Jan 27, 2011

Light Shining!

Well, I have been focusing that Light from within me more and more. I am determined to see my contract through and just BE LOVE. I am so much more aware now of my FEELING'S and how in the past I have allowed them to control me. These day's I am being very vigilant on how I am FEELING about a particular matter.

The 'GOOD VIBES' ... yes by all means ... keep them up ... keep them flowing ... keep them circulating ... keep them emanating ... basically ... keep them! The lower vibes however, that may catch you unaware, recognise them before they take hold. I can hear the battle going on in my head sometimes... 'Go on Blossom, knock yourself down ... keep on with that 'bad feeling' ... what's the point of it all anyway ... it's all too confusing ... who cares!' etc etc ... and then the 'Knight in shining armour inside of me ... the ME that KNOWS better ... the ME that is going to change this world ... rides in on my trusty steed, rears up and says 'Whoah Neddy!!Snap out of it. Pull yourself together. Don't go there. Don't give in to the you that is dying ... the you from the old school ... WHO ARE YOU ? LOVE! What are you going to do right now this minute? ... FEEL that White Light shining out from your heart space ... Yes that's it ... Good on you Bloss ... Keep it up ... Keep it flowing ... Keep it shining out ... For this is who you are!

An email or phone call later and off we go again. 'Oh this is all too hard ... I'm over this struggle ... How are we supposed to KNOW what is Truth and what is not? I'm told to listen to my heart, well my heart just ain't talkin'! Why when I most need to hear from it does it give me the silent treatment? Too hard basket ... everything is in the too hard basket!!!

Then I hear faintly in the back of my head the song ' This little Light of mine .. I'm gonna let it shine' ... It comes a little nearer and a little louder 'This little Light of mine I'm going to let it shine' ... The strength in me ... The KNOWING in me returns once again ... I AM ONLY LOVE ... even louder now 'This little Light of mine 234 I'M GONNA LET IT SHINE ... LET IT SHINE YEAH LET IT SHINE WHOA LET IT SHINE!!

This is what The Federation mean by being vigilant. Don't give in to the old ways. The ways that allowed the ego to dominate. BE only of the NEW WAY. The NEW WORLD.

LIGHT up your life. LIGHT up those around you. If you don't know how to do it by now ... after all we have been taught ... then quite frankly ... you never will. If you are giving in to the lower energies that are holding on by a thread ... then STOP. Ask yourself ... 'In this New World that is upon us, do I want to be FEELING this way?' If the answer is yes, keep doing it ... If the answer is no ... STOP IT!Stop yourself from FEELING the way you DON'T want to FEEL by going straight to your LIGHT in your heart. IT WORKS EVERY TIME. TRULY IT DOES! Focus on it, keep focused on it in everything you do. It changes everything! YOU ... you are changing everything. Changing it into the way YOU want your world to be. It's easy ... if you let it be.

You may be down about lack of money ... go to the Light in your heart. Think about that LIGHT and FEEL how good you FEEL when you KNOW that LOVING in this way ... ALL the time ... is going to bring about that money.

You may be down about a relationship ... go to the LIGHT in your heart and think about that perfect partner that is on it's way to you. FEEL how good you FEEL. KNOW that this IS your life ahead ... because you made it so .... by FEELING it into reality.

FEEL YOUR WAY INTO THE NEW WORLD. Like one who is blind,there are times when we are stumbling in the dark. Which way to turn when we cannot see where we are going? Even worse we don't know where we are going ... but we 'FEEL' our way around. With every step we take we are moving ... sometimes forward , sometimes back , but we are not growing stagnant by standing still, thats for sure!

NOT US ... WE ARE WARRIORS OF LIGHT .... REMEMBER????We are leaders. We are finding our direction in order to show others the way. We are the experimenters ... The pioneers who walked boldly where angels fear to tread.

WE ... YES ... YOU MADAM ... YES ... YOU SIR ... I'm talking to you ... YES YOU!

