Sep 10, 2010

Butterfly of change.

I had a letter from a gentleman the other day who lives in Malta. He explained how he had been out walking along the beach one morning and suddenly the sky and all around appeared to be made up of pixels. It was the only way he could describe it. It took me back to something I had forgotten about completely. Oct 14th 2008!! I had decided to sleep outside on the night of the 13th, I wasn't sure if I would sleep anyway ... not that there was any pressure on or anything!!! .... and as dawn was breaking I awoke to see this very same thing. The pixel effect describes it perfectly. I remember sleepily thinking ... something is going to happen ... its really going to happen ... and went back off to sleep. I wondered if anyone else has experienced the same thing? It was like I was looking into the matrix, a grid if you will ... or wont!
Perhaps it was the thinning of the veil ... almost seeing through the mists ... into what though? Another dimension? Why would it be that sometimes we are able to experience that and other times not? Is it the veil that is presenting itself or ... is it the space in which the soul is at during that time that allows us to see it? For clearly it must always be there. I think ... as we Lighten up we will experience these new (to us) wonders more and more. Until eventually they will be almost common place. Look at what we accept now, that just a few short years ago we would/could not.

How are you feeling these days? I seem to be taking action from within and listening to that which my soul has been reminded of by 'our reminders' ... for me that is White Cloud and The Federation ... although I often refer to them as teachers, I think they are more 'reminders' . Reminding us of that which we already know. And the more I listen to them and abide by their little 'post its' ... the more I am feeling in tune with what they are saying.

For me ... and I can only speak for me of course ... the energy of late has definitely changed. I simply am not allowing negativity to grab hold ... and am attuning ALL my thoughts to that 'feel good' frequency where no 'put me downs' are allowed to enter in. No fear based thoughts are invited to hang around to see what mischief they can concoct. Mrs Polly Positive is on red alert and believe me ... you don't want to be messin' with her!

Isn't this what they are asking us to do? To be fully in Light at all times? To be of Love at all times? I am not saying by any stretch of the imagination or indeed the waist line that I have it all under complete control ... not at all ... but I am certainly working on/with it.

Whilst replying to an email the other day I remembered the 'boat down stream' ... Ha! Where's that little puppy been hiding? Close your eyes for a minute ... where is your boat? When I looked at mine I saw myself in my canoe, paddling frantically away and yet I was aground a rock ... going nowhere ... all that effort and going nowhere ... Yep! So I watched myself to get an idea of what to do ... for I feel the trick is exactly that ... watch what the scene presents to you ... rather than you conduct the moves ... but that doesn't work really because if your boats up stream you need to turn it around ... so scrap that worldly piece of advise! So anyway ... I chose at the time to watch what happened and I saw myself get out and sit on the bank and just 'Be'. Sort of an acceptance of where I was and to take in the lovely scenery around me rather than all that struggle to try and get somewhere.

What scene do you see when you look? I feel like I'm on playschool ... 'what can we see through the round window today children?'

So I shall remain there for now and allow myself to be comfortable with that. I feel we need to give up that struggle to always be achieving 'something' ... I guess for me,its baggage regarding being lazy if I am not 'seen' to be doing something. Sometimes its hard work to do nothing!!!

I don't know about you but I seem to be recognising the change in me. And I feel perhaps that because of that change ... a change is coming ... and it feels like its going to be a good change. I am asking my heart to rise to the occasion, and stay in that space, so that when it does come ,I will be in the correct vibration to welcome it in ... I am simply trying the best I can to be the best I can be in the best way I know how. We are all doing the same I KNOW it. And it seems that this is what White Cloud and The Federation are talking about ... it is the way we are to bring in the New World ... The Golden Age and ... we are doing it ... look at us ... we are doing it ...

I am aware that butterflies signify change/transformation ... this one belongs to a set of three that arrive the minute I walk outside ... it won't leave me alone!! How very exciting!

