Feb 9, 2010

Isn't it about time?

Well, this will be interesting. I have no idea what I am going to write about, but I'd like to get a blog and a channelling done before I depart for Melbourne on Saturday!

A few are asking what is going on with my channelling's. 'In what way? ' I reply. It seems that as I am not doing so many, some feel something is up!.... Nope! All is perfectly well.

During my 3 months of illness it gave me time to look at all that was taking place in my life and the dramatic change in pathways my journey had taken me on since the Oct 14th message. There was a need for reassemblance (if there is such a thing or indeed such a word). I realised that I felt responsible to get new channelling's up to satisfy those so keen to read them . I noticed too that I spent far too much time answering emails (for my liking anyway) and not enough time doing things I love ... things that feed my soul. All these things I had created for myself ... and it was time to make changes if I was to enjoy what I do.

I enjoy channelling greatly ... but it has to be at the right time and I have to be in the right space. It then takes up another few hours after that (providing all goes smoothly) to get it loaded up on to the site and do all the necessaries ... So all has to be in alignment to make this happen.

I feel too that this is a precious gift I have been blessed with. So much is being channelled these days by so many that there seems to me ... to be danger of overload. Whereby the reader may just skim over material due to it being the tenth one of the day.... and that very one, ... may just be the one that comes from the Highest level.

I feel for me, it is a matter of being discerning as to how often I choose to communicate with our friends of such deep knowledge. If you think about it .... and I do ... they have already imparted so much information to help us on our way ... it is now time to make sure we are using that information wisely and putting their suggestions into practice. It seems the more we do this , the more we can understand what they come to tell us. Its a win/win situation.

Some are 'complaining' that those from elsewhere are saying the same things over and over and telling us nothing new. Maybe there is nothing more to be said! Maybe we should just work on applying these great Truths and seeing where it leads us ... because I can 'feel' that it certainly takes us 'upwards' and isn't that where we are all planning to go? A good teacher is one that offers knowledge but makes sure the student applies it in order to 'know it' rather than it just be a text book experience. Surely then , we should NOW AT THIS TIME more than ever be taking giant steps ... in leaps and bounds ... to show ourselves and anyone that we can be a shinning example to ... just exactly what this whole Ascension thing is all about!

Shouldn't we now be displaying signs of The New World that is being created from within us? Shouldn't we now be showing those wise mentors from 'off planet' that we are so very grateful for their assistance and due to their compassion, understanding, patience and perseverance we have indeed now 'GOT IT BY GEORGE!'. And now that we have ... we intend to hold on to it... so that we can explain to others how to do the same? Shouldn't we? Isn't it about time for all of this?

Surely we have been duly guided by enough Federations, StarKind, Angels, Councils, Acturians, Sirians, Merlins, Mermaids, ... you name it !!! We've been offered free advice by them for so long ... and quite honestly if by now we haven't understood that of which they are saying ...then I seriously doubt we ever will.

How many more ways can they tell us about 'BEING LOVE'? How many expressions are there to explain that it is 'our feelings' that we should come to rely on? Nothing else. For within these feelings lies our Truth. Our very own Truth. How blessed can you get?

There is a difference people. Can you not 'FEEL' it. And this difference surely means that we are doing OK. That all is well. Just look at how far we have all travelled on our souls journey ... and are we not indeed ALL doing exceedingly well?

We are on the pathway to FREEDOM. To a place where there is immense Light. A new home where we can be who we Truly are and share the joy of being just that .

Keep on walking now y' hear?! Even on days when you are world weary and it all seems too much ... recognise that you are merely tired, for it is a long road you have been walking. You know on the horizon lies a new tomorrow bringing with it a strength from the future that empowers you and leads you on .... and with each brave step ... marching one foot in front of the other ... you draw ever closer ... to ... home!

Oh ... so that's what I was going to write about!

Absorb Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays that are sent down to you from a Higher aspect of yourself.

Nite nite all ... I'm off to bed!

Bloss XXX


Nancy Barbee ~ Las Vegas, NV said...

Well put Blossom! Your words truly hit home for me. I am truly tired and overloaded with so many channelings from everywhere that I have to stop reading them and have chose to go to those once in awhile and then when you have a channeling up I soak up every word like a sponge and feel it within my being, and I don't want to miss even one! My channelings have even stopped for a bit and I will know when the next time is to do it, when the time is right and I am balanced. Lately I have been 'off' due to a low thyroid problem that wrecked havock on my body to the point of an ER visit. That is something I've never done, but had to and good thing I did. So about another month or so of getting back to me, hopefully quicker. It has made me slow down and smell the roses if you will. Toodle here and there and enjoy every moment of each day. And that is wonderful! Everyone should try slowing down and checking things out in that mode instead of fast forward....You might just see or feel something you might not have going fast forward!! Try it you might like it. Good luck and enjoy all!

