Jun 27, 2011

Help Needed!

Hello Everyone.
I have had a bit of a harrowing day and certainly had to walk my talk and remain in a good space throughout. I'd give myself an 8/10 ... considering!

Something happenned to my Mailing List and the whole programme was empty when I went to it this morning! I had backed up my data base a while back, (wish I had done it yesterday) which means I have sadly lost about 300 or so new email addresses on my list. ( Not even the local computer tech could solve the mystery!)

I would be so grateful to you if you know sites, blogs, nings etc where my channellings are posted , if you could perhaps copy and paste the following message there for me:

'Due to techincal problems Blossom Goodchild has lost the subscription addresses of those who signed up in the last few months. If you have not received notification of this and you are a member of her mailing list .... your's is one that is lost ! So please take a moment to resubscribe. Many thanks!'

There is reason in all things ... Perhaps I just needed to see how well I laugh in the face of adversity.!!! (For the record ... can do it well until I get to the point of 'ok ! that's enough now!!!' ... then I don't find it funny any more!

Thanks people!
Bloss xxx


Anonymous said...

Will do Blossom:) xxx

Mariane said...

I will try to see if I can be of any help. Do I just know that computer situation - there can only be one explaination, don't you think?

http://eraofgalatic.wordpress.com/ is one of the places where your Name is going to be and here as well http://www.galacticroundtable.com/

http://www.galacticchannelings.com/english/index.html - This is what I can come up with right now (bedtime here an hour ago hehe)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that last channel Blossom and for your honesty with it all,both were beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Blossom for asking about the pillars again and confirming this year and the fact they are not internal but external visible lights.

For those of us on the fence who need to have some real world confirmation these lights are critical. For those who believe without proof it might seem unimportant but for the rest of us it would be mind blowing. I read the rest of the information but it's hard to absorb when you have doubts this isn't real.

Lol I have been talking about this stuff since October 2008 and at this point my patient wife and co-workers respectively don't want to hear about it anymore. To be honest I don't blame them at this point.

Love and light
Live long and prosper


test1 said...

Hello. I just created this blog, but the whole thing it's still under construction.. I was wondering if you would let me post some of your channellings there.
I will give you full credit off course.

Here's the link:

Ami said...

Thanks Blossom and FOL for your last channeling.
Being thankful is a beautiful way to give love, aware of it.

Anonymous said...

I've passed on your message Blossom. I hope you are able to retrieve all that was lost.

A funny coincidence happened the very morning I read the newest channeling. Out of the blue, someone presented me with something in a paper bag. I didn't even take notice of it at the time. It wasn't until this evening that I noticed the now empty paper bag still sitting in my fridge that I remembered what the FOL had talked about. It made me smile. I've since put the paper bag in a special place to serve as a reminder for myself.

BlackSwan said...

sorry to hear that Bloss but as you say it's all meant to be.

Not sure if all have seen this vid. There were a few bits of footage i have not seen before which i found interesting. I like the way the Jerusalem one shot back up!


as for the Area 51 guy, yes he was probably right at the time and was referring to the greys most likely but this timeline is no longer viable so nothing to get concerned about.

Blossom Goodchild said...

Guess what guys. Thought things a little quiet in my inbox ... just found 93 emails stuck on the server!!! So apologies for not replying and for putting these comments up a little late. I am TRULY being tested on all things 'computer'! It has been going on all week. Hopefully I will get the issue sorted soon!
Golden Rays to the fore!

Sharon V.K. said...

Hi Blossom,

I found this & thought you might be interested, regarding the pillars of light.


It is an eyewitness account of a crop circle being formed by tubes of light.



terri said...

Thank you again blossom, and fol! this is a link that talks about the pillars of light. stuart has alot of great information,and lots of good news as well happening right now.


alot of electronics are adjusting to the shift in vibration. it really helps to send them love and appreciation so they can upgrade and stabilize themselves.

our daughter is a year old now, and she is a great teacher of being in the moment and being happy and seeing and appreciating the miraculous, for it is everywhere, in everything.

there is a great scene in the movie the peaceful warriopr-which is a true story, i highly recommend it- the kid says to his teacher scoffingly, there is nothing special going on! so he taps him on the forehead and he is brought into the moment and becomes aware for the first time of his surroundings and feels the magic in everything.i thought of this when i read the channel.

its a choice to be in the moment and in love/appreciation or get distracted by the drama/illusion that the dream wants you to continue to feed.

just remember, its not i will believe it when i see it, its i will see it when i believe it. everything that appears to be outside of us, actualy originates from within. i am finding the practice of ho'oponopono to be bringing me to new levels of peace and happiness. we can change everything by caring about how we feel, and choosing to feel better and better, and to be happy. it really is that easy. its just a matter of practicing until it becoemes as easy as the old way of being that we were taught was.
much love and happiness to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Blossom for that last channel, this has been a hard lesson for me, I dearly want to save EVERYONE and often I have asked myself why do I think others need saving,why such arrogance, I need to learn I must not take responsibilty for them,this has been a paton for me all my life that I have worked on,I think I have got it sorted but then it presents it's self to me over and over in different guises, I still struggle with it,this goes deep,this goes into past life times I feel and I bet I am not alone with this one xxx

Anonymous said...

Blossom please dont take this the wrong way. I will make a prediction that by the end of the year, there will not be any pillars of light for anyone to see. Its already mid June, and still nothing. As always the FOL talk about Love And Light. When the real question is asked about when this will occur, they always change the subject. Its getting old already...really. T

Anonymous said...

