Sep 24, 2011

♫ Always look on the bright side of life! ♫

Me here! Remember me? Well, well, well … what a tangled web we weave!

In my last channelling with the FOL they said :
"There, of course, are many reasons for this interlude. Some of which will become apparent in the time we choose to remain silent with you."

Something quite interesting HAS come up in this break from them.I would like to share with you … because I think this is such a time of HAVING to look at debris/residue that we think we have cleared and yet is still hanging around waiting for that final purge. We KNOW we now have to rid our BEINGS of any old baggage and if we have chosen to ignore this … or … don’t know it’s there … then at this time in particular, it is going to come up and bite us on the bum … slap us on the chops … in fact do exactly what is required in order for us to deal with it NOW. Because it is IMPORTANT that we do it NOW!

So there I was… four months down the track from preparing my workshops and getting them up to scratch and almost packed and ready to go on my first venture, five hours up the coast to do the first three events. Yet … in Truth … the stress over this last period of time that I had brought on myself … what with one thing and another … had left me feeling rather lacking in the ‘vibration exuberant’ department and to be honest , I was feeling a little hypocritical going out to share a day full of ‘Love Light and Laughter’ as the workshop is called.

Bookings were pretty low also which only added to my present demeanour. However the hour was drawing nigh and I was geeing myself up for whatever was to unfold. Two days before departure I felt the very moment when I was struck by a virus ( the same one that I had three years ago for three months!!) I get it now and again, but just for a few days here and there. I spent the next day ‘wiped out’ completely in a place of disbelief! Was I going to have to cancel? After all this work? How could I let people down? Well the long and the short of it was YES! I was! (Every cloud has a silver lining in that due to small numbers, there wasn’t that much cancelling to do!!) This did not however stop me from throwing a tanty to the heavens at some point during the second night! Outside in the moonlight, giving it some jip!! Real full on ‘What do you want from me? I can’t do this anymore! I wanna go home’ indulgence. You know the type I’m sure. (I hope!) It doesn’t happen often but when it does I’m pretty childish! Yet, there was another part of me that just accepted that ‘all is as should be’ and reasons would become apparent. And they have!!

I had asked myself the question ‘self sabotage’? And thought in my arrogance ... ‘No! Why would I? I have worked so hard, I want to do this … etc’ … Yet ‘self sabotage’ indeed it was … it seems!

Two lovely ladies (twins) have come on board lately to help me get White Cloud out there. I have been a bit of a one man band for quite a while and finding it all a bit much . So ‘Heaven’ sent me ‘The Dynamic Duo’. They are quite a pair … full of fun and kindness of heart … and have been so giving of their time to assist in the cause. They are also ‘reconnective’ healers and offered their services to see if they could assist in ridding me of my malady!

And there it all began … Talking before hand to see why I may have created this illness, I mentioned how last week I had said that I feel a bit of a fraud considering the way I am feeling at the moment and the workshop is consists of teaching how to be filled with ‘Love Light and Laughter’ … as I said the word ‘Fraud’, the two of them almost jumped out of their seats, as they said it felt like a dagger to the heart … which led on of course, to the deep hurt I ‘felt’ during the Oct 14th 2008 event when my name got plastered all over the internet as FRAUD!! ( and sadly it still remains … the plastering all over the internet I mean, not the deep hurt). Out poured the tears from the "I’ll deal with this later bucket!"

No need for me to indulge what it was like for me at that time … I am sure most of you have an idea …

So then we went on to the actual healing, during which I felt a sharp pain across my torso. I asked myself what it was and as clear as a bell I heard ‘HATE’. WHOA NEDDY! It seemed too that I have been harbouring some of the hate that was directed at me and let’s face it there was an ‘on special’ load of that little puppy!!!

When we talked afterwards I admitted that perhaps I hadn’t allowed myself to deal with the humiliation etc … ( believe me it was there … I just didn’t deal with it fully!!) but also in my TRUTH as I said at the time and will continue to say … it was the LOVE … the HUGE amount of LOVE that was sent that brought me so very quickly out of the hole I crawled in … and for that I will be eternally grateful.

That being said … I was able to thank the virus for showing me its reason for presenting itself once again, and let it know that it was now ok to go on its merry way, having fulfilled its purpose. Two days later I feel almost as good as new … and BOY does that FEEL GOOD!!

