Oct 9, 2010

Laughing is my forte!

Here is sunny Australia it's raining!!! Gale force winds a blowin' ... our roof leaks big time ... everything soaked ... and yet ... I find myself in a splendid mood! My heart is laughing A LOT as I came across this yesterday ... and I quote ...

It was predicted that on 10/14/08, The Galactic Federation of Light would show up and rain nothing but Pure Love down upon the writhing masses for 3 days. This obviously correct prediction was channeled by a dykish fat Australian asperger named Blossom Goodchild.

Whah!! That cracked me up! 'Fat' at times I maybe ... but Australian , suffering from asperges (or did she/he mean asparagus??) and ... dykish ... I am not!!! It got me to thinking though as to why people would spend their time on doing this? Are they bored? What is it that remains within some souls that delights their senses in being openly offensive? We have to look at how far we have come as individuals do we not? And praise the Lord ... hallelujah ... I have moved on from wherever it is the person who wrote that resides.

When I was about 11yrs old I was the gang leader at a refined? convent school ... It was me who would pick and choose who we would be mean to that week and push out of the gang. Everything I said ... ruled! I was really tough ... I wore my long socks round my ankles, I chewed gum and everything! Until one day ... they had all had enough ... and the tide turned. Someone discovered that I had a special doll at home that I nurtured and loved dearly as one would their own baby ... WELL! Bang went my street cred right out the window ... therefore it was cordially decided that I would be given the same treatment I had dealt out to so many.
What a wake up call!! The loneliness was the most felt, as well as the ridicule and humiliation as the name calling crescendoed with each new play time. I cried myself to sleep each night asking God to please make it better the next day , but he didn't seem to hear. My soul hurt most of all as I cried, from the realisation of how I had done the same to others ... how I had been so cruel ... for fun! Whilst sitting alone on a swing at yet another agonising break, I made a vow there and then that I WOULD NEVER be cruel to another living soul.The pain of being ostracized and picked on was too much for me and yet I had dealt it to so many other kids , just for something to do. Just to feel powerful.
Eventually after what seemed like a year , but was probably only six days , I was invited back into the throng. Things would never be the same again. I had learned my lesson and I stuck by my word ... and I feel safe to say that I have stuck by it even until this day.

We all have lessons to learn,. some we are blessed to learn at an early age and some take us quite a bit longer. How sad for those who were given opportunities over and over again to 'change' and yet refused to act upon them ... How grateful I am to be able to laugh at 'attacks ' on my goodself(!) and send Golden Rays to the 'attacker'. For indeed , they must be in much need of the warmth from those rays to enter their heart.

Each one of us are doing our best ... the only way we know how ... by living our lives everyday. Each of the lives of people who read even just this blog can be a million miles apart. We all will be doing and saying very different things in this same day. Experiencing 'life' from our own angle . Our own take on the matter. And yet ... each of us are all doing the same thing ... walking home. Some are a little further down the track than others ... some chose to stop in the one village for a lengthy period ... others chose to tie their trainers on tightly and run for it ... some meander along smelling the roses as they go. I guess it simply doesn't matter how you choose to get there , it's more about how you treat and greet those you meet along the way! So keep your eyes out for a dykish fat australian with asperges, and give her a big hug , cos I tell you now she'll be doing the same right back at ya!

10.10.10 tomorrow. Going to try for a channelling!

Golden Rays throughout your days!


yk248 said...

Blosssom, you shine!!!!

Love divine,


Ami said...

Your words are beautiful. Receive a big hug from us. It's wonderful to walk in this path with you.
My profound love to all you, love-walkers.

Shelley said...

Quote: "How grateful I am to be able to laugh at 'attacks ' on my goodself(!) and send Golden Rays to the 'attacker'. For indeed , they must be in much need of the warmth from those rays to enter their heart."

Of course this isn't a new concept, but somehow your post finally caused it to make sense to me. By jove, I think I've finally "got it"!

Thank you for a beautiful post, and just exactly what I needed. I'm so glad that a friend recently introduced me to your blog.


Shelley said...

Quote: "How grateful I am to be able to laugh at 'attacks ' on my goodself(!) and send Golden Rays to the 'attacker'. For indeed , they must be in much need of the warmth from those rays to enter their heart."

Of course this isn't a new concept, but somehow your post finally caused it to make sense to me. By jove, I think I've finally "got it"!

Thank you for a beautiful post, and just exactly what I needed. I'm so glad that a friend recently introduced me to your blog.


