Jan 24, 2010

And you are ... where exactly?

I guess how your life is feeling for you in this moment depends pretty much on where you are within yourself and where too you are geographically. So many messages and channells these days telling us that we are feeling 'this' because of 'that' and 'that' because of 'this'. Lord Maud! So many ailments are due to the latest shift and if you are feeling unbalanced its beacause of the vibration of whatever stargate opened on such and such a date. I mean really ....... it's non stop info being filtered through and if each one of us 'sufferred ' from it all, then it would be more adviseable to simply leave the planet 'NOW"' whilst the goings good!

For instance .. in my local surroundings in general at this time , myself and those around me are experiencing great upliftment and 2010 seems to be lavishing tidings of great joy to all and sundry. Marvellous! Love it! Yet ... I received a newsletter from another website stating that everyone is in fear and experiencing much negativity rising to the surface and having to deal with so much 'downstuff'. 'Oh' I thought! ... 'certainly not like that for me in my world'. So I imagine ... being that there are so many people on the planet ... a good percentage of the population are experiencing the same thing and therfore ... it is assumed ... it seems ... that we are all going through this at same time. WRONG!

Again ... lets get back to basics. I feel this is important for this year. With all respect to everyone and everybody ... including myself ... lets take a little time , not to necessarily forget all we've learned ... no no no ... heaven forbid ... but more, remember the fundamental basics that give us our strength ... which is not spending hours on the internet reading all sorts of conflicting stories about what is or what is not going to happen to us ... or what starship is about to reveal itself ... or which grid has been aligned with whatever planatary resolution . I mean , come on guys ... what is important here? A bit of 'lurvin' a bit of 'lightnin' and a whole bunch of LAUGHTER.

Yes ... with the greatest empathy, we send our Golden Rays to those in need ,let us make sure those thoughts are attended to. But sometimes, with all the other goings on ... one has to question if whether one is aware of the 'this' and the 'that' or not , makes any differrence at all to our every day lives? One can get so caught up in this whole 'Ascension' thing that they forget that we are actually here to be of LIGHT to OURSELVES as well as others and the planet. It seems to me ... and again , before I get into deep doo doos with anyone ... each to their own ... I am just expressing my opinion here, because I can ... Lets keep in mind that LIGHTENING UP doesn't necessarily mean you have to sit at a computer studying every channelling that comes through from many many many scourses. How about REALLY MAKING THE DECISION to take up that hobby that you have always wanted to do. LIVING YOUR PASSION LIGHTENS YOU UP ... and therefore LIGHTENS UP the vibration of the planet. We came down here to live our life ... not spend it on a machine , filling our minds with information that half the time has been designed to corrupt our thoughts and scare us half to death. Which side are you on? Don't fall for the tricks (? that word popped in ... Mmm!)Do things that fill you up with energy and Love . Instead of watching news on tv that brings the energy down concerning 'all the nasty people out there', and indulging in 'how terrible everything is'... go for a walk ... and state to yourself that you will only think loving positive thoughts in that time. FAR MORE BENIFICIAL TO THE WHOLE!

I really feel that this year is the time for those 'in the know' to put their best foot forward and shine forth as an example of how we want our NEW WORLD to be. Have we not done enough reading for the time being ... enough absorbing ... to KNOW ... what we already KNOW , and start getting out there and putting it into practice. How many other ways do we need to be told that it is 'US' ... THROUGH LOVE ... that will change this planet. So folks ... having said that ... having got that off me chest , which to be honest ... I had no idea I had resting on it in the first place .. Lets us set forth in this FANTASTIC NEW YEAR of 2010 full of expectation for the wonders ahead ... filled with more LOVE for ourselves and others than we could ever have imagined ... and get this show on the road!!!

Just a couple of other things .
I am hoping ... correction ... I will be doing a 'Love Light and Laughter ' evening in Melbourne during the week of Feb 15Th. I am in the process of sorting out the details. Although all rather sudden ... I KNOW everything will work out fine. If you are not on my mailing list and didn't know about this , and would like to attend ,please email me on bloss@blossomgoodchild.com and I will keep you informed as I go.

I was sent an email which I thought was a great incite into how to help those who are starving in Haiti.(indeed, anywhere.) When you are preparing/ eating a meal , make your intention that it is feeding a soul who is struggling. As if you literally are nourishing their body for them. Apparently the Native Americans used to do it, when one of them would retreat into the mountains for four or five days on a dream quest etc and 'helpers' would be picked to 'eat for them' to sustain their bodies while they were doing so. Worth a try ... everything is worth a try.

And finally , a gentleman by the name of Walter Bruneel has been sending me pictures and YouTubes of his artwork for quite a while. I am not a great art critique by any means ... but I sure LOVE this guys style ... absolutely beautiful. This latest one particuarly. Divinely inspired? ... I think so! When I watched it , it seemed to take my BEING on a journey ... and so many faces popping in to say hello. Bravo Walter. Many thanks for sharing.
There is so much talent being brought out and expressed. Whatever you do , don't miss out on yours!!

That's all folks!
Golden Rays throughout your days.
Love and Light
Blossom xxxx


Anonymous said...

Thank you for a much needed message!

