, etc, etc. promises things and dissapointed people??

Why we are following this guys in fact. In humanity history there have been a lot of people, enlightment people that have been saying the same things, before all this channelings. Find them. They exist, and they are humans like us.

Many people have become addicted to this channelings. Waiting for the next. STOP. We don’t need that drug. Yes, it has become a sort of drug. Ask your selves, why you are expecting the next message, why ??? I realized that I was dependant of this messages some years ago.

I have to say that the FOLS that you channel dear Lady Blossom, where can I say???.....serious? among all the jungle out there. Then, it happens the 12 october. I didn’t like what they have done to you, to your trust on them.

So, for this pilars of light, I was nos expecting them at all. I was wondering what would be the excuse of this fol. And the excuse came. I was nos dissapointed, rather the contrary. They confirmed what I was sure of. That they are manipulating us like all the others channellings worldwide.

I want to be free. And I have the sensation, that they don’t want us to be free in fact. Or if I am cynic, I could say that maybe they want us to be free of them, as they never do what they say will do lol.

Sorry for my english, and I hope you can understand what I try to say.

I respect you dear Lady Blossom, you are someone very honest. Maybe you will have to make the decision to continue to communicate with this fol or not. I really don’t know what they are going to say after all that.

I send you all my love, and I admire your for your courage. Maybe it’s time to live our lives without all this stuff. OK, they have told us good things. So, let’s applie them. But as I said before, those things are been said by many other people here in earth.

Vive le Roi!!! le Roi est mort.

patricia said...

Dear Lady Blossom:

It’s time for me to say something. I have read the 100 comments of your last post. I have been reading channelings some years ago. I read in english, french and spanish. So, I can say that I have read a lot. In the beginning I beleived in some of them, not all. But now I have to say that I follow none of them.

Your last channeling didn’t surprised me. I was expecting the excuse of the FOL. You can’t imagine how many FOLs are there saying the same things. Predicting things that never happens, and giving the same excuses.....your time isn’t ours, etc., etc., etc.

So, I have become an observer, objectiv observer. And my conclusion is that something is going on with all this channelings worldwide. Why this supposed «high beings» are doing this to humanity??? Why they are sending messages of love, etc, etc. promises things and dissapointed people??

Why we are following this guys in fact. In humanity history there have been a lot of people, enlightment people that have been saying the same things, before all this channelings. Find them. They exist, and they are humans like us.

Many people have become addicted to this channelings. Waiting for the next. STOP. We don’t need that drug. Yes, it has become a sort of drug. Ask your selves, why you are expecting the next message, why ??? I realized that I was dependant of this messages some years ago.

I have to say that the FOLS that you channel dear Lady Blossom, where can I say???.....serious? among all the jungle out there. Then, it happens the 12 october. I didn’t like what they have done to you, to your trust on them.

So, for this pilars of light, I was nos expecting them at all. I was wondering what would be the excuse of this fol. And the excuse came. I was nos dissapointed, rather the contrary. They confirmed what I was sure of. That they are manipulating us like all the others channellings worldwide.

I want to be free. And I have the sensation, that they don’t want us to be free in fact. Or if I am cynic, I could say that maybe they want us to be free of them, as they never do what they say will do lol.

Sorry for my english, and I hope you can understand what I try to say.

I respect you dear Lady Blossom, you are someone very honest. Maybe you will have to make the decision to continue to communicate with this fol or not. I really don’t know what they are going to say after all that.

I send you all my love, and I admire your for your courage. Maybe it’s time to live our lives without all this stuff. OK, they have told us good things. So, let’s applie them. But as I said before, those things are been said by many other people here in earth.

Vive le Roi!!! le Roi est mort.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh dear Blossom (((((Hugs!)))))

You are in such a tough spot with all of this and I, for one, feel you've handled it with beautiful love, integrity and honor. And at the end of the day this is what you take with you into the next moment, and the next... you can count on you, trust you, love you fully. This is what matters most.

In my way I've been there as well, though not as publicly. We're all put through tests of discernment and adjustments in alignment... but you already know what's most important, and you never forget it. You've maintained it throughout all your trials, and you shine so brightly in doing so! You love. Faithfully.

Simply thinking of you or being near your energy field here fills me with that love, as well. And that is a precious gift you share freely all the time. It's real, it's full, it's the truth of you, and you never hide it.

We all, in watching, learn to be true to ourselves, as well, and learn to shine our own light and love. In this, you teach by example. The love you feel for the FOL is tangible to many of us, so it is clear this is not about love falling out. It is about something else, something only you can crystallize for yourself.

Doing so "out loud" is yet another gift you offer all who witness. I, for one, treasure that gift. You're precious and I love you and I thank you for being exactly you.

Much love, deep appreciation and (((Hugs)))

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom, expect the unexpected. Thy will be done...

Cheryl said...

Hi Blossom! I bow to you for standing in your TRUTH. As FOL said THIS IS NOT FINISHED. To Keep this short I will say my thought are with comments of Coach Enrique and that of Rob. Its amazing how many 'Anonymous said'
Lots of Love Light Laughter and FUN

Anonymous said...

Federation - Blossom 0-1

No more ".. in the very near future.....divine right time chosen for us by Heaven".

Well done, Blossom Goodchild, very well done.

God Bless Your Heart

Love. Dan

patricia said...

Dear Lady Blossom:

It’s time for me to say something. I have read the 100 comments of your last post. I have been reading channelings some years ago. I read in english, french and spanish. So, I can say that I have read a lot. In the beginning I beleived in some of them, not all. But now I have to say that I follow none of them.

Your last channeling didn’t surprised me. I was expecting the excuse of the FOL. You can’t imagine how many FOLs are there saying the same things. Predicting things that never happens, and giving the same excuses.....your time isn’t ours, etc., etc., etc.

So, I have become an observer, objectiv observer. And my conclusion is that something is going on with all this channelings worldwide. Why this supposed «high beings» are doing this to humanity??? Why they are sending messages of love, etc, etc. promises things and dissapointed people??

Why we are following this guys in fact. In humanity history there have been a lot of people, enlightment people that have been saying the same things, before all this channelings. Find them. They exist, and they are humans like us.

Many people have become addicted to this channelings. Waiting for the next. STOP. We don’t need that drug. Yes, it has become a sort of drug. Ask your selves, why you are expecting the next message, why ??? I realized that I was dependant of this messages some years ago.

I have to say that the FOLS that you channel dear Lady Blossom, where can I say???.....serious? among all the jungle out there. Then, it happens the 12 october. I didn’t like what they have done to you, to your trust on them.

So, for this pilars of light, I was nos expecting them at all. I was wondering what would be the excuse of this fol. And the excuse came. I was nos dissapointed, rather the contrary. They confirmed what I was sure of. That they are manipulating us like all the others channellings worldwide.

I want to be free. And I have the sensation, that they don’t want us to be free in fact. Or if I am cynic, I could say that maybe they want us to be free of them, as they never do what they say will do lol.

Sorry for my english, and I hope you can understand what I try to say.

I respect you dear Lady Blossom, you are someone very honest. Maybe you will have to make the decision to continue to communicate with this fol or not. I really don’t know what they are going to say after all that.

I send you all my love, and I admire your for your courage. Maybe it’s time to live our lives without all this stuff. OK, they have told us good things. So, let’s applie them. But as I said before, those things are been said by many other people here in earth.

Vive le Roi!!! le Roi est mort.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Blossom speaking out loud and clear.

Remember: "God Loves and cares for you. Please don't forget that." .....little richard qoutation.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Blossom Goodchild:

This is RC, a fellow ascending Gaian, and I truly share my light and love with you as I live my light through love for you.

I sincerely empathize with your most recent channeled message and I appreciate and love the way you chose to “lay it all out” as we Gaians say. I am grateful for your assistance through your IMMENSE DIVINE LOVE, as well as, the divine assistance from many other magnificent love workers who have been integral, through your channeled messages, in assisting me with my individual and the collective evolutionary spiritual ascension.

With compassionate love, please look deep within yourself, your soul self, your higher self primarily and only utilize telepathic link ups with higher dimensional beings secondarily, even though there is no difference. Lead yourself into your individual divine purpose for your divine purpose will be felt collectively. Take this as your opportunity to further expand the Goddess you are.

I share your emotional struggles with being led up to feel led down, in a sense. Recently I have realized the fact that now are the moments where we, Gaians, need to stop relying on others and need to look deep within oneself for the truths, whatever they may be. Please do not get me wrong in stating this, for I do not want to offend, but perhaps, recently you have been more reliant on the external information and still induced by time on when our Star Families will descend and mark the true end of the old age. I feel for you so much because I too have been dealing with these very issues.

You know so much, you LOVE so much, and you feel so much that you are going to become ever more Brilliant in all the Lights you emanate because of your temporary disconnections with those Beings you have allowed to disseminate loving information.

Now are the moments where all light workers, especially those who are channeling messages from our Star Families, need to cease temporarily the communications, and move closer to the self, each individual self. You and Ute, are two lovable light workers who have decided to channel less.

All of us have to now open and live the truths we know ourselves to be individually. You see, our Star Families have said all they could say, and many messages have been heartfelt, but it is now up to us. Each and every individual human is a GOD/DESS with respect to each other and all life here on earth, our solar systems and with respect to our Star Families. Now are the moments that we share to internalize this, and live it.

By each and every one of us living our light and love as a God/dess, portrayed as a human and living connected with all life on mother Gaia, this will indeed enhance, and create the moment where our Star Families descend and physically interact with all of us.

I realize one thing now, that by living as loving God/desses on mother Gaia, our Star Families will automatically descend, for that is all that is left for us to Reunite. Our Star Families do not want anyone to view them as higher or superior than us, they want us to learn how to treat all life equal whether from this planetary biosphere or not.

Our Star Families now are just waiting for us, as individuals and as a collective, to acknowledge and expand the God/dess within.

These last 5 weeks are my last stages of the old age, I will continue looking deep within to further expand my light/love in all of this and I will continue to open my heart, and live as a Loving God/dess.

I can feel it in my heart that if most loving humans detach from all that is external, and attach all that is internal to become the God/dess within, then we have a great opportunity to see our Star Families by Christmas. That’s the only and last Christmas present I want for myself and for humanity. The most Divine present ever to receive will be to reunite with our Star Families.

Thank you for reading my loving message.

May One Bless You as One!

RC Towers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,
You have every reason to take a stand and to take the fol to task!
This is from the June 29, 2011 channel: "Ok . Thank you. As I am asking questions ... These Pillars of Light that you have talked about ... when you presented them to me in my mind when you first spoke of them ... well, I saw what I saw ... huge structures of Light in the sky , and you said we would see them move, they would give of an immense energy and there would be NO denying as to what they were.

Indeed. And we have not changed our course regarding this.

Ok. Only some FEEL that WE are the Pillars of Light .

We would say that is in a manner of speaking. Yes, how your Light shines. Far more than you realize. Yet that which we have spoken of is as we said it would be.

And you said that is before the year is out?

This is so . "

You asked them again in the Aug 10 channel.

Now that you've asked them a third time, they change their story. They know/knew how important this is to you. How can you not be hurt?

Sending a heartfelt hug!

Vesna said...

Dear Blossom,
it is just wonderful to have a proof of being One with Light Beings. They are part of us and manifesting the light pillars we will manifest them. Thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

They can't show us who they are or give us any sign of their existance. We have to remain ignorant of them because of "cosmic" laws. We are meant to discover them on our own through observation and introspection. They keep telling us to look within, are any of us really?

Blos you have to do what you FEEL is right. I think you already have. I also think you are a lot closer than you think you are in discovering them truely as they are. They are in my opinion more thought form ,pure energy,than physical.

Anonymous said...

I'm 22 years old and since I was a little kid I've been living in a very metaphysical world. In fact my whole family does. My mom, dad, brother..

When I read these channelings, it feels like I'm reading the same things over and over again. The whole message they are giving us every time is:

"It is really soon"
"Sooner than you expected"
"Be prepared"
"By the end of this year, big things will happen"
"We still have a long way to go"
"It is far from being finished"
"We can't give you that information yet"

etc, etc...

When I read your latest channeling I was going crazy! I was screaming "YES!" finally someone talked about the undeniable truth and addressed the issues with these channelings! You are really brave and I thank you for that!

I can't even start to understand how these extra ordinary genius beings can give false dates? And I also think they don't really understand the state of mind we are in for the last couple of years. Specially these last couple of months. It's getting harder every day to live in this world, for me and for my family. And I'm sure for all of you. We are so desperately waiting for something to happen. And when these beings give us dates for something to happen, and nothing happens... How can I believe them again?

At this point it seems like they are doing this deliberately! How can they not see how fragile we are at this point? And how can they even do this to us? For such smart beings, they are acting really really selfish. Even mean one can say.

They say "It's all about you, you have a big ascension!". Yet, they don't give us any real information. They just keep saying things like "It's soon".

I'm already confused because of lots of things and on top of that, (like the person in the comments section said) this was an escape for me and my family. Something like a cure. It was the truth, it was the undeniable, it was the inevitable! But is it really?

