Jan 14, 2010

Quite Quiet!!

Greetings folks.

Well, my house has an eerie quietness about it. The family (stepdaughter, hubs and three kids, 10,9, 4,) left yesterday after a month here. Ned the dog thinks he has died and found Nirvana, although secretly I know more often that not, he loved the attention. Bit like us humans really. We love our peace and quiet and yet every now and then require the excitement of 'people'. Although these days I seem to find myself in a space of not really knowing exactly what it is I want. At times I think I know what that "want' is, but then it's finding the drive, the time, the inclination, the finance... what ever excuse we may give to simply get on and do it.
In the past I have prided myself on the fact that in general I set myself a goal and stick to it . Accomplishment these days is simply the goal of having something to accomplish. We tend to put so much emphasis on having to 'do' something ,otherwise our 'indoctrination' classes us 'lazy'. Or the guilt of 'no income' by doing nothing knocks on the head, but no one answers the door.

We are being asked to just BE. But perhaps we need to turn our attention to BEING whilst DOING! One of my resolutions is to meditate daily. I always have good intention but then it slips off, so I tend to meditate in fits and starts. Having done the daily med and yoga , I am ready to achieve ... and yet sometimes ... must I be this brutally honest? I can't be bothered. I am just not in the mood.So therefore I might beat myself up a little before coming to my senses and recognising that I have learned TO DO what serves me best in that space of time. It may not be what I had planned, but does it make me an underachiever if I DO something else? I think not!! Go with the flow of the moment. For when you are in the correct space to do what you didn't do what you thought you should, it shall be done with such ease ... and naturally be of a much higher vibration because it is done through the desire and not the 'I SHOULD BE'.

How easily do we allow ourselves to slip back into the 'whatever' space. Interestingly enough, 'whatever' can mean the opposite of itself depending on the attitude it is spoken. Like with all things ... back to feeling the hearts feelings. I so quickly recognise my 'down tone'. Sometimes it likes to hang around for a while. That's OK, I will accept that, but at the same time I so much prefer to be in the 'Up tone', so I just leisurely walk through the space in between until I begin to 'feel' back in the 'up' ... where upon it suddenly seems SO easy to get on with the very thing I wasn't in the mood for earlier. Gold star for achievement!!!

I think maybe , we sometimes need to let go of 'having to' in order to BE who we are. When we HAVE TO, we are not really living in our Truth of that moment. I guess it's a question of honouring what your soul is telling you in that space. And as we all know, if we go against what our soul is asking of us, then we going against our TRUTH and when we do that .... well, nothing is going to be achieved other than digging ourselves deeper into the very mire that we were trying to climb out of in the first place.

Honour your souls' desire people. We have been so conditioned to honour what 'appears' to be the done thing , forgetting all along that someone , somewhere made up that particular code of practise , and somewhere down the track we were made to believe that we must follow it ... or else.

Let's make sure we remember that we are here to design our own codes, in order to BE who we TRULY are. Let's remember to listen to our FEELING about absolutely everything. Does it feel good or not? That's all we need to know. If it does ... go with it, if not ... let it go. In this way our New World will be the one that in our hearts we are expecting it to be!!

Couple of other things I'd like to mention.

A world wide meditation is being set up in March. Please go to:


Good on ya Anthony!!

Also ... an honoury mention is due to a lady called KERRIE! Many of you will know her from comments here, but what you may not know is that she works relentlessly to spread the wisdom of White Cloud and The Federation of Light. Ashamed to say I have lost count of all her sites where she spreads the word for me and others.

For instance . how lovely is this ???


Kerrie is the lady who sent me the roses way back in Oct 2008 as a SURE sign from White Cloud that channelling the FOL was a Truth in which to continue. (you will find the story somewhere in my archives , and on Kerrie's sites)

So Kerrie, I just wanted to acknowledge that I REALLY APPRECIATE all that you do to assist my work in particular. I get blown away by all that you do. For instance , today she informed me she has white Cloud books and my website printed on her receipts! Wow!! Inspirational!! And if anyone should need to know about any subject the FOL have talked about , Just ask her ... she'll know where to find it!!! The FOL number one student . without a doubt. Thanks Kerrie, from Me, White Cloud, and The Federation of Light.

