Oct 18, 2010

Imposter!! Urgent!

There is an imposter posing to be me on face book. I don't do face book. They have put up a channelling saying there is to be a landing on 20th Oct. Taking a picture from youtube and putting my website address etc. As you can imagine because it's face book , it's spreading rapidly! PLEASE ... could those of you who are face book members 'report imposter' as I am unable to do so as I cannot get on the page due to not being a member!!!! (Apparrently the 'report imposter' is on the bottom left hand corner)

Thanks so much everyone!
Great way to start a monday morning!! Gotta laugh ... gotta send that person Love ... Gotta keep on keeping on!

Golden Rays in abundance


Blossom Goodchild said...

@coach. Correct in that I won't receive a date . I was referring to the 'not having moved on'. What with the imposter today on face book and all the hassle it's caused ... I'll leave it at that. No offence taken or to be taken. Onwards. Swords of Light to the sky. Thanks . Bloss xx

Anonymous said...

Remember this that I sent you last night Blossom, it wasn't a coincidence, I had such a strong love energy in my heart to do that and I almost didn't due to not wanting to bother you again, but the feeling was so strong and always I follow that rather then my minds concerns, especially now days,the tribes are gathering!people are spreading this across the net sooo fast,people are coming together in love ((Hugs))

"Go forward with courage. When you are in doubt, be still, and wait; when doubt no longer exists for you, then go forward with courage. So long as mists envelop you, be still; be still until the sunlight pours through and dispels the mists -as it surely will. Then act with courage."

Chief White Eagle, Ponca

Dan said...

Hi Blossom,
When I looked this morning, I easily found the "fan page" and had to search for the actual imposter. I think Kerrie posts to the Fan page, but I didn't see her posting on the other. If the FOL happens to knock before then, maybe ask `em about the 20th too? I think there were a few sightings and a lot of love and good feelings on the 13th.

Big Hugs, Love, Light, GOLDEN Rays, Peace, Healing energies and MORE!


Amy said...

As per request, fake blossom on facebook reported and blocked.

Have a great day.


Blossom Goodchild said...

Well. I have just received an obscene comment from someone claiming to be the imposter. It's too nasty and disgusting to publish. Maybe it's someone posing as the imposter!! Whoever it is clearly needs 'you know what' people ... so lets send him/her loads of 'em!
They say they will be posting their full explanation for why they did this soon. Not on this blog they won't! Unless they choose to be civil with no swearing and just offering their point of view in a respectful manner.
Golden Rays xxxx

Coach Enrique said...

I hope you don't think I have something to do with the Facebook issue, Blossom. I hardly have time to explore Who I really Am to pretend being another self. Hope these people get a life of their own soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes Dan I do post on the Blossom group and I would like to let everyone know that this group is NOT the imposter,The imposter has been taken down I have just noticed, my heart went out to the young man that got caught up in all this as he was coming from love, I had left the group but I have now rejoined after he emailed me asking me to read what he posted on his group and wanted me to make it all right with Blossom he was feeling so sad,here is what he posted and my reply,a good lesson for us I feel in not fearing and following your heart in love.

Aidan Downes
My intention was to create a venue for us to share the messages from the Federation and to come together in a place we all knew to get to know each other and to share our experiences through another medium. Many people were doing similar th...ings back then to try to generate as much momentum for the event as possible. NEVER was it my intention for this to be Blossom's 'official' page...I've never said such a thing and if that's how you've interpreted this group then that's YOUR mistake and not mine! I absolutely adore Blossom and the work that she does. She is a radiant soul and an absolute inspiration who I hope to meet one day and give her a big hug and say thanks for everything you did and still do. Peace to all. Aidan. ♥

Kerrie Brown
Bless you Aidan,my heart is feeling so much love for you at this moment oh how I know what you are feeling my friend, for I have been there too, I send you my love and gratitude and I will continue to talk on your lovely group,go with your heart dear one and never let your mind tell you that you should stop, The Federation of Light speaks to ALL of us in many ways

27TH July 2010

We welcome you into this communication with us. We correspond with you in this way , yet we would say that there are many other interactive measures that we are taking with many in order to resume connections with those upon your planet.