Life is a living hell right now, and it's not getting any better. For what it's worth, it's even worse than ever. I'm not receiving any love from these beings, I don't receive anything at all. Either set us free or start really communicating with us. Stop acting like an FBI agent, telling things such as "I can't give you that information". We already have a lot of those people in our world already, we don't need anyone else to not tell the truth and lie.

So, what is it going to be? Are you here to help or are you here to confuse us even more?

Cheryl said...

Hi again,

Just reading through some of the comments I love what RC Towers wrote. What a lovely christmas present that would be to re-unite with our star families.

Love,Light,Laughter and FUN

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for seeing the FOL as the fraud that they are. Read back through the channelings with an objective eye. Isn't it obvious they're making it up as they go along?

Remember that one UFO video (maybe the Jerusalem one?) that they initially took credit for and then it was revealed later that it was a fake?

Whoever these entities are, they are not what they presenting themselves to be.

Anonymous said...

Many of us are cheering you on. You made a wise thoughtful decision and I hope you are able to stand by it. From what I have read, channelings have been around for about 40 years, and the message hasn't changed much.
Even though the words are insightful and loving, the word 'trickster' comes to mind. If they are who they say they are, certainly they could keep their word and wow us all with a sign that could not be explained away as a natural occurence.
Don't feel bad...feel FREE from the weight of the hold on your spirit. I hope you know how much LOVE total strangers like me are feeling for you, for your courage and compassion.

Anonymous said...

I love you Blossom,I love The Federation of Light,I know that they are of truth,I know some do not see this,yet if I am to trust my feelings and always I do then they are of truth,they would have continued serving us as they always have depending on where we are at,I would have continued focusing on you and them doing this that I do because of the joy I get/feel doing it,I would never have stopped this addiction to the love I feel from them and they would have continued giving us their unconditional love,yet we/I would not have grown and let go of the apron strings, as they have told us to do all along,thanks to you I will be forced to do my inner work,for it will get me off this computer,however I will continue with my site honouring them and you as always,time to get those vibrations up and it is with gratitude to you and them,I move forward,the fat lady hasn’t sung yet!I kept hearing this song over and over this week:

"Now that your gone all thats left is a band of gold all thats left of the dreams I hold is a memory of what love could be if you were right here with me”

~The Roses~
Dear Blossom thanks for the photos of the roses it inspired my story.Once upon a time there was a little girl who believed in magic but as she grew her faith started leaving her until as an adult despite the many magical events she forgot the love and light that she was,and as the darkness engulf her she cried out and denounced God.Well Guys that was me. until 2 years ago I had a vision of Jesus ( I know cliche' but true) It started the transforming, I read books from Deepak Chopra, Echart Tollee,Gregg Braden etc. stopped things like alcohol,watching TV,started meditating ect. No I didn't turn into some religious weirdo that is soooo not me, this stuff is NOT religion it is soul truth, it is the magic of who we are pure love energy.The joy of spirit.LIGHT (light is information) raise your sword of light and cut through the illusion of fear.My soul started communicating, I started to feel energies, beautiful blissful energies, One day I couldn't stop thinking about a UFO experience I had in 1989 this repetitive thought led me to researching UFOs I didn't really get all that interested,however one morning I woke up with a thought in my head which led me to Blossoms website as I listened to White Clouds voice on the demo tape tears ran down as I said I am home, an energy of love so huge went through me.After reading The Message I was activated as FOL calls it. I connected big time, how I would explain it is my heart beats in time with theirs.On a Friday I got it in my head to send roses to Blossom but I thought she is fine now FOL has explained the no show but Saturday it kept up, but I was so busy with my business as this is my busy period I ignored it, come Sunday my heart was ready to burst as so much love energy was being sent, but I thought I don't even know her address.By Monday afternoon I knew what I had to do.I rang a florist in her home town and half an hour later she got back to me she found out her address through her publisher. I said do you have any feathers and to my surprise she asked me what one would I like. I knew what I had to write as I had read White Clouds books, I knew I had to do it anonymously and see if the universe did its magic, if we were meant to connect somehow I would find out, two days later I heard her mention the roses to Brad in a interview, when I heard that she had ask White Cloud for proof that the FOL were of light and he sent a rose in her head, Blossom said ok if I see a rose in 3 days I'll know (she would have gotten the roses that day) as it was she got them on the Monday but she said she would accept that as the florist was closed on the Sunday:)) We are one !!!!! BELIEVE it is happening..... Love and Light Kerrie

Anonymous said...

Just to say ... love you

Anonymous said...

"Trickster" as someone else posted, also comes to my mind. But a little part of me thinks there's a chance that entities (powers that be) who do not want ET's to make themselves known, are onto your (and others)postings/channelings. (The "Thrive" video says a lot about that.) Perhaps our off-planet friends have changed their tune out of caution, and are warning you away. Either way, taking a break sounds good. If you ask White Cloud, with the intent of keeping the information private, perhaps he will provide some clarity or peace of mind to you?

Anonymous said...

Dearest Blossom,
I love reading your channelings, I feel their truth when I read them, because I feel they touch me inside and I experience the love. It is such a real experience and I am very grateful that you have been giving all of us the opportunity by being a messenger. For me that is the "proof" and whether pillars of light appear before or after Christmas is not that important. I am actually glad to hear that the timelines shift according to our development. And I don't know if a big sign in the sky would actually make such a difference - if some people doubt it, they will. And I guess that's ok. Your channelings are very precious, I believe them more because they are changeable (I know this sounds strange, but it's true) - and after all we are to find our truth inside. And that's what your channelings encourage me to do. I really trust your channelings and the Federation of Light, and I hope you can take heart again. Maybe this issue of the pillars of light is a bit of a diversion, something to throw us off by us insisting that the timelines have to be kept as promised. I know that if a friend promises to meet me and then doesn't turn up, I might get upset, but sometimes there is a really good reason for it which could not be seen ahead of time. And sometimes it suits me even better to meet them later, and I might have learnt something in the meantime (like I really do care about this person, even if they don't manage to show up and keep their promise). Dear Blossom, for me you definitely are a pillar of light, and I am meeting more and more around me - and I am looking forward to seeing their light grow into the skies. Much love and a biiiiig hug, Christina

Deon said...

Well done Blossom. It is time for us to stand in our own truth and be the doers instead of the followers. Even though it leaves many floundering and lost as to their own sense of direction, even purpose - perhaps this is the opportunity we have been given to act instead of merely following the lead.

Your courage is commendable. Blessings and huge hugs....

yk248 said...

Blossom. Go inward please. that is what they say. no one can do this for you.

Namaste. :)


Take it easy Bloss. you have been through a lot!

I really really appreciate your wanting to be in truth and honesty and also continuing your communications till now.

Love always!


Sue Bourn Reconnective Healer said...

Dear Blossom
I have the privilege of knowing you as a personal friend and know you to be of the utmost kindness, honesty, humility, integrity and innocence for the messages you receive and deliver.
Reality is a perception in many dimensions not just the physical.
All manifestation comes from 'within' and then expressed into physicality just as the 'Pillars of Light' that the FOL ask us to identify are within ourselves.

Every message brought forth for us to relate to is an opportunity for us to make that a reality of our own, should we choose.

You are pure of heart and intent in what you deliver.

The Federation of Light is another higher aspect of consciousness that is a part of us all, it is always our responsibility what we manifest, you are merely (reflecting) reminding us what possibilities we can achieve.

No one has to prove anything or materialize anything, to know it is truth. You can simply TRUST that all you do is working in your highest good and so it is.

Loads of Love, Light & Laughter to you my dear friend.

LOVE Always Sue

Anonymous said...

<3 <3 we walk on; arm in arm <3 <3 Joke x x x

Anonymous said...

<3 <3 we walk on; arm in arm <3 <3 Joke x x x

Daphne said...

Thank you Blossom for all you have done, helping to a space of Love inside of me. I wish you all the best.
In love and warmth.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,
My love goes out to at this time. I fully understand your decision to discontinue channelings at this time. It is frustrating that things have not moved onto the next level. The channelings have been been wonderful and so full of love and positive messages. But maybe this is meant to happen at this time so that something new which has been waiting is going to happen for you. You have so many things to offer people. The workshop I came to at Noosa awhile back was an enjoyable and uplifting day. I await to see what life brings you next.
Love Ali.

Klinton said...

this is for you blossom

michael lacey said...

tell you what blossom, think its time for you to sit your bum down, get your legs up switch the telly on get a big fat bar of chocolate and indulge yourself, time for some TLC... tomorrow's a new day.. god bless you love.

With Love said...

Much love to you, Blossom. Thanks for your dedication, your honesty and your channelings. We love you :)

Anonymous said...

Im also 22 years old.What we have to remember is that when we are conscious of a world full of lies and negativity, these messages from the FOL are a healing form them selfs, and like many people say they are addicting and give us hope.No different to a story from a libary, But this isnt the point, we have to admit and see the truth for what is it is, and when you read these channelings back they seem a bit sketchy, Because in the moment you are captivated by the feeling of love and hope, which make us vulnrable energies. I give a lot of love to you Blossom you have been great and held very strong, the FOL say listen to your heart as your heart is your truth, and thats exactly what you have done, dont let the emotional connection from them make you feel any differnent. We clearly live in a world where more negativty manifests more than postivity. I read these messages everytime and i only read Blossom's channelings, Blossom stands in her own truth, There seems to be more rules, laws and regulations up there than down here, to me a successful channelling is to give us something we didnt know and comfirmation, us human beings know more than we think,and its all hear for us. There really is no point with these channellings if they give the same response which we all know, eventhough they are nice at the time. You are a strong soul Blossom and you make my heart smile.

Wendy said...

Sending you lots of love Blossom,
I too had a winge to them about all the changes, but they probably couldn't hear me though. Thank you for being honest to them about how you and alot of us feel. I have so been looking forward to seeing something positive towards our upliftment and contact with the FOL.
Honestly as someone who is still in 3D ( even though I am hopeful to be part of the 4D+ ascension}
A physical sign would go along way towards that uplifting that is supposed to help us ascend.
I have always wondered why when we are told and know, that our governments are corrupt that they have to abide by their wishes to be able to do anything.. very frustrating. Surely those of us that read the channellings and others,who really wish for a better world and more spiritual way deserve to be the ones listened to and encouraged.
I don't believe that the pillars are meant to be us or manifested by us because they said they were going to have somekind of positive affect on us . I also remember them saying they had some kind of "boxes" full of "dust" that would sprinkle down and benefit us. Don't know when that was meant to happen but I thought it was
" soon".
I have never been good at cryptic puzzles and honestly just want a simple and practical guide to ascension.. and the Truth.
Why does it have to be so complicated.I am so ready for there to be more love and light in our world.
I so hope that the FOL will call on you again Blossom with Love and Truth and the acknowledgement that we need and are ready.. so will show us a positive sign NOW (please FOL).
Thank you Blossom for all you do and the love you give.
Love and light and blessings to everyone.

bloempje said...

You have expressed what I have felt(but couldn't find the exact words). I feel very much the same about it as you do. As for me, they are of light, they have taught us things that were of great upliftment. Let's not forget...

To Blossom, you have been very courageous by following your heart. It is the only truth you should ever listen to.

Simon said...

RE: Blossom Goodchild - November 29, 2011
To laugh is to risk appearing a fool,
To weep is to risk appearing sentimental
To reach out to another is to risk involvement,
To expose feelings is to risk exposing your true self
To place your ideas and dreams before a crowd is to risk their loss
To love is to risk not being loved in return,
To hope is to risk despair,
To try is to risk to failure.
But risks must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.
The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing is nothing.
He may avoid suffering and sorrow,
But he cannot learn, feel, change, grow or live.
Blossom has risked all to spread the word of the galatic federation.
At the very least they could have shown some honour on their part.
If they have learnt anything at all about man they would know
That all of us are judged on our actions and not our intent.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for standing so strongly in your integrity, Blossom! You are a pillar of light in my life, and you always will be. Trust is so important at this time, and it feels so good to me that I can trust YOU. You are my other self. I am your other self. Indeed this whole thing has brought so many of us together when before we were fragmented and alone. I hope that you will come here to the USA to visit some day. You are always welcome here at my house in NW Washington State. My hybrid children are coming to visit me on 12/21/12. Perhaps meeting them would be encouraging for you?


Anonymous said...

Blossom, I've felt the same sadness since yesterday and could not put my finger on it. This morning, it was even worse and having just read your exchange with the FOL, I can now understand why. I guess all is as it should be and perhaps we have to work twice as hard to ensure ascension. We have been lead to water, now it is up to us to drink? Keep your heart strong and let us all connect to each other in love and light and keep working on helping our dear Mother Earth. Even before I had heard of the Pillars of Light, I was creating them in my nightly visualization, using myself as a conduit to connect heaven to earth. Maybe that is the secret?? Keep your spirits up dear one!! Love and blessings to you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bloss - You will always share the Hope and the LOVE for all of humanity with or without the FOL. We support you regardless of your decision. I am sure I speak for vast majority if not all of your fans.

Global Love Shall Prevail

Phil said...

Hi Blossom,

First I just want to say how much I appreciate you and what you've done. You've channeled through a lot of powerful concepts that I've taken to heart and used to help my soul grow over the past 3 years.