Hope you are all moving smoothly along this January of 2010.

Golden Rays throughout your days
Blossom xxxxxxxx


Cath said...

Hi Bloss,
I would like to thank Kerrie too. She is an awesome woman. I receive at least one email a day from her website, that always has something interesting and inspiring. When all is busy or quiet on the Fol side, she posts a quote or two from the Feds that always just resonates correctly for me.
Love and Light Kerrie and Blossom,

Anonymous said...

Thanks sooo much Blossom and Cath, you have made my day, I am so greatful for your response, here is the link Blossom to that site you posted for the meditation as the links didn't work


or if the above won't work

and go to blogs

and my new one


I do love this one, but I haven't invited anyone to it yet, as it is a place for me to go and bliss out in with all the Feds good stuff and calming music and pictures, my other site can get very busy, but that is good too.And I love talking to the members there The Federation of Light's energy I believe attracts beautiful people,I learn so much from them, I am in heaven.But yes maybe it is time to invite people there Blossom:) kind of keep it small and peacefull, so if anyone has some nice sounds of silence type stuff you want to post, I'm all ears:)

Love,light and whispers in the wind!!!

P.S. I have just seen Avatar soooo good,talk about whispers in the wind.

Blossom Goodchild said...

Thanks Kerrie. have fixed the links now. Don;t know what happenned there!!

Anonymous said...

So is this what the business is? Tell people something is coming. Then have them wait? It's starting to sound awfully like a hoax.

We have so many people telling us that other beings are talking to them. None of it matches. Some give names, others don't. But when they do give a name it's always some sci-fi sounding movie name. THEN on top of it, they feed the conspirators.

You have all these people talking about there conspiracy theories and having the beings say things that feed there fire. Making your market obvious.

You believe in "love and light" so your "beings" are all about love and light. Whereas some other channelers believe in government control over the people, the lies and disclosure. So there beings tell them about what's to be uncovered.

All of you say they are coming. When? Seriously, when? How long does it take to get to earth? It's been over a year since they said oh, hey, Oct 14th 2008's the date for sure.

I see your marketing ploy, and it is a good one. But you can only fool so many people.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Blossom these computers are good when they work!

I have just received this email from children of the sun,prayers needed please.

As we go into the New Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions, may we especially include our Haitian family and this entire region to assist in stabilization and the clearing of energy that has been unearth

Here is an extract from his email:
Grand Goave was hit hard and our compound was severely damaged. The quakes continue to hit us but they are less severe but strong enough that buildings continue to fall. By nothing less than the grace of God the children living at H2H are alive and not badly hurt.

More here:

I am feeling so tired, I know it is inappropriate to take on others energies, but it is a challenge we are all connected, but I know that we can't help unless we remain strong and center in self ( the real meaning of being self centered), sending them love and light.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Blossom! I know exactly what you are saying about meditating in spurts. I've also made the same resolution to meditate every day...but I haven't been successful yet lol. I also have a renewed sense of spirituality that I cannot really describe. It started right around the last week in December...it's a very strange feeling but I'm not complaining one bit! I love it!

Golden rays Bloss!

AnonimaAnonima said...

Now this was a sweet blog post, the flow of ease and grace and golden rays looks good on you :)

Anonymous said...

I just received this comment, remember to ask!

Hi Kerrie. Thank you for the message. Last night or rather early this morning (the 14th) I meditated and asked the angels, archangels and Ascender Masters to help Haiti. I sent healing energy and the Violet Flame. Today as I am in the library I got an e-mail from a channeler (in Spanish), in which Saint Germain is asking us lightworkers to ask Them from here on earth for help. They will help Haiti, but we need to ask. With much love always...

Ami Drutman said...

Dear Blossom, I was on vacation without an internet connection. When I came back I was glad to read the message (jan 7).
Several times Kerrie comes into my mind. I can feel her love and care. I'm sure she is a very special human, very important in this process. Thanks to all the people that spread light. You are very needed.
Love and peace.

You said...

Blossom I was wondering if i could use some of your words in a video that i'm doing?
It's on the other post that you did, has an response to anonymous.
this part over here:
"May we all recognize that each and everyone of us has the Devine Right to choose their own destiny and feelings, what suits one may not suit another but judging is something I have learned that does not suit me"


Faith said...