We are here ... going there ... and we are doing it by shining that LIGHT from our hearts. That's how it is done. That's how we raise the vibration. That's how we move the planet into her NEW HOME.


Been around forever , but it went out of fashion for quite q while ! Well the good news is 'IT'S BACK'!!

LIGHT SHINING!! WOO HOO!!! Bring it on. Watch it catch on ... and guess what?

IT"S FREE. You don't need nothin'! JUST YOU and a whole lot of KNOWING. KNOWING that this 'LIGHT SHINING' is going to sweep the nation. It's going to take the world by storm.

Are you with me brothers and sisters?? Hallelujah!


Golden Rays
Bloss xxx


Anonymous said...

Thank you for saving my day dear Blossom, I love you :O)

Dan said...

I just read the latest report from the Web Bot gents and you're 100% right, Blossom. There are a few things in the report that aren't good at all, but then again, all things future are changeable and with enough love and light, things WILL be a lot better. With all the turmoil in my life right now, I still make sure I take the time every day to consciously send Love, Light, Peace and healing energy every place (being, soul, spirit and entity) I can think of and even more so if I don't feel like doing it at the time. When I see that you are pretty much going through the same, I send love and light, grin and get on with my work as well. :-)

Biggest Hugs AND love and ...

Laura said...

I love you Blossom! I truly love you! Thanks for shining your light my friend! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Blossom,

I will tell you this...Whenever the Federation refuses to answer a logical question, It seems they are seperating themselves from us. There is no reason for secrets. While I think you are sincere with them, you should demand answers to your most important questions. If they still refuse to respond, maybe you should put them on the back burner until they are ready to comply....T

Sahari said...

@ Anonymous:

That's like saying that the language teacher should use English to teach French.

The FOL is here as a SERVICE to the Divine, and not here to 'meet our terms.' That would be a very different movie!

It seems you have a very real opportunity to do some preconception housecleaning -- I know my own paradigm is in a constant state of remodeling!

It's all Love,

Anonymous said...

Anonymous will you listen to the words you are using demand,comply??????go within and ask yourself this question... what is it that we are doing that is seperating us from their vibration? from feeling/seeing what they can feel/ see!
I know it is getting hard, I am finding myself needing to stay in my bubbel more and more as dramas are all around me and peoples response is to blame others especially God,I did that in 2003 and for 2 yrs I felt empty,empower yourself, own that you are the creator of your experience,that we are the creators of our global experience and they are here to assit us and if they are not doing it the way you think they should, well maybe you need to stop thinking a little bit and start feeling and listening.I say this with love and total understanding of where you are at, as I too have been there, but the time has come for me to be blunt, 11:11 is around the corner and if I may suggest you, watch shelly Yates's youtube on what is happening


Shelley Yates-Fire the Grid-Part 1

Anonymous said...

There is a lovely photo of some apparently unusual light pillars on the spaceweather.com site:
"Light pillars are a common sight around cities in winter...But the light pillars... near a corn mill in Nebraska were decidely uncommon."
Although the FOL have said they're not responsible, I think of them when I see these lights. Nevertheless, with or without the FOL's visible presence, our world is a wondrous place!

RafaelVR said...
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yk248 said...

Beautiful channeling Blossom!!! Love and Light,

Yonatan (:

Ian said...

Much love to you my dear friend. Have been struggling with some very old patterns today... ended up here and woo hoo! I'm uplifted, shining and so filled with Golden Rays you wouldn't believe it! Thank you so much for being so dedicated to being the love that you are. :) <3

Anonymous said...

So interesting that you have times where you are a bit discouraged. It helps to know you share the same issues as everyone else does sometimes. I've struggled a little this week and felt things weren't quite moving quickly enough for me but I "erased" those thoughts as quickly as I could and filled my heart with light and love. Now, we're all back in business - the business of lighting the world.
Blessings and Peace


Anonymous said...

Dear StarChild Blossom,

You are indeed a beautiful BE-ing.

Ciao for now.

PenguinUK said...

Wise words, dearest Soul.

