Dec 23, 2010

Shafts of Light!

I can't contain my excitement. Coincidence? Perhaps!

If you have not yet read the Federation Of Lights latest channelling please click here!

Now... take a look at these that arrived in Norway yesterday!

For more info and a few more pics go to

Make up your own mind. Follow your heart in your own Truth!

It was passed off as a 'weather'thing once again.

Did not The Federation say 'There shall be 'laughable' explanations to that which we surprise you with , yet you shall know better. '

Happy Christmas Everyone!!
Bloss xxx


Anonymous said...

Yes!!!!!!!! bring it on..... jumping for JOY and in Norway!
Love love love all you need is love da da da da da

With Love said...

This is a wonderful Christmas lightshow. Merry Christmas, hohoho, to those above and those below :)

penguinUK said...

looks like a good "trial run" perhaps. Here's Hoping. Happy Hols to all that celebrate this time of year too. much love

Louis Hart said...

A "weather thing?" I think not. I think this is a small preview of what the Federation will present in the days to come.

lilly said...

Yay Blossom.

Yesterday I saw a colum of blue/purple light pouring down to earth, it was huge and defied the laws of the sky, it lasted a few seconds and then was gone. So I blinked twice and wondered if it were some kind of portal, then thought when the time is right I will understand what it is.

Just basking in the color brought a calming effect and assurance that all is well.

And today I read your blog with the shafts of light over Norway. That is what I saw, but only one.

One is definately enough :)

Blessings and Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

NICE!!!! My heart is beaming with so much Love that my eyes are leaking tears of Joy!!!! This will be amazing to see in person. Even if these are not the "Shaft of Light" the Federation of Light have stated will arrive, this is something that I know a lot of people have ever seen. Looking forward to more of this for sure!!!! Love to All +Gregorious+

Anonymous said...

ooooooooooohhh yessssss

Sharon VK said...

Wow!! Bring on 2011....I think it's going to be quite an amazing year! Merry Christmas everyone...stay positive. xx

Sahari said...

It begins in earnest --- the potent seeds of light are arriving to radically amp up the connection speed between our thoughts and what manifests.

Will Christmas of 2010 become the Christmas that never ends?

To Blossom and all the other beautiful Beings of Light that congregate here: God bless your overflowing hearts, and thank you for all that you do.

Love, Sahari

Anonymous said...

Wow! And it's not even next year yet! hehe. We're getting an early treat :D

- Catherine

Blossom Goodchild said...

At the risk of dampening everyone's spirits, which I loathe to do ... if you google 'Light Pillars' it seems these shafts of Light are nothing new!! Yet .... have they not lifted our spirits in hope ... They have mine! Rightly or wrongly I feel so very excited!!Merry Christmas to all. Its raining big time here in OZ and same forecast for days! But at least I am not in England ... My mum has no water ... frozen pipes!! Send Golden Rays to warm them up please!

Anonymous said...

No, the lights are nothing new, but neither are the Feds nor any of the light beings that are with us. And who's to say something that can be explained as a natural occurance cannot also be wonderful and uplifting? Isn't that what our entire experience on earth should be?

The timing of these lights, in a major city, soon after Blossom's last channeling is interesting. It's all very fun and exciting. I hope there's more--lot's more!

Anonymous said...

I have a huge smile on my face I have just been on face book talking to some that were previously coming from their minds and are now coming from their hearts, then I come here and read all these beautiful posts my heart is full this Christmas Eve and if manifestations are going to manifest quicker what a lovely way to start 2011 off,together we are power it's self,we are one yet all so different so many ideas of what SHOULD happen,I read we were divided into 4 tribes and each tribe was given the gifts of an element and those of us that were given the gift of fire have consumed but like the phoenix we will rise from the ashes and come together all the tribes from the 4 directions all with different perspectives but all with one heart, thanks guys I am really starting to feel the Joy again.Have a MAGICAL Christmas ((Hugs)) Kerrie

Anonymous said...

Brava Dear Star Child Blossom,

For pointing out past "Pillars of Light" - But I have a feeling the shafts of light you have channeled will be vastly different indeed.

I will be waiting and watching with unabated anticipation and excitement.

2011 and beyond will be a time for wonderment for sure.