I've always felt 'in tune' with the feelings you express to them and I wish to express that I fully support you in following your heart in this matter as well. Whatever happens with the FOL, I believe in good things in the future for each and all of us. Sending lots of love and good vibes from Tacoma, WA.


lightsky said...

RE: Blossom Goodchild - November 29, 2011
To laugh is to risk appearing a fool,
To weep is to risk appearing sentimental
To reach out to another is to risk involvement,
To expose feelings is to risk exposing your true self
To place your ideas and dreams before a crowd is to risk their loss
To love is to risk not being loved in return,
To hope is to risk despair,
To try is to risk to failure.
But risks must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.
The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing is nothing.
He may avoid suffering and sorrow,
But he cannot learn, feel, change, grow or live.
Blossom has risked all to spread the word of the galatic federation.
At the very least they could have shown some honour on their part.
If they have learnt anything at all about man they would know that all of us are judged on our actions and not our intent.

Andrew said...

Blossom. I read your latest channelling on a different website. In my opinion you have stood firmly in your Truth. I believe that these beings you contact are beings of light and love, yet we cannot see clearly from our limited position here on earth what is in our highest interests. It is my belief that these beings have consistently been acting in your highest interests yet for as long as your current relationship continues with them, they will continue to find loving (but sometimes hurtful!) ways to help you to stand fully on your own two feet as a being of light and love here on earth. There may be some sadness for a while as you let them go, and you may find yourself missing your old relationship with them, but at some point you will see the truth of what all this is about and see that these games that have been played have been an essential part of your growth. You will look back and see this as a crucial point on your path.

I was hurt badly by the angels a couple of years ago. It felt like they had deceived me and tricked me. I see now that they were working to help me cut the dependency cords between me and them so that I could stand more fully on my own two feet. For a while I turned my back on them and that was necessary while I processed my hurt, but these days I am friends with them again. There is little chat yet I call on them for practical help when required. I feel more equal to them these days. I am sure that once this is all over you will be celebrating with your friends :)

Wishing you all the best.

test1 said...

We have come a long way in this journey. I'm happy that there are a lot of people sending you messages of love and support, that makes me happy too.
At first I was a little scared that they might be try to blind us with light and wipe out our history with our species and our planet.
Sometimes I get a little confused about these things, these things are complicated, and complicated to predict, but look how we have grown up together.
I just wanna say God Bless you in this holiday season and everybody else commenting here, for standing together in love and brotherhood.
I hope you still keep writing on your blog, whatever it might happen or not. It makes me really happy to read your posts.
Much Love.

test1 said...

We have come a long way in this journey. I'm happy that there are a lot of people sending you messages of love and support, that makes me happy too.
At first I was a little scared that they might be try to blind us with light and wipe out our history with our species and our planet.
Sometimes I get a little confused about these things, these things are complicated, and complicated to predict, but look how we have grown up together.
I just wanna say God Bless you in this holiday season and everybody else commenting here, for standing together in love and brotherhood.
I hope you still keep writing on your blog, whatever it might happen or not. It makes me really happy to read your posts.
Much Love.

patricia said...


Anonymous said...

First of all i want to apologize for my bad english now and then. Since october 2008 i read almost all the channelings with the GF from you dear lady. But the more i read, the more i noticed they were repeating things all the time. Sometimes you asked them specific questions, but they never gave you a straight answer or even an answer at all. Dear Blossom, do you even know the name of the "being" you were talking to? Is it allways the same "being" you were talking to? I was a real believer for many many years,and i saw about 8 ufo's in my life, and not only just lights, but also a craft. I know there is more, but that they are from outer space or other dimensions, i don't know. I wanna bet our governments and especialy the american government is behind all of this. Same with Mike Quinsey's channelings of the GF. They allways say "be patient, any minute now, it's almost time..." for many years and still nothing happened. Big promises and nothing more. I can go on and on, but i know you made the right decision dear Blossom coz they've played with you all those times. Take care dear lady, and don't let them fool you again.
Love and Light

John from Holland

Faith said...

Blossom I send you huge hugs and pink blankets (it's winter where I live) and total support for all you do. There are many excellent comments already on here, I feel the love blossoming!

I support you Blossom in doing what you feel you must do.

Thanks for everything, much love, Faith

Anonymous said...

I have already told Blossom, but I want to also share,I had a strong urge to turn on the radio when I was driving to yoga last night and that song I told you has been going over in my mind all week came on!

"Now that your gone all thats left is a band of gold all thats left of the dreams I hold is a memory of what love could be if you were right here with me”

P.S. Blossom so many beautiful words of love and gratitude to you and The Federation of Light are coming on my site,you/they are loved,I am thinking of you, sending you my love and gratitude,but yes please rest for as long as you need to and in the mean time we will get those pillars of light here by truly being love as we have been taught to do so well and with such grace.

Starlight said...

A few thoughts….

From comments on this blog, there is a lot of mention of “us” and “them” (FOL.)In reality, there is only “We.”

All of these wishes for “proof” and demanding of "time frames”… be they pillars of light, massive ship sightings, whatever… come solely from human ego.

Consider the possibility that this world we live in is a virtual room created solely by our thought-forms and wishes. Quantum physics has proven that matter is not solid at all but 99.99% or so space.

So though things seem solid, everything is mutable simply by our thoughts.

Dear Blossom, you are feeling betrayed (again) by what we call the FOL (higher future evolutionary extensions of ourselves who therefore ARE us) ….consider the possibility that your feeling of betrayal and the pain you are feeling in your heart…. are because of your tremendous love for these higher aspects of yourself.

The great spiritual teachers taught… All pain and illusion is the result of EXPECTATION that something outside of ourself will fulfill our desires. If no expectations- no pain…. Only LOVE.

WE created the FOL because we think we NEED something better/higher than ourselves to guide/save us. This is our illusion of separation from Source.

The FOL channeling’s since 10/14/08 consistently emphasized the importance to:
1. understand that we are ALL creator gods- individually and collectively as a planetary community.

2. make a personal DECISION to integrate that possibility as OUR Truth- anchoring it solidly into our personal reality and enabling us to manifest it…

3. ultimately create what we want.

Seeing ourselves as powerless and in need of some higher entity to do things FOR us does not serve our highest good. We are here to transcend that limiting belief.

The FOL consistently emphasized self-empowerment and non-dependency on them…. with much LOVE and patience on their part, I might add. When pushed for “proof” -light displays, etc….. few promises were given and emphasized that need for “PROOF” is not important and only stems from human ego. Responsibility was always put back upon Us.

The specific events that WERE projected (10/14/08 and these pillars of light that seem so important to so many here…) HAVE served a creative purpose through our repeated visualizations & associated love emotion of these events occurring- by thousands of individuals. this, when connected with the collective HEART… CAN CREATE that reality.

WHEN will it manifest….? It's all up to us. How strong our belief and focus….how pure and ego-less our love?

Blossom, you made no mistake. Love is never wrong, the heart never lies. You weren’t betrayed (except possibly by the ever-challenging human ego :) ). I suspect that messages from the FOL would continue into the future exactly as previously… encouragement when needed, noncommittal when pressed for specific information, emphasis that they are NOT here to rescue us but to wake us up, that “We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for” (obviously we’re slow learners)…. and always ongoing reinforcement and repetition of the Universal Spiritual Truths and the need for US to create that which we want to bring into the world.

FOL is simply doing their job…. Likely exactly what we AND they agreed to before we “earth-ers” incarnated here. They are supporting Us while WE do what we came here to do (kicking & screaming & whining as it may be)!

Such unlimited love and patience “they” (ie: OUR created manifestations of our own higher beings) have….
It seems when we are here in human form we have so much of trouble “hearing” our own Higher Selves!

Just a few possibilities to consider….

Be love always!

yk248 said...

Andrew, this is a very insightful post. Namaste :)

I too feel that it might be time for us to stand on our own feet, and not be dependant on some out manifestation to happen to "fix it all". Coach Enrique has been saying that all along, the spiritual teachers too. But it can be hard to release attachments, so for a time we need them untill we don't or it is time to move on and their presence recedes and we have to stand up.

Love and Light!!! It will only be light always ;)

Piperon said...

First of all, I want to extend my gratitude for the works you had done for us in the past many years. There are bumpie road which you had taken but for the sick of the mass. This is one thing I cannot do. This is a link to see the Pillar of Lights you had said I hope you open your mind and your heart when you see this hope. Namaste.

May the LOVE be with you always.
Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Player.

Piperon said...

First of all, I want to extend my gratitude for the works you had done for us in the past many years. There are bumpie road which you had taken but for the sick of the mass. This is one thing I cannot do. This is a link to see the Pillar of Lights you had said I hope you open your mind and your heart when you see this hope. Namaste.

May the LOVE be with you always.
Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Player.

Victoria said...

Dear Blossom,

I am writing just to let you know that I am with you 100% and I am very proud of you for standing in your truth so bravely. The way you feel I feel exactly for quite some time now and you have very intelligently expressed what is simple and clear in the minds of so many of us.

There are times when we realize that enough is enough and letting go of hoping for something to happen feels like a heavy weight lifted off our shoulders. ALL IS WELL. It is what it is and all is as it should be. Acceptance then becomes our new best friend and a healthier way of coping with the reality we are living in.

When the time comes and "They" are able to show themselves and all the wonderful things they have promised, Great! We'll be as ready as we can ever be. In the meantime, we are living and swimming in this reality where we have needs and responsibilities that "They" don't seem to quite get yet. We have to feed ourselves and pay the bills. So until then, we are really better off without the carrot and the stick because we have had a lot of that already and our bucket is full of disappointments! There is really no need nor room for more!

In fact, any more empty promises will be more detrimental to our state of being than "helping us". We can use our energies in many other ways that give us healthier results for our growth.

Thank you Blossom so much for being so brave and standing in your Truth because in doing so you were standing for many of us!

We Love you!


Anonymous said...

Carol said she sent you this youtube on the pillars of light Blossom,but what I found interesting was the below comment,visualise people,remember White Cloud’s visualisation on my blog

If you read Sylvia Brownes Book God Creation And tools for life she speaks of these pillars of light which we all have the power of planting to raise the Earths vibrational level for good.

lutherheggs said...

Hello Blossom,
Kind of new to this channeling/beings of light business.
It occurs to me your contacts often lose much in the translation due to culture clash. It is like our relationship with the ghetto's here.
We send them our money and protections and think we have done all we can do , then wonder why nothing ever changes much. Not living there , we are not in tune with the day to day cultural nuances, and stops to the progress the rest of us would like to see in the "hood".

With a 3-d earth VS a 4th-plus dimensional oriented contacts the problems must be compounded. Commenting further is risky due to my total ignorance of this field, but I will anyway.

I recently saw the movie "Tombstone", based on Wyatt Earp vs the Clanton's, etc,etc. The movie was laced with poetic license throughout. Most of that stuff didn't happen like in the movie. A faithful recital of what really occurred would have been a boring movie indeed! But the movie did resonate my imaginings of those days in Tombstone,Az.
In a like way, maybe what you expect to see won't look like the actual event once it unfolds. Perhaps your source is fumbling for a way to communicate their thoughts in a way to help you "get it" more clearly.

Maybe you should ask them if they concerned you two are not duplicating each others thoughts accurately. Again, I don't know anything about this stuff, it seems to beg the question: just as my present 3-d thinking would not be in any way similar to my 4-d
thinking, post-ascension, it would not be surprising if your 2 perspectives are still different enough your contact(s) are beginning to lapse into biblical style language when communicating
something they may think is beyond your current horizons. Don't be too hard on them. Remembering they are also just folks, how difficult must it be to have a true
"reality" on a bizarre world like this one sometimes is. I'm sure they often get caught short.

Dave said...

Starlight, in relation to your comment:

"All of these wishes for “proof” and demanding of "time frames”… be they pillars of light, massive ship sightings, whatever… come solely from human ego."

I have to respectfully disagree. While it's human nature to want proof of something -- i.e., experiencing it personally with our senses -- you need to remember that this entire "pillars of light" thing was first brought up by the FOL. In fact, I remember Blossom's hesitation at receiving such information in light of what she went through back in October of 2008. The FOL were aware of the pain that brought to Blossom and many who follow her channelings, and if there was ANY chance that such an event would NOT manifest by year's end, they NEVER SHOULD HAVE SAID IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. But they did, and many of us have looked forward to it to it as validation. For them to backpedal as they did, continue to deny us details, and put Blossom through more stress isn't right.

Blossom, I hope you're doing better. I've truly enjoyed reading these responses, for they're overwhelmingly positive and sending you much love and light! We might be unsure of the FOL right now, but one thing is clear: You have many, many supporters who love you.

Anonymous said...

You should have done so back in 2008, and I told you so back then.

I'm afraid that those 'beings' from outaspace are nothing else than psyops-operations of the 3-letter agencies. I know what I'm talking about, they did the same with me.




Nir said...

Dear Blossom!
I love you and support you! You did what you should have done a long time ago!
I have always assessed their information, and they have been lying to you for years. One time, you saw geometric patterns on google earth and you said - are those your ships? their response was - yes, did we not tell you they were immense? But in fact, those were just pattern created by the overlay of each satellite coverage area. It was a blatant lie then, I knew it when I read it.

