Jan 10, 2012


Am I delving into twenty twelving? ... You betcha sweet potatoes I am! Feeling great ... Feeling alive ... Feeling just Tickety Boo! I think I have finally grasped the concept of 'Living in the Now! Heaven knows it’s taken me a while!

I was given a set of 14 CD’s as a gift called ‘Your wish is your command’ by Kevin Trudeau. Of course if you look up his name, there will be the usual stuff to ‘slant him’. You can do the same for me ... so you must go by wether ‘it suits you sir’. I am not here to promote these Cd’s ... I’m just telling you how it is ... how it happened for me ... at last !

These CD’s talk of the whole positive thinking aspects of life ... but ‘for me' ... I got the key ... when I heard it ... it made sense... like nothing ever has. Yes I have listened to ‘The Secret’ etc. Good Lord I even talk about thinking positively etc in my workshops. Yet something has clicked for me... and I just have to share it.

THE KEY being ... that in every moment ... ask yourself .. .‘How am I feeling’? Your goal being to be FEELING GOOD ALWAYS and aiming to FEEL EVEN BETTER.

Let me say ... don’t’ go thinking, is it that easy? Because on the one hand, yes it is. On the other ... Just try it. Catch yourself throughout your day and ask yourself ‘How am I feeling’. Chances are to begin with ... pretty average. So then ... in that moment, make yourself FEEL GOOD. Say to yourself over and over ‘I AM FEELING GOOD. I AM FEELING GOOD. I AM FEELING GOOD.’ And DO IT.

That’s it ... just KEEP THAT UP ... All the time until it doesn’t have to be thought about. Yes, of course the CD’s explain in more detail. But that’s it in essence.


AT first it’s hard work ... a little niggly thing here and there can bring your vibration down instantly ... that’s when its most noted ... that’s when you have to change it to FEELING GOOD straight away. WHATEVER IS PRESENTED TO YOU!

Try it as an experiment. Goody (my lubberly hubberly) and I have committed ourselves to it for a year. To ask ‘What's your feel good factor’ at any given moment ... and HONESTLY tell yourself what it is. If it’s low ... up it! Not always that easy ... Trust me!

Now I have to admit, I have only been doing this for a week ... but what a fabulous week I have experienced. It has changed so much in me ... just by doing this. By keeping on my guard. And I have discovered THIS VERY VALUABLE POINT! I seem to have spent SO MUCH OF MY TIME FEELING GOOD because of something that I am working towards ... something I want to achieve down the line. Perhaps an up and coming show or my workshops etc ... FEELING GOOD because of something that I will be doing in the future.

Like so many other folk it seems, I have started New Year with an empty slate. First time ever that nothing is down in the diary. I had found this a bit odd ... nay fellow folk ... a bit daunting ... yet how I have changed that thought/feeling.

By FEELING GOOD NOW ... just because I WANT TO FEEL GOOD NOW ... it really doesn’t matter about what I am doing in the days ahead. Yes, a few ‘thoughts’ are dropping into place here and there ... but such a change in my BEING has occurred. I actually DO understand about NOW ... FEELING GOOD NOW ... and nothing else seems to matter. It can’t matter if you are simply concentrating on making sure you are FELLING GOOD in the moment you are FEELING GOOD IN.

I sat out under the full moon two nights ago ... and ‘I GOT IT’. I KNOW The Federation of Light are going to appear to us ... I KNOW that ... I always have ... but I just have always wanted it to be NOW ... or even ... ♫tada♫ ... SOON! Yet NOW ... IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER ... because I am FEELING SO GOOD about EVERYTHING ... About ME ... about THIS MOMENT ... that WHEN ‘They come' is irrelevant. They will! And when they do ... fab! Until then ... I’ll just carry on FEELING GOOD!

Now I know there will be many of you reading this ... that will be saying ‘But Blossom, this is what we have been trying to tell you all along!' Thank you for ‘trying’. Truly thanks!

Fact is ... The penny doesn’t drop until it falls into place! (Surely someone was helping me produce that little gem!)

I am determined to see this one through. I am SO excited about this ... It’s as if ‘nothing else matters.’ Only concentrating on FEELING GOOD whenever you think to ask yourself. Eventually ‘apparently’ you will be able to do it without having to think about it ... It will be part of your make up.

What a Golden Key to have found. I AM so grateful for it.

I guess it’s all in the timing. As I say I have much knowledge on all this ... as many of you will have ... but the simplicity of the ‘challenge’ is unique in that one factor. FEELING GOOD NOW.

