Feb 10, 2011

A Celebration of Life.

Only just back tracking a few years, when somebody's time on earth was up, when it was perfectly in tune for them to move on up the stairs to a lighter brighter day , we would attend a FUNERAL. A rather morbid affair with everyone dutifully clad in black and not a smile to be seen. Everyone spoke in a whisper out of respect for the deceased and their mourning kin.



I did so today. A beautiful soul who belonged to our local theatre and had 'oft times lent her skilled services to turn my locks in to one style or another or gracefully transform my fine hair into a mass of curls with a wig or 'piece'. All the while smiling and chatting even when not feeling so perky.

The place was awash with colour. We had been asked to dress this way. A veritable rainbow of feather boas and headbands with flashing glitter balls danced around the room of chatter and laughter before the service began. What a joy!

I looked around to see so many familiar faces from our community of Noosa. Extra seats were placed in the courtyard as the inside was bursting at the seams.

Wow! She certainly was some lady!I knew of course only of my personal feelings toward her. Yet did this display of respect for her not portray more than a thousand words could ever express?

Through out the 'event' there was both laughter and tears. Emotions stirred in each one of us as close family and best friends she had left behind, thanked her for what she had 'given' them that they could now and forever hold dearly to their heart.

They spoke of how she always had a smile , always had a hug. How she had touched their lives so deeply just by BEING who she was. She wasn't a celebrity. She wasn't a politician or a famous sportswoman. She never made the headlines in the daily newspaper! She was like most of us ... another Human Being on this planet playing her role at BEING human. And yet it was quite clear that to all she had touched, she was a star ... and a shining one at that.

It made me think about the affect we can all have on another's life. How will your 'Celebration of Life' be conducted? Will it be said of you that when you walked in a room ... it lit up? Will people speak of your kindnesses ? Will they talk of you fondly and speak of how loving you were and how you laughed and uplifted others?

What would you like to be said about you when you are no longer here? What mark are you going to leave on this planet? How will you have affected another's life? Will their memories be ones that they choose to keep close to their hearts? Will your Celebration of Life be like this lady's ... packed to the rafters?

Think on this for a while. Be honest with yourself. Do you make the most of your friends and family when you are with them ... or is it taken for granted that you'll see them tomorrow anyway ... and maybe then you'll be feeling in a more sociable mood? But that tomorrow may not be there. It may never come.

We awake with each new day . We never think it may be our last.

Keep in mind how precious this life of yours is. Each and everyone of us is so very important to somebody . Maybe many, maybe few. But everyone is important to somebody. Don't underestimate the glory of who you are and the difference you can make!

Give Joy. Be joy. When you leave a room let those you left in it ... feel exhausted from laughter. Let their spirits be uplifted because of the compliments you paid them. And most of all , leave them KNOWING that they are LOVED.

Make the most of every breath you have been blessed with . Do not waste it moaning and complaining of what might have been or what should have been. For you just never know when that breath may cease this time around. You just never know.

I know this lady shall continue to shine her energy back stage and in the hearts of many.

In Love and respect to a lady that knew (although she probably had no idea she knew) how to leave a lasting impression ... (will you?) ... as she took her final curtain call and settled down in her new home ... just a breath away.

A pleasure to have shared a small part of the journey with you Nolene!!

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays
Bloss xxx


Top Model Life said...

I L0VE cowinkydinks (coincedences) as it goes, I too am attending a "celebration of life" for a man who was a former boss but much more importantly, a friend for over 12 years. I am so thankful for the changes in awareness around this event that now ALLOW expressions of cheer at these times. We ARE getting it, slowly sometimes, but still.

Sahari said...

A lovely tribute to your friend, Nolene, Blossom. Thank you for sharing the love.

I humbly offer offer a tweak to the paradigm of your case. Though I'm sure your intention was otherwise, it almost sounded as if one should CARE about what other people say about them, as a motivation for spiritual growth.

Everyone's journey, whether or not it is celebrated or admired by others, is a journey of love, their own personal and sacred dance with God.

The onus is on everyone else to see MORE than an epitaph of approval or disapproval, wisely deferring to the Truth that our Earth-bound selves are but a piece of a grander puzzle of US.

It is indeed difficult to not assume that everyone's heart should feel like our own when it is bursting with love. Love has sooooo many different languages... and therein lies the adventure!

So many thanks to you Blossom, and hat doffs, for your unfailing generosity of spirit.

Love, Sahari

Coach Enrique said...

@ Sahari: your postings have a distinct frequency that always connects to my Heart. Thanks.

aussielightwarrior said...