You have fallen victim to a behavior that is classic con man's. they lure you in and always have excuses. It has been very cruel of them to milk you as they did for excitement energy. They are very smart, know how to lure you in with false promises.
There was a famous crop circle that said - beware of the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. That was probably done by the good guys :)

You are a radiant soul and a decent human, and you should not have been treated this way. I am glad you've broken the cycle of violence against you.

With love and admiration,


lutherheggs said...

Don't lose sight of the big picture. 3-d is really base sometimes. I lost a childhood best friend when he was discovered throwing baby chicks through a shop fan. So it goes to this very day.
I have a neighbor with a 15 year old adopted boy. His mother was involved with biker gangs. She was murdered by rivals. Her head was left in three pieces. 2 dramatic examples of a endless litany of base behavior I feel surrounded by.
Seems obvious the vibrational level is too dense around here. The good news is this means there are opportunities within my immediate grasp to raise the tone. I am beginning to notice there are long standing negative situations I have just failed to acknowledge.
You live on the same planet I do, so maybe there is something going on around you as well.There IS much at stake. We have 3-d because that is where we happen to be right now. That does not mean we have to settle for remaining here. We have the choice to migrate in either direction. Just one thing. I doubt the new existence will look anything like what I have in my 3-d trained mind. We may not even notice many of the changes as they happen. Sometimes it will be more like, "Come to think of it, I haven't had quite some time"! I think I will have to be more accepting of the changes while fine tuning my own life in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

My heart is heavy this morning guys it is sinking in this extract from my beloved Federation of LIGHT helped,Blossom you are following your truth for now,but there are many truths along the way to the one real truth and you will work it out.

To blindly follow teachings without question would not be of great service to the self ... for the FEELING of TRUTH would have disappeared and automation would have taken over the heart space and prevented that which YOU ARE ... to tell YOU YOUR TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry. I am not going to leave my name, I am leaving the signature instead.

I feel for you Blossom, I really do. The place I speak from has both "good aliens" and "bad aliens." In my opinion... not of them are good, since they feed on the energy that is being produced on earth, without giving anything in return. We are like cattle to them, a cattle that is not properly cared for, yet it is used as a food source throughout the galaxy. Their key motto seems to be: promises. Yet, as you've noticed, the promises are never fulfilled. Maybe it is just me, cause I've managed to live my life by the axiom: "walk your talk or keep your mouth shot." I wish they do the same. I really do. Yet... they choose to hide in the shadows of the deception they create, and... that... never spells "a better future" for anyone involved in that...

Anonymous said...

If the gentleman who said that maybe the pillars of light are actually cracks in the matrix caused by the economic collapse, the US Occupy Wall Street movement, and other social advocacy groups taking their power, then why didnt the FOL acknowledge that and give some form of explanation about why they changed their mind on the pillars. When I channel my spirit guides and my higher self and do not understand something and ask them to explain things, they always give an answer which helps me know things at a higher level. They do not leave me hanging and floundering in the dark. I think this FOL may be dark masquerading as the light and their agenda may be power and control. For no higher beings are going to respond the way they did in this last channel and not give an explanation as to their actions. I would encourage everyone reading this to get the book called Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman. She explains how to tell the difference between lower and higher beings and how to not be deceived and to look to one's spirit guides and higher self as the ultimate source of knowledge and guidance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom. First of all much appreciation for all the years that you have been channeling for us. If you felt now was the time that you had to stop channeling the FOL, then so be it. You have to follow your heart.

On another note, remember when White Cloud said to look into the mirror and look into your eyes and say hello to your soul. Well I tried it and what I saw and felt was quite the experience to say the least. I highly recommend it to all.

God Bless from the U.S.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance..for those who speak of love they dont understand it very well.
No blinky awesomeness in the skies is no more talkie...thats how we roll on earth, try live here sometimes.
The whole world is pissed off at the moment look whats goin on everywhere, stupidity galore ...we have no time for fairy tales and deception.
We got shadow/goverments and banks to do that.

Peace be with you Blossom.

Anonymous said...

I did take a gander into the territory of you (Blossom) last evening contemplation time, and I could see the relevance to you (and perhaps to 'us' in general) about the non-manifestation of the 'pillars of light'.

I began with looking to determine the nature of these pillars...

ie. we didn't all ascend into a non-manifestation state.(non-duality for those spiritual in nature).

It might mean that we are no longer under jurisdiction (of ETs) and are under our own steam (on another topic).
eileen hastings

Tom said...

there is a lot of us who follow our hearts in the circumstances and lifes we live in, and it annoys me when the FOL try to say we havent got it yet. Living on this 3d reality we are bombarded with chemical/pyschological/energetic pollutants that affect our mind, body and spirt, and living in a society where so much negativity clearly manifests around the world is very hard, not alone with our everyday to day life challenges with karma involved. We clearly need help on a cosmic and universal level, because the reason why we are being so bombarded is because i believe we have been vulnrable too negative entities of another existance outside of this world we know. We all feel like we have this power, but it hasent been activated its been turned off so we cant use it. If we are all one, then the FOL are us, and then they should intervene and help us because it is us.

whodwellswithin said...

When i first heard of you, it was because of the 14 October incident. I always BELIEVED in the GREATER TRUTH of the Guardians out there. I did my research for over 7 years now, reading books, watching interviews, correlating info. And I found out the Alien Presence to be truth.
Nevertheless I´ve read not ONLY your blog updates, but some other "channelings" like the GALACTIC FEDERATION updates, and I always kept my spirit high, trying to do my best to be a better person, working diligently with my own "issues" and smiling to the world around me. I´m Happy and grateful for that.
I also felt there would come a time when all this Prophecies or Offers by the FORCES OF LIGHT would come true. Not only YOUR channelings have expressed the probabily of future "gamechanging" events, but many others as well.
Im sick and tired of receiving so much negativity from everybody. And to be fooled again and again by our RESPECTED AND EVOLVED BROTHERS who, apparently, have decided to LIE and MANIPULATE US. I´ve spent 8 years doing the right thing and expecting for "intervention". Im glad my personal life has improved, as well as my relationships with the people I love. BUt what difference does it make to believe this APPARENT greater truth if we never get to EXPERIENCE what was promised.
It would have being the same to fall prey of the various RELIGIOUS GROUPS out there offering the same "emotional stability" in exchange for you BLIND BELIEF. I might as well have been brainwashed by Mormons or Catholics. I know many of them who actually life peacefull happy lives. But that doesnt change the fact that their theorys have been manipulated, and that certain events regarding the alien presence are in fact true (Rendlesham Forest incident, Roswell, Billy Meier).
I think you did the right thing abandoning this blog.
Im also withdrawing my attention from this channeling stuff, and the Ascension promise.
Our "beloved and evolved" brothers have neglected us, have forgotten us, have deceived us. The have IMPOSED the "rules of the game". Which in fact are only THEIRS.
As you said, They dont have to interfere with Humanity. The just have to BE. Make themselves known, scout openly with their ships for a day over a mayor city. And then leave if they want to. THATS ALL. It would change everything, WE would change everything.
They could have done it in "smart" ways as well, lets say use their technology to Clean the Seas after or during the tragic Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill, or the Fukushima incident.
But they "wisely" choose to leave the mess as it is, and wait for a BETTER TIME.
Im proud you stood up to them. Im happy beyond measure that you said what needed to be said, and in the way it had to be said.
No more "alien guidance" for me anymore. Im happy just by having my house in order. It seems the world will never know, and we are helpless against Coporatocracy, Big Pharma, Terrorism, Ecomonic Crisis, Famine, War and many other things.
We are the forgotten.

Coach Enrique said...

fladuI can understand the reaction of anger and resentment towards the FOL, as well as the sadness or the perception of being a victim of treason, but none of these is the reaction that a True Warrior of Light should have.
Warriors must develop a strategy to keep Divine Energy intact within themselves. They understand that is imperative to fully accept responsibility for the choices they make. In this drama, we all had the choice to believe or not what the FOL said. We chose how much power we would give them over our lives, so it's definitely NOT their fault.
The fun part is that is not OUR fault either, it was just a bad choice, but we have the power to choose again. My point is that all the feelings described in my initial paragraph are useless and a waste of energy for a Warrior. It's up to you anyway to believe me or not, you have one more choice to make.

Unicorn Lover said...

Regardless of no shows and disappointments you have always stood steadfast in you truth. Whatever the final outcome is to be you will always remain an inspiration.
May peace be with you Blossom.

Anonymous said...

Bad choice???? your words Coach not mine,
forgive me if I am not YOUR idea of a warrior or indeed ’spiritual ego’s’ idea of a warrior
Well forgive me if I STILL beg to differ with you,after all these years STILL,
forgive me if I STILL ‘give my power away’ as you call it?????
I love the divinity that they are,I love that they do not judge us as we do them,I love that I am empowered by them to do what I still do with PRIDE standing my ground believing in them.
I do not care about the I told you so’s
I only care about my truth as does Blossom and as do you,but do not come here on this blog and speak your truth and expect me to be O so spiritual about it and graceful about it,I am not where the Federation of Light are, so it ain’t goin to happen,and I am not like Blossom who if she hasn’t got anything good to say she doesn’t say it,I have had quiet a few non replys to my emails over the years because of that,so do not think that Blossom agrees with me much of the time either,well I guess you know that,she may well not post this,who knows anymore what she will do I sure as **** don’t! anyway about a dozen of your comments ago you said you weren’t going to come on to this stage anymore you said a few times if I recall one last thing before I go!
Oh and don’t worry about me giving my power away by allowing my feelings to be expressed,my heart has power in abundance it is connected to the unconditional love of source energy, so it can recharge anytime I choose to connect in the now moment,that is how powerful we are, we can be multidimential powerful beings experiencing emotions Coach, try it you won’t die or even give your power away!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Blossom. My heart goes out to you.What a difficult decision to make, and then to carry it out. I am so grateful to you for all that you do, and for bringing us all together before 10/14 and to go through all of that with you. The high excitement, the bitter disappointment. Someday I hope we will understand why.Until then, please know how much you have meant to me as well as so many others.I will still be following White Cloud. Thank you just doesnt seem like enough.
With much love,

Vladimir said...

Hello Everyone...I've read many comments here and I would like to share some of my experiences.
but even more I wouldn't mind starting a loosely closed Federation of LIght facebook group so that we can discuss our experiences and perceptions on this.
I have had some concrete expereineces regarding the legitimacy of FoL...though I admit, i am utterly confused over this last message.
I'm convinced there's others out there who have had some experiences and share their insights.
But think....When Blossom asked about GFL and they vaguely said 'they're playing out their role' and added 'be careful of ET's that offer cures,free tech and lots of promises'. Much the same message that the famous crop circle decoded mentions back in 2001.

I've done my research and all fingers do point to GFL,AShtar Command and Great White Brotherhood as being the psychic branch of Illuminati'.
So if i'm right...then why would FoL warn us of those who play the saviour role if they themselves are deceivers or parasites?

Admittedly I am confused with the last message but there's more to this than simply parasitic.
I don't intend to make the facebook group yet another Federation site where people post all kinds of links....
I wish for dialogue and clarity.
What say you??

Anonymous said...

Vladimir I have a group for them on face book type in The Federation of Light or copy and paste this


I also have a site with almost 2,000 members

This isn’t over yet,I know they are of light and truth as is Blossom as AM I, I am on this net 30hrs a week 7 days I know what is going on that has agenders, but I know enough not to go there too much as we have been taught by The Federation,I have 4 diligent admins and a handful of members that keep me updated, I have youtube and face book contacts that keep me updated, I have channellers that keep me updated,it is called networking and this is what I try to do here,this is what my soul asks me to do and I do,I am not a quiet spiritual person who just allows it all to unfold we need to come together,The Federation told me this the first time I went to see Blossom,the first time I started hearing messages from them.NO I am not standing in line to receive communication from them,that is Blossom’s job or was,I am far too opinionated to be a clear channel,they and I know that, I do not know how this is all going to unfold but I know All will be fine,I truly know this in my heart.

Coach Enrique said...

Kerrie, I don't know you and I have no interest whatsoever in supporting or attacking your concepts, but you seem to have a tendency to constantly challenge mine when you could easily ignore them, specially because it seems that for some reason they always bother you. It's OK, I don't mind and as long as Blossom allows me to express my concepts, I'll be around. Skip my comments next time, honestly.

Anonymous said...

Coach if you expect me to skip your comments when they are supporting others that are speaking negatively about my beloved Federation of Light you are going to be disappointed, for I will not be silent about it,you say I do not know you yet for 3 years you have been expressing your concepts,do you think I am unable to feel your energy,I am not that insensitive, I saw/felt your concepts 3 years ago,I see/feel your concepts now,I know the power such concepts have to control and confuse others,I will not debate my point with you,you can retain your concepts if you so choose,but especially after what has happened do not expect me to remain quiet , I could indeed stop coming here to this blog that is an option,I could indeed allow you and others to continue expressing your concepts that is indeed an option, but as yet I do not feel that is what I am to do,how nice it would be to not have to come here and read these comments that break my heart, how nice it would be to just do what I do on my site and enjoy the love I feel on there, but here I am Blossom channels them,this is Blossom’s blog so be it,you ask for attention Coach so deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Hello everybody, I stopped by just to see how some friends here were doing after several weeks and.... wow! Fascinating.

