Feb 27, 2011


As happens so often when I start a blog post I have no idea what it is to be about I just know it's about time I got on and did one!

Interesting how I had put in my last channelling how I actually FELT the 'Turning Point' in which a shift took place within me ... within my heart. I have been really working on the LOVE LIGHT focus in my heart and trying to envisage it at all times ... so that it eventually became a gentle acknowledgement that simply had its place and I knew was always there as I went about my day. I KNOW this ... for me ... was a contribution to this shift. It was like the proverbial Light bulb being switched on. TING!

My heart and brain ... Der! ... suddenly understood that I would always be looked after ... why wouldn't I be? Therefore I had absolutely nothing to worry about ... nothing to fear. I am 'playing my part' the best way I know how ... learning as I go, but doing my best to BE of LOVE throughout my every breath. Not yet perfect of course, but certainly a long way down the track from a few short years ago.

Before, when I have been in desperate need of financial assistance, I would comment on how I know I would be looked after etc, and although sometimes left to the eleventh hour and fifty ninth minute ... I always have been. I had a sort of pleading 'please let this be OK ' tone to my prayers! Clearly I had not yet sussed what TRUE TRUSTING is all about. And it is in this field I FEEL I have stepped up a notch or two. It just came to me so easily ... Why would the God/Love/Universe (whatever word suits) ... why would it not provide if we are living a life that is in the flow of Love and goodness? It simply wouldn't be right for everything not to comply with our desires. OF COURSE I AM GOING TO BE LOOKED AFTER ...WHY WOULDN'T I BE?

When I looked into the matter more deeply I realised that I had been holding myself back from this level because of my conditioning. Because of all the little anecdotes that had been implanted into my brain since childhood. No fault of my parents ... the fault of mankind and how we had fallen into the negativity that we have, due to a thousand pile ups of fear, one on top of the other.

But NO MORE. WE, down here at this time, have come to change that ... isn't it about time we did!! We are moving into a time when we realise that we are ALL worthy. We are ALL one and the same. We are ... for want of a better way of putting it ... 'Gods/Loves children' ... God's/Loves creations ... It is not GOD/LOVE that has determined as to whether we are of joy or suffering ... it is ourselves. We KNOW better now. We KNOW we have the right to choose. We can FEEL the strength rising within us and no longer shall we allow the forces of a lesser Light to pull us under.

We are on the rise , within every aspect of ourselves ...and there 'aint nothin' and nobody that can stop us!!!!!!

Hand in hand ... along with all this KNOWING comes Mr Gratitude!! This too, we know makes a huge difference to our Mrs Attitude!!! By focusing on all our blessings ... and if one chose, they could have a list of thousands of them ... depending on one's outlook ... By FEELING the gratefulness ... TRULY FEELING IT ... not just a flippant 'yeah right ... cheers' , but a HEARTFELT burst from inside that takes your breath away ... THIS is how we are also making changes. To really BE in gratitude cannot help but change the vibration of yourself and those around you. For on the premise that we are ALL ONE ... by giving thanks for all you have and all that you are , you are giving thanks for all that everybody else has and all that everyone else IS! For BEING grateful for the peace in my life I am BEING grateful for the peace in the world ... therefore manifesting peace. For BEING grateful for all the abundance in my life , I am BEING grateful for the abundance in everyones life ... therefore manifesting abundance ... to me ... to you ... to the planet. What a brilliant scheme we are part of ... we just need to 'get it' in order to understand it ... in order to make it work.

I know I am not the first and certainly shan't be the last to appreciate this Divine plan. There are so many mentors and teachers out there guiding us, showing us the way. Yet to reiterate ... to be reminded ... to grasp the concept and pass it on ... is creating a movement of LIGHT that is so bright, you can FEEL the effect throughout your BEING. You cannot do anything other than smile for you realise you are beginning to KNOW that KNOWING. 'AH-HA!' one squeals!! ... 'This is what it's all about. This is what we have been waiting for. AH-HA! At long last ... I'm getting it.'

I know I am not alone in this shift, for since my channelling the other day I have had some letters from others saying they are feeling exactly the same. They too actually 'felt' ... the 'turning point'.