My purpose in telling you all this is to hopefully help others to see the deeper meaning behind what may or may not be going on for them at this time. It is indeed such an intense time for so many of us and even though some/many are in a great space … they find they are still having to ‘look at’ that which is presenting itself to the self in order to make sure that we are becoming BEINGS of LIGHT … not BEINGS of heavy. We simply cannot have these issues within us as we move into the Higher vibration … so … it’s time to chuck ‘em, out!!

I do FEEL so much Lighter (sadly the scales don’t agree …… yet!!!) . Sometimes we feel too proud, or we feel we should know better by now … than to let our barriers down and admit to our deepest feelings about things. We are brought up to believe that ‘not to cry’ is being strong when in actual fact it is a great weakness. WE NEED TO LET OUR TEARS FLOW!

White Cloud always talks of water as LOVE … why would we not want that LOVE within us to stream forth? So much better out than in, as they say!!

I FEEL now that’s done that I shall be getting the ‘nod’ from the ‘chaps upstairs’ any day now , and as always when we have had a break, I get quite excited at the thought. And from past experience it seems my vibration will have turned up a notch also … well of course it will have done … I’ve just gave it permission to do so … by facing my fears.

I would like just to add at this point … in my TRUTH … I have NOT ONE REGRET about sending out the Oct 14th message … not one! It changed ME and my life. It has helped me evolve into a Lighter BEING and along the way I have made so many astoundingly beautiful friends that I have never met …

I am so very blessed to be in the position I am. I do not know … on this level of myself … why I was chosen for this particular mission … yet I do know that I shall continue to bring through these profound messages to the very best of my ability for as long as I am required to do so.

To EVERYONE who I have encountered along the pathway of this amazing journey I send out a pulse wave of LOVE from my heart to yours … for without you … I would not have the strength to carry on … and that’s a fact!
LOVE LIGHT AND LAUGHTER TO YOU … and I FEEL back ‘in it’ now. Nothing like a good old shake up to get things back into perspective!!

Golden Rays ….
Bloss xxxxxx


Dave said...

Fantastic!! :)

Anonymous said...

Blossom......I lóve you!!!

and that's no joke...from Joke :)

Laura said...

You're a beautiful soul Blossom. Thank-you for sharing your story. As always you've helped me more than you know.

heartlightdg said...

I have been missing you Blossom! So glad you have worked through that and come out on the other side feeling well again. Big hugs and much love to you.

Ami said...

Thank you, dear lady!

Anonymous said...

Blossom when I read this yesterday I didn’t know what to say...words words if I may use your blessed White Clouds words yet again..Walk boldly in the light and the love all is as it should be...

P.S. I am off to my 6 yr old grandson’s birthday party,he is a transformer fan,Blossom you are a great transformer of energies thank you for all that you do, from my heart to yours with so much love and gratitude xxx

I just now remember this:

White Cloud

May I write Blossom even though you are tired?

Of course. As always a pleasure.

In the days that lie ahead for you, you will experience
circumstances that will appear to be what they are not.
I tell you of this so that you may wisely consider in
which direction to make your moves. All I need to say
is as always to listen to your heart and as always it
shall guide you.

Will I know that of which you speak?

Your vibrational energy shall make it perfectly clear
to you. It is not foreboding. You shall know it and you
shall be aware and you shall laugh it off your
shoulders. That is all I desire to say as I do not wish to
sap your energy further. Do not be concerned. I have
not come to tell you this to make you concerned. Just
to let you know I am always by your side. It is of
good news that I bring and I am happy to tell you that
in the very near future you shall have news that will
make your heart know that all that you are doing for
me has been worth your while.
Hey my friend. Just learning from you has made it all

No worries at all.


Adieu my confidante. Adieu

Goodnight to you my friend.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick comment on the seemingly questionable words that came through the last transmission, Blossom... I LOVE when that happens! It's happened with me as well, and it's as though we're brought back to THE ESSENCE through word use like that. It gave a slight jolt, did it not? And yet...

Almost like a tuning fork, it reminds us that it is merely perceptions that have strayed here, but truth at its essence still exists and has all along... even in the meaning of much we tend to take for granted as "mundane" or "base" or "lower"... or even "dark".

All is borne of love and truth, and all is returning to its origins once again... even in our perceptions...

Very cool!

Much love and thanks (((Hugs)))

Anonymous said...

