Aug 19, 2011

And so it is.

What I would like to do right now is to write a blog post , but considering the way my day has been going , I am wondering if even that is going to go right! Talk about ‘against all odds’! Again I say, is it just me? Am I the only one who FEELS that they cannot switch off from such trivialities? I am not running a nation or indeed a vast corporate company … I am not dealing with a myriad of complex matters concerning world affairs … I am not rushed off my feet running from one place to the other without a moments breath … and yet it FEELS like I simply cannot switch off.

I just tried to do a meditation … my iPod stopped 8 times in the 20minute session … Earlier today, it took me four goes to park my car! It took me 1½ hrs to burn a reading to a CD. Eventually I turned off my computer and turned it back on and instantly everything was working again … I could have done without that time being lost and that frustration affecting my mood. On I went, determined to ‘change’ my persona, yet one thing after another has pushed me to the limits. As I say … I’m not in a war zone, I have food in my cupboard and a roof over my head ... I have EVERYTHING to be thankful for and yet … no matter how hard I am trying … today has simply got to go down as a naff day! SO what is that all about? Is it negative energies around me that are not mine? … Am I hormonal? Am I going through a shift and releasing old patterns? … Is it lingering ‘no servers’? WHAT!?

Let me say too, however you may choose to read the tone I am writing this … I am not in anger , more in frustration …and I have laughed at myself many times out loud today . All practises of ‘moving into a better space’ are failing/have failed. So … I accept this to be ‘As it is’. I am not going to force the situation any more. I am just BEING ME and the way I am FEELING. How ever much effort I have put into raising my vibration today ... it refuses to be shifted.

HOWEVER … The wonderful thing is … this ‘naff day’ is not how ‘naff days’ used to be.

The difference BEING … that it matters not. I am totally prepared to allow it to be this way, KNOWING it won’t be this way tomorrow or even in a minute! It will change when it needs too. When whatever it is has run its course and moved on through … and there I shall be … even more aware, even more awake than I was before this day began.

There is no need to ‘fight’ any more, for the fight is over and the battle won. We are simply picking up the pieces and sorting the wheat from the chaff. We are sifting through the debris and sweeping up and out that which has had its day. As much as our hearts are in joy about this victory … we are still amongst the aftermath and the energy it carries. Yet we KNOW don’t we? We can FEEL the change that has happened. It will just take a while for the lower energies to ‘let go’ and to come join us in their rightful place or to make the choice to disperse into the coming winds and leave for good.

So there really are no more ‘naff days’ because no one can take from us that KNOWING inside that no matter what may be ‘appearing’ to upset or discomfort us on the outside of our inner knowing … the absolute CORE OF OUR BEING has taken hold in strength and TRUST … holding and anchoring THE LIGHT NOW. No longer can we be dragged under and stripped of our honour. No more can the lower frequencies ‘hold us against our will’. For we have come to KNOW OURSELVES. We have come to LOVE OURSELVES. We have come to make the change and NOW we can FEEL that change is here. It is taking place within and without … there is no denying anymore.

How proud I AM to be me! How proud I AM to be walking this Earth plane at this time. How proud I AM that I was chosen to be here.

How grateful I AM to KNOW YOU. How grateful I AM to receive all that presents itself to me in whatever form … for EVERYTHING that is in my world is showing me the NEW way of things. It is allowing me to FEEL gratitude for the highs and the lows. For now the lows are nowhere near as low as they used to be. They cannot be … because WE cannot BE in a level that is out of our ‘range’. Which just goes to prove how much we have lifted our consciousness.

So do you know what? … In actual fact …… looking at it like that … today has been a great day. It came to show me what a trooper I AM!! How far I have come in understanding that I am doing what I came here to do. Today I thought I was off track and blaming all on ‘outside energies’. But no … I was/am right on course … I just needed to write this blog in order to work that out.

Don’t you just LOVE it? There is reason in ALL things. And all things have a reason. All things.

And the bonus of all this is … I can at least cross one thing off my list that I got accomplished today … and realizing inside myself that unknowingly I have accomplished a whole lot more.

Onwards and upwards Oh Warriors of Light! Marching ever onwards in the LIGHT and the LOVE.

Not to mention being engulfed in those good old Golden Rays.

Swords of Light to the skies. Keeping your eyes there too!