Unknown said...

"This obviously correct prediction". It struck me as so odd that she would quite so blithely dismiss the event having any chance at happening. Which, for HER, it did not. She predetermined what was possible and got just that. It is by watching this method of creating, that we see the truth in "the eye of the beholder". She also views the "raining down of love" from the same place, called impossible. Not me baby!! I KNOW what happened that day. It is SOOOOO nice to be in a place where I KNOW so deeply that fear of her or anger at her is just as misplaced as her fear and anger. I can smile at the view she comes from. I know too, that, to much higher expressions, I look very limited in my view. So thank you to her, if only for showing me how far I have come. It will be a bit of a bumpy trip for her when they do "arrive". She does know something though, because she cares to read and write about it. she is still curious. She just couldn't get over her disappointment. LOL

Unknown said...

Oh, and I would not be surprised to find that what is coming on 10/10/10 is very easily connected to your story.

Anonymous said...

Well I looked up Asperges and he got that one right at least Blossom
As White Cloud refers to water as love,you are definately spreading love!((Hugs)) Kerrie

Asperges is a name given to the rite of sprinkling a congregation with holy water. The name comes from the first word in the 9th verse of Psalm 51 in the Latin translation, the Vulgate

Coach Enrique said...

Hope you don't mind Blossom if I follow up the topics that Anonymous covered on the final comments of your previous Post. Our original mind is indeed a wonderous tool but it has been contaminated by the beliefs that Society installed in it. Original mind process data and draws precise conclusions so we may take action. Installed Mind creates concerns, doubts and delays action, it will keep you busy with a lot of arousing questions but at the same time it will keep you controlled. Your installed mind will never find the answers since it is the questioner, the delayer, the distractor and your entertainer. All the answers you are searching for are beaming RIGHT NOW from inside your Heart, from your True Essence.
Now, as EVERYTHING in this Free Choice Universe, Ascension is an option for every single Soul on Earth. Everyone is being PERSONALLY invited through the circumnstances that everyone is currently living. It doesn't require to know about the FOL or to memorize words from the Bible or the Channelers. The conditions were set thousands of year ago, it is about being able to Love Yourself unconditionally and to Love your Neighbor in the same way. Thus, exactly as oil cannot mix with water, a Soul loaded with lower frequencies won't be able to enter a World made ONLY of High Frequencies. Universe has rules, and it's not about Merciness or Goodness. It's about Order and Perfection.

Wanda said...

well, Ms. Blossom... lol. Just because I've been silent, doesn't mean I've been away. Sometimes, I just can't find the words my heart wishes to express.
But I want to express this, I LOVE YOU, and Thank you for sharing your humaness with us.
Much Love & Light to ALL..
10-10-10. Feel the joy.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool that not only did someone's ugly words NOT get you down, you even got in a better mood from laughing at it! You are a great lady! Some folks could learn much from you if they stopped insulting and listened.

skyrunner said...


Regarding your 10/14 thing, I don't think it was appropriate for anyone to call you names, etc. I'm glad that you made it through that low spot in your life.

Regarding this 10/13 appearence. I think they won't show, just like the time they told you they would show and didn't. What would have changed? You are in touch with discarnate entities (that I believe are not aliens, but fallen angels). This NORAD guy is in touch with, if not the same entities, very similar ones.

What I guess I'm trying to say, is that God is out there, and He would like you to turn to Him instead of these finite, and perhaps fallen entities. after all, who has more? the finite beings being channeled, or the infinite creator of the universe?

Jesus Christ came for you guys too. Forget about religion, church and 1500 years of tradition, and check out who Jesus Himself says He is.

I've been where some of you are, and that's why I want to share this with you. I want to share the joy and the hope that i've found.

anyways, love and peace to you all, even if we don't agree.

Dethduck said...

Life isn't so serious,
And that's the first mistake we make.

Anonymous said...

hi and big wave of loving light to all.. i was just wondering There were predictions, i.e., Lemuria rising again off the coast of Big Island one of the biggest, did anyone have anything or hear of anything collosal as predicted happening? I had a very nice meditation at 10:10 by the water that when I opened my eyes, a nice little turtle was in the water near my feet, watching! I loved it and did say thank you! to the Cosmos, peace to all ~ gaea

Anonymous said...



Sahari said...

Your name could not be more perfect. Blossom -- the crowning event of growth. Goodchild -- what you are for allowing the growth.

We are what we are, each of us in Truth, and can be no Other.

