Apr 19, 2010


It seems at the moment I have a conscious need to look at areas that are not flowing in my life and remove the blockage in order for my boat to travel easily downstream. I know for a LONG TIME I have had issues around money ... and the lack of!! So I have been working hard trying to figure out where this fear and denial come from.
The other day I forced myself to get up and go for my walk as the weather was 'unusually' bitter for Noosa and there was every likelihood I would come home drenched. However ... off I trottled , only to find that indeed the wind was fierce , it was actually stinging my face (unheard of where I live )and after 15 minutes I decided to turn around and walk back to my car. I was listening to Carolyn Myss on my iPod ... in particular the lectures about money and energy etc and although making every effort to be 'up' and Love myself to the core, my financial stresses were getting the better of me. As it inevitably began to rain I looked skyward and said 'Great! Marvellous! So the point of this walk was what exactly? It's been miserable and I could have just have easily listened to this iPod track in the comfort of my own home!! WHAT WAS THE POINT OF IT??' ... I walked a few steps resigned to the fact that I'd walked anyway ... so let it go. It was then I noticed quite a lot of writing in the sand. There was no one else about (others were more sensible due to the weather!) This is what it said and how it was written ...

What would you = Your sense of worth
have to own?
In order to = your fear of lack
give up?

Well, you could have knocked me down with a sparrows feather!! I had to walk along a little in order to read it all, and as I grasped what it said ... I began to laugh!

I mean really ... how amazing is that ... written in the sand right by my feet as I asked the reason for my walk! And not only that ... I felt I had been shown the answer to the question I had been searching for, for quite a while now.I began to look at that statement. REALLY LOOK AT IT. As it also tied in with this whole LOVING the self business that I have also been working on. It's very interesting when you look DEEP inside at ... not what you 'THINK' you are worth, but what you 'SENSE' you are worth. There is quite a difference. And to be honest ... like with Loving myself ... I never really gave it much thought. I never really give myself the time of day to look at how I feel about myself and what I sense from that. Maybe many do , I don't know ... but I certainly don't. But from now on I am going to give myself time to stop and 'sense' how I FEEL about myself.I've decided it is important because it makes you SEE that you are far more worthy to BE than you give yourself credit for. It makes you realise that WHO YOU ARE is worthy of ALL things of LOVE and EVERYTHING IS LOVE. SO you are worth receiving EVERYTHING. Then guess what happenned???
The very next day in my letter box I received this anonymous letter. It had this sort of logo as the letter head

and this is what it said:


Enclosed in that envelope was $100 !!! And I still don't know who it's from!

Which simply PROVES to me that we are heard and that when we stop... look ... and listen ... not only do we know it is safe to cross the road ... we can FEEL the UNIVERSAL LAWS saying a gentle hello , which in turn allows us to KNOW that there is something far greater at work, that is willing to show itself when WE are willing to show OURSELVES.


Golden Rays , Love Light and Laughter
A heart warmed Blossom!!


        AMERICAN KABUKI said...

Very cool!

Unknown said...

This is an amazing story Blossom. I would like you to know that reading it has instilled in me renewed faith in the power of our thoughts, feelings, ect. I thank you for sharing.

With love,

Dan said...

Fantastic! We knew YOU had it and would see what was shown to you. :-)
I'm always impressed when the universe says to me "This way, not THAT way". Things seem to come through when I stop saying HOW I want (or need) them to. It's getting easier for me to shut up and listen these days. Saying a lot more "Show me" to the universe and a lot less "I NEED" or I Want". I figured it's about time since I just hit the USA Truck speed limit (Age 55) and figured that since I'm "almost" mature now, I should pay more attention to what's being put in front of me. :-)
Hugs, love and bright light to all!

Lyn said...

Must have been amazing, thanks for sharing Blossom. I wish you many more events just like it. Blessings Lyn

Simon said...

WOW!! Don't you love miracles?! Thank you Blossom for the story and your continued dedication in all that you do. I always enjoy reading your blogs and channelings!! Keep it up :)
Love and Light,

KaMuRa De Silva said...

How Wonder-ful and Joyous, Blossom!
Each day more and more is absolutely exciting, joyous, wonder-ful...in fact each Moment!
You had me walking along with you to decipher that message in the sand! As it has done you, gives one deeper 'looking' within. Thank you.
You ARE sublime! Love and Smiles, Ka-Mu-Ra.

Anonymous said...

The abundace thing is an issue with some, we have it so wrong??? I have judged others for their focus on material things due to my 'beliefs' and this has blocked the flow to me, I give thanks however for the experience and I now choose to let go of all judgement and embrace abundance in my life:)good on you too Blossom,as the saying goes the love of money (above all else) is the root of evil. note the words 'above all else' Love Kerrie P.S. The alone time is good at times,I miss it,for it is our energy that goes out and must be nutured. having said that I will 'practice' giving you more space my friend:) ((LOL))

John Lovejoy said...

