Jul 24, 2011


Yes ... I know ... how long has it been? Let us not focus on that, let us focus on NOW ... and here I am!

It seems to me from my emails, that still so many are worried about what is to come. They are fear filled and inquisitive and put to me all sorts of questions, that quite frankly have never even crossed my mind! Once brought to my attention ... do I ponder on the 'what ifs'? Nope! Because until ANYTHING AT ALL happens to do with ANYTHING in our lives, we do not know how we are going to deal with it until we are in that moment.

If we were to ponder on how we would behave should a burglar enter our home ... then all it does is create the fear of that event happening. If we ponder on the 'what ifs' should our world go into darkness for a while ... then we create fear of that event happening. Unless of course ... you consider deeply that which The Federation Of Light and others have said ... in that ... if we enter that time frame in LOVE we will have the time of our lives.

Some folk who have written in since the last channelling seem to have missed that bit and gone directly to the panic button!

Of course ... it is good to know in advance that this may or may not occur ... for who REALLY TRULY KNOWS our future? ... So that when it/should it take place we can recognise the prophesy and deal with it in the best manner we can ... LOVE. Yet as The FOL stated ... so much will have changed within and without by then, so the whole affair will present itself so differently from how we consider it will be NOW today!

We have changed so much, you have to agree ... I know I have ... and it sure feels good! So I figure, bearing in mind the speed in which all things are changing, by the time we come across this event ... it will be one that will be absolutely welcomed. We will have been awaiting it in anticipation ... like one would a grand celebration! Nothing to fear at all ... not now ... not then!

I FEEL this is something too, that many need to consider regarding their confusion about channelling's that clash with one another. Some are quite rightly confused because they follow avidly a few different 'works' and FEEL them to be of TRUTH ... then out of the blue WHAM !! ... Their world is shattered because one TRUTH is conflicting anothers' ... and how can they KNOW what is TRUTH or which channeller to believe?

The fact is ... you can't fully know. That's what I think anyway. For believe me, sometimes I am in that same situation ... where I respect others work highly and yet what has to be said on a certain matter may differ from what 'my lot' have said. Does this make me lose faith in those people whose work I hold in high regard ? Does it make me undermine my own Trusting and what comes through? NOPE! I just accept the fact that we have been/will continue to be given SO MUCH INFORMATION ... for us to chew over ... YET ... until we are taken underground ... until we are taken up in ships ... until we are in three days of darkness ... until a planet knocks ours into oblivion ... until, until, until, ... we will never really know what is going to happen ... until it does! ... And when it does ... we will be right in the middle of it ... doing whatever we are doing!!! That day ... in that NOW.

Therefore ... and I KNOW this is not the first time I have said this ... far better is it not to wake up each morning in gratitude for the day ahead and all that it brings? Far better to keep experiencing this Higher Vibration that is integrating with our BEing and learning and expressing how to BE OF IT.

By all means read the channelling's ... read whatever YOU choose ... but KNOW that what you are feeding your soul is not necessarily/definitely/possibly going to happen.

Maybe ALL that you have read will take place. Maybe none of the above! Maybe what people choose to think about Ascension will be created by them and that's where they'll be? WE SIMPLY DO NOT KNOW.

People write in asking me to tell them what Ascension really means ... I DON'T KNOW!
Some could exude knowledge about moving into the 5th Dimension from the 3rd ... Marvellous ... but ... what does that actually mean ... I DON'T KNOW ... with respect ... do they?? Do they REALLY KNOW what kind of world that will raise us into? Maybe they do. Please, I am not underestimating any one's foresight and I fully accept that just because I don't understand doesn't mean that others don't either.

When you move to a new area ... you might have visited it a few times ... you may have researched it on the internet ... yet until you move there ... until you are in it ... experiencing it ... living it ... how can you possibly KNOW what it is going to be like and more to the point ... how you are going to FEEL!

