Jun 5, 2011

For what it's worth!

What do I think?

The last channelling of June 1st (http://www.blossomgoodchild.com/index.html?page=BG110june1.html) seems to have created such a stir. The excitement once again builds and we find ourselves ‘back’ where we were the last time the excitement began to build. Because let’s be honest ... there have been quite a few times when we have received messages and one FEELS this build up of energy within … and then …. Zilch!

Yet is it Zilch? Perhaps we are simply creating a greater/Higher vibration in order for ‘our friends’ to be able to ‘pop on into it?’ We KNOW NOW that we are the ones that create our world … our future. WE KNOW NOW that this BIG HELLO we have been waiting for … surely … is going to happen … yes , here comes that word … SOON!

It is a KNOWING inside us is it not? Why is it that this last channelling had so many in tears … many have read it over and over again and each time the tears have come? What is that? It is not from desperation and frustration and a ‘here we go again’. It is from within … a message from our soul’s saying … ‘Do you FEEL that? You do don’t you? That is why you are crying … because you KNOW this to be TRUTH! You KNOW this is going to happen don’t you?’

Long have we understood that ‘our friends from elsewhere ‘ are not coming to save us. Long have we grasped the knowledge that the more LOVE we give out … the sooner our energies can blend with theirs. We have gained so much information lately. We have retrieved wisdom that allows us to accept that what is to come has been on the cards for eons of time and this … this is why the tears flow … because we KNOW that it WILL HAPPEN.

WE WILL experience that which we have longed for. WE WILL look up and drop to our knees one of these fine days and our hearts will be bursting out LIGHT, as all that we have TRUSTED within ourselves is PROVEN to be the case!

As for when? I promise I do not know! Some souls seem to think I do, but wouldn’t dare say! Some ask when ‘I’ FEEL it maybe. Truly, I know no more than anyone else. Well, I imagine there are those that know a lot more than me … and maybe some have inside information … yet I have no idea.

I FEEL like so many. WHEN? WHEN WILL THIS BE? For indeed our hopes have been raised so many times before and yet here we are … still waiting.

When I begin a communication with The Federation Of Light I have no assumptions as to what the subject matter will be each time. So, it is just as exciting for me when a transmission comes through such as the last one. Yet … it changes nothing! For until I SEE IT WITH MY OWN EYES … that undoubtable ‘FAR OUT …. THIS IS IT ! HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS!’ … then I shall continue on doing my very best, through what I have learned … to raise the vibration by remembering who I am. LOVE. The more I do this the more I understand the point of it all.

We do not know what lies ahead … but we do KNOW NOW that the more we spread that vibration of LOVE around … the more we are SEEING evidence of a different kind. We are SEEING what a difference BEING LOVE can make to ourselves … our planet … and everyone in it.

So, YES … without doubt ... I, like all of you, desire not only to see the ball start rolling , but like you too, I can FEEL a moment in time when ‘THERE THEY ARE’ up in our skies. For us ALL to see … and those of us who have shared the journey with them up until that point … shall KNOW to pop open a cork or two or fifty and send all that bottled up FEELING of LOVE out there to greet them.

MY heart KNOWS that this HAS TO BE A TRUTH. IT JUST KNOWS IT. There are so many of us that KNOW this … and this KNOWING comes from a place that KNOWS EVERYTHING. IT COMES FROM OUR TRUENESS. IT COMES FROM LOVE.

When it arrives … this 'majesty' in our skies … the silence of our heart’s song shall be FELT by each one of us … through each one of us … we shall bow our heads in grace for a moment or two … in thanks for the fulfilment of the prophesy we came to experience.

That’s what I think … for what it is worth!

I would just like to add a little clip from White Cloud’s ‘Walking in the Light and the Love’. That someone recently reminded me of …

" I show to you an image of a Golden Sword ... The rays that emanate from this sword, light up all that is around as if it is the aura of this sword. It is my friends, that we have chosen to fight the GOOD fight. It was your choice. You volunteered and you were chosen. You were each given a Golden Sword for your strength. When one is feeling weak and that they can sometimes fight no more, it is then that you must hold your Golden Sword to the skies. The rays from the Sun will energize the Sword once more. The energy will travel through the Sword into your hands … through your hands and into the Soul and in your very Being. Then, once again, you are renewed with strength.