Well T what if you are right will you be validated? and then what? will you feel good? I personally am grateful that they keep on keeping on with us,at least they believe in us, for indeed it is us they are banking on, it is our vibration they KNOW will be able to co create this.If you listen to White Cloud's visualisation the lights will be coming from us and meeting with their light, but we need to meet them half way as they have said once to Blossom and you know what when they do show you won't be harsh on your self because you will remember who you are, even if you can't now.

P.S.have you guys seen the latest crop circle it is 11/11/11 (fire the grid) I feel

yk248 said...

Hi Blossom,

I liked the latest channeling, but I have to say something.

To me it seems that much of what the FOL talks about is -metaphorical- language, and it seems to me that maybe you take much of what they say as actual physical happenings.

Like how they talk about entering a new world and people who are still in fear having much problems and being somewhere else. To me it seems that the "awakened" people and the ones in fear will still be on the same world, it is the same world, but the "entering the new world" of the people who awaken, is a state of being, cos when someone awakens the whole "world-view" and even how they precieve the senses is expanded and becomes clearer (for example percieved colors becoming much more vivid, and the world seems like a heaven). While people who live in fear and desperation, see the world in a much more bland and "dark" way. so it is like they are in different worlds. Not to mension that they will attract to them situations differing in vibration cos of their own vibes.

And I think it may happen what they say about the ones living in much fear wanting to leave the world. because if the vibe of the world becomes much higher, naturally, the ones who will accept the change, can continue and adjust, but those whose vibes are just too in contrast with the overall vibes, might just want to run away.... (due to fear, shame, guilt, etc.)

It seems to me that the change into the "new world" will actually be, first in a state of being, emotionally, mentally, in enough people in the population of the world, and only then, the physical changes in the world will happen (I don't know what, maybe nature will be much more honored and will have a greater part in peoples lives, changed governments and laws, etc.).

This what it seems to me, my 2 shekels :)


Anonymous said...

Mind-blowing channeling Blossom! Very exciting!! :-) Thanks!



Anonymous said...

Keep shining rain- AND moonbows! :-)
Also during the time of the "nothingness".




Ami said...

Thank you, dear Blossom and FOL, for that last message. Thank you for asking so relevant questions. Exciting!
Love to all you.

Ozarklorian said...

Hi Blossom, I had an unusual feeling after reading the latest channeling, re the darkness: my whole body shook like a tuning fork. I didn't feel fearful, or cold, but it was like a fine shivering that lasted about 30 minutes. Has anyone else reported this kind of response to a channeling?

Anonymous said...

Ozarklorian you may have received an activation,I received mine when I first heard White Cloud's voice, I had to pace around the kitchen to contain the energy for about 10min. and then my body was vibrating still for a while.I then wrote in my diary I am home.When I read the channels they always give me a top up so to speak,this is why I need to get it all out, I think other wise I would burst,LOL...it's been 3 years now and still the energy is beautiful from them,White Clouds guidance is still strong, they never let us down.

Here is White Cloud's meditation that activated me,but I didn't do the meditation, it was as soon as I heard his voice,since then I listen to all his meditations,they are my life line, rarely does a day pass that I don't do one of them.


P.S. Blossom and friends have you heard about this:


This year, on July 25th, Dr. Emoto will hold the water ceremony to offer love and gratitude to water in Fukushima, Japan since it received a severe blow from the nuclear accident. He will pray for the peace on the planet Earth with people around the world, collecting people’s powerful consciousness.
We would like you to please announce this event, and participate in this meaningful prayer ceremony at your own place.
The detail of the ceremony is as below:
Date: July 25th, 2011
Time: 4:00AM  6:00AM (Japan Time)
USA… California 12:00 noon July 24th
New York 15:00 July 24th
London … 20:00 July 24th
Paris … 21:00 July 24th
Moscow … 23:00 July 24th
Bangkok … 2:00 July 25th
Beijing, Singapore, Taipei … 3:00 July 25th
Seoul … 4:00 July 25th
Sidney … 5:00 July 25th
Ustream link to see the ceremony video: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/world-peace-prayer-ceremony-in-fukushima
The place: Iwaki City, Fukushima, Japan
Iwaki Misaki Park http://www.iwakicity-park.or.jp/misaki/

Anonymous said...

Ozarklorian I must admit that I had an experience when reading the july 18th message. It felt like I was rocking back and forth slightly but I was not actually moving. I remember being surprised at the time. My heart said I was receiving energy, but my brain said I was probably coming down with something. I quickly forgot about that until I read your message though.

Loved the message, I can hardly wait for the next one. 

Love and light
Live long and prosper


Anonymous said...

I dreamt of a huge space ship last night,first I saw a tree with butterfly shaped lights on every leaf, I said to my Mother look can you see those leaves,I went out side and a huge ship went overhead then went behind the trees,I felt so excited, I thought I'd try and speak to them telepathically, so I asked them what they were up to and they showed me a picture of that black stuff they make roads out of (excuse my lack of roadworks knowledge) and I heard that they were laying down the runway! So this is my 3rd space craft dream in 3 years and they are getting more vivid, I could even see portals around the disc shaped vessel,like circular coloured lights all around it.I feel they are getting me used to the ships for as much as I love The Federation of Light I am not or was not really into UFOs.Blessings everyone:)