Jan 14, 2011


OK. 2011 ... and what a start!! The floods in Queensland where I live have been such a challenge to so many. My heart goes out to all those who have lost family members and homes ... in fact all possessions. To see images on the news of such devastation Truly pulls at your heart, and to know it is just down the road makes you count your blessings on a regular basis. It could have been so much worse for me, and yet somehow we escaped what others have had to endure. We have flooded roads all around us, and shops are clearly low on supplies. Already people have gone into panic buying, because we are told that supplies will not get through.Yet ... now ... here in Noosa... the sun is shining. It is hard to think that only two days ago our roof was leaking and the torrential rain had not ceased for a week. Our nine visitors ( 4 adults , 5 kids, and a BIG puppy dog) are making plans to face the journey home after roads being cut off. Its been busy in our little house for the last week or so, yet a shining example of how everyone can pull together and muck in when there simply is no other way.
The silence in my house will be deafening when they have gone.

White Cloud in his last channelling talked about imagining a White Light from your heart going out and connecting with the White Light within everyone else. I have been putting this into practise and although I cannot know the effect it is having on others it is certainly allowing me to keep on top of things. Well worth giving it a go for those who haven't tried it yet.(Same as sending Golden Rays, but I think it is more about 'seeing and blending' with the Light within others.)

I really feel it is essential that we focus our Light where it is needed, rather than focusing on the devastation. So many are writing in about the birds and fish dying, sending me the different theories that have been suggested or indeed factualised by some ... To me ? ... It is more about sending out our Light right now to IT ALL. That's what we need to be concentrating on. Sending out that Light. Whatever is causing this to happen is not going to stop it happening ... but shining the Light out to the planet is going to change the overall outcome.

This is going to be such a big year. So much is going to take place. I understand how we all want to know the 'whys and wherefores'. Yet I think we may have to accept that we are not going to be given answers to everything that is going to transpire. THIS IS WHAT THE FEDERATION MEAN when they have been asking us to become Love. When we do that, when we let everything go and just BE the Love that we are, then we are assisting the great plan. Focusing that Love out to everyone and everything. Maybe there are some things that within our density we cannot understand. And yet still, there will be those who think they can and feel they are being duped somehow by not being told the ins and outs.

There is reason in all things. These reasons may not be apparent right now from where we reside. I know we are all different. I do not need to know all these answers. Some do. I have enough trouble just dealing with my everyday comings and goings let alone trying to work out the changing ways of the universe. What will be will be. I realise too, that my way is not for everyone, and that they find me frustrating for not being more inquisitive in my given position. I wonder if perhaps that is one of the reasons I was given this position? My acceptance of 'what is' is the way I am. Yes, some things get me going , yet most ... I am happy to just let be. It is hard for others to accept this acceptance within me. People write in quite angrily sometimes wondering why I am not asking more intricate questions in my channelling's with The Federation. Yet, clearly they have not understood that which is being said by them ... in that I TRUST The Federation to bring through that which THEY feel is necessary. I am fine with that. That is the way we work together. Not all seem to 'get that'.

These days ahead will be full on for us all. The KNOWING that all will be well ... that 'We all live happily ever after' has to be firmly cemented in our BEING. I feel there will be challenges that will bring us almost to breaking point ... and that as I say ... is when we must shine ... These are the times we have been waiting for. Watch how we rise to the occasion. See how our Light coming out from within will make all the difference to ourselves and those around us. We have been prepared for so long now. Graduation has taken place and off into the big wide world we go. Fully qualified as emissary's of Light .

Look out world here we come!

Thank you to all who take the time to read these words. I am always so happy to receive comments.

Golden Rays my friends.
Bloss xxx


Anonymous said...

Wonderful posting, as usual, Blossom. I'm very glad to hear you are okay. For what it's worth I'm sending light from sunny California!

Sowelu said...

Bless you, Dear Sweet Blossom, bless you. Just the most lovely thing to encounter your post right now, and I cannot thank you enough.

White Light, Golden Rays, Deep Love, and Eternal Gratitude for you and for this amazing force of Love we all are on this planet.