Well, I too will chime in to salute Kerrie for all of her excellent contributions! And to say Blossom this recent channeling of 1/17/10 is quite something, there is a new layer coming on, a beautiful wise one, lots less fear, lots more love and confidence............

part of me wants to say 'so, we're just like a bunch of ants to them?'
Well.............yes maybe...much love, faith

Cath said...

Hey there Bloss,
Great to have you fully healthy and abundant in light. Back on Track! The FOL always make me smile....it's like my Grandfather said...."Lets get down to tin tacks". We are all of the divine light...we just have to remember that. "Love, Love Love" (Beatles)"Love is all you need"
Love and Buckets of light,

Daphne said...

wow this is a powerfull message! It reminds me of the inaugural speach of Nelson Mandela:
Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure
It's our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?
Originally written by Marianne Williamson.

Last week I was meditating on why I hold myself back and make myself small most of the time. It is what I have been taught. It came to me that the loving and caring message of my mother was: "Please don't use all of your power: bad things can happen! Be careful, because I don't want you to be unhappy." I still felt loyal to this apparantly. In my meditation I told her that NOT using my full capacity makes me unhappy and sad. I then saw her stepping aside and freeing the way. I feel calm and ready to step up, although I don't know what that means yet. I totally 'got' the 1/17 message. And if we are like ants now, imagine what we can grow into!!
Thank you Blossom.

Anonymous said...

smile...I knew you would my Faithy
Luv ya:)
Blossom that was so good(17th jan channel) What can I say but wow!!
So true, so spot on, everything was exactly as it should be, perfect.I am speachless, I am validated and all is well in my world and my dear friend it is time to own who you are, it is time to own who we are,thats it from me really, it is time!!!!

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ you . By all means.Thanks for asking my permission!!

yk248 said...

WOW Blossom, I'm in AWE, this was a really powerful message!!!! The last one, wow. I don't know if it's because of my raised vibration and understanding.. It's all of our raised vibe!!!


Anonymous said...

IMHO this was the worst channelling ever...and I have read them all. What a big disappointment these FOL-guys are...

Anonymous said...


"I AM" being human.

I am NOT a "human being".

Ciao for now, dearest Star-child Blossom

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,
You are talking my language :-)))!
Much Love and Light to you

Anonymous said...

Andri I have quiet a few members on my site who beg to differ with you my friend, we are all very excited about the last channel, it rings of such truth,Blossom you are a Superstar (as are we all... even you Andri) this was just posted under your last channel Blossom by that beautiful man, I told you about who said with utmost love that The Feds are not going to show just before they started back channeling! It's like winning the lottery when you connect with spirit, you go into fear of loosing the connection through ego,It is not like that, this melding of our soul with spirit is unique and beautiful, the ego is just fine when it is healed and surrendering to the divine within, cocreating in the void of infinite possibilities a "New World"


Love Inc.!
You're A Superstar!
Lyrics Below!
Reach for the sky and hold your head up high,
For tonight and everynight, you're a superstar.
And don't you be afraid,
Think of all the friends you've made,
Like any other night you've got your name in lights,
You're a superstar.

In a world that gives everything,
Don't you know that it don't mean a thing at all, at all for a superstar.
You gotta find a rainbow,
Tell the world what everyone else knows,
Don't let them tell you again about life,
Cause you know You're a superstar.

So reach for the sky and hold your head up high,
For tonight and everynight you're a superstar.
And don't you be afraid,
Think of all the friends you've made,
Like any other night you've got your name in lights,
You're a superstar.

Everything you are today, Is what you want to be.
So don't be someone else when you be the best so easily.
If you try, and believe, my baby you'll succeed,
And your eyes will make you see,
You're a superstar.

So reach for the sky and hold your head up high,
For tonight and everynight you're a superstar.
So don't you be afraid,
Think of all the friends you've made,
Like any other night you've got your name in lights,
You're a superstar.

Anonymous said...

Whoops I meant to say melding of our body with spirit but on reflection maybe it is the holy trinity the melding of body,soul and sprit:) who cares it's all good! feel what I am trying to say with words.LOL

You said...