Anonymous said...

blossom, after your last channeling i had the funniest of ideas pop into my head, i was splitting my sides laughing for ages...
picture the build up... 14-10-08 Blossom Goodchild predicts the arrival of the federation of light (i even got the dramatic music in the background). then the following two years, along with numerous people i followed every channeling and started to read others, really believing the feds were on their way.. soon... another chaneller said they were only seconds away, and in that last channeling of yours they said we were on red alert! .... i got very excited after that channeling. then later on in my room i imagined that i heard them.. i knew they were here and elated i jumped out of bed, pulled back the curtains and opened the windows and kept a watch out for them. yipeeeee they are here... i thought.. and then it happened... (dramatic music again) ... a tiny little round spacecraft flew in through my window.. about the size of a football... and i burst out laughing...... then they were waving their fists at me... (thoroughly annoyed that i wasnt taken aback by the spectacle because of their tininess!!) hundreds of them were flying outside waiting for the people to be taken aback by them.. but we all fell around the place laughing! now i know this is just my funny sense of humour but i thought then about the mother ship being the size of a car or something hovering over the white house... i was in stitches for ages after that little story.. i just thought id share!
all my love and light and laughter.. as you do have to have a sense of humour! corrina

Blossom Goodchild said...

@skyrunner.... I wonder why so many assume that I have nothing to do with 'GOD'. I HAVE EVERYTHING TO DO WITH GOD. For God is LOVE. What do The Federation speak about all the time .... BEING LOVE! I rest my case. Blossom.

Anonymous said...

Do not reserve your greatest Love for those you feel deserve it. GIVE of LOVE to ALL. BE of LOVE to ALL. And when ALL understand of this … you have Ascended into your new world.~The Federation of Light~

Thank you Blossom all is well in my world again!

skyrunner said...


I won't disagree that you are very loving, I see a lot of evidence for that.

I will however disagree with you on God, but I won't argue with you as I don't think it would do either of us any good. You know what my position is, and I don't want to change my mind. You too have a position, and are fairly firmly planted.

Still, that doesn't mean I shouldn't share with you. I found hope in Jesus, and I wanted to share the hope I found with you and others here.

Blossom, I hope you understand that I do this as a loving gesture, and not to try to put you down. Someone once said that if Christianity was true then the most loving thing a believer can do is share that with others.

At any rate I thank you for your kindness and allowing me to post.

Anonymous said...

sat nam
peace to all.
thanks Blos and FoL for a beautiful message today. My light sword has stayed raised along with my hand waving 'hello beloved space family' and we of the light are not falling for any doomsday, after all, it is what we imagine yes? We create with our loving thoughts the world we wish to see ~ We might use our swords to cut through the negative words by raising your right hand up above your head and slicing down beside your body 3 times releasing ties that bind us to any dark energies.. this is a powerful exercise, practice this and feel the InnerGee rise and negatives dissipate.. bright rays in days ahead xoxox peace be with you

Anonymous said...

Blossom, I am glad to hear that you're singing-in-the- rain in spite of a leaky roof. : )

As for that mean 'ole remark that someone wrote:

"People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of [their] character".
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Faith said...

I dreamed I was about to attend an important wedding last night, wanted something to eat to tide me over till after the ceremony and ended up eating raw cauliflower.

I think this was a comment on the chocolate cake I had last night that kept me up all night... cauliflower would be better! anyway, something big is imminent!

Blossom Goodchild said...

@syrunner. Tickety boo. And you are welcome to post here any time. have a great day.!

Ami said...

Dearest Blossom. October 13th is my birthday. My deepest wish is for my beloved Gaia and her ascension, to the awakening of humanity, and that the "soon" of our elder brothers almost as "soon" as ours, in this 3D. We are here with our swords of light, spreading our love, anywhere, always!
Be in peace.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to our Lightswords-man bro Ami
~ may all you wish come true ~

Anonymous said...

"Do not reserve your greatest Love for those you feel deserve it. GIVE of LOVE to ALL. BE of LOVE to ALL."

WOW!!! That sentence left me speechless and kept me thinking in a couple of issues i am dealing with in these days. Issues i feel are some kind of test, a test to know if my "backpack" of earthly emotions and experiences is lighter enough to ascend, if you know what i mean...

uffff... Honestly i don´t know what else to say, that sentence really shaked me, it was rather more earthly, grounded and direct than the usual "be of love, be of light".

I will cherish that sentence for ever.
Thank you big brothers from above, thank you Blossom.

