Jul 1, 2010


Time rushes by and before you know it yet another week has passed. Are we accomplishing that which we wish to accomplish during these very important days? Is what you wish to accomplish important? I wonder how every one is FEELING in these times ? Are we able to accept WHAT IS and just allow ourselves to BE? We are so accustomed to having to DO. I don't know about for any of you, but for me, when I am not 'doing', shades of guilt creep in. That FEELING of I SHOULD BE ... And yet why? Why should we be DOING something? Maybe past comments of laziness as a child? Maybe fear of life passing us by and not leaving our mark? And yet, when I allow myself to indulge in just BEING, just stopping for a time and looking at the sky, listening to the birds ... staring into the sea ... I find myself connecting with that ONENESS, even though sometimes the mind still interrupts with things I must cross of my list. At least I am giving myself the chance to try and just BE.

I wonder what our world would be like without any of the pressure to achieve? Would we have more time to enjoy each other? Personally I would like to achieve knowing in fullness of myself that I didn't have to achieve. I would like to get up in the morning and have a day full of BEING ME. I don't really know how to do that. and yet by existing, and getting through that day ... am I not BEING ME, doing what I do, in the best way I know how?

With so much afoot, with these present days preparing us for our NEW WORLD ... with THE GOLDEN AGE ... our GOLDEN RACE just around the corner ... I feel the most we can do is 'practice' who we are to become ... as we are becoming it. We still, well, I can only speak for myself, have so much to let go of. So many misunderstandings of what the Truth is and who we actually are. So many questions of what actually is to take place for us all. And will it be for us all or just for those who have allowed themselves to awaken? I would like to think it is for all of us. After all we are all just doing what we are doing because we don't know any other way at that particular time.

How many of us are comprehending a deeper respect for THE LOVE that is? We know by now that LOVE is all its about. EVERYTHING we experience is only worthwhile if we bring out the Love in it. This is what we need to work on. Although I FEEL that I couldn't hurt a fly, I catch myself sometimes with judgemental thoughts about anothers behaviour perhaps, and although I may pull myself up about it, I would like to reach that place where that thought isn't there in the first place. Where everyone, to me, is LOVE, no matter what they may say, or what they may do. I KNOW THAT THEY ARE ... it's just that my mind behaves in the old pattern of thought, and I desire to rid my BEing of such things.

It is hard to imagine a world full of people that come from only LOVE. Imagine a world like that. We see beautiful pictures of crystal palaces and Light Beings. We imagine the FEELING of BEING there, but we imagine only for a moment. We can not envisage our entire existence BEING of that. And yet, this is what we have promised ourselves is it not? This is what we wish to create. This is what we can have if we bring it into our reality. And yet meanwhile, we remain in a world that is teetering on the edge of change. I can FEEL the balancing act taking place as we strive to stay on an even keel, with all that is looking like it could turn out to be very disastrous indeed.

Yet no matter what everything seems to be, we are taught there is so much more going on behind the scenes than we can possibly realise. Things that are of good when all seems the opposite. So it is now that we must strengthen our BEINGS and draw upon our inner Light to see us through. We can, if we all work together ... see these changes through in a way that we came to this earth to do . At this very time. By projecting our Light out to the world and its situation we can counteract the dark forces. There are enough of us now to do so. We can. And we shall.


My heart, in the deepest place of where it lies, can feel something going on ... something huge is about to take place ... we must remain so strong when it does and assist those who will be in fear. This is why so many have awoken ... to help those who are asleep in the time that they will need it most.


Enjoy this video!!!!

I LOVE YOU VIDEO - a Gift From Sivan Garr

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays
Bloss xxxx


Debora said...

I love you! :) Beautiful beautiful beautiful you!!!

Sharyn said...

I love you! :D

Ami said...

Thank you Blossom. Your words are so beautiful. I love you!

With Love said...

Hello Blossom, thanks for wonderful post.

I'm also learning this, to be more and to do less. To be, to breathe and to enjoy the good things in life recharges our batteries. It also gives us the clarity and insights we need so we know what to do next when it's time to do something. I think there is a time to be and a time to do, but being and doing aren't balanced in this world. So it's important that we find our own balance in this, in a way that works for us.

While I am learning how to be, I also know that I have things to do, like the laundry and going to the grocery store. And somehow it's impossible for me to be while I'm doing things or while I try to have a conversation with someone. Being means being open and very receptive, it's wonderful when you're surrounded by nature and absorb everything around you, but it's not very practicle when you float with your shopping list through the grocery store and have no idea how to float from one aisle to the other. It seems that combining being and doing takes some effort and concentration.

Perhaps this is one of those things we have to learn before we reach that balanced state of bliss.

Much love :-)

Andrew said...

Ahh so beautiful: made my day. :)

Klinton said...

I love you!.me!.you!.us!.them!
.love you!
.love you!
.you love......love

thank you

Happy Picker said...

Hi Blossom and everyone. I've noticed lately a real sense of joy and peace, I"m not sure how long I've noticed this. I started Tafe six months ago,and I think a couple of months in I started to notice this sensation of joy. I had been doing a little meditation (i am internal mantra from AYP) and moving energy around the body from root to third eye. I don't know if that had much to do with it, but I have been enjoying this lovely feeling of joy everyday.

I wonder if anyone here has had similar feelings.

Thanks also Blossom for that meditation track. I will give it ago tonight.

Take care everyone

yk248 said...

Hi Happy Picker,

I'm also doing AYP, it's great isn't it?



Anonymous said...
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Happy Picker said...

Yonatan, sure is. I very much enjoy AYP(Advanced Yoga Practices).