There is no battle to be fought. There is merely the necessity to hold your sword in front of you and let others see its Light. Then they can put down their old sword in front of you. They then can put down their old sword that is rusted, battered and heavy. The minute they put it down, their hands long to be put around your Golden Sword so that their cuts and their wounds can immediately be healed by the Golden Light.

It is for you then my friends, to march on. When your legs are weary, then you must rest. When you have regained your strength, continue to march on because there are so many Souls that are hiding behind trees, behind walls. They have already lain down their swords but no Light has come to find them. There are many, many Souls who await your assistance.

It is said also that Souls that require the Light shall be brought to you. In many cases, this is so. In many cases, many souls are afraid of the dark. They are afraid to move from where they have fallen. Therefore, it is up to you, if you choose, to march and look around the corners of trees, look in the darker places where sometimes your eyes do not find it appealing to enter. Know always my friends, that your Golden Sword is your protector. It is your Light, your Strength. The minute the hand of a soul of darkness can hold on to the strength of the Light of the Sword, then their Souls immediately are released of the burden of darkness. You may lead them into the path, where once again they may see the blue sky shining down upon them ... "

Golden Rays everyone ... keep spreading those Golden Rays.
Many thanks for your time.
Blossom xxx


Slava said...

You know.. im sure that all delays and broken expexctations (on both sides truly) are due to extreme complexity, scale and innovativeness of this... project. All i know about large and complex projects tells me that the more complex, large and innovative project we have the more unpredictable and risky it will be. It mean - all deadlines broken all the time, results are not that expected, people dissapointed, goals reconsidered etc etc... In most cases strongly determined and patient teams survive, others not. I really don't think that "earthly human" projects differ too much from this one. And i prefer to see "other side", stellar side, as a partner, not some super-natural-godlike-allmighty machine... so I feel ok with delays. most the time :D

Unknown said...

Many thanks Blossom,
Federation of light and white cloud
Looking forward to our reunion,when our brothers and sisters land and walk with us as one---- FoReVeR LoVe
Sabi Rainbow

sabi rainbow said...

Thanks Blossom,Federation of light,
Looking forward to the arrival of our brothers and sisters so we walk together as one---- ForeVeR LoVe

Piperon said...

No more delay, the time is NOW.

The divine work has to begin, no more excuse for all sides, be ready and embrace the future.

May the LOVE be with you always.
Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Player.

Daphne said...

thank you Blossom, both for your channeling and your blogpost. I didn't know 'swords to the skies' had this background, so I was glad to read the White Cloud sword part. I immediately visualised this and felt strenghtened. Lately I am tired and hormonal (pregant...) so this is a welcome visualisation, to keep me grounded and centered!
With love

Patte said...

Thank you Blossom. I thought I was turning into some kind of emotional mess. I could hardly read a word of the last channeling without tears, or even your blog! I sit here with tears on y face now. So, if I am a mess, we ALL are apparently! LOL ! May I have the patience needed to always put out those golden rays !!
Love to you, Patte

Christopher White said...

Wow Blossom, such a "pep talk"!! I feel full of energy and ready to fill up those bottles, and "be prepared" for the moments to come...Many thanks dear friend.

Faith said...

Hi Blossom! I don't think I've told you yet that I had a dream about a week and a half ago where I saw lots of similar shapes in the sky, someone told me what they were called (something like 'mimsas') . I had no idea in the dream what the objects were. But I said ' that means that something major is about to happen!'

your recent channeling helped me figure out, 'oh, those were ships!)

lol, guess I'm not as obsessed with contact as I could be if it took me that long to think of lots of ships in the sky!

OXOXOXO from Faith

deonne said...

I feel compelled to say that, for me, this earthwalk as a Lightbearer is about learning to surrender in complete faith and trust to the flow of the Universe. For me, that means releasing all worry and expectation of the future and living in the moment, finding the joy that results from serving through love as every opportunity presents itself. I can expend a great deal of effort in fretting over 'when, how, & where' and miss opportunities of 'filling bottles with Light/Love', drawing seekers from the darkness, etc. I find freedom in knowing Divine timing is perfect, and it frees up energy for me to focus on lessons I still need to learn, i.e. patience. As a project manager on this earth plane, I have appreciation for some of the complexities that might be involved in an intergalactic project of the cosmos, and am willing to assist the manifestation of it by holding space for it.

