Aug 28, 2010

Meet White Cloud at last!!

Hello Everyone.
One day ... in the future I will get around to doing a post that is of enlightenment and 'from me' if you know what I mean? Sadly, at the moment I am bogged down with computer stuff due to putting the youtube channelling up and all that involves with translations and transcribings and new web pages and .. and .. and .. on top of the usual.

So with all respect , I am a bit over the whole computer thing at the mo. The sun is shining in Queensland Australia. It's saturday ... and my entire Being has the desire to get off this machine (as wonderfully as it serves my journey) and get outside and fill my mind , body and soul with some nourishing vitamin D!!!

However I did just want to put these up for those that do not receive my newsletter.
I had the most wonderful evening Aug 20th 2010 channelling White Cloud and here it is on video as he had asked me to do, in order to get 'him' out there to so many more people. The event was so full of Love and High energy. I feel he was very pleased with the result.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3.
Part 4
Part 5

I do hope you all enjoy meeting my very very very special mate!

Much Love to all ... right ... Goodbye computer ... Hello Sunshine!


Lyn said...

Thank you Blossom,really enjoyed meeting White Cloud. Even though I am thousands of Kms away I felt I was right there. Love to you. Lyn

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom and Dear White Cloud,

What a great experience it was to read the words of White Cloud for the very first time this evening.

-And Blossom now I have discovered your blog and Youtube channel too.

With the fullness of love and light in my heart,
(and a smile) I want to tell White Cloud, "Thank you very much for sharing with us."


yk248 said...

Thanks Blossom for your latest channeling of the FOL.

Love and Light,


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Blossom for that channel, I was at work today and I was trying desperately to connect up,my breathing kept going full on as it sometimes seems to out of the blue, I lit a candle turned out the lights (2 clients cancelled)I noticed I had a channel on me so I started to read it, it was the activation channel, I started to remember when it came through you on the 21st June, winter solstice and how I was guided that day to go to the mountains and that is where I was able to stop this mind of mine and connect, so I did the activation channel again, but my mind has been going non stop today, stuff is going on I can feel it, I was thinking of you sending you my love and then I thought of how we all need to do that pull together as one somehow,as you know I was feeling happy today that so many of us are doing that coming together as if this was the plan and we are on target, you made me smile in that channel you only voiced what so many would have Blossom, but I am going to keep at that visual, I like it, I couldn't stop thinking today how this is all going to pan out, I called a medium I know and asked her to watch White Clouds youtube,she said it is his voice that she was impressed with it sounded familiar,an old policeman friend popped in today that I haven't seen for years and I told him about all this, he was so open to it.I just can't stop thinking of ways to get this out there.Love Kerrie

P.S. I know I keep using this extract, but it seems to be my favourite

~The Federation of Light~
29th Nov 2008
Our point being then, that you are all in this together. It was the agreement that you all made. There HAS to be the connection … your world could not work without it. And it is through this connection that your world evolves … because of HOW YOU INTERACT WITH ONE ANOTHER. YOU CHOOSE HOW YOUR WORLD WILL BE. BY YOUR INTERACTION WITH EACH ONE. THAT IS HOW THE PLAN WORKS.

Anonymous said...

blossom,much gratitude to you for your words of love...whenever i seem to loose my focus..your words and now your video remind me that we are love... and i am filled with the most wonderful fullness of love... namaste

skyrunner said...

I think some rest is definitely in order. Take a walkabout and catch up on some reading, enjoy God's beatiful world.

Hang out with friends, the usual ones, and especially unusual ones! Go out of your comfort zone a bit.

I'll pray for you to get some good quality rest in. If you would like me to pray for anything else too, let me know! We may disagree on alot but that doesn't mean I can't pray for your well-being.

Blessings and Peace,


Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom, thanks for your assistance with your Blog.