May Golden Rays beam right to your very heart center.
Love Light and Laughter
Bloss xx


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the pixels Blossom, I said to my daughter when I got back from the Mountains on the 21st June solstice that I saw pixels dancing in the sky.
And you remind me of the white butterfly that kept coming around us in your garden.
I am so happy to report a dream I had last night of two huge light ships, they were different in shape and one of them felt familiar they were sooooo beautiful.
Yesterday we had a flash storm here in Australia it came from no where, it pelted down it was powerful, I gave thanks as I always do for the rain, I love rain and I felt that it was washing away all the negativity the wind was also blowing a gale, it only lasted about 10 min. then the sun came out and a huge double rainbow appeared.I had been going through a tough time, talk about allowing negativity to bring you down, it is a challenge to remain detached when it comes from those you love, but we must, we must stand firm and be an example, this is detachment, but it is a loving detachment, this is what The Feds have shown us, I have an Aquarian moon and believe it or not before all this happened I was considered very emotionally detached, but it served me to assist others better.I feel that we are all going through emotional healing from many lifetimes releasing things we don't even remember. ((Hugs)) Kerrie

~The Federation of Light~ 7th Dec 2008
For Art … we indeed are overcome with emotion at times (although many of you believe us not to have such a thing.) The beauty that is brought forth from the depths of Love within the soul into creations for another to purvey is indeed a human quality that thrills. It Lightens your planet. And accomplishments? Of course. We often find ourselves like proud parents. The bravery of some of your race is far beyond expectations and it fills us with hope. For indeed … YOU ARE PART OF US … JUST IN ANOTHER FORM AND DIMENSION. That is all.

Unknown said...

Funny you should mention butterflies, because for two days in a row I have seen huge ones flitting past my window whilst sitting at my computer. And my friend the crow was here yesterday. Something's coming...I feel it too.

Penguin (UK) said...

I too am in "Mrs Polly Positive" mode (grins), but find the more postive I get, the more (worse) negative things seem to be flung my direction. At first this seemed disheartening until something suggested to me to aliken it to Judo or something like that. You know, where you get a certain colo(u)r belt and then have to move up a level and tackle harder opponents.
Just how I'm dealing with it. Dunno if it makes sense to anyone? Love to all, DavePenguin x

Coach Enrique said...

Kerrie must be very special because she is always one step ahead of you or any of us. Good for her!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Coach I needed that:)as White Cloud said I'll zip it now ((Hugs))

yk248 said...

Beautiful message Blossom.

Love Joy Stillness and Bliss.


Anonymous said...

A newly-published book by a retired NORAD officer predicts October 13, 2010 as the tentative date for a fleet of extraterrestrial vehicles to hover for hours over the earth's principal cities. Author says the event to be the first in a series intended to avert a planetary catastrophe resulting from increasing levels of carbon-dioxide in the earth's atmosphere dangerously approaching a "critical mass."

Interesting date hmmm...

here are the links

Anonymous said...

Sorry Blossom me again! but I feel this is important, it helped me refocus, some of us are needing to do that, some of those that have been on this path for 20 yrs are tiring, its getting a little crazy out there.((Hugs)) Kerrie

Urgent Message from Kiesha Crowther "Little Grandmother"

Walking in the Light and the Love~Blossom Goodchild~

White Cloud
To treasure your Mother Earth would change many things. It is not too
late, but I must stress that time is running short. Spread the message of Love, for
this and only this can be the saving factor.
All will change and the New World will be as the world once was long ago. There
will be much repenting, but by then it will be too late. What is done is done. If
your world could start now by respecting nature as part of the Universal Life
Force, by giving it thought as one would the soul, what a change this could have
on all things. Try to get in touch with the self on the deepest level, for the deeper
the seed is sown the more chance it has of survival.

RafaelVR said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sending you all an Angel to help keep those vibes up, it did for me.


Red said...


I hope they don't come to charge us with carbon tax ;)


Anonymous said...

@ red

the truth can be found under many a stone ;)

Avraxis said...

