Jul 13, 2010

It has begun. Can you feel it?

Remember we are here at this time because we are the ones who volunteered and were chosen. So many asked and yet WE are the ONES who were chosen.Best then we do not take any one given moment for granted. Best then we call upon our inner strength for we Know great changes are to take place upon our planet and it is for us NOW to become those warriors that we are. Time to display our colours and act in the manner that we know is our Truth. And ... within that TRUTH their can be no room for doubt, no space for fears. We know within the Highest level of ourselves that fear and frustration, despair and uncertainty are merely deterrents from the very tasks we came here to perform. We have waited for so very long, we have cried tears of impatience. We have buried are heads in the sands of time and allowed those with their own interests of control and power to beat us with their darkness until we could not find the Light at the end of the tunnel. And indeed at times has it not felt that the Light had gone out?


So release those patterns that have chained and bound you. Set free your souls and KNOW that the LIGHT THAT YOU ARE is preparing itself to shine. This Light of yours, this LIGHT that IS each and every one of us is empowering itself in readiness for that which lies ahead.

This feeling within your hearts. This response to your Higher calling is telling you that it has begun. There is no turning back.The road shall present itself as treacherous along the journey and yet you each have the tools to overcome the rocky terrain. You were trained as warriors and NOW you are moving into action to walk yourselves and many other's into the NEW WORLD.

Those who are of great strength shall carry the weak when the rivers become turbulent. Those who are of MIGHT shall assist all the little ones who do not understand and lead them onwards.

We have talked of change . We have asked of your TRUST in our words and you have listened with your hearts and now shall we ... together ... walk hand in hand across The Bridge.

You call out to us as your hearts weep ... we answer you and we feel your sorrow, yet we cannot allow you to drown in your own tears. For this reason we heed your callings. We,that are your family join you now in blessed union and say to you that procedures are in place , although unseen, and in that moment of glory when we reveal our TRUTH for all to see , then each shall KNOW. Each shall remember why they are here and what they came to do . All questions shall be answered and there shall be a determination and a recognition that far surpasses anything that has presented itself thus far.

Some of you have dreams of this moment. Some of you allow your hearts to show you images of what is to come. There can be no denying in your hearts the LIGHT that is to fill your Beings. For this Love filled Light shall melt your FEELINGS into a blissful state instantly.

This day shall come. You KNOW OF this. It shall make its mark and it shall change your world as you know of it today.

So, let go of your fears about all that is taking place around you. Know that the DIVINE spark that is within each one of you cannot and shall not go out. We are here to assist you. We are here to help lead you through. You SHALL KNOW US as you dream of knowing us. For your dreams are your future reality.

We embrace you ... Our family in Light.

9.30pm. Tues 13th July . 2010.
Golden Rays
Bloss xxx


Dan said...

Absolutely fantastic and I'm sure, the reason I stayed up until after 5 AM. (But I don't have to be up and at it until noon) I'm sure this will be cross posted around and I'll reread it every place I see it.
You were right when you called it a mini channeling, well, other than the mini part. ;-)
Much love to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for passing on this good news. I for one needed this encouragement and upliftment especially today. Their words rang true for me. I have been impatient and tired out with the whole process and just want it to be over with. The journey has been long and rough. Let it be finished soon. God bless you - peace, peace, peace. Coreen in Canada

Anonymous said...

Oh Bloss yes yes yes, I have been euphoric for the last few weeks, in that time my motor blew up and needed replacing, I had to have a tooth removed and it got infected, as well as other irritations, but nothing can burst this bubble of Happy I am floating around in, Life is indeed wonderful and the tides of change are upon us, I for one have my arms wide open in acceptance!!!

Love you

Anonymous said...

Well, we really could use a little help...

Light up the darkness!

Eddie, from Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Blossom, I first want to thank you for all of you FOL postings. Regardless of how things turn out, they are enlightening and filled with positive messages.

My one biggest hurdle -- and I so wish I could get past it -- is the FOL's inability to show us at least one single, irrefutable bit of proof to show us that they are up there. As a human being, I can't help but have some skepticism. It's not as simple as just feeling it in my heart or believing it to be true. Why couldn't a single FOL craft do something amazing and beautiful that others could not write off as a Photoshop or CGI fake, a rocket launch, a meteor, etc.?