Thank you for allowing me this ‘vent’ … it gave me permission to breath!
Blossom xxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Smile...this is why I love my site Blossom, we are all assisting each other,welcome to soul integration and bringing those little aspects of us from all those lifetimes and dimensions back home to the hey! Thank God for all the assistance we are getting is all I can say,we have a soul contract to experience should we choose it,you know how I have wanted to run away from this my soul contract at times, when I started to come face to face with myself, we also have Karma or law of attraction to face up to,we bravely listened to our soul and chose our soul contract and fast tracked our lessons,the quicker we get there the quicker our neighbours do as The Federation said,I too am finding the roller coaster ride is speeding up releasing is happening faster because we have the tools now,we know our knowing now,we truly have become the observer of our small self, integrating the soul self is not easy when our soul self has reached such heights, thanks to all the assistance we are getting and our small self has to integrate, it used to take life times and we would remain on a karmic cycle due to the forgetfulness inbetween incarnations, now it is days! but we are not alone for this I am eternally

Anonymous said...

thank you for the encouragement! my aunt and i had that kind of day 8/18 half way across the world.

Mariane said...

Oh boy oh boy oh boy,

I was about to say "Welcome to the club" ... So it is for sure - we are two here with the same situation like yours, you might know my friend and room mate Marianne (I am Mariane with one N as I am not that tall I need two hehe) I am happy for we are two so we know that is not only "me" I couldn't resist to laugh a little by reading your blog here. It is really so, dear Blossom. Well I will take the chance now I am here also to say a huge thank you to you for your channellings. It has been such a great help dear Blossom and Thank You to your friends for being with you with such a great humor (hope you understand what I am saying here, not sure I am hehe)
Thanks again

Amy said...

Lol, make that 3 :) It has not been my day either and the best thing to do is laugh about it and know it's a temporary thing. Still it does help to know one is not alone. Lots of love, Amy

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who had this kind of a day... something must have been in the air today! On days when it seems the whole world is against you even though you're trying your best to keep all in balance...this blog of Blossom's is such a gift at times! It's wonderful to come here and read other people's stories. It helps put things in perspective again. Thanks everyone!

Anonymous said...

More strange sounds:)

also Antrita MelchizedekNight 5 ~ Entering the Universal Underworld that began on the 18th Aug mentions the Photonic Rays of Light coming in now,the Cosmic Christ Consciousness...sound familiar? (22nd Oct 2010 channel)

and we had 20 UFOs go over Seoul

hehehe.... stuff going on! bring on those pillars of light:)

Faith Beatty said...

Oh Blossom~~ You have such a way of bringing everything "to light"! Soooo funny and full of attitude that we can all relate to and see another perspective to our 'plight' of the moment. It seems so easy to change an attitude from dark to light these days. Try this one: Say out loud "Just look at it this way" then cross your eyes and stick your tongue out to the side. See, I know you did it or will do it, and your entire attitude just changed for the better, huh?
Many Blessings~

Anonymous said...

Good to see you BLOOM into 5D reality Bloss. Glad to see some of us older model DNA 3d shells will be able to step onto a 5d earth and help educate the younger crowd. It's much harder for us to transform into the new configuration but do are doing so with such Grace and Style it sets a fine example for us all. Have a Golden Ray filled weekend and remember we all share your frustration and pain. GLOBAL LOVE

Anonymous said...

Let me add myself to the list of souls who experienced the same kind of day AND also felt exactly the same... "Not Neely" :-)

Maybe it's meant to show us that the energies we're absorbing are indeed for the betterment of the whole.

Lots of love


yk248 said...

Love and Light Blossom.


Keep helping your self like that!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I've said it a thousand times and I'll say it again! OWL CITY IS AMAZING!

If you haven't listened to him I strongly urge you all to check out his newest album ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL! Uplifting and totally relevant to our current situation here on lil planet earth!

Coach Enrique said...

I loved the FOL response to the upcoming events: as with everything else, we also have the choice on how we experience this. I had expressed this on my blog, these times feel like acid rain falling on us. If we have "metal" souls, we'll mostly experience pain and despair, if we have "crystal" souls, we'll experience a purification and we'll shine more and more. Where is your Heart today?

Anonymous said...

Add me to this list as well!

Anonymous said...

Here it is Blossom and friends,the pillars of light are on their way!!

3 days of light:) remember The 18th July channel from The Federation about the 3 days of nothingness

In fact the light is already here but soon we will be able to see it and I think I am starting to, they talk about colours and geometrical shapes,I have seen this in meditation at times and one night I awoke to see coloured lights above me.
I keep saying I am an anchor for the Christ light 3 times, as The Federation asked us to do in the 22nd Oct 2010 channel and don't forget the healing and activation channels: 31st March, 5th May,21st June 2010 and 2011,love,light and joy Kerrie xxx

Ami said...

