Jul 9, 2009

Why on earth ... Y on moon!

I am reguarly sent a newsletter from 'Filer's files'. I didnt actually sign up for it myself ... but I am cool to receive it none the less.

At the end of July 2nd channelling from The Federation of Light I wrote this

'I just closed my eyes, to FEEL if that was it for today, and I saw quite clearly the letter ‘Y’ within a circle … why?

You shall see ‘y’.

Ok. Gulp! I look forward greatly to the ‘ah ha’ moment of the ‘y’. Or will it be a “WHAH!” moment? I can but TRUST and wait and see. You are leaving the building … I can FEEL it … and I must away to my bed. Night night chaps. Keep patrolling those skies. (Odd to put that I know, but that’s what came to me). In Love and thanks as always.'

I have just received Filers Files latest newsletter #28-2009 and you can imagine the grin on my face when I saw this !!!

Moon Crater with 'Y' Symbol
Between February 26 and April 22, 1994, Clementine was able to deliver more than 1.8 million digital images of the moon back to the Clementine ground network, including the NRL satellite ground-tracking station located in Maryland. These images were quickly accessible to the general public via the Internet and World Wide Web. When scientists reviewed the data from Clementine, they made a major scientific discovery: the possible existence of ice within some of the moon's craters.

Note: The standard alien 'Y' symbol on the right bottom edge of the crater is apparently part of a Divine Grid that may be an ancient means of navigation utilizing symbols for direction or to show ownership. Y might symbolize ownership such as belonging to Yahweh. When looking at images of the Moon, Mars or the Rings of Saturn the 'Y' symbol is apparent near bases or structures.

Perhaps many of you already knew this ... I didn't!

Be of good cheer people as yet another weekend is upon us.
Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays ... of course ...
Bloss xxx


Anonymous said...

Last night I directed Dr.Richard Presser http://www.the2012countdown.com/ to The Feds crop circle channeling in reply to a post he put up on crop circles ,Mother Mary and Jeshua and what is happening as channeled by Carolyn Evers,He got back to me and asked what I felt about the channeling, well I gave him the truth of what I felt as you can imagine! he got an ear full:)He has just now sent me an update on what was channeled after the luna eclipse: I had to edit a lot out as it is too long.
So did we see the energies from Source that Mother Mary and Lord Metatron had spoken of?
We certainly did!! And still are.
Here in Melbourne (Australia), the moment of the full moon was 7:38pm. Almost exactly 10 minutes before, a powerful wave of energy arrived. I am quite sensitive to energies, though I do not usually experience significant disruption with the energies of eclipses, equinoxes, full moons, etc. This was quite different.
Initially I felt as though every cell in my body began to vibrate. I had to focus on breathing, as though a weight was pressing down on my chest. I became nauseous - something I very rarely do. Gradually this settled down and I felt the energies focussed primarily on my heart centre, then spreading to my third eye.
So, we had a major solar event which peaked on the 6th and by the 7th had already begun to decay, without producing a solar flare or CME, but sent us the spiritual energies I and others have experienced.(Blossom maybe the rainbow that I saw around the moon was a solar flare)
Is what unfolded consistent with the crop circles and the messages from Mother Mary and Lord Metatron received by Carolyn Evers?
Yes it is.
Firstly, there is nothing in the messages from Mother Mary and Lord Metatron about solar flares or CMEs.
Mother Mary - "There will be a blast of energy from the sun"
Lord Metatron - "What you see in the crop circles is showing energy as it moves and there are many recent crop circles showing how the energy is coming through, how it moves, but what we are giving you is the spiritual aspect of it."
Messages from Jeshua and Mother Mary re the July 7th eclipse
And to clarify what actually occurred, after the eclipse Jeshua and Mother Mary had this to say:
You know that this is the beginning, only the beginning of this process. Energy has just started to come. Keep the information in front of the people. There are some who are aware of the energy and there are some who are not. It is the time for people to go within and to FEEL what's happening to their bodies as this energy is evolving.

(And Blossom look at this)
It is, as my son said, like a gentle rain. It is preparing the soil for the seed that is about to come.

Remember The Feds 13th June channel~ Recall how it feels when you have what seems like endless days of miserable weather … and then … the sun peeps through the clouds … Lighting up EVERYTHING. The flowers shake off the water, the grass turns a deeper green, the puddles of water turn into rainbows that glisten as crystals upon the snow. Dearest ones ... This is the privileged time you are living in. When YOU have chosen to be where you are in order to bring back the sun. And you will recognise too … that as your flowers and trees and all things that are planted as seeds within your Mother Earth … that it is because of the rain … that one has received sustenance throughout and given one the inner power to grow into the fullness of who/what it Truly was designed to be.