Red said...

Perhaps you should consider making one of your own, and just name it blossom goodchild official... i know it's pain. I don't have any facebook either, but at least you have control.


skyrunner said...

Wow that is lame, and weak. Someoneseriously has so little time they got to do that to you?

Id sue them if I were you, I'm sure there is some fair usage law beingviolated.

Off topic, has anyone heard of nick redfernns new book? I just heard an interview with him and it was amazing. It was on futurequake.com, for those interested.

Anonymous said...

you mean like how lame/weak it was lieing about october 14th?
and how this failed actress pretends to be a channeler?
haha but since she approves all her comments you never know what ppl are REALLY tellin her.... she just shows off all the supporting
sigh* you've knocked me out with your ignorance!

your just blind/ignorant if not stupid for not looking at any evidence

but blossom wouldn't approve this anyway since I'm not supporting her

Anonymous said...

Truth or not no one deserves to be impersonated
I have been following blossoms work for over an year now and I love her messages :)

we are there for you blossom :)
Luv Ann

Amy said...

@ Anonymous

Clearly you haven't red all her blog comments. Blossom does post criticism as long as it does not contain swearing. If you don't agree with her that's fine, but why in heavens name are you reading her blog if you don't agree with what she says?

And as for lieing, haven't seen a government or large company / organisation yet that didn't lie about things all in the name of making money... All Blossom tells us is to follow our heart and what we feel is the truth. Clearly this is not your truth but that's fine. The world would be a boring place if everyone had the same idea about everything :)


Blossom Goodchild said...

@ anon ... you see I'll approve that one because there is no swearing in it. As for the other 12 or so obscenities you have sent me today .... I won't put them up. I speak for all here when I say, we like this place to be a nice place to come ... and your comments simply are not nice. As for your question about 'what we send you' ... it's Golden Rays ... because to spend your day sending someone you don't know so much hate shows to me that your soul needs some Love ... so we here, I know, will all make a concious effort to send you some. Hope you feel it. You can keep sending comments as you have been today until you tire of it, believe me I don't get upset for me, but I do get upset for you. What happenned to you that makes you want to be so viscious and cruel to another soul? Why don't you go to a site that you really beleive in and send some nice comments, do what makes you FEEL GOOD. Surely , what you are doing to me, when you really listen to your soul doesn't give you pleasure? Odd thing is ... if you spent an hour in my company I bet I could make ya laugh and you might find you really quite like me ... cos I'm that kinda gal!! SO in conclusion ... much Love to you Mr Imposter ... get ready to feel good, because this community here sure know how to send Love!
Bloss. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi anon

I can feel with you, I was like you sending hate mail to Blossom like one year ago. Sounds weird, but the golden rays did work. I send them out to you right now too. I still post every now and then, like last week with the girl "parable", and I'm mostly sceptic, but one thing is for sure. Blossom will publish your post as long as you don't swear. Everybody is responsible for his own karma. If Blossom is a hoax, she will pay for that. But you can't blame her for the hate you're feeling, that's entirely your issue.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@Andri .... You have no idea how much of a smile you brought to my face and my heart. It's been a bit of a week and it's only Tuesday night!! Thank you! The point is that we are asked to listen to our heart. Our own heart ... not anyone elses.If your heart tells you I am a hoax ... thats cool ... that's YOUR TRUTH. If mine tells me I'm not ... thats cool too ... cos thats MY TRUTH. We find out who we are by living by OUR OWN TRUTH. THAT'S THE WAY TO GO. It's just a good thing to be able to let each person do that, without judging them. So many are afraid to be who they are because of what others may think. We need to be an example and just let everyone do their own thing. Thank you so much again Andri ,you have made my day!! you will never know how much!
Good night all!!

skyrunner said...

Anon who addressed me.

Being a Bible belieing Christian, I disagree with Blossom on almost everything to do with her source of channelling, but that doesn't mean we have to be nasty to her.

