May 3, 2010

WE ARE ... I AM .

(It is bank holiday Monday ... lunch time. I have just done some yoga, naturally progressing into meditation, and even though I had closed down and come out of my meditation , I felt that I should go back into it ... or do something with the way I was feeling. It had been on my 'to do' list to write a blog post today. The minute I wrote 'Hello Everyone' I felt the most powerful energy come close ... powerful in the sence of strength and Love ... below is what was written, without pause ... without hesitation .I feel the need to ask you to take a few deep breaths before reading in order for your Being to link up with the energy also.

Hello everyone.
As we continue on our journey on this little station called earth ... we seem to be gleaming more of an idea of what we are really travelling towards. Can it be that we are finally beginning to understand, that throughout all the hypothetical reality, we are Truly discovering the essence of why we are walking this path? Can we say that for now, we are getting in touch with the KNOWING inside ourselves that it is US who chose to be here at this time for a very specfic purpose. And that purpose is ... ? TO LOVE!

I mean .... what more do you need to know? We grapple with ideas that we are here to define this and there to define that. We make our lives so complicated trying to figure out something that is so simple! If only we could learn to BE. If only we could learn to fully TRUST that which our heart is telling us. LOVE . How many songs have to be written? How much concrete evidence do we need before we GET IT?

ARE THE FOREFATHERS. WE ARE THE ANCIENT ONES.WE have chosen to come forth in this date of the earthtime to see it through to its grand position. Do you not remember? Do you not recall your memories of thousands of years gone by ... when you vowed to each other and yourself and to the precious land that you rest upon .... don't you remember saying 'We shall come back. We shall return when the transition into the NEW world is taking place. For this is our destiny. We are the people of the future. We are the transformers into new life. We accept our position and we shall trustfully bring it through' ... Do you ? Do you remember? Now that you are being reminded?

Call upon the GOD of Divinity. Call upon the four corners of your planet. Call upon the wind, the air, the fire , the rains, the earth, the sun. Call upon the children who are above the density that many of you are buried within. Call upon the very urgency of your quest ... TO BE LIGHT IN ITS TRUEST FORM ONCE AGAIN.

Childen of the universal energy of LOVE ... bring your power back into your selves. Reclaim your right to stand in the glory of who you are. For you have long forgotten the strength of your ancestors. Those that you come from. Those that you are. Those that are you. For ALL is ONE.

Rise up in radiance . Feel from the depths of your soul the inner spark that is alight within each of you. FEEL IT glow and grow in understanding. Become the beacons to guide the way. Remain steadfast in your pathway. Even when storms of untruths befall you ... remain in the Light of YOUR TRUTH. For it is the ONE and the ONLY KNOWING for each one. It is the hearts desire to move upward to the kingdom of Golden breath that gives life to the days to come. Can you FEEL me as I speak? Can you now in this moment of time resonate with that which is offered to each one in LOVE? YOU ARE ME. I AM YOU. WE ARE ONE AND THE SAME.

Let us then together as ONE add momentum to this discovery. If you TRULY understand that I am nothing without you and you are nothing without me then we can move ahead in a NEW WAY. Under NEW circumstances. If we co create ... If we work together then it can be of a magnitudinal affect. It can be instantaneous. I know that ... but as me ... do you know that also? For until you accept your position ... as Me ... as Love ... much shall remain the same. For as I AM the heart of all of creation ... YOU are the the beat of my heart, YOU are the experience of who I AM. YOU ARE OF LOVE. You can BE of nothing else.

Close your eyes ... in this second ... close them now ...

Did your desire to LOVE explode with in you ? Did you see the white flame of the TRUTH of ME ... The LIGHT of YOU? When each one as an individual star accepts that they are simply just a cell of my body ... when every particle of every atom of every breath that is inhaled realizes that we are here as a WHOLE to experience the LOVE that we are ... then ... I say to you in our TRUTH ... you shall receive.

Never doubt you are the DIVINE that you are created from. For it shall forever be part of you. That part which is your soul is always in Divine union with that which is ... LOVE.

LOVE shall KNOW that it is LOVED when it is LOVED by LOVING itself.
We are done.

Best not even try to follow that!!
Golden Rays
blossom xxx


Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful Bloss! Thank you!

Linda X said...

I saw the streak of white light. I remember my contract..and i am waiting while living in love..Ta

yk248 said...

Thanks Blossom.

Joy and Truth

Anonymous said...

What can I say? but thank you Blossom... beautiful,I was thinking today as I looked up at the clouds who am I? I am you! and then I started going deeper into that, then after a while I gave up on it and reminded myself to stop and feel the momment and just BE.And I felt love and peace and a kind of surender:) Blessings Kerrie

P.S.Speaking of love, here is the most beautiful example of a mothers love as this dog nurses little kittens:)Why? because that is just what Mothers do! Happy Mothers Day next week to all us Mothers:)

With Love said...

Beautiful message, thank you :)

Red said...