Dearest Blossom, thank you for your most recent blog regarding " letting go ". As we cast out the parts of our lives that still attempt to haunt us, we are treading on new ground. To " let go of our past transgressions we search deep inside of our Beings for the answers. The answers we search for are indeed there, exactly where our Creator left them. If we continue to look outside of ourselves, the answers will not present themselves to us. Become One with the Father, and All That Is, and You will again uncover the answers that have been with Us All since the conception of our souls. These truths that reside inside of All of God's creations will give you the Peace and Understanding that we All seek. Ask your Heavenly Father for the wisdom, strength and courage of the Ages, and these attributes will be granted to each Being who asks for them. Become Love, and You will be Home once again with Our Heavenly Father, for He Is Love. Godspeed to All on their amazing pursuit of Truth !

Love and Light Always, Mike

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

Will there be a channeling soon?
Its seems eerily quite lately...T.

Anonymous said...

Namaste Blossom! Coming to you today from Sri Lanka, over here for a month. Your Blog today has helped confirm and reassure for me what I was feeling, but with human doubt creeping in!! I have not been "sick" as such, for at least five years, yet here I now am, been here one week, and cannot shake off sore throat, ears, and extreme tiredness! Though am enjoying Being here, with many friends and family.......and a "mission" where here I yet know not!! a loss how to shake this "heaviness". Then, today, your Blog! I dont have twins here, but will nevertheless get to the "bottom" of this energetically, knowing absolutely that it is "stuff" I need to deal with and release....yet again,eh?! Heehee! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Love and Smiles of Joy, Bloss...Ka-Mu-Ra xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Beautiful channel thank you so very much Blossom xxx

steve said...

I to felt very embarrassed over the oct 14 non event, as I had told several people close to me that this event might very well happen. So I can only imagine how humiliating it must have been for you. Now we have the comments about the pillars of light that your people have spoken of. And I am left to wonder if they will have any credibility whatsoever left if in fact this does not occur by the end of the year. Yet I thank you for all you've done Blossom. Thank you for putting yourself out there and believing in the possibility of something greater for us all.

Anonymous said...

From 9/24?-

"We desire now for you to delve deeply into your hearts... demise... and within that place of squabbling regarding who you are and WHAT IS TRUTH "

This should have been added to the words that you were questioning???
Doesn't demise mean a kind of death???

Andrew said...

Your Oct 14th message all those years ago was the gateway to my awakening. Your message woke me up Blossom, and for that i am eternally grateful because the gate i opened has lead me on the most fantastic, exciting journey.

yk248 said...

Hi Blossom,

In a past post of mine I said that I don't think I'll read more of your channelings....

But, what to do, I am coming again and again :)

I loved your last channeling Blossom, powerful.

I loved that line they used:

"To undo the undoing's", which to me is the same as to clear mountains of karma that mounted over centuries of misdeeds of humanity. (or what the New Age circles like to call "to transmute negative energy into love energy")... same same.

If you have any doubts Blossom about your channelings with the FOL that you channel, now would be a great time to let them go totally :)



Blossom Goodchild said...

@ anonymous. Indeed I looked at that word 'demise' also! The Dutch translator asked me how I would describe it's meaning. My 'take' on it is 'the hearts downfall is the squabble that the mind gives it' ... Often I know what words mean from them , but I have to look them up to find the 'highest intellectual meaning' and always they are spot on. Hope this helps.
Much Love xx

John Lovejoy said...

Just when I was in need of inspiration, i finally opened your email. I love how the world sends you what you need when you need it, a few days ago and these words would have not been so useful for me. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thats a very nice story again on your blog. In this three week pauze i have had a final in a subject that has bin with me all my life, and therefore i want to THANK the light again very much.

Theres something i want our space frends to ask and that is that i wish to have some leading. I have invented a simpel to make machine that gives nonstop free energy and i want to give it for free to everybody but i dont want to get it in the wrong hands before. I dont know how to do that the best if they have good ideas

sorry about my English



Anonymous said...

Thank you Blossom. I always love your blog and it's comforting to know that others feel the way I do. I am so glad you are well again and it was wonderful to hear from the FOL again. Love & hugs, Tricia xx

Dave said...

God bless you, Blossom!

Love and light from Dave in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

Eric maybe contact Dr.Steven Greer he is working on free energy and disclosure.

Anonymous said...

Amazing journey? Must have been asleep since October 2008, hi hi hi.

Still waiting to find out what "soon" means in gfl language. I fear it will eventuallyturn out to stand for the dreaded concept of "NEVER", LOL.

Luv ya Blossom

Anonymous said...