It's so tough to believe when post after post is essentially the same thing: The Dark Ones will soon fall, you are light and love, things will change soon. "Soon" obviously has different connotations between us and them.

I humbly ask the FOL to please, please, PLEASE give those of us who are teetering on the edge of fully believing something tangible, something real so that we can say, yes, without a doubt, you are there. We are only human, and many of us need the proof that there's someone truly out there.

Thanks again, Blossom, and God bless.

Dave in the United States

Anonymous said...

Thanks Blossom, Honeybee just emailed me that your blog turned into a channel,Last night before bed I felt something within and I said to them you are there and I am unable to reach you,too much is going on inside, I had just read a channel from the Galactic Federation and the spiritual Hierarchy someone had emailed me and I felt overwhelmed, it was full on,I thought about it all day and I watched some youtubes some had put up on ancient prophecies and whilst I felt it had some truths in it I decided not to publish it,discernment and all that even though the person who sent it to me is a very trusting source of mine,I remembered The Federation said that they have not said there would be thousands of ships and this huge evacuation, I remembered the grace that they are and I felt a sense of calm,I dreamt last night that I was in a church and I asked the people there to stop listening to those that are lost in judgement and to look up, go outside look at the sky the clouds were beautifully lite up with sunset colours, I said know you are love,remember who you are.And last night as I was updateing some of my groups I felt the need to put this up from White Cloud..... We give thanks to the Divine Oneness for allowing these
communications to take place. We ask always that we may remain humble
in order to serve and to receive and that we may continue to
walk boldly as the Light and the Love.
((Hugs)) Kerrie

Corynder said...

I felt it. :) I missed this feeling... it's been so long since it was last felt!

Wanda said...

My dearest Blossom, I must admit, I have been quiet for some time. Becoming myself. Rest assured, I am reading and absorbing. So much I want to say, but words just can't come close.
I also was one who felt little with the activation, but Whoah... tonight.. I had MY activation. Without a doubt. It HAS begun, ..
the "officially unexplained" UFO that shut down the airport in China on July 7th... google it... the pictures are so amazing.
Namaste' my sister in the Light !!

Anonymous said...

To the person who wants proof - there HAS been irrefutable proof, and moreso from these FOL than any other channels I've ever read! (Its funny I was just thinking about that this morning).

They said we'd start seeing unusual rainbows, and we did, they started appearing all over the web after they said that, photos from all over of upside down ones (you can google upside down rainbow).

They said crop circles would start appearing in unusual places, and they did. Go to youtube and search for the ring in the sky over Moscow and the ice circles that have appeared in many countries, you'll find many videos.

They said they would release "sprinkles" and that people would notice, about a week later, you started to be able to see stripey clouds on Google Earth that were not there before, coming out of the cut out shapes they said were their ships. The clouds remained striped for weeks.

They ARE giving irrefutable proof. Not to mention the ufo that shut down the Chinese airport last weekend, I mean, how huge and ufo looking was THAT! I'm afraid that if none of this is proof enough for you, there will never be enough until the day they show up (and maybe not even then). In any case, your path is your path, and I wish you well on your journey (just wish you were having as much fun with all of this as I am!).

Anonymous said...

Please read my latest post on my web log. I realy could use some feedback here.

The time is now to do the exact thing that the currupt world leaders are so scared of us to do. Organize and empower the people. Then we can rejoin in the Kingdom of Heaven(space). Otherwise nothing happens and life kinda sucks as is huh? Litteraly sucks our energy.


Anonymous said...



These are the two biggest topics of our day next to government.

If we dont resolves these issues on our own or at least get the ball rolling the FOL will not put them selves in the line of fire. We the "ground force" who choose to come back here(as in be born here again)need to make a move now. We choose to be in the line of fire. Peaceful insurgents.

YOUR WORLD IS AT THE END OF ITS CYCLE. YOUR PEACEMAKERS ARE DRAWING STRENGTH … IN PEACE … AND IT SHALL BE KNOWN THAT THE TRUTH OF WHAT IS … CAN NO LONGER BE HIDDEN. For decades now, many are learning of matters that at one time they could only conceive as make believe. We say, from the ***HIGHEST PLACE OF AUTHORITY*** … VERY SOON … ***AMONG YOU*** shall be LIGHT that cannot be covered up or hidden from view.