Beautiful lady of light,
I received the news late thursday evening, when Matty rang to tell me. When I heared his words, I was not unhappy, yes I was tearful, but not sad or down.

Your words brought tears to my eyes as I read your wonderful words. Nolene is a beautiful lady whom "always had a smile" for everyone no matter what, she always made my times lighter and brighter, whether it was helping with front of house or backstage, her beautiful energy was always there. A beautiful lady to call a friend. Thank you so so much for your beautiful tribute, Blossom.

Life is a celebration that allows the best in everyone to come forward unconditionally, without expecting something in return. How far have we all come in such a short period, in just a few years in fact. We do not need to bow to another, we do not need to bleed our knees in worship, all we need to do is SMILE to everyone and they will be lifted up regardless of whether they are aware or not.

The news came only 3 weeks after I laid my father to rest, but again it wasn't sad, yes many more tears, but no sadness. A celebration of his life and the best was yet to come.
As I learnt, he was out dancing a couple of nights before and the next night dinner with friends and teaching Tia Chi. As I rushed to be at his bed side, many things happended physically to me that were not of this world (these I hold very dear to my heart). In the end, he left exactly the way he wanted, quietly and with no fuss. He lived his life in celebration always.

Again, thank you for your beautiful tribute to such a wonderful lady..

Dan xx

Anonymous said...

in your gfl channelings..... ASK SOME ACTUAL RELEVENT QUESTIONS. ive been seeing the same bullcrap overrr and overrr and overrr and overrrr. we all know light and love is the way to be. ask them what the hell is taking so damned long.. we got it that love is the way of living. anyone who reads ur stuff already knows this b4 they even come to ur website..... noone wants to hear the same crap over and over

Sahari said...

@ Anonymous.

The way I see it your choices here are: either give up and walk away, or stop complaining and start changing yourself instead of waiting for your world to change.

Someone self-realized in Love would not be able to post what you just posted. So what's inside of you that's blocking your fullness of love? THAT's what you need to worry about, my friend -- instead of the timetable. The Divine Realm HAS Beings in charge of that... maybe you think you could do a better job? :-) (Been there, done that).

Now get up, and try again.

Love to a comrade,

Coach Enrique said...

It seems to me that we are not "getting it". The Love and Light that the FOL talk about are not the love and light we are used to know. On our normal frequency, love is an emotion, a feeling of warmth. On the frequency we yearn to achieve, Love is a full State of Being. We are getting bored of their messagge only because we are not understanding. Love and Light are one and the same, you cannot have one without the other, so exactly as Light is created by the merge of all the possible existing colours, we will allow Love to manifest in our experience only when we integrate and merge all the possible emotions/frequencies, INCLUDING fear and despair. We cannot say we are Love and Light if we still perceive the individual emotions and judge them as if they were separated one from the other. We'll BE Love and Light when we discover and understand WITH OUR HEART that every single emotion/frequency -SPECIALLY those considered bad or undesireable- are as important and valuable as any other. Only then we'll find the totality of Ourselves and we'll experience Freedom.

aussielightwarrior said...

For Anonymous,

Sahari and Coach Enrique are quite right for when one is self realized one understands everything from a heart level, No questions need to be answered.
One does not have to look outside or to another for any answer regarding FOL or any other soul question for that matter.
It take quite a special individual to really have a long long look in the mirror and change onself from the inside out, we are in duality on earth afterall. Most of us can not look that deep inside without totally adjusting all our belief systems, or totally removing them altogether and starting with a fresh slate. If you only look at this experience at face value and continue to judge and give into fear, then that is what shall be returned to you, until such time, that you realise, everything, every thought, action, reaction, dream comes from unconditional love. Learn the fine art of discernment along with numerous other attributes the FOL reminds us all about and your life will change, you will glow love, you will vibrate love, you will resonate LOVE always.

Give yourself permission to quieten and listen to the beautiful peace in your heart. Give yourself permission to surrender to all that is not permanent. You will feel you subtle vibrations or your goosebumps when YOUR truth resonates from you heart.

Anonymous, may your every single moment be forever filled with the most treasured jewels of your soul.

toolmaan said...

I agree, what is taking so long? I'm so tired of pretending to live my life as if things are not going to change. I just started studying at a university, and it sucks lying to my family and friends that everything is going well for me. When in reality I'm not here to study, I'm just here waiting for something big to happen, whatever that will be. I'm living in a lie, and I hate that.

Sahari said...