Blossom, I have had the same experience - we were hit by Hurricane Irene in the Northeast USand everything went wrong in trying to keep the water out of our basement. I became despondent and kept asking all forces of good why they were not helping. One week later was Lee, and I almost lost my mind in fear - reliving our experience during the flood of 2006. However, this time the help came and it was proof that we must continue to believe in the forces of good as well as not give in to fear. Thank you! MP

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kerrie The problem is that i don't know whose for real especially in the US because of all the misinformation.I feel guilty cause i cant get this out and it needs proper guidance.

Anonymous said...

Well we are at the last quarter of the year. Only 91 days left till this year is over. Either way for me it will mean freedom! Either we get our pillars of light and I can fully embrace these channelings or we do not and I can put the last three years behind me.

I hope above all that what was promised occurs. If not, than all trust in the GFL is gone. 

Live long and prosper
Love and light


Anonymous said...

Carl you sound disheartened, keep the faith, it has been a long ride, but so very much has been accomplished, these energies are full on and there is much releasing going on, so stay centred, do not tune into the collective’s negativity, tune in to those of us that are riding this wave of love and you will notice the difference,it is easy to slip at times, I do, but I always pick myself up by choosing to stop those thoughts as soon as I notice them and mostly it works,just bring yourself to the present moment in gratitude it works miracles,sending you heaps of love and light xxx

Anonymous said...

Kerrie, I think Carl sounded very positive. Why should he not visualize two possible happy endings? I think I will try that.

Carl, I'm not sure if this makes a difference to you but the Federation of Light never to my recollection called themselves the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL). As I said, I don't know if that makes a difference to you or anyone else for that matter.

Well, we're down to the last quarter. FoL or bust!

Anonymous said...

Well because the universe will get mixed messages my friend,why would you want them not to deliver? I do and they want to and I bet Blossom does,I love it when I receive a blessing from them, as I do a lot,I focus my intentions then I let them go (let go let God) but I observe opportunities to respond when they are presented to me ( staying in the present moment helps this sensitivity) keep the vibration high keep focused on love and let the minds fears of what if go,don’t try to make up other stories ‘just in case’ be of joy KNOW this will happen, if it is for the highest good and it must be as The Federation have said it is,I know I am going to cop a lot of flak over that statement:) but well who cares what others think LOL do not fear disappointment, be brave,do not fear being made a fool of, be brave, MANIFEST bravely your desires we all know where our hearts are otherwise we wouldn’t be here. rainbows of love

June 7th 2009
Greetings to you also dearest one. It is coming to the reasoning in these days ahead that there is a desire that beckons the soul self to create that which is thine to create. In other words we would gently persuade you to encounter within the deepest place of your heart self that which YOU KNOW to be the only way forward. We know you KNOW this to be Truth and Love. Yet we ask you to once again be of much diligence within this pathway that you walk upon. Yes, it is all well and indeed of goodness to ‘allow’ that which IS to guide you. To listen to your inner voice and to Trust All that IS. And yet we suggest now perhaps that you may desire to ‘step up the pace’ in which you are travelling. You are aware of the time lines that are predicted into that which lies only a few of your years hence. There is much to be done. And although there is much that IS being done and there is much pleasure because of it , we ask you now to look within and answer to the call that you will hear.

Anonymous said...

Ah, well Kerrie in my case it's a moot point as it's not working anyway.

I didn't see Carl's plan as you said, not wanting the FoL to deliver, but more as a contingency plan in that case, an alternate path to happiness. But try as I might, the idea of the FoL not showing up is still disappointing. I guess it doesn't work for me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kerrie and Anon

I am not disheartened! Just saying the truth as I see it. I understand not being negative but my message wasn’t meant to be.

Anon, you know I never noticed the difference! I always thought the GFOL=FOL to be honest. Thanks for pointing that out!

Lol I like that statement

“Well, we're down to the last quarter. FoL or bust!”

I don’t worry about putting out mixed messages Kerrie because I am not at that level of belief! Thank you for your well thought out comments though.

Live long and prosper
Love and light


Anonymous said...

Dear Carl,
I wholeheartily agree. I love the idea that The FOL are coming. I have seen a few things that lead me to believe they are here just waiting to enter our awareness full on. Alot of things concur with what they have been saying all along. However, I need proof. We all need proof. They have promised us pillars of light. Still nothing. I am not being negative here though, I am just being practical and realistic. According to what we have been told, (i feel to keep us excited and interested) we have been told of these beautiful things that they will deliver. So I am still waiting, in great anticipation. I know they are capable of delivering signs to each of us.. to confirm our beliefs, our hopes and our expectations, without there being a full scale panic around the world. I am saddened to be honest that we have not seen anything of believable proportions as yet. I feel that I would commit to them 100% if I could just get a validation for my own personal aha moment. I see the good in all situations, I believe the work done here by Blossom and the FOL has re-educated me and helped me to become a better person. A beacon of light.. but I still hide my light, I cannot give it my all until I get my confirmation. Just saying how I feel as im sure many also feel the same.
all my love and light

Anonymous said...