In one of the latest channelings FoL asked Blossom something in lines "if we asked you to do something similar to what we asked in 2008, would you do it?" And generally it seems for me that they've been trying to tell something more that the usual "Love, Light, ISness" stuff for several channelings now. I don't know if anything will happen on that 13th of November, there are some who say that if not on that day than this year certainly.

Anonymous said...

I often stare at the sky and see the matrix. At first I thought my eyes were playing up but after speaking with a master I am studying with he told me that I am seeing the frequency. Woohoo! Bring it on. Te-et-ton-Ra

Faith said...


Faith said...

and great dream Kerrie!

Anonymous said...

A big ((HUGS)) To you Faith you made me smile as usual and that is soooo what I needed today:)lOVE YOU!I hope your move went well.
Thank you Blossom for this channel, so good I should be jumping for joy but feeling "off the planet today" but maybe that's a good sign?

Ami said...

Oh Blossom, what a lovely channeling. Almost made me cry. Love to all you, as always. Oh, and Im very happy for Jane Burgermeister!
Thank you. WE ARE ONE!

RafaelVR said...
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Faith Ann MN said...

that's weird, I was sure the FOL mentioned 10/13 or 10/14 in this channeling! Heavily implied...

Red said...



Andrew said...

Thanks Kerrie for that Beautiful message from Little put me back on the path. :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andrew:) you made me read this again from White Cloud on my Little grandmother comment

Try to get in touch with the self on the deepest level, for the deeper
the seed is sown the more chance it has of survival.

and that reminded me of this from the Feds

12 JULY 2009

This NEW WORLD that you are gently transmuting into is a world that has been prophesied for as long as ‘time began’. The darkness that has fallen into the very roots of your soil and penetrated forth has had its day. For as the fresh seeds of pure Love are planted, nurtured and cultivated … there is to come to your world an atmosphere such as one cannot imagine.

and at the moment American Indian guides are coming through a lot of us big time, it is all to do with Mt Shasta apparently.And I bet White Cloud has a big part to play in all of it.

Andrew said...

Found a video by one of my favourite artists OWL CITY. Take a look; it truly is beautiful.

Hopefully something similar to this (or even better) may happen soon. :D

skyrunner said...

Sorry to disagree. There won't be any "aliens" coming. These beings are just stringing you along. The carrot and stick as it were.

2 years ago, they promised to Blossom they would appear on October 14. they never showed. Now different beings (or are they?) are telling someone else they will show up on 10/13 of this year.

Aside from broken promises, what have they done to prove to you they are coming? What are you guys going to think on 10/15 when you find out again, that they didn't show?

Please don't waste your time on these beings that are just playing games. It's like the playboy boyfriend that won't commit. He keeps promising the world, meanwhile his intents are not for your good.

I say this because I want to tell you all in love that there are spiritual beings who truly do love you. The Guidebook to the Supernatural has all the answers, and those beings never break their promises.

Me? I'm going to follow beings with a track record of 100% accuracy and fulfilled promises.

Anonymous said...

Andrew thank you sooo much for that youtube, I am in tears just what I needed, I awoke in the early hours of the morning remembering a dream that brought a smile to my face, I looked out my window and saw the hugh moon and a glowing star then fell asleep again, upon awaking I couldn't remember the dream, but within me this morning is such a feeling of wanting to REMEMBER, not just the dream but who I am, who we all are in our truth.As my beautiful friend ametrine says I hug you with my heart.

Anonymous said...

I have put this under your video on my site Andrew:

Thanks Blossom:)
You call out to us as your hearts weep ... we answer you and we feel your sorrow, yet we cannot allow you to drown in your own tears. For this reason we heed your callings. We,that are your family join you now in blessed union and say to you that procedures are in place , although unseen, and in that moment of glory when we reveal our TRUTH for all to see , then each shall KNOW. Each shall remember why they are here and what they came to do . All questions shall be answered and there shall be a determination and a recognition that far surpasses anything that has presented itself thus far.