Don't worry Blossom, is just a matter of time till we make this breakthrough.
I'm am going to express out something soon, that is going to finish this once and for all.


Simon said...

Thought this might be of interest to some who read/write here:

"The University of Arizona is currently conducting a study concerning peoples experience in channelling or communication with Deceased People, Spirit Guides, Angels, Other-Worldly Entities / Extraterrestrials, and a Universal Intelligence / God."


I like to see science beginning to catch up with spirit. There has been the occasional scientist who has dared to explore the unusual (Dr. John Mack and his work with abductees springs to mind), and here is another sterling effort in that direction.

As to acting in love all the time, I'm reminded of something Icke said, when you face any kind of decision, consider, what would consciousness (perhaps just a different word for spirit) do? We always know the answer.



Wanda said...

Brightest Blessings to ALL my dear friends on this journey.
Dearest Blossom, how wonderful for us all that you are well, and able to reconnect. AND... Kerrie, Faith, Victoria, and everyone else, I send you much Love and Light. Although I haven't posted for a while,I have been faithfully reading every post.
I've been on a journey of self discovery down to the depths of my soul. The deepest issues have presented themselves for healing, and I am forgiving the world these days !! I am finally living so much more of my true self.
I too, have had some strange feelings about other chanelled messages. Some have too much vibration of fear and dark, and they just do not resonate with me.
Blossom, I cried tears of joy the whole time I was reading your first new message. And the last one, well, I can't stop feeling happy! I've seen so much lately, I know we're so close to home.
Golden Love & Light to all...

Wanda said...

Oh yea..I forgot to add this link on my last post..
One of the most beautiful voices to ever grace this planet..."Iz"...
Wishing everyone their "somewhere over the rainbow".


I hope you feel the love.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wanda yes stuff is going on my friend, hold onto your hats,I have recently had to tie mine down pretty tight,these energies are full on, I am so tired these days, yet still filled with love and hope, crazy mix really, I just seem to be observing and releasing and as you say heaps of forgiving.
I have been listening to Theo the 12 Archangels channeled through Sheila Gillette on their new radio show and they talk of all this that we are feeling as we heal our multidimensional selves, it's called soul integration.So as Archangel Michael said be gentle with yourselves as you move into the higher dimensions,and remember to stay in your own light,something like that anyway:) love and light Kerrie
P.S Blossom I totally agree with your blog on goal setting I tried to do it, even did a course years ago, but I found it was not me, I like to respond in the now moment and not project my energy too much into the future. You wouldn't think so, but before all this passion with the Feds. I pretty much just liked being and working with my animals.Things have changed this past year or so.

Jerome said...

Absolutly loved the latest communication Blossom! Thanks for asking some of those 'collective questions', I love how you empathise with your audience!

Your friend Jerome

AnonimaAnonima said...

Your latest channeling is interesting because it confirms some of the things my own guides have shared with me. I also think to know what group of beings you are channeling, because of their way of communicating and the kind of words they use. I made a note about it in my journal and time will tell if I got it right. They probably will reveil their identity when you are ready.

You are really in good company and they are really of the light.

Many blessings & high vibes :)

Anonymous said...

I was just now reading that these beings can not come until we lose this victim mentality,they are not here to save us, this would not be empowering,and would not assist in raising our vibrations, this is why The Feds keep asking you these questions Blossom I feel, to see where we are at, as they said to you once that you represent the voice of many,we need to awake to the fact that WE create our reality, it is up to us to be open to assistance (loose the wounded ego) have enough humility to understand we need assistance,AND ASK FOR IT! they will not assist if not asked,(freewill)And loose the abandonment attitude, 'we can save ourselves we don't need anyone' it is soooo childish, we so need assistance, but as the saying goes God helps those who help themselves.

P.S. 25th Jan Pleiadian download happening,drink that water and breathe in the pink light.

Anonymous said...

I understand there is great pain within. Our friends have expressed this pain, as you are not alone on your journey. Remember, THEY are around us at all times and THEY see your actions / feelings. Continue to keep your feet in the trees so they do not get wet, and the truth will be told.


Anonymous said...

Continue to keep your feet in the trees so they do not get wet, and the truth will be told.