About time you told them to "put up or shut up"!

Blossom Goodchild said...

@anon. Perhaps you should read the latest channelling which has just been put up. Yet ... I have no thoughts of the energy that seems to be there in your suggestion. I TRULY have much respect for who they are ... I FEEL deep LOVE for them to tell them to 'shut up' would certainly not be a desire of mine. How much of what they have said has changed the way you are? If it hasn't then you haven't taken on board all they have to offer. I will always be in gratitude for all they have taught me. Each to their own journey of course. Have a good weekend one and all. Bloss

test1 said...

I just read your latest channeling. Thank you so much for that it really resonated with me.


Anonymous said...

There is a big hint in the latest message: WE are the pillars of light.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ANON. yes, many are suggesting that and I understand that indeed we are becoming our own pillars of Light and yet 'they' stated that these pillars of Light would be vast , contain information energy and seen moving across our skies. This is my point ... I expect to see that which they spoke of ... in the way that they spoke of it ... otherwise they could have just said that 'we' are to become pillars of light. I am not in anyway in 'a funny' with them about this ... just letting them know from 'MY' point of view how it is. Enjoy this beautiful day.

Coach Enrique said...

I would forgive the FOL even if Pillars of Light don't ever show, why lose our peace just because they couldn't keep their promise? If Pillars don't show, it's their problem, why make it ours? Unless... one thinks of them as gods or angels, or as the new leaders in the New World, then I understand the disappointment, but even so, don't blame them or get mad at them, because it was ultimately our choice to believe that.

Anonymous said...

Right there with you Corrina! We have read the messages, we have done the exercises. But the next step has to be real life proof. Pillars of light on at least the same scale as the Norway spiral. Over a city, lots of witnesses, with good quality video from multiple cameras.

The "choir" already believes, the rest of us need our turn as well.

Love and light
Live long and prosper


Anonymous said...


I did read your latest channeling. That is why I posted that it was about time you did that. It wasn't a suggestion. It was a commendation.

Blossom Goodchild said...

ahha! You see how the written word can be misinterpreted!

Ami said...

Thank you for that channeling, dear Blossom. You said it: "Whooo hoooo!!!!!!!!!!". :D

Anonymous said...

Dearest Coach Enrique,
"Unless... one thinks of them as gods or angels, or as the new leaders in the New World, then I understand the disappointment, but even so, don't blame them or get mad at them, because it was ultimately our choice to believe that".
The FOL told us through Blossom that they would appear without any doubt. I understand where you are coming from however, it is a promise that they have made. We have been ever so patient. We have been changing our lives (for the better of course!) on the word of the FOL. I for one love them, wholeheartedly, however the point we are making is just common sense, if you say you will deliver then deliver! For me the longer they leave it the less likely it is to happen. Either that or it was a statement to keep us interested for longer (maybe until the big Show?). I don't know, why they promised this but whatever the reason they should deliver as their credibility is dwindling the longer we wait?? Maybe I am alone in these thoughts, but I for one pray with all of my heart that it is true, that we are listening to real entities, with the most beautiful messages of hope and universal solutions to our dismal future built up of greed and ego on this beautiful planet.
I'm saying that their credibility is slowly dwindling I feel with my own heart and with others.... I like promises to be kept. I like those of great importance to be honest no matter who they are. I have not given up hope yet, but im afraid time is running out with me.. like in all fairness we have been waiting for 3 years now.. longer for others. Maybe the Fol dont understand who long 3 years feels in our time?
Ps. Blossom, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the life changing information you have helped to spread from the Fol. Either way true or false (I know in my heart its true) the Fol have done nothing but spread love.
With the greatest love and light to all who read this

Coach Enrique said...

I fully understand where you are coming from also, Corrina. The root of this potential disappointment is the power you have assigned to the FOL. A lot of people have made failed promises to you but this is the FOL, and your love for them only makes it potentially worse, right? I really understand your fear, my point is that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, should be assigned more power in our lives than our own Essence. We should value more our inner Peace and Joy than our highest expectations or desires. That was my point.

Anonymous said...


