Jan 28, 2010


Hello to all you happy folk in Melbourne!

Here are the details for my White Cloud evening.

An evening of

‘Love Light & Laughter'
Blossom Goodchild.

Tues 16th Feb.

The Community Room, The Convent Building.
Abbotsford Convent Foundation,
1 St Heliers Street.
Abbotsford VIC 3067.

6.30pm – 7.30pm ... Inspirational speaking with Blossom.

20min interval. (Please bring your own refreshments. A cafe maybe (?) open)

7.50pm - 9pm ... Blossom will channel White Cloud.

Entrance $20.

Please make sure to email Blossom on bloss@blossomgoodchild.com.
please feel free to pass this on to those who are into this sort of thing and those who are not!!

Golden Rays
Bloss xx


Lia said...

Dear Blossom,
I really wish I could be there! But I live in Holland...Any chance you are going to visit our little country in the near future?
Wish you all the best!
Lots of love, Lia

You said...

It's already a win win situation.

Enjoy it.
Much Love.

Amy Debeij said...

To your latest communication I have to say the puzzle comment made perfect sense to me. If you're looking for a piece to fit somewhere, it sometimes helps to look for the other pieces that surround the missing piece to identify the missing one more easily because the other pieces help you define what it looks like (and I actually love puzzles, the more colours and pieces, the better). Oh and I love the Rocky Horror Picture show comment :) It really made me smile (for the ones who didn't get it, it's the time warp comment :)

Have fun on the coming rollercoaster :) I know I will and the higher and faster it goes, the bigger the thrill :)


Andrew said...

Aahh! Wish I could be there...sadly though i can't get down to melbourne...and i only live about a days drive away. I hope all goes well and that those attending have a wonderful experience.

Anonymous said...

So many disappointed they can't attend Blossom I'll be there with bells on!some want a video,me too!
I received a song in my head last night 'The Yellow rose of Texas' Faith said it's a civil war love song and is that not what is happening as the people rise up in the name of freedom, she looked it up and when it first came out it was #1 in Australia, we do like our freedom down here.also she was thinking about when they said we give you Alabama,

Anonymous said...

Thank you Blossom for your latest channeling.
I've realize that they mention a lot about certain aspects of divinity. It's about our destiny.
That's why they say that there are laws that cannot be tempered with. I understand this.

I'm glad the channellings are coming trough, they seem to always know what to say.

Love & Light

RafaelVR said...

I wish I could go ! But distance won’t allow me : )
Are u going to youtube it ?! I hope at least some part !

Anonymous said...

this most recent channelling of January 30 made the most sense to me.....I wish they had spoken a little longer! I felt so connected to the words and they felt like they were communicating something totally new this time!I'm feeling more and more as if we need to just let go and try not to anticipate or get frustrated with the pace of change. As we say, "all is good."

Anonymous said...

"The time warp.

Excuse me while I just take a jump to the left, and then a step to the right!!! ...."

[LAUGHTER], I remember.


Ciao for now.

Wanda said...

Blossom, words alone cannot express the amount of LOVE I feel coming through your channelings. After all you've done for me, and the ALL.. I wish I could just meet you, and give you the biggest hug. For now, this will have to do..{{{{HUGS}}}}
You truly are in touch with a higher level of loving beings, and the love comes through. Not once is there ever a mention or feeling of darkness. We are reminded over and over just how much LOVE is everywhere within us and around us at all times.
When I read their words, it seems to reach that place of KNOWING that they always refer to..the highest part of my being.
Thank you for for allowing the contact, and for being you.
Have to laugh... TIME WARP...so many memories..
The funny thing I need to share is that I have been "time-warping" for a long time. When I'm running late to work, or want to slow down.. I always sing "Let's do the time warp again.."..and I just know it IS...(lot's of intent involved, but makes it fun!). Works every time :-)

Sending lots of Love and Light to ALL ...


klinton said...


here you go wanda

love ight and peace

Anonymous said...

