Oct 27, 2010

White Cloud YOUTUBE new links ... and a bit of a waffle on!

(not sure how new this is , but Kerrie just sent it in and I think it's a brilliant White Cloud!!)

Hello fellow travellers.
Well , how's it all going for you? I'm fine. Toottleing along nicely I guess.
I am working currently on all the things I need to work on ... such things as gratitude, BEing in LOVE, smiling, laughing, changing the negative thought instantly to the positive, you know , that kind of thing that we are being asked to do.

It is odd to think that very shortly we will be in 2011. Nearly there folks! Wherever 'there' is! And yet although just around the corner ... I personally feel we are in the midst of it already and will continue to be so for the next five or so years. That sits comfortably with me... allowing these changes to take place gradually as they are doing. You know when you think about it, it is all unfolding so beautifully ... this grand scheme. It is so cleverly designed ... and we are part of the team! I LOVE to see eyes of Light that brighten the planet. I LOVE to feel the energy of LOVE as more and more of us Truly start to 'get it'. I LOVE it cos I LOVE it!!

Yet ... only the other evening I was sitting quite contently on the sofa and out of nowhere my soul quite clearly said to me ' Oh , please can we hurry this along ... I just want to go home!'. I was filled with a sadness that came out of the blue. The feeling went as quickly as it came ... and I thought to myself 'what a ridiculous thing to say! We can't hurry this along. We agreed to be here for the duration and it is all happenning as it should'.

I think that now and then we just get a little homesick that's all. It's quite natural to do so . We will all return home soon enough, although we only have to connect up fully with the Light within and we are on the doorstep. But ... well, I believe many of you know what I mean.

So, here we all are! And doing a grand job of it ... thats what I say!! Let's give oursleves an enormous pat on the back. Let's have a little looky at how well we actually are doing! MY ... 'They' picked a good bunch! I mean look at us! Look how strong we are. Look at all we have moved through to get where we are and brought so much along with us for the ride. YOU'VE GOT TO BE HONEST ... WE ARE AMAZING! Lets keep reminding ourselves of this shall we?

You know, it seems that anyone who has had the experience of near death and gone on beyond the spirit realms etc and into the Light energy that is nothing and everything ... they come back to say that they saw the human BEing in all it's magnificence, and that viewing of 'us' changed their perspective on everything. Let's keep reminding ourselves how wonderful we are and that we are here to carry out wonderful things. We have done and will continue to do so ... because we are BEing human and its a real opportunity to grow. It is said that this planet above all others is the best one to be on for the quickest evolvement of the soul. Perhaps that's why we all keep coming back!

Anyway the reason I came on here today was not to waffle on but to give you the White Cloud YouTube links for those who are not on the mailing list.

It is interesting for me to watch them also. Difficult to explain what I feel , but I just gotta say it ... I LOVE THAT INDIAN FRIEND OF MINE DEEPLY ... and it Truly is an honour to serve!

Be well everyone. Many thanks.

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sK9uCgFS3xs

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsN6m22utfM

3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnkM_7e6csg

4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZfpCctdx70

Golden Rays RULE!
Blossom xxx


Anonymous said...

OMG Blossom that was quick! I was watching the youtubes and I thought I'd put them in the White Cloud group on my site and then I remembered that picture that ametrine sent me, so I put it with the youtubes and then went to watch the rest and I was in bliss land thinking of how beautifully White Cloud was telling me something I didn't want to hear in his youtubes but knew I needed to hear and suddenly it was that I had to send you that pic, so I stopped watching and emailed it to you returned to watch the last 2 and then I came here and it is perfect for this blog wow he is good!!!!God I love him...you ((Hugs))

We give thanks to the divine Oneness for allowing this meeting to take place. We ask always that we may remain humble in order to serve and to receive, and that we may continue to walk boldly as the Light and Love.

Anonymous said...

I love listening to White Cloud more than I can put into words.

Dear Blossom, thank you for sharing this set of videos with those of us who couldn't be there in person. I hope that we can hear more from him again very soon. You are so wonderful to share with us. I wish you so much love!