Love, Light, and Laughter to you...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes it is good to be reminded of the basics thank you Blossom for being there to keep 'The balance' for me I am experiencing heaps of releasing and my body is feeling it, as it morns lifetimes of beliefs being let go of, so it is good for me to know that others are feeling these symptoms also and I am blessed to have so many new friends on the net to share this with, I also have a few people that are in my 'real' world? that want to know what it is they are feeling and to know that there is something they can do about it, a part from taking a pill, to know that all is as it should be and this too shall pass, it is just that we are all manifesting so quickly what is on our minds and it is so important to look at this and not bury it, as it will come out with these energies to be healed and released.But the trick is to release them quickly, let go of judgement of self and others and surrender to the divine within, this is when I fine the bliss and joy that you speak of as it guides me to what feels good.It is a roller coaster of emotions, hold onto your hats.
The eating for others that are starving is fantastic, I have been doing it and it is yet another example of how connected we all are. Love,light and joy Kerrie

Coach Enrique said...

Dear Blossom: I had expressed to you time ago that we wanted to hear YOUR messages as much as the ones from the FOL's. I now say to you that your messages may have more value because they come from a human soul to a human soul. Isn't it nice not having to stand for someone else's words? Stand for your own Truth, all-ways!

Anonymous said...

Something very interesting in the sky above Australia.


Anonymous said...

Dear Star-child Blossom,

There are interesting happenings going on in your "neck of the woods":


And, if you view the peninsula near "exmouth" in the northeast of Austrailia (I believe that's where the red star appeared) you'll find a very HUGE hexogram embedded right at the very tip of that peninsula.

Ciao for now.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is from somewhere ---
even if you've never been there.


Thanks Blossom for all you do


Anonymous said...

Blossom, that was a great post.

And I am where channelings doesnt work anymore. I just cant give them credit anymore(the most famous ones)...

So what the heck am i doing here? Coach Enrique answered for me. I like to read the things that you have to say about whats going on with our world and stuff.

And about your channeling, i read it too. I understood your point of view of what happened on oct.14, and your channelings doesnt create any false expectation...

Light up the darkness!


Anonymous said...



I emailed Colin a few days ago on this and he got back to me,he was the man that created the name crop circle, I told him what has been going on here in Australia wih the Feds and Blossom.
Last night there was huge electrical storm here, no sound just flashes of light going on until I went to bed after midnight, I had a very restless day and night yesterday feeling very emotional and homesick,there was supposed to be a Pleiadian download occurring last night also, I have been just been told that the strange activity over Australia is Harrp, once again I do not feel this is the case as with the Norway portal I am getting guidance and feeling contact very strongly on these days. Happy Australia day Blossom and everyone as the song goes we are one.
lain thanks for that youtube I needed that.
27th Jan huge global request going on as we all connect together and ask for assistence in this transformation process we are all going through, from our Angels Masters, Starbeings, whatver your belief is.Remember we have to ask (freewill)

Darling said...

Thank you so much for your uplifting message, Blossom! I much needed it today, as I'm sure many others did too. It's easy to get caught up in the worries, the despair, the hopelessness, the sadness and the anger because of "negative" information we see online and on tv. I've been caught up in my own 'ego' and money worries lately and even though I know I shouldn't be; I let it affect me... because of FEAR. Your message really helped me gain a different perspective; one that reminded me of the light we can spread by just BEING happy and grateful.

Here's a wonderful video that a soul-sister has sent me today:

"Life Is Like A Cup of Coffee"

Love and Light xoxo

Anonymous said...

Darling I know of that youtube and it is controversial,things are not so black and white, take my recent visit to Esther Hicks law of attraction work shop,I am sure a lot of people there would choose the best cup and yes that is fine (no judgement,no duality) but for me it would depend on which cup held the most coffee with the most cream (life) and it would depend on where I was in that now moment in my soul, I feel that we need to acept that life is just that, everything is of the creative energy of love, however we have gotten unbalanced and forgotten how to slow down and see the more subtle beauties to give thanks to Mother Earth, to sense the whispers in the wind, it is time to as The Feds say focus on what brings joy to the heart and the heart wouldn't care which cup you took as long as you didn't identify your self worth with that choice.So know you are worthy to receive abundace it is your right, and release judgement of those that have fear and focus totally on control and money, and then you will be open to receive, this is what I have been working on and slowly at my own allowing pace it is working. Love,light and abundace

Sharyn said...

Here here Bloss - that's why you haven't seen any posts from me for ages - I've been outside living! LOL. :D
Lots of love

Unknown said...

It's funny how timing plays such an important role. Very recently, I made a decision to stop reading so many channelings and also to stop viewing so many You Tube videos.
I mean, I get as excited as the next person about hearing the latest info or seeing new lights in the sky but I had decided to step back and just "BE."
Although we can always learn new things, I choose to hold the love, share the love and BE the love.
I'm sure when we're in the final countdown to the Golden Age, I'll not miss the boat; so I'm not worried.
Your post made me feel like others are seeing this, too.
Having said that, I did watch the video of Walter's artwork. Wow, how uplifting. Thank you for sharing.
Good luck in Melbourne. Sure wish I lived closer and I'd be there in a flash!

denise said...

What a gorgeous post - thank you Blossom!

Good reminder to get out of the computer world, and into the real world. We can experience heaven on earth now - it's already here for those of us who want to appreciate and love it now.

big hugs sent back to you Blossie!