Mar 9, 2010

Bit of an odd one this one!!!

Sometimes, just sometimes ... I sit on the beach and watch a lot of souls bob up and down ... jumping in the waves as they crash towards the shore. Each adorned in their own design of swimwear that befits their body (or not!!!). Each in their own world and yet in everyone else's at the same time. Oblivious perhaps to the fact that somewhere out there is a galaxy of other beings, maybe dressed in a similar fashion ... maybe not ... yet none the less out there somewhere else ... being themselves ... wondering if somewhere out there, there maybe other beings ... maybe dressed in similar fashion ... maybe not ... yet none the less out there somewhere ... being themselves ... wondering if ...

When you start thinking too much it all becomes too complicated ... I don't know which is worse ... thinking too much or not thinking enough? Each of us has the right to go where we wish in our thoughts ... in our dreams ... I guess the question would be these days ... and a rather daunting one at that ... do you like what you think? Are your dreams befitting this new you that is emerging? Are you finding thoughts in that busy mind of yours that no longer belong? Thoughts that no longer serve the you that you have become ... and yet, every now and then they rear their ugly head to say ... 'Ha! You can't get rid of me that easily!!' ... But the thing is ... you can!!

The more conscious we are becoming ... the more awake we feel ... the more we quickly recognise that which is the 'old us'. And that 'old us' has such a hard time in accepting that it is no longer required ... that it's days are not just numbered ... they are well and Truly over!!! For in this 'new presence' of ourselves, with this Higher part of ourself emerging, we can only know of the goodness that we are. The part of us that is feeling our right to be alive. The souls' calling to be itself, is at last being heard ... and there can be no turning back. For once the self has acknowledged itself ... the recognition binds the lost with the found and the union is made. Never again to be torn apart. For so long now we have struggled with the separateness ... and yet we have never Truly been apart ... not from ourselves ... not from each other ... not from The Divine . We cannot be ... for we are OF it. Yet we have allowed ourselves to be tricked into a reality that does not exist. It is an illusion ... a world that was created and now conducts itself in the most inappropriate manner for the sake of an experiment!! Is that what we are? Is that what you are? An experiment? That is what has been suggested. Yet even if this is so ... our Divinity is still with us ... our Divine right of Life gives us the opportunity to be the experiment within the experiment. For that was the purpose of human nature was it not? To give it free reign ... to let it decide for itself it's own destiny? To create itself for itself? A world of freedom ... a planet of free choice ... and yet ... you say it is all an illusion? Therefore the point being? ...

The point being the crystal clear acknowledgement that this illusion is what has been created by your thoughts. As the reality of this knowledge seeps into your knowingness, it is therefore recognised that if you chose to move into a New World , a world of your choice ... then all you need do is simply ... chose it!! You question, you ponder, you worry, you debate ... yet if you accepted within your Being that which you know as Truth , none of this would be necessary . For all that IS necessary would be to chose the Life of Love that is spoken about. That is all it takes . Choice. And you have that freedom to choose! What a brilliant experiment!
Some may disagree ... and in doing so they are creating the choice of NOT bringing into play the very world that they are dreaming about.

It is about FOCUS and about REMAINING FOCUSED!! Not allowing anything to stand in the way of your dreams . Reach for the other side of the rainbow ... stay steadfast in your desire to come home. And yet ... perhaps it is more that you are bringing your home to you. For your home is not a place. It is of you. And each and everyone of you knows of this.


Laura said...

So well said Blossom and the link you included was one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard - truly angelic! Since you spoke of illusions in your post, I just thought I'd send you this link - a website I just fell upon yesterday. :-)

You said...

That was so beautiful Blossom thank you.

Today I was really upset, my computer hard drive broke down, fortunatly I have everything saved.
I stil needed to buy another hard drive, and while I was on my way to buy one. While I was "going home", my feet where really hurting, and I was thinking, "man I could had use this money to buy some new shoes instead." I was so upset. And while when I was about to enter my house, there was this little girl, with her parents, she must have been about two years old. So tiny. And she was pointing at the sky.

"Mummy mummy, look at that star" she said.
"One day that star is going to be mine".

That was so beautiful, from a mouth a child.

How can anyone be upset after hearing something like this?


Much Love.

Unknown said...

This beautiful music could not have come at a better time. My cousin, whom I was very close to growing up, and was much like the brother I never had, passed away today. He had a long, hard-fought battle with illness, especially these last few months, so he truly is, going home now. So, thank you, Blossom, your rock!!! With love and light....

Anonymous said...

smile 'Morning Star Lights the way'

Didio said...