His words resonate with my heart-of-hearts. Please tell him that for me. Thank you.

with love and peace,
(in San Francisco)

Ami said...

Blossom, thank you very much for sharing this treasures. They are full of love and peace. I hope many people will see it and enjoy it with the heart.
With Light and Love,

Pudim said...

Beautiful words, Blossom. It's strange, but I was repeating myself my own version of them the past few days.

These days I had a dream, the streets were empty and there was a feeling of anxiety in the air. Someone said something like "they are here" and then I woke up, someone calling my name. I was home alone at the time. I just feel like it is all really, really around the corner, like I've never felt before, not even on the first announcement.

PenguinUK said...

I liked your '5 years' reference in the blog. I see 2012 more as a "tipping point" rather than something dramatic happening.. some imply it an "end" yet every end is just a beginning of something new. "My truth" tells me it is the point where light finally outweighs dark, and the years that follow should see the scales weigh ever more to the light.

Just my thoughts dearest souls. x

Andrew said...

White Cloud lifts my vibration more than anything else I know. Thank you so much Blossom.

Anonymous said...

What was the excuse for the no-show on Oct. 14, 2008? It seems these beings are no better than the people around where I live. Late for appointments or no-shows, to me, are signs of inferiority.

Coach Enrique said...

I cannot share the belief that Ascension or entering the New World is an ongoing process that will take some time. I truly feel that the Event will be as predicted by the Christ Himself: "as the lightning come out of the East and shines even unto the West.." this is: unexpected, quick and of a worldwide effect. The Event will find many of us off guard if we keep believe that we still have some time to improve ourselves. I personally choose to believe that it will happen NOW, so I live my final moments choosing wisely my thoughts and decisions and performing at the very best of my ability any deed I choose to perform, whether is listening to music, visiting a sick person or talking to my wife. The certainty that it is my last act forces me to stay in the Here and Now space where I find a very unique State of Being, the one that I know can take me safely through the Event to find myself -finally- back Home... There is not enough time to change our old ways, we barely have time to become Who-We-Really-Are.. NOW...

Anonymous said...

Hi blossom,
i have been addicted to your site for some 3yrs now and oct 14 08 really hurt me like a hole in the heart and ever since then i have been filled with emptiness like something is missing and it truly frustrates me to a point when i can not focus on anything ever so now i have decided to let all of this go as i feel like i have been so patient and i just can not do it anymore they are making us wait to long.I GIVE UP

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel anonymous,please don't dispare,how can I help you my friend? I have felt that too but it passed and no doubt it will for you too, it is all part of the journey,I am blessed to have others on my site to talk to, it helps,do you talk to others? talk to us,we are in this together,you said you have been with us for 3 years you should feel at ease now,I hope you reply to me,or at least feel the golden rays I am sending you,Christmas is around the corner and magic always happens for me at that time of the year,I can do with out the pre Christmas rush but on Christmas day I love the energy((Hugs))

Anonymous said...

thank you for that kerrie,
yes i did talk to all my friends about what was supposed to happen on oct 14th 08 and truly made a fool of myself they all said i was crazy and my response was well just wait and see i basically promised them it would happen and have not been able to face a few of those people since my partner and i are true believers of other life forms but to think they care about a tiny eensy weeny planet like ours(please watch known universe on youtube.com) just seems well ridiculous, this world is falling apart at the seams i am in a state of confusion where nothing seems of importance because i am not sure what to believe anymore everything seems to be a lie or even worse a lie within a lie and i just do not understand what they are waiting for there has been talk of ww3 approaching as soon as the end of the year and if that happens im not sure there will be much left to save or enough people to witness the greatest show on earth.

Anonymous said...

I feel like the poster "giving up"...IMO you should never have posted those white cloud channellings, Blossom, they made me lose the last faith I had in you...

Sharyn said...