Darlene said...

This morning I dreamt I was outside in the morning before heading off to work. I looked up at the sky at the profusion of stars. I saw the little dipper and then a brilliant point of light lit up the night.
I knew this was a sign from our brothers; a sign we'd been waiting for. The sky was still dark and glowing with the stars, then fireworks began to explode into the night sky. The celebration – the uncorking of love had begun and adults and children alike were awakened to witness the celebration.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful your heart is, Blossom ! You ARE the very essence of Love ! The feeling of Love is undefinable only to those that have never felt it. I believe that number to actually be zero !

We were born Love, and we will ALWAYS BE LOVE ! We have merely chosen to forget, in order to play the 3- D game here on Earth. This world of illusion has tricked us into somehow believing that we have been separated from God, the Source Of All. By feeling this illusion of separation, the object of the game has been to find our way back Home. We were promised when the contract was made that assistance would be available upon request, and all that was needed was for us to Accept this assistance. Well, to make a long story short, We the good and faithful people of God, have accepted the given assistance from the Winning side, and now need only to reap the vast benefits that have been most lovingly offered. These benefits decreed by our Heavenly Father are most assuredly deserved by the unending loyalty and faith of the Christed Ones, the followers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To be a Christed Being is to Believe and Live the ways of the Christ Jesus. Salvation is within Us, and always has been there, just waiting it's retrieval by Us. We the Lightworkers are the chosen Ones, to bring the Light of God back into this world of darkness, and ressurect Heaven once again for all of those who so choose it. I would like to congratulate ALL who have chosen the Light, and have rejected the darkness. This is no easy task in this world of duality and imprisonment, and congratulations are certainly in order ! In closing, let me ask ALL souls who are reading this post, to carry the Light for those souls who cannot find the Light at this time. It is not their time yet to awaken to Truth, and I extend my Love and Light gifted me by Prime Creator, to ALL souls of this Multiverse, that they may have a safe and speedy journey towards the Light. Godspeed to All ! Blossom, thank you again for providing this platform of healing, and just for being Who You Are ! We are all God's angels, and you have certainly earned your wings back !

Love and Light Always, Mike

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Blossom and whoever listened to White Cloud and sent you that extract from his book, I will be energising my sword,very AAMichael type stuff! I have been having a lot of rewiring done these past 5 days, so much so I am hobbling around like an 100 yr old, yet it is making me focus on my body and slow down,it helps me ground as I walk around (slowly) focusing on nature to heal me.
I went to Keisha Crowther's workshop here in Australia and I felt so grounded which was very good, as I was able to do/feel what I needed to,for I could have easily flown, so many beautiful light workers there, also there was the local Aboriginal elders Keisha honoured, the energy was lovely and there was a lot flying, which was funny observing that and me not being one of them! can you imagine the energy that went out to that club, Keisha is an angel, I kept sending her love as White Cloud has taught to do and I feel I did well as at times her heart seemed as if it would break, as she told of the love Mother Earth and the star beings have for us through tears,she spoke of a meeting she has had twice now with a star being at a council, she described him as very tall,long white hair and black eyes,she said the love she felt from him was immense, they love and honour us so much,she said to imagine the love of a mother for a child and multiply that 100,000 times 100,000.

27th May 2010 ~The Federation of Light~
… the reality of your thought is SO REAL that it can produce saliva as if the eating of the orange is actually taking place. Therefore the suggestion we offer is to visualise respective uplifting images and take them a step further so that you actually FEEL them to be TRUE. As the thought of the orange produces the saliva … allow the thoughts of the lifting of your planet to produce the heart place to tingle with power. FEEL IT AS YOUR REALITY. The more you can accomplish this, the quicker shall you rise. The quicker you rise the faster your neighbours shall awake. The faster your neighbour awakes the sooner the better for ALL THAT IS.

Friends … our devoted allies who have undertaken such a monumental position in the story of the planet we all know as earth ... Soon now, VERY soon shall we be reunited?