I tend to get my "wobbles" after having spoken to a friend who needs to "unburden" their woes : and that is of course part of being a good friend. Yet I am learning how important it is not to absorb the negativity. Maybe you could ask FOL for advice on how to deal with emotions emanating from loved ones in a way that they still feel supported and loved by one, but one does not get effected by it.

Red said...

This video is great check it out:



Anonymous said...

hey bloss just wandering if cyclone yasi is going to affect u

Anonymous said...

Can you guys join with me in sending love and light to Cains Australia tonight as cyclone Yasi is due to hit, also Egypt can do with some of that light,this is why we are here to remember who we are and send that balanced Christconscious light out ((Hugs))

Thanks for that link Red it reminded me of the white ball of light I saw a few weeks ago over my house here in Sydney Australia,things are definitely hotting up here is a link to this man who has total memory of his previous planet and his mission which is to assist the volunteers that have come to this planet from more advanced planets to remember their mission.

ET Communications P1 & 2 ~ Prepare for the Landing


Date: 01-19-11
Host: George Noory
Guests: Michael Ellegion, Aurora Light,

Anonymous said...

hi blossom,
have you seen the two videos on you tube of the dome of the rock temple in jerusalem? im sooo excited, i dont recall ever seeing two completely different camera angles on the same ufo like this.... its brilliant



all my love and light to you

Kay said...

Blossom, I hear that a HUGE hurricane is bearing down on Queensland. Please let us know that you are okay. Our love and prayers are with you.

Blossom Goodchild said...

Just letting everyone know I am ok. The cyclone is much further up North. So many Golden Rays needed to be sent to those that live there. It is due to hit tonight and is the biggest EVER. Send your Light there people.The Brightest White Light you can!

Ozarklorian said...

Dear Blossom, I am staying hard to be positive, but honestly, something is not right, and that's an understatement. I am among the 100 million people in the US hit by the monster snowstorm/blizzard yesterday, and in Australia where you are, there has been massive flooding, and now this horrid cyclone as icing on a miserable cake. The reason I know something is not right is the fact I saw a UFO gliding quietly over my area of town when I got up around 3 a.m. and looked out the window. It was the same sort of UFO I had seen back in 1989. Please ask the FOL about this, and whether or not there are other aliens trying to interfere with their mission.

Wanda said...

You still amaze me Blossom. How you stay in the TRUTH is a beautiful thing. I just want to say to EVERYONE out there, shout it out !! Tell everyone you meet what you KNOW. It's spreading so fast now. Ears are open.
I get teased at work, but I got the last chuckle after showing this... A MUFON report from a few days ago in Sacramento, Ca... very close to me. Explains the stars moving around lately !

mufon.com report 01-31-2011

At just before 8pm last night, 1/31/11, I very clearly saw two objects with four distinctly round, brightly colored lights: blue, reddish-pink, green and a yellow. The lights were so bright they immediately caught my attention and were very easy to follow in the night. I was driving North on I-5 about to exit Arena Blvd. At first, I mistook them for a weird air show off to my right over Sacramento's Arco Arena, just south of the Sacramento Intl. Airport, but when the objects wandered from the very large parking lot and followed a road across an empty field from me I realized they were not kites, remote controlled planes, nor any other plane for that matter. They were a block away and at one point flew under the lights of the empty street. The ships apeared to be black under the orange street lights. I thought they were only V shaped, but at times they appeared triangular, but as though they had slightly extended rear sides. It looked as if the �drivers� were having fun, travelling slowly along the road, twirling, rising up, stopping and hovering, and sometimes rolling in another direction (blatantly defying the laws of physics). They stayed between nearly touching ground and 100ft in the air. I live near an airport, I know how planes move, and these were not planes. I can best describe their movement as a mix of that of a kite and a stunt bi-plane. One of them flew under a red light in an empty intersection, while the other flew over. In relation to the size of the traffic light pole, they were between 20-30ft wide and 3-4 ft tall. I was never affraid of them, rather jealous that they seemed to be so much fun to fly. They were traveling south toward the convergence of two freeways, I-5 and I-80, the busy Truxel shopping center, and on toward downtown Sacramento. I know they must have been seen by other people as well. Being so unexplainable, I was surprised they were so blatantly visible. Since I was exiting the freeway, I had slowed as much as I could while constantly looking to my right, but as they travelled further behind me I could no longer safely watch them unless I pulled over. Not having a camera on me and with a hungry child in the back seat unfortuantly I could not pull over to watch them completley disapear. Did anyone else see these??