Sharon V said...

Hi Blossom,

That was so well said...& just what I needed to read at this time. I know that I need to be constantly reminded not to let the fear take over, & I am being tested again & again lately...to the point where I feel like I've really had enough! And then I read a channeling...& it makes sense...& I realise how I've let me fears & doubts take over again. I think you are right that there is simply nothing more to say at this time. We are in a process...a transformation...& we just need to be patient & work on ourselves. Getting angry, or impatient, feeling frustrated, etc doesn't achieve anything positive...& only delays what needs to happen. I'm not going to sit here worrying about my latest challenge. It is as it is...& whatever happens I know is for my highest good.

I'm looking forward to the next channeling Blossom...& have a great time in Melbourne. Perhaps one day you could come to Sydney?

Love & light,
Sharon V xxx

Anonymous said...

I agree Blossom that by now we 'should' be on the page, but I have learn't and this took me a loooong while, that it needs to be that when the student is ready the teacher will follow, or as Esther Hicks said when asked why isn't this out there more? we are annoying to people who aren't in the vibrational vicinity.So for me it has been a lesson in patience, I am waiting on hold for everyone to 'get it' and yet it is me that needs also to "get it" and learn tolerance, communication and acceptance of those that are in their space, I have learn't that by doing this and speaking my truth from the heart to their heart honoring where they are at, they can hear their hearts truth, as indeed we are deep down all one.Thank you for all that you do we are blessed

Faith said...

Good for you to take charge and lighten your load to make the life you love thereby not only giving yourself more quality but others as well. Isn't that what it's all about too?
Blessings to us all and thanks for sharing Blossom~

Faith (looks like I'm the second Faith Ann in this group)
Powhatan, Virginia USA

RafaelVR said...
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RafaelVR said...

Oh, another thing i would like share, is this quote from Buckminster Fuller: "The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."
Thats just ... true !

Bye bye.

Cath. said...

Dear Bloss,
As always your words and thoughts convey so much to me. I think that you are really channeling your higher self (you know the one that has access to all universal information).
The FOL have made a wise choice choosing you to be their messenger.
Love and Light always,
(See you in Melbourne next week!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

Re your latest channeling, bravo! I think, I feel, I believe, that when this guarded light energy is released I will finally "know" what it is I am here to do/be. Your channeling and blog posts are communicating to me and I believe many of us in a way that is more far reaching than what one might at first think. We get what we need from them when we need it. So do what you need to do when you need to do it. All is as should be.


jerome said...

Hey Blossom!

Thanks for the new channeling! I like how it shines a light (literally!) on the containing of light from higher realms on the ships, interesting indeed. I've thought about the definition of coergence and I felt it means something along the lines of the following; to be fitting, a well weighed out decision in harmony with the given circumstances, a melting of actions that helps preserve a balance, helps to keep progress steady... Perhaps you can relate to that? I like the Buckminster Fuller quote Rafael shared in his comment, it's just like the Einstein quote; 'No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it'. I wonder who inspired who...Let me add a quote by the late Jiddu Krishnamurti;
'It's no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society'. It might be of some consolation for those who at times feel alienated( no pun intended!) and are tired of the hardships of this crumbling old reality which we still have to deal with in order to survive and have our basic needs met. Recognizing but not being led by matters really helps and let's not forget to have a good laugh as often as we can! :)

Be well!
The Netherlands

Faith Ann MN said...

Wow, there are two Faith Ann's here, what are the odds of that?? I think the message for all, including me, is 'HAVE FAITH! HAVE 2 FAITHS IF ONE ISN'T ENOUGH!!!'

I just read the 2/11 channeling, FABULOUS!! and came over here to post and saw my name, thought, 'wait, I haven't posted in quite some time!!!' oh, it wasn't my post...

I love the new channeling, about the precious condensed sacred light sprinkles we are going to receive....wowee, excellent plan, thanks to the 12!! See you soon...

And kudos to the mystery light worker who facilited such a major opening for Blossom...

Hugs to ALL Faith Ann in Minnesota

Anonymous said...