Soon meaning??

Service Of Other Nations.

Anonymous said...

Here's a movie I think all of you must see:


This is part one of nine.

Enjoy :)



Kate said...

Bless you Blossom, I've observed your website for 2 & 1/2 years now & have an incredible connection with your channellings. Everything is about LOVE & trusting ourselves inplicitely. The spiritual warrior path is one that is constantly tested, just as our humanism is also, but that was the life we chose this time around. It is so wonderful to feel the energy of like minded souls through your blog, & I sincerely thank you for what your messages bring to my essence!
Love & Light, Kate

PenguinUK said...

Just the "knowing" and belief should satiate most curious souls.

The golden sword surely is just a metaphor for the beacon of light we now feel strong enough to share as well as project, and most importantly, protect ourselves.

Important, wise. and beautiful words Bloss/ x

Catherine said...

The best lines of the last channeling definitely were "There can be no failure of this now." and "We have won." :D

I'm SO glad.

Kay said...

Have you seen the YouTube video wih all the HUGE ships in the Sun's corona? It is SO exciting! I am sure that in addition to protecting the earth from the effects of the hot bed of Sun activity, they are collaborating on the GREAT LIGHT SHOW of 2011. I DO feel it inside. I DO know it is coming. I'm ready and continue to be ready for the great event. Thank you so much for bringing this info to us, Blossom. I bet you feel like Darryl Anka when he says he is Bashar's telephone. xoxoxo

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ M. Thank you for that link to the film. What an extrordianry thing. Although you needed to be quick to readthe subtitles, I was somehow mesmorised. Thank you .A great escape!

Ami said...

Wonderful words, dear Blossom.
I watched the film suggested by M. It's so beautiful. I recommend it to all!

With Love said...

I've been reading, healing, meditating and channeling for.......ages.

But it's time for something new and exciting. Something I've never tried before since I landed on this planet. I'm going to live, love and loving it. How about that? :-)

Unchain my heart, baby set me free!

Blessing and see ya! :)

Anonymous said...

Just finished watching that movie! Thank you so much for the link M.

love and light
live long and prosper

Anonymous said...

Thanks Blossom and Ami, glad you liked it :-). I also had some trouble reading the subtitles.. especially at the beginning! :-)

Lots of love,


patricia said...

"In the days that are ahead ... and we speak in terms of days that are nearing...."

They said "days", and not "weeks". We are ten days after this message. Further, they say:

" For it shall be that those others are now asking ... perhaps imploring for you to share your knowledge with them ... for that which they see in your skies will need explanation."

Still waiting to see the pilars of light, still waiting to see what they announe will happen in the sky...waiting...waiting...

Why they want us always to be in the state of "waiting". I'm latinoamerican and there are channelings in my continent, that give the same messages...and then nothing happens. Why???

I will stop reading any kind of channeling and I will take care of myself, instead of being in front of this computer, I will rather go meditate.

Dear Lady, this is not a criticism agains you, or against them. It is only a question.

Sorry for the bad writing. Light in your hearts to you all.


patricia said...

"In the days that are ahead ... and we speak in terms of days that are nearing...."

They said "days", and not "weeks". We are ten days after this message. Further, they say:

" For it shall be that those others are now asking ... perhaps imploring for you to share your knowledge with them ... for that which they see in your skies will need explanation."

Still waiting to see the pilars of light, still waiting to see what they announe will happen in the sky...waiting...waiting...

Why they want us always to be in the state of "waiting". I'm latinoamerican and there are channelings in my continent, that give the same messages...and then nothing happens. Why???

I will stop reading any kind of channeling and I will take care of myself, instead of being in front of this computer, I will rather go meditate.

Dear Lady, this is not a criticism agains you, or against them. It is only a question.

Sorry for the bad writing. Light in your hearts to you all.


Blossom Goodchild said...

@ Patricia. No worries . I know where you are coming from. In MY heart I KNOW they will come ... I don't know when ... And I agree with you in that the best thing we can do until that time is REALLY settle down within ourselves to becoming the LOVE that we are. For me , that is of the greatest importance as to why we are here at this time .
Much Love and no offence taken!!

Anonymous said...