Thanks, dear Kerrie, for sharing that video. Beautiful and exciting.

yk248 said...

Hello everyone,

I am really sorry to say, but I am tired of the waiting game.

I still believe that they will come some day and that great and miraculous things will happen, for sure.

But I can't wait anymore, and in one channeling the federation that Blossom channels says that they even encourage not waiting. "leave your computers and get out, don't read the channelings, get out and breath the air" ;)

So, Thanks for everything Blossom and good people here.

Love and Namaste :)


test1 said...

There are always two dates during the year that I feel when the vibration is changing. That is on Oct 14 and Sept 11.
I don't know I just tap into this stuff, I feel some changes are about to take place. L&L

PenguinUK said...

Personally I quite liked the "no news right now" tone of the latest chanelling. The "upliftment/new dawn" is not going to be a gift "handed on a plate" to us. We all need to "remember" that we all have a role in bringing it into reality. Let#s take this "interlude" to refocus all our will-power and benevolent intent to focus on what we all wish to transpire. We must never forget just how powerful a force our collective energies are!

Anonymous said...

A huge sand formation was found southwest of Xining, China near Qinghai Highway sometime this month (August 2011). Straight lines form the perfect circle and the diameter of a rough estimate of 1-2 km (0,6 to 1,2 miles)

and this one in ice

Remember this:

2nd July 2009 ~The Federation of Light~

There shall indeed be many more of these occurring and in places that one would least expect. In situations where one would deem it impossible for such phenomena to occur and yet we say to you they shall.

yk248 said...

Well I stiil read the last channeling, it was a good one :)

Anonymous said...

As you guys know I am very focused on 11:11 can you feel the energies at the moment? they can feel a little intense so keep calm and breathe:) Love Kerrie xxx
P.S. Blossom Jenny transcribed White Clouds channeling,have you guys heard it? it was sooo good thank you Blossom..

"Starting on September 11th, 2011 (9-11-11) an 'Ascension Energy Vortex Portal' will open, which offers a greatly enhanced spiritual energy to the people of Earth.

This gateway will last until November 11th, 2011 (11-11-11), at which point a new phase of the Ascension process will begin to be felt - the one leading us to the December 12th, 2012 energy portal date.

This is an activation time for all Life on the planet Earth, though especially for the Lightworkers, for whom this video message is primarily intended.

Thank you very much for your time, attention, and service!"

-Henry David Stites in Co-Creation with Ashtar Sheran and Saint Germain

My guides have asked me to share this information with as many people as possible, though they stress that those who need to hear it will hear it. Thank you for any help you can give sharing this message with those whom you feel would benefit from it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Blossom,

Did it occur to you that the Federation might have known that your document was going to get an error and not save properly, and that's why they didn't link up with you the first time? Maybe they knew your work and the conversation would be lost.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Words, at best,
point us away
from Disbelief,
but cannot take us
into Truth.

This is gained
only by leaping
in between
the words.
No touching.

And so when You tell your story
in bewilderment,
grief washing out,
Subliminally accusing God
'How could it be, How?'
Even as I feel your pain
I recognize the perfection
of what you chose via
the insistence on
Your Truth

We are not our own containers
We are His, gifted with awareness
and replete with His Qualities,
intended to know our uniqueness
in His Eyes.

The ultimate bounty of our dreams,
the final fulfillment of our purpose in Him,
will only be claimed by
Eternal surrender.

Anonymous said...

Keisha speaks here about our star family and her contact,she speaks of the love they have for us,she says the only reason they are not showing is our fear, but we are getting there, getting stronger and stronger, I know I am,it is as if the mountains are presenting them selves, but I now have wings that although small at the moment are developing and I can fly over them faster and faster.

P.S. We have just received a clear photo of a UFO over New York

We say to you dear lady, that as we have pledged, there will be a meeting of our races and yours. When it occurs it shall be of greater joy than one has tried their hardest to envisage. This is our word to you.

We pride ourselves on our choices for communication.~The Federation of Light~

Anonymous said...

Dear Lightworkers, prepare your hearts, minds and souls.

I have seen what is coming in the sky. IT IS REAL. Still very far but I see it move fast. I started seeing it since Aug 26 and it is getting closer. If my calculations are correct, many will be able to start seeing something tiny in a week or two. This is NOT NOT NOT Elenin. It is awesomely amazing. Please do not feel anxious about this. After your first sighting, go and meditate. Listen to your Spirit. Keep in mind what has been said before in many other places about being away from the coasts.