Good for you dear Blossom. Time to detach and relax :) you will get wonderful new insights. Beautiful to see all the love expressed. Just some observations, if you don't mind..

Those who are willing and ready, being ready is the clue here, know already that the real FOL always spoke in Truth. They also know that if there was any kind of interference at any point in the messages, that such would not reflect on the real FOL's Truth. That is why everybody should be careful about judging this now. People should be aware of the real dangers of interference.

As the real FOL are overseers of overseers, Blossom was a messenger of messengers; she with her own signature in life, perceptions and expectations. Overseers is a group energy, of very high position, Light, vibration, essence, etc, but still, they are not in the ultimate position. The ultimate power and decisions over Earth and its wellbeing are not for them to make. They tried to teach with Love and through Love to make you all aware of their existence and presence in your lives. It is a personal responsibility how the message is applied; how personal blocks are removed; how perceptions are expanded; how expectations get realigned.

People will very soon need to stop reading other people's channelings to feel encouraged, and should consider starting their own higher self connections; especially now when the lines of communication can be greatly interfered with. Blossom has accomplished delivering what was in her loving heart to give.

Go outside, watch the clouds. THEY are already here, the physical ships that look like enormous birds and the semicloaked ones of different shapes. They are huge, not just little dots, and they are many. You do not need a channeler nor any other messenger, or a youtube video, or the government or tv news to tell you they exist. For whatever they are waiting to completely uncloak must be of great importance, and I can easily imagine there is a very minucious and strict plan to follow to succeed in PEACE.

And by the way, they indeed were here on Oct 14, just not the way everybody expected.

Peace to all,


Blossom Goodchild said...

mmm! Have The Federation not taught us to come from LOVE ... To BE LOVE. SO please can we keep the comments here IN LOVE. I intend this place to be a pleasant and Loving place to visit. As much as I respect a souls personal views ... let's make sure they are coming from a Loving place in the heart ... therfore they can be received in the same way. Many thanks to everyone . Still ploughing through the emails and shall be for some time ... but I have every intention of keeping in touch.Golden Rays and thank you for respecting this space. Have a fab day.

Coach Enrique said...

You need to read carefully what I post here Kerrie, it seems that you are biased against my comments.
I didn't even said that you don't know me, I said "I don't know you.." and I really don't. Thanks for taking the time to pour out your true feelings about me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,
Stay strong and don't doubt yourself.
Nell NY

PS. When did this become Kerrie's blog?

Anonymous said...

Those tricksters were not worth your time. The "love and light" of these beings was so abstract and rarefied as to be essentially useless and at worse destructive. They made a fool of you and many others. They set the web ablaze with ridicule and disrespect not only for your message but for the work of many other people trying to effect spiritual change in these challenging times. While it speaks of your pure heart, I think you naively showed the Federation of Clowns far too much respect. I'm glad to see that you have woken up to their ways. All the very best to you

Anonymous said...

Blossom, have you heard of the concept of the Shadow in Jungian psychology? Perhaps what you have been dealing with has been a kind of Shadow play. You see this kind of dynamic in people who strive so hard for the "Light".

There's a balancing dynamic within that automatically strives for wholeness. It unconsciously compensates for those aspects of ourselves that we are consciously over-emphasising. So, for example, if we try too hard to be "good" we end up unconsciously acting out the "bad" we're trying to deny. Think of all the fundy christians who get caught taking drugs and having gay sex with prostitutes, for example.

As Jung said, he'd rather be whole than "good". Rather than trying to express the light all the time we need to also integrate the shadows within. We need to gently bring the neglected and forgotten ugliness and weakness into consciousness and actively search for the forgotten gold hidden in there.

To be honest, I think you've been channeling your own Shadow. There's a deeply unconscious part of you that wants you to get more real. As an honest outsider I can tell you that there is far too much emphasis on "love and light" in your writing. There's not enough grittiness in there. It's all ephemeral, pretty, nice and far too well mannered.

I think your Shadow did a great job in trying to call your attention to this imbalance by essentially making a mockery of your one-sided expression of goodness and trust. One of the hallmarks of Shadow play is a certain amount of tricksterism and you copped that on a global scale!

But you have come a long way by withdrawing trust from your "alien" friends. You didn't give "them" a second chance at mockery and all strength to you for that. I wish you the very best in your quest for wholeness and hope that you spank those "aliens" and put them into your service as part of yourself that they always were supposed to be! :)

I'd encourage you to track down a book called "Owning Your Own Shadow" by Johnson or as a good introduction try "The Shadow Effect" by Debbie Ford.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ anon. To me they are not tricksters. The FOL and I seem to be misunderstanding each other maybe. I needed to stand my ground on the matter raised.. so I have taken leave... Maybe not for ever. Who knows. But for me ... At this moment in time ... I still feel Love for them ... because over the years I have become a more loving soul through their teachings.I have no intention of disregarding the wisdom I have found in them. To me that would be ridiculous as I find much Truth in it.
@ everybody ... Hello Golden Rays ... What a mixed bag of thoughts and perspectives we are.
Onwards ever onwards.

Anonymous said...

[Part 1] Blossom,

Firstly I want to express my respect for your honesty. You are obviously one who speaks from the heart and does not want to falsely represent herself to others or deliver a message she herself does not have faith or confidence in. To me, this is a reflection of the integrity of your character, and for that, I applaud and respect you.

Nevertheless, I want to express my disagreement with some of your assertions; not in an attempt to persuade or dissuade you from your decision, but with the intention of making an argument in the spirit of honest discussion.

The first thing I’d like to discuss is time. As human beings, we have a bias in that we think of time as linear. From our perspective, everything has a beginning, middle, and end. We ‘move’ through time, leaving the past behind, existing in the now, and moving into the future. The problem with this, as I understand it, is that time is not linear. Instead, time is in a circle, falling into itself in a sea of potential realities, all existing at the same time, and our consciousness being the driving force that determines what potential we fall into. In this sense, the future does not exist in predestination, but instead, predisposition. With a mind closer to God, knowing all that one would know with a broad perspective of the emotional states of all people, what they have experienced in their respective ‘pasts’, their current emotional states, and where matters of the world currently lie, one should be able to draw a prediction about the strongest potential of where the world should be, or a person should be, at a later date in the future. But again, this is predisposition toward a strong potential reality, not a definite path toward a predestined one. Moreover, predictions toward these strong potentials can only be given in the now, and could change tomorrow, given that human consciousness always has choice. In other words, the random factor of collective human choices can always violate the veracity of a prediction when those choices fall into the category of ‘unlikely but possible’. Not even God can predict the future and that is by design, otherwise we must believe that ‘free-choice’ does not exist, and that certainly doesn’t jive with me. Expecting an ET who resides in a dimension that is not far beyond ours to make a prediction with absolute certainty is not only unfair, it is impossible.

Anonymous said...

[Part 2] Nevertheless, I understand and empathize with your frustration at the fact that someone did not make good on a promise. After all, how can we have faith and trust in someone who does not make good on their promises. To this I have two things to say. First, the only entity in existence who is infallible and incapable of ‘untruth’ is God. To expect an entity who, when we evaluate how many levels of purity one must move through to be one with God, is not so far beyond our own evolution, to never make a mistake is also unfair and illogical. They will make mistakes and so will we, because we are not full expressions of God, at least not in the now. Secondly, by moving into a space where we suddenly view ETs as unreliable and untrustworthy as the result of a few mistakes, is moving into a place of judgment. That is to say, when we assert that they are no longer worthy of our time or attention because of a mistake, we overlook the bigger picture and the greater effect that they have had on us as individuals. Many of the people on this blog have stated that they have followed these messages for many years. If that is true, then that must mean that they were getting something worthwhile from it long enough to have continued reading. If a source of information has 90% truth and 10% falsity, does the 10% falsity suddenly invalidate or usurp the worthiness or significance of the 90% truth. Most of the channeled messages you have delivered, and many like it, are filled much more with messages of how to clear fear, move into love, stop judging, and move inward within ourselves as human beings, than messages about the future. They are messages of upliftment and love with guidance for souls that have likely benefited from it greatly. Is it fair to throw away the veracity and integrity of so much universal truth and guidance because someone who has already stated they are not perfect has made mistakes? Are we not creating an irrational expectation when we state that a consciousness more evolved than ours simply cannot and must not have the ability to err or be incorrect? With this train of thought are we not moving into the judgment and divisiveness that has caused our own planet and own people such immense suffering and calamity? I believe at the core, this is judgment, and directing it at the source of one who has been guiding us out of that behavior for so long, strikes me as an unfortunate irony. In my mind, they are and always were meant to be guides, not the ones to change the world for us. This leads me to my final point and it is about the Pillars of Light. I present this idea also to the commenters on the blog, again in love, with the intention of finding truth, and not in judgment.

Anonymous said...

I want to start by asking a very important question and it is one of self-reflection: Why have we reacted so severely to this misstep on the part of the channel; or in other words, why are we so upset? In my truth, I believe it is because we were severely attached to the outcome. I need not remind most, as most who read this are spiritually minded, that attachment is a byproduct of fear. Attachment is the result of ‘need’ and ‘need’ results in a fear of loss. The stronger our attachment, the more severe our fear of loss. The more severe our fear of loss, the greater our reaction when we experience the loss as our reality. But loss is simply a perception, as is gain, and this is what we learn when we let go of fear and move into love. Was this really a ‘loss’, or is the happiness to come still going to depend on our ability to move out of fear and see all experiences as ‘gain’? Personally, I see gain in this in that it inspired me, even moved me to write this message (especially after reading the last message from Wanderer of the Skies). I see gain in that it served as a reminder for us to get out of behaviors and thought processes of attachment. I see gain in that it is teaching us that relying on others to manifest Pillars of Light for us is shirking our own responsibility for the future of our planet. I see gain in the lesson that Ascension has been and always will be about our own personal quest to move out of states of victimization in our lives and to take the power and responsibility for our own future back. We are blessed to have guides because this process would be much more difficult without them but whether they are here or not, the process has been and always will be about us. With that said, I don’t believe that the timing of the manifestation of the Pillars of Light was ever about them, but instead about how much the collective consciousness of the human race was willing, ready, or able to raise its own consciousness to a level commensurate with what is necessary to trigger such a profound and spectacular event. When I compare the state of the world today with what it has been for the last two thousand years, considering the global Occupy movement, the state of the financial system, the uptick in geological occurrences, and the rest of it, I see a world moving toward that point in consciousness. Does it really matter if the Pillars of Light manifest today, tomorrow, or not at all when the real and tangible changes of our world can be seen with such obviousness? To me, that would just be the icing on the cake, not the cake itself. We are the cake. The icing is our reward and one to be earned by moving into our own power, not be relying on others to bring it to us.

I apologize for the candidness of this message or if it offended anyone. Again, I have respect for everyone’s opinion’s on this, and admittedly, I had mixed feelings in the beginning myself. Nevertheless, this is what makes the most sense to me now. It is my hope that, whether in agreement or disagreement, that it puts at least a few hearts at ease.

With love,


yk248 said...

Love you Blossom. Have a good day.


Anonymous said...

Goodby everyone there is no longer a need in me to do this,thanks for setting me free Blossom, for I would have stayed as long as I felt needed,but I guess 3 years is enough and you never really asked for my help anyway, that was always my doing I understand that,as my son said to me once as tears of rejection poured yet again, White Cloud may want you involved mum but Blossom doesn’t,yet you eventually accepted me, after many many emails of guidance I received that would have sounded like ego but was in fact me trying to do my job,do you see why I am so sensitive to those that preach ego to you Blossom, how grateful am I to The Federation of Light for coming to this density and suffer like that for us,forgive us dear beautiful light beings for our lack of reverence,I know you will,I post this as usual publicly because we are all in this together and in my world at least that is how it should be,but you have the choice to publish it or not and that indeed is as it should be. blessings always Kerrie

22nd Nov 2008

And you feel you are needing proof NOW, after all you have done for us in faith that we are who we say we are?

I am just a little under par and we all have days like this do we not? It’s just not all of us are in a place where we have our vulnerability on show. I know I don’t HAVE to publish this, but then that would seem dishonest to me. People have asked me before if I have any channellings that I haven’t published and the answer is NO. It is what it is. No more, no less. I have nothing to hide. I am just doing what I feel I am supposed to be doing. After all, some are going to go with it, some not, freedom of choice I guess. AND THE THING IS … as I am writing this, in this moment, there is a huge banging on the head going on saying … BLOSSOM … THE ROSES! … and I am reminded of The White Cloud story and confirmation of who YOU are, and this is just a classic case of allowing others to influence you, instead of holding on to what THE SELF KNOWS. And … that knowing is MY TRUTH and I guess that is all that matters. So what if there is no ONE REAL TRUTH … although … still can’t understand that… I just feel there has to be …

Or is it that you feel there SHOULD be?

Yes. I suppose that’s it really. If there is no ONE REAL TRUTH then what is right? How do we know what to follow … what one considers to be a great wrong doing by one, maybe another’s Truth … and you are saying that is ok?

WE are not saying …

it is simply that this is how it is. But do you see?

Amy Debeij said...