Patricia that is indeed a good thing to do, they constantly ask us to go with in and to get off this machine,focus on you, on opening your heart and finding peace,there was a reason God didn't want us to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil it was to stop us from manifesting anything that was not in alignment with the divine that we are,so lets forget all of our miscreations and control our thoughts and meet these light beings half way,it is us,we are the creators,bless them they have given us the tools to use as was the deal when we came down here,so lets not wait until they come,lets use those tools now! who knows how this is going to all pan out,but we have nothing to lose by being love,by being joy,by controlling our thoughts,by finding forgiveness and compassion in our hearts and everything to gain.

Kate said...

Dear Patricia, Patience is a virtue, it's taken me nearly 50 years to fully get that! Everything is in the timing, we just have to trust in this game of life & surrender to LOVE, then all unfolds as it should......Love & Light

Coach Enrique said...

I feel that Patricia's point is that we would prefer that the FOL stops announcing their final spectacular show as if they were on tour, delaying their appearance just to make it more dramatic. Don't pay them too much attention, we are the ones performing this great show and they won't be here until we complete the work they were not brave enough to accept. Then, only then, we will grant them permission to walk among us....

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ coach. Can't say my sentiments are the same as yours on that matter. Something in my heart tells me that's not the case. And yet each to our own thoughts and therfore I respect all opinions shared here.
Golden Rays everyone. Golden rays!

Anonymous said...

OMG Coach watch that ego my friend!!!!!!! I know this is MY ego talking but seriously Coach are you serious!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Patricia I feel the same frustration you do. But I feel in the message of JUNE 1st . 2011 it was not specific about when something would happen

“In the days that are ahead ... and we speak in terms of days that are nearing”

That could mean anything. Days ahead could be 5, 20, 300 days! They are all ahead! ;)

However on DEC 20th. 2010

“Shafts of Light ... as if they appeared from the sky. I had the FEELING that we will experience this in the coming year. "

"You shall ... and they shall be unable to be called anything other than what they are. Their obvious brilliance shall not go undetected. When they present themselves in this way, do not be deterred by stories of what they may or may not be. KNOW they are from us. “

That is very specific. The coming year at that time was this year, 2011. They said we shall experience this in this year. No other way to interpret that. Blossom has expressed her own worries of nothing happening this year. But we have 6 months left to go. If nothing at that point a lot of people will have to make up their own minds if its worth carrying on.

BTW did Isagenix in January. I went from 200 to 180, girlfriend lost about 15 pounds. 20 pounds in one month is amazing. We both highly recommend it. Shakes are actually okay and she still drinks them for breakfast.

Love and light
Live Long and prosper

Anonymous said...

.. once something is established in the Realms of Cause nothing can prevent it from manifesting in the world of effects, which is the physical plane of Earth. The only variable is how long it will take to become a tangible reality. That variable is determined by the thoughts, words, actions, and feelings of you and me and every other person on the planet. In other words, the more we empower our New Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love the sooner we will experience the wonder of that reality.

The above is an extract from Patricia Cota - Robles, she also says that we at times get to a point (the tipping point) and then we give up and undo all the good we did, so keep on keeping on no matter what.

Now do they know us? more then we do I feel, but still we are dragging the chain,yet they keep on keeping on with us, God I love them, I have never come across such love..this is why I still keep on keeping on because they do! Love,light and joy Kerrie xxx

Coach Enrique said...

On my last comment, I had to go to the other extreme to balance the thinking wave of this group. I don't feel it's healthy for our Soul to expect anything from a group that in 3 years have not been able to prove it even exists. We DO exist and the fact that our eyes are naturally located to witness our surroundings and not on top of our head looking up indicates clearly where we should focus during our lives. We are here on Earth for the most important reason, and longing for other places to be or other beings to meet is out of place. Keep focused, don't accept this distraction, there is still a lot to do and time is running out.

Anonymous said...

People do change.. in a positive way!

Look at all these positive reactions on this little youtube film:


I remember that a few years ago there were more negative reactions on this kind of films and information brought out by people filming this.

The high energies are doing their job very well! :)



Red said...

I found a shaft..of clouds =3

Just kidding it's just natural phenomena but it's really pretty check it out.