I don't think she was lying about what she was told about Oct 14, and I think she is indeed channelling. I think that Blossom relayed what she was told, and it was the entities that lied to her.

And she does allow some who disagree to post, as I have been able to post many of my comments. but I was at least not nasty about it. Therein lies the difference.If you're going to disagree, do so respectfully and out of genuine concern.

Anonymous said...

@Amy Wow genius! you saved the day!

sorry as for your "golden rays" thing hadn't worked on me I'm just as miserable as before oh well

goodbye everyone!

Anonymous said...

dear blossom, thanks so much for everything you do. you bring me a smile to read your posts. you are always thought provoking, affirming, kind, and im really glad you have chosen to share with your readers.
hang in there.

Anonymous said...

... so they (FOL)said they'd come on october 14th (again) and didn't show up. Any explanation? I want to emphasize that I truly believe in Blossom's chanellings and I was eager to see some evidence of them in the sky. There were some sightings in Ne york and such... but,nothing as big as they had said they'd do. What's next? ( I do felt some high vibrations on the 10 14/13 and still now sometimes I feel that they're up there just waiting to take our hat's off! ;)I mean, taking us by surprise hehehehe I would love this!
Lots of love for everyone

Blossom Goodchild said...

@anon ... just need to correct you there. The FOL didn't say they would be coming on the 14th this year. They indeed said 'red alert' and 'we are coming' but not when. My thoughts are, that like the NY sightings etc ..these are just baby steps to get folk accustomed to them being about .. just familiarising ... and then ... building up to something bigger . Just my thoughts. And also cheer ho to the soul that didn't pick up on our Golden Rays ... Thats not to say you won't you know!! Hello and big smiles to all.

skyrunner said...

As stupid and over used as the excuse is, the NYC sighting was a balloon.

I can dig up a link if needed.

Anonymous said...

Skyrunner not to dishonor your belief, but for those that would like to open their minds and hearts to what is happening now,here is a link that are NOT balloons,I would not be doing this (in everyone's face all the time) it is not like me at all and my poor ego is having a hard time with me doing this,all my life I have walked away not caring what others think, as I saw no reason to even try to put my beliefs onto others, it always amused me as to why people do that,but these 2 yrs my soul has been speaking to me, I know I am annoying at times, but I also am getting so much guidance, so who is guiding me? who has touched my heart? it is not just White Cloud, although that is my main focus and poor Blossom has to cope with this lady who is trying to stop herself from doing all of this and has told Blossom many times that I have to stop,I am sure Blossom just shakes her head when she receives those emails.Trust me skyrunner what is guiding me has nothing to do with the dark for 2 yrs now I have been assisted by other peoples guides also and those people I have met are of love and so much light.ok zipping it now Blossom.My 'Joan of Arch' is out these past 3 days with this full moon in Aries tomorrow. ((Hugs)) Kerrie

UFOs October 2010 HD It Is Happening Globally Millions


Laura said...

I always love reading what you have to say Kerrie. You're NOT annoying - you're perfect just the way you are! Never apologize for being yourself my friend!

Ami said...

Hi, everyone,

Laura, I think the same. Here I found an intresting video to share with you. Love to all you, as always.



Coach Enrique said...

@ Laura, we share a Divine Essence that is perfect but that doesn't make any of us Perfect. While we are in Human form and Ego controls our life, we are far from being perfect. If we were perfect, this Society would be perfect. This blog really is about this fact, right? I mean, Ascension and Enlightment wouldn't be necessary for perfect Beings.
I think that to apologize is a healthy practice. It is a declaration of who We Are-Not. Maybe the others don't need the apology and most of the times they will say "it's OK, not needed", but it helps us to release what we don't want in our lives anymore.
It sure is a good sign in a Light Worker. Strong egos cannot apologize.

Anonymous said...

Ah thank you Laura I am learning to unconditionally love me, getting there my friend with a little help from our friends above((Hugs))

This came through Blossom the day I received some assistance from them about my unworthy ego problems, so I emailed Blossom all excited as they told me to read the channel that was up and there was a channel up! and this was in it.Do you now understand why I love then so much.