The wonderful souls who have achieved self-realization did so BY choosing to seek, and eventually -- who knows how many lifetimes and on what planets those lifetimes took place -- they they got there. The lifetime in which they 'got there', they were surrounded by others who were experiencing un-self-realized aspects of their own story, so looking into that particular world and lifetime makes the self-realized individual SEEM special, but really, they are just there because that's where they were then.

The point being is they ALL started out in some kind of ignorance. The SEEKING makes all the difference. Nobody is going to come along and 'turn on the new world' switch. Every single soul here is being given an opportunity to choose Love. It is very much like the scene in Raiders of the Ark (with Sean Connery) in which they needed to choose the correct chalice in order to gain eternal life. Everyone will choose according to their ability to know Love, and if one has NOT looked deeply and made efforts (at least) to clear out the debris, how possibly will they recognize Love in it's unconditional state? And there's nothing wrong with that, is there? Everyone is currently in the process of assigning THEMSELVES as this separation process continues. Everyone will get what they truly, deep, deep, down, desire. The story is contained within one's ability to KNOW what they harbor, deep, deep down.

And @ Coach Enrique: Thank you for your earlier acknowledgment -- I recognize your frequency as well.

I would like to present some thoughts for your consideration, regarding your last post: Though negative energy is very much part of the Great ALL, it is there to foster discernment -- for could there be choice otherwise? Yet negative energy is it's own consciousness with an inherent agenda of self-strengthening -- IT DOES CONSUME. God's ever-present 'offer of salvation' is built right into the system, for by looking and seeing energies for what they are (discernment), choosing accordingly (action), we are participating in The Process, which moves us THROUGH AND BEYOND Maya, Illusion, the Material Realm, etc. -- each step putting us a bit further into Lightness, Higher vibration, etc. Ultimately, The Process will take us through the dropping of our third-dimensional body, our astral body, and our causal body, before we are truly Home: the completely Spiritual Realm. I am thinking that negative energy does not reside there, for propulsion (choice) is no longer necessary, because we don't want to be anything other than Who We Really Are In God. And the journey continues from there, but that's a completely different type of story.

The story of Earth's Ascension is truly beyond awesome. Yet, when we put it into an even grander perspective, we see that we are moving up a couple of dimensions, into the beginnings of the astral realm.

That's it for now, thank you for reading these thoughts. It's such a pleasure to exchange perceptions with loving hearts!

Love, Sahari (Blossom, I won't post this much again. Promise!)

aussielightwarrior said...

@ Sahari,
I thank you for your beautiful perspective. I so enjoy reading from the heart....

May your every moment be forever filled with the most treasured jewels of your soul.

RafaelVR said...
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Coach Enrique said...

@ Sahari: abusing of Blossom kindness to allow us this almost private chat that drifts away from the purpose of her latest Post, I'll add a few words. Let's put first aside the term "negative" and let's talk in terms of high/low frequencies. Would it be fair to call purple color a negative thing just because it has a low frequency (wave length)? I believe ALL frequencies are present in all the levels of existence, what makes the difference is where your Consciousness lies. When we ascend to Higher levels, our Consciousness just won't be able to access the lower ones, even if for some crazy reason we intended to do so. I really hope Ascension is not going all the way to the total Spiritual Realm, I'd love to experience quite a lot with my Light body and I still want to make choices on the new Awesome and Glorious World :) Peace....

yk248 said...

Love your thoughts and insights Sahari!!!

Much Love,


Red said...

Good evening.
I want you to check this out very beautiful.
Australia :3


Ami said...

Dear Blossom,
what a beautiful and exciting channeling! Really uplifting! Thank you, as always.

yk248 said...

Thank You for latest channeling Blossom!!

LOVE and LIGHT your way :)


Anonymous said...

More "mysterious" sun haloes reported and posted on spaceweather.com

At the very least, lovely to look at.

PenguinUK said...

The energies are becoming stronger. People at all stages of their soul journey are feeling it, and beginning to question the falsehoods. Be it the events in the Islamic world (one of high indoctrination rather than self-awareness), or the scary-at-first but comforting realisation experienced by those who always felt "new age" for want of a better term.
The grey porridge that many fall into is separating into a dark-light mix, where most instantly remember they prefer the "light" taste, and will encourage their fellow souls to like it more too. (Not TELL them, religions prove this wrong, just SHOW them how happy you are with your brand of life, and hope they ask you for a taste. Never preach, wait to be asked.)

Exciting times for all. But it's all about feeling and not thinking.

Much love to all!

Wanda said...