I disagree with you Kerri. The love of money is not the root of all evil. I LOVE money, I ask GOD for it, and he has blessed me with it. Without money, we cannot take care of those we love, shower gifts on people, give generously to those who deserve it, and to those who need it, money allows us to travel to exciting destinations, to enrich our lives and fill our minds with knowledge of the world. Money makes the world go around, greed, however, is the true root of all evil.
remember, what you think about will expand, think poverty, you will get poverty, think abundance, and you will receive abundance.

Anonymous said...

Hey John I totally agree with you,I think you missread my post and I even put comas in it this time:)LOL please note 'ABOVE ALL ELSE' anyway it is a saying I was quoting that people use, but leave out the very important part'above all else' and also I don't believe in evil. Love Kerrie

Anonymous said...

i visioned a world were good will and service to each other was the currency for the new world .shame you guys don't .hope your not walking into former brain patterns .

Dethduck said...


UFO sighting over Geelong caught on video

April 22nd, 2010
Strange lights have been spotted in the sky over Geelong.

Strange lights have been spotted in the sky over Geelong.

BREAKING NEWS AMAZING footage captured by a Highton businessman shows mystery balls of light zigzagging across Corio Bay, prompting speculation it was UFOs.

Anonymous said...

I've found something very inspirational:


Watch, learn and enjoy :)

Love, M.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see this?

Wanda said...

Sorry in advance, my dearest friend, Blossom... but I have to put this out there.

Stephen Hawkings... really now... REALLY ???

The master of Quantum Physics.. you say this?

The LAST throes of the dark ones... get all the negativity in you can, from any direction.

but, boy...this one is a huge blindsider...lol

Luckily, most everyone I talked to today believe otherwise, and can't wait for our reunion.

Send 'em LOVE ya'll... even the darker souls need light.


yk248 said...

Love and LIGHT!!!!


Anonymous said...

Your welcome Blossom - I knew I could bring you up! Remember - continue to stay within the trees, as coyotes can not climb, nor jump. Follow the way of the cat and stay out of the water!


Lucca ... said...

Blossom, thank you so much for writing about your experience on the beach and with money in general. My own experience is very similar in that I am living an alternative to the usual sort of life, am a psychic, occasional channel and counselor. Abundance has been eluding me and I have turned myself inside out trying to figure out how I have been blocking it. What you found written on the beach speaks to my situation loud and clear, but even more than that, it's nice to hear that I am not alone.

Anonymous said...

Thanks M great video.
I have just spent 5, 12 hour days with 100 beautiful people from www.thedivineuniversity.com
all of us anchored a column of light at an energy point here in Australia, using sacred mother earth energy taught by the elders, channeled messages, from The Masters our Star family and our divine presence, we are connecting from our hearts to the earth to spirit and to each other, preparing for the great shift and for the assistance from our star family, that are of such light as to not need to 'take over' this or any other planet Stephen Hawkins, how do I know this as a truth, because the path I now have found myself on has guided me to that knowing and to so many other beautiful people and experiences that support that knowing, I wish us all courage as we face this huge 'initiation' we are all going through as we are one, we are love all of us,all else is an illusion.

~The Federation of Light ~
Dearest soul and to all souls. We ask of you few things. We ask of you to always allow yourself to be in the Truth of who you are. It is so easy is it not to be ‘misguided’ by what maybe Truth for one and yet not a Truth for the self?

P.S. Blossom I sometimes get so caught up in the Feds beautiful words and wisdom, I forget how amazing you are to be doing all this, on ya!!!!!!!

Red said...

That was a very nice story. :)

yk248 said...

Thank you Kerrie.

Very beautiful message

DM said...

Very inspirational Blossom!

you know, ever since Stephen Hawkings put out that we whould be fearful of extra terrestrials, I knew this was an attempt of the other side trying to spread fear, and lo and behold the newspapers and programmes in Britain have gone crazy about how we should fear them, and it has annoyed me greatly.

One of my close friends, who used to belive E.Ts were benign, has now succumbed to the fear mongering and believes they are a threat, thanks to websites that have exploded with the fear spreading

We have just got to get through this last bump in the road and eventually everyone will realise how daft it was to fear spiritually evolved beings :)

Coach Enrique said...

Don't be so hard on Stephen Hawkins. He's not totally wrong, just thousands of years late on his comments, since alien energies took over this planet long time ago and had ruled it since then. It's funny how he stars seeing this possibility now that is actually ending.....

Faith Ann MN said...

Blossom, thank you for telling us about your wonderful magical experience!

My take on 'money is the root of all evil' is also 'the love of money ABOVE ALL ELSE is the root of all evil/separation, (whatever you want to call difficulty'.)
HOWEVER, I have figured out that part of that 'love of money above all else' is being in poverty consciousness all the time, manifested as always looking for a bargain, buying things just because they are on sale, being CHEAP, whatever that means to you.
IT is the flip side of a rich person hoarding their masses of cash.

Yes, money allows us to do many wonderful things. It is the wonderful things that we should love most, not the money that facilitates those things.

Hope this helps, it's good to be back on this page, haven't visited in a while....love to all here from Faith Ann in Minneapolis.