Apr 11, 2010

Love lovin' yourself!

Hello Fellow Seekers,

You know how sometimes you need a little kick up the proverbials? Well I was sent this link about a lady who had a NDE (near death experience) and it was exceptional (for me) in reiterating that which I already know. The Federation of Light in their latest channelling said that if we were to re-read all they have spoken of we would 'get it' on a deeper level ... and that is what is happening to me at the moment. I do hope this blog will assist you in doing the same if you are not already.

It seems that ALL channells are expressing the need for us to LOVE OURSELVES. I got this to a certain extent but hadn't realised that I need to give myself so much more thought! Yes I meditate , yes I try to be positive, yes , yes, yes, to many things, but I very rarely TELL MYSELF how FAB I am!!! My thoughts are on other things that have to be done etc. So I am experimenting on this BEING phenomenon. AND I LOVE IT. BECAUSE I'M SPENDING ALL MY TIME LOVING ME!!!!!!!! What a wonderful past time. Because I am beginning to realise (and the link I will provide at the bottom on the NDE helped a lot) that's all I need to do. Nothing else. If someone had said that to me a while back, I would have thought 'you self indulgent citizen you!!!'. But now I see how doing nothing but give Love to myself allows me to give Love to everyone and everything, just by BEING so full of LOVE (Because I've spent my time filling me up) that it overflows by natural law into/onto everything/one that cares to feel it. What a brilliant idea ... and such a pleasurable one!! I am loving loving me. I look in the mirror and where as I would normally sigh and go and get the iron to remove the wrinkles and shopping bags under my eyes , I get right up close ... stare into my eyes and say out loud 'OOOOHHHHH BLOSSY I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!I LOVE YOU!I LOVE YOU!' then I laugh and then laugh some more ... and I watch me laugh ... and I LIKE watching me laugh ... and I LOVE my eyes when they sparkle and shine ... and I tell myself again ... 'I LOVE YOU BLOSSOM GOODCHILD'. Do try it ... but best say your own name , not mine!! It makes such a difference instead of the message I usually send back to my reflection. because when you REALLY look , it's not about the 'what you don't look like', its about what you do. Its about looking into your eyes and SEEING you. For your eyes are the window to your soul and when you LOVE yourself the windows seem so transparent and alive.

I really think this time on earth as we move through to the Higher vibration IS ALL ABOUT THIS VERY THING. Understanding YOURSELF. The Federation always speak of recognising YOUR TRUTH ... WHICH IS LOVE! But so often we batter and bruise ourselves thinking we are not quite as up to scratch as so and so ... or maybe in a while things will change.

YOU CHANGE ... THINGS WILL CHANGE. It will all fall into place ... ALL YOUR DESIRES ... if you spend all your thoughts on 'your prospective' and LOVING YOURself ... BECAUSE ... WE ARE ALL ONE!! Therefore ... by making sure you LOVE every bit of yourself ... you are making sure you are LOVING every bit of every body else.

Just think ... all you need do for the rest of your life is LOVE YOURSELF. Cater to your requests and in doing so you are changing the world. Its marvellous!!!

I know many of you will already be further ahead than me on this and indeed many things. That's OK. Perhaps I have helped reiterate, as it is so easy to fall back into the lethargy trap.

It really is so important NOW to create our future ... to bring the NEW WORLD into BEING. If all we are is LOVE and we KNOW that is all we are ... nothing else ... then I say BRING IT ON!! Lets do this thing!!!.

Here is the NDE link.



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I FEEL so much excitement about this movement!! It makes one so much Lighter!! EEeh! Sometimes I crack myself up!!

I'll give it one more time ... just think ... all you have to do is spend all day loving yourself ... no matter what you are doing ... and Hey Presto ... Brand NEW WORLD.

Gotta go ... got a whole lot more LOVIN to do.

BE people... just BE ... LOVE
Golden Rays and thanks for your support and time.


stay positive said...

This is so true! I have read about this a couple of days ago. Funny how coincidental that is! :-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,

Thank you so much for your latest post and especially for the NDE-link...For me your timing was (as always) perfect!
Much love from Holland!


Red said...

How did the results come up?
Have you won yet?


yk248 said...

Blossom I am reading these days your older channelings which I choose by intuition, it's really great!!

Much Thanks and Lots of Love

Blossom Goodchild said...

@Red. Still got two weeks to go of Round one voting. There are four rounds. Round two is sending in a book proposal plus voting (250 get in from round one) Round three is two chapters plus voting (12 get in) Round four erm ... not sure , but four get in, and the winner gets chosen from there. The trick is to keep the votes coming in . I've been taking fliers to shops , libraries etc. I even found out today I had a face book group that I knew nothing about. Its been going for nearly two years!!!! Face book is not my thing though. For me I spend enough time on the computer as it is. But it seems it has over 200 members in my group. Surely someone must have found it odd that I never comment!!! Everyone there must think me very rude!!
Don't worry ... WHEN I win I'll be letting everyone know! Have a great weekend one and all.

Andrew said...

I love me!

:D It does feel good.

Anonymous said...

Blossom....I loved reading your blog I could feel the passion coming through and the desire to have everyone just love themselves, it has to be the key...I had a dream of crossing "the bridge" last night it was amazing..carry on next top spiritual author, it will all be tickity boo sending you love, Joan...of Arc