Dearest Blossom, much Love to you. I'm so joyful and grateful the FOL chose to continue with this last message. As they said before, somehow reading their words,
is in itself an energy exchange. I feel it.. I know I'm not alone!
After reading the last chanelling, I went ouside to look at the moon. Almost full..cloudy here.. but the clouds seemed to be parting around the moon. Like a ring... glowing so many colors around it. It looked like a rainbow ring around the moon. As I stared at it , I felt sooo much energy flow into me... was amazing. I came back inside, and suddenly, I felt overwhelmed..like seeing stars..dizzy... not sick, but took me a few minutes to adjust. I feel like something major shifted, just like you said!
And my brothers & sisters... PLEASE .. NOW is the time to talk about all you know. I have co-workers reading Galactic Channelings now, and they tell me what they see!.. A year ago, No Way... I love it! Blossom, the seeds keep multiplying.
As we all await the JOY that will be, let's keep shining our light for all to see. We are the beacons now.

Namaste' my friends, we are truly all ONE.

Sahari said...

Exciting times.

People giving their lives for freedom. On any level, it speaks to every other level! One only needs die to know there is no death. One only needs to Be love in the face of hate to Become the power of Love.

There is only a relative difference in miracle between ships landing and people standing up to dictator's bullets. This is Love on the move. This is transformation, though barely scratching the surface of what is to come.

Blossom, you have been a rock for us. Whether or not you feel that way any or all of the time, SO many have found shelter in your strength of belief. Thank you, and to all who congregate here and elsewhere, in Love, I am forever grateful.

Anonymous said...

God your beautiful Sahari:) thanks for all your comments,Wanda,everyone here has uplifted me,I have just read a channell from St Clare through Zilanthra www.starportearth.com explaining why we are feeling all these emotions,we need to remember that we are one and what is going on anywhere has an affect on us,unity conscious has increased,this is why it is so important we stay in our centre,that is not to be 'self centred' but to be centred in self and have a deep knowing of who that self is,It is all well and good to focus on the positive, but these emotions need to be looked at and healed,soul integration as asktheo.com calls it,that is what we are on this planet for, to experience emotions, but I think we have taken it a bit too far,a little balance is needed,so as we go through this next phase as The Federation of Light called it, I am going to keep reading this I hope it helps everyone here the way it keeps helping me,I love AA Michael:
“Be gentle with yourselves as you move into Higher Dimensional Life. Know that sometimes the Flow may be easy as you work with the Miracles of Creative Manifestation, and sometimes it will be a little difficult as you may briefly drop into old frequency addictions and fear habits. This will be because many around you will still be in the frequencies of fear and they may briefly shift you from your center. If this happens, just gently move back into the Higher Frequencies of Love and Peace. It is so important that you embody this Radiant Light so that others may experience Higher Frequencies and learn to align with these energies."
— I AM Archangel Michael

P.S. Blossom I wish you well with your benefit show for the flood victims,what is it you theatre people say? break a leg! sooo weird that saying, but have fun:)

Anonymous said...

Blossom thank you so much for the new channeling today. I just wanted to tell you that I also watched that ETX trailer last night, but I believe it is actually a fake. From what my friends tell me, it was a well edited fake trailer, taken from clips of different movies and tv series with a bit of CGI added to make it look like a real trailer. Thankfully I don't think it will be hitting theaters any time soon! :-)

Anonymous said...

Et x was just a joke trailer. That's not a real movie.

Nir said...

Hi Blossom!
Don't worry about ET-X, it is what is called a fan trailer, made by a very creative fan of ET using various clips from various movies and a lot of computer graphics. It is not real, it is a joke, and an excellent one!
It is NOT a movie that is about to come out.

yk248 said...

Thanks for the latest channeling Blossom :)

Walter's art is wonderful :)

Also, there is a new movie coming out, which I kinda like the concept of cos it's about an alien which acts exactly like some human beings (it's funny, really cool!)

Check out the trailer here:


Wanda said...

My dearest Blossom, first let me say that I love you for all that you do for the ALL. And thanks to all for this last message.
I must confess though, that I was a little caught off by the movie question. It felt kind of strange, considering how many of these movies are coming out so fast.
However, I loved the FOL's response...does it really matter right now, considering the waves of change? And is it really where you want to focus?
OH, and how many of us do go home and find that comfortable chair and turn on the telly.... hhmmmm?
But I do go out every night and look at the 'jewels' in the sky... just for us.
Namaste' Now is the time.

Blossom Goodchild said...

Hi Wanda. I know what you mean ... it's just I found myself getting unusually disturbed by it due to the LOVE factor that little ET has always given off and not knowing it was just a trailer that someone had concocted (still bad enough)I felt it was going to have such a full on negative effect.I live and learn!!! Love to all. Hope to get a blog done this weekend !