I have just now drawn his attention to your blog on ‘Y’

P.S. I felt the energies so strong and I'm getting a lot of communication from spirit also, I feel I am getting 'climatised to the energies' I just need to drink lots of water and breathe big deep breaths.

Frosti said...

Kerrie never mind, i have come to my senses.

Why are we here?
Our existence was needed to overcome Our emptyness.
It all comes to reality ultimatly.
When something needs to exist it does.
Emptiness and Existence exist, so you can say that both are an illusion, but at the same time Eternal.

The whole act of creation was a Love implosion.
Eternity felt lonely.

We are imploding too!

i feel much much better.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a bit of a stretch Dear Blossom :) I dont feel this is the "Y" the FoL mentioned, but this is just my personal feeling.

Victoria said...

Hi Everyone,

Thank you Blossom for sharing that information with us. From your knowledge who was/is Yahweh?

There are so many conflicting stories in the net about him. I just want to know what you think.

I also want to continue sharing my other dreams about the Y and the flags that I started sharing on Blossom's post "Just to let you know".


In regards to the flags and again the Y:

I was just outside my home with my husband, my sister and my mother when I heard very strong winds in the sky. Then everything started blowing away as if a big vacuum was sucking up all things from all over the surface of the Earth. I saw my sister blow away first. Then my mother and I were twirling around in the air holding hands. I told her "this is it, this is the end. I want you to know that I have always Loved you and I always will". Then she blew away. Next, my husband I were holding on tight to the ground when a Troll looking "monster" kept trying to grab us to eat us before we would blow away. He couldn't see us but could "hear" us when we talked or moved so we had to keep quiet and still while all the chaotic air kept twirling and sucking up all things. I thought "That's it, this is the end!"

Next, the troll blew away and the winds stopped right after that. We ended up on a shore by a beach. There was debris all over the place and thousands of people were walking around quiet in astonishment. No one was hurt! David, my husband, and I found my sister then my mother. We were relieved we were all ok. Then I noticed that multitudes of people were coming quietly from 3 directions like a Y. Some of them seemed to be a little different looking than humans. We were all mixed from different Nations and Planets and also we were more AWARE of ourselves and our reality. Actually, it was a new reality.

Next, I noticed the Sun was rising beautifully and with the twilight of the sky and the sun rising behind them, I saw many ships flying slowly on the sky, some of them carrying their flags. Then I noticed one BIG Flag being pulled across the sky by a ship. The flag reminded me of the United States in that it represented many Nations and Planets united in Harmony, Freedom and Peace.

The End.

In this dream I noticed that like the previous dream from Part 1 and 2, there is a shaking and breaking down of our reality and at the end there is Freedom. I am sure this is nothing new to most of you. However, I choose to share because I believe that by sharing my spiritual energy I allow its flow through me to become more fluid and constant while helping the uplifting of the planet.

My Love and Light goes to All of your Hearts from mine,


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the other anonymous. I don't think that is The "y" either. But I guess time will tell :)

Blossom Goodchild said...

Hello all ... I am not saying this is necessarily what the FOL were talking about ... it just made me grin ... syncronicity and all that. Have a good weekend peoples.

Anonymous said...

Synchronicity loves to be acknowledged guys BELIEVE! I have so many things happen everyday and the more I believe in them the more the universe gives to me, I sent my love to The Feds one day when I felt an energy go through me while driving and a car with the number plates LUV4U pulled in front of me:)
Yesterday I said to the Feds ok guys I am short this quarter to pay my tax and my house that I rent is going on the market so I need to move soon so obviously I must need some serious grounding with all these energies coming now.
So I know all is as it should be and I trust this and just at that moment a truck pulled in front with a sign 'follow the ones you trust!'
Life is good da da da da
as Blossom sang:)

Victoria thanks for your lovely energy and sharing your fantastic dream:)

Faith said...

Hi everyone,
Well, I would say that the Y in the moon photo does probably relate if it is an identifier of some ET. bases or activity- and was mentioned in a channeling about how crop circles are used as 'markers' for ET craft. And I could take Victoria's beautiful dream and connect it up to the story too, especially her 'Y' scene included non-humans! Somehow the total story includes ET's and humans and our relationship. Maybe there is a Trinity concept here, giving the 3 pathways leading to the center to form a Y. Seems like this embodies a big message about our history and relationship to other races in our 'neighborhood'.