Well Blossom I have to share Jill's email here after that channel, my goodness are things happening!as they said:
Although we would say some are aware of this … and some will recall from their memory banks this information that is already known to them. For as we say…. Many of you are here to help anchor this Light as it sprinkles through.
Here is an email I received from a lady in Texas that I do not know and lives along way from me here in Australia,I was going through a dificult time and doubting myself these last few weeks,and asking White Cloud for guidence.
Hello, again, Kerrie! The message I received to give to you was "Carry the Light, Kerrie, the Light!" I then saw a brilliant Matrix with a multitude of lights flaring up in Australia, reaching those of us in Texas and the southwest. I got the feeling your guides are very excited about your work, and I was to tell you that your light is about to burst forth in ways that will delight and amaze you! Be ready for a huge shift in your aura/energy.
Your spirit guides have been "interrupting" my Reiki sessions for about 3 weeks. I wasn't sure what they were trying to communicate to me, but they kept sending me images of Australia along with the name "Carrie". Also, everytime I turned on the TV there was something about Australia, and my cell phone kept pulling up a picture of the Opera House in Sydney (even though my phone is locked). The "guide" energy that comes through is so powerful, it makes my ears pop. I feel like I am underwater when one comes through. He manifests to me as a kind of "outback" holy man/shaman, holding an intricately carved walking stick. Is this White Cloud? Also, he comes with very strong feminine/Mary/Sophia energy.
I sent Blossom an email asking her what was going on in Australia, then saw your name on her Blog. That is how I was finally led to you.
I look forward to exploring your website! Hope you don't mind me joining in!

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

What a great channeling. I was so excited when I read it and I am so glad you had a healing. It will help you immensely. We can all benefit from healings from time to time, to clear any blockages we may have.
I can't wait to experience the sprinkling of Light and I thank you again Blossom for your channelings and blogs. I love reading them and hearing what others have to say as well. We are all one big family.

Love, Light & Golden Rays,
Tricia J

Cath said...

Hi Everyone,
Blossom asked for some thoughts on the meaning of 'Coergence'.
This morning, this literally POPPED into my head.I couldn't budge until it was out (which made late taking my son to his swimming lesson).
I felt so up lifted as I read 11/2/10 chanelling From the FOL.
With Thanks to the Fol and Blossom.
Love and Light,


Co = together
The emergence: into the new, together as one. The understanding (for it has always been and always will be, but some have forgotten) of the absolute blending of our inner light, to that which is of the divine.
Working together and experiencing something new and wondrous, like a birth of a new plain of existence, a new reality, a new beauty, beyond our earthly imaginings.
All souls will understand the love that binds us together, in this infinite Universe .

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Cath soooo Beautiful.....Bless you,Love,light and Gratitude Kerrie

Wanda said...

Ahhh Blossom, I can find no words that would explain what I experienced reading these words..

"Let us then say … it is wise to keep grounded also . For one could become a little too deeply involved in the feeling … that the earthly matters get left behind … and yet we say this is not yet the correct time for that to happen. There has to remain the balance. That is one of the reasons many of you Light Beings are here. To bring in and anchor this new Light energy that we have so very delicately been looking after."

I had that 'deja vu' thing and had to go back through old posts til I found this one I made on August 3, 2009...

"I have come to realize recently that I am merely a conduit to the Universal Energy. All I have to do is find that place in my heart, and I can feel and see the energy flow in through my head, down into the ground, and back out my hands."

I feel it's coming soon. I can't wait for the 'sprinkles'..!!
Namaste' and Golden Love & Light to ALL.

AnonimaAnonima said...

I think you soon will find out who you are really channeling. It seems that the word LIGHT within the Federation of Light is to be taken literally. Very interesting and very profound.

Time keepers, record keepers and light keepers aren't random space travelers on a random mission, they are most likely the oldest and wisest souls in this universe and beyond. So go figure what it means that they call you sister :)

They didn't choose you randomly, you were chosen wisely and carefully. A good channel isn't someone "who knows it all", it's someone who is able to keep a childlike innocence and receptivity, even in the third dimension.

Since September 2008 I've been following your blog and comparing your channelings with the chats I have with my own guides. They've always been very thrilled when a new channeling of the Feds was up. They seem to have a lot of respect for you and for the energies you are channeling. I've also been through my doubts and questioning after October 14th, but my guides never seem to doubt you. Throughout these three months of silence my guides kept on saying: she will be back, stronger, lighter and brighter than before. And it seems they were right about that :)

If a channeling is spot on or if there are interesting galactic things going on, I always get a confirmation from my guides. And this confirmation feels like a wild energy party. I asked them what's the occassion to party today, and they said: we love it when a plan comes together! The third dimension and the higher dimensions are moving closer together. At this point in time the dimensions are already merging. The higher dimensional light will keep on pooring in, this will disolve the veil between "them" and "us". The reason why this takes so long (from our point of view) is because we need the time to adjust to the higher dimensional energies.