Oh boy,

After reading some of the posts I'm not quite sure what to say anymore. What one message can do. Blossom, you must do what feels right to you because that's the only way to live, aliens or not.

To the others, seriously? Why are you being so mean to each other? It's like looking at little kids but at least they are honest and tell you that they don't like you instead of sugar coating it all. No one is right and everyone is right. Perspective is a personal point of view that another person can not see in the exact same way due to differences in the way they lived life. I can tell you grass is green but does that mean you see the same colour as me?

Point being, agree to disagree but without the mean undertone. You all have been so great on this blog untill now. Don't let this change.

Lots of happy days ahead wished to you all, enjoy the sun and the rain and life :) Smile at everyone you meet (it's infectious) :D


Anonymous said...

To 'P' -- your words are spot on, though understandably limited to the scope of Earth and Human inhabitation. VERY nicely done!

To Blossom -- thank you for your golden participation. You weren't able to find a way out of the time/space limitation of 3D thinking because of your preconceptions -- and that's perfectly perfect for that is where you are only now, not who you are. I know you don't like to think of God as a personality, so forgive me when I say here that you fulfilled His purpose nonetheless by breaking the connection (publishing-wise, that is) with the FOL. Because you missed the opportunity to understand WHY it was time to shut this down (due to certain mis-identification habits you yet harbor), it ended up taking place amidst what APPEARS to be your own emotional duress.

Experiencing the amazing spectrum of reaction in this particular comment section beautifully illustrates the necessity for this phase to end -- everyone has chosen their position on the dial. It's very clear, isn't it?

His will be done.

PenguinUK said...

Firstly, all my love and light to Blossom for eveything you have, do and will do dear soul.

It troubles me you are going through a painful period, yet feel I understand, and applaud your self-will, one of the few powers we still all hold.

One of the big issues I find "here" is that HUGE need for dates when things will happen, prove I'm not mad etc. There are numerous chanellings, but, as most say, you can "feel" what is right or wrong for yourself.

So much that the "Fed" said/says truly "feels" right to me. But not all of it ever did. Our collective, albeit slow, uplift is still very much tempered by our innate instinct to challenge or prove things. It's the "human" way!

I DO feel let down to a degree.. but as soon as the readings suggested things would happen by certain dates I worried. I am sure these beings cannot appreciate any one fixed point in time. They miscalculated hugely by suggesting that they do, on more than one occasion now. They may well have a masterplan and all this makes sense one day, but they can a) no longer put you in this vulnerable position of responsibility and b) unwittingly toy with our desires and hopes by throwing dates at us.

Think not how they have let you/us down with failed promises. Nor how you may feel "taken advantage of".

I, helped by my Guide, had a feeling about this scenario. I feel you have "done your bit" now already. I don't know what the beloved White Cloud tells you, but you have helped awaken many over the last few years. This is a time for you to sit back, share your light with your nearest and dearest, and above all spend some time for yourself.

You have already done so much, lightworker.

With my deepest and heartfelt love and light.. and huge amounts of respect for carrying out a difficult life-task,


whodwellswithin said...

Patience its been my motto for 8 years. I consider, however, that to check for you “mental health” you must at some point question the validity of your beliefs, and validate all the things that led you to your Faith in the first place.

Having done this, i found myself very clear as to the reality of “Flying Saucers”, the reality of “A dark Cabal infiltrating Our Governments”, The reality of “Supressed Advanced Technologies” that would improve our lives tremendously.

Nothing however validates the reality of this “channelings”. Nothing. Its just a question of FAITH. Even the Law of One Series, which had apparent truthful information, had one of their main Defenders dead of a Suicide. One must admit that being privileged to “sacred” wisdom and “guidance” would lead you to appreciate life and the magnificent experiences available for everyone.

Im drawn to believe that though there is Evolved Beings out there in this Infinite Universe, and they might at some point made “contact”, they dont really care about us in the way we have thought. They might be just scientists learning from this Subspecie, and watching us descent to our own destruction (or any other destiny WE choose) . They dont want to interfere because they have no reason for it. A perfectly valid idea if you ask me.

I´ve never felt so RESPONSIBLE for my actions and my Life as today.
Me and my thoughts are the only thing that SHAPE my REALITY.
That is the ONLY thing Im grateful to this “channelings” for. Psychology would have helped me in this regard as well. No need for “Ancestral Aliens ” making promises for years, just to back down for “their own reasons” at the last minute.


May humanity receive the love and understanding that i´ve gained trough years of interaction with my fellow brothers and sisters. Nothing else. Cause i dont know anything else than what i´ve felt and experienced.
Know my friends that if all this facade falls down and you all also feel disapointed and forgotten, at least you have ONE brother who will always smile to you and share unconditional love.

Laura said...

Kerrie, I can only imagine how you must be feeling now. Over the years you have offered much love and guidance to those of us who visit this blog on a regular basis, and for that I thank you my friend. We all must follow our own path and go where our hearts lead us. Whatever path you choose now I hope it continues to be one of love and light. You are a lovely soul Kerrie, may peace be with you always.

Anonymous said...

And idea that got lost in the evolutionary processing we all do, but is essential truth nonetheless...

"It is only those with the deepest and most profound love for us who could bear the pain of becoming our villain in order to serve the growth and expansion we chose for ourselves in this often harsh environment (earthly human evolutionary path).

"BECAUSE... it is that very love - sitting like a gem at the core of the experiential energies of the event - that will not only heal any perceptions of harm or ill-will in the end, but propel the awakener to the next level like a shot, with deep insight and gratitude.

"It takes a great love to perpetrate a great deception, because inherent in the deception MUST BE the vast love required to heal it. This is because there IS only love, and even in a duality, it reigns true regardless of perception to the contrary."

"I am that, you are that, all this is that... and that's all there is." ~ Rumi

Anonymous said...

Kerrie, I have always experienced you as supportive and encouraging, thank you very much for this:) x x x Joke

Anonymous said...


I am someone who is on the fence so to speak (with a bit of wobble) about this whole thing, but I would pop by every now & then to see what you & "they" had to say.

I alot of the time to be honest it felt like alot of hot air, of things being repeated in the same way over & over, saying alot without saying anything.

As far as I'm concerned if these "higher" beings do in fact exist they are no better than us regular people. They made promises to you which they they had no intention of keeping.

So I think that if they do indeed exist they should put their money where their mouth is. People only follow so long until they get disillusioned.

Rafael VR said...

Hi Blossom! How long!

I feel that not everyone still don’t get the fact that you are sharing your personal experience, and your personal truth to the collective sphere of life. You are a transcendental force for the generalized mass, an energy that is here to seed the its own truth and let other recognize they should have their own as well and not entirely trust what is good for you may not be good for me, however if the ‘dream’ matches the person metaphysical kingdom, than now people would set themselves free from themselves. I think that is one of the best lessons of the FOL so far.
It is not about the promises, not even their truth, but yours.
Another think is… language barrier. If someday I go to Japan (which I would love to), I would probably have a lot of embarrassing and missing pieces to communicate and to transpire what I wish and what I need, then, pictures or gestures would otherwise help me to interpret for better understanding, it doesn’t mean also that everything interpreted would transpire 100% what the other is trying to express. The same as the FOL and Blossom.
Again, I could be wrong, and I could be right, well… that would be my truth as I would guess ; )

Keep your work Bloss, everybody someone has a message to delivery.

Anonymous said...

You HAVE to keep on Blooming Blossom! You are an inspiration to so many.

I understand the feeling of disappointment but ascension cannot take place in feelings of doubt. Don't give way to this - it takes away the power of faith!

So many of us that can feel that something wonderful indeed is changing. The only way the change continues is to hold onto the vibration of love and light.

I have had my own experiences of "Heaven on earth" this year, when I have been in a profound state of love and bliss and oneness. Rapture is the best word. As soon as I allow any negative houghts/doubts to take enter my mind, its "back to earth" again.

The "lessons" I am being taught, and guided through, are that our thoughts definitely DO become our reality. We are co-creators with God, and we have the power, and always have had, to create exactly what we want...

so we can choose for someone else to come to our rescue...and thus give our own power away

We need to be so mindful of what we think. It can be a full time job catching each thought and deciding which one to give "power" to.

Maybe its worthwhile thinking about Jesus teaching that the Kingdom of Heaven is "within". God is "within".

which links to

"Awake. Be the witness of your thoughts..." - Buddha

FAITH. Every ascended master has taught this!

When you feel something with conviction (OUR TRUTH), it will become so.

I find that in the last few weeks, my thoughts now manifest within 24 hours.

I have no doubt that the entire universe is helping all of us on this new journey. I can feel the energy, and I have had such Divine experiences, that I know it to be real, even when I get disappointed along the way.

Yes. We are all Divine. We are the one Son of God. We are TOTALLY responsible for our future and the power to change it is within.

We are getting support from everywhere but the key message is consistent.

We need to break free of this duality.

Feel and be Love.
Hold and share the Light.

Then we can manifest our dream of utopia!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Beautiful Blossom still Blooming and lighting up the world

You're brave and strong and have so much love within you to share:)

You're more than a messenger - you've shown the way to so many others. The fol are indeed an inspiration, but not the final answer, nor destination for ascnesion.

When in doubt, go to the top for answers.

Now is a good time to experience own personal connection to God, and our own Divinity within...

Anonymous said...

Do you know how hard it is to come here after I said I would not? but I had to stop in the middle of clipping a poodle White Cloud is doing his thing again I know,they have been with me today, I feel their love,their unconditional love,yesterday I was full of doubt thinking I had lost the plot and I had almost forgot your birthday, I just now checked and it is tomorrow! I send you NOW the energy of love that is making my heart pound,they are with you in love and with us all.Blessings from White Cloud (and me)
THE BRIDGE December 8th 2005
The bridge to beyond. Day 1! I have sat at my computer and done some deep breathing and tried to tune in to whoever it is I am supposed to be tuning into. Let’s see what transpires.
Understand that we are here to assist the process of living. To make adjustments to your ethereal makeup, so that the flow of these words may filter through with ease. Happy Birthday to you. It is the correct day to begin. It is all in the timing.
I am ready to begin. I believe you know who I am. I am the sunset and the sunrise. I am the sand and the sea. I am all things. I AM.

Blossom I am not one to remember birthdays,they have never held an importance for me,I never write them down,but it would seem I do not have to,I am shaking with energy at this moment. Blessings Kerrie,they are awesome! I love them

Blossom Goodchild said...

Welcome back Kerrie ... and thank you for birthday greetings. I am glad you are feeling brighter.

Corey said...


I have been reading your conversations with the GFOL for over 3 years now. I have seen the happiness it has brought you and the heartache as well. It has a very close parallel to another relationship, Family. I know you feel they are part of your "Family", but I think we should think of them as our Family, brother, sister, father, mother, daughter, son. We are certainly not perfect and I could not imagine they are either. If they knew everything and controlled everything they would be at a level where we could not communicate with them. So for me I am glad to see them make a mistake or not come through for us at times. It gives me a brighter outlook that I don't have to be perfect to attain their level because I am certainly not perfect.

My family has lied to me and not followed thru and told me half truths and I have certainly done the same to them, but the love I have for them and my conversations with them will never stop because my love for them is stronger than any lie, embarrasment, or tears I could ever shed.

You are a pillar of light for all of us readers and I hope there can be a way for you replace the bulb that burned out.

Nir said...

Happy Birthday Bloss! And thanks for everything!

Anonymous said...

Cory I truly feel that the meditation we all joined in with on my site healed and opened my heart again to receive White Cloud’s love and get that message for Blossom,thank you dear Cory,I am going up the mountains again on the 11th and I have found a lady up there who has a crystal healing bed from John of God from Brazil here is the link to these beds they are amazing, enities come and do the healing on you as you lay with these coloured lights shining through the programmed crystals on your chakras I am very interested in crystal healing, especially the sing bowls,it was no coincidence that before our meditation those ladies from light grid site received information from Mother Mary and did a divine feminine crystal grid! We are in (GOD’S) ...good hands.

Most of you have no TRUE understanding of the power of crystals. Not in your human form. Outside of that form everything is very different.
There are some who know, very few. Most use them to the best of their knowledge and yet we say this is still in the minus on the scale. For their power is simply not understood. However, WE know of their power. Indeed we could not travel or exist (?) without it. ~The Federation of Light~

Anonymous said...

I was going through your ebook Snapshot Blossom and I came across this note I made on it that I had got from somewhere:

SNAPSHOT……A possible future event based on our collective consciousness at the time.

Amy Debeij said...

Happy birthday Blossom, enjoy your day :)


Ami said...

Happy birthday, dear Blossom! Love, love, love...

...and good to see you back, Kerrie ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Blossom!
Thank you for everything.
Peace and love always...

Eric from Holland said...

Eric from Holland

I just want to say that i constantly have this BIG feeling, this never going away feeling that the energy you channel ARE what they say they are despite of what has happened(or didn't happen)or maybe in a sense because of how it all happened. They say they are our future selves and i can't see why we would not make mistakes in the future. It is hard enough for humans to teach a monkey even simpel things so i can imagen that they have these problems with bringing all of this news i a good way and in the right moment and even the right sequence at times and that the and results of all this is that we think we are being &*^#:[ with because we learn we are being misled all of our lives.