Queridos Trabajadores de la Luz, preparen sus corazones, mentes y almas.

Ya he visto lo que viene en el cielo. ES REAL - SI EXISTE. Todavia esta muy lejos pero lo veo moverse rapido. Lo empece a ver desde el 26 de agosto y se esta acercando cada dia. Si mis calculos son correctos, muchos de uds podran empezar a ver algo peque~no en una semana o dos. Esto NO NO NO es Elenin. Es increiblemente impresionante. Por favor no sientan ansiedad por esto. Despues de su primer avistamiento, vayan y mediten. Escuchen el mensaje de su Espiritu. Tengan en mente lo que se ha dicho antes en muchos lugares sobre estar retirados de las zonas costeras.

Much Peace to All. Mucha Paz para Todos.


Anonymous said...

So lightlover, the thing you say that is coming is awesomely amazing, but we should be away from the coasts...

Am i suppose to get scary now or two weeks from now??
But i think instead that, i will come back here in two weeks to ask you where is it, that i dont see anything...

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous, why get scared? Remember the teachings, DO NOT FEAR!

You are not supposed to get scared. Well, first, this is the difficult part for me. How do you share without scaring people?

Now I understand those who know in top govmt positions and nasa, why they have kept this from the people. I feel for the good hearted ones that exist in those positions. I have thought long about this, and decided the group with Blossom would be the best place to share it. Her messages have been the purest and most loving consistently. The readers and followers of her messages should be able by now to apply discernment, love and wisdom after all they have learned, and this will help them help others. The FOL, by whatever name you call them, are beings that I have loved for so long.

So, with this preamble, my concern is the garbage that is all over the internet which has done a good job of scaring people for so long now, the movies and tv programs about the end of the world, 2012, etc. What everybody should keep in mind are all the teachings about not fearing and centering oneself to be in touch with the inner messenger, ok? Only God knows what
exactly and when it is going to happen. ONLY GOD. And only God will guide you through your Spirit. No prophet, No book,
nobody, nothing. This is NOW, today, a different world from what has been before, therefore, NOBODY KNOWS HOW EVERYTHING WILL DEVELOP, OK? Also remember, whether you believe in the being who came as Jesus or not, his Spirit doesn't belong to any religion, his coming had a Divine Purpose for THIS NEW ERA, though many still don't see it. Jesus' Real Teachings do not belong to christians only. His Light is Universal.

THIS IS A NEW ERA. This time on earth, also, we have something the residents of earth's past have not had ever before: contact with so many beautiful loving visible and invisible beings from so many places not of physical earth, that have been offering their help and counsel for this new era. THIS IS A NEW ERA.

So this is a new era but most minds have been conditioned, and conditioned most to fear. Those who are in touch with their
spirit do not fear. I want to be so careful about this.

Now that said... the matter about the coasts is a precaution. Why?

I live right on the water between Japan and the west coast US, and as a precaution,I am going to be VERY WATCHFUL, very alert of my surroundings and of the sky. I have long been subscribed to NOAAs tsunami advisories from nearby
earthquakes, and for several years it has been obvious that the earthquakes in the Pacific Rim are increasing. I live right on
the tectonic plate that every scientist is watchful for the next big one.

Now, if this amazing body that is coming from the sky is the cause of magnetic changes and movement of tectonic plates because of its size and proximity, and I am sitting right on top of a delicate tectonic plate, I am going to be watchful and alert and prepared, not fearful. But... there is more than one amazing body that I have seen and some of the other shapes look very organic and brilliant. They are also far and move fast. Are they the ships? We will see.

In terms of watching the sky, I can only tell you to look in the vicinity of the Sun, you cannot see it yet without equipment. I cannot see it when I look for it in the place where I saw it the day before. It is not like if you are looking at a planet which is in the same place expected. It has a different position and angle each day so the sun light hits it differently each time I see it. For example today, I just cannot find it anywhere, the sky has to be crystal clear and there have been too many fires polluting the air.

This is all for now, be at peace.


Ami said...

Dear LightLover, whatever happens, I congratulate you from my heart for your words, and peace I find in them. Thanks for sharing these observations with us. It's a brave attitude.
With love,

Anonymous said...

Thanks to ametrine for posting this xxx

Sitting in this crop circle this lady speaks of what is about to occur no longer will we be seeing these patterns on the ground but rather in the sky in the form of sacred geometrical lights....sound familiar?