Relevant to the 'trinity' or '3' theme here is a recent dream I had of seeing a table laid out with 3 types of Challah, the braided Jewish egg bread that is eaten on the Sabbath. The 3 types of bread were brown, yellow and white. I thought they were whole wheat(brown), regular egg challah(yellow) and white challah with no eggs. I said something to someone nearby about that and they said no, it's not 3 types of bread, it is stages in the development of one batch of bread!
Seemed like I was being shown some project in progress, seemed very positive.

Much love to all, Faith

Faith said...

One more gift- here is the latest awesome message from 'Saul'

The energy required at this time on Earth is enormous

07/08/2009 by John Smallman

There is much going on in your “dream world” at present, and your
energy is being used more energetically than you are used to, which is
why you feel down.

As you read this great changes are occurring on Earth, and the love
energy that so many of you are holding and channeling is flowing with
increasing pressure and abundance because it is needed. Many of you
are experiencing tiredness, even exhaustion, and strange or
unaccustomed physical symptoms that make you wonder if your bodies are
sickening. These symptoms will be with you for a while yet, so you
can expect to tire more quickly and easily than normal. Therefore you
need to respond by allowing your bodies to have the increased rest
that they need. When going to sleep at night, and when you wake up in
the morning, make sure to invoke your angels and guides for help and
strength to cope with the greatly increased amounts of energy you are
channeling twenty four seven, as Earth and her occupants move to a
higher level of consciousness.

These changes are part of the divine plan that has been in progress
for eons of earth time, and they are now approaching the time for
completion. The energy required at this time on Earth is enormous, and
so you are being driven, as it were, at maximum power. You have the
strength to channel this energy, and you all volunteered to do it
because you understood how vital a mission it would be. But, as
humans, your memories of this are inaccessible to you. To have access
to them would add an enormous and unnecessary burden to the one you
are already carrying. You are assisting in ways that no others can to
bring this stage of the divine plan to complete fruition, and you are
greatly honored for it.

God’s infinite love for all of His creation is beyond comprehension.
His intent that all sentient beings live in perfect love, joy, and
happiness cannot and will not be thwarted. However, there is a small
group of unhappy beings, of great intellect and considerable power,
which is still attempting to prevent God’s plan from achieving its
divine purpose. There is absolutely no way that they can succeed.
These people are so hurt and damaged that they cannot see this, and so
they continue their attempts to disrupt and prevent it.

They will not be interfered with. Their numbers are diminishing, and
so are their abilities and powers, so action against them, which has
never been God’s intent, is completely unnecessary. Yes, they have
made difficulties for you, but it is necessary to allow them to
continue their activities so that they may come to realize the
futility of working in opposition to the infinite love of God, our
divine Father. This realization will soon dawn upon them, and then
they will depart for an environment that will provide them with the
shelter, protection, and security that will enable them to ponder and
reflect on the enormous errors they have made, and come to understand
that nevertheless they are, and always will be, divinely loved. When
this realization finally dawns on them, they too will awaken into the
brilliant light of reality, God’s Divine Reality, and find themselves
gloriously welcomed.

The importance of your work in the divine plan is utterly beyond your
powers of comprehension. This is immaterial. You are carrying it
out magnificently and will soon be brought home to admire with wonder
and delight all that you have achieved. You are truly fabulous
beings, suffused with an abundance of love and wisdom, just as you
need to be to do this great work. Soon your joy will be permanent and

With so very much love, Saul.


Blueagle said...

Hi Blossom and all,
I too have been thinking on the 'Y'...my feelings are, it is something really huge. Since we are all connected and part of the ONE, and we each have a part of the coding, for me it is very helpful to read every single persons comments
and can sometimes get little inklings from many angles on the same subject.
I just read this on the PAO website regarding the FOL. "The Galactic Federation of Light was founded over 4.5 million years ago to prevent inter-dimensional dark forces from dominating and exploiting this galaxy. At present, there are just over 200,000 member star nations, confederations or unions. Most members of the Galactic Federation are fully conscious beings."
and this from 6/21 channel: We wish you to understand that THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT … is much more than you are able to comprehend … even if we tried to tell you. Therefore we ask you to Trust … to FEEL from the deepest Truth of your hearts that we have only your greatest good within our intentions to assist.
This could be the 'Y'. maybe their insignia or emblem , perhaps because they come from all over. And the big flag that Victoria saw in her dream may have been the 'Y'. (you know like a league of nations) a representation of all the different star nations coming together as one. She said they were coming from different directions as if from all over. I do not know why but I keep feeling like I have seen that insignia on a flight suit...(who knows maybe even my own) but I know that it is something we ALL know at an inner level. I think this is 'Y' it was brought to our attention......Thanks to you Blossom and for all you who share your thoughts and dreams. We spark each other.

overzicht@hotmail.com said...