Pablo from Chile

yk248 said...

Hey Ami,

I don't know you.... but,

Happy Birthday,

and may all your wishes come true (:


Blossom Goodchild said...

@ Ami .... indeed how remiss of me .... ♫ Happy Birthday to you , Happy Birthday to you ... Happy birthday dear ♫ AMI ♫ ..... Happy birthday to you!♫

Pam K. said...

I had something weird happen that is beyond the realm of coincidence_last night, for no particular reason, I thought it was about time for another earthquake to happen in Oklahoma where I live. I set my alarm clock for 9 a.m. Today, at precisely 9 a.m., there was a 4.5 earthquake in central Oklahoma, too far away for me to feel anything. The skies have been a bright, brilliant blue here today, nothing out of the ordinary otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Blossom and light family, I was just sent this and I am passing it forward:) it put a much needed smile on my face, I used to sing it to my children, don't you just love the perfection of the universe,try as we may to create drama with our minds, if we ask for assistance (which I have been) we get it:)

It is with grace,gratitude and humility we accept the assistance of The Federation of Light for the betterment of ourselves and the all.




and Ami I have already said happy birthday to you, but I'll say it here too, I hope you had a great day my friend((Hugs))

Anonymous said...

Maybe there was a massive sighting on the 13th. In NYC no less.


These UFO's have been filmed all over the world as evidenced by many different youtube videos. I've seen them myself on many occasions. They are very coy though.


Cory P said...

Blossom, it seems that the sightings showing up are coming more and more frequently in these days! I feel the energy building up inside of me! I am ready for this to take place, as are many in this world! You speak amazingly and shine on greatly, even through the darkness people try to shroud you in!

Much love, light and laughter!

Amy said...

I had to share this link.
The article is in Dutch but the related English articles can be accessed via the links below the word bronnen


Happy 14-10


(I just tried posting but it gave me a source error so sorry if you get this twice :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Blossom,

Three things I'm enjoying right now:

1)The news of UFOs over Manhattan on Oct 13, 2010, captivating thousands (not an easy thing to do--New Yorkers are quite jaded)

2)The rescue of the Chilean miners--quite a literal ascension. The joy and love of those involved captivated the entire world in a lesson of how we all should be feeling towards each other.

3)This posting of yours, for all the reasons others have posted before me. Thanks again!

Wanda said...

Love & Light Blossom, and all my fellow travelers. I cried as each number of miners pulled up was increased. For over 24 hours, the world came together and watched a miracle happen. Can you just imagine the amount of LOVE flowing?
We are shining now!!
but, THEY did provide a very nice show over Manhatten, NY last night. Went on all day. watch these 2 videos...
The first is a news report where she points up & shows it...

The second one is actually Earthcam.. from the top of the Empire state bldg. LIVE.. later that night. Don't know who the genius was that chose the music, but it is a ballet !!


and the ballet...


We are so close now. Namaste' to ALL.

Anonymous said...

imagine a girl of 10 who has never seen or heard her dad, and that some August day in 2008 out of the blue he gives her a ring from who knows where promising to show up finally on Oct 14th of that very same year. Imagine further that this daddy doesn't show up on the promised day and instead keeps ringing her up for next two years - making explanations as of why he didn't come, making more promises, failing to explain the most basic questions etc. etc. etc. while still actually never showing up. Question: Do you think that girl will have any trust in her daddy today? Let's face it: has the world changed since 08? Yes, definitely. Does this mean I trust you or your words after these two years of blah blah blah? No, not in the least. Grainy videos on youtube just won't do. Everything that fails short of a clear huge mothership is a fail. PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

The last post explained exactly how I feel

Andrew said...

ABout your latest email Blossom...

I have also been feeling so tired since 10/10/10. It's getting better now but for atleast 3 or so days after 10/10/10 I was just SO tired...and it happened all of a sudden...Hmm possibly adjusting to the energies...how exciting! :D

I was thinking it may have had something to do with the incoming energies...glad to know im not the only one who experienced this.

Ozarklorian said...

Re the preceding post about needing to see a huge mothership to believe in it, you obviously do not get the concept of faith. It is also clear to me that you, unlike myself, have never seen a UFO. The one I saw back in 1989 wasn't blurry, and it wasn't huge, but it sure was believable. And I wasn't the only one who saw it.

Coach Enrique said...