Hi Anonymous,

I'm so sorry you find yourself in the space you describe. I understand your frustration. There are many of us, worldwide patiently waiting and focussing our energy on this - people, such as ufologists and those who study exopolitics are actively pressuring for disclosure to occur in many countries.
What I find assists me is to meditate and pray daily and as Coach Enrique points out, focus on the now - living each moment as it is our last - although I don't always succeed at this.
Always commencing a prayer,chant or mantra with "I am..." is powerful and effective and brings the manifest into the present. Prayers such as "I am a channel and anchor for divine love and light", "I am paradise on earth", " I am blessed", "I am peace" are just a few examples of how this form of focussed mantra or prayer can be practised. I am sure you will have your own versions. Perhaps I am preaching to the converted and I apologise if this is the case but I find it works in my life.
Stay focussed on the goal - it is within our reach even though it seems dark and hopeless at times. We are fed the negative to weigh our energy down - it's an effective form of mass control whether it is intentional or not. If you have a particular spiritual or religous affiliation, then ask for help from that source - it could be god, the great spirit, krishna, jesus, or mary mckilloop - our voices and hearts are always heard.
Finally, there will be no WW3 - this is a false flag - release this fear that some people are pushing, especially on the internet. 50 nukes were shut down in the USA a few days ago and it wasn't a power failure. This isn't the first time this has been used as a demonstration and reminder to those who need reminding. Surrender your fears to the source of all and fill your heart with love - it might sound corny, but it works.Trust and have faith that it 'is' the world you imagine and know in your heart.
Remember, you aren't alone. There are many of us here, all heading home together.
Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much for replying,you just know your truth more then your friends do,like a lot of us here,but like me your mind doubts that knowing and that means you are NOT MAD,your world is going to change and this is scary,my world changed big time, I was not awake before 2006 and all of a sudden I have frequencies going through me of love that I somehow am familiar with on a level of myself and I am being spoken to and what is being said is getting verified, but not with out a whole lot of trust and work on my part, we are being guided ever so gracefully as we release all that we THINK is true, for me I seem to be walking this path fast, then I stop and concern myself as to how I am handling all of this, it is important for me that I am able to honour it, that I am in a space with in myself that is worthy of it,that ego is loved enough that it relaxes and doesn't attach it's identity to this that my soul is doing,so hang on in there it is going to get very bumpy, but ask for assistance, I do alot and I always get it.I liken it to a shamanic journey or some sort of initiation we need to go through in order to do what we came here to do, anchor as much light as possible. BELIVE IN YOU!!!!LOVE YOU !!!give thanks as many times as you can each day,find something anything to give thanks for every time those negative thoughts hit and they will as we are one and a lot of people out there are going to be confused, including me!!!at times,call in you light, I am learning to do this,the minute your mind starts,stop and call in the light and breathe 3 breaths, even if you can't visualise it ,I can't at times, I just see things when spirit seems to want me to, I haven't learnt to make it happen,my head is too busy,anyway you KNOW all of this, but like me you need to know that others are with you and we are.((Hugs)) Kerrie

Ami said...

Dears, most of us faces at some point, the disappointment, hopelessness and sadness. Blossom herself has been the target of it. From here (3D), everything seems drastic, but we have only a small fragment of the reality. There must be several factors that make the task very complex and delicate for their appearance. Anxiety often run against our faith and hope.

They are here and changes are happening. We will be members of the galactic neighborhood, soon... Do not lose faith, do not let governments and the forces of darkness succeed in hiding the truth. You have enough light to shine.

I send my love to all you,

PS: sorry for my english

Coach Enrique said...

@ anonymous: you may be surprised to know that I also "gave up" on the arrival of the FOL ships. This can be exactly what you need to move on with your life, specially if you understand that it is your ego who has kept you down all this time, making you feel embarassed and naive for believing what was promised. And, on the other hand, ego tells you that you DO NEED them to come, that you cannot possibly "make it" by yourself. Both are lies, you know, but that's how ego works to maintain you away from your personal power. To surrender sometimes means to stop listening to the ego and it can very well be the start of a more meaningful life, it's up to you, as ALWAYS has been...

Anonymous said...