Ciao for now

Jeff said...

Hi Blossom,

I have been following your channelings for a few years now. Thank you!
Back in 2008, I witnessed "cloud ships" (for lack of better words)

Please keep on sharing your wonderful messages!

Much love,

Kay said...

I think this is the crux of the FOL's plan to put on a grand year-long show beginning with events that can be explained as natural so that people won't be scared. I think it is brilliant! This first event was to show us what the shafts of light look like. The next will be a bit bolder and a bit harder to explain as a natural occurrence because there won't be as many light sources around or maybe they will make the shafts move across the sky. 8-) I love that the FOL found a way to do this so that it doesn't cause mass panic but gently eases us into the show. I'm excited to see what the next ones are like. 8-)

Simon said...

Well, I do remember last time we had these light pillars in Oslo, and I do find the scientific explanation credible. and it's again particularly cold here in Oslo right now, -20 celsius, which is related to the presence of these pillars.

that said, last night i was out having a wee ciggie in the frozen night, and saw a light appear in the sky, then disappear again. looked like a star. unidentified, anyway!

merry xmas to all :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Blossom you and The Federation just made my day with that last channel,I do understand why you felt you needed to check that it was them but it was so them,I felt such a connection to them as I read it, I was laughing my head off as I read as if they were reading my mind,my emotions, if you knew what I have been going through today you would know why and well you would know a little of it from my email to you,yet my spirit is high at the moment and I am laughing it off my shoulders, so swords of light to the skies,hang onto your hats it is going to be a ride, but we are strong as White Cloud said other wise we wouldn't be here and don't get mad just observe and look at it as (TOLERANCE TIPPING) LUV IT!!!!I'm still laughing God I love them xxxxxxx

P.S. This is the second time they used the word tolerate


Indeed. We wish to announce that in the coming days we no longer shall tolerate the misconceptions that are being branded around your networks.

Um ... need to intervene here … I would have thought that you were way above worrying about that kind of thing and that you were already very accustomed to this kind of behavior from those who are not only still asleep but have the covers firmly over their heads it seems.

This may be so Blossom and yet we feel the need to express our dismay at the lack of respect for one another.

BlackSwan said...

Re: your latest channel Bloss
It seems that they are referring to the manipulation of the planets weather via dark unnatural methods such as HAARP or some such method. I was always a bit doubtful that this was actually happening but it seems so.
The feds impatience however they care to term it is a good indication that we are close to realising our dreams. I am feeling more and more excited by the day.won't be long now friends!

patricia said...

I found this:

What do you think about it?

patricia said...

Dear Blossom:

I think this is a natural phenomena. In your channeling, they said that this lights will be seen everywhere and that we will have no doubt about their origin. So, these lights in norway and Olso, are only in the north part. So, I think this is something related to temperature. The lights you talked in your channeling are much more bigger and worldwide. That is what I undestood.

Ami said...

Dear Blossom,
Thanks for the messages. There is so much happening around the world. We are excited and full of hope to these messages. Keep walking in the path of love, always. What a blessing to have brothers who are with us in these crucial times. We are so close ...
Very Happy New Year, everyone. May the light of love be with you.

yk248 said...

Blossom, that last channeling was *something* (:

I did get the connection and feeling of Love at the end when they said they reach us with thoughts of Love.

I feel it. Amazing, the energies now so huuuuge. All this talk about these big things happening, it's all gonna happen.

Yeah I feel it.

Your messages are very much needed Blossom, keep it up (:


Sahari said...

First of all, I'm wondering how you are dry, Blossom. A CNN news headline at one point today spoke of eastern Queensland as a 'disaster area' due to rainfall flooding? Perhaps it's northern eastern QL?

Second of all, I'm still very intrigued by the meaning of the light display in Oslo. Okay, so they weren't what the FOL promised, but they're SOMETHING besides weather.

Maybe EVERYTHING is something besides weather? In other words, what we call 'weather' is really a language from consciousness, with intention, etc., and because we don't perceive the meaning, we settle for meteorology?

Or, could 'the rocks and stones themselves' be singing in advance of the special Love about to be unveiled here?

Not that it matters at the end of the day, because we'll know when we know, right? And that's all just around the bend, I'm told...