Bless you for your willingness to remind us, show the way, love without prejudice... bless you.

So much love!

Wanda said...

Once again, Blossom, you have written the contents of my heart and KNOWING ... the changes are in full force around us, yet we must stay in our heart, and in our Love. As time quickens, more people around me seem to be talking all about everything !!
NONE of us have to be afraid anymore to TALK OPENLY to everyone about what is happening.
Never before have I seen so many people awakening at once. Now is THE time.
We must focus on each moment now, the point of no return has passed. Send LOVE & LIGHT to all points of the Earth in need.
We will soon know the answers to all our questions.
It's time now to just BE.


Red said...

Can someone insighted please explain about this 'new Zodiac sign' Ophiuchus? This is seriously messing up with me.
Are they trying to highjack us again? If anyone could explain this to me, I would be most thankful.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are indeed hurrying up and waiting (...) - and hoping for the best :O)

Anonymous said...

The people writing you harsh comments may try to channel themselves. I think it's great how you handle all this.


yk248 said...

Thanks and I appreciate your views on things.

Love and Light to you all-ways!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Blossom, your post really helped me this morning!

Unknown said...

Not spoon-feeding people All they want to KNOW, is quite likely the very thing that will literally save people. If your butt is caught in some of the global situations we have been seeing, what Blossom or the FOL said will NOT be the first thing you think of. What WILL be necessary is the ability to listen to your own Self. As you are facing a wall of water, it will be YOUR ABILITY to tune into the moment from within and take direction from that. This is known. We have been spoon-fed for much too long now. Most of our failing systems are based on us marking a ballot and then walking away and leaving the "chosen ones" to make our wishes happen. THIS game is about each of us finding and trusting within. Unfortunately, for some, what that might feel like is abandonment. In fact, it is, I believe, the only way to gently force the learning curve upon each of US. Blossom, the FOL, or any other CAN NOT, by brilliant design, Do that work for anyone else. IF they could, the reward would never be owned by YOU. So fuss if you wish, but know this, just as you are teaching the child to ride a bike, the greatest joy comes when we let go for the 100th time and little johnny finds HIS ability. Peddle people, peddle, it's gonna be ok. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you :)

RafaelVR said...
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RafaelVR said...
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Anonymous said...

Full of Light & inspiration again
Yes it's happening all around us,we
just have to take it all in and process each slide as if a movie is playing before our eyes.
Talk to people,subtly pass on information, and before you know it they too will join the chorus of Light.
Amidst the doom & gloom...what a
wonderful time to be here on Earth
to experience this NOW!

In Love & Light,

Odium1981 said...

I really can understand people's frustration and the need to know. But it is my opinion that on a soul level we already know everything. But the ego does not, and so the ego search and gets frustrated. I think it's fine, i too need to apease my ego, but i do so with the comforting knowledge that all is well, i don't need to worry and i don't need to get angry or frustrated, things will come together as they should.

Amazing. I would not even considered the spiritual side a few months ago.

PenguinUK said...

Most teachings of faith (in whatever choice of truth you believe) often include an element of "unfair" trials and tribulations, either personally or amongst fellow souls. "why?" is the most common emotion, and an undermining in faith that whatever higher power/self could "allow" something to happen like that. From whatever dark unenlightened place these things manifest, I do construe it as a "test" on some level, an incitement to further increase our potential to emote the light, not to be sidetracked by the negative forces trying to sidetrack us into feeling sadness, pity, anger. It is trying to use our emotional goodness against us in the most sneaky way - our innate wants to help our fellow souls turned into anger that is has happened at all. We SO need to stay collectively and individually strong and steadfast. There may be many more "dirty tricks" ahead, the more frightened the negative forces feel. We can't ignore these things : it is not of our nature. But as dear Blossom intimates, doing our very best to shine our love and light out ever harder is the best response.

As a parallel : a few years ago, a beloved Aunt had become so riddled with Alzheimers, she no longer knew me, was scared of and appeared to hate me, even lashed out once physically. It's a horrid situation I know many have endured. Yet I would hold her hand and say and think "I love you". I think we are all capable of "facing down" the bad stuff purely with our love. Everything that seems bad, unfair, even "evil", are only manifestations of souls or energies that have lost their way somehow. All souls want to find the way home, some are or find themselves further away than others. We can't just put on a porch lantern to help, we need to come together and build a beacon of light so bright that ALL can see it no matter how far away.