~The Federation of Light~

April 17th 2009

How we wish we could dissolve your feelings of unworthiness.

Eh … that’s a bit left field, where did that come from?

From our Truth.

Laura said...

Oh Coach Enrique, you always make me smile. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't know if words can describe what happened to me when I read your channelling this morning. Thank you to Blossom and The Federation of Light for that - you made my day!

Blossom, I'm not what you would call a religious person. I would say that my view of God would be the same as yours (as you spoke of it in this channelling)...

Each morning for the past week, I have gotten into the habit of listening to the song "I Am The Day" by Libera (whom someone introduced us to on this blog some time ago). I find it lifts me up and helps me start my day. This morning I was listening to it as I read your channelling. The music stopped halfway through, so I just clicked on the next song of theirs which happened to be called "Deep Peace". Exactly at the moment that I read the words from the FOL "Say to yourselves ‘ I AM AN ANCHOR OF THE LIGHT OF CHRIST’." These were the words that I heard from the song...

"Deep peace of Christ the light of the world to you
Deep peace of Christ to you"

It made me cry and today's entire channelling has touched me in a way I can't describe. I am at peace.

Here are the rest of the lyrics and a link to the song...


Deep peace of the running wave to you
Deep peace of the flowing air to you
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you
Deep peace of the shining stars to you
Deep peace of the gentle night to you
Moon and stars pour their healing light on you
Deep peace of Christ the light of the world to you
Deep peace of Christ to you

yk248 said...

Thanks Blossom for the latest channeling!!!

Love and Light,


skyrunner said...

I come to you out of love with a warning. The Fol have definitely revealed themselves. That is, for what they truly are.

They may say they are of love, and they may even act like it and give you feelings of love. BUT, they are not, they are lying to you.

Read below and decide for yourself. The Bible proves that the FOL is not of the Living God, but is of the spirit of antichrist. This warning about believing spirits was written 2000 yrs ago, and God wanted to share this with you out of His love.

First, what the fol said.

not a person. It
is a LIGHT. That is not to say that many souls have descended from shall we say
… extremely Higher realms at given points in your history … that
indeed are directly from that DIVINE CHRIST LIGHT.”
 and the warning that The Living God gave us in His word.

1 John 4:1
Dear friends, do not believe everyone who
claims to speak by the Spirit. You must test them to see if the spirit they
have comes from God. For there are many false prophets in the world.
1 John 4:2
This is the way to find out if they have the
Spirit of God: If a prophet acknowledges that
Jesus Christ became a human being, that
person has the Spirit of God.
1 John 4:3
If a prophet does not acknowledge Jesus,
that person is not from God. Such a person has the spirit of the Antichrist. You have heard that he is going to
come into the world, and he is already here.
Galatians 1:8
Let God's curse fall on anyone, including
myself, who preaches any other message than the one we told you about. Even if an angel comes from heaven and preaches any
other message, let him be forever cursed.
Galatians 1:9
I will say it again: If
anyone preaches any other gospel than the one you welcomed, let God's curse
fall upon that person.

The FOL denied that Chris, the Messiah, came as ahuman. The Bible warned us that any spirit or (one could infer also "evolved" being) that denied Jesus Christ in this fashion was not of God.

I hope you consider this, and ask God, the REAL God to show you the truth here. Please know that I share this with you out of real love and concern with for your souls. I want share the true path to eternal life, and a personal relationship with the Living God who loves you.

Please consider this.

Love skyrunner

Blossom Goodchild said...

@skyrunner. I have many times explained my thoughts on the bible. I thank you for your concern ...and time and trouble to try and convince me that I am in with the baddies! Eh ...??? God's curse???? If the Federation spoke in anyway like that believe me I would be dropping them immediately. Truly .... God's curse????? How can God have a curse...?? Please think about that. Many thanks. And thank you for your email thinking this comment did not get through. I fully understand that you come from Love and my reply to you truly is of the same.

Anonymous said...

