Jun 14, 2010


This saturday 19th June I perform in my one woman show ... WATCH ME BLOSSOM for THE NOOSA LONG WEEKEND FESTIVAL. I have been working on it for the last six months and if I am not ready now I never will be! Manifesting from there on in, cabaret work with the same said show! Any Golden Rays you may care to send my way would be most appreciated.!

MY POINT BEING ... that amidst all the chaos in many parts of the world IT IS STILL SO VERY IMPORTANT to concentrate on that which UPLIFTS YOU. That which feeds your soul. We all have passions about something or another. By fullfilling these passions we are able to build up an energy of Light that can assist in brightning up the rest of the planet. Sure ... without doubt ... it is essential to send out your blessings to the places on the earth that are so very much in need, and to do so with an intensity from the heart that KNOWS your thoughts of LOVE can and are making a difference. Maybe not in a way that we as humans are able to see at this time , but we are aware enough now to know that the bigger picture as yet cannot be seen from our standpoint. These are the times more than ever that we must remember why we came. TO UPLIFT the planet. Therefore , whatever we are told, what ever crisis is or is not about to unfold, we need to keep on energising ourselves. Doing what we LOVE to do. This is one of the best ways we can help. If we follow our passion , be it , showbiz, music, flower arranging , canoing, mountain climbing, knitting, train spotting ... whatever ... by following our dreams we are raising the vibration.We must never lose sight of these dreams. For it is in our dreaming that we can manifest our desires, and through this process we bring about a world that is a far cry from that of our world today.

Let us remember too that we as human beings have come here to transform this planet. When you look at what is taking place indeed there is something afoot. I feel we are on the brink of something so huge that our very souls will be shaken yet not stirred!For have we not been preparing for these days, these times? The reason we have been building our Light in its new found strength is indeed for these shakings to not rattle our cages, but to allow us to show why we have followed the path that we have, when others ridiculed and tormented.

When I listen to radio interviews regarding the gulf oil crisis, and all the coverup surrounding this issue, something tells me there is more to it than we are aware at this time. Not just from the obvious secrecy ... something in my heart feels it is leading us into the next phase ... the actual evidence will be provided of that which we have been calling out from our heart space for so long.

The Federation in their last channelling said that 'There is a change to come within these circumstances that will be of shock value, for no-one could have forseen the outcome.' and I clearly don't know what that change is but whatever it is ... that is what my heart is feeling ...on a deeply knowing level even though I don't know ... if you know what I mean. Words uurgghh!

And this is why i feel it important to keep on doing now more than ever... that which you Love. Through these changes that are ahead keep on living your dreams. Do not succomb to the fear that is being spread, for then we are dimming our Light. By doing what is joyful to your heart ... counteracts all that is taking place of a negative format.


Listen to your inner voice. Pay attention to your feelings , for your feelings are the wayshowers for your orders to be presented to you.

Anytime now .... can you FEEL it???? Goose bumps rule ... we are on our way!

Golden Rays one and all.

Blossom xxx


Genuinely Awake said...

Mother earth is just fine,she does not need our ego driven help. she will heal herself, she has all the time in the universe. Humans, however do not.

Understand that there is no such thing as death, be that for an ocean, a sea creature or a human....all is as it should be.

Do no harm....Observe, remain neutral and don't act physically or spiritually out of fear.

Rosemarie said...

OH Blossom dear!
I wish you lots of Clarity & Joy for your performance on Saturday -- will send the 'Rays of LOve/Light.
I have always totally believed in the saying 'Out of every adversity comes the seeds of greater benefits' --- this is my constant focus for the present Oil crisis. We are definately in the BIG Changes NOW [& still a-way to go before 2012] Yes.its both 'goose-bumps & Heart-bumps'!!
Cheers, Blessings and Laughter Rose-marie.

Cory said...

It's true that humans do need more help, but it's always nice to keep the spirits of the Earth up too. There's a lot of pain the planet has going on too.

But still, I do agree that we definitely need to help ourselves too. I think I was putting a little to much energy out to the world, and kind of drained myself these past few weeks, both mentally and physically! Maybe it's time to let the current human limitations have a nice little rest and focus on mending itself for just a moment?

Sharon V.K. said...