Love, Sahari

Anonymous said...

James Gilliland ECETI Holiday Update Dec 2010

This warmed my heart, James has dispelled any feelings I had of being alone on this journey, this is one of the best youtubes I have watched, he even used the picture I posted on the Good Friday visualization The Federation took us on on 10th April 2009, this picture has shown up lately in a few posts I have come across,it is the one where a gold light is going into Mary’s head from a UFO, almost 20 years ago a dream has always haunted me as it felt so real and it was where Mother Mary was on a hill holding baby Jesus, myself and a lot of women were in a field, a gold light was coming into my head from a cloud and it was speaking to me, when I awoke I didn’t know what was said,I am not religious at all, so it was put aside untill these past few years since I have been made aware of Mary’s presence.

P.S. I was looking out to the sky on the 29th calling out to our friends asking to see a ship and I saw a grid, I went inside told my son and he smiled condersendingly (with love) and continued on with his game, so I went out side again and yes it was still there,I went to sleep and was awoken in the early hours of the morning and outside my window was a very bright star, I sleeply focused to see if I could still see the grid and I could! It wasn’t there last night though. Happy New Years everyone I feel 2011 is going to be a ride,buckle up!

P.P.S. Blossom remember when The Federation gave us that riddle on April 23rd 2009.We are who we say we are, and yet, what you think we are … we are not.
I feel as if they are so much more then our minds can comprehend and this is why they say what you THINK we are we are not,for I do not wish to put them in a box and put my ideas of who they are,but all the pieces I am getting is shinning a little light on what is going on and it is far more then our little minds can grasp, but every now and then my heart feels close and smiles.((Hugs))

yk248 said...

Blossom, I feel all joyous inside after reading your last channeling, after reading the part where they started with this new way, the words next gave me twiches all over, I could sense their presence with me above my head strongly, what an amazing energy, even made me cry a little!

Thanks, you're doing good (:


P.S. I am soooooooo excited (:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful message, I felt my heart beating of love when I read it..

:) Thanks Blossom

Catherine said...

I didn't feel anything right away when reading, but when I concentrate I can truly feel their love. I am super excited anyhow! :D

Thank you Blossom for bringing a channeling right when I seem to need upliftment.

Daphne said...

Reading your channelings always gives me a warm and happy feeling. I assumed this happens because of the vibration of energy of the channelings. It lifts me up. The 'linking up' to their energy as they speak of is a nice reassurance to me of this very experience.
I sure hope the new way of channeling will make everything stronger and speeds things up. I am ready!!
Love and thanks

patricia said...

Dear Lady: I like how they call you "dear Lady". Well, I do not want to be negative but I am getting tired of all the message in the world that are telling us that things are going to happen,....and nothing happens.

I read channels in spanish, french and english, and I can tell you that all of them are announcing things that not happen! Why the are doing that? It is worldwide!! And I can tell you that the beings you listen are in my opinion the best, in the sense that they sounds to me the most honest to humans. But I can tell you that the channels in spanish, Oh my god!! How people do not see they are manipulated!! i am still waiting the lights your beings announced you.

I have to tell that I am like fed up of all the channelings, but in a way is like a drug. I need to know that they are saying. The result for me, is that I feel sad. I used to have faith in the light, but after reading all these years, all these channelings, the result is that I almost depressed! Why I feel like that? I do not feel any energy. The only energy I feel is the energy of manipulation. I feeled manipulated, but by whom?? Poor humains beings, i do not know what to think anymore.

Who are those beings that are announcing things that never happens?? What is their purpose?? Why they are doing this to humaniti??? I'm telling youl, it is worldwide.

I like you a lot dear lady Blossom. And as I said your contact seems to me the most credible in spite of what happened in that famous october. That is why I will wait for the lights they showed you. If this does not happen, I will conclude that there is an enormous manipulations of our souls, with the goal of making us not beleive in anything.

Love to you

Red said...

Could you ask them why are so many birds dieing all across the world?

I wonder why is that happening..


PenguinUK said...

I think one of the things that increases my own sense of veracity in these channellings, is the "tingle" I get through the crown of my head, and a very welcome (albeit short-term) boost of feeling "content" and a very calm happiness. Unfortunately these feelings are quickly diluted by a gas bill, a phone call, or dealing with peeps grounded in the low neg way of life. The Good stuff is the way forward. Tingling is good! :)

Much love to all, Dave.