Does that mean stay in your OWN light Odakota? with you all the way on that one, as has been my experience this week. (without judging, this is the trick)

Synchronically I have just put a White Cloud group in an native American site and I am feeling the need to rest in that energy at the moment.

P.S. the dates for this years stargates and information given to us by The Star Elders ~Aluna Joy~ can be found on my blog (not my site) click on my profile, thanks to your friend Ian Blossom for this info, it's going to be a great year. Love and Light Kerrie

Anonymous said...

In accordance with Divine Law we have set the date of our arrival and in TRUST you have emitted that date out to your world. - FOL

So according to this should we be expecting another date? We need help, and we need it now. WORDS can't help us. I believe in love, but unfortuantly for the people in Haiti and others in similar situation, LOVE isn't going to do them a whole lot of good. Would this still have happened if the FOL had come when they said they would? They said they didn't come because we may have been HURT or people might have been KILLED. PEOPLE ARE STILL GETTING HURT AND KILLED TODAY?! I just do not understand it. I give and I volunteer, which i think does a whole lot more for the people than sitting around "meditating" and sending out love.

How many more people have to die in horrible circumstances, before they decide that it is time to save us?

You said...

Blossom I made this new video, not the one that I was talking about, that one my take a while.



Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

I don't know if you have already seen this but it's quite amazing!


The site that was used to spot it is this: http://www.bom.gov.au/products/national_radar_sat.loop.shtml

Lets go galactic ship spotting guys!

Anonymous said...

I know Blossom give me an inch and I take a mile, but I feel this is good!

Unusual cloud pattern over Australia
16th Jan

http://www.colinand rews.net/ Cloud-Radar- Circle-Australia -2010-0116. html

This man Colin Andrew, that the email was sent to has been working with crop circles for 30 years and it was he that started the name crop circle,when I looked at his site there were 2 crop circles on it and one of them was the dragonfly and for 2 days now I have been receiving posts from people about synchronisites and yes another feather on my door step!and look at this on his site also.....

FOL (foundation of life)

Anonymous said...

Kerrie, thanks for answering. But you see, it has nothing to do with having a victim attitude or not. The point is that you and Blossom may have your own thruths about the FOL, but I as a reader of this blog haven't...for I don't know you nor Blossom, and it could all be a hoax (sigh).
The message from the FOL seems a bit 'limited' to me in that others have already proclaimed (and long before the FOL) that we must love each other, to no great avail so far, as you would certainly agree.
As long as they don't show up, the things they are saying are just blown in the wind (traduction for the FOL: useless): never will I believe somebody of whose existance I'm not sure of.
Incidentally I know exactly of what they're talking about with "connecting to our higher selves", but you see, I have done that all my life, with very poor results I may say, and I don't see why I should bother any longer...the universe really doesn't care and it's just a lot of hassles for nothing really...


Blossom Goodchild said...

@Anonymous. They are not coming to save us. They come to teach us a new way. They have said too that there is so much we cannot understand because of the density we reside in.The disasters that some countries are experiencing at the moment may look very different from the overall bigger picture. I would imagine it does. We simply cannot understand the whys and wherfores from where we sit. Frustration builds up into anger when a feeling of helplessness sets in. For me ... I personally believe that meditating and sending love helps these situations dramatically ... and still leaves plenty of time for volunteering should one be of such a giving nature. By sending Light to those places we can help so many souls who are suffering. Don't know about anyone else, but I've had some seriously strong 'going off somewhere' only to return knowing nothing about it. I reckon many of us, even whilst we sleep ... are busy working where it is needed. We wake up exhausted. May sound off the wall to some. For me it's a TRUTH. And indeed we are all intitled to our own version of whatever the TRUTH maybe.
Golden Rays to you ... I hope you find peace and understanding and that is not in anyway meant in a condescending way , but from the heart.

Anonymous said...