I really like your comment. I think that if we could see each other's thoughts, we would live in an horror movie. It's quite a challenge to let go our routine of bad feelings, but just to identify then and say "there you are, I know you very well but this is not myself anymore, sorry", is bless.
God bless you all, smiles from Brazil

Anonymous said...

I have just been listening to this youtube Faith #1 will be rehearsing tonight sooo divine! complete with beautiful pictures of Mother Earth and our solar system....Pablo praying your part of our beautiful Mother Earth is settling my friend.

'Rutter Requiem'

In paradisum deducant te angeli,
May the angels lead you into paradise,

Tina this is for you also Love Kerrie

Wanda said...

I truly LOVE you, Blossom my friend. You ask the questions that my soul is also asking. I love the FOL, for they understand the level at which to reach the heart.
Every day, I strive to remain centered in Love. It gets so hard sometimes, and if I try to focus on the deeper levels of All That IS, my mind becomes boggled, and I question myself.
But through it all, I've been confident that Love is the real truth. And to hear it confirmed in such a loving way lifts my heart, and gives me so much strength & Light to carry forward.
Thank you ALL for this much needed message. As you say Blossom, we must just go on every day and be grateful for that day, and just shine our love out into the experiences as they come.
Much Love to All.

Anonymous said...

It is simply inevitable for those on the earth plane to feel unaccepted at times. To feel the wanting of life elsewhere……. Oh yes!!! I said today please be a channeling up when I get home tonight , I kept asking my self today, am I going backwards? I kept forgiving myself over and over, as I struggled to find patience in my present situation, saying I can do this???? Thank you Blossom, just knowing that they are there is enough, the content is icing on the cake,I feel them and that is great, but to hear what they have to say though you is fantastic! I was talking yesterday to a lady who desired more contact from spirit, and that for me is also a strong desire, at night sometimes I look at the stars sending them my love feeling them close and yet I rarely get communication and it is only when spirit wants and only a couple of sightings, but yet I seem to have an understanding that it is this way for a good reason and I do get sooo excited when I work something out from the little puzzles I do get, a sense of achievement, also today I was thinking due to the situation I am in at the moment, it is our true nature to hold on to another’s hand in need, it is at our very core once all the jumpers are taken off. (The Feds ~It does not suit your desires to be given information that is only of a level that can be understood by few.~)

Love,light and GRATITUDE Kerrie

Red said...

Blossom, after several months on this adventure. I've decided to take a break.
Whatever it happens, where together.
It's real.


You said...

Thank you Blossom,
For everything.


RafaelVR said...
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Sahari said...

Moment by moment, let us redefine our understanding of every event in our lives so that everything can be seen for what it is: simply different forms of love, experienced in joy.

There's no more waiting -- we're in the real time now. If something 'hurts' then we are holding on to something false. You don't even need to know what it is you're holding on to in order to let it go. Ask yourself to reach for joy, and it will reappear to you.

Give everything you can of yourself in service to Love, opening yourself to receive the return stream.

Spend less time parading to others when it happens, focusing instead on the inner Knowing that 'happenings' are the natural expressions of our divinity.

The ships don't make us divine. We are It and It is Now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sahari,
That sounds ok for some of us but what about those of us that are still asleep? don't they need the ships? just asking as I would like clarity on this that I do.I know a lot of what I do is for my growth but it seems to assist others to awaken also,same as Blossom helped to awaken me and I feel this journey has assisted me to anchor more light on this planet,as I now know what it is that I have been doing all my life and I no longer block the flow with self doubt and no longer tune into glitches in the matrix so to speak, well not as much!!!!!I know this is just my perception of what is happening, the more I learn the more I find there is more to learn. Love Kerrie

Sahari said...

To Kerrie (with love and thanks to Blossom for 'facilitating'!):

Such a gift to consider energy movement with One of an open heart.

I don't believe I said, nor did I mean to imply, that we don't NEED ships. That we don't need to share anything with anyone who yet slumbers.

Certainly if we, those of us who are beginning to realize our Divinity, pull ourselves up onto the ledge of Embodiment, we will continue to have unending opportunities to assist in the awakening of those still slumbering -- only our choices, movements and words will be many times more effective.

For me, the difference between Embodiment of truth, and Seeing the truth, is so very subtle, a mere pixel connecting worlds. In my perception, discerning between them is the very nature of the FOL's purpose to us. I feel that we have reached the wall of one world and need to simply step across this pixel into the next, and that this tiny little shift in perception will create that reality. Sort of like Yertle the Turle's burp (Dr. Seuss).