There is good on this little planet so there must be much more good in that big out there and good attracts good so they must be here for feels logical.

I again want to say THANK YOU Blossom for working so hard and also thanks to Kerrie and thanks to everybody for doing there thing in this rollercoaster of a story.
As we would say here up in Holland, FOL the koffie staat klaar...hehehe

Anonymous said...

Vertical streaks of light in the night sky over Iraq, caught on tape by US soldiers. Very weird!

I have just returned from my first Telos meeting (inner earth) it was like a reunion with my Lemurian brothers and sisters,I received much healing and remembering, they are holding the light and actively doing what The Federation have asked us to do,it is happening and the pace is picking up,we are asked to awaken now urgently,more are needed to anchor in 5th dimensional light,this year will see so many remembering,thank you for your unconditional love.blessings Kerrie xxx

11th April 2010 ~The Federation of Light~

(after the good friday global meditation)

And so you see? It is you of earth who have created this Higher vibration of Love. This is why we say to you ‘it worked’, because by sending out your Love to us, you envisaged your hearts offering out a glow into the ethos, into the universe. You have done what was desired of you. Lifted the vibration of the planet … by yourselves. It is in regard of this fact that we can assume that you are capable of continuing to do so. For it is not just of this one moment in time that we require this asking. It is ALL THE TIME. BE IT. The feeling that came through you all at the event time is a feeling that can be yours on a full time basis. That feeling of Love and calm is a position that you can find yourself in every minute of your day, should you so choose. As each one recognises this fact, and becomes of it, the Higher the vibration of your planet continues to rise , therefore allowing the mergence that is to occur to take place as we have so spoken.

Anonymous said...

hey blossom, i got visual contact to some of them since 2,5 years, please watch this video clip carefully, this is 100% FOR REAL, no tricks, no effects, i just zoomt in.....THIS IS AN AMAZING VIDEO TAPING OF THE THEM...

greetings Ds-ARt

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous,

Sorry to disappoint but your video showing a diamond shaped UFO isn't a UFO or anything like that; its a planet. When you take a video of a distant light like that it comes up looking like a diamond shape.
Blossom isn't stupid please.


Avraxis said...

I'm so sorry if anybody feels hurt by what I am going to say but from the comments it seems that so many people desperately long for a better world, long for a sign from them, believing it will be the beginning of the new world, long for contacts with the FoL or other extra-terrestials... can you see the pattern? The key word?
Long for... Longing means lacking. If you long for anything you manifest lack of it.
Why so many of those people feel (or felt) addicted to the channelings offered by lovely Blossom? Why so many people believed that without FoL we can change nothing? Do you really think it is necessary for them to appear to bring the New about?
I think some of the followers here somehow lost the measure. It's not the appearance of our space Brothers that counts, it's their words. Teachings they offer. If the channelings make you feel more and more addicted to the beings themselves, you may find yourself dangerously away from your path. Their words, instead of words of wisdom become words of dread and agonizing anxiety. I don't know if that's what you want to make of them but I don't suppose it is.
If you look it that way I think it will turn out for the better that Blossom stopped the communication. I think FoL are aware of this and they know that this may be the sign for those people to stop focusing their lives on the channelings and start focusing on their lives. Full stop.
Don't let the channelings fill you with a feeling of dread, feeling of anxiety, don't make them make your world worse. They are not ment to be used like that. Don't let the FoL's words become a travesty for what they are supposed to be. Take your world in your own hands and you won't even need all those Pillars of Light. Keep your heads strong.

Love you Blossom. Love to you all.

Anonymous said...

"While no one can go back and make a new start, anyone can start now and make a new end." - Chico Xavier

Cosmic Claire said...

Hi Blossom and Everyone.

My own understanding of what has been going on here is that this is a lesson in waking up to how we need to discern between truth and falsehood.

It almost doesn't matter whether the thought beings who call themselves the GFOL are deliberately lying to Blossom (and her readers) for their own amusement or are acting as hard teachers somewhat like Satan in the Book of Job (the left hand of God, but His instrument nonetheless).

The greater lesson is to seek our own truth within, and not be dependent on what others say or promise.

The thing which characterises our world is deception, the Great Deception of money, corporations, governments and so forth, but it is founded on a lack of self belief, dependency on the power of others. We must learn to trust our own inner guidance ~ not some voice that claims to be from somewhere else, but our own hearts, Ourselves.

I am new to Blossom's pages, but I didn't feel any sadness or despair because I recognised this for what it is. Falsehood. I have seen this kind of thing before, I have been let down by my own projected expectations, from a meditation teacher, and even someone I loved. But it was my own projection that was the basis of the disappointment. If I had seen that I was expecting someone outside of me to provide me with a path I must make for myself, then I would have stopped having this longing to be taken care of by them, and the subsequent disappointment when they did not.

Until we have learnt to see, feel, know the difference between the truth and falsehood, then the Great Deception will continue, because we will deceive ourselves with our own false expectations.

How many people were disappointed that the Pillars of Light failed to appear? Or that the mass UFO sightings a year ago didn't happen as promised by others? I wasn't surprised, because I don't believe this is the way is it supposed to work. We have to do it ourselves and stop expecting outside intervention which will rescue us. That would negate the whole freewill thing. Maybe it will come to that as a last resort to prevent destruction of the planet, maybe it has happened to prevent nuclear war sometimes, but these things are purposely kept secret because it would literally 'give the game away'. Too many people expect it to be over before it really is. We are not there yet, and must endure steadfast to the end if we are to manifest the Diamond Body.

I wrote a letter to Blossom (thankyou for acknowledging Blossom) and published it in my blog along with some commentary of my thoughts. Here is the link if you are interested to read some more.

My general blog
on a wide range of topics, mostly centring on the Awakening.


Anonymous said...


It is the nature of these entities to lead you along perpetually. Like the carrot on the stick, they have no intention of giving you anything of value.

Perhaps it's time to pursue CERTAIN TRUTH. Jesus Christ will NEVER lead you along, nor lead you astray. He has made promises and the God of the Bible keeps His promises and leads people into the ultimate good.

Forget about popes, funny hats, saints, and infinite numbers of rules, and just come to Jesus. Read the Guidebook to the Supernatural, the Bible. God loves you, and has revealed Himself there. He will fill what's missing in your heart. His messages feed our souls. He gives us the carrot, and walks beside us.

The Federation gives you heavy burdens, and leads you along. The yoke of Jesus is His arm as He walks along with you in friendship.

Blossom, I pray for you by name, every day in the name of Jesus, turn to Him, He loves you. He will lead you to ETERNAL fulfillment unlike other spiritual beings of a more dubious sort.

Anonymous said...

Pt 2

Blossom, me again..

Here are some things you can benefit from. You don't have to post the links, but i think you would be helped greatly by listening to these. They are by people just like you who have dealt with entities, just like the FOL, that strung them along. Then they were able to get free, and find true spiritual fulfillment.

If you do nothing else, please listen to these and ask Jesus Christ to show you the truth. This is an amazing story!

That's just part one, (episode 21) the rest, and many other stories from folks like you can be found here.

Here's one more too, just about aliens in general.

May God bless you Blossom,

"No One"

Anonymous said...

I have just come back from the mountains and experienced once again magic,I have had a healing on a John of God crystal bed ,a couple of days earlier I went to a Telos group (inner earth) and connected with so much soul truth,I have read the first book channeled by Master Adama they are 5th demential beings,one of the teacher/healers at the Telos group took me on a shamanic type journey to assist me to get to the wisdom my soul wanted me to get after all this that has happened,all my life I observed a world I didn’t understand, as people created all sorts of distractions from their soul truth,I learn’t to go within at a early age,I give thanks now to my parents detached love that forced me to do this,I recognised my soul truth reflected in The Federation of Light and as their divinity was challenged I was in despair as a life time of not understanding why this world is the way it is was once again presented to me,I will continue to be in reverence for the divinity I recognise they are,White Cloud through Blossom has said recently that it is not him or others that I doubt but myself,he is right, it is time I stop doing that,as I released that, I attracted this Telos group that are using the sacred flames and doing their homework to go with Mother Earth and ascend,this is what The Federation have helped me to do as they said it is a large classroom and we each will find our own individual way,this has not ended yet, we have so much help now,I must trust the divine plan,these ascension lights are coming in now,the Telos people even have a prayer to connect to them,these ships are here now,some are seeing both,but we have yet to see what we put in place to assist awaken more, for it is our desire all ascend,you ask why they didn’t tell us that it is us that have to create them,it is not their job too,we don’t want it that way,besides all we have to do is be love and that is what they have been telling us all along,some of you say that these negative ETs manipulated our 12 strand DNA and kept us from the magic that we have access too,yes they did but it was our Karma that we had to go through after what we did in Atlantis and Lemuria, it protected ourselves from ourselves,now the Christlight is returning back to us, we are the second coming,The Federation of Light have said our tribe has learn’t it’s lesson and it will never be repeated,this is why we have to prove ourselves capable of reclaiming our birthright,if we do not release all this stuff and serenader personal will to the divine within, the energies of the 5th dimension will magnify everything 1000 times including emotions and we will not be able to handle that,I have learnt so much about who I am,who they are,who we are, not just these past 3 days but over a lifetime that just makes sense to me now,I want to feel those feelings that are my soul truth all the time,these 5th dimensional beings from Telos are going to assist us, but they will not lower their vibration,they say we will have to meet them more then half way,at least 90% of us have to be in our hearts,these 5th dimensional beings are closer to us in vibration then White Cloud or The Federation of Light,White Cloud said once when asked that he is 7th dimensional, this is why he has no judgement of us at all and as for The Federation of Light it is not within their mindset to entertain such thoughts of duality,these 5th dimensional beings seem to have thoughts of concern as to why we do what we continue to do,I am reminded of when Moses went up the mountain and when he came back down people had returned to their old ways of giving their power away to false Gods and before you say anything here, I am not believing that the Federation of Light are Gods,I do believe however that they are in a dimension that is able to access truth and divine wisdom and that they are doing this in service to the all and to themselves as they too are lifting up, everything is.Blessings and gratitude Kerrie xxx

Anonymous said...

"5th demential beings" ... ???
... Now everything gets clearer !!!


Anonymous said...

To clarify ....the 5th dimentional beings are the ones channeled by Aurelia Louisa Jones

(not the group I went to) is that better for your comfort zone?

John said...

Dear Blossom,

I can't imagine what you are going through right now. I also remember the pain you went through on Oct 14.

You are in my prayers my beautiful Blossom. I hope I don't offend you but please, consider this...

JESUS LOVES YOU! He wants to hold you in his arms just like a father holds his newborn baby! He grieves and longs for you to come back home, just like a parent grieves when a young child runs away.

Call out to him and he will answer. All it takes is a simple "Jesus please help me"

He will take away your pain and heal your broken heart. He wants you to hear his voice and to fill you with his spirit.

God bless you Blossom.
I love you and I pray you'll consider my words.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

It seems your blog is attracting religious wackos and kerry rambling on and on about nothing! People dont want to read this.

Anonymous said...


no offence intended.
Just making a joke based on your little "typo".
Please keep spreading the Light! (you and Blossom)

Coach Enrique said...

We are just teasing you Kerrie, you wrote "demential being" which is quite different than dimensional being. Seriously, you need to take some time to read and to write, you are misunderstanding a lot of posts and we may misunderstand you very easily, just a recommendation, take it easy.

Anonymous said...

:) taking auto spell check off now!

Anonymous said...

Patricia Cota-Robles is back from New Zealand 11:11 trip and look at this extract,only last night I was looking on a map at where Lemuria was, Lemuria is calling,remember what The Federation of Light said about the container housing the light and remember what Diane Cooper’s angels said about Australia’s involment with ETs and the Lemurian portal at Uluru and my guidance to do grid work up at the mountains,I am sorry guys but this is not imagination,this is happening,if I sound as if I am rambling and talking about nothing to some forgive me, it maybe that I have put logs on my fire and not sticks as White Cloud suggested I do, to those that have love in their hearts for Jesus,whilst my perception of him may differ, my love for him and the divinity he is doesn’t. Patricia Cota-Robles

Prior to the sinking of Lemuria, the Elohim who are the Mighty Builders of Form associated with the Elemental Kingdom, withdrew from the Crystal Grid System the record keeper crystals that contained the original archetypes and codings for the Divine Plan for Humanity and the Earth. These crystals were placed within a large monolith for safekeeping, awaiting the time when the Sons and Daughters of God would awaken enough to reverse our fall from Grace and reclaim our purpose and reason for being on Earth.

When Lemuria sank beneath the waters of the Pacific Ocean it broke apart, and the portion of the continent containing the monolith with the record keeper crystals was pushed far into the southern hemisphere. Australia and New Zealand are both fragments of Lemuria. Uluru, or Ayers Rock in Australia, is the monolith in which the record keeper crystals were placed for safekeeping.

~The Federation of Light~

11th Feb 2010

So how do The Keepers protect it from itself?

By keeping it safe. The containers/chambers this source of Light resides in … is of an advanced technology that allows its compressed form to remain comfortable within.
These chambers are scanned and monitored in order to keep the treasure within, in its most appropriate state at any given time.