I urge you to give it a go. If you already know it, you may have slipped a little ... pick it up again.

BECAUSE ... If EVERYBODY grasps this ... there we have it. THE GOLDEN AGE.

I am not sue if I am expressing myself as precisely as I would like . For again like many, I have been ‘at this’ many a year ... yet something FEELS so different ... and if you haven’t already got there ... I so want to be able to assist you in doing so!

It ties in with BEING LOVE that The Federation and White Cloud have always talked about. For FEELING GOOD is FEELING LOVE IN ABUNDANCE. There is no other way to describe it.

SO then, here we are in 2012 ... at last ... and as prophesied ...

WE are going to walk into THE GOLDEN AGE that we created long ago. It is there. It is awaiting us. All we need do is get on the bus , get on the train, put on your blue suede shoes , swim, fly, climb, sail ... it matters not , as long as we are on our way.

ALL OF US TOGETHER. Heading in the same direction, by means of whichever vehicle FEELS GOOD for the soul's travel. There we shall meet ... in this new concept of living ... in a space where we remember how it is to BE LOVE to ourselves and each other. In a pleasure park of emotional joy and exhilarating exuberance of fun ... Love ... Light ... and laughter ... as we promised ourselves long ago.

Perhaps we have walked full circle. Back to where we came from ... the journey was exciting ... it was interesting ... it was everything it was meant to be ... Yet how GOOD does it FEEL to be home, where we can put our feet up , and relax in the peace of our hearts. For as Dorothy said ... ‘There’s no place like home ... There’s no place like home!' We are DEFINITELY on our way.

Keep looking for those RAINBOWS OF LIGHT ... because maybe ... just maybe ... ♫ Somewhere over the rainbow ♫ ... we can ... ♫ ‘weigh a pie’ ♫ ... oops ... ♫there’s a land that we heard of once in a lullaby. ♫

I send out my spectacularly positive FEEL GOOD energy to all who come across these words . So they may ‘ Go forth and multiply’.

Golden Rays Golden people.
Bloss xxxxxxxx


Your global family said...

Thank you Blossom for your lovely message and feel good vibrations! So true to feel good in every here and now moment and let the Universe and our collective dream create the rest. We know the GFL will make a grand appearance so why not be love and choose joy. Thank you for your work and spreading your light and speaking your truth. Much love!
az from gaia

BlackSwan said...

yea, Bloss, your post did definately energise me (or maybe the coffee is just kicking in ;-)).

Its so easy to lose focus and become reactive rather than proactive.

I will remain in positivity

Shanti @ Everyday Bohemian said...

Blossom, I just love you. Everything you shared here is exactly how I am feeling!! I tend to always be at some base level of happiness most of the time... living my life sort of always thinking *lalala life is lovely lala* but most of my happiness is about my PROJECTED FUTURE (especially projects... working at home for 3 of my own businesses, I'm always elbow-deep in a project!) -- instead of genuinely just being in JOY and PEACE right in the here and now. Over the last couple of months, and ESPECIALLY since the new year, I have found myself (delightedly) in a new mental space... where I just am in bliss and joy all of the time. I find myself expressing gratitude in my head moment after moment, as if all I am existing in is a perpetual NOW of love and thanks. BOY what a change to my mood and personality! Everything that comes up now that may be negative, I just find myself laughing and thinking "it's all perfect" and being in joy. It was helpful to read your thoughts on existing in the same place. My hope is that this year, millions of others will magically find themselves living from that NOW space of GOOD FEELING, joy, gratefulness, etc. too. Love ya!! <3

Anonymous said...

I totally agree Blossom....so much is written about how to be in the moment...to BE HERE NOW....but until your own pennies drop....and there will be always be more pennies.....its just words....you have to feel it / experience it for yourself and then share it with all of us......no more us and them....just us....or as I like to put it.... WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE xxx

Lyn said...

Blossom you make me laugh as always, I love your humour and I feel good.
Love Lyn

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your words Blosson, you really change the frequency of my thoughts. We are ready for what is to come! Let's all be ready!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bloss,

So good to read you are back in good spirits as it were.

Loved the post.

I am infamous amongst friends and family for daft analogies, yet your blog inspired a weird thought. It's like we're on a daft "treasure hunt" yet we buried the treasure and forgot how to find it. It was our own treasure in the first place, and thought it would be fun to experience how difficult it would be to find it again. Unfortunately we hadn't realised just how much we would forget where it was and how to find it. Those who remember are giving clues .. "hot", "cold", "so close". But find it we will.. and finding something, albeit with a little help if you are off the path, is so much more satisfying!

