Jun 26, 2011


If I can, I like to swim everyday for half an hour in the local (heated) pool! I put on my 'ever so appealing' bright yellow snorkel and goggles and in I plunge into the underwater world of my ‘think tank’ … hearing nothing but the sound of my breath.

Lap upon lap of affirmations, blessings and Gratitude allow me to bring myself into alignment once again and I step out … maskmarked , swollen lipped ,yet with a smile on my dial!

Today was no exception. One of my laps had been to ask for inspiration for this blog post. As I was preparing to leave, a gentleman of latter years was preparing to stay. We passed pleasantries about the water temperature and he asked how many laps I did etc. I happened to mention that I passed the time by doing affirmations and thinking about things I wanted to include in my life. To which he replied ‘Shouldn’t you be thinking about the things you want to ‘exclude’ from it?’

At the time, I laughed and bid him good day. I then thought about what he had said. ‘Mmm… Things I want to exclude from my life?' And do you know what … I could not think of ONE! I mean … how good is that? I grinned all the way home. a) Because I didn’t have anything in my life that I desired to get rid of, and b) I had been given the topic for my blog post!

It made me really appreciate how far I have come on my journey. Me! I alone have brought me to this place in which I now reside and ... I’m Lovin’ it.

Believe me , when I look back there have been many times in my life when I had quite a few addictions, people, habits, jobs … you name it … I could have given you a list of all I DIDN’T want in my life! Yet today … proud to say … in this here and NOW … there is NOTHING, BUT NOTHING that I would like to exclude from my everyday living … from BEING ME!

Considering I grew up with oh so many hang-ups and insecurities … it really is with so much JOY that I find myself LOVING ME and LOVING the LIFE I LIVE!

HOW ABOUT YOU??? Are you able to say the same? I KNOW so many are … to which we must applaud ourselves for getting thus far! Congratulations! And if you are one who cannot say your answer is YES … then TRULY … start right now this minute … finding out what it is you wish to ‘exclude’ from your life. What is in there that no longer serves? What bothers you? Are there Truths you need to relate to another? Are there circumstances that need changing? Are there matters that need to be addressed in order for you to FEEL WONDERFUL?

Speak your Truth so that every part of you is FREE to be who you are. Bring out all that hidden baggage and put it on the scrap heap. Assess how your day flows. Do you like your job? YES ? NO? MAYBE? Or is it just your attitude toward your job that you dislike? Do you enjoy the company you keep? YES? NO? MAYBE? Or is it time to regroup with souls that play the same tune? Do you FEEL you get enough exercise? YES? NO? MAYBE? Can you tick that box … or are you one who simply does not have enough time to give your body the kind of treatment it deserves? Do you make time to meditate? YES? NO? MAYBE? Or is it a question of leaving that till last because running around after everyone else is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than YOUR needs! And as your head hits the pillow do you swear and curse because now you’re too tired to do a meditation, but you promise yourself you will do it tomorrow… but … what do you know … it’s Groundhog day!

CREATE YOUR LIFESTYLE! Don’t pretend that you can’t or that you will one day. What do you want from a day in the life of you? Are you living your dreams? YES? NO? MAYBE? Are you spending time doing even one thing that you are passionate about? YES? NO? MAYBE?

May I say, with all respect … if you are not … start!! That is why we are here.

How many excuses have you already come up with whilst reading the last few paragraphs? ‘Oh I can’t because’ … ‘I would love to but ‘ …. BUT WHAT? Ah yes, I know … I would Love to BUT … I need to keep finding excuses so I can keep moaning how it’s alright for some … but they should try being in my shoes … try trying to do what I want when faced with MY day . HAH! Meditate? Swim ? Laugh? … And what’s that … sorry ? What did you just say ? ENJOY? Oh come on! Get real!

I have! I got myself a life, one that I love! Because I chose to form it. Of course, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I did’t suddenly ‘arrive’ in this wonderful world I designed. It has taken many a year and within this tapestry of my life that I weave ,I have changed threads, created knots, made mistakes, redesigned, hated it, loved it, … You name it … I’ve done it … yet through every single stitch that I either enjoyed or painstakingly sewed … I created a work of art that is now something I am so very happy with! It was SO worth it! In no way is it finished … by no means is it complete … there is room for so much more … but I KNOW it will just get bigger and better and brighter.