I do experiment with different ideas in meditation, and energy work in my own simple way. I feel it is good to try different meditation ideas and see what works for you.

I enjoyed listening to Blossom's guided meditation a few nights ago and, then a thought came to me. If we learn things differently would different types of meditations work more effectively than others, or maybe as the advert says "Just do it" will open us more to the energies of this time.

One thing I know that is true for me, is sharing the experiences and feelings with others helps the love grow.

Thanks Blossom for your blog, and the people that come here to share with us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

I enjoyed reading this blog post more than any so far. You're wonderful!

Love it - Be it


PenguinUK said...

Everything that Blossom blogs or channels are presented to us "as is".

It is very easy to over-analyse and disemminate every word. But that is using the "human" logical mind. If we are to advance, using deep trustworthy "feelings" must be the way forward.

In my experience, reading posts and chanellings from Bloss, I "KNOW" when something is right for me, as I get "all the tingles" as I call it.

Obviously pick and choose, what feels right for you. But the "hot" word is "feel".

So much is changing, so many messages, but the real challenge is to "feel" not logicaly evaluate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Happy Picker! Thank you for posting these words.. 'if we learn things differently..' I was recently drawn to an article that said if we learn something new it changes our brain forever. Then when i read your words it occurred to me that the new way is learning with our Hearts. I have heard that the Heart has its own neural network btw.

The new way of learning is with our Hearts.. I Love that!! : ) My Heart is singing AND learning lol and my Heart is changed forever

Love Si xx

yk248 said...

Hi Blsossom,

Great channeling (latest one). For me all they say make perfect sense. No problem.

As I was reading this I started to feel this huge energy, like one big huge activation, or like, you know, a feeling of being shaken with energy, like very high frequency, it is shaking all of me. I am feeling it now. Then in the next channeling you were guided to give it fit right in with what I am feeling.

Thanks Blossom, you are very strong for doing this. Blessings, Love Light and tons of strength to you. Keep on doing the job of Love! (: <3

yk248 said...

Hi Happy Picker!

Yeah thanks for sharing.

Lots of Love in AYP, in the forums too!

I think that it's good to try different things. It's good to try and see what works best for you, the most effective approach(s), then if it keeps on being good and effective stick with it.


Love and Light!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Todays message opened my eyes. I did indee try to "activate" myself back then, as i remember only now, and I could see wonderful orbs, the like of which I have never seen!
Strange, they say you can only see them on cams, I actually saw them!
No joke

skyrunner said...


Just read the latest channeling here, about the "aliens" going to "decloak."

They are deciving you all yet again. they will not decloak. These beings are messengers of deception as Jacques Vallee said. David Jacobs agrees that these entities do not have our good interests in mind.

MUFON investigator Joe Jordan has uncovered that these being are in fact, demonic and are subject to the name of Jesus Christ. He has dozens if not hundreds of cases that prove it.

Whitley Strieber compared them to the demons of old as well.

I am sorry to say, but "The Angel of light," aka Lucifer/Satan is deceiving you. check out this site to see his motivation for doing so.


I would also encourage everyone to research for yourself the claims that "aliens" are really demonic.

Lynn Dickie, LA Marzulli, Joe Jordan and guy Malone are all folks who have been where you all are, and their stories are amazing. please check these guys out.

love you all.

Anonymous said...

Hi there guys I am moving house and havn't been able to comment here for a while,sending you all my love and wow Blossom what a beautiful channel and that old channel popping up like that too just perfect:)

P.S. Skyrunner if they are deceiving us and are of the dark and those that have been infulenced by religion are our saviors, then I'll be sooo surprised, for just have a look around you and ask yourself what truely feels of love and light those that say we are bad and need to follow them or those that say we are love and need to listen to our hearts????

Anonymous said...

Together we can do this guys!(with Their assistance)..ask and it is given:)
(( Hugs)) Kerrie

Dr.Richard Presser
This new moon and solar eclipse are a powerful event and it begins to sound a little like a broken record as I keep saying those words as we approach each of these events, however that is the truth of the matter as these energies build up in preparation for those energies of the solstice of December 2012. These energies are building one upon another as Mother Mary has said like stair steps, each one building upon those which have gone before;


Aluna Joy
Many of you may have been wondering what has been going on
in the last week or so, perhaps experiencing strange physical symptoms,
confusion, tiredness or exhaustion. There have been a number of major solar flares occurring during the build-up to the Total Solar Eclipse over the Southern Pacific Ocean, this Saturday 11th July. Information about the Eclipse
has been posted on the Astrology Blog at


Invocation by Anrita Melchizedek www.pleiadianlight.net
11th July global visual

Anonymous said...

hi blossom,

have you seen this?
i think our visitors are closer than we may think!!
all my love and light

Anonymous said...

Sat is the 10th, not the 11th. So is the eclipse today, or tomorrow?

skyrunner said...


I'm not the only one who thinks these guys are bad. Joe Montaldo, a longtime abduction researcher says also that the "nordics" aka "peace, love and light" folks were in contact with Hitler, and it is allegedly documented in "Mein Kampf". If that is true, you know what evil resulted.

As far as "those that have been infulenced by religion are our saviors" please don't mistake what I say. For you to follow "religion" is not what I say. The Catholic church, or religious folks are not who we need to follow for salvation, but only Jesus Christ can offer that.

You and the others posting here are so loving and supportive of each other, and i admire that. The reason I want to share my POV with you is because I want to share with you what i have learned.

I was really looking to the UFOs for answers and did not find what i was looking for, I hope that you guys at least investigate the stories of those I mentioned before. Please at least give them a look.

Love you all,