You've gotta admit ... it's very exciting. SO much change happening in the world politically. In no way am I a political bunny as many of you know ... but GOOD things are happening. The world is stirring out of it's complacency. We are fighting back!

Of course there are still dramatic changes taking place from within the earth. For she too is stirring and this is causing disruption on the topside. All these great changes from the old to the new will cause stirrings that will manifest in different ways. Yet this is ALL part of the deal. We KNEW of this before we came ... and we knew that we would be strong in the face of adversity and KNOW to shine our Light to those places, for it is the most poignant thing we can do!

All this and we are still in February!! What on earth will be happening in July! What on earth indeed!!

PS.. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I just posted this, then went to my inbox. This link was sent to me twice. The synchronicity of these words ... matched this blog so well ... I am beaming. Just had to come back and share. What a beautiful voice this man has!!


Enjoy my friends.

sending out so much
Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays
Blossom xx


Anonymous said...

Yep loved the youtube ! time to be centred and focused ….you can not fail to be affected by those around you …yep! ……..the mass will go through what we have gone through, but they will go through it easier and faster because of you….love it! Thanks for that Blossom and I am glad your heart is full,I am not there yet,I am in a space of needing to be on my own for a bit, as if this has been a looong journey and I am tired and want to slow down,but probably won’t, it will all just move on in a different manor, but I feel very focused and still on the same path just less defensive and with more resolve,I can therefore not concern myself with others beliefs and judgements,as I know my path and I am more confident with it,I feel I can stand on my own two feet more and speak my truth with more conviction and I do not need as much back up. (except from my Angels and guides, I give GRATITUDE for that) I just need to remember to come from the heart to the head not the other way around,bit of a balancing act!
So let all those that have all their own beliefs, tell me their concerns about my truth, it will be water off a ducks back now I feel. I will just go out side look up at the stars and top up:) and as The Federation of Light say …without a doubt. For I have become bored with the roller coaster ride the unworthy ego has put me on,I am going to align my vibration with all that is of light and love and unworthy has nothing to do with that!

Henrique said...

Hi Blossom, just to say that ET X is not a real movie. It is fake. It was edited with picked up parts of several movies. So its a joke and will never happen!
Thank you for your hard work channeling! I read it every time.

Pudim said...

Hey, Blossom. Henrique beat me to it, but he's right. ET-X is just a fan made trailer and not related to any kind of real movie.

Just a joke, one of those fake trailers that fill the internet.

Blossom Goodchild said...

Thanks guys. Yes,I found this out quite early on and added a bit to the end of the channelling on my web page . glad its only a trailer ... still damaging ... just not so lengthy! thank you all the same for taking the time to let me know. xxx

yk248 said...

I really like this trailer to this upcoming movie. I think it's funny, and pro-alien!! :)


Anonymous said...

Well, i´m sorry, i never heard of this "ET X" berfore BUT, if this is a fake movie, a joke, a fan made movie trailer that people knows about from youtube, how come the Federation of light didnt know about it?? Really strange to me...

"This is not new to us for we have been aware of this matter even as it was in thought form."

In other words, the Federation of light said that they knew all the way, from the thought form through the procces of actually making the movie.

First was the oct 14 event, later they said 2010 would be the year of first contact, and now this...

Its getting hard to keep with it.


Sahari said...

@ Eddie.

The "fake" trailer -- seen by many though not a 'real' movie -- is still something that had it's origination as a seed of thought.

Any visual has the power to affect, so why split hairs over whether or not you pay money at the box office to 'see' the visual? Are you saying that you believe that only a 2-hour 'feature' has the power to make an impression? Consider how many people who post here KNEW of this trailer! Consider the meaning of the word 'impression' -- look it up in the dictionary and really consider the intention behind the word.

At the so-called end of the so-called day, it's our assignment of value to things (words, events, people, places) that everyone is (hopefully) in the process of assessing and re-prioritizing. Sounds it might be time for you to partake of some good ol' spring housecleaning/furniture rearranging!

And Blossom, that was a Lovely, lovely, LOVELY blog post. Nothing more magical than when something we thought we knew the meaning of (trust, for instance) opens up and presents itself anew to us!