(It is not a coincidence that area 51 has a interdimentional portal that opens up at pine gap which is only 21 ks from Uluru)

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

I applaud you for your decision to face reality and to do so publicly. I just wish other channelers would do so too. Many followers use these messages to avoid facing their problems and its sad to see people not getting the help they need.

Best wishes to you, I hope you are taking good care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous I ’think’ I understand where you are coming from,I however as always question ‘reality’ as Neil Donald Walsch says 'you have to be out of your mind to know God’
here is the latest member of my site for
~ The Federation of Light~

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
blue ray lightworker , piscean, scientist , physician, psychiatrist (MD), psychotherapist for cognitive and behavioral psychotherapy ; spiritual seeker.

I have almost 2,000 members who vary in their perception of what is occurring now,but it would seem that consensus is that magic is occurring and we are indeed the ones manifesting it,we are indeed the ones that are bravely listening to our hearts and are releasing emotional pain body’s that no longer serve thanks to these brave channellers who bring forth the consciousness that is indeed out there for us to align with or not,the key here is FAITH,faith in your truth,from my perspective Blossom has faith in her truth and is still following her heart, even though it is not how I would desire,so the road got bumpy, we are used to that are we not? it may well get even bumpier so hold on to your hat, just in case your ‘reality' changes.

P.S. I came across this today and love it:

‘When sleeping women awake Mountains will move’

bring on the divine feminine within all of us,male and female,bring on the magic!


ღ˚ •。* ♥♥ ˚ ˚♥˚ ˛★* 。 ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚ .ღ 。

✰* ★˛˚ B l e s s i n g s˚ ✰* ★

˚. ★ *˛ ˚♥♥* ♥。˚ ˚ღ。* ˛˚ ♥♥ 。♥˚* ˚ ★ღ ˚ 。♥ •* ˚ ♥♥” ♥

P.P.S. some Christmas magic:

After you watch this youtube feel the feeling as Gregg Braden says 'the feeling is the prayer’ so fill up those bottles

.. we ask you to 'bottle it'.THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT ~BLOSSOM GOODCHILD~ 31ST MARCH 2011

..keep breathing...soon now!!!!!!!!

I know annoying aren’t I.... LOL... in love and light Kerrie

Anonymous said...

Kerrie. Please allow the Love that you ARE, to change.

You are addicted to words, and the words themselves are (now) holding you back from the next step of perception.

Can you see that you are WAITING? And that should not be, for that means you are looking for external to change, though your words may indicate that you believe otherwise. It is a subtle yet dangerous discrepancy, an easy trap to fall into: believing our own words to the extent that they block out opportunities for growth.

Your Love, which is the most important thing, is well rooted in God. But your mind (and everyone else's too, but I am speaking directly to you here) still clings to what you think you understand, which fuels your desire to talk in an attempt to see it reflected back, thereby making it TRUE. This is a good indication that you have further to go in your journey of Trusting God. THE MORE YOU TALK FROM A PLACE OF LIMITATION THE MORE YOU REINFORCE WHAT NEEDS TO GIVE WAY TO REVEAL A PURER TRUTH. That's the level of belief that is required to attain your Truer Self. Do you see the difference, the step that awaits?

Please don't perceive this as an attack upon you, for that couldn't be further from the Truth of my intention. Your faith is great, and an inspiration, but virtues can become a caracitures if one is not mindful. Dropping names and ranks of other Beings, running around broadcasting pieces of the Divine puzzle (exhilerating as it is!) is not what advances one's soul -- can you see this? Your enthusiasm is wonderful, but I would say unattended, like a sprinkler system that just won't shut off. If you channeled that energy into your own growth, WE WOULD BENEFIT IN WAYS BEYOND WHAT ANY WORDS COULD ACHIHEVE.

And now it is time for you to decide whether you will answer this with defensiveness, OR, if you will summon the courage to try this on for size and see what happens.

The choice is yours. I choose Bigger You, because that will make us all Bigger. THAT is how powerful you can Be.

Love, love and nothing but Love.

Anonymous said...

Hey Blossom. It's been a long time coming. I spoke to a wise woman once about the 14th Oct event that was supposed to happen. She simply said "They never give dates".

You are a truly a courageous person and quite funny too. I'm glad you going to the next level :)

There will be some big changes happening next year, so I believe you made the right choice, we will all need to be balanced to deal with this. The cross-roads year will be 2013.

There is only one entity who will be straight up with you at this time and she lays beneath your feet, and fills your lungs with air. She loves us despite our shortcomings and will answer you if you but ask. The mother has our best interests at heart. Talk to her, she has been waiting for you.

I would suggest you contact white cloud, and ask him why he gave the stamp of approval for those guys. Because I believe your absolute trust in them stemmed from this. This I'm sure you know will need to be resolved.

The only channelled messages I listen to now are those of Bashar (lots of wisdom there) whether it is real not.

Take it easy princess :)

Coach Enrique said...

@ Anonymous (post to Kerrie): wonderful post, even though it's directed to a specific person, it's full of Wisdom and it can be enjoyed by those who can perceive It. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous do you think I do this that I do for my ego.... LOL.... if I did what my ego wanted me to do I would not be doing this!!!!!!Do you think I enjoyed bearing my soul,my grief? Publicly?????I am not in service to self not nearly enough.(working on that one though)
I am not so unobservant or limited in my consciousness as you seem to THINK..... God knows how many times I have told Blossom I am stopping all of my ego begged of family would love to have more of me said:

Kerrie. Please allow the Love that you ARE, to change.

You are addicted to words, and the words themselves are (now) holding you back from the next step of perception.


subtle yet dangerous discrepancy,

This is a good indication that you have further to go in your journey


Please don't perceive this as an attack upon you,


As for White Cloud to the other ANONYMOUS he knows what he is doing,this I KNOW!

I do not speak from faith alone, I have had guidance that you guys do not know about,if I spoke of that,my ego would get a bashing,even Blossom isn’t aware of all of it,I am on a mission, it is my passion and I will continue to express the goddess energy,I will be a voice for that aspect of us that patriarchal religion has repressed as long as spirit keeps on gifting me.I will allow my light to shine and I am blessed to be gifted with others that say because of me they are releasing ego fears and allowing their light to shine.I wrote this a couple of years ago:

On Greek Orthodox ascension day I awoke with Morning Star in my head and ever since the universe has been slowly for some months now giving me more and more information on these words, I have been told that it is given to those who are to work with the Extraterrestrials, it is the Goddess energy of Mother Earth, it is the end of duality,the union of the light and the dark,it is pure balanced light,Christ light, soul integration healing all our multidimensional selves,parenting the innerchild, embracing our individuality whilst knowing our oneness our connection to each other on this planet and off, our connection to everything,as it has been said 'There is not one bird that falls out of the sky without my knowledge’.

Anonymous said...


Please give it a rest!! Reading your posts are exhausting. Do you read your own words? You come across as the all knowing nut from down under. Next post edit, edit and edit some more.

Peace Out

Blossom Goodchild said...

@kerrie .... Although this last comment is hurtful to you ... I have to allow all to speak in 'their' truth. When I asked you about posting some of the comments you put up here earlier you said I had to allow you to speak in your Truth , as I was allowed to speak in mine.
Let's have respect for all ... no matter what their truth is ... see new blog!!

Anonymous said...

smile...Blossom it’s ok I think I have exhausted myself too,how’s this for editing?

★Merry★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★Christmas ★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門| ˚And a Happy New Year ! :') ♥
...~With Lots of Sparkles, Love and Blessings!~
.˛★˛˚˛*˛°.˛*.˛°˛.*★* Merry *★* 。*˛.
˛°_██_*.。*./ ♥ \ .˛* .˛。.˛.*.★* Christmas *★ 。*
˛. (´• ̮•)*.。*/♫.♫\*˛.* ˛_Π_____.♥*.。˛* ˛. *♥ ˛* ˛*
.°( . • . ) ˛°./• '♫ ' •\.˛*./______/~\*. ˛*.。˛* ˛. *。
......*(...'•'.. ) *˛╬╬╬╬╬˛°.|田田 |門|╬╬╬╬╬*˚ .˛ *.*

Anonymous said...

Blossom & Kerrie,

Sorry if I was being hurtful by calling

Kerrie a nut, that was totally uncool!!

But as far as her posts, come on ,

you know they go on and on. Having

said that, my apology to you both for

being so rude!!!

Peace Out

Anonymous said...

It’s ok NYC we are all going through stuff and you were right,I have lost the plot more then I realised, I will learn to not defend The Federation of Light and get so defensive of my perspective and I will edit more, not because of anyone else here, but because of you and your honesty, I did understand you!

(¯`´♥(¯`´♥.¸________ღ☆ღ_________ ¸.♥´´¯)♥´´¯)
♥ .........♥ ☆
(_¸.♥(_¸.♥´´ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ღ☆ღ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ `´♥.¸_)♥.¸_)
ƸӜƷ•°*””*°•.ƸӜƷ•°*””*°•.ƸӜƷ•°*””*°•.ƸӜƷ• Blessings of LOVE!

Anonymous said...


Thank you!!

The second I pressed "send", I

regretted it.

Peace Out,

Petraline said...

Dear Blossom, dear readers,
I feel touched in my heart about what has happened. I understand all the thoughts, the wish to get prove, the dissapointment, the missunderstanding.
I am channeling since 26 years and I know that it is sometimes difficult to understand - there is not just another culture ... there is another way of "thinking/ being" we have to deal with. These beings try to communicate with us on our level, they have learnt from many humans that are in contact with them and still they can not think in the way we do. This is only possible if you incarnate as a human being on earth. Even the fact, that they respect the comsmical laws and at the same time they would like to help us, is a big challenge for them. Whatever they say to us, we have to go the things in the way we can manifest them. Everything else would be interfering and against free will.
The time-factor is always a problem and I do also not understand, why they used it again. But at the same time I do not understand all the people that are reacting to that. Over many years we have accepted lies and missinformation from politicians, church, family etc. without any or little reaction... and now we are very strict with those, who where giving us so much love, so much teaching, so much help.....!!???
Blossom you are asking them for a proof.... whatever proof / sign they will give us, there will always be the ones that will doubt it... We have to understand, that the GF and all the participants are working on something very complicated, they have to focus on the complete task and they have to protect the plan and do whatever is neccessary to support Mother Earth and all souls that have choosen to be here at this time. The GF needs our help, they need our hands that are reaching up, we have to uplift, we have to open our hearts. Our hearts are the lights that are beaming, we received that much energy from the universe, but we have to give our energy as well otherwise there is no real oneness. We have to feel the thruth in ourselve, inside in our heart, without doubt, without questions, trust ourselves. This is all we have to do, this is all they are asking us for.
Blossom, I understand your decision, but either all the channeling was a "fake" or not. For example: I can not say I believe in god, but I do not believe in his hand. This is the thinking of duality. And ascencion is about lifting us up and not pull them down.
Wishing you all love from heart to heart and a Fullfilling 2012.


Anonymous said...

Bless you Petra,bless you Blossom, bless me, bless us all !

In the morning when you rise I bless the sun, I bless the skies, I bless your lips, I bless your eyes, My blessing goes with you
In the night time when you sleep, Oh I bless you while a watch I keep, As you lie in slumber deep, My blessing goes with you.
This is my prayer for you. There for you, ever true, Each, every day for you, in everything you do.

And when you come to me, And hold me close to you, I bless you And you bless me, too

When your weary heart is tired, If the world would leave you uninspired. When nothing more of love's desired, My blessing goes with you.
When the storms of life are strong, When you're wounded,when you don't belong.When you no longer hear my song, My blessing goes with you.

This is my prayer for you There for you, ever true, Each, every day for you, In everything you do.
And when you come to me , And hold me close to you, I bless you And you bless me, too.
I bless you And you bless me, too.






7TH JAN 2010

Anonymous said...

What you did clearly show us that you were honest all the time and that they lied and manipulated you. They have been doing that all the time with many. Coran, Bible, and many other books show us their mistakes and how they have been manipulating us since the created us.
It is time to make them pay. :)

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ anon .. can't say I agree with you . If you read on a deep level their words of Love ... there is no manipulation there. However .. if the Coran , Bible , have taught you 'to make them pay ... would you say that is coming from a loving place? I think not! Each to their own of course.

Anonymous said...

after millennia of fear we are now getting the lesson the other way around with hope

bolth are signs of being out of balance and bolth are ways to not live right NOW

stop playing the waiting game there's nothing to wait for but you

stop the hoping game there's nothing to hope for but you

stop the fear game there's nothing to fear but you

Kauai Joe said...

Aloha, Blossom, from Kauai,

Your continued non-channeling says volumes about your integrity and commitment to truth. I and countless others respect you for what you are not doing. Thank you for being honest with yourself, for taking a difficult stand and making your point loud and clear.

I find it interesting that other channelers are referring to the doubts and uncertainties more often now, as if they have finally gotten the message that predictions involving timelines matter to us in our 3D world.

This is an interesting year. Will 2013 find us ever closer to the goal, or will 2012 produce measurable steps that everyone can understand? January will soon be behind us, we'll see. I am prepared for both eventualities.

Aloha from Kauai Joe and thanks again for your integrity.