Jun 5, 2010

The Oceans Tears continued.

Hello Everyone.
Here is another meditation gathering which I felt appropriate to send out on my mailing list. Some are confused because it is a different time from the YouTube mass meditation offered in the last post. They are two separate events. You could always do both!!! This one is 4am for me monday morning, but I will set my alarm! (I received this AFTER I had posted the others.) Its wonderful to KNOW that so many are doing their bit to heal this issue. At the end of the day ALL IS AS SHOULD BE.

URGENT MESSAGE FROM KIESHA, LITTLE GRANDMOTHER - please share with all your mailing lists!

On June 6th... at 12:00 noon Mountain standard time (2 PM EST)... i ask that all the tribe of many colors join together in prayer.. meditation.. journey.. for the loving, healing and embracing of our hurting Mother Earth.. I call you all with a thundering voice to hear me.. Gather yourselves together..Let us pray together to help hold space for our hurting Mother.. Spread the message to all that will hear!

Spread the message to all that will hear you, this is very important! This is our first main act as the Tribe of many colors to make a difference for our Mother.. We must act as one.. We are the Tribe the ancient ones have spoken about and now it is time to assemble ourselves to call for a change.. to use our hearts and our love to call out to ... See Moregreat spirit, the star brothers and sisters to join us in giving our Mother Earth Love and healing light.. They will hear you, our star brothers and sisters are listening and waiting for us to call out to them... they are real and willing to help us.. We must join our hearts and our souls.. its now time to pray for our Beloved Mother.. the time is now.. we MUST ACT .. and act as one.. Spread the message to all that will hear you.. On June 6th at Noon.. 12:00 Mountain Standard time (2 PM EST) gather your hearts together and your prayers.. As Little Grandmother, as the shaman of this tribe of Many Colors, as Wisdom Keeper of Mother Earth and Council Woman and Shaman I call to all those who will hear my cry.. We must pray for our Mother.. as one heart.. as one people, as one tribe and we Will be heard!! Great changes are upon us.. they will come! they are on their way.. when it looks frightening know that the change is for the greatest good.. and we Have Help!! now my family.. my tribe.. go and spread the message where ever you can.. we pray together on the 6th !!!!!!!!!! go now.. go with my blessing and go with my love.. i love you
your Little Grandmother!

Bloss xx


Anonymous said...

Blossom! did you got to see the spiral? i would love to hear what you and the feds have to say about it!

i can´t believe the "scientist" are explaining the spiral with the "rocket theory" again, it´s absurd and a insult to our intelligence

peace and love!

Pablo, Chile

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone:)
I have just posted another water cleaning meditation full details on my blog and Blossom you don't have to get up at 4am!


P.S. we had another spiral here in Australia:)


Blossom Goodchild said...

@Anonymous and a heartfelt one right back at ya!!
Golden Rays in absolute abundance to you ... sorry didn't quite catch your name :)

Blossom Goodchild said...

@Pablo ... how is it going for you? good to hear from you. The Feds have just talked about it in the last channelling which went up today so ... happy to oblige!! Look after yourself Pablo.

Blossom Goodchild said...

sorry these postings are a bit late ... they have only just come flooding into my inbox with a load of other emails. hey ho. Modern times! Bloss xxx

Cory said...

Don't let the hate get you down, Blossom. Some people just have not opened up to the way things work, and the reality of everything that is happening. Quite a lot of energy has been shifting here, and people who know just know, and those who don't judge and ridicule.

Don't let it bring down your positive energies! Keep a smile and send out more of those golden rays. :]

In other news, my father (whom, if you actually read these comments and such, was going through a hard time with his wife) recently came to me and started talking to me about how he has changed a lot, and started opening up to more love and happiness. It was really nice talking to him about it, and I'm glad to see eyes ARE opening, especially those of people close to me. I hope to have more people come up and be like "Hey, Cory, I think I finally understand the way things are working now, and I think that what you have been saying to us is right.".

I guess I should just keep up my energies? Look to the sky? Smile? Most definitely!

Again, thank you for your time Blossom, and never let anyone get you down!

Ami said...

Oh Blossom, what a beautiful channeling! I can feel the spiral dancing in my soul!
Well, Kerrie, it seems that the spirals are here to stay ;)
We will pray and send love to our mother earth day after day, and act with all our love.
Thank you and the FOL!

Red said...



RafaelVR said...
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Hafrun said...

I am so very happy for October
14th 2008,
it drew my attention to you Blossom.
Thank you for being so honest
and playful.
I wish I could express this better.
Thank you Blossom
With love

Anonymous said...

Well i was going to start off with a sharing about the ocean meditations but after reading the first comment by 'anonymous' i would like to say..

I stand shoulder to shoulder with my blessed sister Blossom as we stand as a Divine still mirror of Light as those who come to look may Know Who They Truly Are.

Anyhoo i went for a good ol' meditation and joined the 'Net of Light' in a celebration of the waters of this Earth and Gaia herself. Just to share some info i received.. i got that the oil represents the 'darkness' of the collective unconscious that is now streaming up and out for it to be seen, acknowledged and healed/integrated. Seems that the unconscious 'pipes' couldnt hold out against all the Light streaming in now and cracked. So there may be more crazy stuff going to happen in our world but just know that this is 'good' and it needs to come up and out to be released.

All is indeed in Divine and perfect order.


Blossom Goodchild said...

@ Cory ... No worries. not down at all! just every now and then I desire to respond to the nay sayers ... in a loving way !!!! :)
Truly I am in a wonderful space these days. These folk don't get me down ... those days are long gone! Thanks for the caring though. Be of great cheer evertyone ... surely we are on our way! xx

Mr. Brown said...

Hi all,

I arrived in Brisbane the day after the spiral. Just missed it though I feel more are to come. These phenomena very much remind me of ancient aborigonal art. Concentric or spiraled glyphs represent meeting place/campsite or waterhole. Also durring the info consumption hyper-phase I went through, and am still just not as full on at this moment, I learned of how ancient symbols from all over the earth were actual phenomena seen in the sky!!! Thunderbots of the gods. Tesla knew it. Space is a vaccume perfectly in place to light up with life/energy from a transmitter elsewhere. If Edison designed the system there would be alot of tangled coords with meters racking up a large bill.

Once the truth is revealed we will get those flying cars they promised my parents. What an awsome way to see all the hard to get to places on earth or OTHER PLANETS! Lets make it happen!


Anonymous said...

Look into the mirrow what do you see?
(get the tissues ready!)


P.S. ask to receive these energies today the 13th June leading up to the 21st solstice...ask and it is given ...((hugs))

This months channeled image shows of a planetary alignment that is to occur in June 2010. The energies
that accompany this alignment will be the strongest yet to flood earth.
Impulses that are being sent from the galactic center will be felt by
all life on Earth. This may trigger strange behavior from some
animals, including humans, but it seems especially so for those from
the ocean depths.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@Kerrie. Thanks Kerrie, that youtube is so necessary for so many !Golden Rays

Genuinely Awake said...

For crying out loud Blossom, at what point are you going to have some backbone and ask the FOL to put their money were their mouth is..?

Or would that upset your ego and you bank balance?

Anonymous said...

memento mori...
servitude is all I see,
If they exist...then they only wish a sub serviant group to fullfill their needs...
seeeee ya!