I just wanted to leave a few comments if I may, about the White Cloud channeling on Youtube. Fantastic ! The melding of your energies is transformative, to say the least ! As I take in the wisdom and knowledge that White Cloud imparts to us, through you, the veil between the dimensions is lifted for a moment, and we get to experience a bit of the joy and beauty that comes through from White Cloud's perspective of reality. How beautiful it is ! As one open's their heart and mind ( Allowance ) to the entire fullness of the Universe, such knowledge and wisdom is then released unto us. Then, we either accept this knowledge as truth, or we discard it. The choice is always ours, I believe, as the gift of free will was given to us by our Creator to use at our discretion. Discernement of the information received is crucial, and how do we discern between truth and non - truth ? I believe that the best way for us to discern is to go inside, and ask ourselves, does this information resonate with me, or does it seem to go against the grain, so to speak. This ability of discernement was I believe gifted to us by the God, and if we trust our inner feeling, or intuition, we can not go wrong. Too often, as we make decisions, we fall back on our Ego minds to make the decision, and then are led astray. The Ego mind is very dangerous, as it allows us to stray from what God left inside of us. Separates us from God, if you will. I believe that God left us everything that we need to make the correct decision about any issue, and it was given with unconditional Love. I will finish up my comments, but I wish to offer these views to anyone and everyone who is open to them. I speak here of my truth only, and do not put my views forward to impose on anyone else's truth. If anything resonates as truth in this Blog to anyone, then that is great. If not, that is fine also. EVERYTHING IS JUST AS IT SHOULD BE. I am honored to be of Service to All.

Love and Light Always, Mike D.

Sahari said...

Let's all try something this week and see what happens:

We will KNOW that we know everything, and in every situation that arises during the week, we will simply trust that each moment contains exactly what we need to choose our next moment.

Let's do it one moment at a time, without speculating about the future or about what anyone else is doing, and see what happens.

No expectations, no pre-conceptions, no thought baggage of any kind. Just open heart and willingness to choose Love in every situation. Everything else that pops up (and it will!!!!!) gets tossed promptly out the door.

I'm ready to drive this puppy. C'mon! Let's have some fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Sahari big time!I often get told that I 'go with the flow' too much and should be more sensible, but it works for me:)
This is good Dolores Cannon tells how our space family use thought and crystals to get to where they want to go and she speaks of the shift that we are being prepared for and how it will occur from her perspective.

and on the lighter side, I came across my favourite movie when I was just 16,spring is in the air here in Australia and I am feeling good today, the pink and white blossoms outside my house are blossoming!I was thinking of The Feds and I was having one of my OMG is this for real moments,my mind started it's concerns again, I put on an old tape as my CD player died and the song that came on was STAND BY ME!and immediately I was filled with love in my heart and started to dance and think of how we all will be dancing in the streets as we all feel this love that we all are, any way fellow skywatchers here is my fav movie I want to share with you, love is in the air as Blossom said earlier ((Hugs)) Kerrie

Un homme et une femme (1966) trailer

Unknown said...

Thank you Blossom and White Cloud for the wonderful videos that you put on Youtube for all the world to see and learn from. This helps immensely to spread the light to many more souls!
I have a question pertaining to the extraterrestrials that I have been wondering about. You speak of the light beings as the E.T.'s who are assisting us with our ascension, and I thank them with all of my heart for doing so and I look forward to our future together. But who are the E.T. beings that have become known as the "Greys" and the E.T's that have crashed in their ships from time to time in our past? Are these beings not the light beings that you speak of? Or are they beings of a lower vibration than the ones that are assisting us? I have come to believe that there are many different E.T. races that have contacted humans, but I would love to know where they stand on the spiritual scale in relation to us and to the light beings that are assisting us. I'm very eager to know the truth.
Thank you so much! My love goes out to you.
Sincerely, Robert.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert The Greys from my perspective (and it is controversial)are thought forms as are we, therefore enough energy was produced and concentrated upon by us as a collective in order for them to exsist,they are or were as real as we are, everything that can be created has been created so choose where you want to be,choose what experience you want to experience and align with all those that are in agreement with you, the greys served us back then to show us what isn't, no longer are they in this vibration as our vibration is lifting but be diligent choose to focus on all that is of love,this assists Mother Earth to do her cleansing with as little dramas as possible,White Cloud said why do you keep focusing on that which feels uncomfortable?,we do it to feel alive and we are such pack animals we do it to be part of I think, but when you are feeling your own love energy you don't need the dramas to feel alive.Joy makes you feel alive,I know I do go on Blossom zipping it now ((Hugs))

Avraxis said...

I would suppose that the Light Beings are not exactly material as are Greys, Reptilians etc. I don't think it would be possible for them to "crash" their spaceship on Earth even if they wanted it. And if they did crash I think it wouldn't even be noticeable on the material level.

yk248 said...

Blossom, wonderful channeling of the FOL (Sept. 7) Beautiful. Namaste and Love allways.