Beautifuly said Blossom. It's only recently that I've discovered my passion...& at last I feel alive! We are on the brink of an amazing time in history...& my thanks go to you & the other spiritual teachers who have guided me to this way of life. Good luck with your show, although you won't need any. I'm sure it will be brilliant!

Anonymous said...

thank you for your concern Blossom, i never left, i check your webpage and its channelings on a weekly basis.

great last channeling!!!
when they talk about the "bubble" that created the spirals i remembered it is not the first time they had talked about this sphere.
there was a older channeling when they talked about this, and that they "stored" this "bubble" in a very special chamber, but i don´t remember why they talked about it, what was the subject they were trying to explain.
do you remember blossom?

also i remembered another channeling, when they talked about the "sprinkles". i don´t know why this last channeling lead me to remember that thing, anyway i think the chanellings and their words are designed to make us remember or to "join the dots".

in another subject, since the eartquake hit my country in february i have been feeling these strange vibrations on my body, the same kind of feeling you talked about in one of the last channelings. it´s like feeling a very powerful vibration that it is something i have never felt before.
you´re right, they can be very anoying or frightening, and some times they don´t allow me to sleep, but im working on dealing and enjoying these vibrations, beacause as the feds said it is a feeling that in the future we will miss.
i definitely feel that this days we are living are the most exciting ever, so much things and feelings to be discovered. it is quite a ride, and i´m enjoying it a lot!!!

very very beautiful and interesting days jsut around the corner!!!

a truckload of peace, love and light to you all

Pablo, Chile

Anonymous said...

Hi Pablo that would be the 11th Feb channel you are referring to,and @ Genuinely awake
this is true if your intentions are coming from the mind, the vibration would be not high enough to carry much weight I feel, it may be enough like in the secret to find a car parking spot, but to make a difference to assist the vibrations of the planet that would require heart based pure creative energy, is this not why The Federation are here to teach us this?or remind us that we are this, have we not grown within ourselves enough to come from integrity, from the truth of who we are,sure the ego comes out to play at times, but havn’t we learn’t to observe it with love and compassion and not judge it? bringing us back to our center again back to the truth of who we are.White Cloud said that the unity and the love that happened on Sep.11th as people came together and supported each other raised the vibration of this planet. We are so much more then we THINK we are.
I have always thought that it is not what you do but the intentions behind what you do.
Good luck on the 19th June Blossom and remember my fav quote that is on the back of every toilet door:)

P.S. this is so cool, more on the pulsar I got in my head the day of the Norway spiral from magenta

Remember Blossom the pulsar channel from Zilathrah


PenguinUK said...

Hi Bloss,

This blog resonated with me more than many recent ones.

Although I sense I may well be one of the instruments to help the "change", I never lose sight of the small things I bring naturally - in my case comedy, musicianship, even DJing earlier this life. All in tiny ways of course, but things that make me "feel" of use, and pursuits that have always made me feel "more alive" when you see other souls enjoying themselves through laughter, song or dance.

Without wanting to sound too weird, I've always considered myself to be a "cosmic jester" .. sounds pretentious.. a bit-player in mood-upliftment would be the verbose and un-cool way of describing it. I'm not blessed enough to channel etc, but I know the energy I feel when making someone laugh or dance IS the same energy we are all trying to draw down to the planet.

Hope the show went well and you got a good "buzz" from it. xx

PS : That "buzz" surely is the same thing, the same beautiful energy.

Anonymous said...

All I'm saying is, this is the perfect opportunity for the FOL to come and show they are friendly. If they stop an oil leak, that alone could be a symbolism of peace. People would get it, they would understand that they are not a threat, from there they could bring on the new world.

jb said...

I guess the FOL are the "space brothers/UFOs/stars" Benjamin Creme and his Master, "Maitreya", talk about.


Spiral Light in Australia

The spiral light seen across eastern Australia in the early morning of 5 June 2010 (over Queensland, Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra) has been confirmed by Benjamin Creme’s Master to be the ‘star’ which heralds the emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher, into full public recognition.

Spiral UFO in Australia is the 'star'Scientists are attempting to explain away this latest spiral phenomenon as the effects of the launch of a private space rocket at Cape Canaveral, USA, just as the Norwegian spiral ‘star’ was explained away as being a failed Russian rocket.