Anonymous said...

I have to ask this question.
I am sure all/most of you know that many many millions of people on this Planet believe that Aliens are actually Demons, working for Satan to have the people accept/come willingly to him.
Has it been considered that guile could be what the FOL is using??
I need to point out that I do not for one minute think that, but very many do.
Would be interested in your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

To Lyn,

There are not many many millions who believe as you say; but, there are THOSE WHO WISH for many many millions to believe as you say.

The Light, the high Love vibration in people's hearts identifies with The Light in others and promotes Light.

Darkness/fear/lack of love identifies with darkness and promotes darkness.

If somebody reading this is concerned, remember, there is nothing to fear because "By their fruits you shall know them", and that goes for heaven and for earth.

Peace to all


Anonymous said...

To Coach Enrique,

I am sorry but some of us have personal proof of their existence.

On the other hand, where is the proof that time, as you said, is running out?

I understand what you are trying to say, but I think you are generalizing a little, and your perception of life on earth does not apply to all who read this board.



Anonymous said...

If you have any doubt as to their divinity listen to this ladies experience:)


Coach Enrique said...

@ LightLover, thanks for your comment. My only evidence that time is running out for everyone is the undeniable existence of Death. Every second that passes by takes us closer to our unavoidable departure of this world, but in this Special Time -by Grace of Creator- we have the choice to access new Energies present around us and to Ascend with fully consciousness to Higher Realms. If we keep thinking and feeling as if we will be here forever, waiting for something to happen outside ourselves, we won't even notice when our last breath is over. We'll just finish our days as is currently scheduled: inside a coffin or in an ashes' nice container. That is not what we came for.

Anonymous said...

To Coach,

The undeniable existence of death is for everyone and, therefore, time starts running out the moment a new life on earth begins, no? since nobody knows their own life expectancy.

But I knew that was not what you meant in your previous comment and expected your response about Ascension. Where is the proof that this is a special time? Where is the proof that you will ascend to higher realms with a physical body? Where did you get that information?

I hope that you can see where I am going with this.



Anonymous said...

To Patricia,

Hola if you are still reading the board :)

People who would just be starting to get curious about all this ET channeling are going to become extremely frustrated with so much that can be found on the internet.

There are dizzying amounts of information, and they won't know how to take it all, or which to take.

The material that you mention in Latinamerica, is it in Spanish or Portuguese? Are they original messages in Spanish or are they the translations that many have made from different English speaking channelers?

Well, for those of you who are beginning, only focus on messages that speak of Love, promote Love, embody Love.

It is true that there are deceivers and you need to know where they come from. They come from the astral world, not from other planets or higher realms.

Then there are those who call it a channeling and it is only their ego speaking. Be careful.

The astral world contains different energies and some like to play with the minds of the living. They deceive. They can pretend to be whoever they wish, from a dead relative to an extraterrestrial.

How will you know? Easy, focus on Love, the high vibrating, joyful, inspiring energy, and you will not be deceived.

Some clues that an astral (or other) is the messenger with intent to deceive:

It leaves you with a heavy heart. It feels oppressive, like if someone turned off your light. There is no joy in your heart. The message has too many words without inspirational content. There is judgment and attitude like one from the living. It doesn't inspire you to become a better person.

Hope this helps.


patricia said...

oek is, what a year is.

"In the days that are ahead ... and we speak in terms of days that are nearing ." This is clear to me. it is not in a year, in a month, it is in the nearing days. Near is near.

Dear Lady, your are really a lady. The only reason I still read this channels is because of you.

Red said...

Check this out:


Coach Enrique said...

@ LightLover, I knew what you meant and I also have personal proofs of everything that I declare. Unfortunately, it's not possible to share them in words, they have to be experienced. It's like describing to you the most delicious food I've ever tasted, I may give you a detailed description of flavors, texture, even the recipee to prepare it, but that won't ever give you the REAL thing, which is the experience to eat it. Anyway, don't take my posts too literally, I am aware that my writing style is not polite at all and most of the times may sound too direct or authoritarian which can be annoying to some people. That being said, a final observation, not sure if where you live is happening but here, a large city, most people are acting driven by the fear of a deep sense of NOT HAVING ENOUGH TIME, check it out.