Andri I can feel a softening coming from you in this comment,that is the truth of who you are, use that to feel the truth of who Blossom is or in fact me and the others on this blog,I can't possibly understand what you must be feeling as I haven't been doing the hard work on myself for very long,well not in this incarnation, I haven't been 'working' with my higher self, I haven't been following all the love and light stuff,it didn't really do much for me my friend, so something very profound has happened to me and it started out of the blue 2 years before I knew about The Feds.So yes no scam here, I have just always been very good at recognising truth,I have visited Blossom and trust me she is in no way capable of being anything less then honest.
I was just now listening to Theo about Haiti and the fact is people will be taking themselves off this planet at this time of the great shift it is their soul choice not to participate, some will be assisting from the other side of the veil, the love and the light that has been sent to that area due to this happening like White Cloud said about Sept 11, will lift the vibrations,look at the big picture Guy's the universe is responding,Mother Earth is healing herself, we just are too focused on the small detail this is a HUGE shift and we choose to be here for it. We need to be united in this,give up the fear of being made a fool of for trusting, What is the worst that could happen? Well Blossom faced that and she is still soldiering on in faith because of all the love and the light that was sent to her, so who says love and light doesn't work.Whoops this is long. love and light!!!!

AnonimaAnonima said...

It's a good idea to discern being saved and being assisted. What I have learned from my own guides is that they update me from time to time and bring me the information I need, but it's up to me what I do with this information and how I use it.

The federation(s) up there are the guides of many starseeds and lightworkers. They send their messages through some of their official channels. That's how they are assisting us so we can assist ourselves and our spiritual growth. The more we grow in spiritual awareness the more light we draw to this planet, in every sense. Think about THAT :)

Anonymous said...

Yes 'with love' I can resonate to that, it seems as though they keep reminding us to 'open the box' as they once said, that it is a gift for everyone, yet so many don't open it,even White Cloud told his group in Blossom's book to play with this connecting thing,it is fun, I received communication on the 12th Jan,remember Blossom I said I didn't understand it, well I posted an old extract of The Fed's the other day and the penny dropped, I think I know now what they meant,if you keep in mind that everything is already created and we just have to aligne ourselves to the 'timeline'


Well I have been sleeping on and off all day, I feel you close or I am close, frequencies are full on, my breathing just went full on, do I write this down dear friends?

Know Kerrie that all is well, time lines are to present themselves in a way that will be understood, It is for you dear one to acknowledge yourself for who you are, this will help proceedings immensely, do not feel that you are letting the team down this can never be.The light is shinning bright dear one, you are it be it, the time is now, be of Joy.

Thank you my love to you as always, glad we are networking,I liked that term you mentioned in the last channel,I don’t feel like asking questions, I am over it, my head is too full, I now know why Blossom doesn’t go there.

Peace be with you Kerrie

And also with you, I am so grateful for all that you are doing, Bless you, bless me, All is well.

Love and Golden rays Kerrie

And here is That extract from the
June 7th The Federation of Light
Blossom Goodchild

Greetings to you also dearest one. It is coming to the reasoning in these days ahead that there is a desire that beckons the soul self to create that which is thine to create. In other words we would gently persuade you to encounter within the deepest place of your heart self that which YOU KNOW to be the only way forward. We know you KNOW this to be Truth and Love. Yet we ask you to once again be of much diligence within this pathway that you walk upon. Yes, it is all well and indeed of goodness to ‘allow’ that which IS to guide you. To listen to your inner voice and to Trust All that IS. And yet we suggest now perhaps that you may desire to ‘step up the pace’ in which you are travelling. You are aware of the time lines that are predicted into that which lies only a few of your years hence. There is much to be done. And although there is much that IS being done and there is much pleasure because of it , we ask you now to look within and answer to the call that you will hear.

Anonymous said...

"These huge spherical UFO's started appearing around January 18, 2010. They are on both the forward and rear images taken by NASA's Stereo Spacecraft in space....."



Coach Enrique said...

@ Anonymous: The most important events happening in Haiti are not being covered by the media. We need to feel events through the veil that Society has installed in us.
These souls are now talking and bonding with "strangers", sharing without fear the few things that they possess. They are connecting with each other and caring for each other in a level they never had experienced before. Yes, there are some other souls in deep fear that are robbing or looting material stuff, but I can assure you it's not the case for the majority of people. There are real spiritual treasures behind catastrophes, don't ever feel sorry for them, but rather admire them and honour them for their great courage in choosing such challenging circumnstances. You may feel compassion (very different than feel pity or being sorry)and help them in any way you can, ALWAYS KNOWING that these souls are in the process - and have the power- to fulfill their own destiny.