Witnesses and many other commentators have pointed out that this spiral light is reminiscent of the spiral formation which appeared over Norway in December 2009 and which was confirmed by Benjamin Creme’s Master to have been the ‘star’ heralding Maitreya’s emergence. At the time, Benjamin Creme’s Master also noted that many more such spectacular celestial signs could be expected.

Mr Brown said...

I have to say this because its obvious to me jb's comment is an addvert. I looked into Ben Creme shortly after Oct 14 08. Maitreya is in Buddhist scripture wich I find to be most clear as a method. Thats how I found and read what he says. Today I went to the link of shared int and was curious when I read he, Maitreya, has already been on TV and such. I investigated. We are meant to be intrigued by this man Creme indirectly supports. I tried to word that in the least bias I could. I trust if you have heeded what Blossom has so graciously gifted to us you will understand why I make this point.

Bob Marley song that says alot

Also the youtube I use is http://www.youtube.com/user/winthorne
I've been reaching out lately since the Spiral and back on the didge too.

Coach Enrique said...

@ anonymous: It is my belief that any "alien" showing up to fix events like the oil spill, hunger or wars would be part of a plan from the Illuminati to stay in control of the people. Governments and old institutions are becoming very unpopular everywhere and I wouldn't be surprised if they present us soon another "authority" to obey to. In order to survive, they need us to keep giving away our power to them. A Federation of True Light cannot make contact yet with Humanity because we live in separate dimensions. The barriers are falling down but we are being very slow on our side.

Anonymous said...


Above is the link to a request from an elder of the Lakota people for a world wide prayer on the 21st Solstice, I really resonate with this youtube as I have been receiving guidance for a few months now to go up to the mountains on the 21st and do a medicene wheel cerimony ...where dose this me come from? I have no idea about such things and yet it is such a strong urge.

P.S.I just found this I love it!

"The Circle has healing power. In the Circle, we are all equal. When in the Circle, no one is in front of you. No one is behind you. No one is above you. No one is below you. The Sacred Circle is designed to create unity. The Hoop of Life is also a circle. On this hoop there is a place for every species, every race, every tree and every plant. It is this completeness of Life that must be respected in order to bring about health on this planet." ~Dave Chief, Oglala Lakota~

Anonymous said...

See the polarity happening, from the skies (energy spirals) to Terra herself (toxicity, rumbles and weather), to the politics (bigger divisions). Most telling are the polarity of choices evident on this wonderful blogsite: some are determined to heal Terra, some are determined that our 'Space Brothers' need to come fix her up, and some are determined to follow the love into a new world (as soon as the portal opens up).

Everybody making their choices according to their beliefs. What could be more beautifully perfect than that?

Blessings to us All.

Red said...

I just read your latest channeling Blossom. I'm really excited.

Very excited. That just turn on all my senses.
Think something is going to happened?

I hope so. You guys hang on in there if it does.

Much Love to everyone.

Anonymous said...

I am back from the Mountains and from doing my sunrise and sunset Medicene wheel near a beautiful water fall,I was on my own and much healing and balancing took place, I connected and sent my love and gratitude out to Mother Earth and The Federation, I basically experienced a sense of peace and calmness through out my being, which is what I asked for. What I felt,saw and heard was confirmed when I got back just now and read that channel Blossom,everything they said to do I was doing and feeling and when I doubted myself and got too heavy I was sent an image of a dolphin with a grin from ear to ear as White Cloud says. I am so glad you got that healing Blossom,for I am feeling that we have been through such an intitation and it is time for a breather and yet I feel there is more to come, much more,as they say..... God give me strength!!!!((hugs))

yk248 said...

Dear Blossom,

I read the latest channeling, and while doing the activation, I felt tingles and goosebumps all over my body, also after it, my body jerked a few times (like it does sometimes after getting activations from some images). I KNOW something huge is about to happen, I feel it, like there's excitement and commotion in the air, I feel it. Incidentally, I had a long talk last night with my friend about ETs, and the idea that they're about to show themselves to the world (he asked me- what about those ETs of yours?). (:

It's all good!

Love and Light

Cory said...

Wow, Blossom. (This is a reply to the new channeling!)