I just want to add one more thing to your comment:

From jan 4th, 2011:

FOL said: "We are not of an energy that would or could make false promises."

They placed themselves in this position. With that said, there is no way out of this two options: pillars of light or a false promise.

I sure hope they deliver. Otherwise, the already shaken trust that i have in them, will fade away.

Anonymous said...

The Federation of Light is a hoax and you're misleading gullible people with this fantasy. Didn't you learn anything from your October 14th, 2008 prediction?

Anonymous said...

Sending you all many golden rays,I am back from 11/11/11 preparation meditation up at The Blue Mountains here in Australia,I have nothing to say except magic is happening and my focus is bearing fruits,the quickening is indeed quickening,what we think/feel is manifesting so fast now,I had calls today from two light workers which was more confirmation that the light is indeed shining brightly and we are finding each other,I give thanks for this journey my soul has taken me on,I give thanks for the support I have received from spirit and from those on this planet,in this planet and off,I give thanks to Blossom for being the light she is,I give thanks to The Federation of Light for always being there for us as we go through this releasing,this is not just an individual shift this is a gift offered to everyone,but timelines are presenting themselves IT IS TIME so release those old soul contracts that no longer serve,let’s do this together as one yet individual,this is happening, so hop on and hold on tight it is going to be a ride and if you THINK you can do it alone you are going to do it tuff.’It is with grace and gratitude we accept The Federation of Light’s assistance for the betterment of ourselves and the all’ It is with much love in my heart that I acknowledge the 14th October’s 3rd Anniversary Bless you Blossom xxx

....three is a high vibrational number. The first time it is heard ... the second it is computed ... and the third it is sealed.~The Federation of Light~

And as beloved White Cloud says...
" I show to you an image of a Golden Sword ... The rays that emanate from this sword, light up all that is around as if it is the aura of this sword. It is my friends, that we have chosen to fight the GOOD fight. It was your choice. You volunteered and you were chosen. You were each given a Golden Sword for your strength. When one is feeling weak and that they can sometimes fight no more, it is then that you must hold your Golden Sword to the skies. The rays from the Sun will energize the Sword once more. The energy will travel through the Sword into your hands … through your hands and into the Soul and in your very Being. Then, once again, you are renewed with strength.

There is no battle to be fought. There is merely the necessity to hold your sword in front of you and let others see its Light. Then they can put down their old sword in front of you. They then can put down their old sword that is rusted, battered and heavy. The minute they put it down, their hands long to be put around your Golden Sword so that their cuts and their wounds can immediately be healed by the Golden Light.

It is for you then my friends, to march on. When your legs are weary, then you must rest. When you have regained your strength, continue to march on because there are so many Souls that are hiding behind trees, behind walls. They have already lain down their swords but no Light has come to find them. There are many, many Souls who await your assistance.

P.S. Divine Mother Mary has told me the battle is won and yet now the work begins. Love and light Kerrie xxx

yk248 said...

Now Blossom, it is serious. The time of Truth is here. You should clean up your feelings about the FOL channelings you give out.

They tell you and ask you (alot, I should say) when you seem doubtful, that you seem uncertain and if you really trust them. And you say things like "I have no doubt in my heart that you are of Truth, I feel it". So if you are so sure, leave the rest. And stay just with what you are sure about.


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic!!!! hold onto your hats it’s going to be a ride xxx

Earth Changes: Ascension, Arcturians & the Multidimensional Being with Dr. S. Lie

Anonymous said...

This is weird! Last night I got the urge to come here and say "hold on to your hats" but after I got here something told me not to. And now you say it! Coincidence?

yk248 said...

I'm feeling something in the air..... :)

Get ready for some good things :)

Amy Debeij said...

What I got out of the latest channeling is that WE are the pillars of light, WE are changing the world and showing others how this can be a better place by shining our light out to others.


Anonymous said...

Here you are Amy:

29th June 2011

Ok. Only some FEEL that WE are the Pillars of Light .

We would say that is in a manner of speaking. Yes, how your Light shines. Far more than you realize. Yet that which we have spoken of is as we said it would be.

yk248 said...

Ok, just so anyone can read I am givine the date where the shafts of light were first talked about.

It was on the channeling of December 20th 2010.

Something huge is already here and I feel it.

Now is the time and we are prepared because we have talked about those things for such a long time.

Blossom you will never regret that you channeled the consciosness of your being and who they call the federation of light.

It is awesome, right here and now.

Any popcrn anyone?

Hehehe :)

yk248 said...


I did what I had to here. Be well everyone :)

Love light and blessings and see you all right Here for ever and ever.