My point here ... what I am trying to express is that ... surely it is best to just take one day at a time ... and enjoy that day. White Cloud and The Federation are showing us, so beautifully ... a way in which to do this. A way in which we can spend each moment BEING who we are. They have taught me and so many ... a new way to behave. (Which has just now struck me 'BE' 'HAVE'. ) We HAVE everything when we just BE!!

Find the FEELING that is bursting at the seams to say hello to you. Keep it within you and breath it. BE it. Let LOVE be your Life force. ♫ ♫ Spread sunshine all over the place ♫ ♫ and put on a happy face'♫ ♫

By dong this ... by living this way ... when whatever is going to happen to anyone at anytime happens ... how well shall we meet and greet it? Not in fear that's for sure. For the more we transform ourselves into the 'new us' ... the more fear dies and cannot exist. So who knows? By the time 'the party is in full swing' there will be no thought of panic and fear ... for they no longer are a part of our thought pattern ... let alone our living creation.

Let us strive with all the LOVE that we are to achieve our mission of 'Walking in the Light and the Love'... ALL WAYS! I mean ... Hey! ... Not exactly rocket science ... Not exactly a chore ... Far from a burden ... IT IS A PLEASURE .. an absolute PLEASURE, as indeed is my lust for BEING ALIVE AT THIS AMAZING TIME!

I KNOW so many are FEELING it NOW because they have written in to say so ... FEELING this CHANGE IN THEMSELVES ... which of course ... is changing the planet!



THANK YOU ... For taking the time to read my ramblings ... and sharing your thoughts about them on the comments page.

I so appreciate all those that take the time to share ... although many do not have the time to and this I understand. In the same way that I, more often than not, do not have the time to comment about alot that is written ... Yet ... this little family we have built here is one of such giving ... that always ... without fail .. someone will offer assistance on a particular matter someone is speaking of.
So to each and everyone ... from my heart I THANK YOU!!

Have a brilliantly bright week people.
Blossom xxxxx


Mari said...

Thanks Blossom for your blog post. As usual it came on the right time, since I am going through a difficult time with my family. I am looking for a job at the moment, and I hope the universe will help me out, if only a little bit.

Today was really bad, but I need to keep reminding myself to live in the now. I worry too much, and I try to organize my whole life in the future, but it's a silly thing to do. I really have to tell myself 'stop' every 10 minutes to stop the chatter.

I read this article today with a relevant quote that goes like this: "I've been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened." - Mark Twain



Anonymous said...

Thanks Blossom as White Cloud says back to basics, just what I needed to hear:) just a reminder of todays gathering to heal the waters ,this is beautiful:


Please take a few minutes every day to pray for our water. Water is the lifeblood of Mother Earth. The best way to help our planet and our waters is to love and be true to ourselves and each other. Because water holds and reflects memory, thought, intention and emotion, WE MUST LOOK WITHIN for the love and joy we are seeking, and we MUST pick up our sacred bundles. In other words, we each need to connect with and honour the spirit within us, in order to help heal the waters of this planet... and ultimately to heal ourselves.

Coach Enrique said...

Blossom, most people don't like to be reminded that time is running out,whether is a cosmic event or our own death. When you brought up this theme of "3 days of darkness" and the FOL confirmed that the event is on schedule, people was again reminded that THERE IS a due date and homework has not been done. I sincerely hope that you don't ask them anymore about any future or past event, because there's nothing we can do about future or past events. What we can -and should- do, and it has been said over and over again, is TO BE WHO WE REALLY ARE, HERE AND NOW... Here is where we should be putting our energy and nowhere else, to be alert and vigilant on our thoughts, deeds and reactions, so we can unmask ego ways and expose its tricky ways, which are all based on fear as its core. Once ego is unmasked, we will see clearly the illusions of "victory or defeat" or "life or death" and we will fear nothing, no more. Then we will become WHO WE REALLY ARE.

Anonymous said...

Time is speeding up here in Brazil. Watch it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONHh3QEhV4k. Lots of witnesses. Skepticals going crazy. Namaste brothers and sisters.

yk248 said...