You have a great weekend too Blossom! Always nice to share thoughts and views :)
Take care, be well
Jerome The Netherlands

M said...


Yahweh isnt actually a name at all. The "name" is a mistranslation of the Hebrew name of God spelled Yod Heh Vav Heh, in English YHVH. I say its a mistranslation because the hebrew letter Yod also is the English "j", Jahovah. There are no vowels in old testament Hebrew so those letters are added to make the words pronounable.

But there is so much more. The Old Testament is full of Hebrew Mysticism based around the Qabalah. The Hebrew word for God, YHVH, is actually based on the Qabalah and is actually a code of creation rather than a name. The letters relate to the four elements (fire, water, air, earth - symbolic elements, not literal), and the symbolism relates to the four worlds of the Qabalah ranging from purly divine down to the physical world. I could go on forever about the symbolism of the Qabalah and how this explains how YHVH is a map rather than a name, but I dont have the time. For anyone interested I recommend they read "The Mystical Qabalah" by Dion Fortune.

Anonymous said...

talking about the moon...


AnonimaAnonima said...

@Blueagle, thanks for sharing :)

I so agree with this: Since we are all connected and part of the ONE, and we each have a part of the coding, for me it is very helpful to read every single persons comments and can sometimes get little inklings from many angles on the same subject.

This is the way the family of light connects, it's fun and exciting, we share what we like to share and this is how we help one another. This is the new way of living and interacting, it feels light weight and easy :)

This is the Y-flag of South Africa, which also represents many nations.

I somehow expect a new channeling soon. I'm so curious what the Feds have to say. Yes, we are connected, but it's always good to hear from them. Love you guys! :)

Unknown said...

hi blossom,
i have just been looking at the sun, a picture taken at 11th july http://spaceweather.com/swpod2009/11jul09/20090711_052530_n7euA_195.jpg?PHPSESSID=casccvai7s59jae4o56ip6k0e3, does any body else make out the large y on the top half?
the crop circle analysers seem to think there are direct predictions relating to solar activity and the countdown to 2012 among many other warnings coming through the crop circles. if you have a look at http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2009/june2009.html and read through some of the comments, it is just fascinating.

Anonymous said...

I had to cut out a lot the rest is on my blog or site:

On Thursday, July 23, 2009 we shall gather...
As we have so many times before...
By the waters, in the temples, at the sacred portals...
Always, we came together to be touched by this light,
The memory, the power and love.
On this day each year we align in this radiance,
For Sirius is the brightest star of the heavens, the portal home,
And the doorway of The Divine Mother, The Goddess.
It is through this light, and especially upon the rising of this dawn that
we so powerfully feel the Brilliance of The Goddess & God.It is also the single most powerful day of each year and in this year of 2009, The Year of Celebration, you are invited to open your hearts, your minds, your consciousness to receive a level of love and light that can heal the chiasm of separation of the masculine and feminine.

And so we gather together, on this night calling forth The Archangels, our Counselors, the Star Beings, the Crystals, the Ancients and so many more to receive this love, this light... And each will know, once again, that The Goddess has returned. And each will be awakened to allow so much more into their hearts. You are the conduits of this new age and you are being called to take your space, dream your dreams and be the being of light that you are. This is why you chose to return...to live, bringing your light into the now. "There is a miraculous moment coming towards us, an opening so great that it has the potential
to completely transform the crisis we face as a human family."

"On July 21st 7:35pm PST in the United States and July 22nd in Asia at 2:35am GBT
the sun will be eclipsed by the moon for over six minutes. This will be the longest solar
eclipse of the 21st Century."

"Given that the moon is the embodiment of the feminine, during this 'once in a century' solar
eclipse, her energies will be exalted, bringing her into equal partnership and balance with the solar,
which represents the masculine. Through this remarkable integration, a new balance of the Divine
Feminine and Sacred Masculine will radiate to the entire world."
"This is an extraordinary moment for humanity to collectively co-create through meditation,
intention, and visioning, a world of peace, harmony and equality for all."

Remember this:
Alabama means kind rays of sun

Anonymous said...

I just now noticed what I posted yesterday on my site before I knew about the above post:)



Vigusa said...

I think I got it now... The Y I think means the bifurcation of the ascension... where some will stay and some will leave... Like the rapture of the Bible ... I mean ... the ones who are meant to ascend will ascend and the ones who decided to stay in a 3rd dimension stay.