Take it easy all is good and perfect right here and now.

Faith said...

Hi everyone! I haven't read this blog for some time, just had to come on and say, Blossom sounds so happy in the Oct 19 channeling! Maybe she was bit by a happy spider...

I feel it too, IT's HERE! XOXOX

Andrew said...

This is probably extremely old but I just came across it and I'm sure some people willl be new to this.

so going along with the 11/11/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, 1/1/11 dates this year here's a fun little exercise.

Take the last two digits of the year you were born and add to it the age you are turning (or have turned) this year.

So for me thats Born in 1993 and i've turned 18 this year so 93 +18 = OhMyGosh!

Try it yourself if you already haven't!

PenguinUK said...

Did anyone feel an almighty golden surge of energy around 12:30 - 13:00 GMT 21/10? Wondered if it was "global" or "personal"?

Hope it was bigger felt than just me. I have spent the last 10 days feeling emotional and hyper-sensitive for NO logical reason, and a flurry of negative day-to-day life things also seemed to have been flung at me.
But I have just experienced something so joyous and unexpected, felt so tingly and full of beautiful energy. It seemed almost overwhelming, "too much for me, must share" and so tried to send the over-excess to dear ones. Still tingling now as I write. Somewhat overwhelmed and ask if those who have felt this can help keep "my feet on the ground". My logical mind tells me to be freaked (scared even) but I have just felt the most amazing calm yet powerful loving energy ever. Wow. I feel like a very lucky boy today. I just had to share with like-minded souls. Just me or did everyone feel this - it was intense!

Love & Light to all,
Penguin UK

Coach Enrique said...

It's a fun exercise Andrew, but I actually found some people getting scared because of the math.
If you take the year that you were born and add the age you are turning, IT ALWAYS going to give you the current year as the result. In this case, 2 digits were taken out to make it add "111" and not "2011". Next year this exercise will give a result of "112" and so on.
Since the Gregorian Calendar started, 11/11/11 has happened more than a hundred times, and I don't find anything relevant in History happening ever on such a date, not even on November 11 of year 1111.
As I said, if it's taken as fun, it's OK, but some people give it too much power and it's just another date.

Coach Enrique said...

I have to correct myself, 11/11/11 has happened 20+ times since year "0" on the Gregorian calendar, not more than a hundred times. Sorry for any inconvenience, guys.

Anonymous said...

Penguin the energies are full on,thank you for sharing your experience,I know that feeling and once you have experienced it you want more,I live to experience those feelings,but I guess I would probably be off the planet if I experienced them too much and our job is to remain grounded and ground these energies in, so don’t concern yourself if they are few and far inbetween,know it happened and you weren’t imagining it,this was your time:) xx
Thanks Andrew for that fun 11:11 thing,so many are noticing 11:11 a lot and giving thanks and magic is happening,abundance is in the air,I was just now able to secure a David Ike ticket for tomorrow,this show has been sold out for months! thank you to receive xxx

Andrew said...

Jill Renee Feeler
An amazing channeler.
Her sincerity is truly beautiful.

Thought I'd post the link so that you can become aware of her and decide how she fits into your truth.

Laura said...

Thanks for sharing that link Andrew. I truly enjoyed listening to Jill. She has a beautiful energy!

Anonymous said...

Andrew here is another one:)

Interesting facts about 11:

If you multiply 1111 by 1111 you get 1234321 which represents a pyramid, eleven being a sacred number for the proportions of the Great Pyramid being that of the ratio 7:11.

Eleven is also harmonious with Pi (which is the formula for the Golden Mean Spiral, a fractal for our galaxy and universe).

So it seems 11 is of central importance in understanding the mathematical infrastructure of the universe.


Laura said...

Thanks for that Kerrie, I find that really interesting. For the past 2 years 7:11 has appeared to me so frequently that I was sure it must have some meaning. This is the first time I've heard of anyone else mention it. I had no idea it had anything to do with the Great Pyramid!

Anonymous said...

"Matters that have been 'kept in the dark' can no longer be so. For YOU as Light Pillars have seen to that."

I am a little confused by the latest message. I thought it had been made clear in the previous messages that we are NOT the light Pillars. This latest message seems to reverse that.

Love and Light
live Long and Prosper

Blossom Goodchild said...

Carl , yes we are Light Pillars and happy to be called so , but not the same as that of which they have spoken of. Seperate things ... in my way of thinking anyway. XX

Anonymous said...