I said it before, that every time you posted something it was on days that I felt so empowered and OVERFLOWING with my emotions. And, like I said, I always check here to see what you've said, and our family!

I felt it earlier today, I was traveling with my friend. It was roughly 10 to 11AM. It just clicked with me suddenly, but I wasn't to sure what it was. As I read over what was said, I felt so reassured on it all, and smiled, closed my eyes, and thanked everything, and thanked earth for putting up with the pain we've caused.

I know I'm ready for what is happening. Obviously, on a human level, it feels strange to flow through this. But, when you know the truth about such caring and what is happening, you tend to smile through it all!

I mentioned I had been trying to help the planet out some, but it drained me heavily. It felt different than now. It felt like I was 'transferring' energy. Now, it just feels like it's connected...Not really GIVING it...just sharing without a hassle.

If you follow me get back to me haha. It's just very uplifting, I'm trying to describe the way I feel, and how happy I am to have understood this all.

Thank you for your time, and taking it through all the times were people would bash and try to bring about hate. They don't know what's in store. :)

Love and light!

Ami said...

Dear Blossom,
Really wonderful channeling; powerful and exciting.

Two days ago I dreamed I was trying to transmit a message (heard a very loud noise in my right ear, along with a blurred image).
And last night I dreamed that I came across a person who smiled at me and I began to rise, to fly.
Every so often I have dreams of this kind, and I wonder why, what is its meaning. These are dreams that I can identify as special, as really different from other dreams.
Something big is happening and many of us can perceive it. We must keep meditating frequently and feel love in everything we do. We are in a unique step in history.

I send my love to all you.

Anonymous said...

On May 22 a crop Circle appeared near the windmill of Wilton in Wiltshire, South of England – a crop circle with an encoded message. This crop circle speaks of a profound paradigm shift, a reverse of polarity.It alludes to two dates: The Grand Cross on June 26 2010 and December 21, 2012. It contains a powerful warning, speaks of a global crisis and at the same time it shows the solution. On June 26, 2010, there is an extraordinary planetary constellation, a Grand Cross. According to the message of the crop circle, the sun creates a new room, a healing room, a new field of consciousness on that day. The sun unites two poles, merging them to a unity on June 26. This merging of polarities leads to a short-circuit, or in other words, a cosmic orgasm due to which a new room will enfold. This new room is a gift, because in this new room what seemed devoid of meaning all of sudden makes sense again. What enfolds is a new, corrected reality, shifted in phase! According to the message of the crop circle this new room can be accessed by everyone through the power of consciousness. If LOVE succeeds on earth, and be it for only a few hours in just one person or in just one loving couple, this experience of LOVE will leave a trace in this newly opening room, a trace which is eternal and will remain active forever. A shining trace, a trace of love, which will remain visible far beyond earth atmosphere. Each experience of love and every experience of peace will stimulate this room, fill and adorn it. The power of this room is going to grow exponentially. The songs of the Healed Matrix are the hymns which will fill this room! Each person who dares to leave behind the matrix of power and violence, everyone who is not afraid of letting go old belief systems but live instead in harmony with Mother Earth and ALL that IS, will be able to access this room. Each person will receive healing impulses from this room through his consciousness and heart and will give in return his/her healing experience back to this room. What we find in this room will exist within ourselves and outside of us. It is a Secret of the Universe, that what is being formed outside can be accessed from within; you find it in your own sacred inner space, your personal centre. And once this Healing Matrix in this newly created Healing Room will be powerful enough, the matrix of fear will dissolve and the Healing Matrix will expand. This is the Plan of the Star Master and the Planetary Beings. This Healing Room is less than an atom in distance from us. This Healing Room is in our own Sacred Space Centre when we are in unison with ourselves, in unison with Mother Earth and in unison with ALL that IS. Werner Johannes Neuner describes the process of decodification of the message of the Crop Circle of Wilton in detail and all the information is available in German at this link: http://www.meinthema.com/de/wernerneuner/News/W9News He is looking forward to entering this Sacred Room together with all of us, In the Light of Unity Werner Johannes Neuner and Sonja Myriel, who translated this message

Daphne said...