My favourite quote from Deepak Chopra (author of The Third Jesus)

A God capable of being pleased or displeased isn't a God of grace as the essence of grace is unconditional love ((Hugs)) Kerrie

~The Federation of Light~

We have much concern for how our planned visit shall be received and interpreted. We find it of great importance that it is known that we are of TRUTH and yet there are many that are disputing of this fact.

Surely you knew this would be so?

Not in the way that it has been presented. It appears that many more than we anticipated are under the influence of a book that has been contorted to suit the higher-archy of the period of when it was written and re written throughout your ages.
How we are agog in shock regarding how little one listens to their inner TRUTH and OBEYS the indoctrination of words.
To all those who consider us to be of a lesser Light we have something to say to you.

OOHHH… I can feel quite a strength behind whatever it is that is about to be uttered forth… go for it guys ….

Within the nation that is known as the Star Nation we know only of acceptance of our fellow beings. Whatever agenda they may have … we acknowledge their place and their part in the Grand DIVINE Scheme. We do not pull apart and rebuke others TRUTHS. We allow for TRUTHS of the individual mind set to be just that.
We ask you to search your souls each and every one of you and listen to the TRUTH it can reveal to you. If you TRULY listen … then you would surely awaken to the fact that what is undeniably a mistruth has been ruling your planet for many time frames of your existence.
No more shall you weep into the cups of destruction. You shall be presented with an idea that if fully comprehended will be a way out of the quagmire that you have immersed so deeply into.

We come to offer you a way out. A way forward.

skyrunner said...

Thanks Blossom.

You know, I understand your reservations on hearing "God's curse". How can a loving God have a curse?

think about God as absolutely perfect, and good, and just. Then, His creation rebelled against Him. Surely you can't expect that would please Him. Think about it this way.

You have a kid, you absolutely love them to pieces. Then one day, they take your car and drive it into your house. You (or me) still love that child with everything in your being, but they must pay or be disciplined for what they did. That is like curse. Love is there, but so too is the need for discipline.

But. Let's say you the parent out of love tell the child you are mad about what they did, but out of your love offer to pay the penalty yourself. What would the child's reaction be? Out of love the parent takes the punishment on him/herself.

That is what God has done through Jesus. We messed up but God out of love gives us an out. We don't have to worry about the punishment anymore thanks to Jesus.

That's all ill say for now. B, thx for the chance to speak. I may like to speak with you privately sometime, if you are willing.



Coach Enrique said...

Well, Blossom, the instant you wrote that word you knew this was coming... But a message is a message and I'm glad you respected it. I guess there will be people leaving this Blog because of that, there is so much "emotional weight" involved on their declaration that Christ is a Consciousness and not a person. Jesus became the Christ and -FROM THAT CONSCIOUSNESS-, He spoke Truth and Life. I have always believed that Jesus himself did not want to be worshipped or considered a God, but mostly He wanted us with all His Heart to become Christ with him. The good thing about the Bible is that you can select a sentence or declaration to support almost ANY position, even contradictory positions. I will do that this time: "know that what I do, you can also do, and more..." (Jesus to his disciples).
If you don't want to post this Blossom, it's OK, I know you hate religious or political debate in your Blog, but maybe the FOL brouhgt the subject here for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,

Wow what a blog comment this past week! I wasn't able to follow the blog until today, so I have been out of the loop. I must comment...

First if you haven't seen the video that Kerrie posted, please do so now. It will answer any doubts you might have about are they real or not? are they here or not? Thanks Kerrie for sharing this link, here it is again.


Second, regarding Skyrunner's quotes from the book of I John. It is highly questioned who wrote this book as it was written about the year 110. Many new testament books however were written a long time after Christ ascended. However this was supposedly from John the disciple who was one of the original 12, Jesus's favorite, the only one who was not killed, the one who was exiled and wrote Revelations. If he did write it then he was older than 140 years. Sir Issac Newton has some interesting disputes of this book.