Thank You Blossom :)

Anonymous said...

There is a song you should hear by FC Kahuna called Hayling. There are many versions on YouTube. The lyrics are simply, Don't think about all you fear, just be glad to be hear.

Anonymous said...

Don't think about all you fear, just be glad to be hear. Lyrics of Hayling by FC Kahuna

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom, I agree with most of what you said in your blog. People tend to believe these channelings as gospel, and your right, it doesn,t matter whats going to happen,there is not a thing in the world we can do about it. Personally, I wish that the FOL wouldn,t make any statements such as "Pillars Of Light" and so forth. I do enjoy all your channelings, and hope you never stop...T

Anonymous said...

I know it doesn't sound very spiritually mature but i can't help it that i'm tired of waiting... hahah, feel like a child waiting nervously for its birthday and making these stripes on the wall each day but not knowing exactly when and what wil happen. Here in Holland there's a lot going on and many people and the media wake up slowly.I had my own personal undeniable proof that we are being visited a few years back in the middle of the night above my house,
still very thankfull for it.

much light and love to jou and the FOL

Eric from Holland

Anonymous said...

The response on my site to the last channel has been very positive Coach, I am sure The Federation of Light know better then our 'tricky egos' what they are doing.We are after all ascending body and soul and we need our ego intact to do that,it is to heal the ego as a mother to a child with love so that it feels safe and doesn't muck up,it is called soul integration by the Angels that channel through Sheila Gillet, we are healing not only this lifetime but many life times,a little Goddess energy is in need I feel,I recall quiet a while back when The Federation asked Blossom how she would nurture her child.Anyway words words words here is a better explanation of what I am trying to say,I just love this, we are so blessed to have all these teachers here at this amazing/challenging time.

As one comes into the wholeness and recognition of the divinity that you are, then the ego is like a beacon in the life. There is a radiance about you that is emitted. Without the ego you would not have the drive or force in your life to accomplish. You would sit in samadhi at all times and be in other dimensions at all times. So you bring that awareness of the full soul and divinity that you are into your daily life activity. All the masters have had ego, know this to be true. And they walked amongst the humans as the light that they are. Be that light that you are. Not to judge the ego as good or bad, that is what is occurring here. When you process and come into the wholeness of self, the divinity and recognition of that being, you live an authenticity. The authorship of your life, if you would, in a direct, compassionate, loving way. www.asktheo.com

Coach Enrique said...

@ Kerrie, this is just semantic. Truth is there is a part of us that is not "ours", that was installed by Society through our ancestors and that stands firmly in its way preventing us to find True Freedom, it cannot shine because it's dark in essence and it will stay the same forever, as dark colors have to remain to make the Whole that Creator is. I can change the name of that part to "oge" if the term "ego" is confusing, but I think most of Blossom's followers here understand what I am talking about. The weight of the "oge" will always prevent us from flying by means of delaying, postponing, waiting and hoping, forever and ever...

Anonymous said...

Below is Little Grandmother Keisha Crowther speaking about the days of darkness it is not to be feared even if you haven't done your homework, many have on this planet and off and the light will assist those that haven't, should they only be receptive to it, this I truly feel in my heart, I know the love that they have for us, I know the love that we have for each other when we are in our hearts and in that time we will be.Many blessings everyone all is as it should be,we are just being gently prepared as was our plan.


Coach Enrique said...

Well, who am I to contradict Little Grandmother and Shaman Keisha Crowther or the Angels?

Anonymous said...

Those who wish the FOL would stop making statements about what will appear in the very near future, do you not understand yet?

Don't you see?

They are trying to give you a little drop of water here.. a little drop of water there, so that you slowly digest it subconsciously.

These messages (and from other invisible friends)are not for everybody. But everybody will be benefited.

These messages are for "those" who will hear the "call" through those little drops... to get ready.

"Those" whose hearts will be absolutely ready and without fear will help everybody else who will be in fear.

There is nothing to do, it is about peaceful and loving energy to be.