Just some thoughts friends. x

PS Glad, of course, you and yours are OK Bloss!

Red said...

I just read this really interesting article. I wanted to share:


Apparently we are going to have a second sun visible, has the result of an explosion of star.
It could happen today or many many more years in the future.
I'm just spreading this awareness hoping that you talk about it with the FOL :p


Sahari said...

The last couple days I've been thinking that a time will come when playing video games that use guns (cartoon guns -- I've never had an appetite for the heavy duty stuff) will no longer make sense to me. After reading the FOL's latest, I recognize that now IS the time for me to step 'into' that place where guns don't exist. And so I have put Jak and Daxter down, and will be on the lookout for whatever else does not belong in our new world.

My heart is so happy, feeling your shining hearts to be part of my love, that my love IS all of you, that we ARE all dancing with Him.

This is NOT a drill; repeat: this is NOT a drill. It's getting very real, very quickly. I have the banged up shins and broken lamps (courtesy of a few errant thoughts) to prove it.

As usual, love and thanks to you Blossom, our Courageous and Outrageous Good Child!


Anonymous said...

wow wow wow how fantastic was the last channeling why couldnt they have just said that from the start now NOW i am getting it FINALY yay yay so excited :-)

Anonymous said...

Same thing again..Love and Light, Love and Light. I think its getting old already.

yk248 said...

Thank you Blossom!! (:


Anonymous said...

I live in Tucson, Arizona and the events from January 8th are still fresh in our memories. As a local restaurateur said in an interview, "instead of the normal 6 degrees of separation, here in Tucson it's more like 2 degrees." Everyone on the planet is connected but most in this community had a very personal connection to the tragedy at a local grocery store. Light and love has been my mantra over the last days and the recent channeling helped to re-ignite my passion for a violence free world. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Olivia Newton John


Love is letting go of fear

Love is letting go of doubt

Love is letting go the chains that tie your spirit down

Love is letting go of pain

Love is learning how to dance inside the light again

This is off Olivia's CD Grace and Gratitude (the one I gave you Blossom) ((Hugs))

P.S. smile...@ anonymous The Feds have been telling us this for 2 years and more,but yes I too need constant reminding:)forgiving myself... forgiving myself...loving myself....loving myself... LOL

14th Mar 2009

We have been and will continue to teach you, to help you remember your knowledge, that what you feel and think … IS! YOU KNOW THIS! It is, from our perspective … of confusion, for if you know this, why is it so that you allow the self to fall into the set traps? You are ABOVE these little anomalies.
Your mission was to spread Light … in those places of fear. Do you not see people of earth? As the darkness is falling away, there are threads of that energy that desire to fight for their place with every breath that is alive within. In that darkness … place Light. Do not fear it!!! Give it Light. YOUR LIGHT. Transform that presence of darkness into a place where it is in comfort and warmth … as you yourselves are. NO-ONE shall be forgotten in this great plan. You came here to serve this scheme. You came here to release the bonds that CAN NO LONGER dwell within you or upon your planet.

Anonymous said...

hey thought every1 should have a quick squiz at this

Christopher said...

Dear Bloss,
Wonderful to read that all is well with you and yours, despite heavy rains and floodings in Queensland.
This rainy weather seems to be world wide: Sao Paulo (Brazil), Colombia and Venezuela in South America for instance and lots of frozen water in northern latitudes.
Your message of "let things be and trust, and all will be OK (my words)" is exactly what I have been told by different sources, and am presently working on applying this in my life. Have been somewhat aprehensive in my life, so this is an important issue!
A huge hug (abrazo) for you,many thanks,

Anonymous said...

hi blossom, love and light to you and all reading.... i found this link on facebook, thought you might be interested in reading it


patricia said...

Dear Lady Blossom:

It is like that the lights that you have seen? Please go to minut 1 to see them.