Thank you Blossom for your latest channeling.
I had to sit with it twice... the first time I was trying so hard that I got in the way of myself, fearful that nothing would happen for me trying to activate. Which of course was exactly what happened. In the evening I read the channeling again and in a relaxed manner I activated my system asking my body to do it for me. I felt energy flowing from my root chakra, gently moving up to my crown. I connected to the earth and let her feel my energy, which grounded me very much.

I'd like to share this video: dr. Emoto's prayer for the gulf of Mexico: it's short and powerful and easy to do a couple of times a day.

Anonymous said...

Thank you anonymous for that reminder of the grand cross,how exciting is it all getting! I just received an email from Dr Richard Presser about the grand cross and a picture of it on a astrological chart,it reminded me of my grand trine I have in my chart,an astrologer told me 30 years ago that it will tune me into something very 'out there' in nature at this time!
I am feeling very grounded after my day in the mountains and I feel it is very necessary to connect to nature at this time,look how our attention has been brought to nature with the Gulf and what have you,even The Feds no show has people looking to the stars, everything is indeed perfect. Love.light and gratitude Kerrie

P.S.look at what is happening as was prophesied for these times


Sacred White Animals

Anonymous said...


We need the FOL now. They need to come here, and get things in order. They need to remove world government before they DESTROY EARTH.

Pam said...

This evening I had to laugh, while waiting for a train to pass in front of me, as overhead I noticed three comtrails from planes..making a giant cross! I live in a rural area where there isn't much jet traffic, so this was unusual.

Edward said...

I dont know too much about you but I sent this message from the heart to many friends in the Dominican Republic. This is themost clearer message I have read so far in these times of confusion. May the Divive keep blessign you and fill you with love and bless White Cloud for the service.

RafaelVR said...
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Anonymous said...

To last anon: don't know obviously what is fact in the Gulf, but it seems that the very article you cite is itself a hoax:
The Fol-chaps definitively are, and if not, the're a (lousy) joke!

Anonymous said...

Everyone, read the last book of the C.S. Lewis Narnia books: The Last Battle. Aslan moves everyone out, and turns off the stars. It's time to wake up and smell the coffee -- healing Earth is not an option! She is powering down. Open your soul-hatch and get ready to journey -- we're ALL going somewhere else. The Jiminy Cricket line "Let your conscience be your guide!" is what determines where each one ends up. And to think that everything I DID need to know, I DID learn as a small child. It's that pesky growing up phase... !!

Red said...

You guys check this out.
This is so nuts.



Do you think that we are shifting dimensions or something?


Anonymous said...

It dosn't sound like we are moving off this planet to me,I can not see the point in that my friend,sort of ok we messed up there, lets just planet hop! nup I don't think so!We are much more creative then that...wait a minute I know lets remind ourselves of who we are and get assitance from interdimensional travellers to do just that theres a plan,oh wait we have that right,ok now all we have to do is practice love, but what if they are the dark force? they could be lying to us all this talk of honouring ourselves and each other sounds dark to me????sorry I am in a mood,all this is said with love and fun.(( Hugs))

If for instance … we were to take you to a place of extreme beauty and leave you with yourself for just one of your weeks … you would return to your planet with thoughts of this beautiful place that you have visited. Within those ‘new’ thoughts you would be rebuilding your planet. What we ask of you now in these current days, is to imagine a world that you had not yet conceded to be. Take into your viewing within your minds eye an image of an exquisite land that is of magic and bliss and an energy wherein only the Highest level of LOVE and understanding exists. We say to you in TRUTH … this is a land you know of well. And now we are asking you to ‘bring’ it into your minds … then into your hearts … in order to ‘bring’ it in to your world. It is your world. It is already there. It is simply a matter of ‘bringing it forward’. WILL it forward. Allow yourselves to FEEL the resonance of such a land and to FEEL the heart beat of its very core. Again we say … as we have done so in past days … take the time to become One with the very core of your Mother Planet

Red said...

Yet another interesting footage.
This time, Mr tin-man from the Wizard of Oz.


Anonymous said...

Still focusing on the beauty of nature, I dreamt last night of my dogs one of them was with me that had passed away a few years ago as well,then I wake up and one of my members has put this video up.soooo beautiful, get the tissues out..training a dog for disability people focusing on what they can do rather then what they can't (I have two disability girls living with me and I know what healing love can do)on them and me!((Hugs)) Kerrie


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Kerrie!