Thanks Dear Soul, as always.


Piperon said...

Thanks Blossom for the uplifting message. FEELING GOOD is great but having high expectation is no good coz the disappointment will be as high too.

I would recommend everyone to watch my new Starseeds Disclosure videos to further uplift your soul. Watch the 6 parts series at (PLEASE make it viral if possible) :-


Enjoy the show!

May the LOVE be with you always.
Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Player

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Blossom for reminding me that I have the POWER to change my thoughts from negative to positive, the choice to make myself feel good instead of feeling low and depressed, to change a bad mood by feeling grateful for everything I do have is a good start.
Thanks for being there!

Anonymous said...

Now that's our wonderful Blossom - welcome back ! You are such an immensely talented beautiful woman with so much left to teach the world. You are a One Woman Global Love Generation Machine ! We look forward to hearing more from you any time you get ready to share....

Chris said...

Thanks very much Blossom, I tried it out and felt how my energy shifted. I now feel much more energy there available to do things I want to do.

Top Model Life said...

Only one word of caution,don't forget to Own all the good that shows up. When this kicks in, it can be STUNNING, the speed with which "stuff" just starts to "happen".

Top Model Life said...

Only one word of caution,don't forget to Own all the good that shows up. When this kicks in, it can be STUNNING, the speed with which "stuff" just starts to "happen". And also Know, that's the way it has ALWAYS worked.

Andrew said...

So funny that I read this blogpost just a couple of days after i started reading a book about LIVING IN THE NOW!


Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you again, Blossom ! Your energy feels so positive, and your message of creating, the same. Creativity is flowing through you like a river of dreams ! This is what We were put on this Earth to do, CREATE ! I have to reiterate my perspective on the Pillars Of Light once again, since you again mentioned them in your latest blog entry. As Our creativity strengthens through Our resolve in the Truth, We shine brighter and brighter ! Soon, Our Lights will Shine so Bright that yes indeed, We Will appear as these Pillars of Light that have been spoken of. We are ALL becoming Lighter and Lighter, so to speak ! The Light of The World is Upon Us, and With Us Always ! Have no doubt, as ALL of the answers have already been answered long ago, when It All Began. These answers were God's gift to Us when He first created Us ! Continue to look inside yourself for those answers Blossom, as that is exactly where He left them ! Ask for assistance, and It Will Be Given. I miss talking to you on a more regular basis, but KNOW that my Heart is always with You. As You silence your mind, KNOW that I Am right there beside You in the vastness of It All. We never travel alone, as We are guided and uplifted by Our Beautiful family of Light. And So It Is.

Love and Light Always, Mike

Anonymous said...

I'm sure galactic federation dudes who have deceived you for so long feel perfectly happy about having done so. You see, your advice is very good, but only insofar it isn't directed at sociopaths and psychopaths...

Anonymous said...

Blossom, when are you going to ask the FOL if they learned their lesson yet? Maybe your little silent treatment did them some good.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Blossom,

Welcome back!!!

I've decided, more being less doing.

Everything will happen when its time

for it to happen. Just gonna go with

the flow.

Thanks, your words came just at the right time!!

Peace Out

Anonymous said...

There is no greater gift than the presence of God in our lives.
Out there life continues.

Anonymous said...

Hey Blossom,
I'm new here and wondered why you aren't posting anymore channelings. I was lead to a couple of your channelings and they were very inspiring! Just hoping to see more! thanks!


Blossom Goodchild said...

@ Woofie... long story!! best read the last few channellings. All good. I KNOW I have not stopped for ever. xx

Anonymous said...

Blossom it has just dawned on me tonight that a date I received in my head when I was up at the blue mountains on the 11th may be a channel,the date was the 3rd May and there was a channel on the 3rd may 2009 !
anyway it is a significant channel so I’ll leave it with you and your readers.

P.S. thank you for White Cloud’s meditation I just did it again tonight.


Ami said...

Thank you, dear Blossom. Beautiful post, full of love... A great learning... We are all blessed to be here, with you, with all the fellows and with our sisters and brothers from all the universe.
As already recommended Blossom, on another occasion (if I remember correctly), I again suggest "Music Rapture." (Frederic Delarue) It's great for daily meditation.
Love to all you. Be strong and be Love...