Anonymous has a very valid point. While some may claim that the 10/14/08 was a sort of awakening for them to this kind of knowledge, for us that have been on the path for decades it was deeply frustrating to find out that the promise was a lie, regardless of the explanations that anyway don't make sense. In my perception, even Blossom herself has not been able to move on from this particular event. She won't give us any new date even if she somehow channels it, she just won't accept it, much less publish it. And while my ego shares the feelings of deception and bitterness, my Essence tells me that it really doesn't matter, that we should stop looking for answers outside of us and that our Only Source of Truth is our own Heart, so let's forget about the vessels for some time and let's focus on our own Heart beating and whispering. We really need to learn quickly about our Heart's ways, our Heart will guide us in Truth and in Love, Always.

Anonymous said...

We are not 10 yrs old though anonymous this is the thing,we choose this experience other wise we wouldn't be going through it,we are not victims here, we are beautiful co creators,the soup needed stiring up,how this is all going to pan out I don't know, but we are all perceiving it and digesting it our own way,I had no idea of the resistance that was within me and that still needs to be sorted, all this has bought me to my knees and then I have picked myself up and I am stronger for it.still a long way to go but getting there,a huge roller coaster ride,thanks to Blossom who is honestly in public showing us her ride, we too can be honest with ourselves,my biggest lesson was that dispite my strong disbelife in the devil or dark forces, I got worn down and started to doubt myself, but I am back and stronger then ever knowing that this illusion that we have of dark forces is our creation from our fears that is how powerful our collective mind is.Love,LIGHT and peace Kerrie

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ coach. Best I feel we all accept that until one has walked a mile , nay ... two years in another's moccasins ... they can not fully understand how another may think or feel or where indeed they are within themselves. For I have no idea or wish to 'assume' how somebody I have never met may or may not have moved on from any particular event. I give out the messages from my heart ... I feel it is part of my journey here to do so ... that does not mean however I spend all my waking hours awaiting a space ship to arrive ... I have my life to get on with . And I love it! Golden Rays ... just needed to reply to that one ... IN LOVE OF COURSE!
Bloss xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry me again! but I am feeling all fuzzy and in love tonight and I want to share:)

This favourite old movie of mine came to mind today,as I picked myself up, dusted myself off and started all over yet again, feeling lighter,empowered and greatfull to The Federation of Light for all that they have done and are still doing,we are so blessed,so loved.



AUG 30TH 2009
~The Federation of Light~
We are aware also of a large classroom which provides teaching for those of many different levels of understanding and yet we have designed our wording in such a fashion that it can be understood on many levels depending on the stage of development that any one particular soul has progressed within.

...and Blossom from your last channel,I loved this,THANK YOU my friend ((Hugs))

No words … Trusting you can FEEL my heart. In Love and thanks.
Again … I would just like to reiterate … I am just the messenger!

Coach Enrique said...

Well Blossom, words are very limited, as you already know. I wrote "In my perception, Blossom has not..." which means exactly that, only my perception on where you are on that matter. I admit that one of my shortcomings is being too direct or writing too direct, maybe my sense of lack of time is what forces me to act this way.
There are ways to know where someone stands, and this is by listening to them with an open heart and mind. In your case, it’s from reading your posts and channeling, and I see clearly how you constantly challenge the FOL when they start talking about showing up. Your resistance –you may call it being cautious- is evident and it’s absolutely OK, any human being would do the same, and I honestly thought that you would agree that you won’t trust any new date given to you, you even said that you would give them “2 words” if they tried to do this again, did I misunderstand it?

Anonymous said...

For those who thought that maybe those lights in NYC were just balloons - check this out! A very interesting event that took place in Texas just two days later...


Anonymous said...

I wanted this thread to catch up to the "bus" one.....

Anonymous said...

hey lightbearing folk good morning from alabama ~
i found this link after following a diff one to YouTube. This fellow is asking some signif questions plus it is very cool Tube.
I had a very interesting happening while driving a few days ago, up the highway.. looked up to see these objects floating around in and out of each other, a beautiful slow motion dance -like synchronized floating.. ahaha wow it was so beautiful and I could hardly stop tho I did slow down enough to get a better look.. and others did the same.. these were white objects very round, doing this dance and then they took on more substance the white bodies had black wings on either side.. i have no idea what kind of bird, have never seen them before !! and IAm a dedicated nature observer. WELL< then returned home yesterday, was walking down our path in the woods look down and there on the ground is a feather.. it was white then halfway down was black. I think there are a lot of things happening that are just beyond of scope of understanding.
lightsword raised ~ in Peace ~