Get ready.... ~~~SMILES~~~

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Wanda and yes speak up people, I am and they are listening:)
Ozarklorian things are happening I can feel it,as i have said to you once before I saw ships with a lot of people in 1989 also here in Australia,any ships you may feel uneasy with will be from us humans not ETs have a look at this youtube from Mary Rodwell


and this was a comment under the youtube that resonated with me
Christy Rapture commented: The "negative" ET experiences are government black ops programs. They use mind control to also study genetics for more sinister reasons as they want to control the earth with their shadow global oligarchy... which the ETs want to stop by universalizing the people (as in making us conscious of galactic integrety and universal unity of the soul) so that we all can see through any lying agenda. I feel Project Blue Beam was meant to be leaked as it is a twist on the truth. Our gov't does have cloned greys and backengineered space craft so they may try to make it look like a fight, but the truth is the ETs want to unify ALL of humanity beyond borders but not to control us... it is instead so we can control ourselves, as we are a danger to the entire Galaxy... thanks to the gov't black ops and the mistakes of some ETs to trust the consumptive forces in power. All ets are us... there is really ONE soul... with many "fingers" if you will... each also a source of energy which connects back to the whole. There is no real "future" or "past"... there is only the spectrum of high and low frequency matrices, which seems, in linear eyes to be past and future. Currently the "past" and "future" are fusing together. The spectrum is becomeing the mobius strip, which when it resonates will harmonize and enable an explosion of consciousness... and since ther is no "space"... the explosion is an expansion... as there are no "pieces" which are separating... only expansion. Mary... you may love my Downloads of physics explanations... they are meant for all to be able to understand. I had to put words to the knowing I was given and fuse many sciences (as in the study of everything) to get the perfect archetypes to explain the energy dance which is ALL consciousness, behind each "physical" (read: shadow) projection. christynine DOT livejournal DOT com apps DOT facebook DOT com/faceblogged/?uid=1369923992 .....

Kay said...

The ETs are putting on shows with plasma eggs. Take a look at this one from Canada near where I live:


It is the most fantastic one I've ever seen.


Anonymous said...

OMG Kay that UFO was fantastic! thank you so much for that, I have sent it around:) It was at the Penelakut Islands near the Gulf apparently a portal opened up there only recently!

Anonymous said...

smile...... a timely reminder:))

7th Feb 2011
Do you not think it would be a good place to start by FORGIVING those who are in such darkness? For those souls are part of your soul~The Federation of Light~

gota luv them!

Catherine said...

I don't want to ruin the good vibes on this blog, but lately I have been feeling very down. Almost to the point where I don't want to continue living.
I am not sure what to do or who to ask for help. I'm kinda stuck on life I suppose.

As much as I KNOW I shouldn't fear the future, I don't FEEL it. I hope knowing is enough

yk248 said...

Great channeling Blossom!!!

Love and Light and Thanks :)


Blossom Goodchild said...

Hey Catherine.. it's just part of the change ( not the menopausal kind you understand!). You won't continue to feel like this I can PROMISE you that.Really focus on the Light in your heart. Think about it all the time and watch it emmanate from you. Even when your thoughts are not congruent with that Light .... Just keep focusing on it. It will all become good for you ... I simply KNOW THIS.
A new channelling up today by the way ... hoping that may brighten your day.(still don't have my computer back to send notification out on the mailing list.)
Be strong lovely lady . We all LOVE you here and thank you for being brave enough to share with us.

Anonymous said...

Sending you a BIG HUG Catherine:))

Coach Enrique said...