PS Don't forget fellow Souls, WE can bring about the change, albeit with outside encouragement, WE can do this, because we're just waking up to how fantastic we can be. xxx

Anonymous said...

Patricia I soooo feel you,I have reached a point now where I am starting to let go of everything I think I know and hope to God that come 2012 we are all in alignment when the full on shift happens,whatever it takes to do that bring it on,if it is all this soul searching we are doing, all these feelings of being manipulated,these feelings of not wanting to give our power away yet surendering to light beings who seem to be of such advanced wisdom and knowledge and feel of such love (yes we still can remember what that feels like) bring it on, whatever it takes to empty out our cup and be open to receive,some may call us mindless followers,I do not think so, if we were mindless followers we would be going with all those that are asleep who think that we are mindless followers!!!! We were the ones that knew what we were being taught at school didn't feel right,we are now the ones who are knowing that what we are being taught now feels RIGHT!so once again we are out on a limb and this stirs up all those feelings we had growing up, we are healing a lot, not only in this life time,for you can bet your life we have many life times where we were out on a limb and we are remembering that, we need to heal that feeling of rejection, even Jesus called out and said Father why has thou forsaken me,we are at that moment in time as we get close to 2012 and we are calling out asking that very same question.
Maybe this time we will receive an answer.((Hugs))

26th July 2009

~The Federation of Light

Do you think dearest Blossom … that we would simply spend all this energy and time on a topic that was only a ‘fairy story?’

Kay said...

I worry that the powers that be are testing a new energy pulse weapon that they made at the HAARP stations because the thousands and thousands of birds dying worldwide are dying from a blunt force trauma up in the air. I think that the powers that be reverse engineered the technology for the weapon from the ET craft. I want to know if the FOL is going to stop them from using the weapon on people and then blaming it on the ETs to turn us against them. Please ask the FOL about this. Love to you, Kay

Sahari said...

When all else fails, Patricia, just set it down, and close your eyes, and think of the most magical, uplifting time you've ever known in your life. Feel it, Know the truth of that feeling. THAT is love.

Now. Use your logic.

The vast Truth of God and the Universes exists WITHOUT our limited ability to know it fully, right? No one person can tell you everything about God, Love, Space Beings or Earth Events, right? So it is up to you, IF YOU CHOOSE, to learn (little by little) how to tune into the frequency of YOUR HEART -- a frequency that ONLY YOU POSSESS and that IS your connection with your Higher Self, who is divinely guided.

This is what will feed your soul, ultimately, and is more important than whether or not ships show up. Do I believe the ships will show? Beyond a doubt. Do I know when? No I haven't a clue. But I recognize that while VERY exciting and VERY much an integral part of the Earth's transformation, the ships are, at the end of the day, details in the Bigger Picture that is God's Dance with All of us and Each of us at the same 'time.'

You don't need to worry about anything at all if you can hold the faith that everything is on Schedule and you are in good hands -- your own and God's and all those who serve Him, including White Cloud and the FOL.

Be at peace.


RafaelVR said...

When you read a channeling, does not matter from WHERE or what language, and you read all and you say: “this is so truth!” even when you don’t agree with it, but you do just because now you are feeling weak. Then you are being manipulated. I think something very important here to pay attention, is where you put you focus on.
The best thing to do, in a very reasonable sentence: “feel your heart”. These beings being channeled are US in another place. I don’t mean that those channelers are only talking to themselves. It is not like this! We do have help outside from this fence, your old friends, your old family, everyone that you have meet during earthy experiences, and others places as well, are all in our back when we think we are alone. The channelers, are here to provide their messages to us, our messages to ourselves, so we can remember who we really are. If you get depressed by listen to love messages, or promises that never come true, is because you are ‘reading’ it expecting that each word will have the extreme truth output, when we are simple waiting that peace come true and don’t be considered such a hard ‘hell’ to accomplish, it is relative.
And it will be accomplished, my view.

Coach Enrique said...

@ Patricia: All I can tell you is that at the bottom of despair there is a sort of void, a nothing-ness that most of us NEED to experience before Ascension. Don't even resist to despair or hopelessness, experience them fully and they'll never come back.