There are still lessons to learn, yet now I sit in the class as keen as mustard. If I have got to where I am in my stage of evolving through learning more about myself and how life on earth as a human CAN /SHOULD be, then I want to listen up and pass with flying colours. Life’s lessons do not necessarily have to be hard … If we adopt a positive attitude toward all things, it makes them so easy! Boat downstream people … remember?

We are told that WE are creating our NEW WORLD! It is US that are designing it … NOW! So I FEEL it is VERY IMPORTANT to start working out what kind of day you want to wake up to … because if you don’t … this NEW WORLD is going to be pretty much the same as this OLD ONE … and we all KNOW for sure … we don’t want that!

So, let’s really get those thinking caps on … find YOUR thinking tank … and immerse yourself in it.

KNOW that what we think we become … what we think we create.

Keep your vibration HIGH whilst thinking or the ‘magic’ doesn’t work.

Keep the LOVE that YOU ARE at the top of your list of Gratitude.

Feed your soul with YOUR passion! Otherwise like most of us, it gets grumpy when it’s hungry!

And last but not least … If your Truth can not be spoken or heard … you will never KNOW who you are … and no-one else will either. So the point of you BEING here would be ???

Have you worked out the point of you BEING here? YES? NO? MAYBE?

That’s all folks! (except a big thank you to the ‘exclude dude!’)
Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays from me, myself and I!


Andrew said...

I thought id share my experience to ur latest channeling. I decided that i wouldn't read exactly what you experienced Blossom because i didn't want any expectations. And so I just breathed for a while. Then I saw a little spark you could say. It entered into my third eye than it created this little stream of light that was going in, up, around, out, in...like a circle flowing through my third eye and around the top of my head. ANYWAY when I read your experience I was so delighted that you experienced something relating to your third eye. Thanks again :D

Kay Dayss said...

Last night during my connection with higher self, I realized that my hybrid children, who are probably older by now, will be the ones who help me facilitate learning in Earth Creativity School (earthcreativity.org if you're interested).

This is so exciting! I thought that I made Earth Creativity School for my hybrid children, and I did but not for them as students -- I built it so that they could help me facilitate the self-directed learning of Earth children and their parents.

I've always known that I couldn't do it alone but haven't found anyone to help me until now. My children will help me. YAY! I love my life too. 8-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are feeling good Blossom:) it kicked in for me a couple of days ago....this is special people!


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"This sacred music is compatible and works in harmony with every healing modality or medical treatment a person may choose to experience. The music resonates with an additional blessing for everyone who is dealing with any form of cancer.

"The complete CD of Musical Rapture is 62 minutes long. You may download this sacred music for FREE from my Mother's website: www.eraofpeace.org

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Emil said...

Thank you Blossom! It's striking how your post hit the nail, it feels as if i needed to read this, because it is so true to my situation right now :).

Mariane said...

I wish that I have something spirituel to say, but ... What was it you said, Blossom - no buts, right? I can only nod and keep nodding when I read your stuff, you send out to us. I love all what you have for experiences and channellings, it just show me I am on the right way. I don't have to have my head in the clouds as I live my life to full during the day. I think it is important to live here and now and not waiting for the future to happen. The future is here, I have been told. Thanks again dear Blossom for all you send out


Anonymous said...


Don't know if the link works, but you can see it on youtube--ufo "orbs" (and what is being called a mother ship) over the streets of London on June 24. Causing quite a stir, and of course there are reasons to be skeptical.

yk248 said...

Hmmmm, very interesting channeling Blossom (latest one). The Feds probably have tons of those new thoughts to impart, secured in a bag ( ;) ), till we are ready to hear them.......

A thought I have is that I wouldn't want to be the metals forged into bullets used to kill other beings...... If objects have feelings (well they do have a certain amount of basic consciousness, they are energy after all that interacts with other energies around it) ummm yeah, the human energy and intention aimed toward bullets or bombs..... not so loved/loving

yk248 said...

oh and..... I thought I'ld share, two days ago I got the notion to release the Love bottles (was laying in bed thinking about many things when suddely got a nudge "open the bottles now") I asked "Yes? now?" got a "yes" feeling and said "ok" and a huge rush of kundalini energy went throught me. I did feel good after it.

Thought I'ld share :)