The more we become one within, the more we are ready to become one with the higher dimensional energies. The more we are aligned with the truth within, the more we are ready for the truth of a higher light. It seems that the lightworkers and starseeds have made enough progress to leave the denser energies behind and to hold more light than ever before. I expect that if the Feds start sprinkling their Light, that this will clear the heaviness that is still felt by so many. It shall also disolve the veil with ease and grace. This will give us more clarity about ourselves, the world we live in and about our galactic and divine connections. So it's going to be really really interesting. It's much more than seeing lights in the sky, it's about understanding life, ourselves and all of our relations.

Happy Awakening everyone! :)

time4wakeup! said...

Here watch this nice made Music Video !
I hope for realness and truth on the messages from this webside ! if its all meant in truth without benefits of one self all will be good soon ! if this is really true hearted the side will be sweept away by its own, on the one way or the other. teher a so many hope that this stuff is needed, please really please don't joke around with it ! thank you !

Ami Drutman said...

Wonderful. I agree with "With Love".

Light Lover said...

Dear Blossom, wonderful message.

The sprinklings may have started already. Several months ago I started seeing what I have been calling sparklies falling from the sky :)

And, for people who complain, and even those who don't but who are still waiting for some message, some event, something on the outside to bring you joy and spiritual fulfillment...it won't happen like that. It takes time, constant perseverance in profound inner work to clear the way, to remove the self imposed obstacles that block your awareness of your God given gifts. You have no idea what amazing capacity for permanent joy your being has, even while living on earth, even as the world around you seems to be falling apart. Truly you will be aware that you are in the world but not of the world.

Peace to all.

(I will just repost this about the triangular cloud above Blossom's area, for those who are new or have not seen it yet)


You said...

lol "sprinkles" is a nice name. :)
Blossom i don't know if you ever watched this movie, it's called "The Golden Compass".
I manage to find it on youtube.


Maybe you wanna take a look it's really cool, one of my all time favorites.

Much Love.

Andrew said...

Thanks for your channeling Blossom. I must say it's made me (and everyone else from the looks of it) extremely excited. I cannot wait until these sprinkles fall on me.
Wonderful channeling.

Anonymous said...

Give me a word
Give me a sign
Show me where to look
Tell what will I find ( will I find )
Lay me on the ground
Fly me in the sky
Show me where to look
Tell me what will I find ( will I find )

Oh, heaven let your light shine down (x4)

Love is in the water
Love is in the air
Show me where to go
Tell me will love be there ( love be there )
Teach me how to speak
Teach me how to share
Teach me where to go
Tell me will love be there ( love be there )

Oh, heaven let your light shine down (x4)

I�m going to let it shine (x2)
Heavens little light gonna shine on me
Yea yea heavens little light gonna shine on me
Its gonna shine, shine on me
Its gonna shine, come on in shine

by: Collective Soul

I'm just this guy, you know? said...

indeed. been reading mike quinsey on galactic channelings.com, as well as the rest of the 'channelers' on that site. its all the same, each time. "the dark ones are losing power, its(disclosure/civilization change) going to happen soon, be of peace and love.." yada yada yada.. as far as i am concerned, obama is not a savior, doesn't care about disclosure, the governments of the world have no power to disclose and will not, and the extra-terrestrials have no right to show up in a mass-landing or show due to our free will. and perhaps taking such an action would in fact result in the death of many people by either the cabal, or by sheer shock. so where does that leave us? absolutely in limbo; where i think we will stay until the oil and the coal runs dry. then we'll just burn everything else. i honestly try to stay positive, but when the astronauts come forward and the government doesn't, then you KNOW you've got a problem. and the economic crash? didn't do a d*mned thing to the super rich, and the people in control. in fact it only helps them gain more power. it sure won't be helping to bring about disclosure, in fact i am positive the market crash was planned just as much as 9/11, the middle-eastern wars, as well as the next two, which will be stray comets and then 'evil' e.t.

before you write any reply, just read my post again, and analyze the whole situation over one more time.

and trust me, i am in fact trying to stay positive. i do hope for change.