Some of you have dreams of this moment. Some of you allow your hearts to show you images of what is to come. There can be no denying in your hearts the LIGHT that is to fill your Beings. For this Love filled Light shall melt your FEELINGS into a blissful state instantly.~The Federation of Light~Blossom Goodchild~13th July 2010

Andrew said...

Thanks Kerrie. I'm glad you enjoyed the video! :D

Anonymous said...

UN to Appoint Earth Contact for Aliens.

pablo from chile said...

@skyrunner: so what am i going to think on 15/10 if they dont show up? im going to think nothing! i just dont pay attention to "dates of arrival" and that sort of things, because i know, i FEEL they are real, and that is enough for me.

so, why expect and wait to actually see them? they say we have to go to our interior, to connect with our inner self, that is all, that is all we need to do.


sorry about my english, peace to you skyrunner, and be at peace with your truth, nothing is right or wrong.

much love to all the brothers and sisters, especially blossom and kerrie.

i remember the fol once said: the water in the kettle is not going to boil faster if one is looking at it!! ;)

skyrunner said...


Just because they are real, does not mean they are benevelont or trustworthy.

The guy offering a child a piece of candy to get in his car is real too, but does that mean it is safe to get in? His promises are so good, but then he is revealed.

There is a right and wrong, look at the world, so many bad things going on. Is this right? If the messed up world we live in is neither right or wrong, why do u want the fol to make it better for u?

There is truth. The truth is that God loves u and wants u to seek Him. The REAL God. He never breaks His promises.

Anonymous said...

((Hugs)) Pablo:) get your crystals outside we are getting guidance to do this,Blossom I will be bringing mine up when I come up for the 10/10/10 and leaving them out until the 14th Oct, including the one that was programed at that sacred aboriginal site during the Wesak moon ceremony here in Australia.Ametrine just now told me Solara an ra is also going to do a medicine wheel. Whatever happens, they are and always will be in my heart and for this I give thanks and I KNOW All is as it should be.

~The Federation of Light~ #6


Blossom, you saw on your internet of a ‘countdown’ machine, with days, hours, minutes seconds. We too, have such, but it is of a different kind.

We would ask for crystals owned by souls of your world to be cleansed and programmed. By this we mean to energize them with the knowing of our coming and to leave them outdoors. Again we leave mystery around the purpose of which we have just spoken.

Sorry, having a ‘moment’. Was that me? What is all that about? Can you just confirm that with the crystals?

Most of you have no TRUE understanding of the power of crystals. Not in your human form. Outside of that form everything is very different.
There are some who know, very few. Most use them to the best of their knowledge and yet we say this is still in the minus on the scale. For their power is simply not understood. However, WE know of their power. Indeed we could not travel or exist (?) without it. By one doing this with their crystals it is for the benefit of the ‘owner’ ‘possessor’ as opposed to assisting us. To ‘spruce’ them up will have a significant effect on the mainstream …

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when I fall asleep in the yard, as soon as I open my eyes, I see some weird stuff. Once it looked like a ship, with white diamondy looking things on it, and yellow spheres flying around it. I have seen this twice now after waking up in the yard, it disappears when I come to full awakeness. If I'm not just seeing things, I take this to mean we can see into higher dimensions when we are in deep states.


PenguinUK said...


I think we've all done the "crystal" thing before now. Now that is not meant to any way diminish your truth, it feels like old mis-information to me.

If you look deeper into your soul you may feel that you don'nt need objects like crystals or anything else, everything that "is" comes from within.

Much live.

Anonymous said...

Solara said 'Most of you have no TRUE understanding of the power of crystals. Not in your human form. Outside of that form everything is very different.'
This is so true. Our physical body is a crystal. There are those who 'remember' how crystals were used and are helping recreate this ancient method of becoming balanced by utlising these beautiful beings that Mother Earth is allowing us to 'borrow'from her.
'Look not at the stars in wonder lest you are ready to see them gazing back in wonder at the you.'