BLOSSOM, have you ever asked the FoL about those strange noises people have been hearing in the sky around the world? Do a YouTube search for strange noise to see what i'm talking about. I wonder if it's them moving tbeir light ships around or something.

FoL or Bust.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Blossom for the quick reply. That makes me feel a lot better! :)


Anonymous said...

We are indeed pillars of light and we are going to meet them half way as they said,we are the anchors,we are the bridge between two worlds,White Cloud took us on a meditation last year, where our colours merge with their colours,everything is energy and it vibrates at individual frequencies this is why they ask us to be love so that we vibrate at that high frequency otherwise we can not merge with them,but slowly we are releasing blockages so more balanced light can come into these bodies of ours,look at what focused love does to water crystals it makes perfect geometry and we are mostly water it is no wonder White Cloud speaks of water as love.

Extract of White Cloud’s visual (link to audio below)

...Those that you know in the name of The Federation Of Light … welcome them with all the Love that you Truly are. Let them know by the vibration that your heart is sending out to them, that you as an earthly resident at this time are now ready to receive them … as brothers and sisters of Light. As you send this vibration of Love into your skies, visualise vivid colours of the rainbow covering the blue of the sky. Allow your being to become Lighter as you look upon these colours that carry with them their own energy. And then it is that from your heart place to visualise a ball of Light colours that compliment those in your skies. Allow this ball to remain attached to your heart center. Yet visualise it growing in size and depth of colour. Watch this energy. Feel this energy my friends as it grows and grows. Become this energy. As you feel it, watch as the colours from the skies come down to merge with the colours of the ball of energy that is coming from your heart place. Feel all the while dearest souls of earth, the Love that is you … The Love that is coming from other realms … and allow yourself to become One with the All.
Take a few more deep breathes and from the physical part of yourself feel the reality of what you are about to visualise. Know it as a reality my friends, for in that way it shall be so. Look up … see the colours swirl and merge and then softly, gently, they divide revealing to you a sky full of colours that you have not yet seen in your human form. And as you look upon this with your hearts the feeling of Love my friends is one beyond all your imaginings so far. Allow yourself to lift your vibration as you connect with these Lights that are Love in a purer form than you have experienced. Allow the Love that these coloured Lights are to literally fill your being. Lift yourselves up my friends in Knowledge of the Truth within side of you. Allow this feeling to remain as you send Love to the Lights and the Lights send Love to you. And KNOW that the smiles upon your faces are recognised by those who reside within those coloured Lights.
My friends, your world can be the world that your hearts dream about. It is up to each one of you to make this so.
Be LOVE. For that in Truth is who you are. And as the days ahead reveal to you Truths that your hearts recognise … allow the Light that you are to blend with the Light of another… each other … to bring you forth into the New World that is necessary. So that you may once again know of an earth that is how it was designed to be.

Here is the audio of the full one*xyrFjn2JFI*D-9s/wcgva.mp3

Anonymous said...

The link to White Clouds visual didn’t work,Blossom do you have one that works on here? I am having trouble with it on my site now, but it used to work,I am going to use it for 11:11, I have it on my ipod,itunes and a CD,I will keep working on it,in the mean time,here is the link to the full transcript on my site:

Blossom Goodchild said...

kerrie, when I copied and pasted the link into address bar it came up for me to save it... I did ... and it played fine. anyone else having a problem?? And we;ll take it from there. xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks Blossom,it is my apple laptop,it worked on my PC xxx

Anonymous said...

blossom, i have been 'feeling' for quite a while that i needed to express something to you, but, unsure of my 'right' i have never contacted you. yet this feeling still remains and as i came across this blog today, i felt like the time was right.

The feeling i have, is that the reason you were given a date for an event that failed to eventuate, is because your courage, belief, and willingness to 'put yourself on the line' were being tested. a bit like a test run. will blossom release the message? will she continue to let us speak to and through her after she is labelled a fraud. will she have the faith in herself, to continue to believe 'in us' ... if it was a test blossom, you passed with flying colours. dont ever feel like you failed or were failed in this regard. the time is coming when you will be asked to put yourself on the line again. and i know you wont fail to honour these beings that you channel. hope you have healed this chapter - much love, Susan

Anonymous said...

You are amazing, dear Blossom. A true and real soul.

Thank you for simply being you for you are loved.


Anonymous said...

I distincly recall that you asked them back in 2008 , who are the Galactic Federation of Light?
They said 'that's not us'.
They were vague but suggesting of 'impostors'.

Now they say we are one and the same....