Everything else I think is just syncronicity..

What ya think?

vigusa said...

ohhh Blossom I forgot to tell you... About that feeling of exhaustion that Saul's channelling talks about.

I've certainly been feeling just like that the past few months.. As of a truck passed over me and smashed me against the pavement LOL.

It is just amazing cause this feeling has no logical explanation... My doctor says I am fine physically rofl

I also read the las channelling you did of the FOL Blossom... They are most certainly showing more and more of themselves huh? WOOT!!! this is so exciting!!!! :)))))

Love and light xoxoxoxooxox

Rose-marie said...

Blossom dear Golden One,
Thanks to you & the Federation for further 'enlightening' us with the latest message no 34. I FEEL they have become 'concerned' for the responsibilty that they have in 'connection' with you, because of your vunerable 'place' on the Earthplane. We that are on the same 'wavelengths' have no doubts & can discern for ourselves what may be relevant to our own TRUTHS. As the Feds stated there is not just ONE TRUTH as we all have different 'parts' of the jigsaw puzzle --- so glad they 'filled-in' a few more bits today for clarification!
S-pecial P-eople I-n R-esonance
I-n T-ruth = SPIRIT!
My guess is that the Y is the Tuning-Fork to our higher vibratory frequencies!
Blessed Be in Peace & Hope in our Hearts.
Cheers, Blessings and Laughter Rose-marie.

Frosti said...

"to fuel their Light and to keep it burning."


Anonymous said...

sat nam blessings to all, lightsword raised in honor to our galactic friends.. wonderful beautiful message.. a bow to you Blos for once again finding your way through to share ! much luv and thanks sabersis Faith I still cant get in via the way you suggested.. wrote a reply few nights ago using the URL & it was lost in the ethers.. and hey lightsister Kerrie, Alabama has several meaning according to each native tribe. The state is called this from our large river the Alabama.. and name means thicket clearers which would allow the sun to shine through better.. I like that thought, being an aquarius letting the sun shine is ever fore ~ in Creek Alabama relates to friends. golden rays peace to all ~ g

Faith said...

Great new channeling, thanks Blossom, and Kerrie thank you for the beautiful information about 7/23 and the eclipse coming up.

All I can say is, last night I dreamed I had just listened to a presentation by a man named John- it was on something interesting, possibly scientific. But I was moved to tell him that " I enjoyed your presentation, but do you know we are going to have extraterrestrial contact soon?"
Not sure if he was all that interested but I love it when I prophesy in dreams!

and here's a beautiful relevant message from Carrie Hart-

The Fun of Not Knowing

There are days in which the world seems to shift and days in which you seem to shift in spite of the world. There are times of great fog and confusion and then days when all of it suddenly becomes clear.

There are days when you feel as if you are reborn, even though you do not know exactly what this rebirth means. There are days you can suddenly feel the future come barreling toward you, full tilt, even though you are not certain what it holds.

There are days you feel that you can project your dreams out onto the world and days when you know you must simply surrender to what is and what is coming, let it be and hang on for the ride.

And all of this is good and all of this is your life. Embrace it all in joy. Embrace it all in gratitude, for being so alive and being so open to what is abounding in the world of grace and energy.

Know that there are many flows and that from time to time you may find yourself riding one. Ah, and what a ride it is! You may also slip off and fall into a little pool of confusion, but this will end and you will find your direction again.

Just look upon it all as the fun of mystery and adventure. Understand that it is this not-knowing that makes life fun. After all, would you really want to live a life where you knew everything that was about to happen, where you awakened in the morning with a plan laid out from which there could be no variation? Does that sound like fun?

Instead, awaken and feel the new day dawning within your heart. Go deep and pull out the joy that lives right underneath the peace and calm of your center. Laugh with joy that you do not know exactly what will happen, that there may be surprises around every bend. Allow yourself to set aside your plans and just be, be in the great unknowing, the mystery that is unfolding all around you in every moment, that likes to drop hints but never fully reveals herself until the moment of her opening and blossoming.

This is the joyous, wondrous way of it. Give thanks!


There are many resources available to you on www.quado.com, including powerful meditations to quiet your mind and pull you deeply into the moment and a crystal full of energy to hold during your meditations.

I am sending you my love and caring. I hope that these messages help

strengthen your inner light.

Love & peace,



www.quado.com for spiritual messages and meditations

Love, Faith

Anonymous said...

Hello Blossom,

I was not sure what your email address was, so instead I thought I would send a line here.

My name is Timothy
I've read your Federation of Light posts now for the past year. I woke up in May of 08. I'm 22.