I feel sad, I cant help it. they want to nuke an entire ocean because of the oil drill.

Please pray.

Friend said...

Thank you, Blossom :D

Faith Ann MN said...

Very beautiful, thank you Blossom.

Ami said...

Thank you, dear Blossom. Your words are light to our souls. I hope you can feel the same words from us to you, like a mirror reflection.
Love to all you... We are one!

Anonymous said...

Here you are Red something to help you take heart my friend.

Dolores Cannon's latest interview in which she talks of the divine plan and the 3 waves of groups that the ETs sent here to assist us to move into the 5th dimension and what our mission was that we volunteered for to assist this process.She also explains how she takes people back to where they thought they were victims of abductions due to fear clouding their perceptions and they find out that the truth is that they have been worked on energetically to assist them to fullfill their chosen path,the ETs can not go against free will,this is all about courage,evolution and raising our vibrations so as to be able to handle the shift,all eyes are on us, for they don't know how we are going to do this, but we are not alone.

remember release karma forgive, forgive, forgive!

Anonymous said...

Thanks SO much Blossom, will read this daily to keep remembering!!

Mr. Brown said...

Just a couple relevant papers by Tesla


Red said...

Maybe that is just the way certain things are..perhaps the planet is just realising itself from karma. just for us to learn the lesson..but I think it's still awful that they are killing an entire ecosystem, because of their greed for money and oil, when we could have been perfectly used water running devices and even magnetism that they are hiding.

Very good Ufo footage over here:


Anonymous said...

hi, just thought id share this,

With Love said...

Thanks Kerrie, for the Dolores Cannon interview, I will watch it later :)

yk248 said...

Blossom, again Much Thanks!!!!

This is Beautiful


Red said...

"This is the Seventh Sign: You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it."
Hopi Prophecy

Blossom Goodchild said...

Sorry everyone for delay in posting comments. They are suppossed to come into my inbox tlo br dealt with. It was only when I checked in my blog account that I found five or six waiting to be published. Hey ho. Thanks everyone for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Havent't heard mcuh of our galactic "friends" lately...alth. the last channelling was fanatstic!
But then again, the same old problem: how soon is "soon" really?

Anonymous said...

I had a new member join up telling us that the crop circles were man made.... wrong site to say that on,but we were gentle with him, as more and more of us are learning to stop this duality, this who's right and who's wrong, we are getting it! the below youtube explains this lesson very well.Is this not the biggest lesson we have learnt from The Feds,how we have learnt to get on more and support one another, I have learnt to back off more, getting there!I know how on Blossom's blog I have expressed my frustration and all is as it should be, for this is how I observed it and released it,hold onto your hats guys the fat lady hasn't sung yet!

Crop Circle Debate COUNCILS OF LIGHT
SolaraAnRa — May 13, 2010 — As the wonderful Crop Circle season in Europe begins, there is already controversy and divided camps about the first 2 crop circles authenticity. I asked my guides about this, and this is what they had to say!

Cory said...

Blossom, it has been a while since I visited you, but I must say I never ever gave up on your words.

Whenever I feel that there is a BIG moment in life, and things are getting ready to change, I always stop by here to see if you had said anything...guess I couldn't have had more perfect timing with today. :]

Love, Light, and Laughter to everyone!

Red said...

Former Legislator Hon. Henry W. McElroy Makes Statement on Un-Released Eisenhower Brief on Alien presence --->THIS IS HUGE NEWS. Alien Disclosure may be coming very soon.


Coach Enrique said...

Regarding your comments to the FOL, I feel the same yearning for The Event to happen NOW and not tomorrow. I am not referring to the vessels but to the arrival of the New World. After some time experiencing this heavy longing, I understand now that what we are performing is the FINAL Act of this Play: learning how to keep OUR HEART beating in the Frequency of the New World while our body and mind still operate in the Frequency of the Old World. This duality keep us with one feet on each world and it's building the so much needed Bridge to complete the Task. Hang on there, you know we have no real option and if we had it, we'd choose it again and again.

Wanda said...

Ahhh.. Thank You Blossom, and ALL our galactic family! This sums it all up for my whole life...

"Are you afraid?

Not at all.

Then know that there are many in place just like you. Unafraid and in position. Ready to disperse fear. Ready to teach Light. Ready … simply ready. You are aware Blossom, for it has been spoken of many times … of the armies of Light that are in position for when these great changes take place on your planet. At this time many wonder why they are here. They KNOW they are here to be part of something profound … yet they cannot find their way. We tell you … in your future days … when we visit in LOVE … each soul shall have their duties awakened from within. A vast awakening will take place on a scale as yet unimaginable … KNOWLEDGE shall be redeemed for some instantaneously … and it is for those warriors to take their command and lead those who are afraid and lost BOLDLY into THE NEW WORLD … and dearest souls of earth, we shall proudly be by your side."


Super Pau said...

I love it!! Yes we are connected, Lots of love from me in Singapore to you too Blossom!
I want to thank to my friend Alex who reccomended your Blog!