"Among the most controversial verses of the Bible is an explicit reference to what some people consider the trinity, the Comma Johanneum, (1 John 5:7-8). These verses do not appear in any version of the text prior to the ninth century, but do appear in the King James Bible, something Isaac Newton commented on in An Historical Account of Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture."

To add to what Kerrie also shared with us from one of the FOL channelings from Blossom, that the Bible has been changed throughout the years by those of power.

Back to the video mentioned above that Kerrie shared with us I have seen this display of their power and wonder myself and I can tell you without a doubt they are of the light, they are real, and they are powerful with a remarkable control of light particles that boggle the mind. If they did come out in full display it probably would scare the general public. Obviously they know this and are on course to gradually show themselves over time to avoid a massive scare.


Anonymous said...

Dear Skyrunner, does it make any diference if Jesus was God himself or not? I prefer to pay attention to what Jesus said and teached us.
I know there is a powerful force, a loving father and creator, and that is all i need to know, i don´t need to read the Bible or go to church to know that.

Would you stop to practice the teachings of a "human" Jesus?
Would you like to listen more to a "human Jesus" or a "God Jesus?
A human, and not a divine Jesus means good news! It means we all can be like God, be LOVE, means that to be more like HIM is not out of reach!

Focus on the message, not the messenger.

If we act trough LOVE then we will become more like God. That is what Jesus did, and we should do the same.

Be of Love,and you will become a little part of God. It´s beautiful and simple as that.

Greetings Blossom, and sorry, i dont like to talk about religion but i just feel to express my point of view.

Pablo, Chile

Sahari said...

Let's consider this: both are true.

"The Light of Christ is not a person, it is a light." (isn't that what we all are, at the end of the day? Even a light body is 'just' a vehicle that houses our consciousness).

Jesus was God in human form (he got in a body vehicle and drove it around 'down' here, the power of His very presence opening the door in our 3-D consciousness, demonstrating, via a storyline, the truth that Love cannot be destroyed and there is no real death, and more than the cycle of 3-D life/death is there for us as we learn to choose love over fear, and see our Truer Selves.

There are others who have been in human from OF the Christ consciousness, who were NOT God per se.

That said, those considerations are far less important than this one:

The opportunity to resolve with spiritual growth what presents to us as Conflict is the work at hand, and IS The Transcension.

Yes, everyone, hold on to your truth, but weild it in a way that you don't get so entrenched in your definition of it that you are unable to turn on a dime (quite the tricky manuever, for sure). It is the ability to let go of one thing and embrace another -- in the name of Love, to turn on a dime -- in faith, that is the hallmark of One Who Dances With God. Truth is not static. Love is constantly changing form.

And that means Us, for we ARE love.

Skyrunner, do you really believe that Jesus went to such extremes just to get people to believe in a book and if they misinterpret it, they're wrong and going to be punished? How do you account for the myriad of Biblical interpretations? Aren't you afraid that your interpretation might possibly be wrong? How right you must need to feel inside to drown out any practical application of reason in that regard.

Blossom, are you de-personalizing God by considering God to be 'energy'? For if God is a personality and WAS the Jesus life, how might that threaten your Truth? Is it a safer relationship with yourself if Everyone is Divine and that's what 'God' is and there are no relationship 'requirements' with THE actual Deity -- ?

And Sahari, who do you think you are by asking these questions?

That is the question, isn't it: Who do we think we are? For that is how we create our experience.

Blossom may very well find herself in the presence of God (in light body form in the New World) and not recognize Him because she's content with God as 'energy.' But that doesn't matter, does it, because when the student is ready the teacher appears. Blossom was SO ready for the FOL to entrust her, and she earned that and she IS that and so it IS. Some day, some life, she will find a need to know Him personally, and she will create that for herself as part of her growth. It is simply not a requirement for her in this particular 'now.'

Skyrunner may stay on Earth or find another world that has a book about God that contains instructions. Either way, she may not recognize God in person because he doesn't conform with things written by imperfect 'man' in the book. The biblical-age folks had the same challenge with the Jesus life, didn't they. And there they are, clinging to their book, waiting for a more fitting Messiah to show up. This is their Truth and there is nothing wrong with that for when they are ready they will see something else. --

And Sahari may end up a toothless homeless person that no one listens to, but that doesn't mean she doesn't See.