Anonymous said...

Sanni discribes her memories in vivid detail and her connection to her people THE GREYS! she explains how the reptilians want control of us and it was the atom bomb that opened a portal allowing them to stream onto our planet,she says the only way to save ourselves is by being love, that to raise the love vibration on this planet will defeat them, as they can not live in that frequency, get out your tissues, she describes her surviving a month of interrogation as a Grey when her ship crashed at area 51

P.S. I have always known in my heart some how that the Greys are not bad, that the only Greys that are bad are those manifested by us and this is proof of my hearts knowing, she explaines how those controlling our planet want us to believe that the Greys are bad as it serves their purpose

When I was first contacted in 1987 I saw a grey in a white coat working on me in meditation,so this means a lot to me and when I first read this in Blossom's Ebook snapshot tears wouldn't stop.((Hugs)) Kerrie
P.S. join us at 11am 1/11 for 11min toning AHH out to the planet it is a love tone

~The Federation of Light~
...from Blossom's ebook Snapshot

Let us explain something very important to you if we
may? Many times we have reached out to those on
your planet. We have been filled with high hopes of
movement in a manner that would assist greatly in our
service to you and those who reside upon your realm.
Yet, many times have we been DEEPLY dismayed at
the lack of response. We were sure at times that
discussions that had been connected were allowing
certain possibilities to come to the fore and become an
integral part of our mission. We were certain meetings
that had been arranged were to take place and much
would be transformed. Not only did these meetings
not take place but we were deceived by your kind.
Treachery was afoot.
For us, who do not reside in such a place as yours, we
found it very difficult to understand. We did not know
of such things. Such treason. Many of our kind were
brutally manhandled and led away to a place where
still we are not able to reach them. Even though we
know of their whereabouts we cannot enter in. We
came in agreement of PEACE to your councillors and
your governments. But we were severely betrayed.
These TRUTHS shall be brought to LIGHT. We are
not concerned of this.
Our ‘friends’ who are in captivity are able to contact
telepathically and therefore all is not lost and we are
gaining information from them that otherwise we
would be unable to do. Your people do not really
understand what they have done in this concept of
imprisonment of our kind.
Even so, throughout all of this malfunctioning on the
part of your race, throughout all the lies and deceit
that have been shown to us time and time again, we
do not turn you away. For we KNOW that we are to
be an example of LOVE to your kind. If we were to
retaliate, do you think we would make much
headway? We cannot behave in the same fashion that
those in power upon your planet choose to do.
Fellow visitor to a strange land. You have chosen
along with thousands of souls upon your planet to
take on this immeasurable task. You are the brave
ones. You are the bringers of Peace. Try to understand
matters that are not of earth and accept them. If you
cannot understand them, then allow the heart to listen
to the root core of what lies beneath. Of what goes
beyond all comprehension.

Anonymous said...

Odd stuff ("missile" shaft of light shooting up rapidly) in the skies of Texas.

At the very least the timing is interesting...

Anonymous said...

I saw them!!! whoo hoo I had just been talking to a Reiki group about all of this,I read out The Christ Light channel,I have been saying I am an anchor for the Christ Light all the time, I had a healing and my crown was worked on and on the way home a car pulled in front with the plates 4 LOV 1 and I smiled and sent them my love as I had just been talking to the group about that kind of thing that happened once before,it was after 1am I was feeling good, I went outside and looked up at the sky and realised I could see the grid again, so I went down the stairs and looked and yes it was there, so I put up my arms and said hello my friends and at that momment a huge ball of light streaked across the sky with a bright tail, it was so close I felt I could reach out and touch it, this was huge, this was not a shooting star!They are so close:)

Anonymous said...

The Texan "missile" shoots up from the earth to high in the sky. Perhaps someone here is going after something (or someone) up there? I hope our friends are not a target...

PenguinUK said...

Please keep remembering, friends of the light, friends of the inner truth, together as one, through positive though, we WILL make our best dreams reality. C'mon folks, let's do it!! xxx

yk248 said...

OMG Blossom, do you know how much good you are spreading with your channelings?

Love and Blessings to you (:


Red said...