This message is just here to say,
that I thank you from the bottom of my heart for delivering these messages... One day soon you will know they all paid off!

Till then,

Anonymous said...

No I'm not a troll. I'm a person.
I repeat, Love & Hate are the two sides of the same coin.
Odd thing happened yesterday, I guess you'd call it "synchronicity": I wanted to have a nap, and before getting asleep I was wondering why I wasn't able to visualize a certain picture with my left side of the brain, while it was perfectly easy with the right side... Well, nothing extrardinary, you might think, in fact, I had never in my life been conciously aware of the two sides of my brain...although of course I know that they exist from text books..Strangely enough, in your last channelling there's a reference to the "right side of the brain"...that made me shiver.
Feel more and more connected again, especially your last channeling was an uplifter.
This time round I will keep my word, promised.

Anonymous said...

The latest crop circle 11th July is a pyramid with a circle around it! means so much to me whoo hoo they are sooo good:) They just keep me fired up! but I know Blossom balance but I am happy as!


AnonimaAnonima said...

We feel it is now necessary to reveal a little more of the jigsaw puzzle.

I'm a bit out of sync these days. Extremely tired. Ascension blues. Nothing to worry about, that's part of the process. But I also had this discussion with my guide, because he's a master in telling me long winded stories, sometimes it takes ages before he gets to the point. When I ask specific questions or when I ask for clarity, I get another long winded story. There's some truth in what he's saying, no doubt about that, but I don't get the answers I seek.

The Feds also have this "talent" to beat around the bush. This time they say they will reveal a little more. But they reveal so little that I think they didn't revealed anything new at all. It might be true that we can't handle the entire truth at once, but they could at least try to keep their promise and give us some of the other pieces of the jigsaw puzzle without so much reluctance.

The following request is for my guides, the Feds and all the others up there who are assisting us in the ascension process: be clear in your transmissions, give us the information we need. Yes, one step at the time, but you could at least try to be more specific and less metaphorical in your ways of speaking. Thank you.

This is Ground Control, over and out ;)

(Sorry guys, but it needed to be said.)

Blueagle said...

A different 'school of thought' on the name Yahweh/Yahveh

Yahweh (with its linguistic variations) is one of the 72 Sacred names of God taken from the tetragrammaton of YHWH (Yod Hey Wod Hey) the revealed Godhead. It is also One that is probably most used/heard.
According to the 'Keys of Enoch" by Dr JJ Hurtak
Key 202 v 1. The name of YHWH is coded within every biochemical function in our body, especially within the life-giving DNA-RNA matrix.
2. The Divine Name transposed upon the mechanisms of the matrix coding is the primal factor in bioengineering, both for the present as well as for the future.

I would say the mistranslation is when it comes into the English. Yod is Yod and could never be anything else.. I live in the mid U.S. and have never spoke another language but have had the opportunity, and I AM learning the Hebrew Sacred Language and it is wonderful. (talk about a vibration of Highest Light!)

Key 305 v21. The question arises: Why has the Hebrew language been selected to control even the sub-atomic particles and to activate the spirituality of Man?
22. Enoch told me this "sacred language" was used because it was not primarily a language of words, letters, or pronunciation, but the thoughts of God emanating as flame projections.
23. These thought projections of flame carry a unique sound that is in resonance with the Throne. (snip)

We are of many colors and races and come from all over the world. We know our Creator by many names. Many of us do not, or have not, or may not ever know of any other name except just God, but we are loved so very much and however we call out to him, in honor, integrity and the purity of our soul self, that we are accepted as ourselves. For each of us is a part of the Magnificence of Him.

Faith said...

To Anonymous who posted about the experience with the two sides of your brain- I am very moved by your post, and I understand about love and hate. Your evolution as you are sharing it with us is beautiful, a very good birthday present- today is my birthday- July 13,. and your last post has a time stamp of 6:25 pm which adds up to another 13! Perfect! Love, Faith/Sabersis

ps I keep having dreams of being told I am going to be 'time traveling' anyone else here?

Vigusa said...

OMG Blossom it is all the contrary of what I said in my previous post... The Y is the end of our duality!!!

That is what it is.. no more duality!! :)))))))))))))

Anonymous said...

"happy birthday to YOU" sabersis Faith.. the earth is blessed by your presence- may you be blessed in all things all-ways.

in peace and light with lightswords raised high

(13's a great number!)

Ami Drutman said...

Very moving channelling. Thank you dear Blossom, and thanks to the FOL. With all my love,

M (emperor_4_1983@yahoo.com) said...