'Anonymous'...I felt exactly the same as you did. I had my own little melt down after the October 'non event'. I was so down in the dumpies.

I too get frustrated with our space friends. I use bad words and they receive A LOT of my anger. But afterwards I feel bad and I know they know that I didn't mean it. My emotions are all over the place at the moment!

I'm so grateful for Kerrie and Blossom, I could burst into tears sometimes!

Just know that we are all here to support each other and to get each other through this as these ladies have done to me!

Take care. Aidan.xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for ALL your comments and feedback i have tried but can not stop myself from typing in this web address lol i will never stop checking in but it will no longer be my 1st priority in life, to coach enrique im not sure embarressed is the right word for how i felt it was more i do not have the answers nor an explanation as to why they didn't show. i really can not explain how this consumed my life, money was a big issue in my life and after joining this site i let it all go money meant nothing more to me then a bit of paper with a number on it and someones face and i still feel this way and will never stop feeling that way (it is sooooooo evil) BUT we are in so much debt and by me not letting it be no 1 in my life anymore i let go of various jobs and concentrated on my family and the people i love though in the process have let my partner suffer the burden of our financial situation and unfortunantly he can not let go of his love of money and through this caused him great stress it has aged him 10yrs in only 2yrs so i am back out there job hunting wasting my life being a slave unto others for their own financial gain this is just 1 of the sacrifices i have made. sorry that was all a bunch of rambling on but it felt good to let it out.
thanks for listening

Anonymous said...

Be "IN" this 3rd dimensional world, not "OF" it.

Experience everything "THIS" world has to offer, the pleasant and not so pleasant.

"THIS" world is for you to learn, and every moment must be filled with love.

Ciao for now.

Anonymous said...

Lydia put this on my page today, don't you just love how spirit works! ((Hugs))

Waiting in Trust


Coach Enrique said...

I'd like to share with the group a couple of feelings that I got from the 11/3 channeling. When FOL call us "Great Beings" they speak Truth, but I believe we are failing to understand that they refer to our True Essence, which they are capable to see and not to the ego we think we are, which is really far from being great. All their messages are to be understood by our Heart and not by our Mind. If we don't allow our Hearts to lead our lives from Now on, we will stay troubled. Why do we want to SEE their ships? why is not enough to KNOW in our Hearts that they are here? I'll tell you why.. simply because WE DON'T TRUST OUR HEART. I encourage everyone to focus on the Heart and its Feelings and give less priority to what our eyes or ears perceive.... Haven't some of you had moments of intense Peace and Joy lately? That's the language of the Spirit Who tells us we're doing Well...we shouldn't need anything else

Anonymous said...

Great words of wisdom coach enrique

Ami said...

Dear Blossom,

I recently saw your new video on YouTube, called "Blossom channels White Cloud and a Light Being". It's amazing to watch you on youtube. Thank you once again for sharing this wonderful piece of love. You are brave, and your light is above any fear. For us is so exciting! They apeak to us all through you... If you accept to receive it, you will, without a doubt!

Stay always in your truth, dear Blossom; we share the same in many aspects.

Love to all you, here and there!

Anonymous said...

thank you blossom, love the video!

Anonymous said...

thank you blossom, love the videos, love you, too!

Anonymous said...

Why have they not come sooner? why have they waited this long to remind us? why have they not visited us regulary so we would not forget?so many whys yet no answers?why are we here???? why were we put here? for what reason? and the biggest Q when will this hell on earth end?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous they have been trying for years to reach us, there are so many sites you can go on to find answers to your guestions my friend, but the thing is pat yourself on the back for even asking, for some don't even care,"ask and it is given",now that you have asked the questions be open to receive, the universe will give you the answers.I feel as you do at times, but I give thanks for the feelings I feel from time to time,it is the feelings that keep me going so try it, connect up as they have said as often as you think to do it, but not in desperation in a space of gratitude and love.

~The Federation of Light~ 7th Dec 2008
… When each one of you takes a silent moment to connect with us … notice the ‘feeling’ in your Being. We are saying HELLO.