I'm not sure how to be any more clear than this. Other than standing in the garden of getsemity and shouting hey people listen up...wich I almost did the other day but realised thats just going to get me thought of as a "La La" with no way to get my message to the people.

Please send me an email if you have any advice.

Anonymous said...

UFO's over London. This is incredible guys


Anonymous said...

Hi there, Blossom.

Ok, so, am i getting this wrong, or we´re about to "see"(few days or weeks) the full disclosure about the presence of the GFL??


Cory said...


Such an amazing post Blossom. I have been feeling it for such a long time now, I'm so ready for this all.

I have wanted so badly to shout to this world to smile, to open your arms and praise how absolutely BEAUTIFUL this world and our existence is. I've had my head and my heart opened for so long now that the energy and love that fills me sometimes feels like it is going to make me BURST!

And, it is kind of weird, because I had posted something on my board the other day...and it's starting to make me feel like I have been getting messages myself. Not really "channeling", but maybe I'm wrong? Maybe I have just had the wrong idea of what channeling feels like? I know it's coming from a deeper part of me, what I write, but do you think I could be feeling the same energies you are?

My post on Monday the 12th of June at 9:59am :
Take a moment of your time today to sit and take a breather. Clear your mind of your dilemmas, and sit back and enjoy this world around you. Keeping away the negativity always helps lead to a much more enlightened self. Take a walk, enjoy some peace and beauty. We live in a time where we need to think possitive. If we ...don't, then surely we will fall. Again, it may seem ironic that the human race can help to change this world in such a drastic way, but we have so much potention as a whole. Come the time, we will all be prepared. Always be happy. Never let anger or hate control your emotions. Always be at peace, and be one with the world, the universe. Understand the knowledge deep within the energies that bond us all, and discover more than you could ever hope for. The understanding of the universe, of US, is just around the corner.

Cory said...


It's not as long as what you tend to get through, but I have been doing these messages for DAYS now, heck, even the past few weeks! Are we about to see SOMETHING? Or are we raising our vibration quickly enough to actually understand what is going on exactly?

I feel I know this energy all to well, and that I've been waiting for it for quite some time, like I was kinda fated to know this kind of knowledge. And that makes me think, would it be possible I was one of the people that offered for this necessary help? I've always felt my voice was a little to soft to be a speaker. But maybe my voice wasn't intended to be so verbal, and that I was meant to get it out via my typing? It's so exciting to feel so...knowing!

Sorry about this long post, but I feel every word of yours deep in my heart, and I'd enjoy knowing what you think of mine and my feelings.

Thank you so much for your time Blossom.

Anonymous said...

Love to you Cory, so good to have some one else so "in love" you have got it now...fantastic!!!!I knew you would,it has started.
Blossom I have been thinking about those lights raining down in China and I remembered that channel back on the 11th Feb.
Dozens of vertical luminous beams appeared in the night sky of Xiamen about 11:30pm last Friday, reports Southeast Express.
The singular sight, which lasted for nearly one hour, was first discovered by Mr. Wang's friend, a resident in Huangcuo, near Xiamen’s famous Huandao Road.
According to Mr. Wang, his friend first saw several luminous beams in the sky and then told them to go outside and take a look. They were stunned by the sight before their eyes.
“At first, there were only five of them, hanging very low in the sky, but after a short while, the number increased to about 50, and they were higher and higher, just like a stave hanging in the sky,” Mr. Wang said.
The Xiamen meteorological observatory said no such astronomical phenomenon was monitored by the observatory. “But it was not a meteor shower,” a staff member said

~The Federation of Light~
11th Feb
We shall very gently be ‘sprinkling’ particles of this Divine Light energy a little at a time to your planet and allow it to do its work. It is that for a time ... it is possible for only small amounts to be diffused otherwise it could cause a little mayhem due to its immense power. The integration must take place gradually. Your physical bodies too shall notice a difference with this new energy. There will be a Lighter feeling within the actual physical body.

RafaelVR said...
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Slava said...

Hi Blossom!

Just what to tell you i can feel it. A month ago or so i've found being able to focus and feel something or somebody completely out of this world, a feeling of consciousness that is pure tenderness. TENDERNESS far beyound i've used to experience. Also on visulal level it feels like a color of deep pink like a clouds on sunset. Looks like (and feels also) very similar to your FOL subject or even the same one.

Yanko said...


Greetings for all of you

from Sofia, Bulgaria , Europe :)

Thank you!