From Blossom's channelling Jan 7th. 2011:

'...we would just like to be given some explanation of Truth. Apparently it has our scientists baffled.

Not all of them!...'-they said.

There are some people suggesting pole shifting, could this be it?

Anonymous said...

@ Red
On the Internet is a small community of Starseeds who have been programmed into believing there will be a pole shift. This is an old program which has been cancelled long ago. ANYTHING which brings FEAR is simply not true, a programmed false flag. If you FEEL FEAR at the words, chant to yourself, IT IS NOT TRUE.

Archangel Metatron on Earth Ascension
through Beth Trutwin 12/1/10

Kay said...

Thank you, Blossom, for trying to get the FOL to give us the information. I am very disappointed in the FOL for not showing the shafts of light when they promised that they were appearing "as we speak." That was a lie. I'm also disappointed that they know but would not tell us what the deal is with the animals dying. They are not living up to their promise to help us by telling lies and being evasive. Boo FOL, Boo.

Coach Enrique said...

The only thing worse than not having an authority to tell you what's this and what's that is TO HAVE an authority to tell you what's this and what's that. Let's train our own Heart to do this, otherwise we'll stay lost forever.

Coach Enrique said...

I disagree with the statement that "anything that brings FEAR is simply not True". I know many people who is really afraid of ET's arriving to Earth, does that make their arrival NOT TRUE? I think that Fear is not to be avoided but to be experienced and fully understood. Fear, Emotional Pain and Despair have a purpose in our lives exactly as physical pain, which teaches our body what to avoid. Dismissing something as NOT TRUE because we feel afraid of it is a lost opportunity to learn something important. I would say: don't be afraid to fear anything.

Red said...

I have trust that everything is going to be just fine, and everything is exactly has it should be.
I just wish something could happen now.
I'm getting a little bored in here..
But I understand they won't do it, cause it mite affect our evolution.

Anonymous said...

Ok so all this is making everyone feel vulnerable,vulnerable is good! none of us have a clue what is going on, we need to LET GO LET GOD big time! this is called "SPIRITUAL AWAKENING" They know what they are doing,lovingly nurturing our ego so it takes a back seat, not annihilating it!

Dr. Brené Brown is a researcher professor at the University of Houston, Graduate College of Social Work, where she has spent the past ten years studying a concept that she calls Wholeheartedness, posing the questions: How do we engage in our lives from a place of authenticity and worthiness? How do we cultivate the courage, compassion, and connection that we need to embrace our imperfections and to recognize that we are enough -- that we are worthy of love, belonging and joy? Brené is the author of I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn't): Telling the Truth About Perfectionism, Inadequacy, and Power (2007) and the forthcoming books, The Gifts of Imperfection (2010) and Wholehearted: Spiritual Adventures in Falling Apart, Growing Up, and Finding Joy ( 2011).

3/11/10 ~The Federation of Light~
We thank you for your politeness in allowing our discourse to take place in the terms that we chose to assist. It is tempting is it not for you to spark off down a certain track at times yet your Being knows that we prefer to discuss matters that We FEEL are best to bring forth at any given moment? This is due to energies that we pick up on overall from you who reside upon your Earth plane and although there may seem other matters of importance to you , other matters that SEEM more appropriate , it was within our agreement made with you , that we should be able to articulate that which we KNOW to be the most precise way in which to advance your growth.

Kay said...

Blossom, I heard of major floods in Australia. Are you okay? My prayers go out to all affected.

Anonymous said...

Hi Y'All,

I found this article on CNN about a small town in Arkansas where they have had 487 measurable earthquakes since September 20th. Guy, Arkansas, about 40 miles (as the crow flies) from BeeBe, Arkansas where the redwinged blackbirds fell from the sky. Its also very close to the Arkansas River where the fish were found. I just find that to be an interesting coincidence.


Anonymous said...

Kay the weather is crazy my way too,in Sydney further south,this was predicted by Diana Copper's angels for Australia a couple of years ago,they said Australia will have extreme weather conditions and be assisted by Extraterrestrials,the aborigines are anchoring in their light at Uluru formerly known as Ayers Rock we will lead the way into 5th dimension and assist others with the weather,it is no wonder White Cloud wanted you to come to Australia Blossom, look at 19:19 seconds

Anonymous said...