These pillars of Great Light will serve in many ways. They shall release into the atmosphere what we can only describe to you as an energy ... which in essence it is ... yet it is what this energy contains that is the magic potion. It will uplift your spirits. It will be like the aroma of your mothers kitchen.

DEC 20th. 2010

P.S.We are manifesting so fast now thanks to the compassion that has been generated by events we would judge as negative,so many hearts are open,time lines are about to present themselves and we are going to remember.Time to get unstuck and visualise,time for another soul chapter:) xxx

DEC 12th 2010
Know Kerrie that all is well, time lines are to present themselves in a way that will be understood,

Coach Enrique said...

I'd like to offer a piece of advice, hoping it will be of value to someone. It's time to watch out very carefully our inner world, it would be worth to stop looking at the skies or around us and use our energy to watch how we think, what we say and what we do every second of the day, as a witness solely, without judgement. There is very little time to finish cleaning our house, our Temple, our Soul. The New World must be experienced FIRST in our Souls and then, everywhere else. If we don't experience it first inside of us, we'll never experience it in the outside. Don't worry anymore about what happens in the sky, in the seas, in China or in any other part of the world, don't look for someone else's words, not even mine... watch only what happens in your mind, soul and body, that's where the Great Show will be performed. You are NOW recieving Truth directly from Creator, will you miss the Glorious opportunity to listen and be Free at last?

Anonymous said...

I'll take The Federations advice and continue doing what I came here to do,I think Coach, I am just back from The Blue Mountains here in Australia sending light and thus healing both myself and our planet,here is Fire the grids latest youtube activation music from Shelly Yates contacts,

P.S. We are not alone in all this we have help,why because in our wisdom we set it up that way in the first place,this was the divine plan,look at this email I just received from a Reiki Master Jill in Texas:

Hey, Kerrie! I'm very excited right now. I was watching an episode of Ancient Aliens, and they spoke of a history of UFO sightings along the 33rd parallel. You may know this already, but I had never heard of this. Along the 33rd parallel run places of powerful unrest or great spiritual power. Tibet, Israel, Iraq, Syria, Rosewell, New Mexico, and Mt. Hermon (where the book of Enoch says "Angels" first set foot on the earth.) So I looked up my home, Flower Mound, TX, and it is EXACTLY 33 degrees North, 0. Then I looked up Three Sisters in Katoomba. Guess where THAT is? 33 degrees North. Do you live near or on the 33rd parallel? I think that's why White Cloud brought us together, because we are near this line of power. What do you think?

(I have been intuitively going to the Blue Mountains for the past 2 years) as I received such strong guidance to do this.When Blossom's guide speaks ones heart hears,just ask Jill

Anonymous said...


Love to you Ami. Hello Everybody. I am sorry C E, but this is Blossom's FEDERATION OF LIGHT group. The Federation comprises of beings, our brothers and sisters, from many worlds. OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS! We, who come to commune with the energy of the other members who come here for THIS SPECIFIC attraction, know why we are here. The message has been clear from THEM, who serve the Light of God, what to do with our Spirit work. That is one obvious thing. Our connection with them and with all the beings at the service of the Light, started within, always WITHIN, at SOUL level. NOW their arrival is expected by many. To me they have been here forever on the invisible SPECTRUM, and in mind and heart levels. NOW they are going to start showing their presence in a different way. Some of them in ships UP ABOVE IN THE SKY, others with ORBS right next to you, others with words in your heart or mind.Your inner lifelong work will help you become aware of their energy. Everything starts little by little so as not to startle/scare you.

You keep asking that people stop looking up at the skies or around us. You just will have to start blindfolding them pretty soon. It is clear to me why you keep trying to derail the attention that Blossom is bringing to the awareness of people. Of course those of us who know who we are, know what our brothers and sisters in others places are, and we know what we do and will keep doing, like lovely Kerry just responded. We know why we are here with Blossom and where we are looking.

They are OUR LONG LONG LONG AWAITED BROTHERS AND SISTERS FROM OTHER PLACES WHO ARE COMING FOR A REUNION and ALL that it entails, and you want people to ignore them? Are you also going to ignore your brothers and sisters who live next door to you? Those who walk the streets with you? Those who eat and sleep like you? Are they the only ones worthy of your acknowledgment, acceptance and love? Are they the only children of God? "In My Father's House are Many Mansions", do you know who said those words?

Well, they are here! LOOK UP! Will everybody see them? I don't know. I don't know how it is all going to be presented.

Maybe some of you will start by feeling "something new and different" in your hearts and surrounding energy. Those who still have fears have a lot to work on first. The energy of fear will not allow entrance to their high energy.