Love, Sahari

Blossom Goodchild said...

Thanks Sahari... In all honesty ... I questioned the very same thing and when discussing with a friend she put me straight ... Basically the same as you have presented in your comment. Plus I do not think it was The Federation that said 2010would be first contact. For me ... I just Love the way I am FEELING and it is because of the way we have been shown by them. Thats what it's all about. That's the importance of their message ... to understand Love. Their appearances will simply be the icing on the cake. I KNOW this in my heart. As for when ... who knows? All is as should be. Much Love. xxx

Anonymous said...


I´m not here to "pick a fight" with anyone. And also, i´m not here to judge anyone. We have freewill...If you think i need to do a housecleaning, nice! I do too. Gosh, if i want to improve myself, i´ll be doing a housecleaning in this life, in the after life, in the next life and so on.

I just made a question and told that felt strange to me, that´s it.

I already told here that i do belive in Blossom´s intention. I do feel it´s from her heart.But it doenst mean i will not have discernment.

And Sahari, interpretation, everyone has it´s own.It depends where you came from, your education, your belives, your life experience. And clearly, yours are different than mine, but that´s fine to me.

This is the channeling from January, 7, 2010:

"Yet we say this … Your eyes are soon to pop out of their sockets when we display to you an inkling of the possibilities. And we can feel you are requesting a time frame around the word ‘soon’ are you not?

blossom:So when you say things like you just have, are we to assume that these wonders are to take place this year?

Dearest and most TRUSTING souls of earth. Can you honestly say that you do not know of this? Can you not feel your hearts beating faster with every new dawn?"

You see, in MY interpretation, the Federation did tells us that something huge in the UFO fenomena would happened in 2010. And it didnt.

p.s: i do appreciate your free speach policy, Blossom.


Anonymous said...

Eddie they would know that it wasn't a movie, but it is not their way to attend to our dramas or to undermine another soul,have you noticed how they choose to speak on that which is of a certain vibration,I never find their conversation trivial,they do not feel the need to prove themselves, that is our journey,It is what they don't say as times that makes me love them.
As for them showing up before the year 2010 was up I think I know what you are referring to, but I can't find the channel at the moment,it was when Blossom asked did they mean before the end of the year and they replied does your heart not feel this,well there are forces at work that are putting a spanner in the works so to speak,but they will not be able to stop 'the wave of love':)

28th Dec 2010 ~tolerance tipping~
Considering conditions of your world at this time we are doing extremely well. And yes, we are talking of conditions regarding extreme weather patterns that are occurring in many parts of your globe. There is interference taking place that is not exactly what you would call 'politically correct'. These freak conditions are not always explained by mother nature and it would appear to those of us who perhaps have intelligent forces streaming information from parts of your planet to us ... (perhaps you would call them 'informers') ... that tampering's with such forces is inadvisable. These incorrect policies cannot be allowed to continue as they are. It is of grave concern that what is taking place behind the scenes is having such a devastating effect and there are limitations to our patience regarding protocol. 

Anonymous said...

Ahh thats the channel I was looking for thanks Eddie, I didn't see your post when I posted....ask and it is given:)

yk248 said...

Blossom Thank you again for a great channeling :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Kerrie,

That´s one possible way to explain it.

But to be honest, i think i dont care anymore. Too many doubt´s about channelings.

But thanks for your kind words, i felt your love through them.

And Blossom, keep on with your good work! I know you are doing what you can to help us all.


Anonymous said...

More pillars of light,thanks to Faith for emailing me this


Red said...

I was just checking out Kerrie's link from the coast to coast website, and I bumped into to this footage. I flying saucer, new footage, check it out very cool:

Anonymous said...

From Diana Cooper

we are asked to send Metatron and Mary's angels to touch Gaddafi to help raise his frequency and bring some compassion.

Remember what The Federation said on the 21st June last year it is time to receive our orders, it is time to release all that doubting and come together and remember who we are,so many are going through so much and we need to unite and empower each other,I have been talking to so many light workers who are exhausted, yet by coming together we are finding renewed strength and hope,I felt a shift a couple of days ago, it wasn't a feeling of joy so much as a feeling of focus resolve, to do more but in a different way,I feel a sense of clarity as if I now know the challengers that are ahead and that it isn't going to be a piece of cake but we are not alone.