Greetings everybody,

Fear is a BASE INSTINCT. It is necessary for survival.

The problem is that the dark forces know very well how to trigger that fear through all kinds of manipulation for THEIR OWN PURPOSES... TO KEEP YOU AWAY FROM THE LIGHT.

You doubt the FOL? Are you disappointed in them? Are you bored by their non-action? Then probably you feel frustration because you can't hear them? You can't feel them? You can't even feel the POWERFUL LOVE they TRANSMIT and speak about? Do you only count on the messages that Blossom and others bring, to be able to know about them, to hear from them?

Well, ASK and you shall RECEIVE! But with the asking goes full commitment from the depths of your heart, mind and soul. It is not asking to satisfy curiosity, but asking to truthfully acknowledge, love and connect with them. The connections are there before we are born here, but our consciousness is so overwhelmed by living on earth for so long, that we need to work consciously in this connection now.

It is hard work, one could say, because you have to be 100% working on knowing yourself, clearing yourself, dedicating to ONLY what is for the Highest good. Using your mind ONLY for growth. Focusing ONLY on the Light. Help bring joy to others and therefore to your heart. Avoiding as much as possible any external mass manipulation designed to trigger your fears that keep your frequency vibrating low; and if they are triggered, look at them for what they are, heal that part of you, and then let it go. Every time you do this, you are working on increasing your vibration. When you take this seriously AND acknowledge their presence in your life and are grateful for their help, even when you cannot see them, things start manifesting.They are always there.

Also, don't have any expectations of how you are going to hear them or feel them or see them. It will never be as you think. Event after event, one different from the next, it will be beyond your wildest imaginings.

I am sure there are a lot of people reading that are new to all this. Let me tell you, whether it is Blossom or somebody else who is a messenger for the millions of Star family and other groups of invisible beings who are here helping us, the common denominator of those with the real message is LOVE and educating the population to INCREASE THEIR FREQUENCY. That is FIRST and ABOVE any other message.

Like patient and loving parents or teachers, they are waiting for more people to be ready for more information to be given...when the time is right, when the minds are ready for the next step. They feed information to lift up, not to bring down.

For all we know, all what is happening about the birds and fish and land have been created by the evil forces to manipulate/distract the masses. Our focus needs to be on the Light, on the Highest vibrations, on God, on Goodness right now.

Let's suppose the coming months or even weeks bring us a big sign, a huge sign in the sky. How would that make you feel? How would you react? When you prepare with all this inner work that the FOL and others like Ashtar have been teaching for 50 years, yes 50, your inner knowing will guide you. Your reactions to everything will be guided by this inner knowing.

Peace and serenity in your hearts

Anonymous said...

AHHH thank you Light lover ((Hugs))

Blossom you haven't answered Kay's question and I have used up my email quoter for the week.... LOL..are you ok? I heard it was sunny at the moment in Noosa still raining here.

Coach Enrique said...

@ Light Lover: great message! I think differently of the birds and fish events, I think the fact the events are not making headlines and that are rapidly dissappearing from the mainstream Media tell us that these are not from the dark forces. Feel free to see a different theory on my blog, if you're interested enough.

Anonymous said...

We had shafts of light here in Ottawa on Tuesday.

Sure its ice crystals but still "raises my vibrations"!

Love and light
Live Long and Prosper

Anonymous said...

Blossom, thanks so much for letting us know you're safe

Claudia said...

Found one more pillar for do I send it to you?


Blossom Goodchild said...

thank you Claudia. You can send it to . xx

Anonymous said...

well to let you know that God still loves you and always will during all this God still love's you, will you love him back what has he done to deserve this i ask of you all this he has gaven you everything food roof over your head and more then you know, now im the messenger here pls i ask of you if you want proof ask him to reveal himself to you and he will maby not be in person but God will dont be afraid of God im not dont be afraid of the power of Christ accept him in your heart and acknowledge that he is son of God pls you sound like your a wonderful woman with determination whatever happen to you that made you disbileve in god doesnt matter right now IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AND ALL HIS GORLY BELIVE IN THE WORDS OF CHRIST NOT SOME OUTSIDE FORCE OF EVIL remember i leave you with this GOD WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU