Feb 14, 2010


Hello Everyone.
Many thanks for all your thoughts regarding :"For the time will come when we choose to open up the realities of what we were confronted with, it will seem in perfect *coergence and be more fully understood." taken from the last channelling on Feb 11th.

Below are the suggestions that have been sent in.

1.Could it be a combination of emergence and co-existing? So something, that really belongs here comes into being.

2.I don’t know if “coergence” is an actual word, but I believe the intended meaning is better served if you add two little letters in the middle: “convergence.” It makes perfect sense that way.

3. e r g e n c e
an exercise in collaboration

4. Coercion, coerce...compel or force /
co-emersion ,emergence, co-emergence
My understanding of their statement "...we choose to open up the realities of what we were confronted with, it will seem in perfect *coergence and be more fully understood." refers to our simultaneous emerging along with their emergent form.

5. Just a guess at the meaning of coergence – if ‘emerge’ means
to come out or come forth, then I am guessing coerge might
be to come forth together. Like I said, just a guess. It doesn’t
seem to be a word as such but this is what I felt it would mean.

6. Possibly: E-mergence is to come out, so possibly coergence is to come out WITH?

Co = together
7. The emergence: into the new, together as one. The understanding (for it has always been and always will be, but some have forgotten) of the absolute blending of our inner light, to that which is of the divine.
Working together and experiencing something new and wondrous, like a birth of a new plain of existence, a new reality, a new beauty, beyond our earthly imaginings.
All souls will understand the love that binds us together, in this infinite Universe .

8. The only references I can find for coergence have to do with "FUZZY LINEAR PROGRAMMING" which deals with constraints in planning and investments.

One hit I got on the web was a study using fuzzy linear programming to analyze the best investment strategy in Thai sewage and water treatment plants and whether money was best spent on fixing the sewage problem or spent finding new water sources. Using this technique they decided cleaning up sewage was a more important investment.

There was also a hit in electrical engineering. There are many similar problems in fluid management and electrical engineering so the that's probably not a coincidence that both fields would use the term.

So I gather - but am not sure - that coergence is about bringing something to fruition by choosing the best course of action through extremely complicated and interacting systems bound by constraints.

Humanity certain qualifies as one of those systems.

9. I think INTEGRATION is the closest interpretation of 'coergence'

10. Coergence is a word that pertains to ergonomics. I was told by my guide that it deals with each and every individual of how things work and fits in our society. It will be understood by all individuals on their terms. So when the Supreme Being was speaking with you about 'it will seem in perfect coergence and be more fully understood' it means we will understand how this new reality will fit into our society and how it will work for each individual. Of how it fits mentally and physically as well. This Light that is to be dispersed gradually will help to awaken the ones that want to be awaken.(

11. Had a feeling that the word ‘coergence’ that you mentioned could actually be ‘convergence’, which is the coming together of many streams/densities of light towards a central point and then radiating outwards from that central point or junction.

12. From their point of view... coer gence is a term signifying a balancing of all 'in play' energies.

They don't experience 'form' as physical forms... they see the 'current energy configuration' of physical forms.

They don't experience 'free will' as potential chaos... they see the 'current energy configuration' resulting from the current collection of free will choices.

They see emotions as energy in motion.

They see ego as energy configured to navigate (or have a 'go' at) a highly complex 4-way weave of individualized energies... physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. (Pineal being the bridge among all 4.)

From our point of view, we might use the word 'dili gence'... as in 'Due Diligence'... a term often used by financial types.

From their point of view, they looked at the overall configuration of energies on October 14, 2008 and made the balanced decision... by the energy only process of 'Due Coergence'... the multidimensional form of 'Due Diligence'.

13. May be it should be coherence
( my dictionary says =1. The state of being coherent; 2.the feeling that you have the same beliefs or purpose as other people in a group).
14. kind of had the feeling that this coergence word of this channeling may have to do perhaps with 'coherence'. That word came up to me while I was translating. I "spanished" this coregence word to its appropriate sound coergencia in Spanish but it is not in our Spanish dictionary either. So I wonder if coherence - coherencia Spanish would fit or I would be able to make a note of me the translator proposing it.
Well at least it made sense within the sentence for me. :-)

15. To take this word apart you might get

co, which is a prefix meaning with or together

erg, which is a unit of work or energy

ence, which is a suffix for action or process

So my best guess is working together on some action or process.

16. Co-ergence is the simultaneous transmutation of light to the physical world...anchored by those with the given, correspondant vibration frequency to allow for the grounding of this great force to prevent dissipation into the ethers. The light is, was and always will be the testiment of being, which permeates non-existence to create existence. To not be of the light, is to not be. Again, this is why we are all related.

17. It sounds like the word "Urgencies" or "The timing of urgency. fits for the meanings.

18.It appears that it is a "contraction of Coerce and Emergence", and that "It would follow that coergence would mean for our collective consciousness to be coerced to ascend or into ascension."

19.The word "coergence" made sense to me when I read it, as I related it to the word "emergence," coming from. Coergence seems to me to be a manifestation from partnership, human and spirit or heaven and earth. This manifestation cannot exist in a void, it must have a sender and a receiver, hence "coergence."

I shall add some more if any new suggestions come in.

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays to all.
Bloss xxx


Blossom Goodchild said...

@jb. Thank you for your concern . I am not posting your comment as once I allow the ones that quote from the bible warning me of what I do, it starts a huge debate here and I decided not to let that be anymore. Yet I thank you for the lovely way in which you addressed the situation. We each are given free will. My heart KNOWS I am not being deceived. Golden Rays to you.

jb said...

Blossom, this isn't just about you though my love. By not posting my comment you're making decisions for others who may have read it and come to their own conclusions.

The connections I pointed out aren't coincidental and can't be ignored. I didn't make them up and there are a lot more.

If I'm wrong, it effects no one, because they will eventually show up and help us all to learn to love one another etc

If you're wrong, a lot of people will be mislead. Whether you like it or not, a great deal of power and influence has been placed into your hands

May Jesus bless you with his love.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@jb. Your absolutely correct. However. It is my place here and if those who choose to visit here wish to ... they can find comparisons of what I do and the bible etc elsewhere. I personally prefer not to involve the bible, as I have said before, becaue for me , I feel much of it has been changed in order to have control and power and to fill us with fear. Thats my opinion of it. So as much as I can feel your concern jb I would rather we leave this issue be. many thanks.

Anonymous said...

hi blossom,
with all the respect in the world, this says it all when even the vatican is coming out in support of alien life....


i feel like this is making the way and trying to avoid egg on their faces... before the events take place
all my love and light

skyrunner said...

Pt 1

Peace to you Blossom.

I’ve read your blog often, & pray for you a lot. Since I’ve read your writings, I hope that you will return the favor this once by bearing with me through my words (I disagree with some of what you write, but read it anyways). I found you prior to the 10/14 thing, & looked forward to their appearance as well. I was ready for the Federation to come & help us fix the world, to make it better. I was also a church going Christian at this time, though had many questions. I still am a churchgoer, but please stick with me here.
I feel led to share with you. You are a very kind & thoughtful woman & your heart is in the right place, but I disagree with you that the Bible is meant to instill fear in others. The Bible, to me (& I believe to true Christians) should be a way to measure ourselves in God’s eyes, & see where we fall short.

I have a question, but mean you no ill will. I ask out of true concern for you. Before you came to your conclusion about the Bible, had you read it? If so which passage of scripture convinced you that the Bible was about fear & control? Or has your opinion been shaped by hurts that may have been caused by “Christians” or church “lording it over you”?

If this is the case, know that God loves you. If there are Christians that have lorded over you or hurt you, I, as a Christian, sincerely apologize for any hurt they have caused you, & I want to you know that you can talk to me about any issues you have with Christianity. I will do my best to set things right & show you God’s love.

Since I believe you to be open minded, can I ask that you go & read the gospel of John, & before you do, ask God to reveal Himself to you there? Do so with an open mind. God will not lie to you. He wants to show you His PERFECT love. His golden rays are brighter & more love filled than any others. The Bible is God’s love story to us humans.

Sum of the Bible: before humans came into being there was God, & He made angels, beings of light. The most beautiful of these angels was Lucifer, who rebelled against God, wanting to enthrone himself.

God later made humans, & Lucifer tempted us to disobey God, to sin if you will. Sin entered the human genes through one man, Adam. The Bible is meant to show us God’s plan to redeem ppl from the curse, God became flesh in the form of Jesus Christ. Through 1 man, Adam, sin entered the world & cursed all. Through 1 man, Jesus Christ’s death & resurrection, all sin was forgiven. We just need to believe & our sin is forgiven. That is the entire point of the bible. That & luv God, & luv ur neighbor. We are even to love those who call themselves our enemy.

skyrunner said...

pt 2

Does this sound like a book meant to instill control &fear? It was people who misused the Bible for personal gain, not the Bible itself that caused fear. Those who take the Bible seriously would NEVER misuse it to make someone else afraid or to ctrl them. That is why I write this, to show you that the Bible is hope, not fear. not something to ctrl us, but to keep us from hurting ourselves. The only ones who need to fear the Bible are the fallen spirits who lie.

God is willing that none perish, & that we would know Him. Even in the parts of the Bible where God punishes His chosen people, He would rather that they repent than harm them. God is THE perfect being, & nothing imperfect can stand in His presence. We are like gold being perfected, we are all valuable, & beautiful, but full of imperfection, I know I am. The only way to become pure, perfect gold is to come to God & have our imperfections melted away.

Blossom, after seeing that the Federation lied to you, I felt with you, & realized that if this Federation were as good as they claim they would not have lied to you. The fact that they lied led me to question them, & I turned to God & the Bible for answers.

If you are still with me here, next time you channel, I dare you to ask the Federation or White Cloud this: “Is Jesus Christ come in the flesh”? I doubt that they can give you a straight answer. I look forward to seeing what their reply is. They won’t like the question.

There is one part of the Bible that tells us how to discern if spirits are truly friendly or not. It’s in the letter 1 John 4:2 – 3. “Hereby know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: & every spirit that confesses not Jesus is not of God: & this is the [spirit] of the antichrist”. This means that if a spirit, or non-corporeal entity does not proclaim Christ, the entity is not to be trusted. You already know that the spirits have not been exactly forthcoming with you.

Blossom, I hope that you have read all of this, & I hope & pray that it has touched your heart & maybe caused you to reconsider your opinion of God & the Bible. I have tried to reach out in love rather than judging you, I believe that God wanted me to share this with you. Know that a Christian has reached out to you as lovingly as possible to show you God’s love, & that He is a God of hope & not fear.

Peace again,


Blossom Goodchild said...

@ anon. Thank you for the concern and Love you have shown to me in your email. I do not have the time to go into every detail here. But I was made to read the bible at a boarding school convent. My feeling is that there is Truth lying within it, and yet alot has been cahnged to suit. As for God and asking for his LOVE. I am rather confused as to why people think that because I am a channeller I do not believe in God. I feel God's love in every aspect of my Being , in every day. And that is why I do what I do ... to help other people find that Love also.
The Federation did not lie to me, in my opinion. (plus you should read the hundreds of letters I received telling of what they saw and experienced on that day) Things had to change to keep us safe. Again , a personal choice to take that as a Truth or not. If you have read all my channellings you will understand their explanation.
How interesting howvever that the commment before yours was sent regarding the vatican and 'aliens'! We all have our own paths to follow regarding finding our way home ... which to me is the same as finding/feeling God with in you. Have The Federation EVER spoken in away of punishment or fear or darkness? Compare that to the bible. 'My' God does not punish for He is all understanding and forgiving.
I know you are a soul of much Love ...this shows in yor writing. All I ask for you to accept is that I am allowed to find my own path . You do not know me and how I truly feel. If who I am and the way I behave is not pleasing to God then so be it. Yet in my Truth I fell I am serving him all I am able by using my gifts to assist others to find their own path also. At the end of the day, one can take a bus, a plane , a boat, a scooter .... it matters not how we get there, more so that we enjoy the ride. And that at some point we all arive safe and sound at the same destination. Home /God.
Many thanks. Please, with all respect to all, may I ask that we leave my thoughts on religion at this point. I respect everyones own decisions and I thank everyone here for respecting mine.
Golden Rays . Have a good day.

skyrunner said...


I appreciate that you allowed me to speak, I will agree to disagree with you on this point and continue to keep you in my prayers.

We are all allowed to find our path, as I have found my own. I will not beat you over the head.

As I said, i felt led to share my thoughts with you, and I think that you respect someone following what they are led to do.

Anyways, peace


Anonymous said...

how come everyone always come here and start preaching like its bible class. if you want to preach then go make your own website and preach there all you want. has anyone of you seen god in real life? does god have a wife? who created god? is there only one god? everyone is searching for god in their own ways. the bible is not the only way to connect with god.

Ami Drutman said...

We must try to respect each other and know that this is not to convince anyone. Each one with his/her truth. I think, with all respect, that if it is about love, discutions about the "real truth" will distract us from the main light, and therfore will overshadow this powerful light. We are one; no matter if we think different.
There are so many opinions, ways, experiences... Many of us are so happy since we know the messages from the Feds through our dear Blossom... Let us feel that happiness and feel yours, of course: we always find a common place: love.
Perhaps it is not a casual topic: COERGENCE, an exercise in collaboration, together. ;)
Peace and love to all you

Carl said...

Hello Blossom,

I’ve been reading your channellings and blog for over a year since “the date”. My impressions are that you truly believe in what you do.

I try to keep a practical down to earth view points when it comes to this “stuff”. I’ve been doing meditation for a few years and have been amazed by the feelings of waves travelling through my body and “Michelin man” feelings . This was amazing to me as I’ve only read about this stuff in alternative sources and not the science sources I also enjoy reading. To me science and paranormal stuff are not two different worlds. We just need to learn to bridge the gap between them.

I’ve also have had words pop into my head during meditations but to be honest the words seem random and do not form sentences as I have seen channelers write. But it shows me that such things are possible. Are they paranormal or part of the subconscious? Well for me personally its all about my personal experiences and so I remain open minded.

Luckily both my parents are Atheists so I avoided some of the baggage some others seem to bring into this arena.

I look forward to “the sprinklings” as mentioned in your latest channelling.

Love and Light
Live long and prosper


Unknown said...

My inner truth tells me that anyone or thing or book that portrays God as anything but a fully loving force, is in error. That's just my two pennies worth as I originally came to write the below but just read what had already been posted.

At the end of the day as Blossom and others have already said, it is about following your inner truth. The fact of the matter is that we all follow our inner truth. How much we follow it just depends on our spiritual development. As we progress more we hear and listen to it more thus making our path to our reconnection with God all that easier. It just doesn't matter whether you follow Blossom, a book or anyone else. We all have our own paths and timeframes. Criticism/judgement of anyone's 'way' is in itself a declaration that you don't trust in God's own omnipotence.

Anyway back to what I wanted originally to say.
I am always interested in 'mathews' channeled messages as for me, they also resonate truth just like Blossom's. I was pleased to see confirmation in his words when dispelling some erroneous info that is currently about:

"No asteroids or comets are being aimed at Earth by powerful malevolent aliens. Even if this were the case, you are surrounded by thousands of spaceships and millions of light beings with the technology to steer away any celestial body that could collide with your planet."

the point being that there is an acknowledgement of a large no. of ships with light beings orbiting our planet. I find this confirmation from a source I trust to be an exciting prospect.

Lastly, and I am sure many have suggested it, why don't you ask them for the meaning of their word 'coergence' Bloss?

Love to All

Anonymous said...

Well Blossom your White Cloud show was fantasic,did I tell you that?? I don't think I did, we were too busy talking!!!I loved how you talk for an hour first,I am still feeling the energy today, I am waiting for my flight home and everything looked beautiful, the sky was blue and the clouds were putting on a show of their own, a member of my site has just put up some abnomalities going on on google earth I am not suprised,I went and sat in St Pauls, that beautiful old church in Melbourne for ages just to digest these energies, I couldn't do any shopping, my heart wasn't in it.I think just being in White Cloud's presence did wonders for me, I could feel so much energy going through me, when I got back to the hotel tears came,so much releasing going on.Love,light and soooo much gratitude for all that you are doing and the LIGHT way you do it.

You said...

Dear Anonymous,
the church is still battling with itself against Homosexual marriage.
How can they even conceive about extraterrestrial alien life and its implication here on Earth.

Just a thought.

Love Love.

Faith said...

I just received an e-mail from a friend and am completely excited about it and can't wait to explore it more. It talks of the Galactic Federation and goes into great detail exposing cover ups and the "big picture". Blossom, you probably already know about it but this is the first I've heard of it although I do research the internet quite a bit an the likes.The web address for the 'letter' is http://www.wanttoknow.info/meaningoflifebigpicture It is quite a long read but has the ring of truth for me. I can't wait to hear what you guys think as well.

Faith #2, the one in Virginia

Anonymous said...


You said...

Just be positive everyone.
Deep within us, we all know that we have a good heart.
We are just human beings, no one can espect anything else from us.
Thats the truth.

Much Love

Christian V. said...

The suffixes "ance" and "ence" turn words into nouns that refer to the act of or state of being or the quality of being for a person, place, or thing.

We know that erg refers to energy, and co to sort of collaboration - "with".

It probably means a great collaboration of energies.

Christian V. said...

The suffixes "ance" and "ence" turn words into nouns that refer to the act of or state of being or the quality of being for a person, place, or thing.

We know that co means a sort of collaboration - work together. Erg refers to energy.

It probably means a great collaboration of energies.

Anonymous said...

Coergence: contraction of Coerce and Emergence

Coerce: to compel to an act or choice (Merriam-Webster)

Emergence is the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions. (Wikipedia)

It would follow that coergence would mean for our collective consciousness to be coerced to ascend or into ascension.