Mar 1, 2010


Available Now - Meditations on ‘The Bridge’

A recording of select messages channelled from the cosmic beings known asThe Federation of Light narrated by Blossom Goodchild with music by Ric Halstead

Blossom has channelled a series of messages from The Federation of Light, and has published them in the books ‘The Bridge’, ‘Snapshot’ and ‘Plan-E.T. With the intense interest shown worldwide in these messages, Blossom has now recorded Meditations on ‘The Bridge’ to focus on some of the most important.

The final recording focuses on six major areas
 The Federation of Light - who and what they are
 The Bridge - what it is and its function
 Feeling Home - where are we from?
 Love - its reality and depth
 Vibration - differing levels of existence
 Meditation - its benefits and function

The result is a beautiful recording which can be used for both meditation and relaxation whilst absorbing the important messages The Federation of Light have been communicating to us through Blossom.

Meditations on ‘The Bridge’ is available either as a CD or a download.

Enjoy the demo below.

All Blossom’s books and recordings can be purchased through her website

Many thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom I think this will interest you
this is The Galactic Federation

Anonymous said...

Australia is a very interesting place.

Anonymous said...

The summary of that first video: they've promised first contact every year, but THIS year they really mean it!

Anonymous said...

I love your New CD Blossom thanks for that, last night I had one of my headaches I get rarely, every couple of years I get them, I have to sleep, it is the only cure it feels heavy as if I have a hang over (no I don’t drink! ) I have to really focus to do anything when I get them, it stayed with me all day, anyway thanks to White Clouds meditations on my ipod I finally drifted off to sleep and I dreamt I was with a group of people and animals also and there was a very tall Starbeing talking to us, I can’t remember what he was saying, I do remember something about his right eye and I said to him how did you do that? I have just posted on my blog a fantastic explanation for what is happening as we ascend and what the Extraterrestrial are doing to assist us and how it will all be achieved and the below youtube was just posted on my site, fantastic!

Galactic Federation of Light, Scout ships seen over in Queensland (Australia) Feb 2010. Galactic Federation of Light are all over the World Now. Disclosure is IMMINENT. Medias are flooding the presence of these benevolent beings. they must be known. First Contact is close there is no STOPPING !!!

You said...

I have a feeling that something might happen on the 25 april.
It's the date of the independence day here on portugal.
Just a lucky guess.
I feel lucky.


You said...

Blossom you have no ideia.
I was already freaking out because i was running low on cash this month and because of that i was already thinking about moving out to my folks house again. I love them a lot but i need my space in order to fullfill what i sign up for...So I was just thinking "o no if that happens i will not be able to finish it in peace". I just receive a paycheck that will hold me for more two months here in my house, that will be more than enough to finish what I started. Everything is has it should be. the Universe has us. I know is just some cash but i'm so happy :D

Love Love

Laura said...

In response to "You"....

I just had to tell you how funny that is, as the same thing has happened to me and a few other people I know. We all happened to lose our jobs back in August (we worked at the same place). Most of us only had enough resources to get us through until this month. This week a lot of us were making final decisions about moving (possibly back home to the parents) since there didn't seem to be any way we could continue to stay where we were. And this week ALL of us came into unexpected money somehow that will get us through at least for another two months! AMAZING! These last few months have been such a whirlwind! Been living on hope, faith, love and light, and wow what a beautiful, exciting ride it has been!


Anonymous said...

hi blossom, hi friends.



Anonymous said...

I don't even know you, but when I heard about the earthquake in Chile you were the first person I thought about. I know everyone at this site joins me in sending healing light and energy. I'm glad to hear you are OK. Susan

Blossom Goodchild said...

Pablo ... We just cannot imagine ... find the strength of your Light from within .. and BE IT. For yourself and those around you. We are with you in spirit ... helping you to keep on keeping on. Now, more than ever for you,may Golden Rays assist you as you wake each morning.
Blossom xxx

Lyn said...

Hi Blossom I have received your new CD and I am loving it, listening to it now. Love the message, love the music. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Pablo I send you my love dear friend and I too am gratefull you are ok,be strong, I will be praying for you and those of your country that are suffering,stay centered in your light and your knowing, it is your time to anchor the light into your country.Love and light Kerrie

Andrew said...

Very beautiful demo. I'm hoping to buy the CD.

Intersting posts and links. I think the one about the naked people near the Opera House provides a strong message of just how equal everyone is. At the end of the day, we are all human, one and the same. We are all equal. It''s great that so many people can let go of their ego and just be...

You said...


I think something is being engaged..
it's to much of a coincidence.
The Feds talk about that some of us have raised their vibration high enough in order to meet them "side by side"...
And I have met a lot of special people during this months..I wouldn't be surprised if some these people are them...offcourse I'm just speculating.


Blossom Goodchild said...

@ Penguin Uk. I havent posted your comment because I felt it inappropriate to discuss in the open ... HOWEVER ... I thank you for your thoughtfullness and the reason I am responding is because I had been talking to the universe about assistance on that very matter!!! and if you would care to email me on we could chat about that very thing should you so desire. Many thanks either way. (sorry to make any one curious!!)And thanks again to you Penguin. Blossom

You said...

Blossom check this out.

"A Chinese nun has found an Udumbara flower, which Buddhist legend holds blossoms every 3,000 years, growing under her washing machine. The flower was found in the home of a Chinese nun in Lushan Mountain in Jiangxi province. The Udumbara - apparently Sanskrit for an auspicious flower from heaven' - measures just 1 mm in diameter and is said to find mentions in Buddhist mythology on account of its supposed rarity."

Miracles are happening :)

Wanda said...

Dearest Blossom, I just got your latest CD.
I've been so up and down and all over the place lately..
After listening to just the first one.. so much joy and lightness.
Skipping straight to the LOVE one tonight.
Need to reconnect with the love...

Thank you for this beautiful collection.