In about a month or two, "some people" are going to become very aware. There is an imminent arrival. The FOL is trying to tell you there is nothing to fear!

There are people who are starting to see/hear other forms of beings in their rooms. These are people who belong to the normal unaware world and are panicking. They can't sleep because of the fear. Example, one woman who had panic attacks, sweating and clutching of her bed sheets.. Many times this has been happening...I explained all about it and now she is getting used to it..she is not afraid. Now she just says, oh, it's them... or ... that's it again, and keeps on reading or sleeping again. She doesn't panic anymore. Others don't panic anymore.

Now, if something MUCH bigger than a presence in your room appears. Will you panic? Will you be in fear? Do you jump and your heart beats fast if somebody startles you when you are on your quiet unaware mode? or would you appreciate a little warning of their approach?

Peace to all,


Anonymous said...

A little while back I followed some signs to shine some light on some darkness I have been damning up inside. Damn like a dam blocking living waters. I hesitated like the first time on a high dive and smack did a belly flop hurting inside and out. I choose my words poorly. Then decided to go way far away from people to the woods.
On a lazy river with many dragonflies. Great at first then three hours in I felt such a desire to be at the end. My mind was not here and now it was focused on the end. Not with it I got burned bad because I lost my focus. That night I found a camp sight by a small lake a mile hike out into the middle of nowhere after a long drive into the forest. Severely burned and countless mossies seemingly being born right out of the ground into the net. Having trained my self not to kill even bugs, the night was terrible.
Later the next day I returned to the camp after having bought some aloe spray from the not so near town. Funniest thing happened. I got interviewed by a pair of people, working for a wild life tv channel, with a proper fancy camera. Would have seemed odd to me years ago but now not so much. After making sure to keep my wits about even in such agony I listened and tried my best to silence all the "oge" chatter trying to say well I know this and that ect ect ect. Their advice led me in the direction of a camp ground. With wind keeping the mossies at bay it was such a relief. I spoke to the owner, a self proclaimed spiritual lady, and she guided me to a natural spring a stones hop away.
At the spring there is some drumming going on. Coincidences are hardly defined the same as they used to if ya know what I mean. So I joined in the circle and when it came time for me to speak I clammed up. I have learned so much stuff and been so far on this path/journey/earth and I can't even form a sentence. My heart was beating like drum.

Trying so hard I have been to find the truth and help others not really seeing its mostly if not all in my head. All the stuff like crystals rituals and vast amounts of info on the net (I, my mind, got tangled up in that web/net for sure) are to me symptoms of peoples fruitless efforts to teach others by just repeating what they have heard or read be it wise or not. This isn't wrong it just is. A copy of a copy. An original is well an original and unique. I feel we are all unique and have something to offer yet if I copy/paste other peoples words others fail to really hear the advice and its all mute.

The ceremony was a blessing of the waters and seems romantic yet this is not rome and antics are most difficult to avoid on the path to enlightenment or re-enlightenment after trudging through this darkness that has spread through the majority of the people for so long now.


Anonymous said...


I Want to know what love is - Foreigner

That last channel reminded me of this song I sing a lot,truly they explained it so well Blossom thank you.

~How can we express a FEELING ... it can only be felt ... yet by BEING FELT it can BE KNOWN~

Anonymous said...

Lol I am so impatient! I want this year to be over so that I know if there is anything to this GFL or not. Either we have had our pillars of light or nothing. If nothing I will have to admit defeat. But if on the other hand if we get our pillars what an amazing time it will be. BTW just because you said this year GFL does not mean you have to wait for December! 

Live long and prosper
Love and light


Anonymous said...

To light lover. You got to be kidding. Drops of water? Message not for everyone? Lets stick with the facts. The FOL stated,"there will be huge structures of light in the sky for all to see". Or Pillars of light. I had no problem reading the message. I think you need a reality check!...your mind seems to be in the clouds....T

Blossom Goodchild said...

@T ... Respect please for one anothers right to express ... thank you! We are here to share ... not get uptight! Have a great weekend. one and all.