Regarding the awesome body in the sky, it is still up there very far by the right bottom side of the Sun. Right on the edge of its glare, so you cannot always see it.

BUT THIS IS WAAAAY MORE IMPORTANT, the other shapes/ships are right on top of us, closer. Obviously I don't know their actual size, which is enormous, but some appear to be lower than some satellites that I have captured. REMEMBER THEY CAN MATERIALIZE AT WILL. They are not always visible, as you are already aware. Some of them hide behind clouds. Some start as a cloud and materialize the solid looking shape and then turn into a cloud again. This is not my mind eye seeing it, it is my camera capturing some of them. Beautiful! I have seen that before but all of this just happened this last week. Lots of smaller ones with pale blue aqua color shining like a diamond. And last night more of them than before, in orbs, came to my deck. They all have different faces.

Dear Kerry and Ametrine, THANK YOU for mentioning about the lady in the crop circle. Right now I had just connected to share something amazing with all of you and then I read: "Sitting in this crop circle this lady speaks of what is about to occur no longer will we be seeing these patterns on the ground but rather in the sky in the form of sacred geometrical lights....sound familiar?"

This is PRECISELY what I came to share!! Will blow some minds awaaaay. Stay tuned.

Peace to all


Faith Beatty said...

Geometric colored light patterns used to appear as I was in meditative state many years ago. What a display in my mind's eye! They have not been shown to me for a long while although I have tried. It was like looking thru the tube with the colored rocks where you could turn the end to change the patterns. The patterns seemed to be going away from me, but continuous, as if I was going thru a tunnel backwards while watching the patterns surrounding my vision go by. To imagine seeing this in the sky some day soon......... awesome~

Blessings, Love & Light

Powhatan, Virginia, USA

Anonymous said...

Faith, it's called a Kaleidoscope if you were wondering.

Anonymous said...

I think Coach Enrique just isn't into the touchy-feely, it's all good, type of New-Age-ism that abounds on this site. BUT it's all just part of the show, LightLover, and you should know that, so maybe you don't need to be so hard on him.

But in a sense it doesn't matter what anyone thinks, including me, because we are all here learning lessons, and no one knows their own full story, much less anyone else's!

So let's not forget to take our daily dose of Vitamin Humility, and love our way into the light.

Coach Enrique said...

@ Anon,you are correct in your perception on where I come from, but as you say, everything is OK. Reactions just seemed out of proportion considering that I declared it was a piece of advice to be pondered and not an order to anyone, but obviously it did bother some. I don't think it's lack of humility, they just didn't like my advice or the way I expressed it. Good to know at least one person did see it the way I intended.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous,

Humility or lack of it has nothing to do with the energy of URGENCY in my message. I am a simple servant of God.

Those who have ears...



P.S. Dear Kerrie, when I have my images ready to share, I will send them to you too for your ning. There's not much time left for vacillations.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Light lover for your support, it is so needed in these times we are bravely speaking our truth against so much opposition, the divine feminine energy or the so called touchy fealy new age way gets such a bashing from those in fear of losing the so called balance 'the mind' THINKS is necessary to maintain control and order,we have embraced the patriarchal system for so long now it is a challenge to trust and break free,but no more are we choosing to remain quiet thanks to people like Blossom and many others who are speaking up, hang in there light lover it is not the negative ego, it is pride in your knowing and pride is not a dirty word,ask White Cloud he has a beautiful meditation about us being proud of ourselves, stand tall and do not allow anyone to play on your fear of ego, embrace your truth,speak your truth bravely, I honour you as I honour myself for enduing all these past years of doing this despite all those that have judge my speaking my truth as ego,even those who claim to be awake,I have wanted to stop many many times but we are not alone we have help as do all those who oppose this movement they only have to open the gift as The Federation said it is a gift to all yet some have not opened it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kerrie, thank you dear one.

It is not pride either. It's my Spirit with absolute lack of fear and full of certainty...

It is my LOVE for all of you, my wish for all of you to be well and prepared for what is coming...that's my reason for doing this in whichever way Spirit is guiding me. Ego is not in the way.

This is it! 50+ years of life preparation for this precise moment and it is here now.

You will soon see.

I just read Blossom's last channeling, wow.

I fully support you and Blossom, as I did on Oct 14. Much love and appreciation for what you both do.

Could you please link your ning with all of Ashtar's nings out there? I don't know if you have that already.

Much Love to all, and my purest wishes that you all could feel the powerful Love energy from God, from Christ, from the FOL and all Light Beings.