YHVH is the tetragrammaton :) tetragrammaton is greek and translates to roughly "four lettered name". This can be taken to the next level with the pentagrammaton YHSVH, or Jeshuah/Yeshuah (yod heh shin vav heh). There is a hidden symbolic link to the so-called ascended masters with this "name".

As for the 72-fold name. This actually taps into the Shem Ha-Mephoresh where 3-lettered names of God and Angels are "created" (for a lack of a better term) from YHVH. In this case the names of God and Angels dont have to start with YHVH, but rather fall into the zodiac starting with the sign Leo and fallowing the rest of the astrological cycle.

Faith said...

OK, With Love and all who want more specifics, here's another message from 'Mary':
Your God and King is about to reveal Himself to the world in a mighty way.



My Highly Esteemed, Beloved

(A Prophetic Exhortation)

July 14, 2009

I write these words to you because I love you, love you dearly. I want you to
know this with a certainty deep within your heart. Hear Me now as I tell you of
some forthcoming events, and know that it is with the utmost sensitivity to your
feelings that I speak them:

Your God and King is about to reveal Himself to the world in a mighty way. He is
about to show forth His desire for all to draw near to Him, trusting Him in
every area of their lives. I want you to know that it behooves you to follow My
example in all that you do, in all that you are. It behooves you to move forward
in My will, trusting Me and maintaining your focus on Me, your Beloved. Those of
Mine who get out of kilter will know that it is because they have lost their
focus and will immediately move back to that place from whence they departed in

So know this, beloved. Take it to heart. The living God is making a strong
pronouncement this day. He is giving you a warning of sorts. Keep your focus on
Me, no matter what occurs. I am about to show Myself in all My glory. Those who
know Me, love Me, and wish to follow Me, will not view these occurrences as
tragic, but those who have chosen NOT to know Me, to follow the world, will be
in a quandary. They will be at odds with everything around them. They will see
that it is a time of reckoning and will not know where to turn. This is where
you must come in and reveal My heart to them. This is where you must come into
their line of vision and offer them words of hope and promise. Yes, beloved,
this is where the might, power, and strength of your God will rise up mightily
within your heart, fortifying you in ways that will absolutely confound the
wise. But My beloved, My highly esteemed beloved, will not be confounded. Oh,
no, no, no! You will be exhilarated, exhilarated beyond any expectation you have
ever dreamed, ever dreamed possible!!!
Love, Faith

Faith said...

And if you want to see a mother ship, here's a youtube for you of the SOHO photos of the sun-


Nick said...

Dear Blossom,

When I read your channeling, it made me think 'Y' had something to do with those Y-shaped things apparently the Apollo astronauts saw, as mentioned in the film 'Moon rising'. According to the movie makers, even the NASA-logo (essentially a 'Y' in a circle) is even derived from those. Here they show it in the trailer (from 2:38):


More about the movie here: http://moonrising-themovie.com/

Just my 2 cents. If this is true, I guess we shall see them too!

With love,


Anonymous said...

mrs doolittle lived in a flood zone,but her home was on a small hill and had never been severly affected by occasional floods.one year an unusually severe flood was predicted as all but certain. the authorities required everyone in the affected towns to evacuate, and that included mrs doolittle.a policeman asked mrs doolittle to evacuate,but she replied "god will take care of me" and she stayed put. as the water rose to her porch ,authorities in a boat came by and asked mrs doolittle to come aboard to safty.she repeated that god would take care of her.the water rose still higher,and she found herself sitting on the roof .a helicopter came by,lowered a ladder,and asked her to climb to saftey .once again she replied god will take care of me. after that she slipped in to the water and drowned.reaching heaven,she marched up to god and angrily said," i had faith that you would take care of me,but you didnt help me at all."god replied, "mrs doolittle,first i sent a police man;then i sent a boat then i sent a helicopter." others can provide help,but if we refuse to make any effort to "save" ourselves, if we depend on someone else to do it for us,we will surely drown.

Anonymous said...

whe reading a recent chanell from another source which was as acurite as blossoms latest chanell i had a vision of the goverment telling people to be at home on a certain day and a certain time to watch a speech on the tv using the media to tell us and the feeling i got in my heart was amazing.


Anonymous said...

Below is the link to the recent crop circle (14th July) it is a weave, Remember the tapestry that I was sent by a member with The Feds sewn into it and below is Morning Star’s (a lady who like me was given the name Morning Star)comment on the recent crop circle (I have recently come across another lady that has been given the name Morning Star!) I just love the pieces all coming together, it is the journey not the destination people it is soul growth we need to grow to hold as much light as we can , As the Feds said are you ready for us!