Anonymous said...

@ T

It's OK :)

What you call Reality has many layers.

Each one has their own.

It is all about PERCEPTION.

Peace to you,


Anonymous said...

Put the 13th Aug in your calendars everyone:) wow things are moving so very fast, can everyone feel this? I am feeling as if it is all ok though, as if I am able to keep up with the tide,the mind hasn't got time to go into fear... too much!


We are being given an unprecedented Global Opportunity to anchor our newly created Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love into the physical plane of Earth. These patterns of perfection will awaken within Humanity's Heart Flames the remembrance of our Oneness with ALL Life, and they will trigger the pre-encoded Divine Potential within each of us that will enable us to tap into the viable solutions for the maladies of the world. Together we will cocreate a New Earth with Reverence for ALL Life. This Global Activity of Light will occur during the window of opportunity that will open for ALL Humanity during the week of August 13-18, 2011.

Patricia Colta - Robles

Tove said...

Hello! I am also receiving messages both from The Heavens of God and from Extraterresials.


Kindest regards


Anonymous said...


I have to say that your last paragraph in your latest channeling reflects 100% the way i feel. First oct 14, than 2010 was suppose to be the disclosure year, and now the pillars os ligth in 2011. Enough is enough...

Are there message positive?In a spiritual way, yes! But they also talked about some concrete facts. Real life stuff.

You see, if you a have a 5 year old son that dreams to see the ocean and he askes to you how it looks like and than you explain to him how wounderfull it is...but not just it, you tell him also that in your next vacation you will take him to see the sea, the whales, the fish, the waves etc.

Weel, if i am that father, i would never make such promise if i wasnt 100% sure of it.

As english isnt my native language, i used that example to explain the way i feel...

Love and light to all.


Coach Enrique said...

@ Eddie, I get your point and I think that is why a lot of people are dissapointed. The problem is that you see the FOL as a father, and you -or humanity- as a child. Well, that is not the case. First, they have not claimed to be our fathers (and I wouldn't buy that anyway) and secondly, we have to find out that we are not children anymore, and that we can go and find that beach (the new world) for ourselves, RIGHT NOW.

Anonymous said...

Coach, i respect your opinion but i dont agree with you. Maybe some people see them as saviours, fathers, but i don´t see them like that. I see them as friends, brothers. I dont expect them to teach me how i should or what i should do. I expect to share experiences with them.

But i used that example to express the disapointment feeling.

I never asked them to take me to the "beach". They were the ones that came and said: oct 14. look up! 2010, this is the year we disclose to you! 2011 look up again, pillars of lith all over the place.

You see, there is no figure of speech here. Pilars of Light all over the place that we all are going to see. And the same for the oct 14, that didnt happen.


Ami said...

Dear Blossom,
Your conversations with the FOL makes my heart beat faster, always ;)
Love you and the FOL!
In gratitude,

Anonymous said...

Blossom, thank you so much for telling the FOL that they will lose all credability if they don't produce the light pillars this year. Time for them is different, so they don't understand how much harm they do when they promise and then don't deliver. Giving them your note is exactly what they needed to hear and we needed to hear. Thank you for being such a good support for us. Love you!!!


Anonymous said...

Blossom, thank you so much for telling the FOL that they will lose all credability if they don't produce the light pillars this year. Time for them is different, so they don't understand how much harm they do when they promise and then don't deliver. Giving them your note is exactly what they needed to hear and we needed to hear. Thank you for being such a good support for us. Love you!!!


Anonymous said...

Just another thank you for yet again mentioning the Pillars of Light. For "the choir" they don't need any proof but for the rest of us all our trust is invested in that promise!

Love and light
Live long and prosper


Anonymous said...


The last statement you made to the FOL was right on the money. I think they were kinda stunned by it. The next channeling should be quite interesting...T

Anonymous said...