Anonymous said...

Yes lightlover I know that feeling of wanting to prepare everyone,this has been my motivation,but lately I am feeling as if it is time to stop and prepare myself! As for the other ning sites,I have even stopped going there,I now just work mine and that is enough,I am tired and it is time to focus on the grid in the Blue Mountains here in Australia and here is a beautiful soul I am proud to say I stood by and knew the light that she is also:

Little Grandmother has a message of hope in the midst of widespread upheaval on the planet.

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody. Hi Kerrie. I am retreating too and I won't bother Blossom again. She needs a break to prepare.

Just one last update, and after this I hope people are lovingly considerate of Blossom's time. All of us, all who work for the Light, what we are doing here is teamwork. A temple is built with many parts, and all serve a different purpose towards the same goal. Some energy forms the door that shows the entrance, another energy forms the walls, another the columns that support it, another the roof to protect it, another the ones who enter it and fill it, and they all do it for the Love of the Divine Light.

The images that I was going to share will have to wait for now. You will be witnesses very soon. Know that the awesome body in the sky is much closer. It is really awesome and it is not just one body. It is so BEAUTIFUL and AWE inspiring that I CAN'T WAIT to see it without any equipment. Nasa is probably not going to tell you any of this. This is the only place that I am going to share what I have seen, for Lightworkers to prepare first, since many are still asleep even in the LightWorking Community, where many still think it is only a theory and doubt the FOL really exist. Use loving wisdom when you share. It has many moons or other bodies, the larger ones are on the sides and other smaller ones are towards the back forming a tail that trails; but they are not in a static position and, since it moves all over, the way the sun light hits it shows each time a different view. When I accidentally found it the first time, it was only a dark center with 2 reddish cloudy looking peaks like wings, one of the wings wrapped partly in front of the dark center. It was still very far. After that I have seen several different views, all amazing and some coincide with the already famous images from the soho telescopes, which I have been following for several years. I am sure you have seen them too. One that I saw matches the one that looks like a T in a white brilliant cloud. Another one matched one from soho where it looks like a triangle center with a cloud towards the back and 5 o 6 moons in front farther from the center, these all looked white and moved fast below the sun moving from edge to edge in just seconds. In another one the center looked like a sun with the dark moons surrounding it like a triangular belt. But the one with the most gorgeous detail so far, was what looked like a bright, very lit transparent center with a pale blue inner circle part surrounded by white clouds, just like if you were looking at a planet with transparent air and clouds hit by the sun. I can't wait to see that closer. Remember that the tales of antiquitiy only describe what the eyes could see, and fearful eyes at that. They did not have the equipment. How I would love for Nasa to share what they have captured. Can you imagine de closeups and detail? There is nothing to fear. I see only Beauty and Greatness in a future that awaits us.

It would be good if everybody interested reread Blossom's channelings of June 1st and July 18 with the DEEPEST part of your hearts. It is time to let go of all unnecessary material distractions and focus on LOVE LOVE LOVE. Each one feeds from their own place of understanding, release all negativity and declutter your minds. Lift your hearts and get your food from the LIGHT. Peace. LightLover

Anonymous said...

When you say this is "Blossoms Federation Of light Group" it reminds me something a child would say. You words display much fear. Everyone on this site knows whats going on as far as upcoming events and everyone has a right to their OWN opinion. Look at what you say.."my purest wishes that you could all feel the powerful love energy from God and Christ" People will feel whatever they CHOOSE to feel, not what you wish for. You remind me of a Born Again Christian.

Peace Out....T

Anonymous said...


One week since your announcement to leave coast areas has past. But i will wait for your two weeks period of time to ask: "So, where is it?"

My friend, if you have some kind of proof, just show it(you have picuters, but now you wont show?). I can ensure you that people who comes here can handle the truth.

I´m sorry, but after 5 years reading this kind of "prevision" i can say that the thing you are doing is exactly what causes discredit around the subject.

If you want to talk about issues that raise the spirit of the people, feel free. But please, we're tired of predictions that ALWAYS go wrong.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder LightLover xxx
1st June 2011
We would ask that when appearances of unusual vessels ... be they vast strobes of Light ... be they anomalies that one has never yet considered a reality ... when these 'events' take place ... and they shall .... we would consider it a great advantage for the unity of those of Earth and those not from Earth ... if you were to KNOW that the emptying of these bottles into your atmosphere will TRULY assist greatly in the merging of the worlds ... so to speak. We ask you to visualize with the KNOWING in your heart ... the effect that this shall have. It will be as if the 'stoppers' are removed and the energy that has been saved/savoured will flow out into the very air in which you breath ... and it shall 'meet up' with an energy that we are sending out to you. You will know dearest allies ... there will be no questioning of whether or not it is the right time to do so.