This google-earth "issue" - the final nail on the coffin of the FOL's (and Blossom's) credibility...so they're blocking the FOL's spaceships from GoogleEarth in order to conceal the very show-up the FOL is saying we're not ready for? LUDICROUS!
That was it Blossom, thank's for all the fish!

Kevin Atkinson said...

Hello sweetheart, its been a while. I hope your life is glowing full of golden rays. Love & light as always.

Kevin. xx

Cath said...

I will be there with Bells on!!!!
I can film it, if anyone would like that. I have a great broadcast quality HD camera.
Love and Light ALWAYS,

Anonymous said...

I felt compelled to share this.

Have a good year all

Anonymous said...


Hmm I wonder! if its as simple as this


Have a good year all

Anonymous said...

Andri those that are able to do such things as to block the Feds, have some amazing technology ,so what is being kept from us? if you research you will see that there is far more then that being kept from us, the question is why are the Feds showing themselves so that they will be cut out? in my mind it is part of the plan to slowly introduce themselves, same as the crop circles, when they show, we all will remember (we all will get in the vortex) after they go our thoughts will slowly bring us back out of the vortex, if we allow them too, if we forget all that we have learnt about positive thinking ,love and faith
P.S. Audri I have experience frustration this past couple of weeks and it turned to anger, but remember my friend anger is one step up the emotional ladder, it gets you out of depression, just forgive yourself and keep climbing, don’t go back down. Love to you Andri hang in there with us, or not ….your choice, no right or wrong choices, just choices


Jim Carrey as you have never seen him before. His honest, candid, humble self discussing openly his life-long pursuit for meaning and purpose, his encounters with Awakening and his optimistic view of the emerging "New Earth."
~The Federation of Light~

Wanda said...

Thank you Klinton for the video.. always love to do the time warp!

Andri... sending you much love and light... please don't get caught up in that google earth thing, a lot of that stuff is old. We always need to question things that our soul is not sure of, but take what feels right, and discard the rest.
Why is it that you come here? Somewhere deep inside you, there is that place of 'knowing'... and, like lots of people these days, it is vibrating higher and higher. Gets a little confusing at times.

We have passed the point of being able to deny it anymore. May your journey be bright.

Love to ALL.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@Cath ... please could you email me regarding the video in Melbourne. bloss@blossomgoochild.com. many thanks

Blossom Goodchild said...

I would imagine Wanda that Andri is talking about the latest channeling and google earth. xxx

Anonymous said...

Cath fantastic! I'll see you there my friend:)

Anonymous said...

So... when is the next date for disclosure? I read a mention somewhere of it possibly occurring this spring. Spring?! What does that mean?

Anonymous said...


I come to you this morning full of LOVE and LIGHT. I experienced something last night beyond my inner soul. It was a vision deep into the NEW WORLD, the world after THEY come. I have never experienced LOVE and LIGHT like this before in many many moons. One day, THEY will come, and THEY will bring this LOVE with them. Do not fear, when they come, we will all take the coyote's path and JOIN THEM!!


Technus said...

Funny, I use the same puzzle explanation all the time :) Makes sense to me and people I tell it too. Been saying it for a couple years now too, when I had my "awakening" in a dream.

Perhaps when they show up, someone can explain to me why they keep calling me Miko :P I hear it constantly! And it's not my name, lol. Nickname maybe? I haven't told anybody this either.

You're right on with what I'm feeling all the time, it's bizarre. And the google earth thing, don't get me started with NASA and all that. My sis found a bunch of strange ufo pics, and a month later, they suddently removed everything and replaced it with older images and she lost all her bookmarks :/

Faith said...

Beautiful Odakota!!!

thanks for posting your beautiful vision, I believe it! And I am ready to HOOOOOOWL with all the happy coyotes!!! For now I'm in a choir....Love and Hugs and Pink Rays to all HERE.........Faith Ann

Technus said...

Hey, I just noticed something while reading a channeling by David Wilcock: "Everything you know, everything you trust, everything you believe to be ‘reality’ can change in a snapshot"

boy that sounds familiar! :D

rest of the article is at devinecosmos.com

Cath Clift said...

Where is everyone?