I feel Kay they understand what they are doing,I feel it is us that doesn't understand and that is fine,I know too well how limited this mind is,we are still trying to hang on to it though and that is also as it should be, we are all healing this individuality and want to retain it,I love them dearly but I do not see them as a father figure at all,they constantly say we are all equal,my self love has increased thanks to them, I understand the levels of light there are, I feel the definition of hierarchy's truth is the best I can say,as they have said before if this density we reside in was lifted they would be asking us for tuition,but this is not possible until we learn humility and truly start to feel the divinity we are,always I think of that spiderman quote 'with great power comes great responsibility',we all did indeed asked for this, we are not victims, we are creators don't forget,know this and you are empowered.
I am back from 11:11 fire the grid visual it is in preparation for the big one on the 11/11/11 and we were blessed with an owl that flew over us twice,I felt such powerful energy I was shaking and I heard in my head 'on the wings of an angel we send you our blessings' I felt such love,we are truly loved unconditionally, why else would they be here for us, gifting us with such beauty and so much assistance to help us release all this stuff.Thanks Blossom for truly standing in your truth through out all this.xxx

Coach Enrique said...

With all due respect... what are you doing, Blossom? you are an actress, is it not better to play your part at the best of your ability than to please the audience's requests? You know how this is going to end...

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ Coach... with all respect... You make me smile! For this is nothing to do with the 'audience request'. It is to do with making sure that they realise that what they say will come about.Put yourself in my shoes ... It's not about 'others' , it's about me!!!Too deep to go into ... yes I know ... TRUST! and I do ... if I didn't I would have stopped doing this a long time ago. And ps... I am playing my role to the best of my ability. Which means some like my performance , some don't,none the less , doing the best I can under the circumstances. Hello everyone ,whilst I am here . Have a lovely weekend. xxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you dearest Blossom for all you do and for bravely putting yourself out there, time and again, sharing with everybody your beautiful personal contact experiences. You could very easily have kept everything to yourself :)

Love to you


Anonymous said...

I know I can't help myself:)

28th Jan 2011

We have many times also used the expression 'Hold on to your hats'. In this year of 2011 you will grasp more of why we have spoken this way. Yet, we wish to amplify the fact over and over that...

12TH JULY 2009

There are facets to the predictions that have been opened up in your world. There are those who find it very controversial for us to speak to you in the fashion that we do, and yet we say to those souls, you may be the ones who perhaps need to pin down your hats more than those who find our words congruent with their reasoning and Truths.

26th July 2009

Do you think dearest Blossom … that we would simply spend all this energy and time on a topic that was only a ‘fairy story?’

AAGabrielle is a blowing that horn!!!!


Strange sound in Kiev again Aug.11.11.

PenguinUK said...

Regarding "Audience Requests" per se, that's not what is occuring as I feel it. I can't speak on her behalf, but if Blossom feels enough inquisitive energy from those who get energy from the channellings, and they concur with her own, I'm sure she would feel obliged to ask.

More importantly, FoL often second-guess these queries, and definitely only answer when it is right to answer or (quite rightly) explain that too much too soon doesn't work well and our languages do not have the correct words to convey some things which can only be felt.

Unlike so many who profess to offer "the word", this channeler keeps one foot down in our current "reality" and conveys disappointment and impatience as we see it admirably well.

An "Actress" alone wouldn't care on the veracity, make millions, lie.

The chaneller has been nothing but honest with her readers, and has indeed had her confidence knocked by past "date-specific predictions". No-one puts themselves willingly through that unless you're someone "selling $$$" religion.

Only IMO, but I have always "known" the advice, encouragement etc will always outweigh the "yeah but when". I'm far from convinced FoL or others truly "get" time as we experience it here.

Some parent encourage their small kids this time of year to be "good boy/girl" so "Santa" will turn up. This kind of pschological encouragement might be at play. We'll be giving you your presents anway, but we will all feel prouder, more in love, and respectful of your willingness to understand (remember) and act on the request to be a better person (soul)?

Just some personal thought folks though! x@all

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sister of Love
For all you are and all you do. My heart is filled with much love for you. :)