"But I say to you, love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you.." Two thousand years have passed by and people is not prepared yet to understand this, much less to accept it. Why? Because our installed mind -ego-rules our lives. Truth has been declared since long time ago, CLEAR AND LOUD. We all have heard it before, but if we cannot ignite our Hearts NOW to fully understand it, we'll stay in the Old World once the Event is over. Are we really aware of this wondreous opportunity that Creator is giving us?

terri said...

thank you blossom, you are absolutely right. why let anyone or anything be our excuse to not feel happy, to not shine the light of who we are? its much harder to feel bad, and takes our energy-literally, beings take our energy-when we feel bad. when we stop feeding them, they go away!
if we are in the moment, we are feeling good, its when we allow ourselves to be distracted by the future or past, which dont really exist... we feel bad. but we can choose! thats the best thing i have discovered.
I CAN CHOOSE HOW I FEEL! being from a harsh upbringing, i never knew i could feel good instead of sad or afraid of what was going to happen next, as a child, i didnt have alot of control over anything. as adults, we still act out these childhood patterns,unconsciously, until we realize, hey im an adult now and i can do something about how i feel/act!
i feel so free since i have been practicing this.

as far as anon commenting on the fol not talking about things that are "important" nothing outside yourself is important, or really matters. all the power and what is real is within us. so talking about love, shining our light, choosing to feel happy instead of looking for things to complain about. that is it, there is nothing more important than remembering who we are, and acting/feeling accordingly.

this is what the dark doesnt want us to know. they cant control or influence anyone who knows who they are, and chooses love.

my word to type in for authentication was brite. how cool is that!thanks again blossom, for helping me choose happiness, and keep shining brite!

terri said...

catherine, just want you to know that i care and send you much love and joy! as do many people!
the winter is getting me down a little bit, without water for a few days,due to the storm,but thankful we had heat and electric!i chose to come here to redirect my emotions, and it worked. i feel good again. im glad that you chose to come here too, and express how you feel.
just do something that brings you joy, pamper yourself a little bit, you deserve to love and treat yourself great. we all do, we are doing some hard work, and need to always honor acknowledge ourselves, for we are divine and beautiful!

Nir Studnicki said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Blossom. Many more of us are now loving ourselves and living in Love. Always good to come here to connect with like-minded people. I sent you an email but saw that you are having computer problems, so that answers my question.
Love & Blessings,

RafaelVR said...
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Ami said...

Dear Blossom,

Every time I find there is a new channelling, my heart start to beat faster.

I heard that, these days many people have felt bad (various aches).

This site is full of love. I really hope Catherine (and anyone else who does not feel well), to feel the embrace and love from all of us.

Let the feeling of distress go away. We should not feed it with our attention. Imagine the world is love. Indeed, there is a lot of love, lovely people. Focus on the lights in that sea. We are there; we are remembering it, slowly but surely.

I send my sincere love to all you. Happy to be among you.

And you, Blossom, when you have any doubts about all this, know that your mission is enormous, and honored by many of us! Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

