Feb 23, 2010

Yesterday when I was young.

Visiting the city of Melbourne recently ... took me back to days of living a very different life many moons ago in London. I simply am not a city bunny. The noise ... the traffic ... vasts amounts of busy bees trooping up and down the streets ... urgghh! Nope ... just simply not my cup of tea! I remember how in London you could not even check to see if a soul lying in the gutter was dead or alive incase they attacked you or leapt up and ran away with your handbag in tow. The Streets of London for me me were so full of life and yet I felt so very alone. The sadness that some had to endure ... ignored by the wealth that overflowed took my soul to a dark place that I could not understand ... and one evening whilst driving to work, loosing all patience at the ninetieth set of traffic lights I took a sharp left across the three lanes of traffic and turned around for home ... packed my bags and went back to good old Bognor Regis for a few years where a pair of shoes rarely adorned my feet.
Walking Melbourne's beautiful pavements took me back to those times and I reminisced about a shy insecure young girl with all her hangups and foibles ... desperately trying to find her place in the world. I felt so very grown up at the time with the world balancing precariously on my shoulders ... and yet I was so very very young in my knowledge of who I thought I was and how I wanted to present myself to the world.
The insecurities of yesteryear have thankfully long gone. I had such a need in those days to be approved of ... to be liked ... to be the life and soul of the party ... the funny one ... the desire to fit in amongst all the stunningly beautiful actress friends.
I took little time to Love myself ... I felt it more important to be loved by others. I allowed egotistical directors to make me feel small and useless ... whilst their powerful position strengthened their own fears of themselves. I endured humiliation from those who assumed they were better than me and I watched from a place deep within myself as I struggled to belong. And yet ... what I portrayed on the outside was so very far removed from the timid soul inside of myself that more often than not wanted to be on another planet far away from the trials and tribulations that were served up to earthlings!
BUT THAT WAS THEN!! ... AND THIS IS NOW ... Being in Melbourne allowed me to recognise what an enormous adventure I have been on since those 'lost days'. I cannot help but feel so very blessed living the life I live. The beautiful true human beings in my world confirm that my presence in it is worth while and the song my heart sings is as one who has recently fallen in Love. The changes in my approach to myself and my attitude have climbed a ladder so high that I could have invented the word vertigo! Knowing that I have as much of a right to be here as the next person is thrilling and exciting. My contribution to the whole makes just as big an indentation as any others desire to change the way things are ... it is just about as important as important can be. It doesn't matter who knows of my existence or indeed what I may or may not do ... it just matters that I am alive NOW in this time ... being ME. And it's the same for each and everyone of us. To stand strong in our own belief of ourselves knowing that as ONE (individual) we are making a difference. We are bringing about the change we came down here to change. Just by Being ourselves ... without any concern of what another thinks about it. Without any illusions of what we are not. We are growing into our new skin ... we are fitting into our Light bodies with a grace that illuminates the path ahead. We are lifting our own spirits and therefore that of others into a force field that we are learning to dwell within. We need not one persons approval ... for I have learned we cannot please everyone all of the time ... so why try ... just wake up each morning with gratitude for the space you have moved into ... for all the lessons you have learned along the way ... often in clever disguise ... but none the less ... there to assist you on this journey that we have named 'life'.
Soon we shall sense the nearness of home stronger than ever before , even though through these lifting times it can feel a billion Light years away ... it is really only a few deep breathes.
So keep breathing ... keep topping yourselves up with Love for yourself and let the miraculous wonders of 'life within this universe' listen to your hearts desires and present you with the opportunities to fulfill them.
Golden Rays everyone . Thanks for listening!!
Bloss. xxx


yk248 said...

Thanks Blossom.

Anonymous said...

Blossom, you have lightened my day. Thank you!

Dethduck said...

Everything changes. That's the one truth I know for certain.

Pudim said...

Thank you indeed.

Excelent timing, as I had a dream last night carrying the same message.

Debora said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! :)
How beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your post is inspiring in it's truthfullness. thanks

Cath Clift said...

Love and Light to ALL!
Love Cath.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful message, Bloss, as always. Your heart shines the light for us. luv. jc

Dan said...