P.S. we have a song now and pics for disclosure:)



Anonymous said...

"Pray for us" a young man from Japan's song


Claudia said...

Blessing for Japan

Red said...

Here is a new documentary coming from the National Geographic about the discovery of new ruins supposedly from Atlantis. I'm still sceptic about this location but it's still a nice watch :))))


aussielightwarrior said...

Hello beautiful lady of light,
like so many other wonderful thank you's you have received, please add mine to the list in a really, really big and magnificant way.

I no longer feel the need to give my opinion about anyone or anything, as that simply ditracts my mind and soul away from unconditional love. Each souls prespective is just wonderfully perfect in their being away regardless of their own belief. and I am truly in gratitude for your messages.

There will come a time when I will speak up again, as both White Cloud and you know. But for the time being, tis truly beautiful to see and feel all life and experiences, enveloped in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND PEACE and with no fear!!!

If you are reading this it is for a reason and I wish to gift to you the following:

May your every moment, every breath, be filled with the most brilliantly magnificant jewels within your entire being. Let them shine, let them resonate with your own belief systems and watch the magic unfold.

Light and Love to you all

Sahari said...

Blossom, the latest FOL conversation was pitch perfect, to my understanding. Far from being a chase 'round the block with nothing to show for it, it was profound, with all it's meaning in between the words.

I was going through the same thing you mentioned to them, regarding the 'natural vs. man-made' question about the events in Japan -- I have been unable to feel it one way or another, and because normally I get reads on these kind of things, the absence of 'answer' told me that something else was afoot, that I was at the threshold of an opportunity to 'step up' to an even bigger picture. A picture that transcended the question, if you know what I mean.

So this lead me to a major discovery about 'Truth' (subjective vs. Divine, or Divine with subsets of subjective) and the fountain that is all of our lives 'at the same time'. I won't go into it here, but what the FOL was explaining to you is right in line with what I came upon.

Regarding the sentence that sent your conversation with them on it's trajectory:

--"That which is known upon your planet, so much of which you consider to be borderline is far from the legitimacy of our call."--

I believe they are referring to how much of our world's requirements are actually impositions upon our souls by those who have controlled us for so long; things that we are so used to that we don't object or realize how enslaved we really are. We are so numb to our shackles that it takes big things, like earthquakes, for us to notice that something is 'wrong'. As it turns out, this earthquake was 'natural' but either way, it is Divine, and that's the point. In other words, God uses everything as He reclaims this planet in the name of Love. The game of free choice (any vibration goes) is over here (but will continue in other venues). The earthquake, water, and radiation is the negative energy reeling in response to Divine Consciousness awakening on Terra. The force is such that things will move. And so the plates shifted, and water moved, and now everyone is freaking out. However, when the FOL mentions "boundaries that have been crossed," I believe they are referring to what they COULD tell us if they were allowed, which would freak us out even more, because we really don't know the half of it -- even with the best efforts by the plethora of Internet sources who purport to 'have the scoop'. And that is just as well, because in the end, none of that matters. Love will save the day, not information.

I know it felt like a muddle to you while your conversation was in progress... I hope you feel it when I say that it was brilliant! Thank you for the confirmation, and get ready to receive your consciousness download, 'cause it's in the stream and headed your way!

Love, Sahari

Anonymous said...

Interesting channelling Bloss.
From my point of view I think they were talking about the revolutions taking place in the Middle East. For example: what Ghaddafi is doing to his own people isn't acceptable at all. The same thing in Bahrein and some other countries. A lot of people are dying for their freedom.

Maybe they're talking about something else (maybe we don't know about), but I really think this is an important subject to keep in mind.

Thanks for this channelling :)



yk248 said...

Thanks for the channeling Blossom, maybe you feel that the latest one wasn't very "strong". I do appreciate it though :)

Good job with what you do :)


Coach Enrique said...