And the channel on bottling it is the 31st March 2011

Anonymous said...

I have a question for you Blossom. Now that we are in the third week of the FOL's silence, and they will be communicating with you any day now, has the reason for their silence become apparent to you at all? I will direct you to one of their comments:

"There, of course, are many reasons for this interlude. Some of which will become apparent in the time we choose to remain silent with you."

So has it become apparent? Thanks, Blossom. Much love, light, and laughter.


Blossom Goodchild said...

@ron ... well, been struck down with whatever made me sick for three months two years ago ... if that means anything. Had to cancel workshop trip. Not right yet, but believe me I will be. No way is this going to go on and on. That you can be sure of! I have every intention fo writing a blog post soon .... just for the life of me can't find where I left my energy ... anyone seen it lying around? Love to all. Hang on in there. This is full on for everyone in one way or another! Golden Rays in abundance.!

Anonymous said...

Here's what I think.

2 years ago, I prayed for you in the name of Jesus Christ, the living Son of God. Not a "Jesus Energy" or Christ conciousness, but Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the Bible. I prayed this so you might come to know this Jesus. Then, the channelings stopped.

Coincidently (not really) the other day I again started praying in the name of Jesus Christ for you every day recently that you might come to be saved by the Son of God, Jesus Christ. And again, the channelings stopped.

I will continue praying for you to come to know Jesus. He is the TRUE LIGHT, seek Him!

In love,

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ anonymous. Actually I consider the 'energy of jesus' to be a close friend of mine ... as with everyone.
Thank you for your prayers. Mine are also with

Anonymous said...

Now now anonymous. Patience, patience.. so many assumptions! :)

And how are you feeling? You should be doing your own inner work while you are waiting to see it for yourself. And you should be feeling something by now, depending on where you live in this world... that is on top of those energies that are arriving... whooosh. Those who live on far north and far south (hemispheres) could be feeling it the strongest. There is an enormous amount of movement right now, energetic around the body and inside the head, like when you are on a plane that is going through some air turbulence, that kind of feeling and, at times feeling a little nauseous. That is what I am feeling right now and for several days already. How about the rest of you?

And.. I will copy again my exact same words... "Keep in mind what has been said before in many other places about being away from the coasts."

But don't worry my friend, you shouldn't do anything that does not come from your inner self. We always are where we are supposed to be in life.

Peace to all,

I am 'holding on to my hat right now' If it is like this already, how wild is it going to get later! :))

Dear Blossom, check your mailbox.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not talking a de-deified, impersonal wimpy "jesus energy" I'm talking the Living And Risen Jesus Christ.

I asked God, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth to encounter you, and stir your heart and silence any demonic spirits so you can hear the Holy Spirit of the One True Living God. He's moving.

I will keep you in prayer, I don't expect you to agree, but please know that someone is praying for your salvation Blossom. Jesus is THE Way, Truth and THE Light.

God loves you, and we Christians love you. Jesus Christ died for you. What has "jesus energy" done for you? Nada, maybe told you a few good yarns.

This is all I say for now, but let's see what happens. Read the Gospel of John and ask God to reveal Himself to you. That's my challenge to you. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Anonymous said...

Ok, to make it easy here are just some of the images. Full size are better but you will get the idea.


Anonymous said...

I feel Jesus coming from Blossom all the time. I don't feel Him coming from you Anonymous. Not at all. In fact, I fill negative Jesus right now. I feel a little repulsed by you, sorry to say and I am a Christian.

Ami said...

Amazing LightLover. Thanks for sharing these images with us.
We are 'holding on to our hats' with excitement, and a lot of bottles filled with pure love.
Love to all you!

Anonymous said...

Light lover,

Your two weeks has expired. And as i said before, WHERE IS IT? I dont see anything, i dont feel like in a plane(i´m in south hemisphere).

As i told you berfore, the thing you are doing is exactly what causes discredit around the subject.

And i just want to make one more comment: What difference does it make if Jesus was a real man or is a energy? Doesnt matter the messenger, what really matters is the message it self.

Light up the darkness, people.

Anonymous said...

This Disclosure Petition is now up on the White House website. We have 30 days to put as many signatures behind it as possible

"We, the undersigned, strongly urge the President of the United States to formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race and immediately release into the public domain all files from all agencies and military services relevant to this phenomenon."