So I speak of throwing every awareness we can get our focus on, into the next world, and work it from there, refusing more and more to negotiate with the old world, even as our bodies creak and scream on their way to catching up. For the body, and all manifestations, do follow the consciousness.

The ships are there. They won't be showing until we've created enough of ourselves in the 'there.' Now what happens after that is anybody's guess in terms of slumberers and those awakened and what the 'sort' will look like... undoubtedly there is some truth in every scenario told.

Love, Sahari

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Sahari:) Blessings Kerrie

yk248 said...

Thanks Blossom for your latest channeling. It was really great.


Anonymous said...

Equinox Sky show tonight! (20th March)

Red said...


I'm such kid. Love it.

Love Love

Anonymous said...

To Red, Captain Planet rules!!!!!!!LOL

Red said...

I could never forget.
They were are heroes.
Like Blossom. Pretty much alike.


Ami Drutman said...

Beautiful chanelling! Thank you, Blossom!
Love to all you.

Anonymous said...

funny for me when they say coming to life .my favorite song is called coming back to life.check it out

fits together nice

Anonymous said...

and if you like that one this will blow you away


Anonymous said...

Thank you,thank you,thank you!!!!Blossom what a beautiful channel. I was so excited last night, as you know I booked to go on the Esther Hicks Law of Attraction Australia cruise, my first cruise! my vibes were so up I thought maybe I can connect again with them, it's been a while! and then I read in your channel my favourite saying I use all the time 'Let go let God' and I felt that I was with them, when they asked you what would you do if they were to go away, my heart sank and as I started reading the tears just flowed,for yes I have indeed thought of this very thing many many times, as this formally very independent... dosen't need anyone but herself Gemini, very much would feel as if a part of her was missing, for they are that part of me that I have turned to when I had no one that I could respect to turn to,for the God that the nuns taught me had nothing to do with what I felt within,so I simply went within and found strength, it has never failed me,tears are flowing now as I feel that love that we all are of,how nice to know this as a truth. Bless you

P.S. Lets shake the bottle a little bit????

~The Feds~
As is our devotion to all upon your earth and to the cause!

Unknown said...

Wow Bloss, well said! You know, I emailed you a while back, commending you on your works... I also gave you some words of what I thought to be encouragement, and advice. You did REALLY well there for a 'session' or two, but alas, you reverted right back to the exact same verbage... how much longer shall you string us along this tired story line? You used to have imaginative power flowing through this story, now all is lost... Help me help you, what do you need? Story line suggestion? How about you become pregnant with Ashtar's post-menopause love child? It would certainly be so much better than all of this self attending 'dear one', 'dearest lady' b.s... you feel free to use the above story line, gratis. I am just trying to help a dementia/alzhiemer's patient out...

Blossom Goodchild said...

I presume you wanted me to publish your comment Stephanie. Tell me, I am curious ... does being this cruel come easily to you, or do you find you have to work at it? Either way ... have some Golden Rays ... perhaps they can help. Caught me on a day when the nurses forgot my pills!!!

time4wakeUp! said...

Sonn we know more all will come out...the real truth is near...disclosure just started in small steps...soon we will know who tells us realy the truth and who not ! watch yourself:

peace in our heart & souls !

Anonymous said...

greetings blossom and friends!
here in Chile things are slowly going back to normal, altough there are some uncomfortable rumors or "visions" of people who say that we should expect another earthquake in the north of the country soon.
please i have been told that we must send all our love to mother earth in order to prevent this, in this case we must use the visualisation of the earth surrounded by a pink glow, i have been told that is very useful.
please help us to send all the love to the earth.

blossom: when the horses run the dogs bark!
dont pay attention to those nasty comments

pablo from chile

Anonymous said...

Evidence of antigravity UFO technology, recorded with night vision goggles ,aported by Ed grimsley and Gary Mackinnon

Please support these heros

Disclosure is not imminent is a reallity! please watch rate share comment -

here is what the Canadian Defence minister has to say about UFO's

~The Federation of Light ~ Blossom Goodchild
LISTEN INTENTLY TO THE FEELING YOU FEEL.If it feels right … go with it. If you feel ill at ease … then send it away with LOVE. All things that are not currently agreeable to your system … send away with LOVE. Do not judge it. Do not question yourself. FEEL YOUR TRUTH. We are aware that we continue on in the same vein. This is because it is of much importance. Many other channels are giving out information regarding numbers of ships etc. You note we do not. We … The Federation ... who have chosen you Blossom to get the message out in this way remain steadfast in what we have announced. We ask you to do the same.