What difference does it make if the Earthquake was natural or perpetrated by dark forces? What is importante is that Japanese people do have a choice on how to deal and how to live with this huge challenge and I honour these brave Souls for their choice to participate on it. Most probably thousands, if not millions of souls will rise above material loss, will see the illusion of material priorities and will start to experience closeness with Divine Source and this will bring closer the moment of Ascension. And for those who believe that the Dark Forces are commiting crimes, find Peace in your Hearts, NOW.... being angry -even for just causes- is being Dark....

Wanda said...

Thank you Blossom for always being you. Even though you may not get all things that are said, for others, pieces fit. I agree with Coach Enrique, does it really matter at this point what or who caused the shiftings? We ARE shifting, at deeper levels than we realize.

After reading over this last chanelling twice, my personal feeling is that possibly Gaia is stepping up events; and possibly at a rate too fast. She has her reasons. We are all limited in knowledge just as they said. We will know what we need to when it is time. I believe they just planted another seed!

Certainly our thoughts and actions should be focused on this moment. Don't let yourself be trapped in the lower vibrations of fear. Turn off the news, find something uplifting and trust that other souls are following their paths. It will be as it should be. Love & Light to ALL.

Anonymous said...

Do you want a hug Blossom:)God I do after that one! Thank you for the way you handled that channel too,for I am sure a lot of us would have been disappointed had you not asked them to explain more.
Thank you too all you clever people, I will go and re read the channel and try and understand it better, but to tell you the truth I don't think I will be able to, I thought our conscious was expanding,I wonder if you can go backwards? ((Hugs))

terri said...

thank you blossom, the latest channeling actually was great. the information shared was not only about the words, but a very strong communication beyond words. it also was verification for me personally in regards to a conversation i had the night before. i too did not feel this earthquake was man made.
im not the type to go on about things, but i for some reason am feeling this is important to bring up.
what i am concerned about is the nuclear plants,and the lack of action to protect the people. i feel like they are being left purposely,to suffer and die from radiation. this could happen anywhere,and what would be done?

i feel this is a time for us to voice our strong support for closing all nuclear plants, and focusing on other energy sources. they want to build 200 more in the usa, by the same company that built the ones that are failing in japan.
i think we can look at this as a big warning, and a window of opportunity. its obvious the "authorities" are not going to be truthful about the dangers of the radiation.
here is an article from a former inspector of nuclear power plants.
now that we know their stance is all or nothing, and they will continue with their agenda until the people speak up.
i feel like the time of giving our power away collectively must be over if we want to see different results. letting others decide has not been very pleasant. this is just another example of that.
as part of being powerful beings, we are deciding every moment through our thoughts, feelings, actions, the way our world is, whether we know it or not...

the more we can take back our power in our own lives, the more this helps the collective create a better world. i feel we must all really look inside and see in what ways we are still remaining children and wanting someone else to take care of things for us. its time to remember we are masters and we can do it.

we cannot entertain the idea anymore that "others" have the power to destroy our world. this just gives them power. perhaps this is one reason why i did not even consider that the earthquake was not natural.its just not in my thinking process anymore that anyone has any power over my life.

the fol does know many things and they are correct in not speaking of them. we are to focus on what we can do/be in our own lives to do our best. that is real power in action. life is precious, and so are we, we deserve the best, and should not settle for less.as we continue choosing to be happy,free and responsible, focusing on what we want, life gets better and better.

Anonymous said...

I found the last FOL channelling amazingly powerful.

As "my" truth tells me, it is now about how we react to events, and particularly in the way our media presents them to us.

The natural sadness and empathy we feel when we see suffering or loss is our weakness.. for those of us lucky enough not to be caught up in these events it is important (I believe) not to succumb to depression or tears, but use it as a chance to use our improving skills to send light and love to all afflicted.

It is too easy in these times where some of us are of more heigtened feelings to over analyse each negative event (beit Mother Earth shifting about, civil wars, etc). These things have always happened. It is how we counteract the sadness/anger/impotence we feel and counteract it with love.

The media over-egg these things to provoke emotional responses from us.. to help maintain the negative energies. I fight myself so I don't cry at the loss of life but use the power of my emotions to send love instead. It's not easy, still learning, but "maybe" the way we individually deal with these events is what Fol were eluding to?

Love to all,