Anonymous said...

The 21st solstice is again upon us and last year when Blossom gifted us with The Activation Channel from The Federation of Light I was guided to go to the blue mountains,last night a member of my site spoke to God as did I ( I rarely go direct like this, but I felt compelled) we both experienced an answer to our prayers immediately and this was hers,she has asked me to read it out loud when I go once again to the blue mountains for the solstice,I am obviously over caring what everyones interpretation of who or what God is,I just felt such a sense of presence all night last night, there was no sense of it being a personality, it was all encompassing love that was assisting me release ever so gently, tears kept following for both me and indeed Tracy and I just prayed to that, I don't know what else to call it, so I will just call it God!Here is what Tracy got:

Our Father who art everywhere
Holy and Sacred is the vibration of your name.
Thy Kingdom has come and thy will is being done
on Earth as it is in the Heavens.
Teach us this day to acquire for ourselves
our daily bread.
And forgive us for slumbering for so long as
you now so lovingly begin to awaken us.
Help us to have compassion for those who choose
to sleep a bit longer.
Let us not be lead into this slumbering
state ever again.
Deliver to us the ability to not be guided by
those who know you not and who know not
that you and I are ONE.
For together ours is the Kingdom the True Power
and the Glory forever and ever ~ AMEN........................

Peace and love Tracy

yk248 said...

Thanks Bloss

Thanks FOL for the latest channeling.

Love and Light

yk248 said...

oh haha,

I just did the key thing, definitely felt something happening (energy passing through the body of a different kind than usual and seeing in mind's eye orbs of light on left and right sides of spine at certain points, symmetrycally)

Cool :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Coach Enrique, thank you.

No, I didn't take your posts literally. I did all of this for those who took it literally and your contradictions might have left them confused.

I know exactly what you are talking about, and I know it is not possible to share with words. Same as you, I also have personal life experience about the concepts and events you mentioned, but many other people only rely on what they read from channelings, and they are waiting to feel or see something, and then they get very frustrated because they don't feel or see anything.

It is natural that they would feel that way, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to look up with eyes and soul. They would not be doing that if they did not have an inner urge, subconscious or at soul level, but it is there... otherwise they would not even be attracted to these kinds of messages from Blossom and others.

I know about running out of time. My question had a purpose but I am going to stop now.

For all of you who are waiting, believing, expecting, but not yet experiencing CONSCIOUSLY; know that something REALLY beyond your normal perception is happening. If you don't already, soon you will feel an uncontrollable inner excitement and joy that nobody will be able to tell you that it is not real, and I am sure you will start having other kinds of experiences. If I can suggest something it would be, don't expect anything because then you would be limiting the type of experience that you would have. Just leave it open. Pray, ask to be given/shown whatever serves your Highest Good . Don't be afraid. Forgive. Be joyful, be Love, and everything then takes care of itself.

Love and Light to all,


Anonymous said...

For everyone still living their lives controlled by time (besides work).

Try to let go of the feeling "We're running out of time". When the TIME is right, we all will know. Untill then try to live in love and light with a positive attitude. There is not such a thing as time, we created it ourselves. On a higher level they are not living with time as we know today, here, on our planet.

Try to let go of being controlled by time. For example: Don't feel frustrated or let down by the fact the Galactic Federation haven't introducted themselves yet worldwide. Because they will. In fact, they are already here, but they're not able yet to show themselves. Don't focus on time, but on love, hope and light :):




Anonymous said...

thanks for this. just to clarify the area they indicated for inserting golden key IS the 6thchakra- Ajna, 3rd eye as they kinda corrected Blos's saying it was in the crown which is the 7th chakra located at top of the head. I just wanted to make sure if you practice this to insert le key in right place. Sounds like fun heh? then we can rest some. peace and bless ~

Anonymous said...

Besides the regular tingling I usually get in my crown, I haven't really experienced anything (that I was aware of) during past activations. This time was amazing though. By the second turn of the key I almost fell out of my chair due to the shock of the sensation I felt in my 3rd eye. There are no words to describe it.

Anonymous said...