Who knows? And does it matter? For Love is all there is, and it keeps on turning, no matter our relationship to Him. That's the beauty part: we get to choose HOW we Love.

Wanda said...

My dearest Blossom, take not to heart what any of lower vibrations would send you. Of course, I know you won't :-) After all these years, you have always been a true source of LOVE and LIGHT. Never once have I heard or felt any darkness in any of your messages, nor your own personal blogs.
Your messages resonate with my higher being.
To those who choose to remain in their fears and programming, I send you Love also. That is your choice. The time is now to remember where we came from. Some will not, but remember, it is not our place to judge a fellow traveler. Soon, we all will face the truth head on, so let's focus on being ready to help our brothers & sisters who may be afraid when it's time. That's what we came for. LOVE, no more seperation.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that the FOL are helping us. people need to realize theres more amazing things beyond this 3d world. theres so many questions thats not been answered. so many places to explore, things to do. we need to use what we have learned to help people who are in need of these knowledge, instead of using it to spread fear and hate. the truth will set us free!

Blossom Goodchild said...

Thanks to EVERYONE here for sharing their own Truth in such a Divine manner! My heart sings ... in tune.

Ami said...

As always, beutiful message, dear Blossom.
I believe that in many cases, the words confused a lot between us.
Lets try to feel love, to be love, regardless of the meaning of each word and thought.
Love to all you, big family!

skyrunner said...


I won't argue all of the points that were brought up. I would like to clarify what I meant about Christ being human. Christ Jesus was not merely a human moral teacher, but rather FULLY God AND fully human. Bring that up to any spirit, FOL included and they won't be able to agree with you.

As for the Bible being changed, check this video out.

After reading the whole Bible myself, I have found it to be incredibly consistent. I used to think it was boring, or not the whole truth but after reading it all my mind changed.

I leave you in peace and shall keep you all in my prayers. Please don't just take my word for it, check it out for yourself.



Ps, blossom. I'm done stirring the pot for now, again I come to you out of love to share truth with you all. Thanks for letting me share thus far.

Anonymous said...

I love you Blossom. Thank you for everything! xxxxxx AIDAN xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Aiden is the lovely young man Blossom who has your fan page on face book,good to see him here with us:)He is now on my site too,isn't it lovely how things that appear negative are turning out positive these days, love it.

pleiaidan said...
I love you Blossom. Thank you for everything! xxxxxx AIDAN xxxxxx


Just watched your 2nd White Cloud show on youtube part one... ahh lovely! LOVE IS ALL THERE IS... smile, now to watch the rest ((Hugs))Kerrie

Luisa and others are putting youtubes up of sightings daily now, I am just starting to put them all together they are everywhere even here in Australia in Syney and Melbourne

~The Federation of Light~
22nd Oct 2010
A very good morning to you up there. Well, it was certainly good to see a display from your ‘patrol’ in New York. It set many minds buzzing. Do you have anything to say about this?

We have to say quite a lot. We endeavour to assist your world in all that is to come about in future days and may we say that what was seen around those days was in fact a minute occurrence to that which WILL take place. You sense correctly that it has been disputed upon that we shall begin our introduction in a more conducive manner.

Conducive to what?

To the ease in which we allow souls of your planet that are not aware of our existence to be able to feel content when they see us within your skies.

From what I saw on videos it didn’t seem like anyone was afraid, more so excited.

And this is also our intent. Rapidly the visions that are ‘caught on camera’ shall increase to a degree that everyone shall be discussing their own point of view on the matter. They are readily able to bring such a discussion out into the open these days because of many factors that have led up to this position.

Blossom Goodchild said...

Thanks Kerrie. Yes, I know who Aidan is ... we have been in touch since the face book thing and all is sorted and understood. He no longer admins the site though and that's cool.

Louis Hart said...

I was beginning to think I was the only one who doesn't do Facebook. Glad to know I have company.