The Feds:
There are those who find it very controversial for us to speak to you in the fashion that we do, and yet we say to those souls, you may be the ones who perhaps need to pin down your hats more than those who find our words congruent with their reasoning and Truths

I was told last week to listen to the whispers in the wind! I kept on hearing my name being called, and recently I have had to breathe in so deeply, so much is happening inside of me, I feel like I am connecting more and more, And then I read this in the channel:

The Feds:

We ask you to KNOW of this as a beckoning call … as the winds of change whisper to the deepest place within your BEING. Listen to its voice … for when you do … there is the recognition of the familiar tone of HOME.


Like the Sirius, but Brighter, This Morning Star.
Through this Capricorn, and the Galactic Center,
I will soon gird the Epsilon Eridanus Star.
I will confront the Nemean Lion for my Rose.

I have shown her this Cassiopiae, and say See?
See, see! See how you have de-lited me.
What is in this Nebulas Center, What stirs up these steller winds
Who set the Spires and its clusters, this glowing dust of red
This passionate heart Melotte,
This Heart and Soul Nebula in Perseus's arm?
Her love illuminates this wonderful sculpture!

My Rose knows, she knows of this time,
This time of Great awakening, and wonderful things
These wonderful things before her eyes.

A Man with a Prose is a powerful thing,
A powerful word upon angels wings,
A powerful love, In his woven tapestry,
In a Cosmic Wind, Making life a wondrous joy to live

A Garden of life, this sacrament, Holy
This LifeGarden Alive!
Within the Cosmic Wind.
Within the Stars of Love,
Her Sacrament made Holy on Earth.
Her tapestry woven with words

When a Man with a Prose takes over,
Its a powerful thing to write out his heart.

And the Gods long to walk the earth,
They long to walk just like the men,
Holding his Divine Feminine,
In a world that never ends.


AnonimaAnonima said...

Wikipedia: Morning Star is the name given to the the planet Venus when it appears in the East (morning sky) before sunrise.

I'm still dazzled and confused ;-) But I've got the answer I've been asking for, another piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Wow, what ride this is :)


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the the ride with love:)

I just got this in my email ( hold on to your hats!)

Right now, Mars is becoming as spectacular as it can ever appear to us, as it is on target to make a historically close approach to Earth July 16 through the middle of August. If you think Mars is dazzling now, consider that in just more than six weeks it will come closer to Earth than it has been in nearly 600 centuries. It will then glow brighter than it does now.

My mars is in Gemini which is my drive, so Blossom I will TRY to keep the balance:) LUV YA!

Vigusa said...

Dear Blossom... I was checking Soho Lasco C3 ship and watched the pics from July 1 to July 15... the Soho site allows you to make a movie out of it where you can see pictures taken consecutively of all that is happening in the Sun and its surroundings during the time frame that you select.

I observed that all the objects moved from left to right indicating the movement of the planets and stars in relation to the SUN.. then all the sudden an object appeared and stay in a linear path towards the SUN for several days BUT the movement was contrary to the movement of all the other stelar objects!

This object was instead going from right to left and had a really high brightness on it.

However, despite the fact that I selected the movie to show all the pictures from July 01 to July 15, I relaized tht the pictures stooped on July 12 at 3:42 AM.

From July 12 till July 15 there is NO available data... Interesting huh???

Here is the website to the movie...


Let me know what you think! :))))

love, light and peace to all xoxoxoxooxo

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Vigusa said...

OMG Blossom I checked again the website with the soho movie and it's been updated to today and it still shows the "object" moving in the oppossite direction to the rest of the heavenly objects!!!

Trust me tht CANNOT be a planet.. It would be going agaisnt all the cosmic laws!

Anonymous said...

I received Y=MC squared in my head I don't know why? I forget what that means, but it made me think of the "Y" channel, but I couldn't remember what date it was so I looked through your blogs, I passed that thing you posted Blossom where you had to look at the 4 dots and close your eyes, I can't remember me doing it, well yes I saw Jesus and I feel that he is close again, he keeps doing that! I have emailed you about the Christ conscious grid and the good Friday thing we did and just now I re read what the Y means on that moon crater, I have to smile at my looonnnggg posts here I was a little excited.LOL
P.S I think it has something to do with the recent crop circle with the binary codes and the spirals and the Fibonacci numbers, but I'll leave all that to the clever people too boring:)

P.P.S. I put the extract of the channel under symbols heading it was the 2nd July channel,I have sooo many dates and extracts labeled now if you need anything,I am not this organised in real? life:)