Blossom my dear, your personal musings and writings are just as insightful, if not more so, than your channeled messages. You are a beacon of light no matter which you are doing! Do keep up the good work and yourself.
Hugs! Light and mega love energies to you.

Wanda said...

Hun, you always have the lightness in your heart, and just the sharing of YOUR Light helps spread so much more Light. Every little bit more... one step closer to the ALL, hey?

I've been debating sharing this, but it seems like the right time now.
Had an intense dream last week that still is so vivd. First, let me say that I saw a few beatiful sights in the sky this night, then dreamed that a light ship flew calmly over the city..it was beautifully spinning & floating. Then, I was on a ship somewhere in a large group working out the details of how to help the people with the very near changes. That's all I can remember, except that I actually woke up & went right back into the dream where I left off. Intensely happy.. :-)

It's very close now..and in that spirit.. Blossom, seems like the right time to share this feel good, too. LOVE YOU Beautiful Lady.

We're All One Tribe Y'all


Love & Light to all our Tribe.

Unknown said...

Wonderful words Blossom. I find that whenever I seem lost, reading your blog always lifts the fog a bit. I thank you for that.

Waiting in anticipation for the day we are all thinking about...


Blueagle said...

Hi Bloss,
I loved todays messg! VBS
Mainly because they described 'the why' of all the garbage we go through. The lies, the deceit, the fakiness etc. I was starting to 'get it' about the time they explained it. But from their side of the fence it sure sounds a mite nicer than the way we see it through earth eyes. "simply a step toward a better outcome".
And the good part: it "WAS (past tense) a part of being human. A self created destructive button that has transpired over many years. It is necessary for it now to be removed. For it serves little purpose."
YAAY! How wonderful is that?

I had nightmares last night and each time I woke up, I would say 'please forgive the illusions and nightmares' I didn't like them but its almost as if I KNOW now they are trying to distract me. To get up to this message was wonderful! YES!!

How often have we beat ourselves up thinking of the negative that has been in our lives. To hear them talk we couldn't have made it this far or grown this much without it for it too was serving a purpose. And Their description! simply "a momentary glitch in the vibratory frequency" RIGHT!

Thank you Blossom!
Love and Big Hugs

yk248 said...

Thanks for your latest channeling Blossom. It's full of light and LOVE in my eyes. I can see why they chose you for it, you seem like the person that could take up this mission with courage and LIGHT.



Faith Ann MN said...

Blossom, that was a beautiful post you wrote, comparing your sense of yourself over time. I could definitely identify with a lot of it!! So thank you for sharing that.

And I dreamed of canning some food, seemed like there will possibly be food shortages. I love Wanda's dream of the ships preparing to help us through what is to come. I think it's going to be...an adventure!!

Love and Hugs from Faith

Debbie Smith said...

Thankyou Blossum, I can relate so well to you story from Melb. being a Melb.girl myself..I immediately flashed back to the good old days... and how so much we have changed, eventhough it seemed to take for ever.

Sharon V said...

Hi Blossom,
It amazes me how timely your words always are for me! Here I was...feeling miserable...having lost my job just that day...feeling like a failure. Then I read this, & realise that I don't want to be a part of the finance industry anymore...with their impossible 'targets'...the bullying tactics with staff...the slow erosion of your self esteem! I have hated it for such a long time, & now I have this wonderful opportunity to do something that brings happiness & joy. I have decided to do what I've been dreaming of doing for a long time...start my own small business! So thank you Blossom, for lifting me out of my 'victim mentality' & helping me to take a 'leap of faith'.
Love & light,
Sharon V xx

You said...

"Is where we go after we die, going to be the same sort of experience of that which we are calling the New World?

Yes …and No.

Again… very helpful!"

That was really funny Blossom.

I think has we raise up our consciousness we start to realize that some others forms of intelligence such has ghosts aliens spirits etc, are just different parts, or individual sparks of divinity that make up the greater whole, like us. We always tend to dismiss the bigger picture, or these other spectrums of existence.

I did not like that disaster part a lot , but I think it could be related to the planet, because she is too passing trough a great deal of changes.
I do feel sick tho, i'm exhausted, my head is always hurting, and my body is a mess.But
fortunately everything will be just fine. We can always hold on to Love.

Thank you Blossom.