Do any of you honestly believe these are aliens as in out side your self. I think this is a hedonistic feel good as possible type vibe here. You know avoid hate, only peace and love. That kinda gooey sappy display of public affection. Its clear with the instant aversion to any outside view here. Even to what coach said about time being short got attacked as his identity.

In all honesty the rise of this pantheon worship under a different guise via many of those channelings should be obvious. Its the flip side of science yet both worship (work for) the planets as gods. God is sol in nature. The Sun dominates and encompasses how we should live asking for nothing. Gives self away. Yet no one truly sees the Sun for we are blinded because we think we know. He is here everyday inside all and most wait wait wait for his return in the darkness of blindness.

We must fix our world. We must stand up to these stuards who sit in the SUN seat and play God. There is heavy suggestion going on and has been for 2 thousand years. "Jesus" was going to complete the hoop to america and treat others as him self. You see what happened right? Yet he was denied and ego war monsters have taken grasp of our minds. They act a certain way, pyramid style, with one guy on top and all the underlings act accordingly. Holy see and holy do, monkey see monkey do. The guy, and he is a man, that sits in a high chair and creates suffering everywhere is powered by us because we don't stand up to him.

So you can go all astral and run away from the real issues here or you can look at the darkness and shine your light at it like pillars of. All is one right. Then let us clean up this mess one made so other ones that get born here can have a better time becoming.

Or we can hang out with "????" and its bloodlines of dead followers worshiping the return to its former status. Doesn't bode well for our mother though.

The time is upon us. Think about how long the trails up in the sky have been going on. Cannot avoid seeing that if you have been raising awareness even the slightest bit. Yet the whole flooding of duality of some blindly saying yeah its real bad stuff and I know all about it and others saying I am science I know its condensation case closed. Its all here say from both sides yet my eyes see the trails all over the world for 4 years. Nothing is getting done.

All this space stuff is rome antics playing the role of savior because we just sit back and watch the show. They are waiting to set somebody up though. A hanged man is needed. If that person shows up would you have enuff discernment to see with your eyes and hear with your ears or would you need others to tell you your truth.

Been a while since I commented so its an outpour.

Mr. Brown

Anonymous said...

Mr.Brown any worship that is being done is by us humans and I for one am in awe of the divinity that I am feeling WITH IN ME at times,however that divinity is fleeting and those that feel it can't wait until they feel it again,these beings are not into worship, it is not their way, here is Dr.Steven Greers talk on what is happening and who is involved should you want some clarity on who these beings are,what they want and who within our power elite want's to keep us waring with each other and why! only an hour and a half of light viewing?
Personally I prefer the lighter stuff but this is quiet easy to listen to really and I do at least try and get some knowledge of what all those clever people are doing and have been doing for over 60 years now,see the thing is this is not a game we are playing, we know what is going on and we are dedicated to changing ourselves so we can change the world,I was not aware off all this until Oct the 14th 2008 and I have since then being working full on to do what I can,as are most of us here,we are remembering,Quantum Physicist Gregg Braden is good with how energy works also.


As Director of The Disclosure Project, Dr. Greer presided over The Disclosure Project Press Conference from the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Over 20 military, government, intelligence, and corporate witnesses presented compelling testimony regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life forms visiting the planet, and the reverse engineering of the energy and propulsion systems of these craft. Over 1 billion people heard of the press conference through webcast and subsequent media coverage on BBC, CNN, CNN Worldwide, Voice of America, Pravda, Chinese media, and media outlets throughout Latin America. The webcast had 250,000 people waiting online - the largest webcast in the history of the National Press Club.

Ami said...

Dear Blossom and fellow travellers,
I have made the practice of the key on day 21, and really felt strong energy, like being powered.
Thank you and the FOL.
Love to all you!

Coach Enrique said...

We could put aside the "time" word and call it an illusion, but this 3rd dimensional experience ends at some point and that's a fact we cannot -and should not- put aside. Actually, the full awareness of our physical death could be the spark we need to throw away -in a second- everything that prevents us to find True Freedom. The reality of own death balances our lives like nothing else can, and from that point, we can move easily forward, wherever we want.

Anonymous said...

This video is incredible, if anyone has anyone living in England and has seen or knows about this please let us know!


Thank you, more then you know, for all of your efforts.