OK Blossom and anyone else who has some ideas,
I know we are supposed to all be of love and I understand love and that of fellow man, but what happens when it's closer to home. We are told that alot of what we do (unless going of the path we chose)is preordained and for lesson learning etc. So what does that then mean if you are in a relationship where things are not right and you are surrounded by negativaty that is not of your choosing in life. Are you meant to say" oh well, he must be meant to be like that in this life and so I had better put up with it as I may be supposed to learn a lesson from it, and he can't help it as he was meant to be doing this,so just love him and put up with it. Or just give him love and shower him with light and stay because leaving him would hurt him and then I am not showing love. Or am I supposed to selfishly do what's right for my feelings and what my values are. OMG this get's soooo confusing. Please if possible could you ask the FOL what is right in these circumstances.
Thanks Blossom for all you do to help us by passing on the messages and your love.
Blessings to all.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ anon ... My thoughts on the matter are ... if by staying with him you are being prevented from living in your Truth then it is better to move on. Sometimes through hurting someone, you are able to teach them the most valuable lessons or, you could take a different spin , maybe he is being negative with you, because it was agreed before you came ... and it would shift you along your path by being strong and independent and moving on and letting go , and and and ...!Indeed ,continue to spread Light through out his Being , but at the end of the day , now more than ever , all manner of things are being 'shoved in your face' in order to get you where you need to be. Ask your heart 'does it feel right to stay ...or does it feel right to go' You will know by the 'feeling' you get back from your heart. By staying because you think you should, you could be denying yourself someone who is far more suited to you. He may also get the 'kick up the whatsit' that was needed for him to move on into his next phase. All the time send yourself Golden Rays and when you feel Truly in the right space send them through to him also. That way ... only the best possible outcome will occur for you both.
All the best with being your best . xxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,
thank you for your very quick reply. I appreciate your words and they have helped me so much, I have been going through alot of distress lately about my situation. You have given me more clarity towards being able to try make the best decision.
Thanks and love to you Blossom XX

Andrew said...

Hey Blossom

I urge everyone here to support the Egyptian people in claiming their freedom by signing the worldwide petition at Avaaz.org

Although most of us aren't actually there we can help by signing this petition which is growing bigger every hour




Sahari said...

@ anonymous --

With such love do I write these words to you -- I have been where you are and know it well.

At the end of the day, you can forget about figuring out 'what to do.' You don't need to make excuses for, or condemn, the negative types in your life. Your story is your own; your experience is entirely of your choosing.

Your work lies in looking to yourself for the answer to the question: What are you doing there, surrounded by negativity? What are you 'getting' out of this -- (being needed? feeling superior? fear of the unknown? all of the above or something else entirely?)

Recognize and own the energy transaction you are partaking of, and then if it makes you sick to think of yourself that way, start to think of how you want to be, and carry that in your heart, believing it and BEING it as much as you can muster.

Things will begin to change immediately. The negative energy will be threatened and probably challenge you. You will need to choose for the Higher version of yourself, again and again, and each choice is a step toward your truer self, with the world around you taking shape accordingly.

If you're trying to arrange the external to create internal change, you'll just end up in a similar place because the external is there TO SHOW YOU THE INTENTIONS YOU HOLD FOR YOURSELF. So, you need to find out what they are -- and as you do so, your choices will become clearer to you, little by little.

Situations can APPEAR to be complicated, but in reality, everything is really very simple, because at the heart of it all is our intention for ourselves: some kind of fear (looking like any one of a myriad of forms -- thus, the confusion) or a quest for more love (requiring a willingness to transcend our current position of relative comfort -- what we accept as status quo).

My intention for your story is a strength of faith and a yearning for more love, for with those two things, you can achieve every dream your heart keeps.

Always and only love,

skyrunner said...

Hi all,

Just felt led to share this blog I found with you. There's an interesting series on the betty andreasson affair.


Love and peace

Anonymous said...

Would you like to see a Lightship?

I posted a video with some enhancements and closeups that I made to the Moscow ufo video of Jan. 18. I felt people were dismissing it and not observing it carefully, so I decided to show others what can be seen. You have to see this. This truly is.... well...take a look.



Anonymous said...


amazing vid, clearly shows a new phenomena called ebani(unidentified biological object)

Ka-Mu-Ra Joy De Silva said...

Thank you for BEING, Blossom! Love back and all around you!

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ anon. thank you for the video on the ebani. very interesting.
hello and much LOVE to all.

Anonymous said...

@ sahiri isn't it obvious by now the federation is about playing games. never a strait answer always tell you things like the time of thuth is upon us but never any truth is shared or question answerd and meanwhile they say to you we cannot do anything were not allowwed (very strange channeling is not seen as interfering because it is in their own definitions)

i've seen many beings in my life up to the 9th dimention and one thing that jumps out is this duality goes all the way its an illusion to think there is none above 5d the whole idea of having an federation goes against that and creates duality on another level and that is the problem we all face now

as above so below (wel look around)